“When Jams left yesterday Minh was like but we never got to have s$x”

Sue to the house meeting on Monday at 4 pm the feeds were down for close to 24 hours. During the house meeting, Jamar lost his temper and proceeded to threaten Kyle. Production removed him from the game. Feeds were off for almost 24 hours more could have happened we just don’t know. A great many people on twitter disagree with productions decision. I’ve captured the bulk of house meeting conversation here. Keep in mind we won’t know what really happened until the show tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure the vote is still on for Thursday. There was an audio leak with Minh asking Canada for their vote. Maybe Jamar’s vote will be given to Canada. The houseguests are still talking like they are not sure if there’s is an eviction or not.

4:30 pm Maddy, Vanessa and Ri getting ready
Maddy – When Jams left yesterday Minh was like but we never got to have sex
Ri – why would you even say that.

4:44 pm Angie and Sheldon HOH
Talking about Minh is “laying low” now but there’s no point because the house meeting blew everything up.
Sheldon brings up Minh asking him how she did in the house meeting he told her for her game out of ten she did a zero
They laugh
They start talking about yesterday’s drama Feeds cut.

4:48 pm Minh laying low.

4:55 pm Maddy and Rianne
Maddy wonders if “They” win HOH what would they do (Sue, Chris, Kyle)
Ri – I don’t know, like who would be in danger. Maybe use one of us as a pawn more me than you
Maddy agrees says with sue she would go up not Rianne.
Ri – I think Carol is with us.. I hope
Angie comes by. Rianne asks “If you won HOH what would your plan me”
Angie – I want to know 100% that she’s gone because then I can move forward right.
Ria says if they won HOH Angie would not see the block.
Angie says the same.
Ri – we’re nervous to go into next week (be the pawns again)
Angie doesn’t think that will happen mentions JL was a target the first week but now he’s not.

5:02 pm Sue and Chris
Sue is talking about targeting JL, Maddy and Ri aren’t threats to her. Says she would put up two pawns then backdoor JL.
Sue says she would put up Maddy but not Ri “we have a good relationship”
Chris says he’s heard people saying that Hira wants either Chris or Kyle out.
The talk about jury votes.. (LOL) Both didn’t’ want Jamar in the jury because he was too emotional.
Chris says Kyle is taking all the heat for his HOH and he wants to keep it that way.
Sue calls Minh mean. She brings up Minh lying during the house meeting.
Sue says she wants Kyle to be around she wants to see him play.
Chris says Kyle has been exposed a bit. Adds that keeping Kyle is good for them right now.
Chris says he’s been watching Kyle and can almost tell when he’s lying. He’s close to figuring out Kyle’s tells.

5:13 pm JL and Hira
The guys are claiming to Maddy there’s a sign in the sand room a veto. Apparenlty this was JL’s trick
Maddy – it looks like bird poo..

6:00 pm Sheldon and Brooke
Sheldon saying the best case for the next week is if Kyle wins the HOH. “Same thing goes for Vanessa. If someone like Hira wins it’ll be Kyle and Vanessa on the block if Kyle wins the veto he’s coming down Vanessa is going up and Chris would go home”
Sheldon – all we would have to do is amitnain.. just do whatever we are doing Play everybody
Sheldon – if Maddy or Ri win it’s going to be Kyle and Vanessa to start and we’ll just reassure Kyle and Vanessa. One of them will win the veto.
Brooke – we’re not going to be the replacement nominee..
Sheldon – if Vanessa wins the veto Chris goes up
Brooke – we send home Chris
Sheldon – let’s say Ri is HOH. the magic number is five. Ri, Hira are sending home Kyle.
They laugh
Sheldon – that’s it
Brooke – JL might
Sheldon – Canessa, Carol, Sue
Brooke – Carol has the possibility of flipping not with the vote but she’ll try to do something that is relevant
Sheldon – if we blindside send home Chris and with Hira we would have to try and tell him YO lets send home Chris.. He’s OK with sending Chris home
Brooke is going to “draw a hard line” say “Hey, he (Chris) put us on the block Kyle didn’t”
Sheldon – if JL wins next week we aren’t touching the block he’s putting up Sue and I think Carol.
Brooke – maybe Chris and Carol
Sheldon – he told me Sue and Carol.

6:15 pm Sue, Brooke and Sheldon
Sue saying that Chris is going to go after Hira and JL.
They agree they should be fine going into next week.
Sheldon brings up Carol talking to Minh. Says that Carol was an informant for him this week. Adds when Carol’s time comes to go they’ll let her go. says that Carol will continue to do what is least scary for her, “Follow along”

6:18 pm Hira and Angie make an alliance.
Hira tells her he wants to be her number 1
Angie – I think we can

They wonder if there will be an eviction tonight.
Angie says if Minh stays she’s going after her.
They agree it would be a waste shot to take out Minh at this point.

8:00 pm Kyle, Vanesa and Carol
They still don’t know if there will be an eviction this week.
Kyle wonders why Minh hasn’t started to put in work, “She’s kinda dead in the water I guess”
Kyle adds that Minh told him she didn’t know if there would be a vote or not on Thursday.
Kyle leaves.
Carol – why does Brooke bother me so much? What does that say about me?
Carol says as a “Pan Sexual” person she should feel some sort of affinity to Brooke
Vanessa – I feel the same
Carol – she’s ultra manipulative under the radar. Like Minh and other people they do it to your face
Carol – I can’t stand anybody who just hangs off the guys.. I don’t know why it just bugs me
Vanessa – the stuff with the hoh room is just plain ignorant and it’s annoying
Carol says Brooke needs to leave Sheldon alone, “And sheldon needs to get some balls too and tell Brooke they need to talk to people alone
Vanessa – if she ever gets HOH i’ll just die. It’ll be so stupid
Vanessa – her and Sheldon think they are MASTERMINDS in this game.
Carol – I know
Vanessa – when she tried to moderate the argument she thinks she’s way above us all it’s so annoying
Carol – she’s the political correctness police
Vanessa – YES
Carol – the first two days I really liked her
Carol says that first impressions aren’t everything

10:15 pm Kyle and Minh
Minh to Kyle “Do your impression”
Kyle – I’m not doing the Jamar impression
Minh – you’re over it
Kyle – I can’t do that it’s disrespectful
Minh – you’ll never do it again?
Kyle – never

10:17 pm Brooke and Sheldon
Brooke – there’s a short story I recently read that I think you’ll like. It’s called Chess..
Brooke – I’m not really worried about anything and yesterday I was panicked. I truly believe us lying our a$$es off is paying off
Brooke – everyone is going to hate us.
Sheldon says the best case scenario is Vanessa, Sue, and Kyle winning the HOH’s
Sheldon – we’re 100% ok unless Rianne wins.
Brooke – yeah, even then I think we’re Okay if Rianne wins
Brooke says she’s been asked some weird stuff in the Diary Room, “I want to talk to you about it but I can’t”
Sheldon – I mean there are ways of telling me what you are concerned about without telling me.
Sheldon – random question, do you think Vanessa and Kyle are as loyal to us as we are to them
Brooke – No
Sheldon – do you think they are doing the same thing we are doing
Brooke – they are in a different position I feel their position is kinda like more dangerous to us. We’re using their target level to shield us. I think they are loyal. It’s just I will never underestimate Kyle. He is loyal because he knows his best path forward is with us

Brooke says the one person that can completely pull the wool over their eyes is Kyle
Brooke – but it’s just not in his best interest.
Brooke says she’s been called into the Diary room the last couple days and she’s not sure if she’s part of the story.
Sheldon says Vanessa is a telling liar brings up how Kyle was ready to cut her out of the alliance.

11:00 pm Hira and Sheldon
Hira says everyone is saying Kyles name but some reason Kyle is targeting him.
Hira – he’s very threatened by me.. like a lot I’ve felt that was since the first week now
Hira hopes he wins win HOH before Kyle does.
Hira brings up Kyle working on people to get a reaction “He was able to get a reaction out of Jamar”
Hira – he can’t get it out of me ever I don’t know who else. Maybe Minh. That’s a tactic he deploys cause a little bit of drama.
Hira – I’m after him and I know he’s after me
Sheldon says if Kyle doesn’t win HOH next week anyone will put him up
Hira – would be tough for Brooke or Sue .. You got to make those moves. If you don’t make them now you make them later than you are going to get caught
Hira – I’m with you guys 100% I’m not turning against that anytime.

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Guy From Canada

Interesting…..so according to Twitter Kyle threaten to snap Jams in half. Then Jams poorly says muscles don’t mean anything if the other guy has a gun. Kyle instigated and Jams went too far….but did he actually threaten to kill him or say poorly dont be a bully cause you have muscles? Feeds are spotty, then off for 24 hours, when back Jams is out of the house and an apology message is on the bbcan website from Jams.

From what is seen from the video clips, “Lyle ” instigated and Jams didnt communicate his point in an articulate manner back. Kyle takes advantage of that, hom and Vanessa say theh feel unsafe and Jams gets the boot.

Since this is the African Canadian getting in trouble people are blowing up over race. I agree that this should have been a warning, sit down and defuse the situation. Kyle had no consequences to his actions, and Jams did.

Simon from your perspective did Kyle instigate ?


Perhaps, based only on what we saw. The thing is, we don’t know how much further things went in the Diary Room. I agree however, that Kyle is a skillful instigator.


Also.. We’ve seen Kyle be a total aggressive douche bag.. And we’ve only really seen Jamar be a goof.


I’m glad Jamar is gone. He’s a goof. Too bad Kyle wasn’t evicted too. He’s a bully and a jerkbag. Sooner he goes, the better.

another name

General feeling about today:

Brooke is coming to the realization very slowly that her KVBS alliance’s moves are all an effort to protect Kyle (even though she was pushing for the same moves to be made because, well, I’ve already given my impression of Brooke’s motivations being informed by personal experiences with other women more than game before). This completely flies in the face of the let Kyle fight his own battles tone of Thursday night buuut…. Oh well, maybe she’d have seen the house dynamic and her own alliance’s dynamic for herself before, if she hadn’t spent the ENTIRE WEEK in the HOH room. She Loveita’d herself by proxy.
That entire Sheldon and Brooke are one person crap would be on MY radar if I were in the house. I mean, just because they don’t get tinkly piano, i’d be calling them the social isolation showmance (no inappropriate touching).

I don’t see why Minh is trying to mend fences within the house… but that’s my general feeling on what she’s doing. Trying to mend fences has the people that would have voted her out anyway, but might have strung her along for a bit saying ‘meh, why bother.’ Trying to mend fences with the people that would vote her out without pretending they might save her has just gotten her labelled MORE of a liar. I can only assume that the action is being made in case the eviction is cancelled and she doesn’t win HOH. She’d still be booted next anyway, but maybe then she wouldn’t be dealing with an HOH that secured her eviction a day and a half before putting her on the block. And she could hold another house meeting. How much worse could another one go? Too soon?

Kyle. his ego is growing exponentially. you can actually see it as he speaks to anyone on the feeds. Considering just how much of an ego he has had, watching it get more pronounced is quite something.

I’ve yet to see Vanessa and Chris speak privately or for any extended period of time. Instead Vanessa is back to her grab bag, only this time she’s using Carol to badmouth Brooke instead of Minh ly to badmouth Kyle. I give it a day or two at the most before it’s floated back that Carol has it in for Brooke. Throw in a comment or two to push Sue’s buttons against somebody, and she’s right back in the swing. She really shouldn’t be. She should be circling the bowl in terms of game right about now, but that’s not what’s happening. Are east coasters the equivalent of midwest blondes on bbus or something?

Why do so many women in big brother want to be the Ika. she was fourth evicted her first season, and came in third her second season. Me… I’d be trying to emulate all the winners, and twist their strategies to fit my own ability and personality, all the while talking complete and utter shit about every single other houseguest while in the d/r whether they wanted to hear it or not (situationally scripted for storyline d/r be damned i say), so that the real me comes out. That’s just me I guess.

HIra makes a final 2 with Angie. give me a minute. i’m still eyerolling and shaking my head typing that. nope. need another minute. Looked away from the screen, looked back and saw the sentence again. Yeah, THAT’S the alliance to watch. oi. Hira needs to get out of his own way. Angie, oh god love a duck. Okay. So they’ve made an alliance. Hira is pumping up his comp ability… and we’re still waiting for Angie to extol her contribution to the superduo. Oh wait, I’ve got it, her contribution to the duo is saying that Hira is safe with Chris and Kyle. ummmm. oh. gee. About that…. grimace.

And that’s pretty much my take away from today. Well that and it’s a little bit ridiculous that the house doesn’t know if they are having an eviction or not.

Tom is a Canuck

Kinda sick and fed up watching Brooke and Sheldon cloistered in the HOH room micro analyzing the game. Doesn’t Sheldon feel smothered by Brooke? I’m surprised nobody has confronted them about it. Why doesn’t he kick her out? He seems overly dependent on her. He seems a completely different person than his wrestling bio video.

I’m also surprised at how manipulative Kyle the national champion power lifter is. This former addict and dedicated family man has kept his strong bond with Sheldon and Vanessa despite being called out several times by other houseguests.

another name

re: Kyle. national champion power lifter? Is there another organization besides the can. powerlifting union?

Frustrated with the decision

I think Jamar should have just got a warning. And Kyle should have gotten a warning for threatening to snap Jamar in half! Wow, really unfair. Really annoyed…


Can’t believe BB evicted Jamar. He should have been given a warning. This season is shaping up to be another bad one…

Bb fan

I don’t think Jams would have actually done anything, but i do agree with productions choice to take him out of the game.
That being said i cant stand Kyle or Vanessa they are both instigators. Especially Kyle he purposely pushed his buttons trying to get Jams to snap. I hope Kyle got some sort of warning and i hope he and vanessa will be voted out soon

Peter Holeczek

Glad to see jamal gone. I hated everything he said from day one. Cocky, arrogant ,a social non-contributor. He carries everything i dispise in people. Extremely pleased to see him get tossed.