“I’m just confused …I’m not in a winnable situation, incentives, incentives, incentives”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-55-16-024

7:52pm Vanessa and Austin
Vanessa says it wasn’t ideal for her to win “At least we’re final 4”
Liz comes in starts to cry about Julia
Vanessa – my body is going to be so sore
Vanessa – that was really hard
Liz – I did 6, 7 with the luxury
Austin – it was hard
Liz says she’ll take Vanessa on her trip
Austin doesn’t know if they let more than one person leave this deep in the game.
Liz says last year they sent 3 people.
Liz leaves
Vanessa – what did steve think if you win
Austin – think i would keep him safe.. that’s what I was telling him
Austin – I’m prepared to do whatever you want

Vanessa asks what the twins would have done
Austin – Steve and Johnny Mac obviously..
Austin – tell me what you want me to do
Vanessa – you’ll do whatever I want
Austin – I have to, we’ve come this far in the game.
Vanessa – you know what I need you to do..
Austin – go on the block vote out Liz ?
Vanessa – no, we’ll have to see, I need to confirm some facts.
(Confirm facts means 13 hours of talking about the same conversation that happened week 1 before the feeds were on)

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-59-59-235

7:59pm Bathroom Vanessa and Liz
Vanessa – Can I ask you something ,.. it’s important
Vanessa – What did steve think you were going to do if you won HOH .. Please don’t lie to me

Liz explains that She told Steve she wouldn’t vote him out if she was HOH and it was a tie breaker
liz – I told him what he wanted to hear.
Liz – he knew I was going to be his front door person
Vanessa asks her if Steve was under the assumption she was going up her and Johnnymac
Vanessa says Austin admitted it
Liz – no way..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 20-02-46-344

8:00pm Vanessa and Steve
Vanessa – please don’t lie to me
Vanessa – what do you think Austin would do if he won HOH
Steve – Some combination of me, you and Johnny
Vanesa- think really carefully this is coming down to it right now
Vanessa- did he tell you specifics
Steve – he didn’t tell me
Vanessa – did he tell you he would keep you safe
Steve – he just said I wasn’t his target..
Vanessa – How about liz
Steve- probably me
Vanessa says Austin and Liz’ stories don’t line up
Vanessa – Austin lied to me he’s my target.. I needed a reason and I have it now..

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 20-09-59-058

8:06pm Bathroom Vanessa and Austin
Vanes as- i put a lot of faith in people.. My instinct are good some of the things don’t sit right with me.. I’ll explain it to you guys.. exactly

Van – who did Johnnymac think you were putting up
Austin says he was just telling Johnnymac and Steve they were safe he was going to put them both up
Austin – I had to say what I have to say
Vanessa- incentives
Austin – Vanessa , you’re not mad at me please
Vanessa- i’m upset with Liz.. she put her word on her sister she wouldn’t vote for me if she’s a tie breaker
Austin stresses she’s just telling Steve what she needed to say
Vanessa- she made a deal with him
Austin – I told her to say whatever she needs to say.. she was going to go back on the deal

Austin – we’re telling them whatever we need to say to those f****ers so it’s us three plus one of them to final 4.
Austin says as long as two of them were off the block they can keep them safe if JOhnnymac/Steve won the HOH
Austin – I’m never going against you and you know that.. when push comes to shove I won’t do that and you know it.

Vanessa- why are you so concerned with Steve winning the final POV.. what if I win the final POV

Austin – I want you to win it

Austin stressing that none of them are making it to the end with Steve and Johnnymac in the house
Vanessa- incentives incentives

Austin says Nominations are tomorrow.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 20-16-26-730

8:15pm Comic room Vanessa and John

Vanessa- can I ask you a question

Jmac – Austin said He wouldn’t put me up .. I made a deal with him I would put him and Steve up
Vanessa – you made a deal with him
Jmac- well not really a deal said I couldn’t win with Vanessa and Steve..
Jmac says Austin asked him if he had a deal with Vanessa, “I said NO”

Vanessa says Austin made a deal with everyone to not put them up “They’ve been doing that the whole f****g game”
Vanessa – did he bring it up or you
Jamc – you told me to you said I had to make a deal with Austin
Vanessa – I did
Austin – it wasn’t a out right deal I said I have to take out Steve and vanessa.
Vanessa – who can you go to the end with
Vanessa says she can’t throw a comp she can’t do it she’s too paranoid and competitive.

Johnnymac says he never talks targets with Steve.
Vanessa – I wonder who Steve thought….
Johnnymac says if Austin and Liz won they would put me and Steve up
Vanessa says she’s paranoid they would put her up.

Vanesas – you willing to go against Steve
Johnnymac – I can’t win.. with you they hate you .. they like Steve. (hate her in the jury)

Vanessa saying she doesn’t feel good about the way liz was “Saying” it to her

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 20-35-23-007

8:26pm Storage room Vanessa and Liz
Liz says Steve is bugging out
Vanessa – I would too
liz goes over the deal she made with Steve, “Obviously I said everything I could to stay in the game.. It was by no means sketchy and Sneaky.. if I won HOH I would have put up Steve and Johnny Mac”
Vanessa – I would have been the replacement nominee and you promised Steve if it was a tiebreacker
liz – I would have never of done that though.. she sent home my twin
Liz – he made me swear on my family and he went back on it..

Vanesa- they’re all these conflicting deals out there
Austin joins them says Steve was forcing a deal threatening the vote what is Liz supposed to do say no
Austin – people say a lot of things at this point but the loyalties are here.. for me at least
Vanessa – Ok, I never made any conflicting deals
liz – I never made a conflicting deal he said he would flip the vote
Austin – I made no deal

Austin says he shook on final 4 with Johnnymac they never talked about nominations. It was going to be them three and Johnnymac
Austin goes over his handshake with jmac again
Vanessa- he said you both were saying you would put Steve and me up
Austin – I never f***g said that that is not true at all .. I swear that is not true
Vanessa – I’m going to go on my gut with this..
Austin – I’m telling you it’s not true..
Vanessa – earlier today they’re way too much whispering going on.. they’re things that didn’t add up for me
Vanessa says she’s looking at the incentives and Austin was putting her and Steve up
Austin – the problem with that is I never doubted you, I thought you were playing with me to get to final 3 that was my incentive,
Austin goes on about them being on the same side with the same final 3 goals.
Austin – I can’t trust johnymac and Steve why would I take them to
Austin the real incentive is Steve and Johnny Mac taking each other to final 3..
Liz starts to cry says she had to tell Steve whatever
Vanessa goes back to the deal Liz made
For the hundredth time liz explains the deal
Austin – I never gave one name to those f****kers
Austin – “I have no problem breaking sh1t with any of those guys.. I cannot believe those names came out of his f***g mouth”
Vanessa – “I’m just confused that’s all…”
Liz leaves says she’s always had Vanessa’s back from the beginning
Austin – talk to me
Vanessa – I’m not in a winnable situation

Vanessa says she’s going to have to turn her back on someone that has kept her safe.
Austin – I don’t want you doubting me at this point
Vanessa – you did play very well..

Austin – Steve broke up Twinstin and I got Johnnymac out of the house
Vanessa asks what he would have done in Steve’s shoes. Austin says Steve could have honored scamper.
Austin – he told me he thought he was the 5th wheel in the thing.. which he was..
Austin – there’s only 5 people left 4 of us are intertwined but there’s different levels of loyalty

Vanessa asks if he has a final 2 with anyone other than liz
Austin – I don’t have a final 2 with Liz we never talked about that
Vanessa doesn’t believe it asks him if he’s got a final 2 with anyone other than liz
Austin says no way his only deal is with Vanessa.
Austin – Hopefully after the show she’ll realized if we get to final 3 and I drop out why

Austin I hope you can sift through the bullshit
Vanessa – i can I’m a smart girl
Austin – good cause I’m not bullshitting you

Vanessa – the best thing is putting up one of each pair
Austin – I’m not goign against you and I’m fighting for you next week
Vanessa – i’m goign to final 4 with one pair
Austin – go with the pair that has been working with you
Vanessa – right well there is that
Austin – we’ve done this dance so many times i’m not going after you .. it’s not happening.. it’s not of all people Steve and Johnnymac you let them.. F****G
Vanessa – that’s the thing.. I don’t know what i’m going to do
Vanessa – I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do I’m looking at incentives
Austin explain again his real incentive with Vanessa is they are making it to final 3.
Vanessa – when we made that agreement there was no showmance.. then the showmance came to your advantage and my disadvantage.

Vanessa says the logical thing for Austin is to take Liz not her.
Vanessa- it’s not as simple as the people I’ve been working with all along, when we made that there was no showmance.
Vanessa – I’ve also been working with Steve this whole time, I’m not working with Johnny that’s for damn sure
Austin – we’ll I’ve been working with Steve this whole time.
Vanessa – if you were me what would you do
Austin – I would put Steve and johnnymac up and trust me.. you really thinks Steve and johnnymac are working for you because in final 4 i’m working for you
Vanessa says Austin has no incentives to win the Veto in final 4.
Austin – I still could play for the win if I wanted to protect both of you
Austin – If you put me and Liz up what are you saying.. am I the target
Vanessa – wold you throw Veto regardless of who is on the block
Austin – yes.. i will do that 100% if that’s what you need me to do, it’s real

Vanessa starts brings up deals Austin made week 1
Vanessa – Steve is acting so comfortable.. that didn’t sit right with me

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Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 20-57-37-641

8:58pm Steve eats his lobster

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Let’s just fast forward this please Vanessa wins bb17 and she deserves it. How she makes all these moves n comes out smelling like roses is beyond me bruh for real

the coreys

I just wanna say that I don’t think vanessa understands the definition of incentive.

Smart Guy

She has degrees in economics and political science and incentive structures are huge components of both of those things. I don’t think someone could earn two college degrees largely made up of something they don’t understand.


But that was before she became a crazy junkie.

Are You Joking?

She didn’t finish or use her degrees in any professional capacity and bastardizes the definitions of integrity, honesty, and humane treatment not to mention the rules she’s eager to break and flaunt counting cards and getting blacklisted, cheating in comps and law school, bribing pay offs. She a blowhard look it up, who uses her degrees as covers to NLP not so smart guys. Seriously dude, get a grip. She’s a pathological liar because it makes her rich. Verbal vomit is still vomit. She got you misted with her skunk spray, but the rest of us smell her shit.

Smart Guy

Put the meth down and get a grip. She didn’t finish her law degree, moron. Now, you can hit that meth pipe some more.

Get a clue

She didn’t finish her degree??

She holds the record at Duke Univeristy for graduating in 2 yrs with her bachelors. And you are obsessed with this nlp. You need to get a grip.


Seriously a great post! Van is no mastermind,no scholar. Regurgitates words, uses things incorrectly in context. She is a con-artist & a great one. Anyone can take classes at college,but that means nothing when you don’t have a degree, apply it or have experience. Van is a load of crap! She has bullied her way to the finals. People saying she deserves it make me shake my head in disgust. She is always thinking of numbers, she def has a mental tick and goes off,& every hg have stated they hate dealing with Van up in their face interrogating them. I wish their dumb assess were smart enough to take her out earlier, but obviously not. Regardless, of her wins, she bullied/crazied her way to the finals point blank. Who wins HOH & goes on a crazy tangent? Batshit Van! Seriously despise this girl! Sucks these people,shake,freak out,& panic at the site of Van. Instead of uniting to get the crazy out they turn on each other-idiots! Seriously want whoever the next hoh is to take Van out please for the love of the baby Jesus evict that beanie wearing bitch!


Lol we’re talking about Duke Univeristy not Kaplan college here. There’s a big difference. Say all you want but graduating from Duke IS an accomplishment especially holding a record at duke. Impressive either way and I’m not really even a “fan” of Vanessa. But I will give credit where credit is due.

Also someone said on the feeds she was valedictorian of her highschool class. Hate her as much as you want, but to say she’s not intelligent is just….well, unintelligent.


She has a degree in economics with a minor in political science not two degrees. It just means her electives were mostly political sciences courses. Those are easy classes if you can BS. I have a degree in political science.

Smart Guy

I only saw something on youtube that said she has 2 degrees. It didn’t say anything about minors. Since I’m not a Vanessa enthusiast I don’t know her specs as well as her haters know them. They probably know the name of the person who sold her that green thing she puts on her head.

Another Week of Sadism Begins

Vanessa’s a smart girl she’s always known who she has to put up, but she’s gonna torture and abuse everyone for another week because she enjoys it. There’s no justification, no information she needs to extract like pulling out toenails…she likes to see them squirm, beg, plead, cry, turn on each other…the Vanessa Inquisition …is THE REASON no one can stand. Grabbing her head bugging her eyes I’m having a paranoid fit, I’m going to find out the liar, one of you is dying tonight, whatever you say now will do or die, I saw someone whisper during comp, I’m the only one who gets to whisper, I don’t have any other Final 2s. Her verbal vomit in everyone’s face with the impact of emotional waterboarding that isn’t necessary if you’re a master.

She thinks that makes her chances better in Jury? To torture and humiliate then send them their to speak well of you. Just say it’s good for your game, Noooo the camera loves Vanasty taking glee in the execution. She hates herself and transfers it all to others. You picked a showmance over me Austin and you should pay. Everyone gets that, Austin Liz they had one more chance to win HOH, they lost, go on the block. Leave it like a rational adult. There’s a reason they dont show her crazy ugly abuse on the network broadcasts. Got to save face there’s a lunatic on board.

John is the only one telling the truth cool as a cucumber. While she lies her as off. This isn’t genius is sociopathic. And why she won’t get another job on TV thank gawd. Grab the Bible Van, exorcise their demons, drown them in the pool to find the witch. Just don’t call it math, game theory, incentives or integrity. Call it what it is, sadism. And there’s an audience for s&m right Van lovers.


Nailed it

Can't do it!

Not even a couple hours in and ‘Austin lied to me now I have reason to put him up!’ I don’t think I’ll be able to watch this week, she is grating on my very last nerve. Austin deserves to go honestly, you’ve had your doubts for how long but your pansy ass hasn’t taken her out?

I cannot stand how hypocritical Vanessa is. I just cannot stand that woman, period!

And I hope bb is happy about the fact that someone who absolutely does not need this money is going to get it, and then gamble it all away. Whereas James could have gotten it and bought a new home for his daughter.

Fuck Vanessa.


I don’t care that she doesn’t need the money. That shouldn’t be a factor in whether she wins or not. What irks me is the only people playing an active game was Shelli and Vanessa and Jeff, although he was a little too obvious and he got tossed quick. Everyone else waited to see who was HoH and then begged not to go on the block. If they didn’t go on the block, they sat around and waited for the next HoH. Day and Jason sat on the couch talking about what they’d do when they were HoH but they didn’t try to build bridges with anyone. James and Meg were the same way until things had solidified in the house and they were on the outs. Most of these players are timid and just follow whoever seems to have a plan and Vanessa is vocal about it so they follow her.

Buckle Up

Great post. My thoughts exactly. I hope that her antics this week lead to eviction F4 or F3. She may be great on game theory but she is JUST SO UNLIKEABLE!!

B-bad owl

Vanessa won’t be on TV again because she’s the bad guy???
Umm, I don’t think you understand how entertainment works. You have to have a bad guy in almost everything. And usually they are the highest paid performers. For the first part of his career, Muhammad Ali was the bad guy and was also the highest paid boxer in history up to that point. When Hulk Hogan wrestled Andre the Giant, Andre made 2 1/2 million for that match compared to 1 million for Hogan according to reports. And in Vanessa’s world, Phil Helmuth is the most despised person in professional poker by the audience. But he also makes by far the most money from endorsements.


The only good thing is that we won’t have to put up with her behavior for a full week. With the taped eviction on Tues they will have to do it by Monday at the latest. Wonder when they tell her she won’t be able to torture everyone for a whole week. She is going to flip out when she learns of this.

Who cares

Vanessa shut up already! If you torture us and we can walk away, I cannot even fathom living in that house with her.

Amanda queefs slop

Damn it!!!!!!! I hate Vanessa. I want her butt hole to bleed. Ugh…this is worst case scenario.

Good grief!

Here we go…again! She’s got to question EVERYONE trying to find a fault to put them up. Just put them up you crazy bitch! Why do you have to mind fuck everyone?!? This is ridiculous!


I would self evict right now before I’d let some crazy bitch try and interrogate me for the next week $500,000 isn’t worth it, hell a million isn’t worth a week of listening about how good of a person she is as she drains your soul.


yikes. seek help.

Vanessa's bloody butt hole

I couldn’t agree more!


I think the house will catch her ( if they haven’t done so yet) in all this web of lies and send her packing soon. She cannot foul everybody all the time unless she “pulls a Derrick” which it’s out of question


The house wi catch her and send her packing soon?! There’s fucking 5 people left! I had hope a couple weeks ago they’d be smart enough to get her out but all hope is LOST, Vanessa and her disgusting self is going to win this game. Welp, as I’ve said the last couple years ‘there’s always next summer….’


They already know she’s a liar and can’t be trusted. They still listen to her because she’s got a plan…and she won’t shut up.

the coreys

I’m really gonna be disappointed if I don’t get to bask in the glory of vanessa realizing her game is going down in flames.

It’s next week or not at all.

Toot toot!

Crazy train has made another stop and only has room for one!
All aboard Vanessa!


I guess it’s better for us this way because she will hopefully get booted at final 4 or final 3 making it much more painful for her.

Here we go again

Incentive = drink
2 minutes into that convo I’m drunk :/


LOL, too funny, Here We Go Again!


Dude, just relax and it’ll be alright, bro.


please don’t lie to me and cry =D


Okay, now we are forced to endure Vanessa as HOH. At least it’s a short reign – Tuesday eviction! Now what will she do?? Miss Thinker likely already has her picks chosen, so I am thinking she will put up Steve and JohnnyMac, because that way she can tell Liz she “put up Steve for Julia”… and Liz was targeting him, so they will vote him out if he stays on the block. Naturally, Vanessa will explain her thinking to JohnnyMac, and tell him he is the pawn. If someone comes down off the block during POV, Liz will go up – as she is the most likely to beat Vanessa, and she will be backdoored. This is just my opinion.

B-bad owl

Vanessa won’t backdoor Liz. She wants either her or Steve for final 2. Vanessa knows this game, therefore she knows that never in this shows history has a woman that was sitting next to a man in final 2 won. The times when a woman has won have all been 2 women in F2. That’s why she wants Liz. She will take Steve if she must, because he is such a pushover, that she feels she can intimidate him into basically giving up trying during finale night questioning. And she undoubtedly will.

Drinking too many Shots

Please I need for Dawg take back the ‘take a shot game’ whenever Vanessa says incentive or I need Vanessa to stop with the incentives.


I’m sorry dude but game theory says you are wrong. i should know because I am an expert.

Thor's Hammer

(Confirm facts means 13 hours of talking about the same conversation that happened week 1 before the feeds were on) Thank you, Simon


This will be a pretty entertaining half-week

the oracle

these people have no clue and don’t see she is going to win except steve. Van knows she can’t take Austin and Liz because she can’t mist them away from each other. Only logical move is to break them up keep Austin with her and try to mist them all next round. She could target Steve as she knows he will probably go for her but that leaves her with having to win HoH to get to finale. At least breaking up the twins she has hope to mist steve into attacking Austin and has a shot at manipulating Jmac under the guise that the jury hates her… btw idiot players, jury always votes for best player now in survivor and big brother, they don’t want to come off as petty on live tv. Even the people who haven’t played this game before have been told this.. its all about incentives…


Vanessa has tied for the most hoh’s right now. And she has two vetoes. If I remember correctly that’s what rachael finished with but Vanessa could still take the lead with the most hoh’s.


Doesn’t matter. Game theory and incentives always rise above comp wins.


Which she’s actually better at than rachael.


She is nuts!


Love her or hate her, I realize most hat her, but Vanessa has everyone shitting their pants. I find it highly entertaining, the way she plays with peoples emotions and mind fucks them. I love it. I know I’m in the minority but I don’t see any other deserving winner besides her.


If only she would own up to her mindf*ckery…


Agreed! Love her or hate her she has definitely outplayed them all! I really hope she can pull this off and get to the end.


She reminds me of Dan Gheesling. I first started watching the last few weeks of his episodes and despised how evil a liar he was. Last year Derrick won without being so ruthless. I picked Derrick early on but the game was too slow and predictable. This one has a bit more punch but I wish she could have played more like Derrick (which I think is what Steve is trying to do by answering questions with questions, never giving out info). Vanessa was my fav early on but I do hate the (as someone else put it) mind-f*cking tactics she uses. What an appropriate term.

Mina Harker

Please don’t compare Vanessa to Dan. Dan was smart, clever, charming, conniving; always had a smile while planning his next move. No hysterics. And he totally owned his shit, even felt bad about his blindsides occasionally. But this whackjob? Not even close. There is nothing charming about her, as a matter of fact, she comes off as really, really desperate. Desperate to win, desperate to be the smartest, desperate to be liked, all under the guise of not givinhg a fuck. I feel sad for her, but it does not make me like her.

BDSM Fans Win

Dominatrix much? Sick twisted. Somebody get her meds. And flush them they’re not working. The only one who’s immune Johnny is the only one she really trusts. But a week of mindfucking doesn’t breed good Jury members unless they’re paid to vote for assholes. Russell Hantz didn’t win, Dan didn’t win, but if they’re editing and scripting not surprised they hired this domestic terrorist. And that’s why only psychos apply. Get ready to see Skeve squeeze the eyeballs out of Coco. It’s not petty to hate your abuser or vote for the finalist who doesn’t represent the lowest form of humanity. If Jace was a monster, that makes Vanessa….hmmmm… evil.


Everybody’s scared!!! She takes out Austin or Liz and next week she gets taken out unless she wins POV. What am I saying? Their too stupid to do that! That jury will vote for her bc not only will she deserve it but they will have calmed down and be thinking rationally. I can’t stand her but damn she’s good. Austin is a Ponytail Beard Bold And The Beautiful Stank A$$ Douchebag!!!



Uh huh...



She is going to put up Austin and Steve…hoping the nominatons stay the same and Austin goes. (She is the tie breaker). If Austin wins veto she will put Steve as the replacement and Liz goes up and Liz goes home. (Again she is the tie breaker). If Steve wins veto, Liz goes up and Austin goes home. Johnny is sitting pretty!! He has the same personality as Donny did and I love it. To say he is not playing the game is crazy. He has managed to survive in a house pretty much all alone. He.has won vetos when needed, keeps quiet when on the block (more often than not), listens and sees everything that goes on and has a game plan we are all waiting to see. If only he could win an HOH. He might be the first player to win that has never has won an HOH. That would be awesome if he could pull that off.


He wouldn’t be the first to pull that off. Will Kirby never won HOH during season 2.


She is putting up Steve and Johnny mac.or johnny mac and liz


Did I mention Becky is a B!tch? Oh no… I called her a _Cunt last time. Let’s hope Vanessa makes the right choice. If she puts up Liz & Austin, it fuks up her jury votes. The twins and Austin will never give her a vote. But if she puts up Jmac and b!tch boy, she loses 2 people I doubt would have put her up. She should have let Jmac win HOH, but I understand she’s paranoid. Best bet… Put up boy Steve and Austin. Let the Veto decide. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Btw, Becky is a CuntBitch, hahaha. Stop hating Becky, go play checkers while Vanessa plays chess.


My guess is nominations are tomorrow
It will be a night pov
Pov on meeting on Sunday
Someone evicted on Monday
New HOH on Monday
Nominations on Tuesday
Final 4 pov & evictions on Wednesday
Part 1 of final HOH start Wednesday


Steve has worms he cant stop itching his butt must be from all the raw pork chops.




Did I mention Becky is a B!tch? Oh no. I called her a _Cunt last time. Let’s hope Vanessa makes the right choice. If she puts up Liz & Austin, it fuks up her jury votes. The twins and Austin will never give her a vote. But if she puts up Jmac and b!tch boy, she loses 2 people I doubt would have put her up. She should have let Jmac win HOH, but I understand she’s paranoid. Best bet… Put up boy Steve and Austin. Let the Veto decide. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Btw, Becky is a CuntBitch, hahaha. Stop hating Becky, go play checkers while Vanessa plays chess.


I just keep coming back. She is brainwashing these people. She does this over and over going over stuff that happen in week one or possibilities that could have, would have or should have happen but did not happen. OMG she is beyond crazy. She gets them so darn confused after hours of back and forth interrogation like she’s a homicide detective. They are manipulated to be scared of her even when they themselves are in power as the HOH. They don’t keep there mouth shut because she will bully them to talking. Yet SHE IS THE BIGGEST INCENTIVE/ DEAL MAKER THERE!! She has a deal with everyone. No one has asked her what her deals are with everyone? Pure hypocrisy!!! Unbelievable. They are all so scared of her.

Steve says

H 2 0 !!!!


HAHA BB should give them heaps of alcohol I want fireworks 🙂


Vanessa caught in the middle of two couples. She knows Johnny is her wildcard though. Johnny isnt as loyal to Steve as Austin is to Liz. Johnny would ax Steve where Austin would never choose Vanessa over Liz. He says he would. He is lying and she knows it.

It’s gona get sticky next week in final four but this week Vanessa’s best play is to take out Austin.

Go Vanessa. You are killing this game. As a BB fan since season one I am truly in awe of your play. Absolutely a joy to watch and thank you.


Did I mention Becky is a B!tch? Oh no..I called her a _Cunt last time. Let’s hope Vanessa makes the right choice. If she puts up Liz & Austin, it fuks up her jury votes. The twins and Austin will never give her a vote. But if she puts up Jmac and b!tch boy, she loses 2 people I doubt would have put her up. She should have let Jmac win HOH, but I understand she’s paranoid. Best bet… Put up boy Steve and Austin. Let the Veto decide. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. Btw, Becky is a CuntBitch, hahaha. Stop hating Becky, go play checkers while Vanessa plays chess.


Wow Becky really broke your heart, all she did was laugh when she saw your “package”


I like how Austin is playing; just like Vanessa does.Though, I would love to see JMac and Steve in F2, thus screwing everybody up. Steve and JMac have always been underestimated and now it’s the time for them to stand out


That little Norman Bates (steve) wannabe omg I can’t, his mommy needs to put him in therapy A.S.A.P

Edmonton fan

Vanessa will put one from each side, so then she has the final vote to evict. Johnny Mac/ Steve would vote out Austin/Liz and vice versa. Therefore, leaving a tie in votes giving Vanessa control. That’s my prediction.

Buckle up

Vanessa’s pantry room interrogation of Austin was BRUTAL! How he kept himself from telling her to shove her paranoid diarrhea of psycho babble sh*t up her a$$ is beyond me. If Vanessa keeps up this level of irrational and unpredictable behavior this week then next week she had better win POV or her crazy is going to jury. No one (whoever survives this week) wants to go to finals with someone they can’t trust and extremely paranoid is not trustworthy. I think Jmac has a real shot to survive this week. He told Van exactly what she wanted to hear (INCENTIVE!) He told her he would take her F2 because everyone hates her in jury so she wouldn’t win. I’d bet the 500K that he knows that isn’t true but he is the only one smart enough to play to Van’s weakness. INCENTIVE!! ( DRINK! LOL).


typical Van conversation “you are such a dimwit, seriously have you thought what would happen if I wasn’t here to help your game, you are so lucky I’m such a great person right? Whats taking so long for you to agree with me you know I made the Mensa test right after I won my Nobel Peace Award and wrote the 1964 civil rights act, did I mention I’m a lawyer ect….


It’s funny because deep down we all want to tell people how smart and great we are. But most of us learn to control that sometime between 5 – 6 years of age.


Before everyone starts bashing Vanessa for grilling everyone let’s think it through. She get max value from her HOHs because she assesses the value each houseguest has to her game. She is vulnerable next week so she has to find out who wanted to put her up this week. It’s poker strategy. What cards might my opponent be holding, do I bluff and steal the pot, do I slow-play and let them fatten the pot. Instead of measuring the odds of a given card coming up she has to judge by incentives (take a drink).


That sounds like a calm, concise, coherent, thought out plan…


She might have good strategies but it’s the way she confronts people with them as if they are the only true way to go. It’s basically saying to the other person I don’t care about what’s good for your game, lets do my strategy and i’ll dictate the whole thing. Oh you can trust me I’m thinking totally about you as well.


Isn’t JMac a floatee? He doesn’t deserve to be in the house.


Jmac is her target Steve if mac wins Veto.
Sorry Mac fans


Water sucks. It really, really sucks. Water sucks.


You oughta drink water.


Wow, this is really crazy!!!. We are hear again to witness Nessa’s lunacy! Dawg and Simon, can anyone explain to me whether jurors watch live feeds at the juror house before voting in the finale? Do they only watch evictions of houseguests as Julie Chen shows them on Thursdays? Am asking because, I want to know how they make their decisions if they don’t watch what goes on in the house! Thanks!!!


Pretty sure they get nothing except a few clips from the competitions and ceremonies. No footage of the stage or live feeds etc..

So the jury has to form theories for themselves based on what evicted houseguests say as they come out.

Too Funny

I Love it!!! Go Vanessa go make them swet n get rid of poney tail beard once n for all… She totally deserves to win it all and has played the best game by far and they all have even said it SHE’s GOOD VERY VERY GOOD!!! ROCK IT GIRL…haha vanessa haters


Why does Vanessa herself and thus everyone else require that “deals” be sworn on some person or sacred object etc. Austin was willing to give her some family beads or his necklace to show his loyalty. Quite honestly “at the end of the day” these things can be replaced with 500k and fingers can be crossed behind one’s back. This season has been interesting because despite Scamper Squad making it to the end the alliance is fractured due to Vanessa’s paranoia.


Dear Waterboy Steve, Eat sh*t and kill yourself. Signed, Everybody


Yeah, I was hanging out listening to Vanessa talking and she said Liz is gone….incentives. ..seriously tho…if they don’t take her out on Wednesday she deserves to win…bunch of dumbasses….I’m gonna fly around her ear all night til I drive her mad and she self evicts. …I also heard Lizs family say Austin is not welcome at their dinner table. :-p

Nothing Personal

I can’t take another HOH with Vanessa. How in h did these numbnuts let Vanessa win? I couldn’t listen to V last week so I cancelled the live feeds. I wouldn’t be able to stand reading what she says if Simon and Dawg didn’t edit it and add humor to it. We’re going to miss the twins and their idiosyncrasies in talking. One comic moment tonight was at the jury house when the women all said in unison, “Jaa-a-mes”. Also had a laugh when the camera showed Steve in the HOH playing with his belly button. Did not enjoy watching Steve waiting for his mommy, clearly the HG had been told of the “surprise”.


I don’t see Vanessa at all wanting to be the tie breaker. She doesn’t want that “blood on her hands” to that degree anyway. She doesn’t want to own her strategies and gameplay “lies and manipulation”! I don’t see her owning an eviction.


Anyway Vanessa gets it she’s screwed. All 5 left in the house can win except her cause she’s the number ONE ultra target. the moment her HOH is done it doesn’t matter who is left, surely the remaining three will realize she wins against any one of them. Say what you will about her but she’s won a lot and has had a hand in most all of the evictions and to be an obvious threat from jump and still be able to make it to the end is actually incredibly unbelievable. However, her luck will run out at the end of this week.

Her target needs to be Austin he’s the only other person with a remote shot at the money against her. Austin if he makes it to the next week sits pretty there however it would be interesting if he is stabbed in the back by Liz.

The way I see the next few evictions.
Austin first barring he’s on the block and wins the Veto, Vanessa will get out the biggest threat to her.

2nd Vanessa – everyone will gun for her next week seeing she can’t play for HOH. Front door backdoor all doors

This is where I think it gets tricky to me if the final three are Steve Johnny and Liz then any combination can yield any winner to be honest. Liz and Steve have a lot of wins under their belts. John has some wins from the early days and coming back into the house after being evicted and managing to stay is a strong point as well.

Though I think Liz wins against both of them, Steve against Johnny will be tricky. The Jury views Steve as a Puppet and Jmac as a Pawn so who wins?

My money is on LIZ at the moment.

Right on!

Every time Vanessa questions the other house guests, I just mute my television. If I had a Time machine, I would fastforward me to the finale!


It’s literally painful to watch.


If Austin does anymore ass kissing, he will have to trade in his chapstick for a tube of Preparation H.


That’s right. Austin in the ass kisser. Judas is more of a bad ass in that he cowers to Liz’s every command.

Karen S

So Predictable in the NOMS…. omg! she’s a psychopath.. lol but a cunning psychopath.


Trying to remember if I’ve ever seen an alliance member turn on her own as often and as she has. Then mend fences, then oh oops. You lied or I didn’t like how you were acting all safe. Man !! Aren’t they glad they aligned with her. Head spinning. Who needs alcohol for a buzz when she goes looking for a reason to target someone.


Seems to me that some people are looking at how Vanessa is still in this game and chalking that up to her having gameplay skills. I think they have forgotten the heavy role production has played in her favor.

Want proof of production interference? Over 2/3rds of this cast drastically decreased their own chances to win $500,000 by keeping a twin twist alive- even though it would increase the pool of contestants/competitor by one full person while simultaneously creating an inseparable team of 3 people!!!

In a game where your competitors numbers count… That is insane!!!! Everyone with an ounce of wit knows to shallow the pool and split the couples and yet they didn’t?

Production influence is a reality here.

is it just me

why does vanessa not own her gameplay? because they blow up your game in the dr. production drops hints and flat out rats people out. she would be stupid to spill the beans in dr knowing full well it could be detrumental to her game.