Da “If you won HOH would you take Paulie out?” Z “I want someone else to take him out.”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 03-44-11-727

12:25am Bedroom – James looks at the camera and says that she (Natalie) put salt water in his cup. He looks at her and says I declare war on this girl. By the time I get down with this girl she is going to be one sad puppy! You’re going to be one little sad nugget. Da asks what was this about Michelle scared you into a fighting stance. Natalie shows how Michelle popped out and scared James into his fighting stance. James asks Natalie why she is always pranking him. James says I’ve got the record for pranks of last season and big brother and you will not come in between me and my pranks. Natalie says we’re only counting this season. James says you don’t know what is going to come. Natalie says this is BB18 and I’m closer to being 18 than you are! James yells who is this girl!!! Natalie leaves the room. James says I’m going to stuff her in a little box. She does not know who she is messing with. Da says she is winning. James says I declare war on Natalie!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 03-41-47-762

12:25pm HOH room – Paulie tells Z that they planted the seed with Vic about being the “Executives” and how Vic would be the CEO. Paulie says that Vic was like why do I have to be the CEO. Vic was like why don’t we just call ourselves the “Advancement” and I was like no Vic, its got to be something better than that. I was like what do you think about the executives and he was like yeah that’s good. Z says he really does believe it. That’s good. He’s going to hate you. Paulie says na, he’ll laugh it off. Da joins them and asks Paulie is everything good for THursday. Paulie says as far as I know. Da asks as far as voting Bridgette out. Paulie says I think so unless something else is going on. Natalie said is voting to keep Bridgette, she said she was going to do that. Da says I’m just making sure the plan didn’t change. You’re definitely voting Bridgette out right?! Paulie says I’ll vote Bridgette out. If that’s what Paul wants. Da asks is that what you want?! Don’t talk in circles. Do you want me to stay in the house? Paulie says yeah. Da says I just wanted to come talk to you and see if everything was okay. All this friendship didn’t start with Bridgette until I got put on the block. Da leaves. Paulie tells Z that he thinks Da will respect good game play. Z asks Paulie if he thinks she is faking her feelings for him. Paulie says no, I don’t think you’re faking it. Paulie tells Z that his last relationship ended because she couldn’t handle all the attention that was coming my and my families way.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 04-00-42-860

12:50am In the bedroom – Natalie says I beat you and you can’t even congratulate me to America! James then congratulates Natalie on pranking. She won today. James says America she’s a really good prankster. She’s the best. She did a really good job today and is on her way to the top. She is at the top. Natalie asks who won on day 49? James says you did! James tells Natalie her sneakers might be frozen. Natalie says if you mess with my body you mess with my heart!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 04-04-13-008

Paulie says what scares me about Mama Da is that she said she is going to squeeze Bridgette for everything she knows. Z says I almost wish I heard her say your name so that I could tell you but I think she just knows we’re close.

1:10pm Michelle and Da are in the safari room talking. Michelle says I’m just keeping my mouth shut. I just don’t want to deal with people right now. It so frustrating. I just want people giving me advice from the outside. That would be a good care package. Da tells Michelle about her talk with Paulie. Michelle says I just want to know what he’s saying to Z. Da says nothing, that’s why she’s frustrated. I think she really does like him. Z joins them and talks about how she and Paulie talked. He makes me feel weird. I’m guarded at this point. Da says he was talking to me like he is playing Derricks game. Z leaves. Da says they’re running out of pawns. I wouldn’t be surprised if I went home on Thursday. Michelle says I would be pissed. Do you really think they would lie to Z and I? Da says yes. Michelle says I would have a conversation with James and just ask him. Da says I did and he keeps telling me he hasn’t heard anything. Michelle says maybe it is true then. Da says I really want to win HOH and have a powershift in this house.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 04-18-13-088
1:50am – 2:20am – Paulie says I think Z, Da and Michelle are kind of piecing things together. They see us all talking to you and they’re freaking out. Bridgette says they’re f**king a$$holes! Paulie talks about how he caught Z in three lies. It had to do with her, Michelle and Da. I know for a fact that it happened a certain way and she still lied about it. If they walked in here right now and saw us talking to you they would know. They would be pissed. We want it to be only Michelle and Z voting for her so that they are shocked. At the end of the day they’re afraid of you Bridge. Bridgette asks why are they afraid of me? Paulie says because you’re smart.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 04-37-57-052

2:35am – 4am Michelle, Da and Z are talking in the safari room – Da says its getting way too real. I was in the room with James and Natalie going over the votes. James said I should have a talk with Paul to make sure he would break the tie to keep me. I said what if he said he didn’t want to break the tie to keep me. And he said then he would have to vote the other way. Michelle says man. I’m pretty sure you’re safe though. I would tell you. Da asks how do you tell somebody that. Even if you knew the house was going to vote the other way you two would still vote for me. Z says as far as I know you’re fine. Da says three times today I caught James, Corey and Nicole in the room with the door shut. Z says it is what it is. We’ve got to start winning comps and take some of these people out. If you won HOH would you take him out? Z says I want someone else to take him out. I’ve said enough in there that the people that I trust in this house.. they would be like you did a back flip somersault. Da asks if you’re vote was necessary would you vote him out. Z says I would. Da says I don’t think anybody is going to take a swing at him.

4:20am Michelle and Da are still up staring at the memory wall. They look at the different facial features of each house guest for the face morph comp. Da heads to bed. Michelle goes to the safari room and sits by herself.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 04-52-16-749

5am All the house guests are sleeping..

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 04-57-34-830

11:00am zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

2:00pm People now slowly waking up

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Z you are such a baby
From the famous words of Justin timberlake “cry me a river”

Tiny Trump Hands

20 more vote for DaVonne to get CARE package. I can just see Bridgette getting it and using her 2 votes to save Paulie. (I have a hunch Da has a return ticket, and if she doesn’t, there’s still time to dump a few days of voting to Meech to flip the house. I want to save good CARE packages for Bridgette and James.


Voting ends for the current care package on Aug 5th. The evcition happens on August 4th. Voting for her now is not going to help if you are trying to save her from getting eliminated this week. Looks like she is going tomorrow.


It will help if she has the return ticket


Using votes for DaVonne is wasting them. She can’t use them. Eviction is tomorrow night. Care package is for next week. Give them to Bridgette . Can help her take down Mean girls and/or PP idiots


let me say this these woman get on this show get caught upin the dudes then get swept out by them 1 by 1. Da is the only i with sense in this game thats why paulie wants her out because shes too damn smart. z is caught up in paulie dumb ass nicole is with goofy ass corey and james and natalie thats idiot ville. its a shame da will go home, i hope 1 day big brother gets a clue and get more than 2 black contestants for a season, i mean damn theres 16 contestants and only 2 are african american, we’ll never have a chance at this game. I’m really considering to not finish watching this season!


I waited 12 hrs for that 1 line update i almost threw my phone against the wall lol ill admit it im addicted


You’re not alone. I check all day for updates. One liners, are disappointing. Oh well, almost Thursday. Who hoo!


Sorry… There hasn’t been much more than chit chat.


Oh Simon, that wasn’t a dig on you! Just us wackos that want them to give us some drama!


I know, it’s cool 🙂


Cry Me a River was originally a song by Julie London!

Michelle Stan

Zero needs to wake up. Paulie is crushing on Nostrilcole. Corey has a fine GF in the real world. He is using Nostrilcole as a shield, and will pass her on to Paulie as soon as Zero is gone. Paulie is grooming Vic and Bridgette to take out Zero. Why is this not obvious to her?


Z is about to “Rachel Reilly it out”….

Geez Louise

It was extremely hard to watch Paulie completely destroy Z emotionally and psychologically! That was the definition of emotional abuse as he degraded, broke down, and belittled her then went back to her apologizing an hour later. I’m disturbed that BB allowed it as long as they did. If they don’t allow physical abuse they shouldn’t allow clear emotional abuse. I don’t care for her game wise but I can only hope she finds strength to not tollerate this type of disrespect from anyone (in BB and in life) and most of all learns to love and except herself!

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

I cannot stand Paulie but what he did was not disrespectful. She’s part of his alliance and he wanted answers to why she gave out info to people not in the inner circle and why she was lying about it. Take her emotions out of it because that’s what the problem is. It’s a game and she’s acting like they are married. She needs to grow up


I hope Paulie makes it to final 3 and goes out just like Vanessa did last year. That would be the ultimate payback for his arrogance.


How about makes it to final 2 and LOSES, just like his douchebag brother? Then the Calafiore bros. will always regared as second-best.


His behavior goes beyond game play. He’s using classic bad boy mind games that certain men use in relationships when they feel they have the upper hand. He’s demanding loyalty and honesty while at the same time trashing her to his homeboys. Then he manipulates her further by stating that he had his arms around her all night. You think that’s game play? I’m somewhat physically intimate with you, so I expect you to shut up and trust me and do my bidding? Hello, culture indoctrination of misogyny, where the male feels entitled and the female has internalized the expectations to the point where she can only be subservient. Now go ahead and blame the female some more for not being strong enough to become empowered and intolerant of these type of men. There are plenty of better men who behave based on personal values, rather than absorbing the cultural biases and subconsciously using them to justify their Neanderthal tendencies.


He’s a man, he’s doing what a man does. She’s a woman, she’s doing what women do. It’s natural, it’s nature.
If he or she were anybody else would things be different?
This is what’s going down in the house this season. In the BB house and outside in the real world.
I don’t feel sorry for anyone. Don’t like it don’t look at it, don’t be apart of it, don’t contribute to it, don’t support it, don’t enable it.


We all have different ways of interpreting and responding to societal injustices. Some prefer to be fatalistic, that’s fine. Not everyone wants to turn away.


Don’t ever give anyone power/control over you. Something tells me Zakiyah will be going through these issues during her life. I pity the children that see this.

Anonymous 100

I don’t know what you think is natural about degrading someone. No real man or woman that I know behave in this manner. If it had of been me and a man tried to talk to me in this way he would have found out how a real woman puts a boy in his place.


And then she goes and jumps in his arms and wraps her legs around him! You can’t help the helpless who allow themselves to be used. By the way this is a guy she know nothing about except in the confines of the game. She should not be so “in love” with someone she just met. I find it hard to have any sympathy for these girls playing love struck teenagers.

Frank's Tasty Butt Juice

Da shut your mouth and go home already. I’m sick of your pity party. You make everyone feel uncomfortable. Your not campaigning, your crying like a little bitch. You lost, you should have won HOH, a veto, something, but you couldn’t because you’re an awful player. The Only way to stay is the return ticket back, which takes no skill, and I hope you don’t have it. If you do have the winner ocho stinko, please send her right back out the house. Im hoping it’s a double eviction so you can get evicted twice in one live show. That would be glorious. Good riddance


LOL…Ocho stinko!!!!


agreed! She was the one weeks ago stating they needed to target the showmances. If she had won an HOH she would have gone against one of them, but she couldn’t win, so they’re taking a swing first. She’s lucky they didn’t vote her out over Tiff a couple weeks back.

Paulie won already

Da should not have bowed out and let James take the last HOH. It was a stupid move on both her and Bridgette’s part. Da probably would have put up the same two people, however, while Bridgette’s very life in the game depended on hanging on. She was a fool to trust James.


da dont ned to shut shit up shes needs to put everybody shit on front street she do need to go because shes too damn smart for this game u c the guys want brain dead females to play and in most of the girls there they have it the women in this game is stupid nicole came in got lovey dovey with idiotass corey, z fell 4 corny ass mamas boy paulie, and james then fell 4 cute, but dippy ass natalie, the only thing i do agree with u ass licker is she shouldnt have gave the challenge up to james. this game gets so damn dumb ass times thats why they need to revamp it and even it out with different ethnicity, not 12 or 13 caucasians in a house of 16! thats all i have to say franks ass crack!


Doesn’t take a professional to realize that the girl lacks in self estime and depends on a boy’s approval. Paulie is disgusting in his manipulation… He clearly know what he’s doing. You can clearly see in the behaviour of all the boys in the house. They’re acting like a pack of wolves. Aggressive, boosting each other testosterone trip, with clear hierarchic relationships and treating women like second class members of their group.

Yes I roll my eyes at the girls and their stupid behaviour but I clearly see that society and the families taught that it’s how they are supposed to behave, submissive. Their purpose in life is to have a man to look after them.

I find this more and more unbearable to watch. That is why I like mama Day, so far she’s the only one who is standing proud showing she doesn’t need a man to play the game. Sure she is not playing it well (she socks at comps) but at least she is not holding on on one of the aggressive guys hoping that one day he’s gonna stop being a jerk and turn into a Prince. Jerks will stay jerks .


Right! That girl is BEGGING the next ahole to come along so she can enable his neanderthal behavior. She’s a victim waiting to happen. Z’s mother? Talk to her, firm her up, get her in counselling, teach her to own herself and control her life! She’s not listening to us LOL.


Reminds me of season 3 when Roddy did something similar to Amy

Tiny Trump Hands

Not a chance CBS will air Paulie’s behavior toward Z on prime time.


I agree 100%


I agree too. It is disgusting watching Paulies behavior on the other hand it was gut wrenching watching the girls band together and ostracized Bridgette and Tiff …laugh in there face when talking pure hate to and about them. None of their behavior will be 100% exposed on tv. It’s all about SPIN.

sunny dee

she tried to vanessa/tiffany him plain and simple. she gets her feelings hurt about other things takes it all personally and unrelated to what actually happened, and yes she is doing shady stuff. at least according to their alliance, and he has a good reason to be distant, which she now takes personally. she’s been feeding Day info for a while, or talking about stuff with michelle and day from what i can see


I’ve lost all compassion for Zakiyah after seeing how she treats Brigidette. She’s a rotten person that deserves whatever is being given to her. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.


There was a lot more emotional abuse from Z Michelle, Da and Nicole thrown at Bridgette and Tiffany than what just happened between Paulie and Z. The hate went on for weeks and in some ways still happening to Bridgette. Z maybe just got a small dose of her own medicine.


Okay, as a woman who has been married almost 30 years, how can you have emotional control over a grown educated woman in just a few weeks, and you’re far from alone in the house? No kids, no marriage, no long term relationship, no financial control, no isolation, no real feelings (unless you’re 13 and in puppy love), no threat, no danger. The way she handled herself, I don’t see how she could control a classroom even if they are 1st graders. Use your big girl words, or just smack the crap out of him. Blow his game up and rally the girls. Anything. Z, just stop embarrassing all of women kind and all of Big Brother kind. We’re begging you!


I don’t know who is worse at this point. Paulie for being a douche or Z who continues to run back to him over and over. It’s almost like she enjoys the abuse. BB is turning into a damn soap opera. The sad thing is these girls could have been powerful in this game and now they wait until it’s too late to make a difference. At this point they are all just fish in a barrell waiting to be picked off by PP. This season almost makes me miss Vanessa and boy did I hate Vanessa’s game play. At this point I’m just praying for any girl to win a comp over these boys and stir the pot….ahhh F it … Corey ftw!…(I just threw up a little typing that)

Douche canoe (lmao!)

Even if a girl wins, they will do what paulie wants.
Z needs to stand up for herself. She acts all tough and talks so much shit about the other girls, but rolls up in the fetal position when paulie scolds her. There’s game and then there is being narcissistic a-hole!

BBCan Circus

Vanessa brought back classic BB Gameplay with making Handshake Deals. These players need to start making some deals and shaking on it! 1 week deals work wonders in this game! Da needs to try and make a deal if she has any hope in staying!

BBCan Circus

Handshake deals, and getting people to give their word!! Classic BB Gameplay!


.Remember people…
We want an exciting season. Even if that means your favorite is in the hot seat. That’s what Big Brother is all about. Bring on the drama!


Who is this “we”? I want my people to dominate, crush dreams, and irritate fans.


Chenbot: You won again! This is good, but what is best in life?
Da’Vonne: The open fridge, cold brews, and the wind in your braids.
Chenbot: Wrong! Glenn! What is best in life?
Glenn: Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women.
Chenbot: That is good! That is good.


This post right here sums up every reason why Da’ is being evicted: she sees that Paulie is playing Derrick’s game, she has no one in the game and now that she needs to be the horrible, ghetto, mean girl everyone says she is…she won’t.
IF she has the round trip ticket, all she has is Big Meech. Z is not on her team and neither is James. She MAY be able to work with Bridgette but Bridge is falling under the spell of her benevolent Uncle Paulie (slick how he swooped in immediately after Frank’s eviction with the “Frank told me to look out for you…just trust me”).
If Da’ stays, the best thing she can do is gather more info and talk to the low men on the totem pole individually. If it gets back, it gets back…if she is back on the block, hopefully the low men see it is in retaliation for being truthful and potentially blowing up games and save themselves if not Da’.
If she goes, join the rest of us armchair BB quarterbacks.


The females in the house have only themselves to blame for Bridgette working with Paulie. They should’ve pulled her in when Frank was leaving, but instead they were happy ostracizing and belittling her. It’s sad to see so many mean girls playing high school games instead of BB.


this was da’s downfall, she went after threats without securing allies. she could have worked with nicole/corey or tiffany, but instead she turns on them. bridgette, natalie, bronte, and paul were all desperate to work with someone, anyone, and she doesn’t bother recruiting them. her game sucks, and i won’t be sorry to see her go.


Wait Z went back to him after he treated her like crap? lol get this girl some self-eestem. Day gets what’s happening, but she isn’t doing anything yet. Hopefully she lets everything go.


It’s really sad that these 3 girls are in the minority. I mean, there were so many things they could have done and they didn’t and A LOT of things they shouldn’t have said, but at the end of the day i would love a powershift. Also i’m pretty sure this week is a double eviction and Da has the round trip ticket, so if Michelle, Da or Z can pull out a win everything would be much more funny. I believe if Da and Nicole can make up, once Corey is evicted, those 4 could be a really strong alliance. So: right now i’m hoping for Da with the round trip ticket, Michelle as HoH, Corey and Paulie as Nom and Corey as the first juror. In this way, LINES WOULD BE DRAWN.


Why is it sad? I have waited so long for this moment. THey were in strong alliances and turned those alliances upside down. They alienated Tiffany. Gave the power to those in power currently and now they are suffering the consequences of their actions. They had a chance and they though it was a race to the Top 8. Well enjoy ladies.


Nicole is too chicken sh&! to go against Paulie and Cory is too dumb. She is to love struck to go against Cory. Nicole would be to paranoid because Paulie could expose her to girls who already distrust her. I’m really disappointed in Nicole. I thought she might have a clue this 2nd time around.


There is no one who can pull off a power shift at this point. All roads of information lead back to Paulie. James or Nicole have the potential to take Paulie out but instead they are feeding him all their info.
Da is on her way out, Z can’t get her head on straight, Michelle and Natalie have no sway and Vic, Corey, Paul and Bridgette have no incentive to take him out.


Right! I found it so funny when sad face above says “IF Da, Z, or Michelle win HOH…… LINES WOULD BE DRAWN” first off HAHAHAHA yea right one of them (esp. Max-Z) win something. and then like they would do anything besides what Paulie wants is absurd. Da is all but gone and the other 2 would put up 2 other girls as per their master. Paulina get Z to put up Michelle and Bridgette and if she balked about Michelle up goes Nat and the opposite for Michelle. Paulina get her to put up Max-Z and of course Bridgette. What makes sad face think they would think for themselves and speak to everyone 1 on 1 and try to shift the power or that the others would have the balls to do so? Who Nicole? “I can’t I don’t want Paulie to be mad at me” “I trust him” James? If it is not him or his Nat he would be fine playing middle school pranks and holding hands for another week. Vic? No he thinks he is part of the shirtless boy band and trusts his bros even thought that is the guy that got him evicted in the first place. Corey? nope dumb as a box of rocks and another member of the band. Paul? yea right he thinks he is the drummer in the band and said “friendship before $$$” Nat would want to target Nicole but James would probably talk her out of that. “the house wants Max-Z and Michelle” no sad face there will be no lines drawn


I know there is NO WAY this is going to happen. It was just an hypothesis. I’m just saying that it would be much more funny, even though it’s impossible for those 3 girls to win something. WHY DIDN’T THEY GIVE THE HOH TO AMERICA? 🙁

Paulie won already

Michelle would put up Bridgette for sure and maybe Nicole. I guess there is a chance she might put up Paulie with Bridgette in revenge for him voting out (and blatantly lying to) Da

Salted Nuts

I think we can all agree that Paulie is the man, laying down the law. He owns that house and all of our hearts.

A Girl Has No Name

I’m sorry…he just isn’t likable as a person and it goes beyond game play. You just don’t acquire arrogance and entitlement over night. He came in to the house with those qualities. The way he treats Z (though her spinelessness has really pissed me off) is the way he has treated all of his girlfriends…this behavior isn’t new. Yea…he is definitely not a likable person and I just wouldn’t be able to get behind a win for him. Ready for him to be on the next thing smokin’ out of that house…and his little dog ToTo too (Nicole).


Paulie may own this house right now, but his big mouth and ego have now raised the red flags. Took these CLUELESS summer campers a minute, but they are now wise to him. Now, if they are here to win, they will find a way to take him out – NOW.

Paulie won already

He may rule the house, but he sure doesn’t rule my heart. I dislike him, but he is one of the few playing the game.


Im kind of rooting for Michelle to win next HOH she is the only one who would shake up the house especially if Day goes home


I’m a Michelle stan, but I certainly wouldn’t hold your breath on that. Natalie seems like the only person who could actually pull something off, but I’m still waiting for her to win a comp.


Michelle Stan? Ummm ew


In case you haven’t noticed, this season has some slim pickings for people to like. Want me to be Team Paul or Team Paulie instead???

Michelle Stan

Are you making fun of my name?


MicheleStan? Is that next to Turkmenistan?


Stan = fan. It’s another way of saying she’s a fan of Michelle.

The More You Know

Wow! There’s something dumb to learn every day.


Why not just say ‘fan’? What is ‘stan’ short for?

Dumb Ass + Fan = Dan

Apparently it has to do with an Eminem song about a stalker like fan. Stalker + Fan = Stan.


HEY! Don’t drag me into that. You are going to “make me feel some type of way”

collateral damage

Sorry Dan, it had to be done.

Regina George

How lame can you get. Just like Fetch, Stop trying to make Stan happen!

Powder Puff Girl

She would put up Bridgette and Natalie – girl is jealous, she should have used the veto on Frank. These people know Paulie has been running the game for some time. They only cared about that they were not on the block weekly no strategizing for future weeks.

At the end of the Da

Still giving all my votes to Da in the event she has the RT ticket. Only possible thing that could happen to flip this house.


Even if she has the round trip,
It’s not going to help her anyway. Their not going to win any competitions any time soon, so we’ll see her ass getting voted out next week anyway and we have to sit through this bullshit all over again


I know many aren’t Da’Vonne fans, but I’m with you. I’ve given all my votes to Da so far and won’t vote tomorrow til after the show when we know for sure if she’s gone.

I still think her #8 envelope is the winner (it’s on the poster with Dream Destination on it) BUT the conspiracy
theorist in me thought hmmmm when they sent everyone outside to fix the shower, Gee this is a good time to make sure Da has the envelope! Think about it, the Olympics start on Friday and BB needs some major drama to keep viewers intrigued. That for me equals Da coming right back into the house, winning HOH … & the care package. I think Paulie would likely survive BUT at least one of his minions would be gone, though if he was on the block & she had those 2 extra votes it sure could get interesting.

Best of all we’d see our first typical HOH where she would see each person individually. The hamsters would be climbing over top of themselves to out each others games and Paulie would FINALLY experience fear and
possibly have to lose the arrogance for a minute.

If Da/Nat/Meech/Zak won the HOH it would be a good time for Bridgette to out everything they told her this week and once the girls confirmed they were the next targets they could prob pull Brid/James in to take out P&P, Vic & Corey.

I continue to hope for the MO DRAMA … and selfishly I’m dying to see Nicole’s game get blown up, especially
after she feigned friendship to a distraught Zakiyah only to laugh at her behind her back. She’s a shadow of the nice girl I saw in BB16.


Funny, this site is so different from all the other sites I visit in terms of people’s favorites.

Also, the fact pretty much half the people who ranked my comment voted it down must mean one of 4 things:

1. you are content to have a boring season with the current P&P running the show while everyone else treats each other like shit, with live feeds focused on under the blanket action, ratcole’s nasally whine with predominant talk about boners and friendship

2. you are a huge Paulie fan and just want to see him skate through with his boys to the end

3. just don’t like MY comments

4.OR maybe you don’t want to have to chose between watching BB & the Olympics so getting out any possible Paulie opponent makes that easier.

Oh well, to each his own.


Or maybe they see that giving Da’Vonne the votes will not impact Paulie at this point…


That’s fair.

BUT it’s not just about effecting him from the stand point of votes to get him out. It’s also about sending the house a message. So IMHO it couldn’t help but effect Paulie b/c after going through the big charade to go back on his/Paul’s word to take out Da and also set up Zak/Meech sending Da the package makes the house stop and think.

At the very least P&P plus NiCorey will wonder why no one in their alliance is getting rewarded. James/Nat/Meech & Zak will think perhaps they should make a big move.

At best they recognize fans want more players to strategize and make big moves and LOTS MORE DRAMA

Guy From Canada

I just don’t like long posts. There is no geniuses in the house that require lots of insight……

Paulie won already

Ditto. It’s my best and only hope to see a shake up. Contingent on Da having the return trip and even better winning HOH if she does have it!


Odds of her having the round trip are 1 out of 11, but odds of her winning HOH are 1 in 1,000,0000

Paulie won already

If it’s an endurance comp, she could win. Quite sure sure she wouldn’t give it to James again.

Salted Nuts

Natalie is displaying her true annoyance with James by getting more and more aggressive with pranks. She’s starting to hate him because she feels trapped. She’s slowly turning the screws, like a woman preparing to divorce her husband and take his kids and everything he’s earned over his lifetime.

Michelle Stan

Anyone who is buying James and Nat’s little vaudeville act ,please migrate over to AGT. It’s more entertaining and Mel B has better sandbags than Nat.


1. I don’t think anyone has ever made a pie on BB… 2. “He makes me feel insecure about things.” Z honey, no one can “make” you feel insecure. If you rely only on your looks, this is what happens. 3. “I would never betray Paulie!” Um. Z, sweetie you’ve just met him! NEVER betray him? wow. 4. “I’ve got to Rachel Reilly this out.” Okay, sweetheart, honey, Z, how could you insult Rachel like that? Did you really just say that?


If James or Nat wins America’s Favorite, then the audience, especially “superfans” who are the ones taking the time to vote are to blame for BB’s terrible casting choices. These two aren’t playing at all and are 100% campaigning to be the “cute, fun…cowardly, ineffectual” HG. In other words, the biggest wastes of space in the house.

It’s superfans that rehash the same boring, predictable strategies….forming super alliances to feel safe and usually letting themselves be dominated by the one player that expands the playbook….but the ones who just want to be liked and famous like James and Nat are the worst, with their fake showmance, hamming it up for the camera “prank war”, and neither remotely care about playing the game, much less winning it. The only care about staying for camera time.


But, there is no one else that’s much likeable either… just saying.

At this point

I feel like Paul is on track for AFP. Some of his antics are actually very humorous and witty. He’s also playing the game as best he can considering the early hole jozea/Victor put him in. He can be a little crass at times, but even then I can’t help but laugh a bit.

Michelle Stan

2 ways to improve BB…1. Eliminate the big jury. 5 or 3 would be enough . Discourage people from playing to make jury. 2. Eliminate AFP! Make them play to win the damn Game!


Why not be straightforward and tell her what’s going to happen?! I mean they did give Frank that courtesy… :-/

Corey's Crazy Eyes

They told Frank because they knew it was a unanimous vote against hi,. The vote for Mama Da will be split. If they give her the heads up Da could rally votes to change the tide. Paulie sees that and needs the advantage of keeping her in the dark. She has three locked votes (Natalie, Michelle and Z). All she needs is Vic to turn (or James) and remind Paul that his head of house goal was to evict Bridgettte.

Mount Da

The blindside will be great television when Mount Da erupts.

Paulie won already

Crazy Eyes, what makes you think Da has Natalie’s vote? I think she will vote to keep Bridgette


They, by “they” I mean Paulie, also told Frank because they knew he wouldn’t cut up their s#!#, put a curse on them, and burn the house down.


Even though I didn’t like Da’vonne game I still would want to see her in the house. Her and Frank were the only two people actually playing the game hard with a backbone, the rest of the houseguets are weak or passive aggressive.


If you consider never winning a comp, sitting in the corner with a puss on your face, turning your back on every alliance you were involved with, and reading the bible waiting for god to give you a super power to “flip this house” playing hard and with a backbone then you are correct…………Da got game!!!! otherwise nah not so much she is more all show and no go. She can wave her finger and flip her braids when she is sitting talking to “Julie girl” on Thurs.

Corey's Crazy Eyes

If Da’ goes out this week, its her fault. She needs to hardcore campaign to HOH and housemates. Her spidey sense is tingling. Da’ needs to act on it. Instead of sitting around looking grumpy and asking peeps if she is cool… she needs to get out there be super fun. Da’ needs to create a good time and remind people while theyre laughing with her that they promised her a vote.


Frank out, Da out, Victor next.

Paulie won already

Doubt Vic will be the target next. Paulie will want more girls out before he lets that happen.


Paulie doesn’t want anybody telling Da’Vonne she is leaving because he can’t handle the confrontation with a strong woman! He is scared of the strong women because he can’t manipulate them. I don’t think this is just because of the game he can’t handle woman who can see right though him. Paulie has built a grandiose picture of himself and if he can’t manipulate someone to see him that way that person kind of busts his bubble and he can’t handle it. When he won HOH he was pounding his chest how he was going to confront Tiffany. He didn’t do it. He confronts the weaker woman all the time but not the ones who are stronger in personality.


When him and Tiff got into it and she said he was scared of a girl, his face looked angry and scared at the same time. I’m pretty sure this self absorbed *sshole only surrounds himself with weak minded people that think he is important because of his brother.
I don’t like Z at all but I wouldn’t do to her what he does for no amount of money or “fame”.
When you add Paulie and Paul up you’ll end up with the lowest common denominator.


Michelle, stop asking for a care package! No ones giving you one! You’re a shallow, MEAN person.


In that sense, she is a true Big Brother fan. She is one of us. Dripping in envy and contempt.

Michelle Stan

If Meeech got a care package, she would eat it.


Ha!!! She would eat it.


Bridgette for the win. She’s the only person I can tolerate anymore. Please everyone, don’t vote James to be AFG, that’s the only reason he’s in there. His stupid pranks aren’t funny and he’s playing a pussy game. As fans we’d look like idiots if we fall for his crap. If I was Bridgette, I’d be pissed too that some idiot used all the saran and foil for a stupid reason. He took like 2 hours to do that and it took Natalie 2 minutes to unwrap it. Bridgette is actually doing something useful for the house and she can’t even preserve it cause of that ET looking douche. If he wins again, it just proves that BBfans are the easily manipulated sheeps that James is depending on.


Bridgette is only tolerable because she’s not in power. The people in power are always hated. People hated Derrick. People hated The Brigade.


I don’t like Max-Z or Big Beech and they aren’t even in power….I can’t even imagine them in power, bitchiness x1000

I heart BB

Hey Paulie –
Your dumbass brother would be $450K richer if he would have played Big Brother, not Best Buddy.

James needs to go

I can’t stand the cute ‘pranks’ trying to get America to love them. They are pathetic.

Not sure what people like about James personally, he is not much of a player and personally I find him boring as hell.


I’m with you on that!


True story. It was moderately cute the first time, and cut the tension caused by Vanessa’s manic episodes. Very juvenile and annoying this time.

Roll Tide

I can’t stand MaxZ, Michelle the muncher (constantly eats on after dark) and Da.
Pretty sure Da is going to walk right back in. Her head will be very big.

Joe Kerr

James is garbage. Play Big Brother, not some stupid pranks. I just skip over his stuff now cause I know what it is.

Then again, when you know you’re not winning…


Hope Da has return ticket.

Final answer

It wouldn’t matter


I am finding the players to be increasingly frustrating this year. I don’t want DaVonne to go Thursday because I feel that if she ever wins an HOH she will not be afraid to play the game for someone other than Paulie. However, I don’t feel like she got screwed over or that she necessarily deserves sympathy because a lot of the reason she is in this position is as a direct result of the way she chose to play the game the first week. I think she came into the game with the idea that people were going to view her as the biggest threat in the game. I have no idea what she feels she did last season that would make people consider her a huge threat but, for some reason she immediately went to work trying to make sure there were bigger targets on other people. As a result, she thoroughly screwed over Tiffany who, she now claims, to have considered a friend. One of the things that people considered to be a betrayal in Vanessa’s game was turning on Austin. I never saw it that way because Van and Aus were originally each other’s ride or die F2s but then Austin fell in love and it became obvious that Austin would always choose Liz over Van. One of DaVonne’s biggest roadblocks this year was being in an alliance with showmances. Tiff was in the same boat as DaVonne when it came to being odd man out. They could have actually been a good pair and I think Tiff would have been loyal to Da. DaVonne’s own actions have largely contributed to her being on the block right now.
I am not so much frustrated with Nicole as confused by her. Two years ago she was a nice person without any power in the game. When she was in a position of power, the BoB and the fact that the boys club outnumbered everyone else made it impossible for her to turn anything around. She eventually had to work with the boys and became a casualty of a game that she never really had a chance in. As a result of what happened in the game she ended up with a lot of support outside the game and seemed to be fairly popular with the fans. This year she is, once again, working with a boys club. She has little, if any, chance to even make final 4 this way. But it was not a result of game twists like BoB or a large alliance taking over numbers from the beginning. She was actually part of the large alliance(s). She chose to be the girl that sabotages other girls because she seems happiest when she is the last girl standing in the middle of a group of guys. Once again, she most likely does not have a chance to win and, this time she most likely won’t have all the fan support waiting for her when she leaves.

BB16 with more annoying useless people

Cody and Derrick sat with Paulie for a year and taught him their blueprint for winning.

The main key to their strategy is having enough total morons in the house to pull it off. Casting made sure of that for both seasons.

I do give Paulie credit for having beat two fairly good game players in Frank and Tiff. Derrick and Cody had no one even close to a game player to deal with.

The blueprint works only if you dealing with complete morons who have not one clue how to win the game. Paulie now has only those people left. Lucky us. Smh.

Sidenote: Please stop calling Michelle a “Super Fan” she isn’t close to being one of us. I hate when people tell her “You being a Super Fan you can’t go out before Victor Paul and Natalie” Ummm yeah she can and will because she isn’t a damn “Super Fan”

She just last night said “If James said it then it must be true” to Day. Super Fan? Give me a break.


Is it good game play to beat a couple of fairly good players when you have a bunch of sheeple whose only concern is the status of their gonads and don’t care about game play? Hmmm…


How was Tiff a good game player? Fail to see how she established that position for herself other then sharing a last name with Vanessa.


She’s a Super Floater. Wants Bridgette out because of jealousy over a HS crush instead of for game play. And she lays around and judges, whines, and stress eating while the game just “happens” to her.


I have watched BB every year and this one is the saddest yet men being rude, nasty and the comment last night about Da and black licorice don’t fool yourself BB when I say these men are treating women bad really bad and all of America is seeing it. Everything that is going on in the world these days and now this show is just adding to it everything that is being played out on this show is just a copy of what is going on in the world today bullying, men abusin women both physical (Frank)slapping Da on her Butt and (Paulie) Verbally abusin Z it’s just not right and not a good look for the show. After Da goes home there is no reason to keep looking at this show no one else has anything else to give so from #ifiwasyour mother good night and good by please put the kids and thus show to sleep ??????????


Oh, noes! He be raciss!

Or, he could simply have been referring to that striped licorice candy that looks exactly like the dress she was wearing.



HAHAHAHAHA!! are you serious? This game show compares to what is going on the world today? ISIS and terrorist attacks, suicide bombings, starving refugees and refugees dying trying to flee their war torn countries. Crazy US politics where the best they can offer us is Trump or Hil-liar-y On the home front we have starving people. people who can’t pay their rent, racial tension cops killing people, people killing cops…………… yea that compares to a silly game show with people acting like high school kids!

Michelle Stan

Yesss! People who don’t like Duh and Zero are responsible for all these problems. Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!


Doesn’t compare to our real world, more like the reality show, “Real World”.


Abusing not abusin.


Last night Paulie says his last girlfriend left because she couldn’t handle he and his family’s popularity from the world! All that attention lost him a relationship. OK Paulie, keep on telling yourself that or other similar lies. It couldn’t possibly have been that YOU are a bona fide a$$hat with a matching ego. I am filled with hope for the day that your constantly flapping lips/mouth get you on the block and out the door! I’m gonna do a happy dance if it happens!!!!


All that talk from Paulie shows that he has an inferiority complex. I feel sorry for guys like him.


Fame’s a beast…I’m sure those two people who walked by Cody and asked, “Hey, are you that moron that gave $450k to the other guy because you didn’t take his goat to the end?”

Seriously, Derrick would have taken Victoria over Cody no matter what he says now…not that it would have mattered but Derrick wouldn’t take that chance.


If James doesn’t get a care package maybe he will realise that the fans are not happy with his game this year! Maybe this will wake him up and he starts making big moves.


James and Paul are my other two main frustrations right now.
James has known that Paulie is running the game. He had Nat, Da and Michelle. If he had played his cards right he could have had Bridgette and possibly Victor. He might have been able to get Corey and Nic since they also have to realize that right now they are playing to give Paulie a check. Ideally, he did not want to put Frank and Bridgette on the block. He did that for ‘the house’ which is basically-Paulie. If he had stuck to his guns James could have been ‘the house’. James, Nat, Da, Michelle, Frank and Bridget. At least one person from the other side would have been gone giving Team James the numbers. This week, he doesn’t want to vote out Da. Even Nat is on board to keep Da. With Zak and Michelle they would at least force a tie vote but, once again, James doesn’t want to go against the house and, once again, the house is Paulie because…

…Paul would break the tie and originally Paul made it very clear that he wanted Bridgette gone-not DaVonne. Paul could easily encourage a tie vote so that he could be responsible for his target leaving on his HOH. Paulie made sure Tiffany left on his HOH. I mean, basically he made it clear that Tiff was going home regardless of how anyone wanted to vote because it was His HOH and he was all powerful. These guys are idiots. Frank and Bridgette would not have been going after James. DaVonne would not have been going after James or Paul. She would have potentially gone after Paulie which would have been ideal for anyone working with him. If your biggest threat is also your alliance member it is best if they can be taken out by someone else so that your own hands are clean.
Paulie is running this game and it’s so hard to watch. The biggest payoff would be to see Paulie taken out by Bridgette Thursday, especially if it’s a double but, any of the girls taking him out would be sweet, sweet music to my ears.


Paulie is dominating the strategic game. James is dominating the social game. Paul has a combination of both. They are a fearsome threesome. That’s why all of America and all of BB fandom loves them do much.

How sad

It must be lonely up there looking down on people that like to laugh and smile. James brings some fun into a very dull situation. Juvenile pranks or not…he’s funny!
Take the stick out of your uptight butt and losen up…


Tiffany out. Frank out. Da out. This is a great season.


Yes it is. And these three idiots are the three main reason why it is. Because they played an HORRIBLE GAME.


Last rant for this morning. Paulie said his last girlfriend couldn’t handle all the attention coming him and his family’s way. Has this guy always been an egotistical ass? I never heard of Paulie or his family before. The only one semi-famous would be Cody and, let’s face it, that is reality t.v. fame. It’s not quite the same thing as being chased down and hounded by paparazzi like Britney Spears.
I don’t love everything Zakiyah has done. She has definitely shown mean girl tendencies but, she has done nothing to deserve being treated the way Paulie has treated her. I honestly hope that when this game ends Paulie realizes that he does want to pursue a relationship with Zak and she realizes she deserves someone way better than him.
Like I said before, when you have cameras on you 24/7 you can’t hide your true character. Paulie is an abusive boyfriend. It is uncomfortable and infuriating to watch the way he mistreats Zakiyah and the way he talks about what he will do or say to the other girls in the house. He is creepy, scary. I am not implying that he is physically abusive although frankly it wouldn’t surprise me because I have seen the temper boiling just below the surface in Paulie and in Cody. But Cody didn’t go after girls the way Paulie does. Paulie is a coward and he is definitely mentally and emotionally abusive.
Cody is better looking than Paulie and seems to be a nicer person. Although choosing Derrick over Victoria at F2 probably lost him the game, it also earned him some respect. I think that is why he has been able to have the fan support and maintain friendships with his fellow houseguests. I think that after this season’s houseguests watch the show, even if Paulie leaves with the check, he will not leave with the respect, the friendships, the support from the fans or the girl.
I suspect that Paulie was always second best to his brother and he thinks by winning the game he will be #1 for a change. In this day and age, unless you are in your golden years, $500,000 after taxes isn’t all that much money. It’s definitely not enough money to buy success or popularity. What you are willing to show the world in order to get that money can however buy you a lot of scorn and embarrassment.


SMH – So Zak cried when Paulie basically verbally abused her because she forgot James was in the room with her and Michelle. She told lies to cover her and Michelle’s game – Just like Paulie and Paul have been doing this whole game, BUT you don’t see ZAK verbally ABUSING PAULINA like he did to her. Yet everyone jumps down her throat, because it is okay for the woman to take it from the man. It is just a game, but what I saw was over the top from Paulie. This dude needs to get a grip on reality and how you treat women. It doesn’t matter if a woman lies to you or not, it doesn’t give you the excuse to treat them like your own piece of TRASH !!!! What he’s doing to her behind her back is far worse than anything than she has done lying to his face. – OH and for any of you that commented on her running in to his arms an hour later after the fact – Some woman who Have low self esteem do that especially when they are abused by men !!!! It’s called a pattern. – And Paulie is taking advantage of that as well because he knows Zak will always come running back. So he yells at her all the time and knows she will come running back.
Paulina is the definition of GRADE-A SCUMBAG A-HOLE !!!!


What he was doing to Zakiyah last night actually gave me the creeps. It wasn’t just the mind games and twisting of words to make her feel like she was not only wrong but maybe even losing her mind, it was the fact that part of the time he was wearing a sick, sadistic smile on his face (very similar to the way a sociopath would act and-no, I’m not exaggerating.) Then he left her there in tears and ran right to his audience to tell and retell the story of what he had done. With each retelling he seemed to derive more and more pleasure out of the destruction of Zakiyah.
Strategy would have gone something like-‘I had to make her feel like she was the one who did something wrong so when I clip her she won’t be blindsided’ or ‘I didn’t want to hurt her but I don’t trust her or feel like she’s good for my game’. There was nothing mentioned in all of his retellings about real strategy. There was nothing that happened that could have even been construed as a betrayal or an act of Zakiyah working against the alliance. What happened wasn’t even all that important and it came down to he said/she said. Paulie rushed to believe Victor, the same guy he lied to, backdoored and had evicted over believing the girl who has put up with his ego for this entire game. No, what Paulie did was not strategy and it was not game. This was done purely to give himself a feeling of power over someone else. This was done completely for his own entertainment so he can keep reliving the moment and having wet dreams about how he ‘ruined’ Zakiyah.


I can’t even. So Z can be immature and childish making faces, throwing away cookies, trying to isolate Bridgette & Tiffany, “fall in love” with someone she barely knows and has no meaningful conversation with ON TV, uses her pouts, tears, and looks as her “game play”, expects to be treated equal and with respect as a woman, but uses all the sickening stereo typical old school actions to get her way. “She’s young”. So is Paulie. Yes, he’s a jerk. Neither he nor Frank yelled or got in the girls faces. It’s okay for a girl to cry, pout, hump, not stand up for herself, but it’s not okay for an immature Paulie to get frustrated with the lack of communication skills he was getting from her and speak in measured, condescending tones? Tit for tat.

Land of Oz/Good Witch

I hope Da’vonne doesn’t go home…if so …I’m done…it’s so many other reality shows to watch…that will outshine…the rest of that stupid house….no backbone having….mindless followers…gutless…racist……narcissistic….no personality having house.
Oh….yea…Think I’ll watch the 2016 summer Olympics…at least the roaches and nasty waters….will be more exciting……and why fix the showers…no one in there shower or put on any clothes…..Tally Ho!

Land of Oz/Good Witch

Sad BB18…no real players


Hi all. Just discovered this really cool site. A question for Simon and Dawg…do you cover international versions of big brother?


A bit of BBCAN.


People talk about Paulie dropping F-bombs all the time and it does get tiring to hear but I haven’t read anything about Bridgette’s foul mouth! The girl can’t complete a sentence without 2 or 3 f-bombs. At first I thought it was Frank’s influence but I don’t know what it is now. I’m no prude and a well placed f-bomb is necessary at times but I don’t care for discussions that are salted with it. It gets real old and it seems the only time Paulie talks like that is when he’s around the other guys. He doesn’t do it when he talks to the gals. Why is that?


In real life, perhaps he doesn’t talk that way or doesn’t in front of women? Or his mother? Perhaps since it’s in controlled circumstances he’s “adapting” to the guys? I’ve noticed Cory is pretty careful with his language over all but has gradually used more of their stupid terms (Never Cared, Friendship) and cussing around the guys. It’s like a social experiment of sorts sticking them in closed quarters with each other long term to see how they adapt. From game play, you have to really mesh with what you’re given. And I’m TOTALLY assuming.


wonder why Da isn’t trying to work Vic for a 5th vote. her game isn’t that solid afterall


I know seriously. Z already knows Paulie created this fake alliance name. Why not try to get all the info from Z and use it against Paulie.

I give Da some credit about her game play. She gets people fighting against each other. But she always gets caught in the middle then plays the victim. Which is why I strongly dislike her game.

The Girl is Gone

Several hours after Paulie scolds Zak for lying, he goes back to talking game with her. Probably just to pull her back in so he can keep manipulating her, but at least he’s talking serious game stuff with her. And how does she respond? By asking if he thinks her feelings for him are real! Are you kidding me? Possibly a slick psychological play on her part, but I think not. Seems like the girl is truly gone.


WOW!! I was planning on skipping the AD show from last night as it looked like more childish high school crap but according to someone on the last post it was “the worst case of emotional and mental abuse they have EVER seen” This must have been serious. People have logged complaints with BB and BB needs to intervene to put an end to this extreme emotional and mental abuse. (like BB gives a rats a$$) I guess I need to see what all the hub-bub is about? or are these some very sheltered people commenting? Should have been around when I was a kid with an alcoholic father…………..ah the stories I could tell about emotional, verbal and physical abuse. If that was “the worst you have ever seen” maybe they haven’t seen very much!

Joanie Loves Chachi

I agree. I think most are sheltered and the ones that are not don’t give a damn. There’s just no happy medium anymore. Abuse, he didn’t even raise his voice and said nothing to her worthy of using abuse as the description. It’s because most of these people don’t like Paulie, he’s not my favourite either but, get over it. Abuse over the years in the BB house. Amanda ring a bell, Gina Marie, Justin (going back) that one little biatch when Dr Will was the one stuck in the showmance (way before Janelle) this was Shannon and she was vile. Remember the toothbrush scrubbing the toilet incident and making the other girl feel fat every time she ate something. Looking back to what they were calling “fat” but anyway. The sheep following Will with the “body clense for the house” haha I mean that’s not “abuse”, screwing with peoples beliefs and purposely making them look like fools while laughing in the camera…I MEAN COME ON! There is so much “abuse” if you want to nit pick. I think people are way to overly sensitive and this is the friggin world we live in now.

No, not everyone wins the game and no, everyone doesn’t get a trophy. That’s not life!

Red Phone Booth

I say any man-boy that talks down to a woman or child like he did, need to be put in his place, even if it is with a iron skillet to the head.


I put a comment on here about it, and I wouldn’t consider myself sheltered. I agree with you that CBS isn’t going to interfere as he did nothing illegal. And I agree with you that it “wasn’t the worst I’ve ever seen”. I’m not going to overly dramatize it like you said some people did. But as someone who can’t stand Z, I will say it was hard to watch and I did feel sorry for her. Simon and Dawg do a great job summarizing the conversations here, but you really had to watch the entire thing play out to get what people are talking about. I saw a guy (who I also don’t care for) treat a woman as if he didn’t care one iota about her. He was manipulative, aggressive, disrespectful, cold, forceful, rude, and intimidating. Now I know Z takes some ownership in this as well for falling all over him the way she has. And she should see, if she had half a brain, that he does not like her the way she likes him. But their conversation last night was classic textbook egomaniac with no regard for others feelings. She was trying to explain the misunderstanding and he kept berating and belittling her. When she started crying he didn’t back down, he just kept going in for the kill. I am all for game play, and if he wants to use her to advance his game, then good on him and shame on her for being too dumb to see it. But there was no reason for him to treat her the way he did last night. I can’t wait til his head explodes from (hopefully) being evicted and I sincerely hope her insecure, needy self gets some therapy after she gets out. She’s lived on her looks her entire life, and doesn’t know how to cope when someone is not into her like she thinks they should be. And he needs to be taken down a few notches.


Don’t get me wrong I agree 100% with everything you said and I have still yet to see even the Ad version if any of it is on there (sounds like it was) I am just talking about the ones who were saying it was the worst thing they have ever seen and logging complaints with BB as they need to intervene. It is clear that Paulie the Con Corleone has no respect for women and thinks he is gods gift to women and the world. I would love to see him knocked off his high horse. But the worst thing they have ever seen? Sounded a bit over the top to me. So many women trapped in emotional and physically abusive relationships this here sounded like it paled in comparison. And to top it all off the last picture of her all up in his arms with her legs wrapped around him! She really needs to have some self respect. Beside inside this game she knows nothing about this “man” (I like douche canoe) to be so in love is totally laughable.


Worst they’d ever seen? They clearly haven’t watched as many Lifetime movies as I have lol. It was uncomfortable. If my husband starts getting condescending with me like that, I firm him up and I’m a little passive aggressive myself. And much older. It wasn’t anything any average woman of any age couldn’t handle. You feel bullied or afraid? Yell for help and call a house meeting, spin it that he’s being emotionally abusive and flip the house. She wasn’t using her words and he was getting frustrated. I have a real problem with lightly throwing around accusations like they have about Frank treating women badly, Paulie is a sociopath and abusive. They’ve been jackasses but seriously, REAL abuse is NOT the same. This is classic childish behavior on both sides.

Hot N Hurrrrr

“Firm him up a bit” lololol HEARD THAT! (saying high five cuz I am lazy) People will talk to you the way you let them talk to you. He was annoyed and she wasn’t using her words, very frustrating. Sociopath, I mean really. TONY Soprano (RIP) = Sociopath. Paulie? hahaha No not quite. Seems like she’s over it though doesn’t she. I wonder if there were camera’s in some of your houses 24/7, what lovely things would we all see and hear. Some of the things we all argue about never mind things that are said when we are mad or upset….
Funny how everyone is saying all this shit yet no one says anything about how fast he got up after her when he was sleeping in the HOH.

Tonight on 2020

Watching big Brother After Dark was like watching some stupid detective show where the detective of the complete moron like the pink panther or something …watching Paulie calling z out on lies is the biggest bunch of bull crap I think I’ve ever watched on big brother he has thrown her under the bus.. it is just unbelievable watching so at first I was liking Paulie but now I’m like what the hell get him the hell out of the house he’s so annoying …..




As soon as Da leaves, Paulie talks game and Z talks about their relationship.
*Slaps own face*

Crocodile Tears

“As far as I know” …Doesn’t sound to solid lols. I think it’s Da’s time to go because she’s basically going to be playing the game the same way if she stays. I was also going to mention the laughing when Tiffany was crying how the 2 of them were laughing at her. (D & Z ) I felt so bad for her and cant even imagine that kind of treatment,. She was going through what Da is complaining about now….Really! Even though Tiffany was crying about it they laughed but now when its them we must have sympathy for these jackals. MIchelle should be next to wake her ass up too. I don’t care about the veto win, she blew it now didn’t she!

Captian Cave Man

Of course you want someone else to take him out Davonne. No surprise there. How come she doesn’t just lay down and roll over like they all wanted Frank to do. Why isn’t Paulie calling her “an idiot” like he did when Frank was trying to save his ass. I really dislike these people sometimes.

Bust Paulie in His Stupid Mouth

Z wants someone else to take Paulie out.


i want birgdet to win America packages 3

Victors Patchy Beard

Dude can’t even grow a beard lol. It’s all lopsided and patchy and sht lol. Looks like a complete moron. Haha.

The sad part is as big of a complete doufus Vic is..he still isn’t to the level of total doufus lame ass wanna be that Paul is.

I love how Paul always cuts on Vic to Paulie. Forever worried Paulie may choose someone else as his main bitch boy.

Red Phone Booth

I cant wait to see if there’s a double eviction. Who the hell would win and who would go up. Im over this whole, Da and Zak and Paulie saga , it’s boring to watch never mind to comment about it.
And James, you don’t have to go so hard with the pranks on NAT ffs, shes having a little fun you don’t have to be so rough about it. Don’t ever fuck with a womens make up either, esp when she cant just run to the store to buy some more.
IDK he’s just a little weeble.


Love him or hate him Paulie is playing the best game.