“I’m like if she f*ing has found out what I’m doing with my Cheerios it’s not good”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Dane nominated Kyra and Maki. Dane wants Kyra gone “the magic number is 6”

10:44am cam 3 Dane and Anthony
Dane talking about how he needs reasons to put people up. Kyra threw is name out there “twice in 1 week”
Anthony – This is what I think we should do… Perfect plan. We can’t have Maki feeling salty at all. Put something in his head that there’s a bunch of girls saying you should put up Maki..
Dane says if he puts up Maki and Kyra he has “tiki”, Anthony, Mark and Mom, Eddie and Damien.
Dane adds that he thinks he can get mark but is worried about Sam planting seeds for next week and he’s the target.
Dane says he needs 6 this week to evict “6 is the magic number”
Dane says it’ll be another (tries to say unanimous) vote. he knows he’s got a solid 4
Dane mentions if the Veto is used Sam may go up.
Anthony – you are already a legend

10:50am Dane and Kyra
Dane tells them they are not his biggest threat in the game.
Dane – the magic number ius six it doesn’t need to be unanimous decision
Kyra says if he keeps them in the game they are a good pawn. “each week I’m a perfect pawn”
Dane – i’m not saying you are going up but if somehow you stay in this hosue this week return favour.. you are strong as f* too.. there’s a good chance you’ll win
Kyra – I’m not Strong
Dan – I need you to be
Kyra – I’m going to hustle man

10:53am Adam and Dane
Dane – the magic number is six
Adam says they have 10 votes to evict. (who they want)

11:07am Dane and Maki
Dane telling Maki he’s got 9 votes to evict, names the people. Mentions that Kyra had his name in their mouth all last week.
Dane – I can’t put up Eddie I swore to him in front of Canada
Dane – I can’t put up MA ..
Dane – the magic number is 6
Dane doesn’t want anyone to be paranoid like last week. Says they all agree on the person that goes so there is no Paranoia.
Maki says to put up both “kyra’s” up isn’t a bad idea. Mentioned there’s already a Kyra VS Kiera thing.
Maki says he loves both Kiera’s but says he would rather TIKI stay. (tiki = Kiera I think)
Maki asks him who is Dane going to put up against Kyra.
Dane says he’s going to talk to MA before deciding who the second person will be


1:45pm Have nots room revealed to houseguests.

2:00pm Cory convinces Damien to a final 2 deal. Cory now has Eddie and Damien.


Dancing Maki in the HOH


Dane and mark
Dane – There’s big shots to be made but it’s day F*ing seven everyone is all EHEHEHEHHAHHE AE
Mark – whatever happens I got your back
Anthony comes in marks leaves..
Dane – I know there’s big shots to be made but if we make a big shot that side of the house is going to take ‘GI Jane’ and we’re in for a battle
Dane – that chick is nothing to f* around with man.. right now we’re good with everyone so why … lets just play the POV out andsee what happens
Anthony – yeah
Dane – we don’t need to think 4 days in advance..

Kyra comes in to make sure Dane is “ok” Anthony leaves

Kyra – Don’t worry I don’t want you to feel bad
Dane – I really appreciate that
Kyra – I hope this is taking some of the weight of.. I understand
Dane – I don’t want to have to do this to anyone.. i don’t have reasoning for anyone
Kyra – it’s going to be an emotional time

Kyra says if she goes home she goes home it wasn’t meant to be.. if she stays she wants to show people she more chill and level headed, “i hope I have the chance to prove to people I am grateful to be here and I want to be here”

Dane – I actually rooting for you in the POV
Kyra – no you’re not than you have to replace me that’s hard to
Dane – whatever.. don’t roll over.. .

Dane dances in the HOH


Dane in the HOH going over his nomination speeches (maki and Kyra) Anthony comes in to finish their conversation..
Dane – F**** so many people have been following me none stop..
Dane – I’m not Stupid I know how to play this game
Anthony -Yup
Dane – you need to keep an eye out on the Adam situation.. cause Chelsea.. Sam i dunnno.. like … if you want to make a big move get rid of so and so and so and so (WTF)

Dane is saying his mind is made up who his noms are if POV is played he might make a “big move” which would be taking a shot at Sam.
Anthony – we need to get rid of Sam
Anthony adds he had a conversation with “GI Jane” (AKA Cory) where she said “you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours”
Dane – we’ll keep her around
Anthony – yeah …
Dane – she does scare me..
Dane then says – I’ll let you in on my personal secret I’ll keep from everyone until I need to tell someone which is going to be you and only you but I’m doing something with Cheerios right now and she brought up cheerios to me .. I’m like if she f*ing has found out what I’m doing with my Cheerios it’s not good .. why would she bring up Cheerios to me..
Anthony yeah …..
Dane says he’s planting “booby traps” because he’s not trusting her.
Anthony says they have to look out for Chelsea and Sam. adds that MA and Eddie are not threats.

Bathroom Eddie, MA and Chelsea
Chelsea is going on about being annoyed and just wanting to be alone. Doesn’t like the energy in the house.
Chelsea – I’m just getting paranoid I know this game moves fast

7:18pm Stef and Kiera
Kiera – Sam and Adam have been so nice to me today
Stef – they’ve been nice to you ? isn’t that a good thing?>
Kiera – I dunno everyone is like are you OK are you OK
Kiera says she’s judging it by how Kyra acts if she’s paranoid I’m not Ok
Stef – I’m thinking about talking to Dane and be like HEY we should get the four of us together and catch up on the day and see what he says..
Kiera – obviously next week if I win HOH I’m taking a shot and putting them up
Stef – I was thinking the exact same thing
Kiera – I’m putting them both up .. depends how things go with Dane I’m going to put up Dane against Adam
Stef now says she doesn’t think she should put Dane and Adam up incase Dane is really with them. (She wants Adam and Sam up?)

Stef says she’s tired of complimenting Adam.

Kiera and Stef switch rooms.
Kiera saying that mark doesn’t have “good Energy” mark is really good at relationships and is very smart.
They think that Kyra is the target unless they think that they can beat Kyra so keep them around.

Keira adds that “Canada loves them”
Keira – Dane ios acting extremely awkward around me
Stef – are you sure
Stef says she knows she couldn’t trust “Hockey Guys”
They agree that Damien is really cool (he’s a ex working hockey player vs a beer brawler)
Kiera – I want Cory with us
Stef has had difficulty talking with Cory. She’s worried that Sam is getting into MOMMA K
Kiera – MOMMA K is a hard person she see right through me

Kira says it’ll be hard for her to work with Maki.

7:30pm Adam and Dane
Adam says if they keep Maki and he gets pissed MA could get into Maki’s head
Dane – do you think we could bring Maki into the bros?
Adam – ohh for sure (everyone wants to be with the bros dog.. )
Dane goes on about if they get a big Target out now it make the other big targets like Him, Adam, and Mark even bigger ! ! ! !
Adam – that’s actually really smart..
Dane – we get rid of Maki you’re actually the biggest target…
Adam – yeah
They agree to do prayer with Momma, “I appreciate that” they say
Dane – it builds trust
Adam – that’s what I keep telling Sam
Dane tells him that Mark is the shield for them “I’ve watched the show for a long long time man”

Maki and Adam
Adam saying next week they need to go after Cory, “I’m still on board with that”
Maki – Yeah (NO!)
Maki – you want to coast this is the route..
Adam says that Eddie would have gone up this week but Eddie surprised them all and Dane made “that deal”
Adam – Dane seems like he’s getting tight with Eddie.. i dunno.. it’s weird… Dane has a HUGE heart he’s struggling today.. it’s tough on him..

Anthony and Mark
Planing their five, which includes, Sam, Chelsea and Adam.

Feeds go down for the Nominations Ceremony


10:00pm Feeds comes back
Dane nominates Maki and Kyra

Dane and Kyra start the conversation going over the “misunderstanding” that happened prefeeds leading Dane to nominate Kyra.
Dane tells Kyra they still have the POV coming and up and it’ll “probably include money so take that to”
Dane says if Kyra wins POV it’ll “open up doors”
Kyra – based on your speech it looked like I’m the target rather than Maki
dane – no;.
Kyra – if that’s the case than Fine it’s different than you told me
Dane – there is a potential for something else to happen,. everyone had to realize there is a POV this week
Dane – trust me there’s a lot of gears being grind..er.. turned here.. I’m not idiot .. right now either it’s a split vote or … it won’t be a unanimous vote…
Kyra – as far as I know a lot of people are going to go with what you want..
Dane goes on about winning the POV and how he wants to win the money and build his “resume” (for final 2 … LOL )
Kyra – I want to win to stay safe..
Dane – People are here to win 100 thousand dollars and leave their legacy behind in this game.
Kyra – I think I’ve figured something out in that room.. I want to be here so badly Dane
Kyra – I am not going to blow up in this week

Kyra – really Dane I Thought I could trust you.. I’m shocked that this is turned around

10:48pm HOH room. Dane and Adam. Dane – Like I said man, I am pretty sure her (Cory) and Holy were in this house.. Adam – watching us. Dane – watching us and possibly listening to us because they’ve already done that so why wouldn’t they be like lets give them some ears. So that means we are screwed. So next week someones got to pull through .. that’s not named Cory. I don’t care if its KiKi, SD, You, Mark, Anthony, Chelsea, Sam, I don’t care who it is .. it just can’t be frikken Cory. Or probably Mamma. Because Mamma is not scared to take a shot. Adam – even f**king Damien and f**king Maki .. they’re done to get out frikken her. Dane – I also brought to their attention that if we take a swing at a big target .. guess who’s next up in line? We’re all up on deck! When it comes down to it I really think you, I, Mark or Anthony can beat Maki in anything. Adam – easy. Dane – I fully believe in you and I .. if we’re in a do or die situation .. I’m not too worried about it. Adam – no one is going to want to take a shot at us first.

11:05pm File Room. Adam, Damien and Samantha. They’re searching through the papers, files and documents for anything important.

12am Kaylin and Sam. Kaylin- Out of anyone in this house, I think that is who (Adam) is scared of me the most. Chelsea – who? – Adam. Adam and Sam. You know how you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Chelsea – that’s what I was trying to explain to you in the bathroom. Keeping a target in the house is a good idea. I understand how this game works.. people will have to go.

2:40am All the house guests are sleeping..

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another name

i’m thinking Sadam for the sam/adam showmance name.

Think Twice

Not sure this is a name one would want to associate themselves with…unless they dont’t want to win!

another name

so the house psychic gives her opinions about mark, then about sam and adam, then about adam, mark and dane… with chelsea and in front of Anthony.
oh. yeah. she got a hit.
wonder who tells first.

Guy From Canada

Just don’t play a drinking game where very time Dane swears you drink….,the liver wouldn’t take it for the whole 70 days….


This Cast is so stupid – They sit around in an empty ( Sam , Dane and Adam ) talking about who they want to get rid of next, then they look up and OOPS that person is sitting right there listening to their convo. – Guess that room wasn’t so empty after all !!! o need for twists this Season when you have an Idiot Cast. On another note I love Eddie he is a joy to watch.


LOL when did this happen? and who was it they were talking about?


Yes, Dawg n Simon, Simon n Dawg, what happened that BBCan getting great coverage.
Appreciate this, rewards in the end.
M backing Damien.
God save our Queen!
God bless America!


Thanks Simon and Dawg for the coverage! Looking forward to a great season

another name

So what’s the deal between kailyn and kyra? I’m hoping it’s more game than personal philosophy. I wouldn’t even consider that if Kailyn hadn’t been throwing out God’s plan / Good people diatribes yesterday. I’d very much prefer it to be game than the moral value judgement crap i am becoming slightly suspicious about.
For being the night before Pov players were even picked, let alone veto being played and won, I think Anthony the couch was going overboard in his efforts to a) keep maki safe b) put a target on Sam. Too much work to too many people for a Friday. That there: that was Sunday night / Monday morning level.
The entire subplot potential to backdoor Sam seems to be tidal. It very much feels like Dane is trapping himself between who will be his bigger influence: Adam or Kailyn. Imo, the time is fast approaching when he has to decide between which parent to live with in the custody arrangement.
This morning / afternoons spotlight on Cory because d/r asked her to change clothes for continuity is laughable paranoia. Changing clothes for d/r is not the sign of a marsha task, nor is it as sketchy as Dane is making it out to be. He may have watched lots of seasons, but obviously he’s never watched feeds.
As far as the veto goes: i wonder if it’s a permanent twist that the hoh doesn’t get to compete in veto. I don’t see Chelsea or Anthony trying particularly hard in this comp. If they even get off the veto starting line, i’d be impressed.

another name

weird twist: dane says he isn’t playing in the pov.


Great season, feeds rarely down for more than the occasional minute. Jazzed that this season the HOH does not get to play in the Veto comp.