“I’m going to tell Kyra it’s Kyra and Eddie and I’m going to tell Chelsea it’s Eddie and Kyra”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Dane won the Head of Household. Smells like Chelsea is the target and she’s going up with Kyra.

10:23am Adam, Dane and Anthony Outside
Anthony – you got three people.. Kyra, Sam and Chelsea when Kyra was on the block Sam and Chelsea were moving away from her
Anthony – Kyra’s like their little lap dog
Adam – they told me last night that she’s trying to play both sides… Kyra
Dane – Kyra came up to me and was like I feel so left out..
Adam – both of them said that..
Dane mentions that Kyra is saying “i had no idea about MOMMAK’s backdoor”
Adam and Anthony both say “that’s not true”
Anthony – she feels left out.. She looked left out.. She said nobody will talk to me not even my friends
Adam – that is not true whatever she’s telling you…
Adam explains that Kyra’s acting when she’s saying she feels left out.
Anthony – I had the conversation before they started saying that.. I told Kyra you want these girls to be loyal to you.. You have to personally separate yourself… I told Kyra to say that..
Anthony wants to use Kyra as a number. He mentions that either Chelsea or Sam should go
Adam – I really don’t want Sam to go bro.. I really don’t
Anthony – whats the reason
Adam – she’s good at competitions and she’s a lot better of a number than Esti or stef because she can win.. I can tell her not to put you guys up..
Anthony – I can guarantee 1 million percent if sam would have won one of us would have gone up..
Adam disagrees.. They go back and forth..
Adam pointing out that he’s not close to Chelsea or Kyra if Sam goes he won’t have any ties to them. If Sam stays he does.

Anthony – Personally, honestly I think Chelsea should go
Dane – I agree to that.
Anthony – what do we have to do this week if Chelsea is on the block..
Dane – I’m going to tell Chelsea I’m putting up Eddie and I’m going to put up Chelsea
Dane – I’m going to tell Kyra it’s Kyra and Eddie and I’m going to tell Chelsea it’s Eddie and Kyra
Adam – I know you guys think Sam is trouble but I am for the boys
Anthony – I know you are for the boys but Sam isn’t for Adam
They go back and forth about Sam. Anthony says Sam needs to touch the block to be humbled (ZOMG)
Dane mentions Chelsea making a final 2 deal with Eddie.
Dane – right before ceremony yesterday .. me and Chelsea just had a 45 minute conversation she’s trying to assemble a girls alliance
Adam mentions playing COry making her think he’s sad that him or Sam could be going on the block.
Talking about working on Cory. Anthony says Cory likes Adam he’s been trying to put a target on Sam and get Cory to be closer to Adam.
Dane – I’m going to work with Cory.. Damien is for the boys man..
Dane says Damien pitched Sam and Adam
Adam says he’s been working on Damien.

Anthony – Chelsea’s scared..
Anthony says Chelsea was trying to flirt with him “yo bro she gave me this look… i’m so worried”
Anthony goes on about Chelsea running around the house saying she doesn’t trust Anthony.

Anthony at the beginning and even now Sam doesn’t care about you … now when the chips are down she is going to latch onto you.. She showed her colours last week.. She knew about the girls alliance.. She’s doing the exact same thing but worst..

Adam – when it gets down to 9 …
Dane – I want to talk to you before I talk to Cory
Adam – we only need 3 votes..

11:12am HOH Anthony, Dane and Chelsea
They mention that nominations are not today. Speculation about why because usually it’s the day after the Head of household.

3:20pm Dane, Mark and Adam
Dane going on about wanting to take out Chelsea this week.
Adam is concerned that Chelsea will be pissed at him he doesn’t want her to think it was something he did. Dan assures him it’s not because of Adam that Chelsea is going up.
Dane – if you win POV you cannot pull down Chelsea..
Adam says he’s not.
Mark – if I get picked for POV I’m not good at comps I might not win
Dane – you HAVE to beat Chelsea if I don’t I am f**Ed

Dane leaves..
Adam tells Mark – this is between me and you..
Adam – you know how I said the girls want Dane out he said that to one of the girls.
Adam – now they are thinking that I said this.. that doesn’t look good because it makes it look like I’m relaying information to the boys.
Mark – over the next few days have less conversations with Dane.
Adam says Sam is on their side she can win competitions why not keep her over “the girls”
Adam – Anthony keeps making conversations with me he has a plan than he comes up with a new plan..
Adam – Anthony said to me before that we have to use sam to help me because eventually someone will put 2 of us up. If we stuck to that plan and kept Sam in the game and Sam and I go on the block. we have two boys voting to keep us if Sam goes up now there’s a potential she will stay and it will all blow up

Mark – I’m not saying I disagree with you because I am very much agreeing with you but if it ever comes back Mark agrees it this way I will deny it till I die.. Right now we are not in the position to stand up..
mark says if he had power and it was his say he would mention bringing Sam in is a good thing..
Adam – they said this morning Chelsea and Kyra are going up. Chelsea will go home and they’ll tell Kyra to get in good with KIKI and Stef that leaves Sam the odd one out..
Adam – what have three of those girls that they want on their side done for your game.. they haven’t won anything.
Mark – they wan to pick off all the girls one by one and start with the strongest.
Adam says Dane is good with sam it’s Anthony that’s not.
Adam – for some reason Anthony just want her out.. I don’t know why
Mark – I don’t know why either (because she doesn’t believe his BS)
Mark asks if he won the double who would he put up
Adam – Eddie and KIKI
Mark – who is going
Adam – probably KIKI to split up those 2 girls
Mark – I don’t disagree with you .. they are the most powerful thing in this game they will always vote the same way .. the same as you and Sam but you and Sam have a lot of heat on you.. I might be beneficial for you to place that heat on them.

4:15pm Dane working on his speech to nominate Chelsea. Saying that she’s made multiple side deals with everyone during her HOH reign. Adds that he loves her and this is only a Game move.

Kyra I’m nominating you simply for the fact you have a strong close relationship between the two of you and I would not know what you would do if you won the POV.
Says he respects them too much to backdoor them.

5:20pm Dane and Adam
Dan going on about how awesome his hand eye coordination is because he’s played “24 f*ing years of Hockey”
Adam mentions how good of a position Anthony is
Dane agrees says nobody is bringing his name up.
Dane – when we get down to final 4 we need to really start thinking about final 2 ..

Dane – we need to strategize who we take because nobody has been talking ill about him people talk ill about you and people talk illl about me.. I’m already thinking that far ahead

Dane – I feel like if it’s not you and me liek we lose if it’s between you and me best man wins
Adam -that be dope
Dane – you and me are good at speaking but we’re not as good as those other twos
Adam – I know .. I know.. and like Mark would have the most amazing speech..
Dane – when I have a conversation with people and Anthony they are literally drooling over him
Adam – I know

Dane – I’m sick of us being the backbone of this sh1t we’re getting all the blood on out hands while they’re just f*ing… Next HOH you win we’re getting more blood on our hands
Adam – that’s why we need someone like Sam
Dane complains about Mark saying he’s not playing for competitions, “this can’t be a one way relationship”
They agree they’re solid four to the core.

10:00pm Feeds come back. Dane nominated Kyra and Chelsea.

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Really Adam!!! Sam will drop you in an instant to win the game

another name

remember the superfluous over gaming over talking and over lying of week two? It’s back. It’s amplified. It’s going to feel like an hoh that lasts a month again.
reason i believe there is going to be a serious fracture in the boys alliance this week:
adam and anthony have each been under the impression they are house alpha.
if dane pov noms sam…. adam will be mad.
if dane doesn’t pov nom sam… anthony will be mad.
Either way a wannabe alpha gets shoved back into the pack. Neither will be pleased.

another name

i think adam gets squeezed out before he jumps. it just seems that adam doesn’t deal with not getting his way well.
mark is trying to incite adam to cause a fuss in his ‘you didn’t hear it from me talks.’
anthony already thinks he’s the power behind the throne with a private army.
dane… he’ll talk himself into oblivion soon. notice the twins body language to anthony in the hoh comp. telling the outsiders that if they want sadam out they should win an hoh… that’s not the warm fuzzy talk the underdogs need.

another name

the schlumpy sadsack sounds of the kyra perpetual victim tour. it has a bad beat. you can’t dance to it. just wait for the remix. it’ll have autotuned whimpers and whiny breathing.
seriously… how can someone’s breathing be whiny? but it is.


Chelsea for the win


Dane making a mistake taking out one off his own side this may blow up the PB’s should be going after the other side


How is this “part of the PBs side”? Those ladies are ONLY good for Adam, If anything the way it breaks down is:

Adam – PB Alliance (1st priority) – Sam (2nd priority), Chelsea (3rd priority) +

Dane – PB (1st priority), Este ( 2nd priority), Kiki (3rd priority), Damian (4th priority) Kyra/Cory (5th but more just voting #s)+

Anthony – PB (1st priority), anyone who’ll let him dictate what they do/say is 2nd priority (so this week that has switched to Este/Kiki/Cory) & he’s turned against Chelsea b/c she’s out of power & he heard she said his name as a target +

Mark – is the one PB member who is least likely to stay true to them being F4 – he’d happily drag Kyra & Este to F3 thinking he could beat them & that neither would take each other!

another name

with sam and chelsea still hitching their wagons to adam when they know his ratting to the boys is what got them in trouble in the first place… i think from now on i’ll just refer to them as ofadam1 and ofadam2.
adam’s big plan to save chelsea: tell dane that kyra the comp beast is going to win hoh and go after adam and dane. what could go wrong?


It took less than 10 hours for Chelsea to get over feeling bad about not supporting Kyra. She’s done a 360 & is now hoping Kyra blows up her own game in an effort to save them both. Crazy how a smart lady like Chelsea can buy into Adam not lying (he really has her back over the boys – insert rolling eyes) & throw someone who is 100 percent loyal to her under the bus.

Sam/Chelsea & Adam talking when Kyra walked in just after they said “let them blow up their game” you could tell by Kyra’s face she heard what was said. Chelsea denied it & then tried to make Kyra feel bad for questioning her. Sorry for the Chelsea fans but I hope Kyra ends up blowing up Chelsea’s game b/c she doesn’t deserve this type of loyalty from anyone. We knew the whole “I don’t want to be this type of person, I’m better than this in real life was BS & just a pity party at the time.

Factor in Adam & Sam are playing far too hard (they discussed LYING to Dane that Kyra said she would go after Dane (& Adam) next week which we know will come out – Kyra will admit to saying Adam but will see what her “alliance” is doing to try to bury her & once that happens she’ll tell Dane both Chelsea/Sam want to take out Dane & that Adam knows this.

For Adam, this can only work out bad with the PB group b/c they’ll see how far he will go to save Sam/Chelsea to go against what the guys decided & that won’t bode well for long term trust. If Dane/Anthony & Mark then talk it’ll come out how Adam told Mark he doesn’t like how Anthony flip flops & is so safe & Dane can add in more fuel such as Adam & Dane agreeing Anthony/Mark need to start winning but since Dane is more adept in his delivery the guys will believe Dane over Adam.

I get Adam wanted the best of all worlds but he isn’t smooth enough to navigate getting it especially when he can’t control the ladies in his group.

Sam is intriguing b/c she typifies the female player who just wants any other female who males like out of the house. Chelsea is okay b/c she’s her buddy & Cory is palatable (is it b/c both are in relationships outside the house?) hmmm. Why are Este & Kiki so offensive to Sam? Both Chelsea & Sam use the “deserve to be here” comments more than anyone in the house but don’t account for people throwing comps or the fact that:
1. Este almost beat Chelsea for that HOH
2. Kiki has come close to winning two HOHs & was close in the POV Sam won. By my calculations (although no rewards yet) she’s been closer in more comps than Sam — & that was with both Adam & Kyra helping Sam win the POV.

So how exactly does that make them floaters over Mark, Anthony, Kyra, Cory, Eddie etc lol

Sure could be an interesting week — will Sam start freaking out if Chelsea wins POV? Will Dane put her up? How much will Adam overplay his hand?

Calling for two scoops of DRAMA, please.