Paul “You don’t have to call Paris you can get inside me for free!”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 03-39-05-490

12:15am In the kitchen –
Bridgette tells Michelle I totally fan girled. Its Frank Eudy. Michelle says me too, I was like I have a little crush on him. Bridgette says oh no, I’m sorry. I think we also bonded because we have a loved one at home, you know?! Everyone started coupling up and we were both missing someone from home. We’re both secret hermits, you know and kind of shared that in common. Michelle says its just me being jealous Like fricken jealous ex-girlfriend. Bridgette says Frank never said anything bad about you. I thought you were always cool and I was surprised we didn’t get along.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 03-54-05-578
12:35am Havenot room – Michelle says I’ll cuddle exe (Vic) if someone gives me $100. Nicole and Corey say I’ll give you $50 each. Paulie joins them and brings Z a pickle. Michelle tells him she’ll cuddle exe if someone gives her $100. Nicole says she already has $50 from me and Corey. If anyone gives me $500 I’ll kiss Corey. Corey asks $500.. wow?! Nicole asks okay are you cuddling him or not?! Michelle says I’ll think about. I just wanted to see if you would. Corey says I’m going to lay out a saucer of milk and a cigar.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 03-48-46-012

1:10am – 2am In the kitchen – Nicole, Corey, Z, paul, Bridgette, Paulie and Vic are trying to make each other laugh. Paul and Natalie are trying to see who will laugh first by exchanging phrases. Natalie keeps loosing because she laughs at her own. Paul says I’m going to adopt a child and teach him to punch you in the face. Nicole goes up against Paul but can’t think of anything. She asks Paulie for help. Paulie whispers to her and then turns to Paul and says BONER! Paul doesn’t laugh. Paulie and Vic go up against each other. Paulie says I think so deeply about your pectoral muscles bouncing on my face. Paulie and Paul try to make each other laugh. Paul says you don’t have to call Paris you can get inside me for free. Paul says when you birthed they meant to call you Paul but you Dad stubbed his toe and called you Paul-IE!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 04-20-32-360

2:25am – 3:40am James, Paulie and Paul are in the backyard. Paulie says that Z and Michelle will be pissed if Da goes out this week. Corey and Nicole want her gone, I want her gone. Paul says we would just need to repeat this whole process just to get her out so why not do it now. Paulie agrees. James says Da knows she’s going up. She said she was going to have to fight for votes. Paulie says get Da out, then Bridgette next. Paulie says I’m going to plant it in Bridgette head that the girls are going to try and use her. Paul says if we sleep on Nicole she will turn around and make a move. She’s here to play. Eventually she’s going to take shots at strong players not weaker players. She is that biggest threat out of all the girls. If you don’t take a shot when you have the opportunity you won’t get that opportunity again. Paulie says take out Da and Z and then maybe go after her. Paulie says if homie (Victor) doesn’t win any of the next few HOHs, we clip him because he serves no purpose.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 04-43-47-244

4:40am – 5:45am HOH room Paulie, Paul, Z and James. Paulie tells James if you ever get the chance to take out Vic you should say I stole your girl and now I’m stealing your place in the game. The conversation turns to talking about the opportunities they’ll get after they get out. James says that he was offered one gig with a club but turned it down and then 5 months later asked them about it. He says they said the window has passed but if you get on again we would love to have you do it. James says when he got out he had 3 pages of things to do a day.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-01 05-12-26-273

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That picture of Z just made me die. Guess she wasn’t satisfied with Paulies Pickle… What a thirsty bitch.


She’s got babies on the brain!


The PP is strong, because of the
Power of Friendship!


Meech wanting $100 to cuddle w victor? Wtf I’d charge her $100 to even touch me if I was victor! She’s a garbage pal kid!


Put Z on the block and watch those girls start scrambling…


Haha that’s funny and true. ???????? she must not have liked his itty bitty sour weinie.


These house guests are blind. Paulie is running this house. Wake up!

No Name

Well, if they don’t want Paulie running the house then they need to win something.

Right now DaVonne, Z, and Natalie haven’t won chit. The only way to stay protected is to win chit.


Even the ones who have won aren’t safe….Paulie has run every HOH save one


They’ve said, “if you want someone put up- then win an HOH!” There is nothing truer than that. Win an HOH AND THEN DON’T LISTEN TO PP!


Paulie is playing the game, point blank and da’s period, and doing a great job….don’t hate the player, hate the lifeless zombies who he pushes in the direction he wants them to go in, hate the HG who can’t win a damn thing, hate the sloths in the game.
Give the man his money.
The guy is winning social, winning comps, has a showmance and a bromance! Respect! Dude is multitasking his a$$ off.
Paulie is a hustler, give him his props..


I was beginning to hate Paulie but last night it dawned on me, he is trying to play some of Derrick’s game by morphing into Paul, & playing the cards he was dealt with this cast. And he’s not straight up dirty. He respected Frank as a player & have him a straight answer when he didn’t have the votes. He realizes Z is more useless than Victoria. Paul’s an idiot but he’s doing Paulie’s dirty work and so obnoxious that it takes some focus off of himself. Da will never be a great player. Nothing to do with not winning comps. Her social game just SUCKS. And she has no one because she SCREWS every person before they even get 2 feet into a potential “right or die”. She gets them before they get her, and she’s alone because of her own doing.



sunny dee

i agree. if they are too dumb to not ‘clip’ him soon, he deserves the win at the end. and more power to the people who are playing the game all the way, not just half assed.

I mean, come on, i saw the HOH comp episode, how many times does Z have to try throwing the ball instead of rolling it before she figured out that throwing it was stupid. and i’m expected to believe she tried. Natalie tried, and got it all the way in, right? that’s trying, and failing, not blowing it off to fail. natalie does surprisingly well, and still no one considers her ‘strong’ like nicole, who hasn’t always lasted as long as Natnat. lol.


Nicole has won nothing on her own…


Mostly accurate. However, she did win the comp that sent Glenn home. She was first to get all her coconuts in the ‘holes’ and pull her flag… and she beat those 3 by a huge margin… so, in a 4 person comp, she won. In comps against the entire house: She’s won squat!

She had previously led Corey to nominate her to be the team’s HOH, pretending she didn’t really want it but would do it for the team (when the vets pushed for her to make sure she is HOH).

No name

That’s what she needed to do to make sure of her game


Right now, Paulie is playing just like Derrick. He’s getting his own way just about every time by making everyone think that it was their idea.
It may just be his game to lose.


Not true. Derrick was never nominated.


I agree to a point. Derek worked normally one on one and layed out what he wanted in ways that the other HG eventually came to believe it as their own plan. Kept quiet and watched. Pauline is telling every what he wants and they are all following along. These people are 10 times dumber than the HG of BB16. Derek was a lot more stealth.


Paul was adamant about getting Bridgette out…Paulie has made Paul think its his own idea to get Davonne out…Paulie has brainwashed Paul!
So it is true…he is playing very much like Derrick only a bit better by getting involved more socially and winning comps! I hate to admit it but Paulie is pretty great at this game so far..doesnt need to be compared.


Washing Paul’s beard is harder than trying to brainwash Paul. Especially, when there’s not much up there….LOL


Derrick was WAY more stealth, but he wouldn’t even have to be as stealth with this crew. Would be so cool to see Derrick play this group of houseguests and see how he’d play this particular game. Impossible because they know him, but not impossible but some of these players are so dumb they STILL wouldn’t see it.

Shell Belle

Paulie is not playing like Derrick. I think the similarity here is that everyone listens to Paulie like they listened to Derrick.

Derrick was a listener. Paulie is a talker.

Derrick didn’t blatantly target people. He waited for others in the house to say a name, then he would determine if that person was a threat to him or not. If the person was a threat to him, he would be supportive of their desires to put that person on the block. If the person was not a threat to him, he would get the person in power to focus on another target.

Derrick was smooth. Paulie isn’t.

It’s like High School right now. Everyone wants to be associated with the “cool” kids which is really just Paulie. Why would Paul be okay with sending Da out when she would be a vote on his side in the future? Because he wants to please Paulie.

I think James is the only person with enough balls to put up Paulie. James doesn’t get intimated easily. I believe all of is running back to tell Paulie and Paul info was to prove his loyalty. He doesn’t have the numbers right now to turn against them.

And I can’t end this without saying how disappointed I am in Nicole’s game play. Selling out the girls to be with the guys. She should already know that she is disposable to them.


while i see your argument that paulie is a talker and derrick was a listener, i think you’re forgetting to account for who they’re playing with. derreck was on a season of talkers (the only outliers being victoria and maybe cody), while paulie is on a season of listeners (the only outliers being his current target of da, and victor and paul who after their talking too much blew up their game have decided to try to be listeners). paulie is running the house at present by talking, because everyone else is otherwise completely incapable of talking to each other (which is why you have james, nicole, and corey all express regret over voting out tiffany when had they actually talked to frank and brigette they had the votes to send out da instead). derrick ran the house by listening as he could get everyone feeling isolated by making it seem plans were otherwise falling on deaf ears. they’re both playing very similar games.

meanwhile your assessment of nicole i think is inaccurate. she’s next on paulie’s hit list after da and she knows it, so she needs to suck up to him in the hopes someone else gets targeted. she then has to hope she can get an hoh willing to put up paulie and rally the votes against him before paulie realizes she’s putting on an act, not a particularly easy task, but she has corey working with her and could be able to swindle other weak players in making paulie appear like a manipulator (which she has to sell them out to him to make this work). not saying this is a strategy that will work (nicole’s still a weak player), but it’s probably her best option.


James is brave enough to get blood on his hands, but he’s not smart enough to play his own game. He just rides along and “lets” too many things happen to him. The “big move” is never the smart move with him.

Curly Anne

The only that will save this season is if Davonne has the round trip comes back wins HOH and put Paulie and Nicole on the block and puts James or Paul up if one of them comes down


Paulie is Derrick,Part 2. With only slightly more engaged players. (only slightly though).


Paulie deserve to run the house, especially after Friendship ask for volunteers as a pawn , and only Paulie accepted it, the ones that haven’t been up there should have went or Nicole who offered, so now Paul knows who to trust, so Paulie have a right to be in Paul’s head with advice to bring PP closer to F2. BRIDGETTE, PAUL AND VICTOR was my f3 pick beginning of summer.


Take Day Out!


Take the puppy dog love females out first….


Da has the round trip ticket! She’ll be right back. She has #8 I think. And I’m guessing that’s the round trip.


You can’t win this game alone. She’ll still lose.


Feels like a rewind of Season 16, honestly. Ladies tried to make an all-girl alliance, get all catty, and attach themselves to boys who are in a mega men’s alliance. There is one particular girl (Christine, now Nicole??!!) that rats all the other girls out and keeps helping the men until she gets dumped.

I’m calling it: The vets go next (Day, Nicole, James) and then in some order of Bridgette, Natalie and Michelle, leaving Zakiyah as the last and most useless girl standing among Corey, Victor, Paul and Paulie. Paul and Paulie makes a final 2 deal, drags Zakiyah along to get rid of Corey and Victor. Then Paulie throws the final HOH, allowing Paul to vote out Zakiyah. Then Paulie wins Paul.


I think Paulie is all but guaranteed final 3….but his overconfidence is creating a big blindside to get beyond that. I think he’ll need to win to get to final 2 because whoever is left will realize he’s too tough to beat.

However, if he changes upon jury evictions where he lets himself be seen as the bad guy to each evictee it improves his odds (so far he’s worked to be good guy to both) but then he’s relying on a house that doesn’t play the game to vote for his gameplay.


What is wrong with these houseguests?? First, Paul giving up his objective as HOH to take out Da’ versus Bridge to keep Master Paulie happy. Then they say that Nicole is the biggest threat out of all the girls but want Da’ and Z gone first. *facepalm*
The potential for drama is high this week, especially if Paulie seeks out Da’ about his name coming from her. Da’ would then know who the info came from (James); Da’ can then tell Paulie that she said showmances and was referring to Nicorey, specifically Nicole. She can them drive home the facts that Nicole lied in front of the entire house as did James and if they will do it to the whole house, why is Paulie any different?
Now that Z and Meech may FINALLY be waking up to the fact that they are playing BB and the guys only want to spend time with themselves and Nicole, Da’ may be able to rally a little band of merry men.
It will be too little, too late but if she goes home, she would have set the timer on a bomb to blow up at least two games and if she stays, the guys can sit back and chill and watch what they want anyway: two girls take each other out.


WTF @ that title, Paul is gross.


They were trying to make each other laugh!! Ilmao at the “daddy stubbed his toe so he named him Pauleeeee


It has finally come clear to me who Big Meech reminds me of!!!
It has been killing me all season but if you ever have seen the 2001 movie Bully(complete coincidence), she sounds exactly(and acts sometimes) like the main female lead character Lisa.
If you haven’t seen it, watch it and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Natalie is Winnie Cooper all grown up.

The actress is Rachel Miner. When her hair is dark, she does look like BIG MEECH. Hope that doesn’t ruin her career.


MEG! (Supernatural, not BB17)

D.J. Trump

Can #CrookedNicole breathe out of those tiny nose holes?


That little Natalie is gaining popularity by the day. Hope they leave her in for awhile, she really does try. And she is as sweet as a little kitten.

Joe Kerr

Make each other laugh? This would make me laugh:

Any one of them: I use my brain and free will to make my choices in this house. Paulie has no control on me.

Joe: Ha ha ha ha ha! You win!

Franks fumes

Saw Paulie , Paul , and James playing pool last nite having a meeting of the new alliance Tiny Town!


Michelle recently coming to the realization she was a CUNextTuesday to Bridge because she was jealous is such a crock! Natalie saying Michelle is the “Nicest person in the house,” made me spit out my coffee!

Okay, I really think we need to give ACP2 to Bridge now! Especially, since the future Winners-of-BB keep bringing up her name. I can’t tell if they mean it or don’t. AND since her ankle/knee is all jacked-up, she needs this! We need to discuss this more. We have power people!!! lol.. What should we do? I gave my 18 votes to Bridge today.
ACP2: Bridge
ACP3: Victor (they are targeting him too!)
ACP4: Paul (who else would shake things up?- James?)
ACP5: Corey?

TX rar

Bridgette is at risk of going home so it would waste your vote for ACP 2 wBridgette & Da prob on the block at end of week

ACP2 Void 2 Votes: Victor (he could shake up HOH votes next week)
ACP3 Super Safety: James or Bridgette (they may need it for DBL eviction)
ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette or James
ACP5 BB Bribe : Corey, Nicole or Da. (TBD too far away yet).

Think Ahead

ACP-I don’t think Bridgette will go anywhere this week, but just incase, vote this week for Cory/Vic, that way they can take away two votes for Da, next week Bridgett for safety, as I fear if she got Co-HOH, she would just do what the other HOH wanted, and if she doesn’t get safety next week, she may not make it to Co-HOH.


PP are obnoxious douches. Everyone else is so weak and clueless! The only real threat at this point seems to be DA, now that she hopefully sees that both PP’s are against her. If she has the round trip ticket, then finally there might be some opposition.

Franks fumes

Saw Paulie , Paul , and James playing pool last nite having a meeting of the new alliance Tiny Town! Bye the way Paulie looks like Hitler with a beard!

Another Anonymous

He looks like Fidel Castro.

Min O'Pause

PP look like the Smith brothers, those dudes on the box of those nasty cough drops.

I miss Frank

That picture of Nicole makes me want to vomit.


This week’s care package can influence this week’s vote. The other’s will see that the winner will get to eliminate 2 votes & the week will be spent getting the winner to side with them. Need a strong person to win that will shake up the house. I want James to have the safe week, so………Meech (not a fan) appears to be the only one who will stand on her own. Can’t believe I’m thinking of voting for Meech!


Jeeezzz…its not good for this weeks vote!!!…Care package #2 is not in play until aftet this Thursdays Eviction…therefore only good for next week!!


It is not announced until Friday…which is after this weeks vote!

TX rar

Cant vote Meech for anything UGH. What do you think of these options?
Anyone evicted would waste your vote for ACP 2 (Bridgette & Da prob)

ACP2 Void 2 Votes: Victor (shake up HOH votes next week)
ACP3 Super Safety: James or Bridgette (they may need it for DBL eviction)
ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette or James
ACP5 BB Bribe : Corey, Nicole or Da. (TBD too far away yet).

* you can vote 20 times a day
** player can only win ONE ACP so choose strategically


No on Victor…..he’ll do what Paul says which is the same thing as saying give Paulie ACP2.
Like your choices on ACP3 & 4. And agree ACP4 is too far out to call.

TX rar

Anymous- so who do you like for ACP 2???

I dont think Corey or the girls will use it well and I want to save the other ACP for Bridgette/James. That doesn’t leave anyone else that might try to flip the house. Its kinda Ilike the game bang-marry-kill, sometimes you end up with one option based on the other 2 choices made. Lol


If they do vote Da’Vonne out at least it will ruffle the girls feathers and not trust them. Michelle is already thinking the guys have an alliance. All they have to do is ask themselves why are the guys keeping Bridgette because she will go after the girls. Hoping this opens up their eyes and they realize that the guys are playing them.

Roll Tide

I think Da has the round trip ticket. She has envelope number 8. Their is a poster that says Ocho Rios, Eight Rivers. Boys aren’t going to be happy.


wake up girls


wake up girls


Simon or Dawg,
I got a question…i am in Canada so cannot get the feeds thru CBS All Access…few years ago before All Access started we were able to get the feeds..monthly or a set price for the whole season…that i can still sign into..
I CAN also vote for Care Packages…as i just voted my 20x for today! Why does it let Canadians do that but not the feeds?
The option is there to buy CBS All Access…do you think it would work for me if i did buy it? I just dont want to waste the $ if its not going to work.


VPN and AMEX prepaid card will work for the feeds. I use this VPN


so…after do that then subscribe to cbs all access?
is it hard to change it back after?
if BB19 rumour is you think CBS will open it up to Canadians if its all online?


The rumors of BB19 only being online aren’t going to happen. First they are still using 3 days a week on the televised show. They’ll cut it down to 1-2 days a week first. The ratings have been steady for the last several sub par seasons plus Chenbot is still there.
If they were considering it, first they’d try an online pilot similar to the original Big Brother with 10 people and let that play out to see how well they could monetize that before ditching the current Big Brother.

Da Sucks

She started off strong, but now she is back to the same ole shit from last season. Wah poor me…nobody likes me, I’m going to sit in the corner and read my Bible. Well, no one likes you because you’re a bitch. You stab everyone in the back and no one trusts you! Damn! I’d rather hang out with that sociopath Michelle!

You suck

Da does not suck. She has no one to have her back. All the girls are stupid all of them. If they would have stuck together they could of took this game but no everyone needed a showmance. They make women look bad. Please next cast pay attention to what not to do. Da does not suck you do for saying that.


She turned on every alliance she was in. (8 pack, fatal 5, showmances + her, vets) threw shade on everyone that was working with her. She has not won 1 comp in 2 seasons and threw the one comp she was in.
As a game player yea she sucked!


they need to cast a bunch of hot lesbians . then have them not say they are and watch the guys get picked off one by one . in fact how about one or the other all gay people except one straight guy . then all black people with one white person . seems like they always have one gay and a black person . super su prized two black people , two Asian people and 3 latinos this year . that was a nice change .


Paulie won’t make f2. He’s not playing a Derrick game. Derrick flew under the radar and wasn’t cocky or arrogant around people. Everyone’s on to Paulie and will let him get blood on his hands then take him out. James or Victor will take out Paulie. Victor is laying low but first opportunity and he will take it. He’s telling them what they want to hear and James already told Natalie, first chance he gets, he’s clipping Paulie. James said, he watched Derrick’s season and Paulie is playing just like Vanessa from his season. Paulie has often said he studied Vanessa.

Reality Check

A passage from the 1980’s band Tears For Fears. The lyrics depicts the current season of Big Brother. As in why am I still watching the show when nothing is happening.

Let it all out
These are the things I can do without (such as the pp team)
Come on
I’m talking to you
Come on

They gave you life (watching big brother 18)
And in return Corey, Rico Sauve Vic, Nicole, Z and big Meech gave me hell
As cold as ice
I hope we live to tell the tale
I hope we live to…

Let it all out
These are the things I can do without
Come on
I’m talking to you
Come on

Let it all out

Lil Jon



Ah yes, another one hitting the ole crack pipe just a wee bit too much!

TX rar

Creative post that took some effort. 🙂


First of all, it is well known by a few people within the House that Frank started the Feud between Nicole and Da. He came to Nicole trying to get Da out of the house – Didn’t work, and by that time Corey was also involved in the process and his loose lips made it back to Paulina.
Now fast forward to this week and them trying to get rid of Da – Da still throws Nicole’s name out there because she knows she needs to break up the showmances. That has been her goal in this game. She doesn’t trust Nicole since the Frank Feud. Like it or not, who can blame her, when Corey still hasn’t let the issue go neither has Paulina obviously. I like she wants to break up the pairs – at least she is trying something and working on something rather than half of the people in there PLUS she has virtually NO ONE to help fend for her in that house.
Look you either hate her or not, I accept that, but I for one can’t accept a house being controlled all Summer by a couple of LOSERS like Paul and Paulina.
Why not let her try and keep going after Nicole – Nicole is a Rat. She is just like Paul those 2 are the ones I want out of the House more than Bridgette at this point. I would love Da to try and get the votes to stay this week and I hope she does. Like I said I still think it will be a close vote this week. James doesn’t like to be controlled. When Paulie was telling him what to say, I almost cringed. I think James has learned from what Frank was doing. If Da goes I hope she has the round trip ticket. But if Da does stay in any way I hope Paul goes next and then Nicole.
Paulina only has power because he has Paul to help him. Get rid of him and Paulina is just another wannabe. He will scramble.

Nicole Rocks!

Hey Day!!……BYE!!!!


Frank did not START it. He did respond to them when Da was put off by Frank making better connections with this year’s HGs than any of the other vets (specifically Da’Vonne). Frank made a final 2 deal with Nicole day 2. Da’Vonne was working Frank in the storage room trying to get him to commit to a final 2 with her but they only loosely said it would be nice to be final 2 together. Da’Vonne came away from that with suspicion. In her gut she felt Frank would not taker her to final 2 she would have to get there on her own. Frank and Nicole were solid. Da’Vonne was the one to rile the vets up over Frank going rogue, telling Paulie about the 8 pack & adding him to the 8 pack all by himself without discussing it with or including her, the vets or even the rest of the 8 pack in the decision to tell; or the telling itself. Frank did damage control by undermining the relationship between Da’Vonne and Nicole. He threw out Nicole’s name to hide their final 2 deal.

But, as human beings, we are prone to see and recall that which supports what we want to believe… so, I respect that, in your mind, Frank started it between Nicole and Da’Vonne without any provocation from Da’Vonne (the pissed off vets, Da’Vonne’s little sub-alliance within the 8 pack, and for added punch anyone else not tightly aligned with Frank).


Da needs to go!!!


I really hope the vote goes 4-4 — Corey, Nicole, Paulie, Victor vs. James, Natalie, Zakiyah, Michelle.

Watching Paul have to make his own decision on the spot will be priceless.

And if he evicts Da’Vonne, then all the lying that he’s done — Bridgette is my target, Bridgette is going home — will put a nice target on him — and Paulie.


Will not happen. But I would love for PP to get exposed. These houseguests are clueless. So I’m not sure it would even matter.


THINK ABOUT IT…Whoever wins the next HOH..if Day is gone…I cant see anything but Paulie and Paul…all over the next HOH…i dont think James or Nat or Michelle or Nicole or Zak will do their own thing…they will just try and please Paulie…even Vic thinks he is aligned with him…It is PAULIES game to lose at this point really.


Wether you like da or not imo she is the only one willing to shake up the game. I’m voting for her for ACP2. If she leaves I hope the pkg is wasted if it’s not and goes to the next highest voted then I know it’ll go to Bridgette which I’m ok with even tho she is not my cup of tea. ACP3 I haven’t decided who to give it too but I may have to vote for someone I really don’t like so maybe will realize something needs to be done (thinking meech but ugh I dislike her so) I want to leave ACP4 for James. Hopefully in those weeks something happens!

The Roach Coach

Paulie and Paul love to call Natalie a floater… theyre not wrong, she has floated… but if natalie is a floater, what does that make Z???
I like Nat a lot, she has a real Jordan-vibe about her.


smh seriously tho my 15 yr old and her friends are more mature than these people.. im really struggling to keep watching this season.. i dont know maybe im just too old for bb anymore

Power Of Vito Corleone

I know how you feel OiVei lol. Maybe next year CBS can throw in a few HG’s who actually Don’t live with with their parents. It’s hard to listen to them talk about all the things they have done knowing they still have mommy putting out their clothes for them every day : )


I also am an older BB watcher. Love BB, and had the same thought…. maybe I am getting too old to enjoy BB. But I go back and watch some of the older BB and still enjoy them. So I think it is the casts they have been picking. When you get people who don’t know how to play the game, are there for ulterior motives, the game suffers. They need to go back to the old format, bring people in that love the game and want to play the game. That are not so interested in their looks. These people tend to be shallow and provide nothing to the enjoyment of the game. Fire AG…give me back my BB!!


Agreed. But I think the demographics have shrunk so almost all the cast are in their 20’s. The days of Janell, Mike Boogie, Dr. Will seen to be gone, where 32 year old Frank is “the old guy”.Which accounts for the petty US crap, juvenile conversation and behavior, STUPIDITY. Heck, Derrick was young enough to be my son, and HE had to fake being younger and less successful! Survivor casts well… Step it up, BB!


Stupid auto correct. Meant to say petty HS crap.


PP make a beautiful couple. What are their plans after the show, get married and move to San Fran?

Backseat Driver

Not that there’s anything wrong with that……

BB Alias thinks James has game

James is just a little turd. James sucks. He does what his daddy tells him and has proven it the whole game.

You can type till you are blue in the face what you would like to happen but fact is James is a little turd and does what he is told by his daddy.

Day is gone. That is what Paulie wants and that is what will happen. No amount of you typing and lying to yourself will change that.


Somone mentioned in a prevouus comment that would be a good idea to wait until aafter eviction to vote for care package 2. Sounds like a good idea. thoughts please.


the houseguests dont know what it is and wont find out until friday anyway…and im sure the winner will have a choice to either tell or not to tell what these next care packages actually are
they dont announce until after eviction and a new hoh is in place


It stated in the rules they read that the packages have to be opened up in front of everyone. I would assume they would then know what advantages they are receiving.


they have to open the package in front of everyone so I don’t think they get to decide who knows whats in it or not


I do not live in the US so cannot watch Julie explain the rules for ACP. If we vote for someone to receive a care package and that person is evicted on Thursday, does the person with the next highest votes receive it? I know it is not valid until next week and it will not be announced until Friday but hate to think of wasted votes.


The cbs website explains it all.


Yes, there is a video of julie explaining acp but it is not available in my geographical location. I understand the basics but was trying to ascertain if an evicted hg had received the highest votes, would the package go to the person with the next highest votes. Would hate to think that B ridge received highest votes but was evicted and those votes would have been wasted.


I MISS Frank!


Lmao even if the girls “wake up” what can they do ? Nothing they don’t win and zak is planning her wedding and babies.

I bet PP want to be inside eachother

I gave most of my votes to Day… with a few thrown James’s way. Only because if she goes this week then it’s a wasted care package (I just don’t want any of these idiots thinking we like them) and if she doesn’t (has round trip) she’s really the only person I can see actually using it to her avatange. Everyone else will just do what daddy (paulie) wants. James may grow some balls and use it to his advantage….. who knows… but I’d rather save the super safety one for Bridgette….

Zak's push up bra

Zak on BBAD last night was cutting on all the guys how vile they are with Mich HELL and Ratcole. Zak says “I like how mine just smiles and giggles” yours Zak? Paulie can’t stand you and there is no relationship or even a showmance you psycho delusional ghetto thirtsy tramp.

So sick of her giving everyone dirty looks then trying to cuddle Paulie while he pushes her away and looks totally repulsed by her. Send her home already. She just a useless blob.


The grapevine has it that something happened between the sheets last nite. Bleach anyone?


One would hope that the way these HGs portray themselves on TV either via editing or on the live feeds are not the way the really are life. However, I can’t find one thing that would make me think differently. Yes, you have to “bend the truth”, but to go and create a lie is totally different. Which makes me wonder about leopards changing spots. Guess what they don’t! So if they act like this on a “reality” TV show, I can only imagine what happens in the real world. Since the season has begun, I have not found a HG that I could actually pull for since knowing who actually played the game before these current HGs.

Janelle: Female comp beast. Didn’t rely heavily on looks to get her far.
Jordan: Labeled a floater, but actually tried to put in work. Once Jeff left morphed into her OWN.
Rachelle: Like her or not, held her own when her back was against the wall.
Will: Never let the right hand know what the left was doing.
Andy: Biggest “rat” on BB, but didn’t change his “rattish” ways even when ratted out..(LOL)

Those are just to name a few…If these current HGs would stop trying to play or compare themselves to previous HGs maybe they could get ahead in the game. Play yo own game! Cause after all, none of them will ever hold a candle to “Dan’s mist” or any other of the great BB players. The women could be in control if they would stop worrying about PUTT (P*#*s Up There Tails)! IJS.

Spicey Meatball

I always thought the hype for Dr Will was BS. I have been around since the first so I wasn’t just catching up on seasons. I was learning the game just like everyone else with each season passing. Will was just a big man baby and nothing more. He didn’t have any “plans” he didn’t have savvy way of playing. He was just entertaining himself at the expense of people who were bored and actually came to play a game and win it. Most of them needed the money unlike him.
Second time around with Will he was a worse arrogant ass and I respected M Boogie for wanting to play the game and win it. (and he did! )

I do think you’re right with the rest. I do feel Rachel wasnt likable but the more the houseguests hated her the more you rooted for her for some reason haha. Janelle was likable but the women didn’t like her because that’s what most insecure people do with pretty girls, that hate on them. Except of course Nat because she is very nice lols.


Does anyone know if the power given in each care package has to be used during the week it’s given? Or can it be saved until it’s more beneficial?


Natalie’s is good for the rest of the season, I’d say like survivor it’ll have a cut off week and remember everyone knows who will have those advantages and what they are. Use it before you get tossed.


I hope Da doesn’t have that pass to come back but she probably does…..ugh…Paulie is the best player THIS season but there is no way he would be that great against Derrick or Dan or any of the greats it’s just because everyone else is soooooo bad at this game. I hate Z and Michelle whoever gets them out is my hero they are terriable social players and physical ones. James and Nat think they are on a dating show and have completely forgotten about Big Brother and Nicole and Corey are not much better. Paul is just in it for Big Brother fame!

Watching Michele

we have all seen the REAL mean girl Michelle. After frank called her a mean girl she realized what the fans must be seeing and is changing the way she speaks to Bridgette and Nat. She still talks crap behind their back and wants Bridgett gone. But the way she now cries to the camera it looks like she wants a care package. Don’t do it America ! We’re smarter than she thinks !!!!!


I see so many comments saying they hope Da has ROUND TRIP. So….she comes back in AND gets voted out next week. I just do not see how PP do not win. If anyone even THINKS about going against them they have to realize the chances are pretty good it WILL get back to PP AND then that person is out the next week. I fear the house is going to do TOO LITTLE=TOO LATE. The alarm is ringing and they are all sleeping in.

Reality Check

I’m dying for somebody to flip the house. I’m also dying for a big underdog to become HOH and wreck havoc. I’m dying for Nicole…

1005 am (PST)
Nicole to Zakiyah- He (Corey) is the cutest boy. Look at him. I’m dying. He gets cuter and cuter by the day

2 out of 3 is not bad to hope for

Curious BB

So who does Paulie plan to take to the final two…..Corey or Paul?


I think his plan was to take Max-Z as the ultimate floater and an easy win but she has gotten so crazy he has to cut her loose. If not one of those two guy which I would lean towards Corey who has won less and just taking up space I get the feeling if he was going to go the girl route maybe Bridgette? The way all the catty girls hate her you would think they would vote for Con Corleone hands down. Just a thought

Wish This

Paulie wanted Da’ out even while Frank was on the block YET still discouraged Michelle from using the veto. He has been wanting her out for some time. I don’t think it has anything to do with “race” since the only people ever talking about it is the only 2 black girls in the house and that’s with each other. I love how people think if they say something enough times it will be true. No idiots, its not true. Put the pitch forks down.


I’ve been wondering why the “returners” didn’t stick together longer. I believe Paulie is really targeting returners. Then he will get down to game play after they are gone. Good move on his part. The returners did a real dis service to themselves by getting too close to the rookies and blended in too well and forgot about their goal of sticking together. Sad kinda, because I wanted to see them in final four together. If James gets the chance he should put Paulie up.


You cant keep on about how people are “avoiding you” when you keep sitting away from them and not joining in. Sitting in a different room all the time isn’t going to help anything.
Remember what Tiff said (think it was her) Don’t let them get used to you Not being around.
Da was playing the game she just got caught now with the behind the back stuff. People are talking and comparing and that’s never good.
James will vote with the house. It’s the way he says “damnnn” that should tip people off if he’s actually believing you or on your side. Have they not picked up on this.

The Fonz

It doesn’t really matter who leaves between those 2. Bridgette or Davonne if she goes up. I would rather see her leave because she can do more damage then Bridgette word wise. They think they can use her but not D because she will be out for revenge where B will just bake and fall in the shadows til you least expect it and then be like :Where the hell did she come from : after she starts winning stuff.

Min O'Pause

Hey Fonz, you think this is the year that BB jumped the shark?

Gherkin Brine

To try to make them laugh someone should have said “Picture Zak actually winning something” …


Damn sure made me laugh! Made me choke on my frosty damn you!


I’m getting really frustrated with this season, I want Day to stay but I know that won’t happen.
So after she gets evicted, I’m hoping Michelle will wake up and realise she only has Z on her side.
Michelle has the potential to win an HOH and I think she could be ballzy enough to put up Paulie and Paul for evicting Day.
This house needs to be shaken up. I’m bored of hearing I thought we are all working in a big group to get rid of Bridgette and Victor.