“she’s going to go crazy she’s going bat sh1t crazy. It’s going to be fun to watch”

Maddy will use the veto on herself Sheldon will put Minh up as the replacement. He plans on telling everyone beforehand including Minh. She will go insane.

10:45 am Ri and Hira
Hira helping Ri come up with strategies to move the target off her.
Hira – Work on Brooke a lot
Hira also suggests for her to really press that she’s after “those three” Kyle, chirs, ?

11:48 am Sheldon, Brooke, and Carol
Sheldon says he hasn’t had any conversations cause the day’s just started.
Carol – depends if you want to make a BIG move or a safe move. How much to you want RI to go home?
Sheldon – that’s what I’m trying to decide in my head
Sheldon explains that the type of HOH he won showed him he’s nobody’s target. He thinks it’s not a time to make a big move.
CArol says Minh will go home over Ri “how bad do you want Ri to go home”
Carol about Minh “She adds a toxic element to the house”
Sheldon – 100 percent. she’s the most contagious person in here
Carol – she’s with everybody but she’s not with anybody.. do you know what I mean. I 1000 percent believe she will go home over Ri
Carol – I think we can bring Ri and Maddy not into the 6 but at least have them be loyal where Minh is not loyal to anyone but Minh. It would take a toxic level out of the house.
Carol – Minh’s a great girl she’s just playing so hard so fast.
Carol – obviously you can put Chris or Kyle and they go home over Ri. But I don’t think you want to go that route that’s too much blood on your hands.

Noon Sheldon and Brooke
Sheldon talking about what he’s going to tell Angie.
Sheldon – I think I’m going to backdoor Minh should have been done last week
Sheldon brings up how he’ll relate nobody putting their balls in his tube so he wins HOH to doing what the entire house wants and backdooring Minh.
Sheldon – I don’t want this girl to stay longer than me

12:04 pm Sheldon and RI RI
Sheldon goes over his speech about putting Minh up.
Sheldon says he doesn’t want her to go this week. He’s going to put someone up that has a good chance of being evicted over Ri.

Sheldon about Minh – “I think she needs to actually go now”
Ri – are you going to talk to Minh
Sheldon – I’m not going to blindside her. I did tell her I wasn’t putting her up. I meant the nominations but she took it as in general. I will feel bad going back on my word. If there’s anybody that deserves to have someone go back on their word to it’s her. This person has recently said a lot of lies and buzz about me.

12:21 pm Ri and Maddy
Ri fills her in on the talk with Sheldon
Ri – I said moving forward I want to work with you not against you. I tried to tell him I know that regardless of who won HOH I know that this would have been the move that was made.
Ri – I stroked his Ego
Maddy – yeah you have to stroke ego. I hate that
Ri – I made him feel really safe. I’m so worried that Minh is going to drag my name through the ringer (For sure)
Maddy – what can she say that’s so bad though?
Ri – I’ve been complaining to Chris about her. That’s what I’m worried about
Maddy – Minh’s going up

Ri starts talking if they won HOH next week they could bring Carol and Vanessa and say they want to work together. Put Chris up with Vanessa as a pawn.
Ri – If noms stay the same vote Chris out if they don’t do a backdoor
Maddy – If Chris pulls himself down I would backdoor Kyle so hard BOOM

They talk about how Sheldon’s target was Ri’s all along “At this point that doesn’t help me”. Maddy says they told her they want her to stay because she’s the weaker player
Maddy – Ugh.. I don’t want to hear that
Ri – your expendable at any time.. thanks, guys
Maddy – I Hate it that mikes gone but it might be better in the long run

1:04 pm Hira and Sheldon
Sheldon says he’s telling everyone in the house first that Minh is going up before he tells Minh
Sheldon – she’s going to go crazy she’s going bat sh1t crazy. It’s going to be fun to watch I’m going to prepare everybody
Hira – as much as I would love Chris gone I think he’s a HUGE threat we’ll take out chances
Sheldon – we have the numbers

1:51 pm Sheldon, Gorilla, Brooke
Sheldon brings up how paranoid Hira is and “gung-ho” in getting Kyle and Chirs out
Sheldon thinks Hira was trying to persuade him to put Kyle up.
Kyl e- Ohh Hira god bless him. He’s like 2 steps behind
Sheldon – yeah yeah there’s like right there but two steps behind
Sheldon wants the next two evictees to be Jams and Hira.
Sheldon – imagine Minh, Jams, Hira in a row Holy sh1t bro! I can J@CK OFF to the idea of that (huh wtf)
Kyle – I’m going to j@ck off
Brooke and Sheldon laugh
They bring up taking Jamar and Hira out on a double.
Sheldon – I would enjoy it

Brooke says they shouldn’t get JL out before Chris
Kyle – I agree
Sheldon – I agree
Sheldon – man Jams on the block guaranteed going home I Kinda see him self evicting
they laugh
Brooke- 100 percent
Sheldon says imagine if Jamar was on the block for a whole week while on slop, “He would lose his mind”
Kyle – if it was me that put him up
Sheldon – he’s either going to get kicked out for fighting or he’s self evicting.. (Ohh shit)
Brooke – kicked out for fighting
Sheldon says he’s “So confident” that Jamar will either get kicked out for fighting or self evict if he’s on slop and nominated.
Kyle – why would he fight me.. honestly (for the feed watchers)
Sheldon says Jamar is “Special in his won way”
Sheldon – if you put him up. He starts losing his shit and pulls up on you he says something to you pop off he swings
Kyle – no ..
Sheldon – no sorry not pop off do anything but cower he’ll fight you

The houseguests were told about the coronavirus. The feeds were down for a whole chunk.

10:49 pm Kyle eats a hamburger

10:58 pm Jamar and Minh

Minh – what do you want can’t you see I’m m@sterb@ting
Jamar laughs “The cameras are all looking at you
Jamar – were you actually
Minh – NO

Midnight JL and Sheldon
JL says MAddy and Rianne will be in an interesting spot for the rest of the game.
Sheldon says these two girls surviving this week is huge for them
JL – It’s good for me to
JL says he’s the third guy in that group (with Maddy and Ri)
JL – it’s great Split up them first then get out JL.. right …
JL – it’s great for me
Sheldon – yeah

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Fruit Loop Dingus

Yes! Wtg Sheldon!


Please not Ming Ly. I know she is full of BS, but she is playing the game, and keep things interesting.


looks like maddy wants a strap on to backdoor kyle


Gorilla? You’re just jealous of that body hair that’s all lol


Sheldon is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo annoying in this conversation with Ming. She did nail him on being stubborn and close-minded but unfortunately, that’s not going to win her any points with him or more importantly change his nomination.

Her biggest mistake was not saying to him – “Sheldon – did you ever stop to consider the people who are planting this information about me lying have an agenda?” or “Do you not realize the people saying I’m lying and spreading rumors are the ones lying to you so that you take out someone they want out in order to save Ri Ri?”

I’m not sure if Ming has figured out it’s Vanessa who screwed her or has but is afraid to sell her out — YET. Remember she stood on the stairs out of sight and overheard Kyle, Nessa, and Sheldon discussing their alliance. Her smart move when he kept being condescending saying “you don’t know my game” would’ve been to tell him REALLY? So the fact you are in a 4-person alliance with Brooke, Kyle, and Vanessa isn’t something I know about your game? OR the fact someone within that alliance told me that doesn’t matter?

I wonder how the pompous know it all would’ve received that information.

She also should’ve kept pushing the tangent of —- stop to consider WHY people are lying to you about me? What purpose does it serve? It’s obvious the 3-person alliance all told me that you were considering putting up Chris so outside of that 3 who else is saying I’m lying? — Don’t you see the others who are planting seeds that I’m lying are actually working to save Rianne? And since you won’t put up Chris or Kyle which is their primary targets then who is the next best option that isn’t working with them?

Instead – you want to empower a large group, stay true to a 4-some with one of them already actively working to align with others to sink me and guess what Sheldon those same people that want Kyle & Chris out are also actively seeking to separate you and Brooke and are already planting seeds that you two (Brooke/Sheldon) are a power couple who needs to be eliminated. So since you won’t keep an open mind to consider the truth then just remember I told you the whole truth and the reason you’ll leave this game is THIS DECISION.

You think Rianne only has Maddy and JL but the truth is that group also includes Hira, Jamar, Carol, and Vanessa plus Angie hates me so they already have their seven votes — nothing I say will change that. So, CONGRATULATIONS on keeping that six safe and taking out someone that would’ve protected you and Brooke and kept the numbers closer to even. You are empowering the biggest alliance in the house and now they’ll control the vote and the house. Unless you Kyle, Chris, Brooke and maybe Sue win every HOH you’ll be the next four or five to leave the house.

She also should’ve dropped the seed that you & Brooke sitting up in your HOH all week while people came up to kiss your ass maybe gave you a false sense of safety. But maybe if you realized they are all downstairs talking about how safe you two feel that you didn’t even bother to spend time downstairs with anyone just shows how blind you are to what’s really going on. There are people in your own alliance working that group to make sure THEY are safe and that you and Brooke will be the nominees so good for you – you feel all mighty and powerful right now but you’re only doing the work to make the group who’ll likely be in charge next week stronger. When you land on the block and you will sooner than you think and you need ONE VOTE to save you just do me a favor and don’t say oh sh*t I only need one more vote to stay but I sent her home last week!

If I were her when I got up to leave I would’ve said — just remember when — not if BUT WHEN you leave in the next few weeks that you had a chance to weaken that group which I assume was your initial goal with the nominations — instead you empowered them & that action directly led to your own demise.

Sucks that Sheldon has such tunnel vision and believes he knows all – he DOES NOT — he thinks he is beloved by many which hey, many an HOH has gotten caught up in that power trip but the facts are — he has NO CLUE that…
1)Vanessa has infiltrated many other groups and is throwing Brooke UTB
2) Kyle is the one who turned Nessa against Brooke/Sheldon
3) Kyle told Rianne Sheldon’s plan a full day before Sheldon told her so she believes it was Kyle who made it happen
4) Kyle has ensured by doing that Sheldon & Brooke would go on the block ahead of him & Vanessa
5) how tight or big the group of Rianne, Maddy, JL, Hira, and Jamar are with each of Carol, Angie and Vanessa working different parts of it.
6) Carol, Vanessa, Maddy & Rianne have formed a group & JL will slide into that easily with his buddies Jamar and Hira.

Sheldon thinks he and Brooke are extremely safe but they are NOT. I’m mad my drama queen Ming will probably leave this week and the only positive I can take from this is Brooke/Sheldon will be in for a shock when they fully recognize their HOHitis reaped few benefits. Sheldon thinks he knows this game well but he did nothing to ensure (i.e collect promises of safety) his and/or Brooke’s safety. He might have a good grasp of how to play a smart social game but he has no clue how to read people. I’m pretty sure he’d be shook to find out what Kyle is doing behind the scenes for example.

Sheldon missed the BB 101 aspects of winning HOH which is to never feel too confident when in power & never feel too low when out of power. The game runs 24 – 7 and as such requires constant monitoring of everyone – on a DAILY basis. Whatever you are capable of – so is someone else ALWAYS and the biggest mistake most hamsters make is not remembering to look at what motivates someone else. When you only look at the game personally in terms of what propels you forward and forget to think of what would move other’s games ahead you miss the complete picture. The people Sheldon wants to take out most are benefited by Ming leaving more than he ever could be — THAT is a big mistake on his behalf.

Bottom line, if Sheldon (or Brooke) ends up leaving in the next week or two he’ll have no one but himself to blame for it.

Fruit Loop Dingus

Hope all is alright with the fam, Simon! Hopefully all Minh’s stabbings will be self inflicted. She gone!!!

Guy From Canada

Yeah first corona virus confirmed in the Comox valley today. Rude Mt Washington posted 35 minutes before they opened they were closing indefinitely……

Fruit Loop Dingus

Damn, sorry to hear! I hope your day is still great, though! Cannnot wait for this Minh bd Thurs! Finally!