“I threw you under the bus.. I said you had a big secret.. You’re probably going home”

POV Holder: Big Meech POV Competition July 23rd
POV Used NO POV Ceremony July 25th
HOH James Next HOH July 28th
Original Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
After POV Nominations: Frank AND Bridgette
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 19-58-29-708

7:55pm Paulie and Victor Safari room
Victor says just between them 4 they are strong as sh1t. (PAule, Paulie, Corey Victor)
Paulie says they need to make sure their 3 play in the Double eviction says those are scary.
Paulie – Someone like Da, Nicole they’ll look to make a big move right they’re… For me if Paul wants Bridgette gone I’ll take.. Bridgette gone
Paulie is trying to tell Victor that Da’Vonne is a better target to get out next week before they go into Double eviction.
Victor – everyone wants BRidgette out

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 20-00-52-312
8:00pm Nicole and Corey

Nicole – Da and Bridgette
Corey – Da and Vic .. Vic as a pawn..

Corey – If da wins one of us is going home 10000%
Corey laughs
Nicolle – that’s not funny

Nicole – I keep telling Frank he’s so good at this game.. He’s not good..
Nicole says Frank told her he’ll ride to the end with him if they flip the house. Nicole doesn’t believe it he’ll put them up
Nicole knows Da’Vonne is targeting her, “I’m going to take it like a women”
Corey – why is our name getting thrown around so much
Nicole – cause we’re linked to that (Frank)

Nicole – All the girls are after the girls
Corey – except for Da… she’s after the guys
Nicole says Z, Paulie, Corey and Paul have her back.
Corey says even Paul wants Da’vonne out.
Nicole – I want [Da’Vonne] gone more than Frank and Bridgette
Nicole is going to make a deal with Bridgette if she wins HOH. Nicole won’t put her up if Bridgette doesn’t put her up, “Next week’s double eviction”
Nicole – Z is glaring at me when I was talking to Frank… you can talk to Frank he’s going home.

Nicole says Frank is pissed at what they did to Bridgette last night.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 20-08-53-898

8:08pm Natalie and Bridgette (They are blaming the whole house ostracising Bridgette thing on Frank)
Bridgette is saying that Frank let her feed into the whole mean girls thing..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 20-29-23-457

8:09pm HOH Paul, JAmes and Da’Vonne
James is saying that Natalie is trying to find what Bridgette knows
Da’Vonne what if we see Nat talking to Nicole
James – Nat doesn’t trust Nicole
Paul – we have 5 votes here and 6 votes with Natalie.. I’m not worried.
They think the vote count is Da, Paul, JAmes, Victor and Zakiyah
They agree Nicole cannot win the HOH
James – OPhh I don’t know what she would do

Da – his a$$ can’t win
Paul – Corey can’t win… I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt he would listen to the boys but i’m not willing to gamble

Paul points out that Corey hasn’t come to them with any information. He hasn’t come back to them and said anything about Nicole and Frank having “that” conversation. (the frank,bridgette,corey,nicole alliance conv?)
Da’Vonne – there’s some sh1t going on

They are worried Paulie is close to Corey they have to pull Paulie back in.
Paul – PAulie’s not stupid he’s smart and I trust him
Paul says they have to try and win, “You gotta pull it f****g thru.. Kick start this sh1t”

Paul – I’m going to win and stick to my promises to get Bridgette out of the house…
Da’Vonne- I didn’t make that promise
Paul – if you win
Da’Vonne – we got options

Da’Vonne wants Nicole and Rico Suave out
Paul – Rico Suave is on our team right now..
Paul says Victor will tell them who his target is.

James warns them to not be surprised if Frank is safe.
They agree they’ll know exactly where the votes went and the lines will be drawn in the house.

Da’Vonne brings up what Nicole said about Frank- “If you want to be the best you have to beat the best.. Because apparently he’s the best”

Paul – when .. where.. He lost his season
Da – he was the underdog..
Paul thinks that is why Frank moves in on Bridgette and Michelle because he thought he could play on their super-fandom.

8:27pm HOH Da’Vonne and JAmes
Da is pissed “that information got back to Corey”
James- Nicole knows everything
Da – I’m sure

Da’vonne is suspicious about Corey and Nicole being in the storage room fro 20 minutes says when they got out Nicole looked right at her.
Da – corey is all like why is all the attention on my why isn’t it on Da

Da brings up Nicole coming to her about the 5 alliance. (2 showmances and Da’vonne) Da’Vonne was never onboard with that alliance she was the 5th wheel. Da’Vonne starts to impersonate Nicole says that is how you know she’s lying..
Da’VOnne says last night Nicole was going on about how much she hated Frank today she’s downstairs in the kitchen giggling telling jokes.

James says he trusts Natalie 100%, “She’s kinda like a Meg to me… I know she’s not going to float game on me”
James – if Frank leaves tomorrow night it’s going to be smooth sailings.. If he stays we all have problems.
Da’Vonne – I can’t believe he made that statement why is the heat on us why isn’t the heat on da.. I be chilling.. I’ve been reading.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 20-36-23-256
8:35pm Bridgette and Frank
Bridgette – Frank… I don’t want you to sleep all day it’s not good for you circulation ..
Frank says he’s hidden away a couple avocados and some zucchini’s they can eat it tonight, “I’m sneaky.. I did it for you so we would have something to cook tonight”

Frank – you’re probably going home tomorrow
Bridgette – REALLY
Frank – ya
Bridgette – Really
Frank – i’m just too good at this..
Bridgette – Frank what have you done

Frank – I threw you under the bus.. I said you had a big secret your boyfriend was on the show before and I told them if you make it to Jury your boyfriend comes into the game.. You’re not a nurse you’re a doctor you don’t need the money… I told them you’re feet are covered in warts and everyone will get warts from the shower..

They laugh..

Bridgette – What else
Frank – you’re not really Filipina you’re Japanese.. You know Kung Fu .. Technically you’re related to Julie chen but she put you up for adoption..
Bridgette – how did you find out about me I never told you
Frank – i’m good..

They laugh..

Frank – yup I told them all your secret..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 20-48-17-217

8:48pm HOH Paulie, James and Natalie
James – what’s the word man everyone’s got paranoia… Franks’ campaigning real hard has people on edge.. Paul says he’s going to self evict himself..
Paulie – Paul’s self evicting if he (Frank) comes back in

Paulie says Frank came to him top flip the votes.
Paulie – He knows Michelle wants Bridgette out more than him.. Corey and Nicole for reasons we’ve already discussed he thinks he has them.
James says it’s bad for everyone’s game if Frank stays
Paulie says everyone in the house knows Frank is full of bullshit. Brings up Nicole coming up to him saying if he votes to keep Frank she’ll vote that way.

Paulie says if Frank comes back from the ticket Bridgette won’t trust him the same.
Natalie says she’s very sad and she feels lonely
Paulie thinks Bridgette is playing that up.
Paulie says Frank is a dangerous player.

Paulie more or less is saying Frank is the obvious choice of target this week. Says the need to get as much information out of Bridgette and Frank before they go.
Paulie – get the information than BOOM CLIP THEM.. get the information and BOOOM clip’em .. cause they’re a snitch..
Paulie – if I ever was in the government I would be like ya you got immunity then send my assassins after you. (Vote Paulie 2016)
Natalie says Bridgette will not be a threat after Frank leaves.
Paulie – Frank will go him this week, Bridgette will sink back into where she wasn’t a threat until she links up with someone that’ll make her a threat..

Paulie says Michelle is also playing like this, laying low then when it’s game time turns it up and wins.
Natalie – tell me what to do and you know you have my vote
they laugh
Paulie – you’re a character

Paulie points out that Da’Vonne is getting closer to Zakiyah.
Paulie leaves..
James says Paulie is the leader of the pack.. he’s my leader..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 21-12-01-096

Natalie brings up someone said that Frank told Bridgette Natalie was mad at her for taking the basil leaves.
James- who was the only people that knew about that
Natalie- Nicole, Michelle you and me
James- it was Nicole
Nat – I don’t trust Nicole
James – Nicole is a snake in the grass

They start talking about Zakiyah being made that Natalie was doing Paulie’s nails.
Natalie – Paulie’s my Friends.. apparently I can’t have guy Friends.
Natalie says Zakiyah is the most beautiful girl in the house but she’s so insecure.

Natalie back to the basil leaves.. says someone told Frank that Natalie ripped the leaves off.
James – that’s a lie I did
Natalie about Nicole – She’ll talk behind your back she’ll be sneaky about thing..
James – I want to put her on the block
Natalie – who is Paulie’s next target
James – I think Da.. Victor Bridgette Da maybe even Nicole

Natalie – no one in this house has a backbone..
Natalie – this house is full of flakes
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-27 21-15-38-354

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Goodbye Frank. It wasn’t that good knowing you.

psshhh please!...

Frank is a true underdog. And a genuine person. That’s why he intimidates you. He probably wears a big jacket too. I bet you have trouble
finding one small enough. #compensatemuch

Franks fumes

I do little man 44 long from the MAN’S department!!!


You just made a fool of yourself in front of Frank

Powder Puff Girls

I will miss Frank the Tank he is the best out of the bunch!


Frank sucks.

Franks fumes

You suck!

Crazy Stuff

Can someone fill me in on what’s the latest news on Nicole. How did the HG find out she is playing both sides. Do all the HG believe she is lying. Please fill me in on the latest because not all the HG believed she was playing both sides.


Ready for tomorrow, these people are lame.


Watching the live feeds, and seeing these houseguests make your vomit.
I want these people gone.
1. Paul out so bad. He has a foul mouth.
2. Michelle??!! Who is she literally? Very bully, vey jealous and foul mouth insecure woman. She just stays in bed most ofthe day, eats a lot (gross way of eating)
3. James yeah! You once won AFH and used to like you but this season, I dislike you for being so focus on Nat and telling you made a big move. You didnt make a big move… You just simply did Paulie’s dirty work and another step closer to 500K
4. Zakiyah oh please let her out. Can’t stand the way she acts. She really thought she’s n the show “The Bachelors in Paradise” No game play, always just want to look good for Paulie and the camera.
5. Nicole you whine so much and a big flip flopper. Always thinking to have a showmance and can’t live without a guy in her life. She just broke up with Hayden and she saw Corey… “”there’s my showmance” Corey is not into you. He aint gonna date you in real world. Stop being delusional. I used to like you n your season but you are a flip flopper this season so you are welcome to go home, please self-evict yourself.
6. Oh Paulie! Usedto like you earlier in the show but you get to my nerves whenever you think how great you are. Especially when you bully Tiff (not a big fan of Tiff at all but hey really Paulie)… You are coward because Tiff is not even Vanessa.
7. Natalie can’t win competitionsand she will float to the end. She never say anything bad to the other HG but she is watching and observing the people in the house. She knows who are the people to watch for.
8. Da can coast for another week or two. She cant win competions. She talks a lottttt. I want her to take Nicole out.
9. Corey is a male Victoria that won’t date whiney Nicole in real world. Lol
10. Victor is just a waste of coming back to the house. He thought he is part of Paulie’s army. Hey you are their target too.
11. Frank and Bridgette not a big fan of them earlier in the show but I like them among the other casts of this season. I want Frank to have the roundtrip ticket and it will scare the HG. Him and Bridgette winning the HOH would be fun to watch. Want to see how each of the HG runs to them and lies, throw their people under the bus.

This is my first time to watch the livefeeds but if Fridgette goes home I will definitely cancel my subscription. I ain’t paying to watch these foul mouth people help Paulie to 500K. Whoever does the casting of BB, need to be replaced. Very poor casting.


Worst season ever!!! I cannot watch the live feeds anymore, let alone the CBS show, with these stupid, fucking idiots in the house. Putting Frank & Bridgette up is a “huge move” in James’ eyes!? OMFG! THEY’RE ALL IDIOTS! #mylastseason #igiveup

Frank da Tank!

I seriously hope Frank gets the round trip ticket. It would be awesome if he gets in, wins HOH, and then eliminates that dickfore – Paul.


Same. Wishful thinking.


If I’m Frank and get the round trip ticket I’d ask Julie if I could use it next year

Powder Puff Girls

lol, that is a good one!


Yeah that’s what I would do as well lol and Frank is seeing the silver lining that he will be gone but at least he won’t have to put up with these idiots anymore.

BB ever

Frank deserves to stay in this house…….. He tried his best fighting to stay when the asshole bitter little Paul took any chance to trash him. if Bridgett got tricked by paul or day distance Frank, she is stupid. Frank has done nothing but protect her and comfort her in the house. He is the real friend of her.


What’s a dickfore? 😉

Big Meech

Look bitch Frank was mine until your weirdo ass got in the way and ruined everything. I was supposed to be the one cuddling Frank at night not you! I was supposed to be his pet. You ruined everything! What does he see in you (sob, sob) he doesn’t see in me? Your gross and I’m pretty. I also put laxatives in your drink so happy squirts ho


The crazy thing is that doesn’t Frank have a girlfriend already? Like what was she expecting? She’s so dumb. Even up until a week ago Frank would always be asked who he thinks he had or could persuade as a vote and he would always name Michelle. If Frank had to list people he was aligned with, my guess is Michelle would have probably been pretty high up on that list. The reason they aren’t working together is because Michelle chose not to work with Frank. It’s her own damn fault. And her reasoning just makes her look like a bitch, tormenting a sweet girl like Bridgette for no real reason. What’s sad is that she can’t even admit to it when confronted about it. It’s funny too because she is a huge super-fan of the show and she knows that when productions puts a twist in the game like the round trip ticket it means they are trying to help the fans’ favorites, which are Frank and Bridgette (who just happen to be on the block). She’s been crying of late, and even a lot quieter the last few days, because she’s realized in her heart of hearts that she’s probably on the negative side of the edit lol. Tonight’s episode was even proof that production doesn’t like her. She looked horrible in that conversation with Bridgette and an even bigger psychopath with her diary room confessionals. I love it. Couldn’t have happened to a better person.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Wow!!! James confirms it. “Paulie is the leader of the pack….he’s my leader” This coming from a vet. What a p$ssy and a disgrace. I hope Frank leaves and watches every freaking thing that POS Paul has said. He needs to bitch slap him finale night. Pauls not man enough for a fist!!!


That depends on where you put the fist.

My name is Jedd

I told ya when Paulie speaks you can hear a feather drop. He’s hypnotized everyone of them, whiny little b$#ches

Anonymous Guest

This is just painful. The only hope is that Frank gets the return ticket and a good-bye message from Paulie clues Frank in that Paulie is the leader of everything. If Paulie doesn’t point it out Frank will be as oblivious as ever like the rest of the house.

Natalie is right – no one in the house has a backbone. James knows Paulie is the leader and it isn’t even entering his mind to get rid of him. No one else in the whole house including Frank even realize Paulie is a threat.

Unless things change this is going to be more boring than Derek’s season. Ugh.


Natalie: “This house is full of flakes” . LOL Even Natalie sees it. Wish James would listen to her more.

“Vote Paulie 2016”,,,,, Winner of Best Laugh Simon!


I want Nat Nat as HOH.


Nah, she’ll keep James safe. No thanks.


In my dream Nat Nat backdoors Paul or Paulie during double eviction. All sweet like. Then they’re out there sitting with Julie like WTF just happened?

How dare you have a different opinion

The herd has spoken and you must only like Frank and Bridgette. Never mind that they cuddle up together while their significant others watch at home. They are the only 2 good people and you must like them.

Powder Puff Girls

I chose Frank as my front runner since week 1. Stuck with him through the good and bad times. I voice a different opinion from others daily but do not take it to heart. This site is great for updates, debate gameplay, have a laugh. I have changed my viewpoint from reading others point of view. Try not take the thumbs up and down to heart many times you get them for not having the correct, enough, updated information. When it comes down to picking a favourite, like me with Frank I expect a different point of view.


I wish James had some game play. That comment “Paulie is my leader”, tells you everything you need to know about James. He floats along until it’s too late because others have deep bonds.


Up on the podium. The music behind him. Omg


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out tomorrow night Frank….you have been evicted from the big brother house ????


I’m trying to watch the feeds and I can’t ! Listening and looking at Paul makes me so angry and I’m not an angry person lol I swear I want to slap his face and tape his big mouth shut. I couldn’t even watch the show tonight. His arms and mouth moving is sickening to watch. So shut it off. He’s ruining my BB experience lol Wow did I just vent. Thanks for listening now maybe I can sleep:)

Joe Kerr

Lizzie is my new hero.

That’s not sarcasm, I really mean that. Paul is an asshat. A pants on the head asshat. She said everything I wanted to say.


So glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand him. I try to be open minded about this game, but with Paul, I can’t find any redeeming qualities. I think I dislike him more than any houseguest of any season. I wonder if he’s as much of an ass in the real world.


Preach Lizzie!

Paul is a poisonous human being.


Sigh… first Davonne and Michelle saying Paulie deserves to win then James and Natalie say Paulie is the leader… BUT YET NO ONE TALKS ABOUT GETTING HIM OUT!! This season is full of idiots who just want to make it to jury… BORING!! Also why is the jury so big? Like do you really need 9 people? I think the jury should be 5 people, then maybe people would actually play a decent game.


The last poll doesn’t all show up for me.

I’d like a poll that asks “Who’s playing the smartest game?”

I think Paulie and James are. Paulie’s name never comes up! They know he’s their leader. They all trust him. But why don’t they think he’s the biggest threat?

James is very good at calming people down and seeing lots of sides of things. I respect him more this year.

My final 2 are James and Paulie.

Powder Puff Girls

Paulie, James, I hope your days are numbered.


I doubt they will let him see the goodbye messages. He’ll just go right back inside. lol GONNA BE SO EPIC IF IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS.


So I was reading on reddit about someone time stamping certain moments that happened in the house. And I came across this, and I’m just like “Wow.”

“Michelle brings up Frank saying Paul wishing she was dead is worse than the eyebrow comment. They dismiss Paul’s comment as something that was said a long time ago and then talk about how bad the eyebrow comment is.”

Michelle is delusional. How can she brush it off saying “It happened a long time ago.” When the eyebrow comment happened a LONG TIME AGO, and in the same night Paul made that comment. This woman needs help, and fast.

Powder Puff Girls

A women scorned! Huge red flag for future love interests. Michelle said something like this “I want you to throw Bridgette under the bus” to obtain the veto. She should have said what deals do you have for me. Like keep me off the block for 3 weeks, take me to final 2, sleep with me.


I tired to like Michelle, seeing how we are both Michigan girls. But she really makes it hard to like her! I also really liked Nicole last year, this year not so much. Her game play this year is bad, almost like she never played the game before.


Paulie is manipulating Victor hook line and sinker. Paulie is HOH and sends Victor out of the house. Now he believes he is tight with them and part of their alliance. That is some kind of gullible! Paulie is just using him to get out the girls and then they will get rid of him, because Paulie does not want blood on his hands with Zakiyah and Nicole. He is another one who drank the Paulie kool-aid.


I never want to see Nicole in BB again she is such a disgrace this is her 3rd chance omg
she cares more about Corey who is gay then her own game and people now know she is a snake I want her gone so bad this isn’t the bachelor

Franks fumes

That says it all about James what a total punk ass idiot…he’s so dumb I want to feel sorry for him but he doesn’t deserve it! Thanks for shaking things up James…this season is probably lost…another Derrek type pushover cast…Ugh!


How very depressing.

y r girls so stupid

What happened to the spy girls? Bronte left and I guess that was the end of that
Same with Fatal 5 when r these girls going to come to together and play these boys like they r playing them
This not find ur next boyfriend omg

Boys are Dumber

The “spy girls” (as wack as it was) sucked anyway. When Donna Martin went home her brains went with her and the 2 left were who? HA exactly, so bye bye spy nothing. I take poops longer then that crap lasted. (see what I did there). Girls are brutal because they all done trust each other and then put “showmances” in front of “girl power” or any sort of alliance with girls. I don’t know why they do that. The “men” trot over them like they are nothing and sacrifice them at will as soon as a “bro” says so. Paulie is a shit head too. “I will cut Z and so on” When she finds these things out, hopefully in the house and then takes you down with all the things you have said. Of course that wont happen but it sounded good for about a minute. Z is lame and is just a fixture in the house like the lamp.


James will get Paulie out and his little dog too.


Hey Paul, could you just leave and suck the one ball you claim to have. I personally think your balls are LONG GONE as will you be VERY SOON………..we hope! Sorry Paul you are the biggest loser….. you and your 1 or 2 balls can now leave………….never to be heard of again (WE HOPE).

Charley's Limerick

An a$$hat on BB named Paul
Always shouts because he is small
His stories are lame
He plays a rat’s game
Wish he’d leave along with his ball!


James has everyone’s number. It’s just a matter of time before the serpent strikes again. Deadly and silently.

Powder Puff Girls

the only thing deadly and silent are Frank’s Farts!

My name is Jedd

Everytime Paulie clears his throat he’s lying. That should be so obvious to them.


every time he opens his mouth he’s lying


Tonights episode showed a great edit for Bridgette, her convo with Michelle was well spoken, authentic and clearly concluded her to be this rounds winner. But then I heard the baby voice again in her veto plead speech urghh just urghh…Still, true underdog, rooting for Frank & her. Michelle got a lot of airtime and glad to see he edit did nothing for her, nasty petty thing….On the other hand, Paulie needs a slap in the face edit, they need to show his pompous ass to the viewers, e en though he is th most likely t win Bb a this point ( if Paul and James cn help it) and CBS might want to show a more pleasin side to the viewers….

So ready for Frank to go

Reading all the people here drinking his Kool-Aid is getting old.


These people need to make decisions for themselves and not play “it’s what the house wants”

Paulie is annoying with his power trips. If someone acts like they are in charge, that’s who you get out. They need to get him out asap.


Props to Simon and Dawg for being able to listen to some of these people for hours a day !! I can’t even watch BBAD. Like someone else said. I can’t even listen to Paul without getting angry !! I want to slap myself when I hear him. Props to you guys. Don’t know how you do it.


I agree with you 100%


Agreed. 100%


So help me God if Frank has that damn Round Trip envelope.


I actually think Paul’s a genius. Somehow he has predicted there would be a version 2 of the BB6 Friendship Alliance with his pathetic chanting of ‘friendship’.


Watching Zakiyah Paul Da and Michelle the Chuckie doll during the POV makes me want to drown them in that water, so pompous and acting like bullies. No class at all. The sound and act like uneducated a holes


Z is an airhead. Can’t stand this shit. I need my head examined for watching this crap. Paul and his balls….enough already. Ugh!

Darth Vader

I love Frank…he’s really a good guy. The game and all the BS that it entails, you can tell he really has heart. James just wants to make it to jury cause he’s also counting on the money for America’s fav. No wonder he’s so ready to accept Paulie as his leader and not really play.

Franks fumes

My koolaid is delicious…try some its got extra poison!


Nicole and Corey, if you don’t want any heat, don’t string someone like Frank along for 2 1/2 weeks and then wonder why your names are being thrown under the bus when he’s walking out the door. They lied to him about the Bronte vote and the Tiffany vote, all week. Did they not realize enough was going to be enough? They’re just stupid if they thought they were going to get away with that.

What’s also funny is that Frank really isn’t doing any campaigning and the house is freaking out. They had such an easy week. I’d love to see Frank come back into the house and shove the round ticket up Paul’s ass, but even if he goes the entire house is in a panic, it’ll be WWIII.

So anyway....

I need to have my head examined for watching this shit. Production please do something! Another twist that deflates Paul’s balls maybe. Actually s real twister that blows the house away is even better!

Hello Kitty's Soul

I absolutely cant stand Paul. Friggin billy goats gruff . “I talk loud and aggressive so people think I am tough and forget I am a tool” That guy is a jerk.


I don’t typically feed in to the paranoia of production controlling the play of the game, but if they do, please, let Frank have the round-trip ticket.

I would give anything to see Frank back, and have him or Bridgette be the HOH this next week. Everyone has been too comfortable for the past few weeks.

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Dead weight. There is no other way to describe Z on this show. What in God’s name is her game? It’s as if she got her invite to be on the show, and she misread Big Brother for High School Musical.That conversation in safari with Meech about “getting back at Paulie” was, perhaps, the most immature thing that I have seen since Hanna Montana. No game; no plan, no skills, and soon-no man. Waste.

Z' Hormones

Overall Z is the worst game player in the house and that’s considering Nat is in the house. She wants Paulie right now because she knows once they’re outside of the house he will at most hit it and quit it and would never date her. Ever notice how each time he hugs her or just shows her attention that she looks for the camera so that everyone can see her? She’s thirsty as hell and jealous that Nicole and Nat are getting all the attention from their house pets. I’d like to see Paulie and Corey in the jury house alone with Nat just to see the reactions of Z and Nicole (and James).They would self evict just thinking about what could be going on!!! James’ pickup game is weak as hell. He’s like a preteen trying to impress his first girlfriend. He’s finished and has fell hard for Nat. I don’t see them together for long after the game has ended!!


I don’t think it’s that people really love frank (well I do ) I just think they really dislike the rest of the house.

Guy From Canada

It’s like choosing between crab juice and Mountain Dew….crab juice wins every time


These people r such bad game players it’s like high school and they ain’t even banging. Could u imagine if they were having sex these girls would lose their mind. Does anyone want to strategies about putting themselves in the best position to win 500 k or what? I’m longing for the days of bb 10

Girlie girl

Michelle needs to go all she does is lay in bed or eat. Amazed she’s not 200 lbs. Paul needs to shut up and stop whining and the rest of the players need to wake up and send Paulie home, why does he get to run the show? Da needs to keep her mouth closed and she might get farther in the game. Nicole better watch her front and back because running her mouth is going to get her sent packing. Da and Nicole on the block next week let’s get this show moving along it’s a little slow.


I think it;s funny how everyone condems Nicole for doinf what everyone else is doing this season, All the guys talked to frank with plans, but thats fine, SHE did try to make a deal with Frank but he thru her under the bus twice after wanting to work with her, NOBODY except Paulie is really playing and you’re right , he needs to go. James ? I just dont know what to say , hes likeable but plays a terrrible game, I hope Frank comes back in just for the fun of it – Paul, Da, Zak and Meech gotta go !! But i dont know who to really like this season, EVERYONE is flip floppin around, what happened to the good old days ?

waited for this?????

I am a loyal BB watcher and look forward to it every year. But this year I can barely watch the live shows. BBAD became unbearable weeks ago. Why? PAUL – the sorriest most insecure person to ever play BB (and thats saying a lot). Nicole is almost as bad but shes acting just like she did before so I expected that. Paulie and Corey should stay in college as they live and breathe Frat boy love and attention. Paulie – anyone that was looking at your naked chest is now looking at your awful haircut so borrow a shirt from Paul, please. You picked a real winner to imitate. Used to love James but after this week Jamesy needs to go as well. He isnt playing
the game – his nose is up Nats butt. PLEASE save Frank so the whole season wont be a loss! Bridgett need to tell all of them to eat s**t and die. I would self evict before I would play the game with these idiots.


Gushy moment: I’d watch a new reality show w James and Nat. They’re so cute, and she stands on her tippy-toes to hug him, lol. He makes her feel safe. So cute.