“I’m going to placate him so he doesn’t lose his flipped mind then if I win next week. I’m putting up Jamar”

Power of Veto Ceremony results

Maddy used the veto. Sheldon put Minh-ly up as the replacement.

Jamar Lee Removed From ‘Big Brother Canada’

10:50 am Brooke and Sheldon
Brooke mentions how Minh is ignoring her.
Sheldon says all they have to do today is act sad. “You feel sorry that Minh is stirring up all this stuff”
Sheldon – I’m sorry.
Brooke – man if … if Minh can pull off the votes like holy f** I would be so impressed and terrified
Sheldon – yeah
Brooke – I doubt she will but if she does. Colour me impressed.
Sheldon – it’s going to get Ugly
Brooke brings up not being worried about JL. Whatever they tell JL gets to Maddie and Ri. She’s more worried about what the girls will do with the information than what JL will do.

10:54 am Sheldon and Jamar
On Sheldon’s way out of the Expedia room, Jamar is on the way in and almost bumps into him.
Sheldon – hey are we straight? Are we good
Jamar – yeah
Sheldon says people think he’s upset.
Jamar – I’m not pissed at you it just sucks
Sheldon – I hear ya

11:00 am Sue and Brooke
Sue talking about Jamar going nuts saying that if anybody else in our five and doesn’t put up Chris and Kyle he’s going to go Solo.
Brooke – honestly what I’m going to do. I’m just going to tell him Shells already told Minh she’s going up that’s just what is going to happen this week.
Brooke is going to tell Jamar if she wins HOH she will put up Kyle and Chris. “I’m going to placate him so he doesn’t lose his flipped mind then if I win next week. I’m putting up Jamar” (She told Sheldon she plans on not winning HOH)
Sue – the 6 is the most important to me
Sue says that Chris needs to go soon he’s a threat.
Brooke – F*** yeah Chris has got to go
Sue – Chris is a HUGE player I see Jamar’s point
Brooke – JAmar’s gut feeling is right
Brooke says Chris isn’t a problem for them right now Chris in the game will make it easier for them. Eventually, they’ll need to cut him, “two-three weeks maybe”

11:00 am Maddy and Minh
Maddy says she knows Minh is going up “Rianne told me I don’t know how she found out”
Minh – He told me last night. He said I’m not changing my mind I suggest you spend your time campaigning.
Minh – I don’t expect your vote
Maddy – I was thinking about it. It’s hard for me because I really like both of you
Minh – I know Rianne is your number one she’s your girl. But at the same time, you came to me after you said Minh-ly I really want to work with you the house wouldn’t expect it. I think the house now knows we’re cool
Maddy says the only reason they are close to JL is because of Mike.
Maddy says if Minh has the numbers She’ll vote her way
Minh thinks she can get the numbers.
Minh says she’s a strong female that can be a powerful ally in this game, “You know me I’m not a pu$$y”
Minh points out that Brooke and Sheldon are very close. Brooke is intimidated by her.
Minh says Sheldon is playing a “pu$$y game”
Maddy – yeah I said that in the DR
Minh – I’m a shield and I’m not afraid to make BIG moves.
Maddy – if you can get the votes Then. I’ll do it. I’ll be honest if Rianne has the majority I’ll go with her.
Minh counts her potential voters. Carol, Vanessa, Jamar, Chris, Kyle, Hira
Minh says Hira is closer to RI on a personal level but he might be closer to Minh on a Game level.

Minh – If everybody is like f***ing Sheldon kissing certain people’s a$$es that person is going to win.
Minh – I’m brave. I don’t care for Drama I don’t care to make waves I can live with Conflict if it means what’s best.. you know what I mean (HAHAHA)

Minh says Brooke is controlling this HOH and Sue is very close to Brooke now. Minh brings up Sue telling Vanessa to throw the Veto competition.
Minh says Brooke is also trying to get close to Kyle.
Maddy says Kyle is a tough one to read sometimes.
Minh – Maddy you know. You’ve been f*ed by him
Maddy – I want to be the one to get him out so bad (Kyle)
Minh – I have such a master plan. Please keep me just keep me.

4:00 pm House Meeting
Minh – Ok, Basically last night I had a conversation with Sheldon, one on one. Sheldon said to me he’s been hearing in this house that I’ve told multiple people there is a 5 person alliance with Sheldon in it.
Kyle – WHo else is in it
Minh – wait
Minh – the reason I am here today is because I want to get to the bottom of who is spreading rumors and who is creating lies and who is making me out to be the scapegoat.
Minh – If I was lying I wouldn’t be sitting here open for discussion. I’ve been told I created rumors there was a 5 person alliance with Sheldon in it.
Minh – it doesn’t make any f***ing sense.
Minh – Brooke came to me today and said Minh-Ly why are you telling people I told you to throw the competition.
Minh – I was told by yo Vanessa that Brooke came to you and said to throw the comp and both of us looked at each other and said what the f** that doesn’t make any sense
Minh – I thought we had a great relationship Vanessa however it’s come to my attention that someone has poisoned you against me. IN this game it’s divide and conquer
Minh – If you keep me in this house I will go after the number one threat in this house because I am not afraid

Minh says they need to balance out the house and have more than one “Predator” if you have just one predator left in the house it’ll be just like “Pac man”
Sue mentions that Minh told her she has never said to anyone to watch out for Sue, ‘I want to clear the air. Hira has she ever said to watch out for me”
They laugh because it’s true
Kyle now bringing up a three-person alliance Minh had with Kyle and Chris
Kyle – if you had this three-person alliance why did you go to Vanessa the closest person to me in this house and told her you were going to backdoor me next week. And went to everybody to throw the HOH competition
Minh – I never did
Minh asks everybody if she told them to throw the HOH.
Everyone says no or doesn’t answer.
Minh – that is how rumors start in the house

Minh warns them all that Kyle will win this game.
JL – This pitch seems really familiar from last week with a guy named Mike. He said he was going after Chris going after Kyle. The difference was Mike was honest and he didn’t spread rumors around. So I don’t know why we would keep you over him
Jamar – he didn’t spread rumours right.
Jamar asks Kyle “Mike told me that you were going to put me up and on slop
Kyle – Nope I never said up just slop
Jamar – ok so you only said slop

Maddy – it’s been brought to my attention you were a big part of last week with Mike being gone. You told me you were very surprised it was Mikle going up and not you. Did you know that
Minh – I was working with Chris and Kyle and we wanted the four out. The goal of that week was to knock you guys out
Maddy – did you lie to me
Minh – yes at some point I didn’t know what the truth was.
Minh says she was surprised “that wasn’t an act I thought I was going to go home”

Vanessa says she was playing Minh last week
Jamar – Vanessa you playing me
Vanessa – yes, I’m playing the game I’m sorry
Jamar – so when you come into the room and say I like you I want to work with you that’s all lies.. Be honest?
VAenssa – I do like you and if we could work together I would like to but you are outing yourself very badly in this situation.
Jamar brings up Vanessa pulling him to the side saying she doesn’t want to be attached to Kyle anymore, “You said that you don’t want to be in his pocket”
Vanessa – the story I had to spin to you is the same as Minh
Jamar – everything you said to me is a lie you don’t want to go against Kyle
Vanessa – we’re together, Yes

Minh calls Kyle a liar 1 thousand percent.
Jamar – this is fake f*ing sh1t don’t come lying to me it’s disrespectful. lines pretty f*ing clear bro
Jamar getting pissed “Fake sh1t bro goddamn.. put we’re playing a game right a f**ing game.”

Jamar to Chris – you always say I’m your boy.. I’m your boy. you lying to me you playing me to?
Chris – I said I liked you man. WE’re boys man..
Jamar – what about when you say you want to work with me you lying about that to?
Chris – Jamar we’re at the pool table you bring up us working together. I like you sure

Jamar starts yelling at Maddy (Vanessa I think) “Playing the victim sh1t.. Crocodile tears”
Kyle – why are you trying to intimidate people
Jamar denies he does says he’s not getting into the girl’s face.
VAnessa calls him out for being ridiculous
Jamar – I can say whatever the f* I want. Someone, please make me shut up.. please.
Jamar – I’m being played that’s not respect. I was f***ing played and I have the right to be upset.
Minh’s final pitch is that she’ll go after Kyle, Vanessa and shady people

Jamar gets up – Muscles don’t do nothing bro they do nothing in here and they don’t do anything outside. You feeling me
Jamar – you feeling me
Kyle laughs “Ohh scary”
4:32 pm – Jamar to Kyle “when you have a f**ing .45 in your F****g face .. Pu$$y a$$ N$$$” (Yikes)
Kyle says nobody in this house is scared of him he’s not the one running around being a tough guy
Jamar – shut the f*** up hommie

Jamar apologizes to Vanessa for getting heated. Says he would never hit someone in the house.
Kyle – It’s the psychological intimidation
Minh – that’s just the way he talks
Kyle – but that the way she (Nessa) takes it should she not feel that way
Jamar brings up Kyle saying he made the whole house feel uncomfortable, “I asked the house and that’s not true”
Jamar – we already know you lost that one
Kyle laughs
Jamar – with your goofy a$$ bro. You’re a goofy a$$
Jamar warns the house about Kyel and Vanessa say they’re playing everyone, “It’s all a lie”
Jamar again says Vanessa came into his room saying she doesn’t want to be in Kyle’s pocket attached to him “Looks she just admitted she’s playing me so whatever she’s saying to you, you , you, you everybody they’re playing you”

Jamar – we’re in here FAM if we were out here we already know what would happen… BOOM… Muscles don’t help you in here muscles don’t help you outside of here all that weight training just to get POPPED
Kyle – Jamar, you actually can get kicked out of this game for saying that
Kyle – you just told me I’m going to get Shot he just said “POW” what does that mean
Jamar – people do gunshots in big brother all the time .. POW POW POW POW
Jamar gets called into the Diary room
Kyle – he can’t be talking like that.
Carol – you can’t say you are going to POP somebody when they get out of the house.

“I’m going to placate him so he doesn’t lose his flipped mind then if I win next week. I’m putting up Jamar”
Vanessa says Minh told her if she was Sue’s boyfriend she would break up with her in a heartbeat.
Minh – Are you serious that’s disgusting
Vanessa – because she’s flirting with all the guys this and that
Minh claims it was a lie.
Sue says Minh has lost her vote calls her a liar.

5:40 pm Feeds are down.

9:40 pm Feeds down.

11:08 pm Feeds still down.

2:25am The live feeds are still blocked..

Tuesday 17th @ 11:44 am Still down yo

Feeds return at 3:30 pm on Tuesday. Jamar has been removed from the game for the above threats.

Official statement from BBCAN

Insight Productions has made the difficult decision to remove a houseguest as a result of behaviour which occurred that was a breach of the Big Brother house rules.

We at Global and Insight Productions take the rules of this competition seriously and with respect to all houseguests past and present, the confines of the Big Brother house can be trying, sometimes leading to a clash of opinions and emotions in an isolated environment. We handle these situations with care and caution, protecting the well-being of our houseguests and ensuring the integrity of this long-standing production.

“I take full responsibility for my actions – I lost my cool and that’s not okay. I’ve always stood behind what I believe in and I’m sorry if I let people down,” said Jamar Lee. “I want to thank everyone for their love and support, it really means a lot…this isn’t the last of me! You feel me?”

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Only the most exciting season EVER!

This is getting good!


Ming has no clue – she is taking people at face value & believing they will vote to keep her NOT ONE is telling her the truth. It’s a lose-lose scenario for both Ming and the viewers b/c if she did we’d get plenty of drama b/c then she could blow up the KVBS alliance – and she does know a lot of stuff between overhearing things in her stealth mode on the stairs (the Kyle/Shel/Nessa convo about KVBS) plus Vanessa, Carol, Chris, Kyle, Sue & Jamar have ALL told her secrets.

There is plenty of tea to spill (come on production let’s amp this up so she finds out the truth).

So fun arbitrary question for Monday with boring feeds —- IF the powers that be planted a secret veto for Ming to find who would she nominate in her place?

1. Kyle
2. Brooke
3. Vanessa (after she figures out the double-cross & planting all her lies on Ming)
4 other (who?)

I know it’s unlikely to happen but a girl can dream.

Have a great and safe day all.

P.S. – if you had to bet who will be the first one to tell Ming that EVERYONE knew before the nomination ceremony that Ming was going up? I’m torn between Jamar telling her & someone arbitrary like Sue or Carol just to cause conflict or Angie (just to rub it in).


As per above – Vanessa was the first to tell her no one is voting for her that they are all lying (how ironic).

Fruit Loop Dingus

Minh’s lies aren’t going to save her! Too many, too late! Oh boy, is this greeeeat! Get to steppin,


Ming to Hira, Carol and Angie ————–(as part of her pitch on why they should keep her a strong, smart unafraid competitor)

“We’re playing Big Brother – this isn’t the Brady Bunch!”

LMAO (man – she’s a trip – she might be a loose cannon but she’s an entertaining cannon)


Ming has a conversation with Brooke & Hira in the bathroom (Camera 3 starts –just look for Brooke/Hira/Ming in the bathroom).

Ming asks them if they heard she was the one spreading that Sheldon was in a 5 person alliance – Brooke says yes & Ming tells her it wasn’t her. THEN Brooke tells her four different people told me you told them I said to throw the comp. Ming says yes I believed you said that b/c that’s what I was told. They have an amicable conversation but it comes out that VANESSA WAS THE ONE WHO TOLD HER & THAT NESSA SAID BROOKE CANNOT BE TRUSTED & IS SHADY.

They continue with Ming saying she believes that Brooke is telling the truth & Ming has figured out FINALLY that Nessa screwed her & probably b/c of the other rumor she got painted with about the 5 person alliance she knows either of Chris or Sue were the ones who said that. They end with Ming saying she plans on calling a house meeting.

Immediately afterward Brooke downloads to Sheldon & tells him she believes Ming about Nessa & Shel also tells her Kyle confirmed Ri would put him up.

Ming made the mistake of telling Brooke/Hira she was going to call a house meeting instead of just doing it b/c then Sheldon warned Nessa. That sucks b/c for the viewers house meetings (read: fights) like Christie – Nick in BBUS 21 are great viewing. Sheldon’s need to control the game is smart but sucks for the viewer (and will also bite him in the end)

My guess is Ming is going to come away from this feeling shattered by all the people who painted her with their lies & will lie about telling her. She’s going to be hurt by Vanessa especially (but also likely by Carol, Chris & Sue who she thought were working with her).

Moral of the story – when you lie (and get caught) too early – the boy who cried wolf is in full motion especially in Big Brother.


Not sure the house meeting did anything to help Ming – and it definitely HURT Jamar b/c of how he reacted to being played by Vanessa.

Takeaways from meeting:

* Ming got Vanessa to confirm she was playing her
* Kyle outed a F3 with Chris/Ming (but she said they were just working with each other) until…..
*Ming noted she shared a personal moment with Kyle b/c she wasn’t feeling well/tired & b/c he usually came in & woke her she asked him not to on that night — implying it was a genuine moment & he agreed. Then he purposely came in with Maddy/Ri (others?) super loud waking the entire room & made her out to be like she was a drama queen. She said right then she knew he did that setting her up for the future to use that against her & knew she couldn’t trust him.
* Kyle was IMHO super condescending at different times trying to deflect
*Chris looked scared sh*tless and his “TELL” is super obvious as long as he has his shirt off (he constantly flexes)
*Jamar lost it b/c he got confirmation Kyle/Vanessa were playing him & he didn’t take it well. He specifically called out Vanessa for saying she wanted to distance herself from Kyle & work with Jamar but he got both Kyle/Vanessa to admit he told her do/say anything she could but that the TWO of them are TIGHT & nothing she or he says about the other is true.
NOTE: Jamar got so heated he made possibly implied hurting Kyle (see below). I didn’t take him seriously but I can see how it could be taken that way & the feeds have been down forever since it so there is the possibility he’ll be asked to leave or to apologize depending on how serious BB took it.
* Vanessa was visibly nervous (apparently was crying beforehand & told Ming not to hold the meeting). At the end after Jamar went to the DR she called out Ming for a personal comment made about Sue (her boyfriend & family being ashamed) Ming stated it was a blatant lie but Sue believed Vanessa. At this point, it’s hard to know who is telling the truth but Ming owned pretty much anything she lied about so it did seem like Nessa pulled that out or embellished something else that was said. Each of Sue, Nessa & Kyle told Ming she did not have their vote.
*SEVERAL times it was asked who brought this “5 person alliance thing to Sheldon” (Chris & Sue both squirmed) NO ONE ANSWERED even after others repeatedly tried to find out who said it (JL asked twice). And Sheldon REFUSED to participate -stating I’m not answering any questions. Immediately afterward Brooke/Shel went upstairs and said “THAT was GOOD for us” b/c they believe it pushes them down the target list
* Also of note Carol, Chris, Vanessa, Kyle & Sue all looked SUPER nervous (meaning they had the most to hide).
Feeds have been down since — there MAY be repercussions for Jamar depending on how that comment was taken by TPTB or how much Kyle complains.

Dropping this quick so apologies for any errors
went back to try to catch that exchange with Jamar/Kyle
Jamar: “What we eating for dinner tonight?
Kyle: Are you gonna cook?
Jamar: yeah I’ll cook – I’ll help you – you help me?
Kyle: hotdogs
Jamar Mac & cheese = the best Mac & cheese
Kyle I’ll help you (kissing sound – I think Kyle blew him kisses)
Jamar: Don’t blow me no kiss.This guy is a joker for real. We only here fam, because outside of here we already know what happens. boom. Muscles don’t help you in here, muscles don’t help you outside. All that weight training just to get popped. (he sings & extended the word poooooooooppppppppppped).
Kyle: Jamar you can actually get kicked out of that game for saying that.
Jamar: I’m not saying nothing. I’m just saying muscles don’t help you in here & muscles don’t help you outside of here.
(someone – I think Carol says) well I sure hope there is no repercussions outside of the house for a game that were playing ….
Jamar: I’m not saying nothing – Big Brother – I’m not saying nothing – I’m just an innocent…
Kyle: you just told me I’m gonna get shot
Jamar: I’m not saying you’re gonna get shot.
Kyle: You just said pow what does that mean?
Jamar: You know how many people on here do gun shot noises? They do it on Big Brother all the time they go pow, pow, pow (he imitates someone with fingers firing) & BB makes the sound effects.
(someone – I think Carol again says) No they don’t (yeah they have)
BB: Jamar please go to the diary room
Kyle: who?
Others: Jamar
Kyle: YEAH NO SH*T – that was ridiculous man.

Gun Jammers

When Jamar said, “boom” he made a gun gesture with his hand

Bye Jamar

i hope production kicks Jamar out, ya cant make threats outside the game about another player getting shot. Jamar is an idiot, he looked like a damn fool in the house meeting, now he looks like a psycho killer.

another name

So…. what did I miss? Oh.

Last Night
Oh. okay from catch ups I learned last night Sheldon told Brooke he wasn’t married to Minh going home. Only way that wouldn’t happen is if he didn’t renom her, realistically, so he might not be married to it, but he definitely put a ring on it. Minh really sucked at fake tears when Sheldon informed her she was going up.

Brooke believed Minh’s explanation of the veto comment and the other accusations and insults that were actually Vanessa using Minh as her shield.
This won’t last long because Sheldon is prepping both Vanessa and Kyle for a coming house meeting, and already told people don’t believe anything Minh has to say when he informed them she was going up.
And here we are: a House meeting. POPCORN. Minh, following her Veronica Plur strategy has called a house meeting hours after being put on the block. Oh… this will go well.
If the house is actually listening:
Gee Vanessa. Telling everyone you are obviously working with Kyle. Carol, Maddie, Ri should definitely look up and say oh crap. So should Hira. Chris should be worried about telling Vanessa he’d lost a lot of trust in Kyle. If the house is listening they should be wondering why Vanessa led a charge to flip the vote and go after Kyle last week. I doubt it will be much of a thing. It SHOULD be.
Keep eating popcorn Angie, you don’t have anything to contribute. They’re talking game. Just a free observation.
Post house meeting thought:
Where I grew up POP meant punch someone in the face, not shoot (yes I’m aware of the pop as shoot reference I don’t live under a rock, but if someone said pop in my frame of reference i’d have assumed punch). That’s my take on Jamar and Kyle. But I’m sure Kyle will be running to the house saying he fears for his life to play post argument victim. Jamar did NOT help Minh in that meeting. I don’t think he actually meant to help her to be honest, I think he was trying to use it for his own game. That didn’t work either. Jamar might have been saying in hyperbole the shooting reference… but i immediately thought punch. Maybe my bad there. My observation: Kyle was very much trying to find an opening where Jamar would take a swing so that he could get Jamar out. He’s discussed trying to come up with ways to get Jamar to be d/q and removed in conversations for a week. Sheldon liked the idea too, so that he doesn’t actually have to tell Jamar he played him. Jamar was going to get riled up in this meeting to make it the Jamar show. Three more listens. it was most likely my bad. lol. I think I was wrong thinking punch.

Overall Thought
IF you call a house meeting (never call a house meeting): If nobody is nodding and agreeing with you during the meeting, you better hope you aren’t on the block. Oh. Whoops.


Go back and listen on cam 4…
You missed the part when Jamar said he would put a .45 in Kyle’s face.
It happened right before the “Pu$$y a$$ N$$$” comment.

another name

Like any of this Jamar / Kyle and shoot stuff makes episode. I mean seriously, if they didn’t air Schlumpy eeyore plotting to get one of the women drunk so that they could take advantage of her without having to worry about consent last season… they ain’t touching this. I know i’m being naive, but I generally think almost everything Jamar says is a 50/50 split of total bullshit and bravado. This isn’t me making excuses for Jamar, this is me seriously asking how anyone takes anything out of his mouth seriously. Tbh, I don’t feel him.


Jamar 100% threatened Kyle.
But I don’t think he would do anything for real… he’s all talk.

another name

That’s what i’m saying. he’s bullshit and bravado when he speaks. three hour feed block isn’t necessary for bullshit and bravado big talk.


Jamar is just show. He talks and acts big but he’s a scared little boy who has delusions of grandeur. He would be crying if he was in a real fight. He couldn’t accept that someone played him in a game of big brother….The guy needs to be removed and sent to a psychiatric ward.

another name

When feeds go down for this long the past culprits have been:
comp. NOPE.
somebody found a hidden room. OH COME ON.
Somebody has thrown an absolute hissy fit and production is calling each houseguest in to attempt to play business as usual.

MY LOGIC: if you have spoken on feeds numerous times about intentionally committing actions in order to get a specific houseguest to be ejected from the show… can you as a complainant be taken seriously when that houseguest says something that could potentially get them tossed? I’m seriously asking because it could be considered a boy that cried wolf situation to me, since Kyle has repeatedly said he would love to see Jamar get tossed out.

another name

seven hours now. anyone have that jozea guess feeds are done gif?

another name

At this point, production is just milking a short term feed cut in order to get feed watchers on social media hyping themselves into a tizzy. Yeah, at the 9 hour mark, I’m thinking oh, so we’re being bamboozled a little by this feed cut in order to manipulate our perceptions, and create an underdog? Not the first time feed cuts like this have happened without some form of all is well notification from the bb social media account. Last season they were pretty quick to jump on to social media when the house guests, and therefore the feed watchers were discussing and hyping someone cheating in a veto comp. Yeah, okay, I’m trying hard not to be conspiracy guy. I blame boredom.

another name

Thirteen hour point. Company, network, and program wigs will be arriving to work in the next couple of hours. If this is a case of ‘what do we do… shut down feeds until we know what we’re gonna do’ then feeds should return between 9-10am eastern time. If this is just a case of Big brother Canada being Big Brother Canada and blocking feeds because they can block feeds… who knows when they will return. I’ve slept. gotten up. more than once. going back to sleep.

another name

…. staff were watching the house meeting, said ‘we’re coming into work instead of social distancing at home for these little assholes?’, turned off the feeds and went home?

another name

I sent them an email asking them to release some form of statement on social media, not much more I can do. I was even nice about it. haha.

Fruit Loop Dingus

House meeting was a dud. Minh did nothing to help herself…shocker. Feeds down for over five hours now. W. T. F.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Feeds down 15 hours at this point. People are saying Ontario is being shut down because of Corona virus and the season will be cancelled. Quite shitty that bbcan hasn’t released a statement or a tweet or something. What a mess…

Guy From Canada

If your work shuts down, kick it like bbcan5 and bring back the kraken hour? Or not enough traffic for that? I have to admit, the slow decent into madness and watching the turnip interview unfold was priceless

Fruit Loop Dingus

Sorry to hear, Simon. Still hope you and everyone is safe.

It may still happen, who really knows. Feeds down for over 20 hours now. Inconceivable that global or bbcan hasn’t issued a statement. Why the hell did we sign petitions to keep bbcan around, if this is what they’re going to do?


I just checked the Global TV site and the show is going to continue. The cast have been informed of the Coronavirus outbreak. All have chosen to stay. Just saw this minutes ago. 12:30 pm Alberta time

another name

I’d say this never would have happened if they’d stayed on slice instead of being on Global, but I remember the great feed outage of season 2 that happened after Paul called Andrew a racist. Wasn’t this long, but I remember it.

another name

ET Canada states that Jamar was removed. statement released 25 minutes ago.


So what happens with the Noms now? I need Minh gone

another name

The house doesn’t seem to be aware of how things will move forward in regard to this week, and nothing in any statement released gave any indication. so I’m shrugging. don’t know.

Chris and Kyle need to go


another name

Remember when Jackie and Dre made hand guns and the show added gunshot sound effects? Or when Karen made double finger machine guns…. and the show added gunshot sound effects? just saying.

no no no

That was in context of within the game. Jamar’s context was outside the game. just saying

another name

All i’m saying is the hand gesture which was sited as the issue has not been an issue before. It’s been used for dramatic effect. Personally, tbh, I’m not supporting Jamar’s action and I wasn’t really a fan of his game. It was bravado in my opinion. I’m pointing out that in this situation we have people that talked about getting the hothead to pop off in order to get him ejected on feeds more than once, and the same people are sited as feeling uncomfortable in the official statements. That context makes me think it’s a questionable situation.


3:18 pm EST – feeds finally back

Brooke's dirty saggy pink jammies

Simon, do you think there will be an eviction this week since Jamar is gone?


So far – I’ve seen Brooke, Hira, Sue, Sheldon in HOH & Chris, JL, Vanessa, Angie, and Kyle in downstairs kitchen/table area. Ming walked by to go to DR.

So only ones I haven’t seen yet are Maddy, Ri Ri, & Jamar. Something tells me Jamar is gone.

EDITED TO ADD: JAMAR IS GONE — front page of feeds (home) released a statement (Simon posted it above).

Interesting side note: Ming was going to DR & Kyle made some comment at the table about her probably being spoken to by production. It sounded like he said something about her writing something down & that not being legal. Maybe for a comp or maybe to keep track of days. They immediately cut the feeds in kitchen/dining area.

So — if they end up evicting Ming too – this season will go from being interesting to boring overnight.


Exactly, I’m not saying they were the best players and I know many aren’t fans of them but they make/made feeds interesting. Guess we’ll see b/c it sounds like TPTB are still deciding whether there will be an eviction this week or not.


Vanessa is right back trying to get others to target Brooke (speaking to Chris/Carol) about it. They are talking to Carol about who talks to her & how people open up & tell her everything. I find that interesting b/c Carol for me is someone I didn’t like (as a player) upfront. After yesterday she’d never be someone I’d trust or work with b/c she has actively said Kyle should go but in the house meeting was the first to defend him (and shrank into the couch when JL kept asking who spread the 5 person alliance rumor). And if you watch her when she gets information/secrets it’s all she can do to stop herself from RUNNING to tell the person the intel is about. I’ve never liked rats in the game and for me, she is the embodiment of a rat. Unfortunately, she’ll likely be in the house a long time b/c no one views her as a threat.

They mentioned “the girls” Ri Ri & Maddy & also noted Ming opened up to Carol BUT — when discussing what people would do if they won HOH. Chris made a solid point about Sue saying she hasn’t come close (probably isn’t trying to win) & he’d love to see what she would do — what side she would align with since everyone sees her as floating in the middle.

They never mentioned Ming winning so I’m not sure if eviction will proceed as planned. If not presumably, Ming will try to align with Maddy, Ri Ri (the people she wanted out initially lol) & maybe try to fix things with Brooke & Sheldon and I would think try to work with Hira/JL now that Jamar is gone. I can’t imagine she would ever work with Kyle again & b/c of how close he is to Chris that might eliminate their ties. But who knows – stranger things have happened. If she’s smart she’ll go to Brooke and play up Vanessa burying Brooke constantly and saying she has to go & offer to be loyal to Brooke/Shel b/c no one would expect it.

Vanessa is also complaining about Kyle’s 2-faced game – how he was complaining about Ming & today is hugging her telling her “it’s all love”.

Anyway – without Ming on the screen & Jamar gone these are boring feeds. Plus any time anyone mentions Jamar feeds stop — so going back to work. Have a safe and healthy day all.

another name

After Kyle jokes around about thinking Minh called the meeting to say she has a secret power, he then says not only does he control the game, but he also has a secret power.
Minh sound leak in and out. Asking Canada to give their vote to her, because Canada deserves better. context unknown.
The five out alliance minus Jamar are sitting in the HOH but there doesn’t appear to be any game being discussed. Shift to Chris meeting with Carol and Angie.
A few minutes later, Sheldon in colour bedroom is telling those present what types of comps they want moving forward so that they have more control of the game. This is after Chris has spoken to Carol about how nobody will suspect her (I suspect nobody will suspect her of being a spy?), and Sue has entered saying she is fired up (okay babysabs, who is annoying you THIS time).
Vanessa is complaining that last night Kyle was saying everyone in the house is disgusting, and now he’s hugging everyone. BIG eyeroll that Vanessa is back to this crap after admitting she and Kyle are together, and Kyle saying he gave her permission to say what she needed to say about him. No really…. can anyone take her seriously anymore? Are they that dumb? Vanessa’s game is to go into a room, say ‘man i hate insert name, we need to get them out.’ when the person she is talking to agrees, she runs around saying ‘they’re targeting insert name.’ It’s not a bad strategy, but because of yesterday, I don’t know how anyone would buy it anymore.
MInh and Kyle now discussing how she got played by him and Vanessa. Minh says there is no guarantee she (Minh) will still be here as of Thursday. Minh says paranoia got to her in the game. Is she trying to play Kyle? Or is she just being minh and a minh gonna minh?
Sheldon and Vanessa, in another room say Minh’s idea was good but execution was bad for the house meeting…. while crazyeyes is off meditating or fantasizing about women’s tennis and studying departure times.

This is pretty much what is going on. The houseguests, as per an Angie comment, don’t seem to know if there will be a vote on Thursday.

Edited side note: Former house guests seem to be calling bullshit on the ejection on social media. Guess they won’t be getting special appearances.

zandrene gordon

Kyle is a big disgusting bully.

Peter Holeczek

So happy to see that arrogant little pr**k get tossed.