Big Brother 17 HOH competition “Under the rainbow”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 14th
HOH Vanessa Next HOH ?
Original Nominations: ? and ?
After POV Nominations: ? and ?

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-06-12-759

“Under the rainbow”

If you go for the special prize you get a trip outside of the big brother house but it might slow down your chances to win the HOH.

The competition is played until both the luxury and the HOH is won. To win the HOH you need to move 10 eggs.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-03-52-757

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-06-20-757

In the lead = Austin
second = Vanessa
Third = Jmac
Far behind Liz

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-12-17-921

7:13pm Vanessa in the lead with 4 eggs

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-15-32-329


1 = Vanessa 4Egg
2 = Jmac 4eggs
3 = Austin 3eggs
4 = Liz 2eggs


1 = Vanessa 5Egg
2 = Jmac 4eggs
3 = Austin 4eggs
4 = Liz 2eggs

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-20-59-224

1 = Vanessa 6Eggs
2 = Jmac 5eggs
3 = Austin 4eggs
4 = Liz 3eggs

1 = Vanessa 7Eggs
2 = Jmac 7eggs
3 = Austin 6eggs
4 = Liz 3eggs

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-31-31-957

1 = Vanessa 9Eggs +1 resting on a holder
2 = Jmac 9eggs
3 = Austin 8eggs
4 = Liz 6eggs + Luxury

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-10 19-35-45-422
Liz has the luxury

Vanessa wins HOH

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Great Austin will win….WTF Why can’t JMAC win one of these!!!!!

the coreys

Simon dawg

This season or big brother Canada 3 season?

Canadian Kevin

Austin is behind one egg. I’m hoping Jmac pulls it out. Van said she’d throw it to him, but i dunno how much i believe her.

I just hope Jmac wins otherwise.. damn dude, this season just sucks.

Step it up man!!

BTW, I think it was Melanie – though i apologize if i remember wrong – but whomever it was that described what sucks about Van’s game (not owning her shit, even in the DR) – that was an amazing post. And it’s right on.

I think it was the most articulate way of expressing why we don’t like Van, in general. It’s one thing to act in the house – but don’t play everyone else (in the DR) as fools.

Unless she’s completely ape shit crazy, in which case AG should be locked up for exposing her to this shit.

Julie Clearly Eggsasperated

Julie is definitely over this season with as little enthusiasm for this cast as we are. Hopefully she’ll kick ass to clean up production with hubby who is pissed too. Great interview with Moonves on CBS 20th anniversary. But I know they both fumed when Austin yelled out for a job on Bold & Beautiful during the comp. A perfect example of a cringeworthy cast and the importance of cleaning house and I don’t mean the ants or Austwits sheets.

Ms Chiff

Would imagine the Moonves’ care most about ratings and profit, and the show seems to be doing fine this year?

This isn’t popular to admit, but I’m rooting for Vanessa because I think she’s playing this game really well … WAY better than Johnny macPassive – have to admit that she’s hard to like as a person. But that’s why I only watch half the shows, and have stopped following spoilers, and then the season’s tolerable.

It’s probably healthier to not follow something so closely that you dislike so much or find frustrating …


Vanessa has won millions playing poker. So she does not need the money. But she outsmarted them all. She sent most of the people out the door. I could not believe they sent Meg out & nowJu. I would keep people that I knew I could beat if they were beside me at the end. Austin came on show to try & get back in Wrestling or on a TV show. He had a long time girlfriend that he promised to be faithful to. He thinks him & Liz will be asked to do other shows. The twins were picked to be on here from casting for a MTV show called Twins. They only wanted the TV time. The ones left act like they forgot the prize is 500K. If they were smart Ju & Liz would be be gone. Why did they let Liz stay? Crazy playing!

CBS Loses When You're Only Watching Half

Les Moonves complained loudly about 6 casting mistakes because people like you stop watching because you don’t find Vanessa enjoyable or entertaining- they lose profits, ratings, streams, dvrs, he goes into great detail. He also describes being very involved in casting and very disappointed, the only negative comment about any of the CBS Showtime CW etc etc bundle. You can read the long interview yourself just Google.

Anyway, no one is watching and they will be making big changes which is good news for anyone who used to enjoy the show. I wouldn’t take posters too seriously if they get emotional about who wins, no more than the average football fan. Sounds like you’re more personally invested in whether others agree with you, your choice and definition of winner or realities of cheating, plugging and various and sundry production manipulations. Vanessa blathers on ad-nauseum to gain others approval, should be no surprise posters might want the same satisfaction.

Have no fear, however, even posters who dislike Vanessa whether intensely or grudging, are contributing to her stipend and winnings everytime they click here. Think of it as a form of group therapy for having been suckered into watching a favorite show and getting a stomach ache from all the abuse. If Moonves doesn’t like his own show, who are we to disagree?

Guy From Canada

Interesting read. I think they need an overhaul of the game or kick it old school. Reduce the veto to a silver again, bring back food comps, have more outside voting for ridiculous things like a pet pig, more pandoras box, or cast people that apply and not off of tinder!

wrathful furry (Love you, James!)

How are we “contributing to her stipend and winnings everytime they click here.” Simon and Dawg own this site?

I click and hit refresh a lot (like last night waiting to hear HOH results) If that helps S and D, great. If it helped Vanessa, most of us wouldn’t.

Ms Chiff

The show’s still a top 10 show.

Different viewers like different people, and people watch for different reasons. I stopped watching completely when that Brittany girl was on – she was so dumb … and then they brought her on again?! Turned it off for another season.

I think Vanessa’s great tv – her game is fantastic, which to me is interesting.


Tis is a comp for someone with long finger or who has played an instrument like guitar or violin. Austin big fingers Van plays violin and guitar she said. I am annoyed that they showed Juju Jmacs goodbye; I now believe they do not want Jmac to win (notice they did not show Vans). I also want to know when James decided that Van was not so bad that it was the Austwins because he could not stand Van but now his mind is changed? I did not believe some of the articles that have been coming out lately about Van being the predetermined winner but now I don’t know. I also want to know why all the comps except for a very few have been physical and either clearly favor Austin or Van. Disappointed in CBS who wasn’t to watch or participate in something predetermined unless you are an actor ; than what is the point of this whole thing.


My issue with Vans game is not only does she not own her stuff she also use fear and ignorance to manipulate.
Case in point when she was turning people against Clay she said that he and Jmac must be gay lovers. This makes me incredibly mad especially because she claims to be gay(all of 2 years she also said she was more attracted to guys WTF ) She knew that some people in the house were some what homophobic (at least when it comes to men Austin and the twins because they could not manipulate a gay man) her playing on peoples insecurities and fears is a horrible thing to do its what many horrific people in history have done in order to get their way. She also starts crying which is known to make men psychologically uncomfortable leaving them either to walk away (which they can not) or to appease the person so they stop crying it makes them feel uncomfortable. Her sister a psch degree and I’m sure Van has taken a few of those classes. Now with her Dr she is trying to manipulate America and with the techniques she is using could happen. Don’t drink the kool aide people. It is a proven psychological technique to tell people something about yourself over and over again until you believe it. The media does it all the time.


maybe so but JohnMac should have done better since he has his fingers in peoples mouths for a living


Not necessarily, I was a receptionist at a dental office, the people who spend the most time in someone’s mouth is usually the Tech they clean the teeth. JuJu may have actually done better on this comp had she stayed. A dentist does not do fillings everyday they usually just evaluate what the tech has found and then schedule when they will do the work if it gets done and pulling a tooth actually does not take long unless there is a problem. If he were specialized that would be different orthos and oral surgeons spend a lot of time in peoples mouth while their techs spend less.

the coreys

Cue Vanessa with the “I didn’t wanna win this one” crap.

What's in Steve's belly button?!?

Vanessa is pretty much letting everyone know that she plans everyone taking her to final two. HELLO!?! Can they not hear her?

Under the rainbow

Julie said under I thought


Could he get anymore pathetic put me on The Bold &Beautiful!!!! LOL seriously he needs to get professional help and has he looked in the mirror HAHAHA


I cringed when i heard that, total pathetic embarrassing bozo.


Common johnny…. pls bb gawds

Oh please lord!

Please break all her eggs so she can’t win! Please!

Under the rainbow

Oh she must of told the players to get under the rainbow then


So far this is not going the way that I hoped……


JMac should win easily…. dentists should have great finger control… right?


WTG Vanessa! Whoo hoo! Final 4!
Now put Austink and Liz right back on the block! Let’s see him show a bit more of his “true” colours. Let’s see how much he really “loves” Liz. Austin would have put Van up in a heartbeat! She’s ten steps ahead! Austink is a beefcake, insecure, self-centred coward who hid behind the girls and floated back and fourth to power. Not to mention he needs a shower! Wash your hands at least!
Van 4 win! 100%


I quit this season….especially if J-Mac doesn’t win the veto. ????

JMac, Vanessa and Liz Safe this week

Vanessa will put up Liz and Austin. Only reason Liz is so they cant get each other off the block. If Austin wins Veto, Steve will go up. Just before Veto, Liz will break up with Liz causing him to be devastated. Liz takes Julia on trip. I believe! I believe! I believe!

Steve & Johnny On the Block

Port wine, a letter from Mel, nightly potball before Steve is evicted. Van won’t keep Steve there’s a couple people he hasn’t offended in Jury which is more than her. Thank god we don’t have to watch this week. Glad she’s gotten over her withdrawals. Maybe she’ll put up Austin & Steve or Steve & Liz just to make it interesting. Austin is her best bet for F2, no one likes Judas either. zzzzzzzz

Steve Needs Acting Lessons

Steve’s fake crying over mom really looking bad on him. Right before broadcast, he had a nervous breakdown over his teddy bear locked in HOH. He can’t be earning any points for AFP he’s been dreaming of much less be of use to Vanessa if she wins HOH. He’ll be nominated with John unless John catches up or Van drops an egg.

Anxiously waiting....

I know I’ll get thumbs down, but Go Vanessa!!! Please vote Austin out!

Thanks for the constant updates Simon and Dawg. I don’t know how you do it, but I appreciate your site!


If the remaining house guests have the smarts to send (and do it!) Vanessa to the jury, then “Go anyone!”, but if they still keep Vanessa in the game for some reason, then Vanessa needs to win. Nonetheless it all depends on who win the POV this week.
Vanessa, like Derrick, has pulled strings this season big time, but unlike him, she has a lot of blood on her hands. At least Derrick did it more…covertly and that is why i think he is a better player even though Vanessa will win this year.


I need to rectify here. I was under the wrong impression there are only 4 people left.


WTG Vanessa! Whoo hoo! Final 4!
Now put Austink and Liz right back on the block! Let’s see him show a bit more of his “true” colours. Let’s see how much he really “loves” Liz. Austin would have put Van up in a heartbeat! She’s ten steps ahead! Austink is a beefcake, insecure, self-centred coward who hid behind the girls and floated back and fourth to power. Not to mention he needs a shower! Wash your hands at least!
Van 4 win! 100%


Nobody’s getting booed when they all eventually get axed . Vanessa will take this hoh and the one where they got spun around so as the viewer I’m finally content with all the bs . Yep V is a sneak manipulator but those 2 hoh wins solidifys it . ( I’m assuming she wins this.. But does it even matter ?) I think she’s a phony too, but she wins when it counts . I’m over all the frustration and by the looks of jury she wins . Not my first pick and jmac still has outside shot but V man .. Jeesh . She’s playin chess and these other HG are playing checkers.. Money is hers dude. Lights are out . Peace


Come on Johnny… should have best hands for this.


Hope this is not rigged like I heard


Somebody please move your ass, I mean EGGS and beat Vanessa! She is gonna win the 500K if somebody doesn’t get her out NOW!!


I’ve thought all along how stupid theses people are to keep her. Because she will win. They should of sent her packing the first time around. She’s the one who had her hand in on every eviction, but would never take any of the blame. And of course as soon as someone confronts her she whines. I don’t like her.

Steve Needs Acting Lessons

Julie definitely over it. She can’t muster any more enthusiasm for this season than we can. Hopefully she’ll help clean house and get the right producers on board. Does she have as much influence as her husband? I know she’s fuming listening to Judas yelling to put him on Bold & Beautiful during the comp. Didn’t take long to stop playing for Liz. Still editing to save face, even still these houseguests are cringeworthy.


Noooooooooo! Please anybody but Vanessa!


Maybe there’s still hope, but I won’t hold my breath.

Is liz julia?

Is it possible that the twins switched plAces? I noticed that juju is a little bit thinner than liz. The twin who went home wasn’t the thinner twin. I also noticed that austin wasnt as physically comforting to the twin who remained in the house even though that twin had the emotional breakdown. Thoughts anyone?

April left Paris

Julia was always the thinner one. Liz was Thickums per Davon.


Your kidding right? ??


The two don’t even look that much alike to me now. Julia has bigger eyes and they are different heights it was definitely Julia who left…


Maybe Van will put up Austin /Liz, pov used? Who up? Austin needs to go


She has a deal with Austin & Liz no way they will go I think she will put up Mac & Steve if one wins veto the other will go home.

Min O'Pause

C’mon JMac! Pull this outta your ass!!


Come on Austin win the HOH and send Vanessa to the jury house and liz win the veto

Min O'Pause



Woah vanessa won again shit when will get rid of her. And also she will have to axe someone and probably will be steve or austin ouch. I think she will nominate austin and steve to see who where loyalty lies and see who is good to take.


Geaux Vanessa!!! Yeah!!!


Sh!t a week of a headache listening to her



Cindy Withanesse

Fuck; just give her the check and end the show. I’m tired of watching this hag.


Is she bullying you to watch too? Lolololol

Darn she won

So now we will see who she really is with-cause she’s promised everyone! Ughuh, lizuh or owstin better go home next

Clichés hurt my head

Jmac and Vanessa had a conversation in the backyard a few days ago where she said if HoH was close between the two them she’d throw it to him. I mean, the house is on to her so it’s smart she did go for the win. Glad it’s a short HoH week with her.

Check is in the mail

Well……. *sigh*

Moose for president



Kanye 2020


I’m so hoping that Vanessa puts up Austin and Liz and either one goes this week so we can quit watching Liz getting man-handled. I really can’t watch anymore of the two of them.


And now that Van is HOH she will nominate……………………..WHO?


I’m crazy to still be watching. This will be my last post. I know Van is going to win. I was hoping she had someone, anyone give her a run for the money. But no one does. Looks like she is going to win this HOH. They will be in her mist even more as complete follow blocks in hoped that she doesn’t nominate them. If no one get her out on the next HOH on Wednesday (almost like a double eviction) CBS might as well direct deposit her 500K check in her account early instead of waiting until September 23rd final air date to crown the winner. It will be no way she not win the last HOH and if someone eles wins it, they will just take her to the finals to give her the win just like Cody did last year when he could have won the game against Victoria. Vanessa is the only one fighting for 500k. All the rest of them is just fighting for second place 50K. They are scared of Vanessa so they won’t go after her. They don’t even talk about trying to go after her for fear that she will find out and get her wrath and crying spells. It’s so sad to watch as a big brother fan to see the house not realize they are handing her the check. Becky was the only one that came for her and the house was stupid to keep her. This game is sadly over. No fun to watch anymore I guess. I just can’t wait on Survivor.

another name

Well, my feeling that production might be going for parity with season 16 is dead.
Unless the red button appears.
Like it did last year when Frankie won hoh, then got voted out.
but no mention of that on the episode, just mention of a tuesday eviction (probably taped monday…. so i’m guessing a monday until after eviction feed block?).


JM better watch his back. Vanessa told him she would throw the comp to him, if it was between those two, {which it was}, and she won the comp. He better win the POV. regardless what garbage she said.

Get a grip

Remember after jace left…. Basically Austin Liz and Van were not included in the group and would be the next ones out. Van saw this and used what she had to work with. Boohoo she took out your fav. Get over it already. Think about how many people they got rid of without losing an original member til FINAL 6! She got the twins in the game, she used shelli and clays want to play the middle. Shes not only playing chess while the rest play checkers, she’s got them thinking they are playing chess! Yes they are on to her now but all these comments about her are just showing how butthurt you are. Enjoy the game because at least some one is playing it pretty damn well. I came into this season not liking Van at all. I knew her from poker. But i can’t help but respect what a hell of a game she has played to get where she is from being a total outcast from day 1.

Her Mouth Made Her an Unpopular Bully

in poker and BB. Now who’s she gonna pay off next to convince Jury she’s likable? She’s not an outcast when she’s in everyone’s face, forces everyone into alliances deals and talk blocks everyone. She ostracized herself cuz she’s got an awful personality. Extreme narcissism control freak paranoid delusions manic Bible rants made everyone run.


I’m not saying i like her personality. But yes she was an outcast in the beginning. None of those things you mention were done in the beginning. She wasn’t part of the IN crew from the get go, She wasn’t crying or “forcing” deals by any means the first week. Have you ever been locked in a house for 70+ days with only the same people? Do you realize what that does to almost anyone? Ofcourse you are gonna keep talking the same stuff, what else is there, trash talk the common people you know and rehash the same shit 437 times.. She’s definitely been a little crazy but everything has worked. Everything. Sorry not sorry


I don’t like her and never will.
She’s a cheater and a junkie that’s why I don’t respect her game.
Hate me all you like but its the truth.


I completely agree!


Yes! A Tuesday and Wednesday eviction this week hell yeah!!!


Curious to see what Vanessa does with this HOH, she definitely has a deal with everyone in the house.


I think she put up steve an liz


NOOOOAAHHHHHHHHH- Vanny wins HOH!!?! Buh-bye Liz or Stevie 🙂
Like her or hate her-this season belongs to her, thanks in large part to a vapid cast of lame characters and a horribly boring production this year.
Bring on Survivor!!!!!!!!




Bye Steve or J-mac Vans bribe to the Asstwins has worked.
I guess she can relax now after a big fake crying session first.


Funny you should mention “crying session”, that describes you perfectly. That’s all you’ve been doing every post.


Wow! I did not expect Van to go for the win since the next HOH is so important and she will have to sit out. Buckle your seats everyone and get a pen and paper ready to keep up with all the deals Van will make this week for HG’s on the block and after veto nominees. Liz’s trip outside of BB house will be with Austin, Steve and John to the hospital for a blood transfusion after all the blood oaths to swear Vanessa getting F2.


Hope Vanessa sends Steve’s dumbass Home.Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes he is just a pawn in Van game and baby Steve got played.Life is a Bitch Steve..Get over it and go back to mama and your perverse teddy bear affection.You turned your back on your own alliance and you get back what you deserve..Stab in the back


Okay Vanessa now you got to choose a side is it
John & Steve or
Liz & Austin. GOOD LUCK!!!!!


It would be hysterical if the luxury prize was a trip to The Bold & The Beautiful set with a guest role. LOL


What do they mean 9 eggs 1 resting on holder?


Hope Vanessa sends Steve’s dumbass Home.Can’t wait to see the look on his face when he realizes he is just a pawn in Van game and baby Steve got played.Life is a Bitch Steve..Get over it and go back to mama and your perverse teddy bear affection.You turned your back on your own alliance and you get back what you deserve..Stab in the back

Be smart

Vanessa needs to put up Austin and Jmac. Which ever side wins veto gets the vote anyway. No need to choose a side