“I’m not going to lie to you I kinda do like Him”- Liz

POV Holder: Liz POV Competition Aug 15th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Liz Next HOH Aug 20th
Original Nominations: Johnny Mac and Becky
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Vanessa, Johnny Mac, Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 14-40-38-330_jpg

2:38pm Austin and Liz HOH
Liz – Wheres Julia
austin – umm Sleeping
Liz – you going to work out with JM
Austin – last work out buddy left they all dropped like flies
They are hoping they can use “Mac” to win HOH nominate the gremlins and Backdoor Vanessa. (ZONG!)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 14-44-10-329_jpg

2:43pm Liz tries to wake up Julia using James’ tin foil d1ldo
Liz – “It’s 2:30 b1tch”
Liz – You pinch my nose and you get mad at this Dick slap

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 15-03-39-710_jpg

2:58pm I had a dream there was Zombies

Basic twin/Austin banter

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 15-39-03-655_jpg

3:03pm Jmac and Austin working out

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 15-29-16-925_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 15-22-37-925_jpg

3:16pm HOH Vanessa and the twins
Vanessa pushing for Becky to go this week.
Vanessa – She’ the high school cliche type of person she give you the cold shoulder if you’re not close to her
Julia says Meg doesn’t like Becky
Liz is happy how this week turned out she doesn’t have to change the nominees

The twins ask Vanessa who she would like to come back
vanessa – Shelli by Far

Vanessa proposes that they should all make a deal the person that comes back they get out right away.

Liz – If Jackie comes back meg and James will do whatever it takes to keep her
Vanessa – Ya it’s a bullshit deal
Liz – we gotta do what keeps us safe
Vanessa – I really really think next week we go after the other side, We can control Jmac better he’s a extension of Steve

Twins talking about getting Becky out “You’ve won 10 thousand it’s time for you to go”
They make it clear they want Becky out. Julia highlight how Becky is targeting Vanessa.

Becky joins them They start talking about Last season. (BB16 was the worst season ever)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 16-06-54-963_jpg

3:59pm Austin and Steve
Austin saying they made it further in the game than he thought.
Steve agrees says they are the dominate alliance this Season.

They start talking about Season 8 and agreeing Dick would not have made it so far if Eric was not America’s player.

JMAC joins them.
They go over all of Evel dicks nasty things during season 8
Austin – the show would play it up as a comedic thing
Steve – he would go into the Diary room and ask permission.. they would warn him and they would give him rule.
Austin – it’s smart
Steve fdoesn’t think dicks strategey would have worked if America’s player want’ on the game.

LIz joins them “It’s HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt”
Austin – you just missed an amazing workout

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 16-35-34-193_jpg

4:25pm Sunday Banter (Austin and James are pro irish Springs the girls are pro seventh Generation. Steve aka BOY is pro seventh generation it’s a Freudian thing don’t ask.)
Austin – Seven generation and they still can’t get it right. Irish springs 12 hours it’s good for
Austin – Irish Springs don’t use it in your eyes
James rubs Irish springs in his eye. It doesn’t feel comfortable you can tell. See gif below.
Austin – Irish spring don’t use it in your eyes
joking around between Seventh Generation and Irish springs.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 16-38-19-785_jpg

4:34pm Kitchen Kitchen Twins and Vanessa.
Julia – I’m really mad Liz I’m going to yell at him, You’re on national television and he’s giving you Hickeys
Julia – I haven’t gotten a hickey since middle school since highschool it’s inappropriate.
Liz – I know
Julia – What is he doing I’m really pissed
Julia- I’m sorry i’m looking after you

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 16-42-51-735_jpg

4:39pm Shark and the twins
Julia is freaking about Austin given her a hicky “Is he in mother f****g highschool.. the girl with hickey’s look like their slut”
Julia – the first one was hilarious it’s really disparestful now
Julia – we’re on national television and you have a hickey on your neck
Liz – I know that bro what the f**k
Julia – they will play that stuff, think about Mom and Dad
Liz- I KNowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Liz – whatever I’m not going to lie to you I kinda do like him
Julia – Liz I know you like him I like him too he’s a great guy I don’t want hickey’s on your neck
Liz says she was embarrassed about it at first but she likes him
Julia says Jeff wasn’t a great guy Austin is a great guy she just doesn’t want Liz to be portrayed as a slut.
Julia calls Austin over.. “Sit down”
Austin – it was an accident I’m sorry I won’t do it again
LIz and Julia both are pissed at him for giving Liz hickey’s “Hello it’s so immature “
Austin – Hello. It’s a weird environment
Julia – It’s disrespectful
Liz – do you have any respect for me
Austin – Liz please do you think I have no respect for you
Julia and Liz tell him it was funny the first time but after that it’s getting weird
Julia- Mouth away from the neck
Austin – since i’ve been 18 I never gave a girl a Hickey.. I don’t know YOu have a really nice neck..
Liz – You’ve given me two
Julia- Not now we’re on TV
Julia – no more marking your territory
Julia suggests Liz gives Austin a hickey see how he likes it “Eye for an eye”
Liz – Under the covers
Kulia — is this when all this happens under the covers jesus.. it’s really not that bad but you can tell.
They finally agree no more hickeys. (We learn that Liz likes Austin. )

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-16 16-51-16-663_jpg

4:50pm Awwhh summer


  • Goblins/Gremlins = James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks”  Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” – Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve

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Yawn Fest

Good Lord the Austwins are soooooooooooo borriiiiiiiiing!

James Called Himself The Whore of Biiiiig Brother

No kidding! He says he wants to F*k everyone’s sister, mother, friend. His long suffering wife Meg calls him Creepy McCreep. He says he doesn’t pay for first dates, he’ll pay for the alcohol and morning after pill. The girls scream stop, annoyed. After his porn site & movie review, dildo foil sculptures and constant reference to glory holes, one has to wonder why he’s so offensive? When Liz went off about Austins hickeys, Liz jeers you didn’t tell James did you? Like they’re trying to show off to each other. James knows he’s offending the girls in the house aka future jury members, doesn’t that matter? Is shock value the only way he can get attention? Reminds me of Frankie…not a good look.




Honestly I’ve thought she really did care about him. As a friend or maybe more. Just didn’t want to own liking the “weird” looking guy. But is the admission her own or production doing damage control so she doesn’t come out of the house being “Christine’d”. I actually think they are cute together. Their personalities are very playful with each other and they laugh a lot. So why not ! Just like the girls said. Stop with the hickeys




Lets see how much Liz likes Austin once she is out of the house. Lets see how much Austin likes Liz once he is out of the house. The house is like being at a bar, “everything looks better at closing time”. But boy do things look different in the morning light.


I cannot stomach watching the twins and Austin. They are so disgusting. Their looks, the way they act. Out of all the big brother season characters, I find them so boring and non existent. It’s getting harder and harder to watch the show.


Someone said in this forum, not that long ago, that they look like Lizards… Since I read that, I can’t look at them and think of anything else. They have no class and it strikes me as odd, that they can be concerned about how they look, with the hickey on Liz’s neck… No sweetie, your filthy mouth with the “F” word in every sentence did you in a long time ago…


pretty rude.


Austin didn’t force a hockey on Liz. I’m pretty sure she loved every moment of it. Boring, useless and stupid girls.


Totally makes sense to get rid of Becky now and then Vanessa next week. To have Jackie, Shelli, Vanessa and Becky all compete to re-enter the house means that you relegate 1 in 4 really good competitors to being targets the moment they re-enter. If Jackie comes back, she will join goblins. Becky and Vanessa will both be voted out almost immediately. Shelli might rekindle certain relationships, but you have 4 fembots who could probably steam roll every one to finale night. And a thought…why isn’t a SINGLE person taking a shot at Austwins? Who cares if they are 3 votes in jury, when every minute passes now with THEM on finale night. They can almost rotate HOHs and POV wins if they think real hard. They are a 3 person voting block, but those 3 may be who the jurors are gonna be voting for to win, due to lack of common sense. James whining about becky saying they’re a group?? Um, there’s Jason Mamoa lookalike and 2 Barbie’s who are marketing themselves as a group! An opinion.


Becky needs to stay, cuz she’s hott hott hott


They’re worries about hickies on national tv and their parents seeing that? Is that ALL they’re worried about? !! They remind me of two potty- mouth, slutty, party girls where anything goes and that’s the way they portray themselves. Girls….there is far more shame to be had than a hickey on the neck given by a man you are all up on while you use him on national tv.


“Potty mouth slutty party girls.” Exactly. I dont hate the twins but this is exactly what they are. Great job once again casting!


Who cares.


even this bunch realize that BB16 was the worst season EVER

BB 17 snore

Does anyone think that this season is that much better??? It’s getting old and predictable…and has some really yucky characters,


Omg 17 is way worse than 16. I actually loved many of the houseguests in 16!


Overall yes this season has been better, at least there’s drama and powershifts this season, what the fuck did BB16 have? Frankie Grande talking about his sister most of the time, yuck.


The thought of those 2 giving each other hickeys, or doing anything under the covers gives me the creeps!!


The thing is Austin is not even hot, his eyes make him look like he’s got some kind of slow disorder mixed in with some creepy Charles Manson vibes. The twin’s parents are probably cringing…
Liz is such a work it kind of girl, probably has sugar daddies galore with how she treats men. She knows what she is doing. They think they are so hot & America loves this. I would the vast majority is grossed out & at the end of the day, WE DO NOT NEED TO SEE THAT!!!
Liz & Austin = insufferable and annoying
Julia = tolerable
Vanessa = high strung and Courtney Love-esque in her madness
Becky = fearless
James = Ballsy and straight shooter
Meg = Clueless
Steve = cringe inducing & beyond annoying
Johnny Mac = genuine and dreamy


Then DON’T WATCH! Austin is not bothering or touching YOU. You don’t have to look at him or smell his hair 24/7. So why are you so angry? He is unattractive to me too but he seems like an ok guy. I don’t understand what all this hate is for. Maybe some of you are jealous guys (jealous cause Liz likes him) or women who have been cheated on before? Get over it! This is not your situation. Yes Liz is using him but obviously she’s not as disgusted by him as some of you hoped she was. And yes it’s a possibility he is cheating on someone. Again…get over it! None of this affects you personally yet you’re on here writing an essay about it complaining. If it bothers you THAT much, turn your head and look away.


If people’s negative comments bug YOU, then why don’t you take your own advice, and just look way and not read them. it’s a bg brother blog site, with the ability to comment on the houseguests and the show.

Lies You Tell

There is nothing and I mean NOTHING dreamy about Jmac’s Bobcat’ Goldthwait sounding ass. I like him most compared to all the other idiots in the house but he is a boring goofball who just sleeps his way through the game.


I agree JMac is boring. And not only did he sleep for the first 60 days but when he woke up and realized that he couldn’t breeze though to the finals that way he got all mopey and pissy.


I agree with everything you just said.


Does anyone really care about Austin and Liz? Why waste our time.

don't drink the kool aid



Austin, Vanessa, and all those who thought it was a good idea to weaponize the twins instead of getting them out right away will rue the day that bright idea popped into their heads.


If I see one more ewwwww they did the hickey or the even more immature Austin is ugly or disgusting thing, I’m going to shoot myself. Why do you people feel the need to comment on something as shallow as how he looks? Just let them be them because this cast of people are 1000 times better than the bigots we got in season 15. Don’t be an asshole to Austin and call him ugly just cuz you don’t find him attractive you pricks.


I’m not sure if Austin or Julia won they would BD Vanessa. Steve certainly isn’t going to turn against his mother. The odds are stacked against them, but I really hope Jmac or James wins HOH next. They need to get rid of Vanessa, Steve, or Liz (because Austin and Julia are almost as useless as Meg in comps), and pray that Becky or Jackie wins their way back in the house. If it’s a physical comp than Becky, Jackie, and Shelli would have the best bet of coming back (hopefully not Shelli though).

If James or Jmac lose next week then the game is pretty much a wrap. One of them goes to jury and has to compete against Shelli, Jackie and Becky. Even if someone other than Shelli comes back. It going to be them, Meg, and either James or Jmac against The Scampers (Austiwns + Vanessa + Boy I mean Steve).

Jmac calling out Vanessa on tonight’s episode was hilarious. That scene had me rolling. Vanessa literally loses her mind when people don’t do what she wants. I’m glad Becky had that conversation with Liz to plant even more doubt about Vanessa.


I can’t believe that these people actually made it through the interviews to get in BB, much less are still in the game…the side i’m for …james/meg/john are dense but not too annoying, and the other side dense, and SUPER annoying…and what happend to the big brother take over that was supposed to happen every week..that happend for 3 weeks I think. If’ I hadn’t already put in so much time on this season so far, I think i’d walk away…and i never feel that way about BB. Yikes!


Why does Meg act like she’s in any danger this week? She is literally going to get dragged deep into this game, if not to final 2.

I’m not a huge Jmac fan, but if he could successfully BD Vanessa I would gain so much respect for him as a player.


Who. Effing. Cares. Ugh


I do

Floaters much

whats with all the twin hating …not to long ago they were everyones favorites…

B-bad owl

Did anyone else burst out laughing after the twins and Vanessa consoled Steve for having to send Jackie out the door, Steve crying uncontrollably, then when they left the room he looked at the camera and dry eyed said “That was about 50% acting”?


Somebody please evict Austin because I would rather see Liz and Julia play together without his annoying tattooed ass there!!!

AKA Twistin' ....

Who would you want back in? V quickly says “Shelli by far” and in the next breath talks about voting the person right back out. Yea…Ok. I think Austwins not getting her out, KNOWING what they know, is the dumbest move ever. Keep waiting and that coo-coo bird is gonna send all 3 of them packing.

What a yawn of an HOH.


Agreed. But hearing them say, “oh, I guess we should have got Vanessa out when we had a chance” will make this lame HOH week worth sticking around for next week.


I’m sorry but I can’t even look at Austin. Everything about him is disgusting. His looks and his personality. I love Julia’s reactions when she says ‘eewwwww’ or makes a face about how gross he his.


Somebody please evict Austin because I would rather see Julia and Liz play alone together without him! The way he follows her around! If I was her it would drive me nuts!!


Okay, tonight’s episode made me like JMac even more. He is so onto Vanessa and didn’t bullshit one bit. Straight shooter. Hilarious! How weird for JMac walking in on the three witches, and they just stop talking. Okay captain obvious! Twice with the HOH part and Austin in there too. I’m sorry he is entertaining for all the JMac haters or those that just don’t get the fascination!

No hate

I feel as if the comments should be more about the game then ‘slutshaming’ the twins. This is exactly why ‘normal people’ can’t be on the show- you get so much hate for being yourself. Even though I don’t like Austin what people are saying about him crosses the line, they are all average people too and have families who probably see rude and unnecessary comments like some of these.

Plastic Pool Shark aka PPS

Austin is so repulsive! He’s a grown man sucking on her neck. And Liz is nasty, also. Julia is the only one with a bit of common sense among the three of them. But, even worse than Austin and Liz is Steve. CREEPY. Super creepy. James and Meg all the way to the end!

Jaw-Mac versus van-ass-uh

Van invalidates john’s feelings when she asks how he felt and he said he felt bullied and she accuses him of being mean? What!? If you ask how someone feels don’t invalidate their feelings. Feelings are not right or wrong, they are feelings! Maybe he misunderstood your double talk – but don’t put words in his mouth. Van is the only one left still going hard core with this and people see it! And she plays the sympathy card to Liz & co???? If she waits another week to get van out Liz will be the next to go cause she’s the link in austwins.


I pray you’re right and Liz does go next week. For the sake of the game, they have got to break up those three.

Gordon Ramsey

Even though she had nothing to do with this post, I still can’t stand Vanessa.

April in Paris

Johnnymac is really playing up the dumbness- I bet he gets called to DR so much because he’s sounding too smart and they have to retake a lot to make him a lovable dope-…,,. Or not but he’s still my favorite either way


Here’s to hoping jmac puts up the Austwins next week instead of Van. He already told Steve “what am I supposed take out the Goblins so we’re next on the chopping block, don’t think so” Steve- “Exactly”… I think they all know what time it is next week the Austwins are delusional if they think no ones gonna put them up next week. I really do hope Shelly comes back for JMacs sake cuz his only ally (Steve) is all over the damn place & he’s gonna need someone’s help! #TeamJohnnyMAC

another name

I watched tonight’s episode. it took me a few minutes to realize:
according to the show edit, lots of alliances don’t exist.
there is no brass tacks (either version) in the show version of reality.
nor was there a freaks and geeks ever. until scamper squad this week.
there is no rockstars.
there were no generals.
there’s never been a sos between vanessa and steve.
actually, according to the show there has never been any alliances except sixth sense and the goblins. it’s hit me before that certain alliances were disavowed in the viewerverse, but i hadn’t realized there were only actually two alliances according to the show. they really want that two sided good evil archtype filled badly.
heck, they never even showed the shelli trying to get in with john, steve and becky third option alliance angle so her post eviction talk with julie seemed really off the wall weird. Additionally they didn’t show james altering the target a day before vanessa campaigned. They also didn’t d/r julia about the vanessa plan to get rid of austin ‘revelation’. Even though they showed weeks ago that julia was well aware and complicit in the plan, going so far as agreeing to keep it a secret from liz.
It seems like the show writers are really trying to put forth the fall of vanessa in their edit, but can’t really do such a line justice because so many of the transgressions leading up to her fall weren’t shown in the episodes. they’d have to do an entire episode of flashbacks to pull a complete catch up.


I have liked Vanessa this entire time. Her tactics are questionable but that’s the game. No rules as to how to go about manipulating and keeping yourself in the game. Evil dick and dr will are 2 of my favs and they absolutely had questionable tactics. But tonight with jmac just left me questioning if she has any self awareness at all. I’m not sure anymore. Evel and will always owned everything they did and more. She has most definitely played the game hard and is very good at intimidating and controlling most of them. I just felt so bad for jmac tonight. Wish he would have just brought the entire conversation out right in front of all of them tho.


I knew Liz was HOH prior to this episode (thanks Simon & Dawg for the spoilers), but Jesus that HOH competition sucked so much. It wasn’t creative or fun to watch….at all. Austin’s Angels….vomit. Watching Vanessa talk to J-Mac just infuriated me. She can’t stand it when people don’t agree with her or when they don’t say exactly what she wants. I just hope J-Mac doesn’t get evicted this week. I doubt Liz will use the veto to save him. It’d certainly make me respect her game a lot more if she backdoored Vanessa but that’s definitely not going to happen.