“I’m going to be so nasty to that b!tch she’s going to wish Amanda is back in the house” -Exterminators

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


8:20pm ELissa and Amanda

Amanda says from here on in she will never keep anything from Elissa. Tells her that she tried very hard to get ELissa put up as the replacement nomination.

Amanda tells her she always liked Elissa, “I wanted to take you as far as I could.. but when you put him I went crazy’
E- ‘I put him up strategically’
A – so were you trying to backdoor me’
E – no.. I didn’t even think of it until you said something’
A – ‘i’m telling you.. you can trust Andy’
ELissa says what Amanda did was the tackiest thing she has ever seen and she is surprised that everyone else in the house watched and laughed

E – ‘we’re not 16.. it’s disgusting.. I don’t give a crap about what anyone says in here’

A – “i was way out of line.. it was uncalled for there was no excuse for it.. I don’t know what happened to me..I wish it never happened”

E – ‘If I wasn’t me ummhm.. who obviously like.. I’ve had people say mean things before.. Like most people in my position.. You know.. LIke I feel people look at thing that they are envious of and want to rip them apart’
E – “And that’s fine I feel like God has given me everything.. ummhmmm in my personal life I have everything except having a little girl. uuhmm.. everything I ever wanted.. I mean like I feel like he has given me and that includes my husband”

E – ‘I have the best most amazing man.. and I love him so much I respect him so much.. There’s not something someone can say about me that’s going to make me devalue my life’

Elissa – ‘I have work hard for the things I have and my husband has I feel very blessed.. My Heart is happy’
Amanda – ‘Do you accept my apology’
Elissa – ‘Yes I accept.. totally’
Elissa is glad it’s her because she thinks that the things Amanda said would have really hurt her sister.

Amanda explains that the plan last week was to have her terrorise Elissa so much she would be shaken. Andy was then going to use that opportunity to get close to her in the hopes she would never put him up. Amanda doesn’t want to watch the episode that showed her terrorizing Elissa, she thinks her parents will be embarrassed.

Amanda says she never trusted Spencer since day one. Elissa agrees, she feels the same.

Amanda tells her Andy has way too many friends in Jury. She doesn’t trust Spencer, JUDD or GM for sh!t. She only trusts Elissa, Andy and McCrae.

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8:49pm HOH Andy, Spencer, GM

They are have noticed how Amanda and Elissa are so close now.

They all agree ELissa looks nothing like her pictures. GM points out her cheeks, lips and eyes all look different.
Andy – ‘And she claims she’s never had any plastic surgery on her face’

Spencer – ‘when she gets exterminated I’m not going hug her’

GM – ‘how are they laying on the hammock being besties again’

GM tells them while she was sleeping Elissa went through her drawers.
Andy – ‘oh my god.. she’s f*** crazy’
S – ‘I have not met anyone in my entire life as crazy as she is’
A – ‘I don’t know anything about her’
S – ‘her personality changes every day’
JUDD rolls in..

A – ‘Amanda and Elissa are BFFs now’
JUDD – ‘ya.. I don’t care about going in there and talking to them anymore’
GM – ‘Andy was right about the ring she had three now she has two’
A – “No I saw the ring Amanda showed me’
GM – ‘What a idiot can’t wait until Amanda walks out with it’
JUDD – ‘they are flaunting they are together’
GM says Amanda has Elissa’s and McCrae’s vote and she thinks she has Andy’s.
Andy says the look on Amanda’s face when the vote is 2/2.
JUDD – ‘I dunno.. .ELissa is all like I LOVE women I love Women so much.. oh my god than marry one’
GM – ‘After this Thursday.. I’m going to be so nasty to that b!tch she’s going to wish Amanda is back in the house making fun of her cause I’m going to rip her a new a$$hol$”
Spencer – ‘she’ll just have it surgically sewn up.

Andy tells them if Elissa wins HOH and it’s a double they have to go to her immediately and tell her McCrae wants to form a guys alliance to get the girls out of the house. They will then offer Elissa a deal to work with them if McCrae goes up. Andy mentions that a exterminator has to go up, doesn’t matter who it is.
Gm – ‘Worst case she wins HOH’
S – ‘Thats a scary place to be’

Andy – ‘if McCrae wins the HOH we’ll have to play up the fact that Elissa flipped and not me’
Spencer – ‘If the ring is brought up it’s a fake.. just tell him it’s a fake.. how does that sounds JUDD’
JUDD – ‘Good to me’
Spencer thinks the next HOH will be a quiz and McCrae is decent at those.
Andy tells them they need to completely blind side McCrae and Elissa.
Andy – ‘what are you thinking JDUD’
JUDD – ‘I’m just so frustrated with Last night.. I’m done’
GM – ‘They just think we are scum f*** stupid poor people’
Andy – ‘I can’t wait for thursday’
Andy – “think about how many awesome moments it’s going to be.. Amanda thinks it’s 3 to 1 it’s going to be a tie and Ginamarie is going to break the tie’
JUDD – ‘ I wish we could fast forward to it’
Spencer – ‘I 100% trust you all and it’s the exterminators for me… I don’t mind not getting to final 2 just as long as I knew I ran with a solid honest crew’
GM – ‘I’m f**** with that bro’
Specner says when the votes come in Amanda is going to sh!t in her pants and he can hardly wait.
Andy – ‘and she’s leaving with the Elissa’s wedding ring.. and my organ shirt.. oh well it’s a casualty’

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S – ‘wouldn’t you rather run with this crew make it to final 4 then be lap boys to those mother F*****’
A – ‘YES’
GM – ‘JUDD came back for a reason and we aligned for a reason We’re real American people..Not psychos.. them two b!tches are f*** nuts.’ GM says McCrae is somewhat normal
Andy – ‘I cannot imagine working on a deal with them three over the three of you’

Gm says the exterminators are legit, the name is secure their alliance is written in stone.
GM – ‘we’re real people not crazy people’

GM calls Amanda a baby,
JUDD – ‘she’s a c***, W***, B*** I f**** hate her’
GM -‘She a wh*** she was showing her t!t$ around’
JUDD – ‘I hate her I hate ELissa and most of all I Hate ghosts’
Gm- ‘Whats ghosts’ (JUDD moves his head around like a ghost.. I think he means production)
JUDD -‘i like mc don’t hate mccrae’
All the exterminators agree if they can get rid of Elissa and Amanda in one night it’ll go down in history.

Spencer says all the fans must be sick and tired of Amanda running the show. GM says Aaryn is the one that is going to look stupid for following Amanda.
Specner says as a person he really liked Aaryn and Howard.

GM and Specner leave. Andy says this thursday will be so rewarding.
JUDD – ‘unless the ghosts give her a power’
Andy – ‘They won’t.. we got this’


9:38pm Backyard Everyone but GM, Andy and Elissa.
Amadna brings up that GM has been acting weird around her.
Gm and Andy join them and they start talking about the rules of checkers.

10:02pm Random chat Everyone but JUDD
Amanda is reading the bible. .. they decide to play shout out’s and f**** yous

Andy talks about the documentary “King of Kong” (It’s recommended)

The most immature person is votes as Jeremy
The worst game player is David
Best laugh .. they are undecided.. Andy says Howard.
Amanda says Candice was the best fighter.
ELissa asks who cries the most
Spencer – Helen or Andy
Andy agrees.
GM – best accent
MC says Spencer, Amanda says JUDD or GM.

Amanda asks ‘Most level headed’
Elissa says she is. nobody agrees but only JUDD disagree.
JUDD – ‘No not at all’
Spencer- ‘who is the most bat sht crazy’
Elissa – ‘Amanda or Aaryn’
Amanda – ‘I’ll take that one’


10:25pm Kitchen
MC – ‘So What are you thinking’
Andy – ‘I fell good.. I’m just feeling putting my fate in the hands of ELissa freaks me the f*** out… if i’m being honest with you.’
MC – ‘It’s easier for me becuase everyone expects me to vote.. you know..’
MC explains that they have to be ready just in case shit goes south and ELissa doesn’t vote for Amanda. MC says the plan is Amanda gets pissed off at Andy and they all blame the vote on Elissa.
Andy – ‘Ya Amanda gets pissed at me I blame everything on Elissa’
Spencer rolls in.
Andy – ‘Elissa just claimed she was the most level headed what the F** is up with that’
(McCrae thinks he has Andy’s vote but is worried about Elissa’s. If the vote is 2/2 Amanda will say when she leaves that the 2nd vote came from Elissa not Andy and it’s because of Andy she is going home.)


11pm Backyard everyone
McCrae saying each players catch phrase
David – ‘Bro or dude
Hoard – ‘I see things, I hear thinks, I know things”
Nick = ‘Riboflavin or NAR’
Jeremy’s = ‘ma dude or flabbergasted’
Candice = ‘Boo or Keeping it real’
Kaitlin = “Get your sh!t together or You’re all going to learn today’
JUDD = “you wanna get stuff popping’
Helen – ‘If you don’t do this you’re going home next week’
Jessie – ‘OK .. OK’
Aaryn – ‘I’m not a racist.. no her’s was the cat thing’ (The cat thing is Aaryn showing her claws.. see iamge)
Amanda – ‘I figured it out’
Spencers – ‘F*** head.. or you all know my friend larry’
Andy – ‘Bye.. OOooKK .. or Opps’
GM – ‘ Check yourself.. cockroaches… shady lane’
Elsisa – ‘I don’t even think about you’
McCrae – ‘I dunno’

11:33pm Backyard Everyone
Chatting about the royal families. Everyone in teh backyard except for Elissa and Amanda feel that the super wealthy got where they are by being cutthroat. Nobody really feels sorry for the problems of wealthy people. They think that the charity events that wealthy people partake in is more a social thing if anything for the rich. ELissa disagrees and so does Amanda. (Amanda is now Elissa’s BFF.. it’s pretty funny to watch)
Elissa is saying that powerful successful people what a good woman that have good hearts that will donate their time to charity.

11:41pm Elissa and Amanda kitchen
Elissa complaining about the other people in the house always taking bad about successful people.
Elissa – ‘It’s so annoying.. I’m like you are not successful because you are a horrible person.. thats why’
Amanda – ‘Everyone I know that is really successful has worked really hard’
Elissa – ‘Oh my gosh..” Elissa syas she has some friends that are very wealthy and they only have like 5 friends because they cannot trust anyone people will always use them for their money.
Elissa – ‘They don’t want to make friends they don’t want to flaunt their money.. ‘
Amanda – ‘you and I both have friends that are super uber wealthy’
Elissa – ‘It’s annoying.. oh because you are a bad person you want to Judge someone that is successful”
GM joins them..

(Not sure who the bad people are))


12:17am Backyard Bros
JUDD about Elissa “you are so much better than Obama and Michele.. we f*** get it you have all the money”
JUDD – ‘Is it me’
MC – ‘No.. it was like that last week’
Andy – what are you talking about
JUDD – ‘I’m sick of hearing how rich you (Elissa) are.. you’re better than obama I get it’
Spencer rolls in
JUDD – ‘if I hear successful people one more time i’m going to jump in the pool and never come out’
(Doesn’t sound like any of them is caring for Elissa right now)

Spencer brings up that Elissa’s husband bought a ice rink that seats 5 thousands people. JUDD doesn’t believe it. MC confirms thats what he heard.

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Exterminate Andy the Rat, or if you prefer, Andy the Lot Lizard.

Judd is a MAJOR dud

I love how Judd is pissed at production (“ghosts”) because he thinks they are helping Amanda and Elissa. But he doesn’t have a problem with production making it so he could come back after having been evicted. I mean seriously, he thinks he deserves to win a half million dollars? This arrogant cocky asshole needs to be humbled and sent back to the jury house.


I think things like MVP lasting three weeks and then MVP switching the meaning of MVP are pre-determined/ loosely pre-determined. Same with the first four jurors coming back. Those things were planned before the season began, but could have been subject to change depending on what happened. The duration of MVP was never reavealed beforehand and the jury twist was revealed one week before it went into play.

Hypothetically BB could introduce something like diamond power of veto, Pandora’s box, coup de’tat, etc. The difference is these things look/ are more direct manipulations. They are almost certainly introduced with the sole purpose of having an outcome favorable for one house guest/ alliance.

Judd coming back was at least somewhat up to Judd. Other things are deliberate and direct moves to help certain people.


I think they changed the MVP to America because it was only Elissa getting it and they couldn’t have that…….I hate that Amanda has such blind trust in Andy, he isn’t even a good liar, his face shows it all!

Watching flip-floppers

Oh what a difference a day makes. For the last several weeks the overwhelming number of posts were anti-Amanda, calling her every name in the book. And the rest were anti-Elissa doing the same. Yesterday/Today it’s a total 180. Amanda fans (me) have come around to now liking Elissa and Elissa fans, while not fully embracing Amanda, have at least shifted their focus to now attacking the exterminators. So fascinating to read all the posts from the last few updates. Nice to see that people’s opinions about the HGs can turn on a dime too. GM went from being reviled in the beginning to adored lately to now being pond scum again. I mean really, she’s been the same person (an ignorant racist) the whole time. I was losing interest in the show fast but this latest revelation about Amanda and Elissa teaming up has me back in with both feet!

Elissa knows something

Elissa is clearly taunting the exterminators. I love watching them as they are afraid their big plan of going to final four is in jeopardy. It must kill them to see Amanda and Elissa BFFs now. I think Elissa will have a double power of veto on Thursday. She’ll use it to save Amanda and will put up Ratboy. This could be a plausible scenario because the holder of the DPOV isn’t allowed to tell anybody they have it. Elissa can say she got it when she was locked in her HOH last week while all the HGs were taking pictures. (Remember that they heard noises coming from the HOH room). And Elissa was saying something in the dark that “this is crazy.”) Either that or she really is being duped by Andy into thinking he’s with them. But Elissa is too smart for that. She know Andy is a rat and cannot be trusted at all. She is setting a trap for the rat. And neither she nor Amanda are going anywhere Thursday. Elissa knows something we don’t yet. I’m excited!

Spencer won't know what hit him

Even though Spencer is acting supremely confident I bet he is shitting a brick seeing Amanda’s resurrection from being a depressed desperate psycho bitch to a confident and happy HG who is now BFFs with her arch nemesis. I bet his twisted little mind is wondering like a rat on a sinking ship if it’s really his time to go this time. Bye bye you despicable misogynistic pervert. I hope the women in the jury house rip you a hundred new assholes and that your employer finds a way to fire your ugly red-haired ass. I’m not worried about Marilyn because I think she’s been a figment of your imagination this whole time. (I mean seriously, what woman would debase herself so much to be with a pig like you?). Adios creep! And oh, it will be an added treat if Julie gets to inquisition you are your comments this season. Your head will still be spinning from the blind side that just occurred. I can’t wait for Thursday!

Spencer's therapist

I hope the dickhead doesn’t pack his clothes like last week. Such arrogance. He’ll be scrambling as he’s heading for the door and won’t have a bag with his stuff to take to the jury house. I love it!


Spencer says he doesn’t want to be their lap dog. Oh but it was ok for McCranda to carry your fat ass throughout the game?


You’re right! I thought about what happened in the Elissa’s HOH room for two days, then forgot about it thinking it must have been nothing. Maybe we will finally see what that was all about!!

Amanda is still leaving

No one is “afraid” of this idiot, they’re just genuinely sick of her snob personality after being locked up with her for so long. All the Exterminators know exactly what’s going on because Andy the Rat is now on their side.


The power of veto has already been won and used by McCrae. The only way to save Amanda is to vote to evict Spencer. If whoever wins the next HOH puts up Amanda again then they can use the power of veto to save her. That hasn’t happened yet though. I think Elissa’s change of heart is quite obviously because she was advised to do that by production. They obviously want to keep Amanda in the house.


I have to agree it is interesting to read the comments from ppl the last cpl days. Everyone’s changing their mind about who they like & don’t like is entertaining, but very annoying at the same time.

That said I will give my opinion on the events that happened over the last cpl days. First of all, I was SUPER PI$$ED when I seen the Elissa wants to vote to keep Amanda headline. I’m still pi$$ed to b honest. Yes Elissa wasn’t in the best position b4, but now she’s in a horrible spot. B4 this happened she was in pretty good with GM & Judd. If 1 of the exterminators won the next HOH they weren’t even going to nominate her. They were gonna put up McCrae & 1 of their own. So basically she’d only have Andy bc he wasn’t all the way on board with not nominating her & McCrae coming after her. But honestly I think McCrae would b more pi$$ed at GM 4 gettin rid of Amanda & want her out over Elissa. Now after doing this bull$hit to try to keep Amanda, she is public enemy number 1. Now Andy, GM, Spencer & Judd all want her out. And McCrae will believe the rat, so he’ll think it was Elissa that didn’t vote for Amanda to stay & he’ll also want her out. If this was productions way of getting Elissa some allies, they have really screwed up. I think Elissa totally ruined her game by trying to save Amanda, and for what?? So she can stick around & bully her some more. It’s so frustrating.

***Now onto the production manipulation: It is a 100% fact production is telling Elissa what to do. Elissa was deadset on gettin Amanda out of the house. And she had every reason too. Amanda harassed her non-stop for a week. Called her names & her husband & even son. That’s a low-blow.Then suddenly Elissa gets called to the DR & comes out wanting to save Amanda. If that’s not fishy then I don’t know what is. And it was immediate too. She literally walked straight out of the DR and went to Amanda & said I want 2 save u. Elissa’s gut is telling her not to trust Andy so y on earth would she want to work with him. She knows Andy will not vote to keep Amanda. But she does what production tells her. If u remember, the same exact thing happened last week. Elissa was gun hoe on getting Aaryn out, gets called to the DR & comes straight out & tells Aaryn she wants to keep her & backdoor AMANDA. Lol. It’s comical. I just can’t wait to c how they edit this. After showing Elissa wanting Amanda out last week to Amanda bullying her. Now Elissa wanting to save her. That should be interesting. It’s stupid, all of its just plan ignorance. If Elissa doesn’t win HOH Thurs I have a feeling she’ll b following Amanda out the door. Ok bk to production manipulating Elissa, if u really think about it. U know they told her Andy, Amanda, & McCrae were working together & that’s why she nominated Andy instead of GM. Bc there’s no way she would’v known otherwise. Yeah, he didn’t vote to keep Helen, but they already knew he wasn’t going to. As far as Elissa was concerned her & Andy were close. So for her to get in her head that he was with Amanda & McCrae was just a little weird. It would’ve made more sense to Elissa to nominate GM so she couldn’t vote for Aaryn to stay. But production knew how Andy would vote so they told her to put him up & that he was with McManda. There’s just no other way Elissa would’ve known that. Just like production told her not to nominate Howard that week, when all the racist crap was happening. They didn’t want to lose him bc he was sticking up for Candice during hurricane Aaryn & it was bringing in ratings.

***So good job Production. U have officially ruined Elissa’s game. And in the process made the show worse for me. Lol. I was already having a hard time figuring out who to root for this season. Bc the cast sucked so bad. This is the first season that I haven’t had a specific person I really wanted to win. Then over the past cpl weeks I was starting to like Elissa, Judd, & GM. For the final 3. GM bc I feel like she could really use the money. But now she’s starting to talk trash again & making me not like her anymore. And Judd too. He’s throwing cu*t around like it’s ok. And Elissa just pi$$es me off with her changing her mind craziness. I watched an interview Rachel & Brendon did on Youtube the other day. Talking about how bad Elissa wants to get rid of Amanda & that’s a good game move for her. Rachel also went on to say she’s really pi$$ed at Amanda for calling her nephew names & that she probably won’t be invited to the finale bc she’d prob hit Amanda in the face. They also want Elissa & Judd in the final 2 & they like them working together. LOL. Wonder what they think now??? So now I’m just back to being disgusted at the whole damn thing.


i can only listen to him talk for 5 seconds, it gets me that these chicks think he is hot…………. yea maybe a hot turd


this may not be a popular comment.

i read something and do not think the elissa flip was entirely production. here is a transcript of what was said exactly between demanda and elissa right before she went into DR…


that said, i do think production helped the idea take hold. it was demanda’s idea to put into her head about the others aligning. but in DR, willing to bet they said alot more to strengthen the thought.

btw, also take note of elissa’s comment, “But there’s no way I would’ve went, and if I went, they would’ve brought me back.” in reference too demanda trying to say she save elissa early on. how is elissa so confident she’d be brought back too?

to summerize, the flip job not entire a production idea, but they had to have helped. and i’m now a believer that elissa had a different arrangement to be a HG based on the “they would’ve brought me back” statement.


I think I am slowly starting to understand the “Reilly” Dialect in the English language, once you get past the tonal quality of a seagull swallowing it’s tongue it is easy. (P.s. There is no way either of the girls are from the South, maybe Southern California because that voice is pure Valley. Chu-ah-ah you know it.)
I think what Elissa was referring to was, that if she had gone to jury at the point that Helen did or before that. It would have been her coming back into the house not J-U- Double D. Which is not by any means a presumptuous comment, considering she won that HoH and the last Jury member was off the wall a good 20 or 30 minutes, before she faltered..


all this has solidified a few things for me however…
– feel better now about my original statement long ago that i root for no one. if anything, there are not even degrees of dislike as much between everyone (though at least elissa dont spread hate as much as the others)
– i now can’t believe for a little bit there i wanted to try and hope for redemption for GM. all this has brought out her original and true nasty side

and most of all: i really hope in future additions, cbs gives america the ability in the future to vote no one wins with a 70% or whatever number majority for the money to go to charity. if there was ever a case for that to be made, its this season


Call me naive, but what I think happens in the DR is that production asks vague questions to get each person talking. In this case, I bet Elissa was talking about Amanda, specifically how nobody in the house comes to her defense and worse act as though she and Amanda are equally guilty. Then production asks how she feels about moving forward with these new allies as she discards her old allies. Maybe they ask if she really trusts Judd and GM.

I just think Elissa is not especially bright or strong-willed. It’s like with Howard and Candice. She liked them both, trusted them, and hated all the racism against them…but Helen told her they had to go for Elissa’s game, so she helped get rid of them. Now that Elissa has to go it alone, without Helen’s blueprint for what to do, she’s left to her own devices.

The MVP was a production fix and their selective editing to create heroes and villains…or protect villains is highly objectionable, but I think the DR sessions have more to do with getting soundbites for EVERYTHING that could happen and the HG’s paranoia and weak minds carry these sessions into the game.


For being a superfan, Judd is so clueless! This is why I did not want him to come back. What does he expect Elissa to do? She wanted to work with him but he threw her away for the exterminators. He choose Andy over her even after both Aaryn and Elissa warned him about Andy! Elissa was the first person to welcome him back!! If it wasn’t for Elissa he would have been right back out the door. She asked him if he would nominate her and he did not so no. He did not say I owe you for keeping me safe! He offered her nothing.


Nahh…there is something definitely not right here. Shame on you CBS for over playing your hand this past week. People who say this isn’t rigged is living in their own world. They call reality tv, reality tv NOT because what you’re watching isn’t fake and predetermined, BUT because technically there is no script. Nevertheless, they know EXACTLY how they want the season to play out and CBS seems to be set on Amanda not leaving the house or at LEAST making it as difficult as possible to get her out…even if it means telling their plant (Elissa) to go entirely against how she really feels and side with her enemy. Again, if Amanda wins this season….Someone should sue CBS & write a tell all book!

Jig is up!!

Elissa gave them up when she said if she was gone the first few weeks they would bring her back. If she wasn’t a plant how would she know that? The game is totally predetermined on who is going to win. This year they really blew it because obviously Elissa is NOT a good actress. Jig is up CBS!!!

wiseone says...

Reality tv: Television scenarios played in real time, underscored, sensored, and scripted.
The “Houseguests” are chosen from a casting call, and were asked about their ability to lie, cheat, and cry on demand.
(the same as well payed actors vying for a role.)
The Diary Room is the “houseguests” direct, yet individual and private, access to any and all production assistance, medics,
and or scripts and direction from the producers.
This casts main flaw is that they look good on paper, yet when the hair extentions and the alcohol come out so do their true personalities…
of which most of this crew of HG’s have multiple ones.


judd had to compete for his place back in the house. It wasn’t just given to him (like the MVP was basically given to Elissa for three weeks).

Also, Judd’s game was basically forfeit by America in the first place. if he knew that all the suspicion cast on him for being mvp was actually because America continued to foolishly put amanda up (when no one wanted her out), he’d have a lot more reason to be upset right now.

The mvp twist was a horrible one, and it cost judd his game. As far as i’m concerned, his 2nd chance was to rectify what a stupid idea mvp was. I hope we never see it again. We clearly can’t trust the audience to vote for reasons other than personal.


I don’t like andy but I have to give him props for his game he made it through floating into every conversation with everyone trusting him. He rode amanda and mccrae as far as he could so people would target them and not him then when he got put up because of them he flipped. Now he masterminded the plan to get rid of amanda and now is going to frame elissa if he makes final 2 he will win and deserves the win.


I’ll give you that – Andy is smart and always thinking, but I really dislike him and hope he leaves this week at the double eviction. He is mad that Elissa screwed up his plans and starts calling her mean, nasty names. What is she supposed to do after hearing that she is a target to the other houseguest?? Oh and why is it ok for Andy to flip to the other side, but when Jessie did it people made fun of her??


I love how you gay men are lot lizards….


Hey guys. I couldn’t even sleep last night. Josh and I were blasting Billy Idol’s version of Mony, but we were singing Money. After my Jewish Queen Amanda wins her 500k it is to Wynn Macau in China for celebration. Thank You Elissa and Andy and of course my good friend, The Captain. Fun Time all this week1


@BuffaloBill, good luck to become a loser.


People need to stop calling elissa dumb. Clearly as we seen in the previous weeks elissa has shown she’s not dumb. We just need to chill and see what this whole keeping fatmanda thing is all about. For all we know she can have a master plan like trying to show andy is the rat. Let’s wait for the thursday

rollecoaster season

this season just hit rock bottom

rollecoaster season

I’m just trying to rub my head on what is happening, how on earth do mouse and cat all off sudden become buddy buddies, seems absolutely fishy to me, and I could smell it from another country

Rocco in Waste management

I think its gonna go to a 2-2 tie, GM will cast the tiebreaker to evict,……………….Spencer, Andy’s jaw will drop and GM will poi t her finger fro. Her eyes to Andy’s eyes and say….GOTCHA!

Den Den

I hate Amanda but I LOVE that idea!


The same way actresses wake up in the mornings in movies and on soaps looking perfect with flawless make up… they are acting… it’s all fake! Their is no other way to explain the two of them being buddies after the torture Amanda put Elissa through…

Amanda's Therapist

sodisgusted* btw Amanda said on BBAD, she is worried her
parents will be embarrased ¿ bc of her behavior!


OMG! Amadna is worried about this bullshit….NOT ABOUT
EMBARRASSMENT FROM – your daughter giving
pussy pizza boy daily “BLOWJOBS” on a reality show on
National TV?!?


While I agree that it’s getting interesting Simon, it has no merits. You watch enough to find it insanely suspicious that Elissa all of a sudden changed her mind. I’m not saying its rigged or anything but I don’t think it unfolded naturally. Some let it go cause its just entertainment but I for one can’t cause I can’t stand Amanda.

Luckily for me, it looks like Andy is gonna get rid of Amanda anyway and even though its been manipulated ill find great joy in Elissa’s, MC and especially Amanda’s face when she still goes home.


Elissa changing her mind is not suspicious given that 1) production has played mind games with/ manipulated/ favored all houseguests since Day 1 of Season 1 and 2) Elissa has no game; she can’t think half a move ahead and goes with whatever enters her head that minute


Hey simon, even you have to agree that this ill-fated Elissa’s turnaround is the deed of the “ghosts” The ghosts tried to save Amanda but it has backfired. The ghosts’ next plan is to talk to Andy into reversing his vote. If it fails, they will attempt to reverse Judd’s. Fuggin rigged yo.



now that the production’s plan is failing, the next HOH comp will be designed for Elissa to win so that at least one of their attractions (Elissa and Amanda) will remain for an extra week.


It seems obvious that Amanda is leaving. I think at the very least, production told Elissa to give Amanda her vote so that they’ll be on good terms if Elissa should need her vote in the final 2.

Marg Williams

Well if this doesn’t work out for Amanda (staying in the house) at least Elissa will have one more jury vote in Amanda ’cause Amanda will learn that Andy betrayed her via the good bye messages of the other house guests or the Cd she will watch in the jury house with the other evicted house guest and Andy’s betrayal will be discovered and Elissa will get her wedding rings back. Andy would have betrayed both Helen and Amanda and they will campaign against him in the jury house. I want Elissa to win HoH.

somethings off

am i wrong but is McCrae in on Andy voting against Amanda? he states to Mc Crae ” ok so we blame it on Elissa when it is 2-2″. It seemed like Mc Crae knew that Andy is not voting to keep Amanda and lets just blame Elissa and McCrae also states how everyone expects him to vote to keep Amanda. At this point unless Andy changes his mind he will keep spencer and i hope someone gets GM in on a possible tie breaker to out Andy. Spencer plan that Elissa ring is fake, duh Spencer you can not keep complaining all the money Elissa has and think she would have a fake ring. Also Simon donating Friday i do not get BBAD nor feeds so i appreciate all you and Dawg do thank you..


they as a group seem slow on the uptake.
Andy keeps on having binary decisions in
terms of who he can betray. he leaves an
exit in place for himself usually. i am waiting
for the whole group to get wise to him totally.

Canadian BB Fan

If the ring that Elissa gave Amanda is indeed a fake, then maybe she plans on voting out Amanda anyway. Obviously she’d be counting on Andy voting out Amanda, and the one vote to keep her would be McCrae.

That would expose the rat.

That would make her look like she lied too, it’s true; but no one could argue that Andy was indeed a rat at that point.

The problem is, Andy has basically told the exterminators he IS a rat, and that he’s just telling McCranda that he is working with them.

If the plan was for Elissa to expose Andy, he’s played it too well for it to work; right down to claiming the ring is fake when Amanda gets out.

That was spencers idea – and i hate that guy – but it’s a solid game move.

Unless Elissa gets HoH and/or a power, she’s done.

And because production got her into that corner.


I don’t think Amanda would ever give Elissa her vote no matter how friendly they are now. She will always dislike Elissa and think she was a weak player…as well as self-entitled and already rich.


As pissed as Judd has been at the ‘ghosts’ lately…. flipping off the cameras and whatnot, he may go berserk and do something stupid and get a penalty nomination. Then there would be three people on the block and Elissa & McCrae would have the two votes needed to save Amanda and send Judd packing. This season has been so crazy I would neither be surprised nor angry. In fact, I think that scenario would be hilarious given the absurdity of recent events.


Well if this was a football game there ‘ d be red flags all over the field. Any chance the vote will be McCrea and Elissa vote out Spenser. Then Andy and Judd vote out Amanda causing a tie.. GM then votes out Spenser instead of Amanda… Elissa and GM were worried about a guy alliance.. Anything is possible..Andy would be exposed as a rat….Spenser to jury. Judd a lame duck… Final 4 McCranda, GM and Elissa…

Cary Man

I’m guessing you haven’t played or watched a lot of football? (check the color of the flags)…

^00^ or Karen S as you know me

I think it’s finally picked up and exciting again. I’ve been sending the oblivious people to catch up here Simon and Dog from the feeds! You all are the best!


This is what I believe

1) Amanda was the predetermined winner of BB15.
2) Elissa is a CBS employee or under a “different contract with CBS”. Guaranteed certain finish. Her comment about if she would of left early Production would of brought her back just confirms the MVP idea was to keep her in the house. She is constantly being feed stuff in her DR visits. Elissa also got the use of a comforter while she was a have not. She also claimed she was “allergic to slop” who knows what she was given to eat in the DR.
3) I think there are House guests who are just that.. regular house guest. Like Aaryn – She was painted as a Racist and Julie Chen had no problem throwing her under the bus. Aaryn didn’t get the same “good edits” as Elissa and Amanda. It was also Amanda who was shown coming to Aaryn to tell her that she is seen by the house as a racist, yet Amanda has said much worse stuff.

Elissa changing her mind after coming out of the DR makes no sense. How long did she complain about Mcrae and Amanda being disgusting and didnt want to be around people like them, but she is keeping them in the house. She claimed Mccrae was drawing Cartoons in a bible. Being a religious person who reads the bible.. this didnt sit well with her, but she is able to put that aside to make an alliance with Mccrae and Amanda? Then there is the whole Amanda saying stuff about her husband, her plastic surgery, and her making threats to Elissa. She locks herself in the HoH to avoid Amanda… but how they are working together. Uh sure…

During BB 8 – There was a contest for HoH where Erica won.. a handful of HGs were complaining there buzzers were working and they buzzed in first. (was this contest rigged or a manfuction) after HGs kept complaining. Allison Grodner announces to the HGs after watching the video that some of the buzzers were working and because BB wants the show to be impartial and fair to all houseguets the HoH competition will be run again.

So is BB15 fair and impartial? Considering MVP was written in to keep Elissa in the house? Amanda can say and do what she wants? Helen was clearly signaled to step off the platform from the person behind the wall. She never loses her balance she actually balanced herself before stepping off.

There was another incident from BB8 where James is HoH and throws a fit on the live feeds cause he claims the veto comp was made for Chicken George who won the POV and removed himself.

Seriously who would of thought Friday Amanda would be staying?? Nobody.. everyone was saying they cant wait for her to leave. EVEN Elissa. Now the impossible has happened. Well, not really this is how it was supposed to happen.

The former CBS employee who said Amanda was the chosen winner did say it would look like she is leaving a few times but would not.

I think it just has got to a point where they dont care how badly it is rigged or seems to be rigged.. they are going to do what they feel is best for ratings. Until viewership comes crashing down or someone writes a tell all book or does a interview.. they are going to keep up with the this day time soap.

Get Real

Rig…..Take the tin foil hat off and leave mommy’s basement already you insane delusional conspiracy loving nut.


A “game show” in which selected contestants (vs. members of the
public) participate is governed by Section 509 of Title 47 of the
United States Code (USC), and regulated by the Department of Justice.
However ”Big Brother” does not appear to meet the definition of a
“game show.” Rather, it is a ”for entertainment only” program,
somewhat similar to professional wrestling in that it is a
pseudo-contest in which the outcome is fully, or in some measure,



Too much word. Can’t read.

Wait a minute-

I just had a thought; if it’s true that this is rigged and MVP/Elissa’s return was written into the script before the show even began, that DR was feeding Elissa and Amanda information, warning them about events going on in the house that threatened to usurp the outcome orchestrated to be favorable for the 2 of them, advising them on their next moves (thereby “coaching” them) in order to ensure the win, that it was pre-planned for Elissa to at least make it to final three, and that Amanda was pre-determined to win….then there remains one thing making no sense and fitting nowhere into this puzzle. When Amanda was going off on Elissa and by the way, leaving her visibly shaken, it seemed authentic. She said some pretty nasty things. Conversely, Elissa insulted Amanda – either in a back-handed fashion or up-front and personal. When this so-called last minute change of heart prompted Elissa to change her mind and her vote, it left Amanda happy, grateful, apologetic and generous with her future game-plan in concerning Elissa. Elissa too gave up some jewelry to solidify her intent. My question is this: if they already new each other, or at least knew they were both making it to the finals (through DR interferences) then why would Amanda go off on Elissa in the first place only to have Elissa try and save her at the last minute? Why the fight and bully session? Why so much animosity when each of them knew they were PRE-DETERMINED to be in the final three NO MATTER WHAT? Please, someone enlighten me.

Stating the obvious

To create drama and controversy. And to increase viewers, which translates into bucco advertising dollars for CBS (and get more people to pay for the live feeds).

BB Bigga Tree

“I think there are House guests who are just that.. regular house guest. Like Aaryn – She was painted as a Racist and Julie Chen had no problem throwing her under the bus. Aaryn didn’t get the same “good edits” as Elissa and Amanda. ”

Honestly I stopped reading right there. Aaryn painted herself a racist by making those comments. Nobody put words into that girl’s mouth, and you want to defend her…you say BB didn’t give her good edits like Amanda of all people? Then you say Julie Chen threw her under the bus by just reading back Aaryn’s own quotes?

You are an idiot.


I think its HILARIOUS when people point to the twist as proof of anything

they did the SAME THING with the “coaches twist” for boogie Janelle and dan, they did it the year before that in another way as well

they do it every year to protect the interesting personalities they are paying extra to be there

its not like this is something new.

This season sucks

There is just too much coincidence that Elissa changed her mind….not sure about her being a CBS employee, but production is doing something & has her under control for certain “perks” like the comforter…it’s just a little too obvious. Now, I’m not sure that they will get Andy to change his vote or not for the simple fact that it doesn’t look like he’s been bought off like Elissa has.

it's 'would've' as in 'would have'

I couldn’t get past your second line and the completely meaningless phrase ‘would of’…


I just realized something. I wonder if spencer really thinks he deserves to win. You know between his record amount of nominations combined with his zero hoh wins. I bet he thinks he deserves it most.


I think spencer is just happy with 2nd place. He knows he hasn’t win anything and they
Will never vote for him that’s why he is banking on 2nd prize.


He also wins the award for using the C word the most. Now Judd is doing it. My wife says calling a woman the C word is the same as calling a black person the N word. Both are extremely degrading.


Andy: boy is playing the game. I wouldn’t want him as a friend, but he’s not floating. His tactic of bouncing back and forth and telling what’s happening positions him with the knowledge of both sides. Problem is, everyone will feel that he traded in on them. I’d given him the game and respect if he “Will’d” his position at the start of the game, saying that I’m gonna float between and cause tension between sides.

Amanda: gross. Yes, plays hard. Without her, it would be meh. But she’s just such a gross person I can’t fathom her being there. She stays … well, I don’t watch the TV edit… so I’d just be done with this blog (frikkin voyeurtastic! great job guys!) … and no, not idle vent… I’d just ‘stop’ … I’ll tune in for the finale.

Elissa: nice body. hope it wins. not the game though. She’s a kept woman with too much inside knowledge. Rachel and Brendon were not pleasant individuals. No automatic support there.

GM: girl, you’re a product of your upbringing and environment. Sorry. (I want to like you).

Spencer: don’t see the hate. I find he’s the only one I’m rooting for to make final 2. I think he’s intelligent (I didn’t say cultured), but will miss the opportunity to express he survived all the nominations and did what he had to do – play dead. Hard to make a move when you’re that vulnerable. Half the season on the block – not bad. Don’t think he can win, but can give someone that thinks ‘game’ rather than ‘personal’ a second thought.

Judd: who?

McCrae: gross. Superfan? Superdud.

Scumbag Steve

I believe Spencer just may be the worst contestant in the history of Big Brother. I think he’s funny sometimes, and seems to be a decent dude. But he is an awful player surrounded by slightly less terrible players.

On any normal season, that is the dude that gets voted out 2nd or 3rd. But since this season has no identity and is a house filled with lunatics, somebody like that can float through.

The guy has no backbone whatsoever, and just agrees with everything everybody says. That is the biggest problem with this season, there are no personalities when it comes to game. To see these peoples personalities, you have to watch them when they’re off of game mode. But when it comes to game, it’s like watching a bunch of pigeons swarm around for bread crumbs.


The Moving Company/Dictator Helen was his downfall in this game- He’s spent the entire time trying to recover & survive

Scumbag Steve

And just so you guys know, BuffaloBill was actually a huge Amanda hater. He hated her so much, that he fell into the “Jewish Queen” role because he was so rattled. He frequents other BB forums, and actually has a strong hatred for Amanda. I have never seen somebody have their feelings hurt so bad on a message board over a HG from a reality show. Sad. Poor little guy.

Obsess Much?

Who cares who that dude is or what he says. It’s a TV show that we’ll all forget about soon enough, and this is just a blog about that show. Get help if you’re seriously affected by players on a reality game show….really get help if you’re affected by some stranger making comments on a blog about a player on a TV game show.


Stevie, first you are not a scumbag. You just have anger. I have always supported my Jewish Queen Amanda. Second, I am woman who loves Amanda. I don’t like putting anyone down. My energy is making money. I have several businesses and I am a very wealthy independent Woman who loves Money. I can travel anywhere in the world and am very good to my employees. One of the things I look when I hire someone is if they have anger issues, because you can’t make money. People think Amanda is angry. I see the opposite. She is a great actress and will win this game. Some of my Jewish friends love her and want me to hire her. The thing with Jewish people they are great at anything they do. It is the greatest race in history. That is why I will always put my money on them. Love you Amanda, Love you Elissa, Love you Andy, Love you The Captain. See you Steve. I believe in you. Got to go for my morning swim.


You are sooooooo weird. Seriously, I’m not about to insult you like as many others have in the last few days. Having said that, I don’t really see the point of all this online curiosity as to who or for that matter what — man, woman, battery operated remote control car; whatever — you are. It’s just that after reading some of your open monologue online and in your responses to other posters I think…well, you just seem reeeeeaaaallllyyyy strange, you know? I’ve come to the conclusion that you are either A.) someone from a foreign land not familiar with the english language and having seen many American films in your country, the bad translations seem to have made you think all Americans sound like Holistic pseudo-therapists with a desire to cleanse all whom they meet, B.) a person paid to say the things your saying (for whatever reason) because you were told not to deviate from the script, thereby sounding like an automaton C.) a robot or as above mentioned D.) really, REALLY weird. Real and who you claim to be; but weird.

King Goldy

i rooted for Elissa all season, so i will not jump off her band wagon. But she is really pissing me off. I just want to shake the s@#$ out of her an unscramble her brains. I hope like heck she was not put in the game as the actress to stir up stuff in the house. I want Amanda and Andy gone, Then she can be a causality of war.


Judd better be careful or production is going to try and exterminate him soon.




That’s what I was thinking. Production is so desperate to keep Amanda they may give Judd a penalty nomination for flipping off the camera like he’s been doing, or something equally stupid, and say he broke some rule. Then there’s three on the block, three people voting and McCrae & Elissa will keep Amanda and send Judd packing.


GM “we are real american people”

If real americans are like GM, God help America….

Scumbag Steve

The inability for al of these house guests to not realize how much of a rat Andy is, is quite possibly the most shocking part of this season. People have even alluded to it and other HG’s seem to not even care, or pay attention. This really is one of the worst casts. I won’t lie, it’s been a pretty entertaining season, but these people are just so pathetically stupid.

This season will be memorable for having the stupidest cast ever that produced the worst winner of all time. There are no all stars in that house. This casting job was junk. CBS brought us junk.

I have actually really liked the season, but man these HG’s are just terrible.

House Ghost

It will be a 2-2 tie and as GM casts the tiebreaker to evict ..Spencer! She looks directly at Andy a says ?..GOTCHA!


I have not read all the comments, but doesn’t it occur to anybody that Elissa is NOT going to vote to keep Amanda? Elissa knows Andy can’t be trusted, she listens at doors, and Amanda has been downright cruel to her. When there is only McCrae’s vote to keep Amanda, Amanda goes to jury and tells everyone there what part Andy played in getting them out. He gets few votes if he makes it to F2. Meanwhile, McCrae and Elissa try to get his rat ass out, and they have the most chance of being HOH.

At least I hope that is her plan. I can’t believe she suddenly trusts Andy. And I really want him to go home the loser that we all know he is.


Scumbag Steve… If you thought this BB season is bad, I guess you missed winter BB Canada. What a rigged snore fest that was…


I am a gigantic fan of this game, but lately it seems like production is making it impossible to win for some people and making it a definite win for others. I dont want to stop watching but i may have to


So disappointed. I was hoping for an Elissa-Judd-GM final 3 and now I can’t think of anyone I want to get that far.

In past seasons were they this cruel to each other? It’s so juvenile. “Bi**h” and “cu**” are used so loosely with this group…

Elissa is the only one who doesn’t make those kind if comments. And I think her comments about her life and what she has are genuine and not said to be rude… if she was someone from lesser means with a simple life would everyone still be offended? She is just kinda strange. But even so, her choice to side with the villain has moved her down my list of favorites which now consists of no one…. well maybe Judd.


Genuinely annoying, rude & consescending


think about going back to no one to root for. judd is as bad as anyone (as proven lately) regarding talking hate behind people’s backs.

not to mention, he like all the other guys, is too much of a pussy to stand up to bullying.

screw him…screw them all. root for no one.


Right now Andy can do no right in Amanda’s eyes. Is there anything that is going to alert Amanda to Andy and his deception?

I HATE Andy!

I’m so upset hearing them say bad things about Elissa! I couldn’t even watch BBAD because its too tense ! Can’t believe Andy will screw Elissa like that! She’s my favorite player. I HATE Amanda but this is a smart move for Elissa! PS Im a girl!

somethings off

BB watcher i agree i hope in the next day or so Amanda hears Andy. He is talking so much to so many he may just be dumb enough to disclose to the wrong group his actual plan…. Awww now that would be awesome.

Todd Crane

Why is Judd so nervous when production says to stop it? He even gave the finger twice today to the cameras on BBAD. Now he is telling Elissa that she is always talking about things that gets them in trouble (with production). I don’t know but he seems very strange today.


He sees the production influence and is probably getting upset.


ya he is also have extreme nicotine withdrawal …either that or he got the penalty nom for talking about jury house and he is freaking!
hope it’s the smokes!

Amanda's Therapist

caribear* Nicotine withdrawal is no joke!!
I quit – “cold turkey” !
I had been smoking 2 1/2 to 3 packs a day!
Had smoked for over 20 years…they were a “crutch”!~!
This was when you could still smoke, inside
the workplace…at your desk…like every other guy/gal!!
Your body has a BAD time – w/o – the nicotine!!
Withdrawals from the smokes was ROUGH!!!
~~~My poor cat – hid under the bed for hours~~~
Cravings for the smokes – makes you damn CRAZY!!
He seems to be upset, and having sleep problems !?!
Amanda and McPussy are still smoking and it is tough for
JU D D … to be around the smoke….and NOT be smoking!!!


I don’t get running out of cigarettes……if you are a smoker you know how many packs you need for three months…what the heck…it happens every season.


BB will give him a penalty nomination for his behavior and say he broke some rule, then there’s three on the block and Amanda will stay and Judd will get voted out. lol It sounds crazy, but with everything else going on it wouldn’t surprise me.

Elissa Judd GM Still Together After all the years

How about this scenerio..
I recall Elissa asking GM if she wants a tie but I cant recall what came of it.
GM, Judd (could be questionable) Elissa still together.
If Andy doesnt vote for Amanda to stay – their alliance is exposed but so is Andy. GM votes tie for Amanda to stay..
Spencer is gone and Andy is in big shit.
GM, Elissa and Judd would still have 3 vs 2 Amanda and Mcrae vs 1. All targeting Andy. Judd would be protected from Andy and GM and Elissa. Amanda and Mcrae would know what GM did for them.
If Andy does vote to keep Amanda – then GM Alliance is NOT exposed. and Judd and GM Can save her

Amanda is still leaving

GM is not going to break a tie in Amanda’s favor, her whole HOH has been about finally targeting McRanda.


Unless GM changes her mind between now and Thursday. This is BIg Brother, you know, that tends to happen. But so far GM is pretty dead set against both Amanda and Elissa.


I want to believe this so much, too, but the only problem is…Elissa isn’t talking to GM about any of it. :-/

She really, really should be.


McPussy is the Poster Board Face for Occupy Minneapolis. Think about it using your five senses.




I hate GM when she opens her mouth and then she goes offscreen for two seconds and I still forget she’s in the game. For reals.


I am going to flip the fuck out if Andy and Spencer make it to the final 3! I can stand Mccrea being there. I liked Judd and GM before the exterminators but now I don’t like how they became the new 3AM (I would still like them in the final if it is not Elissa). All they do is talk shit about amanda(don’t really care about that she deserves it) and Elissa (Elissa supporter so naturally I don’t like the people against her). GM is the new Amanda saying she will torment Elissa. Wasn’t GM saying a week ago that what Amanda was doing was wrong and that she doesn’t support that! This cast is fucking NUTS! I already accepted the fact that Elissa will not make it to the final, however I hope she can out (oh wait, he already is! Zing!) Andy and ruin his game. I would not watch the finale it is Spencer and Andy. They honestly deserve it the least. They have like 3 wins, and Spencer has the nomination record. Still rooting for you El…always will up until your in jury. She is making the most out of what she has but taking down that 4 person alliance will be hard. As much as I HATE (my caps show how much I can’t stand her :P) Amanda, I think it would benefit Elissa. Rant over. :D Thanks for reading if you made it this far!

PS: A big THANK YOU to Simon and Dawg for having to watch this terrible cast all season long. I can barely watch a week of live feeds let alone the entire season almost 24/7. You guys rock and I wish I could donate but I don’t have a way of doing that. I appreciate the hard work you put into making this the best BB blog there can be! :D

Scumbag Steve

I actually don’t blame production for trying to influence this season. If there was ever a season that needed influencing, this is it.

There is nothing more boring than an Exterminators meeting lol

When the 4 of them get together, in my household, we call that a smoke break.

I couldn’t imagine those 4 left in the house together. Sitting around talking about how they’re the greatest players of all time, and how great their alliance is while Spencer just sits there nodding his head and agreeing with everything.

I really think at this point, BB is worried that Spencer or Andy might win the show. That will be a shame.

billy bob

i couldnt say that better myself,i wish production would just put a dpov on elissa pillow and say she won it while she was sleeping,


Judd winning wouldn’t necessarily be a total shame as with Andy and Spencer, but it would silly. GM winning would be like Aaryn winning. Never.

The chance of a racist winning this year is zero. Production will block GM from the money by all means necessary.


I just want to see the rat gone. He annoys the hell out of me, my got. He doesn’t want to be seen as the flip flopper that he is. I don’t think he is any different from Elisa. He is worse. I wish the exterminators can see how quick he tries to cover his tracks. Judd should have stuck with Elisa like he promised when he was sent back to the house. Elisa has been campaigning for him to not put on the block and he went and made a deal with the rat. I am not saying I’m happy with what Elisa is doing right now but damn!..I would mess up everyone’s game if know that I am being targeted. Maybe tomorrow Elisa will be back to her senses again. The exterminators don’t want Elisa in the house so I think they should get a good taste of their own medicine.

Wair Yall From

from the last blog…..
[… Spencer – ‘It’s about to play the F*** game now.. we’re f** hardcore.. We’re loyal. we’re going to kick a$$ raise hell.. exterminate’ …]

He’s done nothing all season but all of a sudden he’s badass, going to wear his pants with the crotch down at his ankles, take on the name “lover of panocha”, wear a red bandana and dark aviator sunglasses.

He’s Spencer “lover of panocha” and ready to raise hell…..



omg Wair, that pic is hilarious! As for the game, I have no faves at this point. They all sux! I’m left to rooting for Judd cause I’m from Tn. As for Elissa giving Amanda her ring, they are prob real but not her real wedding rings. She gave them up to easy. You know her real rings are way more expensive than the ones she gave Amanda and its no big deal for Elissa to lose a few grand if Amanda walks out with them on Thurs. p.s., thanks Simon and Dawg for all you do! I couldn’t imagine having to watch these crazy ass ppl 24/7. I donated and everyone else should to!


This show officially has jumped sharked big time
There may be a “glimmer of hope” left
but the foul taste these houseguests have left in
my mouth is something not that can be easily
rinsed out.


Judd is almost of of cigarettes. He mentioned yesterday he only had eight left. I can feel his pain especially with the HG’s and all the changes/twists happening so fast.




McCrae basically just gave Andy a free pass for Andy to vote against Amanda. Wow. What a genius.

Roisin Dubh

No he didn’t, he just gave him enough rope to hang himself. If Amanda goes, she goes to the jury house and ruins any chance the rat has of winning 500k. He’s playing for 50k now.


What is McCrae doing? If Amanda gets voted out, and blames Andy, then Andy and him are supposed to convince everyone else it was actually Elissa? Huh? So that Andy can save face with the exterminators? I think McCrae was sleeping too much. His brain is mush

I just can’t keep up with all the “fronts” these people are creating.


After tonight’s After Dark, I think Judd is onto something…he is acting so aloof and distant from everyone and flipping off the cameras randomly (haha). If only I could understand a word that kid said…omg, I don’t even know if he is speaking the English language, bless his little soul….

Slutty Chicken

He definitely has a dark side, he’s constantly annoyed by everything since his return.

Roisin Dubh

No way El came up with the plan to keep Amanda. That’s some Art of War/Lex Luthor- the greatest criminal mind of our times shit. Production got in her head bigtime. Anyway you cut it, Andy’s screwed, if he votes to keep Amanda, he’s the next one gone, if he doesn’t vote to keep her, he better pray that MC or El don’t win HOH because he’s going up and Amanda goes to the jury house and sinks him. They can’t blame this one on El and make it stick. MC wins either way because his target shrunk like a pair of testicles in 0 degree weather. I don’t care who leaves on Thursday, I just want to see MC win HOH and put Judd and Andy up. That’ll really screw things up and it will all come out at that point.


Actually because it is so stupid, i think Elissa DID come up with it herself. When McCrae was talking to her (about jury votes etc) and she said they hadn’t talked game in about a month, i could tell Elissa was thinking about what he said (plus what Amanda had said about 3 vs 1 coming after her, and McCranda protecting her).

The plan she came up with when she was HOH was first viewed as great because it would change the game and the mindset of the house. But it fell short of triumphant because she forgot to include an Amanda eviction in it. Until it was too late.

This seems, at first glance, confusing, but then great in that again it has the potential to be an excellent move. But again it falls short. Like she didn’t think it all the way through.

I believe that DR does question the HGs to make them think “outside their box” but because it doesn’t make outright suggestions, this is the result. A “not fully formed” strategy. Only pieces of it.


anyone who got a second chance shouldn’t be flipping off anybody

GM is Frau Farbissina

Andy is such a slimebag, right along with GM.

the ghost

Elissa thinks that Andy is voting out Spencer along with her and McCrae
So maybe she is going to vote out Amanda and blame the vote on Andy
to expose him as a liar and rat. But……….the vote will be 3-1 and backfire.
just trying to figure out why she is doing this.


[… Spencer – ‘when she gets exterminated I’m not going hug her’ …]

Spencer you pervert, I’m thinking very few would want a hug from someone who smells like feet and old cheese and who is constantly picking his nose and hiding the tiny bits in his pocket for a late night snack?


Elissa fan

Call me crazy but I’m supporting Elissa 100%. Think about it, after Amanda goes home, Elissa has NO ONE. McCrae would stick to Andy the rat & the exterminators would stick together. She would be alone. At least this way she was setting herself up for a group of four that would have her back. Yes it’s with the bitch of the house but oh well! Amanda is never going to win a competition in the last round & Elissa could win them & pick who she wanted to take! If only Andy was actually loyal to the people he said he always would be… Then Elissa would be making a move that would probably win her the game.

Elissa fan

Call me crazy but I’m supporting Elissa 100%. Think about it, after Amanda goes home, Elissa has NO ONE. McCrae would stick to Andy the rat & the exterminators would stick together. She would be alone. At least this way she was setting herself up for a group of four that would have her back. Yes it’s with the bitch of the house but oh well! Amanda is never going to win a competition in the last round & Elissa could win them & pick who she wanted to take! If only Andy was actually loyal to the people he said he always would be… Then Elissa would be making a move that would probably win her the game.

Elissa's Diamond Ring

Why do I have to be in this drawer with Amanda’s pus filled underwear???

Amanda Zuckerman is a racist.


Looks like Elissa may have been better off sending Judd right back to the jury and made a deal with Aaryn. Although Aaryn would never keep a deal with Elissa and Elissa would probably be out this week anyway. Judd owes her because everyone wanted him out when he came back. What a disappointment he turned out to be.


It would be great if Mcrae voted out Amanda then Andy and Elissa would be scrambling


Too nuts. In a show that’s motto is” expect the unexpected, Spenser volunteers with confidnce to go on the block. Andy the rat has his back.. Soooo funny. Then mcCrea is worried about Elissa vote and not red.. Andy who is telling McCrea he’s on the fence about his vote. And McCrea understands and feels sorry for him.. McCrea doesn’t even share this impotant information with his future wife. She’s depending on that vote…Too Much.. Maybe the ghosts are putting something in the water……????…

Two-Timing Theodore Thistle

The aritcle by a disgruntled CBS ex employee stating that Amanda was pre-chosen to win and that she was friends with Allison Gardner and that Elissa was also pre-chosen, but not to win, but to be a distraction and help Amanda win first appeared here on Online Big Brother. But it has appeared on numerous sites and others have falsely claimed to be the source of it, as has the spurious and lying Hailey Jones.

The article is authentic and first appeared here on OBB. It promises to expose more of BB’s behind the scenes plottings in the future, just before the finale airs.

Keri Helen

The more I read and watch, this whole thing feels less like rigging and more like we are being punked. Because honestly this sh*t is TOO bonkers. It is so painfully obvious that production stepped in with this turn of events at such a crucial and highly charged point of the game (Amanda on the outs!) that I can’t help but feel like something weird is going on. Like someone being a “plant” in the house? Like Elissa was put there for the sole purpose of pulling some weird sh*t and seeing how far she could push people? Or perhaps that’s Amandas job? Or both of them are “plants”? Is the stupid twist that you hate us so much that your goal was to infuriate your audience by smothering us with drug addled crazy people and see how long it took before we either stopped watching or died of anger-induced anxiety? What the HELL, BB??!

Ugh. I dunno, I’m tired and rambling and I can’t stand Amanda or Elissa anymore. Or Andy, even though I’m sort of pleased he kept it real with the Exterminators. Whatever, the Ghosts are up to something and I don’t like them.



I love how all the Elissa lovers all think this is part of her master plan!!! Reality check clowns… Elissa is just flat out stupid, and couldn’t come up with a plan like that if her life depended on it!!!


I was rooting for Elissa because I really do not like anyone else but now there is NO ONE left to root for.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if Pandora’s box let MVP come back for one week allowing Amanda to nominate someone (Andy) and sent him packing


wtf??? how would amanda be MVP? America hates her. and how would amanda nominate someone from jury house??? this comment makes no sense. what if pandora’s box said all gingers are automatically evicted from the game.


The first person the Exterminators were about to exterminate was a Jew.

Not to worry, CBS has Elissa to swoop in to save her. Here she comes to save the day!!! And ya know, they probably didn’t even have to pay her extra what with Elissa not being able to stand racism and derogatory comments of any kind. God help those horrible people for picking a name like the Exterminators and going after the poor jewess. That’s Disgusting! Uuhhmmmmmm.


I’m a little confused as to where Andy stands: is he voting to evict Amanda or Spencer?

Elissa's a doornob

I find it hilarious that Elissa’s husband made his fortunes off doors, and ended up marrying a doorknob!!! LMAO……….


don’t quit your day job.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Judd doesn’t like Amanda and wants her out of the BB house.

1. Judd votes to evict Amanda

Elissa doesn’t like Amanda and her new plan is just a ruse for a big upset for Racist Amanda Zuckerman on Thus night.

2. Elissa votes to evict Amanda

Andy thinks that Elissa along with McCrae will vote for Amanda to stay, so he votes Amanda out so that Elissa will get blamed.

3. Andy votes to evict Amanda.

McCrae thinks that Andy & Elissa will vote to keep Amanda, he votes to oust her thinking either Andy or Elissa will get blamed. He does this because inwardly, he has grown to be disgusted and abhorred with Amanda and he despises her.

4. McCrae votes to evict Amanda

Four votes to evict Amanda on Thursday night. Amanda will walk out the door with Elissa’s ring and four balls (2 each for Andy & McCrae).

SpongeBob SquarePants

Judd is looking up at the stars wearing blue shorts and a red shirt. Just last night, McCrae was wearing those same shorts and Tshirt. Did they get washed inbetween? Judd is a scumbag like McCrae!


Hey simon you haven’t really shown who u want to win this season this is the first time I’ve really seen you seem like ur enjoying urself this season. So who do u want to win?

Gina Maries neighbor

I would love for Gina Marie to get a Pandora’s box tomorrow and Jessie was there
with a T.V watching Nick downstairs with everybody else.


I truly can’t stand Andy. I hope after the show 1/2 of the houseguests don’t even want anything to do with his ass.


Reading the above convo w/ Elissa – how can anybody really like her – she’s pretentious, condescending,hypocritical, annoying & repetitive. Her constant banging on in that whiny, fake voice about all her hard-earned success & money & how much better she is than everyone else is beyond irritating. It’s hardly a wonder no-one there likes her. The only funny thing is that is must be absolutely galling for Amanda that she has to listen to this crap & pretend to agree with her. I give Amanda credit for her ability to do it – I would have barfed by now!