Elissa says you think I came on Big Brother and you’re going to manipulate me, no frigging way!

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV Aug 31st
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Sep 2nd
HOH Winner: GM Next HOH: Sept 5th
Original Nominations: Amanda and McCrae
Current Nominations: Amanda/Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn
Have Nots


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12:20am Spencer, McCrae, Andy and Judd are sitting on the backyard couch talking about random things. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Amanda is showering while talking to Elissa. Amanda says you would think that they would make the shower so that you couldn’t see anyone’s private parts. Elissa says I just don’t want my boobs or anything like that being on the internet because I am a mom and haven’t done anything to deserve anything like that. Amanda whispers to Elissa has Ginamarie reiterated again like thank you or anything like that? Elissa says no, just earlier. Amanda says she is acting super weird. McCrae talks to Elissa in the bathroom. McCrae asks Elissa if they are both still good. Elissa says yeah of course. McCrae says if this happens.. Elissa says it is going to be crazy. McCrae says it will be awesome. He says that Amanda’s theory of Judd and Spencer working together to blame both sides was right. Elissa says he’s not playing me. McCrae says f**k no. McCrae says don’t be surprised when the vote comes out. Elissa says that Judd is doing the exact same thing he did before he left. He was talking game with me and now he’s not. Elissa says you think I came on big brother and you are going to manipulate me, no frigging way. McCrae says not any more. Elissa heads to bed.

1am Amanda, McCrae and Spencer play pool. When they finish their game Spencer joins Andy, Gina and Judd by the hammock. Amanda and McCrae are sitting on the backyard couch now alone. Amanda tells McCrae that Andy is 100% down, I showed him the ring and he is down. McCrae says it just seems too good to be true. Amanda says that worst that will happen is that I will go but I really think that she is going to do it. McCrae says he does too but wonders about Andy. She says Andy gave me his organ shirt, his favourite f**king shirt. McCrae says yeah but he has to imagine that me and you go on the block and you come down how does he expect to beat one of us? Amanda asks who would put him up as a replacement. We just need to get past this next week. McCrae says this is going to be so awesome if it does happen. They both hope it does. They talk about how it would be amazing for it to be a double eviction and for Ginamarie to go out on it. Amanda says Andy loves his organ shirt I don’t think he would f**K me after last week. McCrae agrees and says that Andy knows this is the way to get Elissa off his back for once. Amanda and McCrae get ready for bed. In bed they talk about how Gina could have walked away from this week with no targets and now she will have 4. Amanda says this is the best game move for Elissa. Amanda says oh my god if this works, my heard will drop out of my a$$ during the live show. It will be like the biggest shocker. McCrae says we will reassure Elissa that it will be me, her and Amanda. McCrae questions whether the rings Elissa gave her are real. Amanda gets them out and shows McCrae the carbon dot on the diamond and the 14K stamp on the inside. McCrae asks can’t you just fake all that? Amanda says no these are real. McCrae says well you know what you have to do if she doesn’t vote that way. Right? Amanda says yeah. McCrae asks how much is it worth? Amanda says probably about $4000, $5000.


2:20am – 3:40am Out in the hammock – Spencer, Judd and Andy talk about how McCrae and Amanda have had $ex everywhere in the house, even the photo booth. Spencer says Amanda said McCrae’s McSemen is all over the house. Gina asks does production know about this? They talk about how once they get down to 5 people and the POV is down we will reveal the exterminators to the 5th person. They talk about random things and Gina heads to bed. Judd tells Spencer and Andy that he is worried about going out on the double eviction again. He says it would be so embarrassing to go out twice during a double eviction. Andy says there is no f**King way he is going out. Judd says he will raise hell. Spencer talks about how pu$$y whipped McCrae is. Spencer says after this Thursday you and Andy are going to look good. Andy says that he is glad that he can finally pound it in and make that move to evict Amanda.

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:30am – 5:30am Amanda and Judd talk in the hammock. Amanda questions why Judd won’t vote to keep her. Judd says that he can’t because she and McCrae are a couple that makes them one person. Amanda tells Judd that Spencer is a big liar. Judd says we’re all big liars. He says except Elissa. He says that she is not a good liar. Amanda talks to Judd about how there is too much downtime. She says that she could have been asleep four hours ago if she would have got her f**king medication. Amanda talks about how it would be good to keep her around for the double eviction. Judd says his vote isn’t locked in yet. Judd and Amanda talk about the past events of the house. Amanda says I just don’t think if I go this week people will go after Spencer. People will go after you and Ginamarie. Judd says that he made that deal with McCrae and won’t put him up. Amanda says that it’s annoying that people want to work with McCrae and are making deals like I am gone. Amanda says I am like a suicide bomber right now, I am already dead at this point. Amanda tells Judd that Andy is on board with keeping her. Judd says we will talk more about it tomorrow. Amanda heads to bed.

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Elissa’s ring is worth 4 or 5 thousand? I doubt that. I’m middle class and broke and my wedding ring cost that much…

Captain Hindsight

It’s worth that much when brought to a pawn shop.



Give Amanda and Elissa an Academy Award

That ring is not Elissa’s. Production gave it to Elissa to give to Amanda. So it’s either fake (and Amanda is playing along bc production told her to) or it’s real (and Amanda still knows it’s not really Elissa’s). This is an act people! Amanda and Elissa know Amanda isn’t going home Thursday. The ring is just a ruse to trap Ratboy. Amanda/Elissa are just playing a role, and a damn good job at it!


apparently you’ve never sold jewelry at a pawn shop. they’ll give you $50 for a 1 carat diamond ring.

Rio Seven

Everyone thinks Elissa’s ring is worth so much, but it probably is not. Look at it this way, it is white gold. White gold is not that expensive. Platinum would be a different story. Basically it comes down to the cost of the diamond. If you want a nice diamond you can buy it without the ring, it is much cheaper that way, and have it put in a setting. A lot of celebrity engagement rings are 20 grand, and those are massive diamonds, so I highly doubt Ellisa’s ring is worth more than 10 grand. Either way, she will get her ring back o matter what happens.


It’s probably not even her ring but a ring production gave to her to give to Amanda. It’s probably a prop from a tv show.


personally i do feel a BB tru~fan if bidding on e~Bay and having both a big EGO and an even bigger moneyroll
could bid up either item in this curious exchange well past their current market value due to whose hands had
touched them inside the BB house. i think the uniqueness of the jewelry confers an added value to them happily!


and demanda’s scumbag side is seen once again.

elissa did not give the ring to you, you are holding onto it. no matter what happens, you give it back down the line. not sell it if you don’t get your way. f’n bitch. and f’ you mccrae for enabling that kind of thought process.

fire the f’n casting director for bringing on such horrible people. elissa is the closest thing to a decent person, but i’m mad at her for: falling for this save demanda scam, being a bit of a snob lately, and while i’m at it she should have had more respect for herself to stand up to bullying. its possible to do that and not come off like she thought she would.


Lurker, where have you been the last 36 hours? Amanda and Elissa are CBS plants. They knew each other outside of the show. Everything you have seen of them has been one big act. So change your opinion of them because they have just been playing for the cameras to drive up ratings. And they have been playing you. I knew you weren’t a comedian (although you try to be one on these blogs) but I thought you were smart enough to see the facade. When the show is over Amanda and Elissa will go back to their lives handsomely paid by CBS and unscathed by the dupes who thought they were something they weren’t.


Think Elissa is faking them on the ring. It’s only 14K gold! Right. If hubby has money, her wedding band would be platinum or at least 24K gold!


No wouldn’t be 24K, that’s pure gold and it’s way too soft for a ring. Even 18K is too soft for a everyday type ring.


I have an 18 k gold ring and I can’t wear it for every day it is way to soft. I am thinking it is a knock off to her real rings left at home. Elissa would never give her the real deal. Granted the knock off is probably expensive but not nearly what the real one is worth. I want Andy gone. Exposé the rat! I am hoping McCrae sees through.Andy. I was hoping Gina and Elissa have a back deal and will be the tie breaker to keep Amanda. Andy would just crap himself. Now that would be funny.

Amanda's Therapist

BTW Elissa has pushed for a GIRLS ALLIANCE
from the beginning!!!
Elissa truly HATES ….Amanda, the dirty bitch!!
She is NOT going to keep……. A MAD NA !~!
UNLIKE Andy that wants 100%
credit for the “air” they breathe
in the BB house!


24 k gold would be too soft to wear as a wedding ring. It cannot stand up to every day use.


The whole ring thing is such bullsh*t. No woman so devoted to her new husband as Elissa claims to be would take it off and give it to a whore regardless of getting it back. The symbolism it represents is too great. It’s either a fake or a substitute from production. Plus, there was absolutely no reason for Elissa to provide collateral to someone on the block when trying to save them. So stupid.

Elissa for the Win

I think it’s fake. Rachel might have told her to buy fakes to use as collateral when/if the opportunity comes up.

For Seriously?

The ring is to prove to Andy that she is voting her to stay so Andy will also vote. Andy could have just told el no, but he seems set on making himself els target and pissing Mcranda off when they eventually find out what he has really done.


I work where my wedding gets damaged all the time, so I ware cheep 10k rings not real one.She could have worn another band also.


because she could lose or misplace ring or another guest could steal it just to piss them off that’s why in real life people don’t hold your sht


If Elissa’s husband can afford a hockey rink he can afford 24k gold not 14k.

Elissa for the Win

24K is too soft! Won’t hold up to the wear and tear of everyday activities. Her husband probably bought her platinum, which is way more expensive than 14K. If the ring is in fact 14K, the stones might be CZ, and were intended to be used for collateral. Besides, I doubt BB would let the guests bring in very expensive jewelry, especially with the scumbags they got this season. In the beginning of the season, GM complained that they took most of her clothes, which Production felt was inappropriate. Spencer had a lot of his clothes exchanged too by Production. Probably had too many commercial logos. But once again, fear not, the rings Elissa wears are on the show are not that expensive.


No one wears 24k gold, no matter how rich you are. I bought my mother an 18k pin with an emerald init and it would bend when she would put it on. You need the alloys in it to make it where it doesn’t bend easily. The ring would bend every time you squeezed you hand around something. What’s the difference in 10 grams of 14k or. 10 grams of 24k iis probably less than $500 dollars so quality of the diamond is where all the money is in a ring, not the gold content.


Yes, I am lower part of the middle class and my wife’s ring cost. $5000. It’s not the size of the diamond but, the quality that sets the price.


These houseguest only sleep now .. We only get a few posts of updates now cause they are lazy bodies !!!

Rio Seven

I know Grr…what will we do when the show is over and there are no updates to read. I am already panicking – separation anxiety!!!

clownie is alive

GinaMarie in her exit interview with Julie Chen – “Connie Chung, I am SO glad to meet you”. MORON


That is some funny shit, but you are also showing your age.


Are they trying to be like the brigade? They’re going to out their alliance that they had for a mere 5 days to the 5th person. I freaking can’t stand Andy and hope to see him walk out that door on the DE, I would take McCrae staying over him. I wish this season would end already. I WANT to stop watching, but it’s like a train wreck where I can’t look away.


Ummm, they said they would reveal their alliance to the 5th person AFTER the POV, so what’s the problem with that? And if you think McRae deserves ANYTHING over Andy after doing nothing but f*cking and sleeping all summer, than I’d hate to give YOU a jury vote!!! SMFH


Shame on you CBS for over playing your hand this past week. People who say this isn’t rigged is living in their own world. They call reality tv, reality tv NOT because what you’re watching isn’t fake and predetermined, BUT because technically there is no script. Nevertheless, they know EXACTLY how they want the season to play out and CBS seems to be set on Amanda not leaving the house or at LEAST making it as difficult as possible to get her out…even if it means telling their plant (Elissa) to go entirely against how she really feels and side with her enemy. Again, if Amanda wins this season….Someone should sue CBS & write a tell all book!


On what grounds do you think someone can sue? It is a TV show. The contestants sign contracts and know that production interferes. You as a consumer of the show didnt invest money into the program, and therefore have no grounds to sue. It is a TV show. It is what it is. If you dont like it, stop watching.


The contestants also get paid which makes them all employees… with possible future incentives. Production is a part of the game as much as the contestants. I understand that and I still enjoy the train wreck, and I don’t feel like I’m personally being attacked when it doesn’t go the way I want. Really, CBS is just feeding the publics need to bitch about something other than their crappy own problems. So sit back, relax, and enjoy… or get up and turn the TV off. I’m guessing you are not going any where.

Judd's granny

Slopballs is Julie Chen’s BITCH!!!


lol….. chickens for sale!!

Judd's Granny

Slopballs is Marilyn the goat.


CBS press release… “ Ethel Daugherty, grandmother of BB15’s houseguest Judd, was arrested in Tennessee yesterday. Apparently she was allegedly shoplifting vegetables at the local Piggly Wiggly with the intent of using them for sexual purposes. She was released on bail pending further investigation.”

Amanda's Therapist

slopballs* Funny! Don’t quit your job – at the farmer’s market!

Judd's granny

Frederick J. Slopballs performs unnatural acts on chickens. He is Spencer’s cousin. BOLO!!


Because money is involved clown!


I agree with you. I find it amazing that Amanda was evil to Elissa for weeks and now out of the blue after a private talk with production Elissa is trying to SAVE her??? LOL ok there. If Amanda wins this game then we know the show is rigged.

julie chen

I honestly think if the pre-jury hg’s would have stayed this season would haven been 1000000x better. Howard ,Kaitlin, Jeremy, Nick & David should still be there!


Well you can blame that on the MVP & asshole Jeremy


I 100% agree! I was thinking just the other day how much better of a show it would have been. Especially with Nick around!

Which lead me to think of an interesting season for Big Brother – I think I would enjoy watching a “second chance” season. Like instead of All Stars, they took only people who didn’t make jury and gave them another shot. It could be boring (maybe they all got out early b/c they sucked) or it could be really interesting. They would have the returning houseguest dynamic in that they’ve done this before and hopefully wouldn’t make stupid moves but they wouldn’t be people that we’re all sick of. Also I think I’d like to see what they’d do differently if given another shot at it.


I love this idea. You can tell if someone would have been a good player in just a couple of weeks. David would have been a dud. Nick would have been awesome. I think they should go back 5 seasons or so and have players who showed good promise.

clownie is alive

Maybe THAT is the twist, the F2 have to pick the $500k winner out of all of the jury!


i agree, MVP killed what coulda been a season 6 this year!!!

Mean Girls

Amanda is one delusional chick. Amanda telling Elissa that she always liked her makes me want to throw up. Before Elissa was told by Production to save Amanda, she was telling the rest of the house how much she wanted to smash in Elissa’s face. I guess that’s one way to show your love for another person.

History does repeat itself. So Elissa is back into her role of being submissive and being told what to think and what to do. Helen was obviously the dominant personality between Elissa and her, also Helen who didn’t have a clue about Andy, ignored Elissa’s warning about not trusting Andy. Now Elissa in her submissive role with Amanda, is being told by Amanda to trust Andy. Amanda doesn’t have a clue about Andy. Just like Helen, Amanda can’t believe that Andy might want to advance his own game over hers. Why does Elissa always follow the lead of these bimbos, when she has better insight on the game?

Elissa decided to work with Amanda and they can’t even get through a conversation without a heated argument. Yes Elissa, Amanda saying your husband was your sugar daddy, that he looked 70 years old, that he was ugly and that your kid was ugly was very hurtful and Amanda shouldn’t have said that to you. Amanda explains it was just strategy and Andy was supposed to comfort you. Yeah! We have seen a lot of personal attacks this season. Maybe that’s the new normal. House guests in the future will bring up your mom and dad into game play. I wonder what could go wrong with that new trend. Tell me again why you are saving Amanda? Didn’t you say that’s BB 101 to get rid of the power couple or just write them a check? Oh because Production told you to! You fake b&&ch.

So Andy is in on McCrae and Amanda’s plan. Amanda gets upset with Andy after the eviction vote and Andy blames everything on Elissa. McCrae will then be working with Andy. Wow! I wonder if Production saw this one coming? Production please tell me again why you thought this was a good idea on Elissa’s part to intervene to save Amanda. Because it is almost certain now that she will be leaving next week. Also McCrae is saying that Amanda will be leaving with the ring.He also tells Amanda you know what you have to do with it. Hmmmmm….Elissa tell me why would a woman give something so precious to her to some demented woman that you can’t stand. Yep nothing can go wrong with this half cock plan of Production and executed by Elissa.

Stfu you idiots

Ok So let me figure this out. A few days ago elissa goes in the dr comes out and WANTS up Amanda. OMG IT’S RIGHED THEY DON’T WANT AMANDA NOW!!!! Now present time, Elissa goes into dr comes out and wants to save Amanda. OMG IT’S RIGED THEY WANT AMANDA TO WIN!!!!!! Seriously guys make up your minds. It was also after Amanda went in and talked to elissa like she was some idiot she could bully into not putting her up. And now after the four exterminators are flaunting around the fact that they are all aligned. Really it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read these people. Jeff even said in his I yet view no one is playing the game, and as soon as so done tries you all call a rig job lol. Some of you have as much Intellegence as the house guests, if they want to duplicate this season next year all they have to do is pull the cast from here.

Dog Days

I definitely believe the ghosts are trying to influence the game by attempting to set-up a final two between the Wicked Witch of the West and the perceived good witch Glinda, all in the name of ratings. America’s most hated vs. America’s MVP. From their perspective, that would make for a more dramatic ending than say a Judd vs Spencer. If Andy, Judd or GM flip tomorrow, then its more than influence, its rigged.


Absolutely true! And depending on how they edit it they could make Elissa look like the good witch Glenda – however live feeders and blog readers know better. Ugh.


I can’t believe Elissa gave Amanda her ring. She is being played
by production.
They must have guaranteed (to her) Amanda would stay
for her to give up her ring.. It is too crazy. She is very gullible to believe
Amanda will stay.
It is so obvious, Ellisa gets info from the DR and comes out
and can’t wait to do their bidding. Just like when she
got the Vote from America the first 2 weeks. She can’t
keep her mouth shut. I was so excited about Amanda leaving
then this came about. I am disgusted.

Simon and Dawg: appreciate your work here. Will donate some $$ later.


I’m sure before she gets swept away to the jury house BB people will take the ring away from her….its not like its an organ tee. ?

Elissa for the Win

Production probably gave Elissa a fake ring that looks like her real one and told her to use the fake as collateral?


If Amanda walks out the door with the ring, whether it’s a fake or not, she’s gonna flush it


Well, if she does she will be buying Elissa another one. The ring was given as collateral to show she votes to keep Amanda. When she votes to keep Amanda , then her obligation has been met and the ring should be returned. It’s like buying a car and the title in held to make sure the buyer upholds their obligations to pay for the car. When that obligation is met, then the title to the car is turned over to person that upheld their obligation to pay. It’s the same thing with the ring.

There is a tape that will show that Elissa upheld her obligation so, Amanda would not have a leg to stand on in court. It could probably be taken out of her jury money as a penalty anyway.


Reckon Elissa will vote out Amanda or not? Either way she is screwed because they will all believe Andy over her :/ Still team Judd though!!!!

Roisin Dubh

These people can’t even keep their mouths shut long enough to execute a plan. Geez, if you have a secret, make sure you don’t tell the BB15 cast with the exception of Nick and Howard.


Wish Nick and Howard stayed in the game longer!

Unpopular Opinion

I hope, after Andy turns rat and votes out Amanda, that McCrae and Elissa continue to work together. I hope he goes right out the door behind her in the double eviction, and that McCrae and Elissa take turns winning all the comps until the end.


I know right!!! McCrae will say YOUR TURN to win the comp!!! Andy will cry at exit interview, Julie Chen will give a box of tissue.


Mc or Elissa Win HOH:
IF after POV Andy is on vote block:
Still don’t see Andy being voted out; everyone seems to think he is loyal to them (except Elissa)… although it would be a dream come true to see his face.
Although more tantalizing to watch him go up on the block (after DE) and see him squirm, mentally/emotionally tormented for an entire week… He would go into overdrive…pace more than Ian…

Roisin Dubh

Andy said his favorite Pixar movie is Ratatoullie. Dear God, life is stranger than fiction isn’t it?


Lol. Rats stick together.

Rio Seven

Yeah really! I think my fav would be The Incredibles or Finding Nemo!


I like the incredibles too, also “Up”, and “Wall-eye”.

Big Disappointment

This season started as a huge disappointment with all the swearing the house guests started with. It was quickly forgotten and over shadowed by racist remarks. And I think this show has just continued to decline from there. As an original Superfan from Season 1 until now I have had to research other countries BB experience to get my fix back. Im done with BB US after this is over and have become a new fan of BB AU. Talk about fun amongst good people :) When BBUS loses all the fans I hope they change there format or take some lessons from the BB Auzzies.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

You might want to check out Big Brother Canada. We have only had one season, but it was pretty entertaining. Season Two will air next year.


I give BB CA an Eh minus.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I have been thinking more and more about Elissa’s decision to save Amanda this week. Something just doesn’t add up. I don’t think Elissa actually plans to vote to keep Amanda this week. Amanda will be evicted by a 4-0 vote. The vote would expose Andy as a liar because Elissa could always say that she intended to keep Amanda but changed her mind at the last minute. Amanda & McCrae would understand why she changed her mind. They treated her like crap for weeks, so she doesn’t owe them anything. Andy on the other hand, would have some explaining to do. Why would he vote to evict Amanda? He didn’t know that Elissa would change her mind. It would be clear to Amanda (who is on her way to jury) and McCrae who will remain in the house that he had no intention of voting to keep Amanda. I am hoping that this vote exposes Andy but does not hurt the game of Elissa. Amanda still needs to go this week.

In a perfect world, McCrae would win HOH and put Andy and Spencer up. If the veto is used, GM goes up as the replacement nominee.


Yes, this is what I early this morning in the other thread:

“I have not read all the comments, but doesn’t it occur to anybody that Elissa is NOT going to vote to keep Amanda? Elissa knows Andy can’t be trusted, she listens at doors, and Amanda has been downright cruel to her. When there is only McCrae’s vote to keep Amanda, Amanda goes to jury and tells everyone there what part Andy played in getting them out. He gets few votes if he makes it to F2. Meanwhile, McCrae and Elissa try to get his rat ass out.”

At least I hope this is Elissa’s plan. I want Andy to go home the loser we all know that he is.

Please Elissa, be smarter than that weasel!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I have been thinking more and more about Elissa’s decision to save Amanda this week. Something just doesn’t add up. I don’t think Elissa actually plans to vote to keep Amanda this week. Amanda will be evicted by a 4-0 vote. The vote would expose Andy as a liar because Elissa could always say that she intended to keep Amanda but changed her mind at the last minute. Amanda & McCrae would understand why she changed her mind. They treated her like crap for weeks, so she doesn’t owe them anything. Andy on the other hand, would have some explaining to do. Why would he vote to evict Amanda? He didn’t know that Elissa would change her mind. It would be clear to Amanda (who is on her way to jury) and McCrae who will remain in the house that he had no intention of voting to keep Amanda. I am hoping that this vote exposes Andy but does not hurt the game of Elissa. Amanda still needs to go this week.

In a perfect world, McCrae would win HOH and put Andy and Spencer up. If the veto is used, GM goes up as the replacement nominee.

Her dutchness

While reading this spoiler as well as some others it has become more than evident that production is often withholding Amanda’s medication. She often complains about this. I think that this is the lowest of the low moves made by production …. to control someone’s mental health hoping that it will make her explosive and uncontrollable … Totally manipulating and using her mood swings to their advantage and then leaving Amanda to the wolves. SHAME SHAME SHAME


exactly. every time the house starts to get boring it’s like they take her medication away and wait for the sparks to fly. it’s really messed up.


I hope that they are controlling her medication to keep her from having what can be serious side effects such agitation, paranoia. severe mood swings and extreme aggression (I know someone who takes it). We’ve already seen Amanda heightened and acting out in this manner. But the withdrawals are terrible also and can include rage and very violent behavior. I hope they know what they are doing.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Production could be withholding her medication because she was caught stockpiling it. I know that the houseguests take their medication in the DR, but its not that hard to pretend to swallow a pill. She could spit out the pill once she leaves the DR and save it for later. When she feels she needs a pick-me-up, she can take 2 or 3 of the pills she managed to smuggle out of the DR. If production catches this, they may decide not to confront her. By withholding her medication, they are forcing her to use up whatever pills she has stashed before giving her anymore. They can tell by her behaviour if she has taken her medication or not.


this is the worst bb that’s ever been on tv. I am sick of Amanda and everything she does.mccray is such a pussy and andy, he wishes he had one.


Um, Elissa. Do you think maybe the reason Judd stopped talking to you is that your are up the ass of Amanda, who terrorized you for two weeks? And wasn’t he the one you cried to on several occasions? I have lost all respect for this loony toon. Nobody needs 500K bad enough to kiss Amanda’s ass. Nobody.

Not to mention, Judd and Andy are right when they say you can’t work with Elissa. She acts kooky, doesn’t give anyone any info, does what she wants. No one is going to work with that this late in the game. Ugh. Just leave the house already.


Judd tossed her aside even before Elissa started talking to Amanda again! He chose Andy and the exterminators over of her. He would have been gone as soon as he came back if it weren’t for her.


Bbau and bbc are both great;) Canada just has to keep out the suzetts! Contrary to popular beliefs Canada didn’t like her, we just liked the drama in keeping her more than we found her annoying.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I can’t believe Amanda has her grubby hands on Elissa’s ring! I don’t believe that Elissa would give Amanda her wedding band or her engagement ring. Elissa knows how unstable Amanda is. She knows that if Amanda gets mad enough, she could do something to that ring. I hope Amanda doesn’t wear Elissa’s ring when she’s giving McCrae a….gross! Gross! Gross! I hope Elissa has some Lysol or Purell handy, because she’s going to have to really wipe that ring down before she can ever think of wearing it again.


GM was so up Elissa’s a$$ that you couldn’t tell where she ended and Elissa began last week. Now she is complaining about Elissa and Amanda being close. GM you have talked crap about Elissa all season. Judd you better be careful and not complain about the ghosts or you will be next to walk out the door, the ghosts are the one who got you back in the game. Why anyone would trust Spencer baffles me. Andy I am going to laugh when Spencer stabs you in the back and you go packing. That is what you get for not being loyal. I think McCrea sees through Andy and will know that Andy screwed them over. You even admitted that the odds are better if you go with them, but your hatred for Elissa is going to get you the boot. I don”t really like Elissa but it is a good move to align with Amanda and McCrea to bad Andy is to dumb to see that is the best for him and when he votes against Amanda he lost at least 3 votes if he gets to the final 2.


Re:Judd – yeah the ghosts got hi back in, but the ghosts were the ones that caused him to leave in the 1st place with their stupid MVP twist that fueled Amanda’s paranoic reign


I think it’s pretty obvious production told Elissa there was another alliance in the house and that after Amanda is gone then elissa would be next. They probably didn’t tell her who is in the alliance or the double eviction. Production figured they couldn’t save Elissa in double eviction so they gave her a heads up. They weren’t trying to save Amanda, they were trying to protect Elissa… Operation fail.

WTF Elissa!

I was such a huge elissa fan until she (or production) came up with this hair’brained scheme. I’m hoping that she is using real strategy and figuring final 3 or 4 beats being 5th after exterminators – up until now, she has had a good read on people, but this was too sad.And Elisssa, quit talking about your stuff – I doubt she’s trying to show off, it’s her life, but by now she knows people are envious, for her game’s sake, she should never discuss her material stuff and awesome husband again.

I hate to say it, but I’m definitely thinking that Andy has the best game. He is in a position of power no matter which way he votes because everybody believes and trusts him. If he made final 2 I’d grudgingly give him my vote. He earned the trust of his original alliance, 3 a.m., jumped ship at the right time, because he realizes that getting to f3 with them means no f2, they don’t konw he jumped ship, so depending on which way the DE goes, he has options. The dude is smart. That being said, he’s a disgusting piece of shit. He does know better than his peers,, and even if he wasn’t going to go up against the powers that be to defend anyone being bullied, he didn’t have to pile on the slander and crap. It’s really obvious that he feels he is entitled and that he is jealous of some of the others, especially Elissa.

The rest of the players are lazy, sick slackers, including Amanda, who played a really great game until she got too bullyish.


Couldn’t agree more. I hate, hate, HATE Andy, but he has definitely put himself in the best position in the house and I would begrudgingly give him my vote as well. I think what annoys me the most about his “game play” is that he seems to think it’s more significant and strategic than it really is. If he would be a little more self-aware and just say, “I know I’ve been flying under the radar, but I think it’s in my best interest to just keep a low profile, play both sides of the house and only reveal my cards when it’s absolutely necessary” then I might have a little more respect for him. Instead, he continues to INSIST that he has been sooooo strategic and made bold moves. No dude. You have done no such thing. You happened to align yourself with strong people who manipulated “the house” into collectively shifting one way over the other, and you also ratted our other plans (because it’s your nature and not because you’re a diabolical genius) that simply furthered those collective agendas. You alone did not do anything amazing, and when you had a chance to make a bold move, you played it safe.

Blehhh, I just hate him so much. And I hate that the lack of others’ game play is making his attempt at game play look “worthy” of winning. *spits* BLEH.


Why are the exterminators so dumb? Andy has mentioned numerous time that he is still trying to stay in good with Amanda and McCrea for votes yet they want to keep him around.


Elissa was screwed either way but at least if she would have stayed the course she could have gotten pleasure out of being part of voting out her arch enemy Amanda. So she reveals Andy is a rat, big flipping deal Elissa already didn’t trust him and McCrae is the only one that’s going to be left that didn’t know, if this would have happened a couple weeks ago that would have been awesome, but now who gives a shit. Now she is hated by all, she isn’t part of an alliance and unless production tells McCrae that Andy is the one that voted Amanda out, won’t have him either. Stupid Move !!! Simon whats your take on all of this ?


I truly think Elissa is setting up Andy to show everyone that Andy iIS the rat this season; and to show GM that she’s wrong about Candice being a flip flopper and rat…it’s all Andy. It’ll be a 3 to 1 eviction and Amanda/McCrae/GM will be soooooooooooooo pissed at Andy that he’ll go to jury on the double eviction. BTW, Elissa is not stupid to give Amanda her wedding ring as collateral…it’s a fake.


Judd you are loosing it. You are on a tv show you can’t get annoyed at being told what to do. Leave if you are so annoyed. I can’t wait for that smug look to be taken off of your face. Andy you are not a mastermind the only reason you are still there is because of Amanda and McCrea.


I am not sure but I think and hope that Elissa will surprised and vote Amanda because it seems that she is protecting herself from more nasty comments and threats and to keep Amanda from going crazy. Elissa stated she got scared of Amanda that Amanda might hurt her. If Elissa is doing this just to calm Amanda and also prevent Amanda from harassing her and talking about her husband and come Thursday, she will still vote for Amanda. She is also finding out all info from Amanda most especially about Andy. Let us see tomorrow, hoping that Elissa will actually vote Amanda for eviction.

Mean Girls

I just can’t wait for the look on Elissa’s face when her wedding ring is leaving the BB House with Amanda. That look is going to be priceless. I just hope that Amanda maintains her rage after talking with Julie and flush that ring down the toilet at the first chance she gets. Amanda can then brag to Aaryn what she did with Elissa’s ring.

Oh well, it couldn’t have meant to much to you. Let sugar daddy buy you new one.


Elissa made this turnaround after being in DR. It is possible that they reminded her what Shelly tried to offer Rachel in BB13 – her “diamond” ring when she was making a deal. It is quite possible that 1) she is trying to set Andy up and 2) the ring is not even real (don’t think I would want to take a piece of expensive jewelry into the house with the ppl they get on the show.


Ring is fake.

you suck

its okay she’ll keep her word and vote spencer out. Then she’ll sue Amanda for cost plus sentimental value. loser.


So funny! I wonder if Production uploads new programming code into Elissa every Diary Room session? They overwrote the original programming source code where Elissa was in fear of her life from Amanda. They replaced it with stupidity and naivety. Also, yes I believe Elissa is dumb enough to give Amanda the real thing.


She definitely plays like a robot.


I think their programming has a few glitches in it


if E + A have a falling out, will they put up the jewelry from the other on e~Bay and taunt the other?
i can see two bidding wars happening as fans try to outbid each owner. i was having a big thunk…


Hey Conzome – if Elissa and GM cut a deal, GM will put up her hair extensions as collateral…


Gina, now is going to take a turn at terrorizing Elissa next week. Gina saw how Elissa reacted to all that bullying from Amanda as she hid in the HOH room. So Gina is so upset with Elissa that she wants to also make her life hell. I don’t mind game moves, but trying to make someone’s life hell only makes me want to root for that person. I don’t think Gina’s terrorizing will have the same affect. You don’t look like a man like Amanda. You don’t have the same strength and stature like a man as Amanda does. Well to be blunt, you are not a man like Amanda. Also, to be honest, I would of been afraid of some man like Amanda constantly getting in my face. So I don’t blame Elissa for staying in her HOH room. However, I do think Gina trying to terrorize Elissa would just result in a big laugh. I don’t want to be like Production and interfere with Gina’s game, by all means if you think its a good idea terrorizing Elissa, then go for it. But at the end of the day, I think Gina will find that Elissa has a lot more backbone.


That was dumb, Elissa giving her ring to Amanda.She should have told Amanda that fine, I will just vote against you if you don’t believe me and walk off. Amanda should have given Elissa jewelry to make sure Amanda upheld her end of the deal. Amanda had nothing to lose, but Elissa could be screwed if Amanda didn’t uphold her end. If Elissa didn’t uphold her end Amanda would just go home which she was going home anyway. If you think Amanda should flush Elissa’s ring then you are as. MEAN & NASTY BITC- as Amanda.


The ring was given as collateral as to show she would vote to keep Amanda. If Amanda flushes it down the toilet then she would have to pay for it, “MORON.”
Elissa votes to keep Amanda and she upholds her end of the bargain. There is a tape of Elissa voting to keep Amanda. You must be young and dumb to think you could get away with that. DAAAAAAAAAAH


Every time they come out the DR things seem to change. I think DR tells them stuff that goes on behind their backs. In Elissa’s defense once Amanda’s gone,McRae was coming after Elissa and Andy & Spencer were coming after Elissa. Judd &GM were going after McRae. Elissa saved Judd from going right back home and didn’t put up GM like the 3am wanted. Andy & Spencer change sides and form alliance with Judd & GM so Ellissa is left out there with no one on her side. McRae wouldn’t have anyone, best thing for Elissa is Amanda going home. Elissa & McRae will play HOH against Andy,Spencer,&Judd looks like Elissa & McRae could be the next HOH and hopefully send the rat packing.


Think about the game move Elissa is making. She is teaming up with McCrae knowing that Amanda is likely going home. Elissa and McCrae vote to evict Spencer. Judd and Andy vote to evict Amanda. GM breaks the tie and votes to evict Amanda. Now Elissa and McCrae will be teamed up against the rest, and McCrae will be fired up to win the HOH. She’s knows Andy is a rat and this is her way to expose it to McCrae.

Amanda's dog Woofy

McCrae wins HOH in 2nd elimination. Guaranteed!

Canadian BB Fan

MC keeps talking about putting Elissa up if he wins though.

Everyone is talking about targeting her.

I am not sure MC will work with her. Even if the vote to get rid of Amanda is 3-1, and Andy is exposed. For some reason, the boys want a boys alliance, and GM better watch out, or she’s next.


this would already be known to mccrae if the vote was 3-1. Andy wants them to know, on their way
out of course. its his big game move. a score for him if he makes it to the finals. if elissa was trying to
be sneaky and set andy up she would of shared with.gina or.judd so they would be in on
it and not be against her. because she has abandoned them it will be her that is exposed come
Thursday night and andy will.blame the vote on elissa therefore putting mccrae against
elissa. even if mccrae believes it was andy he couldnt confront him at that point because
he will be.solo, unless you count the.panicked elissa who.will most likely be walking.out behind


I really don’t know what to think, is Elissa trying to out the Rat? Or is she really with Amanda? I absolutely do not like all the vile language Judd, Andy
Spenser and Gina Marie (who should know better) use to talk horribly about Elissa. Andy is a teacher, does he not think this is going to effect his teaching career? I would not want my children any where near his class. He calls women horrible names. Also he cannot give a good speech when he is on the block,
probably not a good teacher. Judd, I just cannot figure him out. He is nice to Elissa, then he calls her horrible names. Spenser, just a disgusting pervert who managed to float to the end. Gina Marie, I am very disappointed with her talking bad about Elissa out and talking about her son like she does. I think Gina is a descent person, but she is a follower and all it takes is one sentence from someone and she joins in with the bashing.
I never wanted Big Brother to be fixed, we will know soon if it is. Wish they would go back to like it was during season 1, or 2. It was so good.
Slop seems to make atleast one person sick each year. Go back to peanut butter and jelly. They need to hire the producer from The Glass House, new ideas, new games!
Do not have medicated houseguest in the future. If the NFL bans a drug, so should reality TV.

Amanda's dog Woofy

52% of American adults take psychoactive meds, thanks to pharma industry. What you propose is illegal discrimination.


they have scripts for them just like pro players can use them if they have scripts


Excellent post. Andy should be fired from his teaching position. Zero tolerance for bullying! No way should ever enter a classroom again. Let’s have some standards please. I am a retired teacher and I am stunned by that rat’s behavior. Classless (no pun intended).

Amanda's dog Woofy

What about Heartworm pills or Fiea & Tick collars?

Elissa for the Win

Woofy! You are so funny! LOL


If Amanda stays, the rumor about production setting up Amanda’s win before the show is correct. Most people would no longer watch…those of us left anyway. Next season would have no one interested anymore.

Real Scandals Phony President

Best case scenario is Amanda gets voted out and Andy is exposed.


Elissa, hopefully is all talk because she tries to save Amanda is her biggest and dumbest move ever in BB history.LMAO at you Elissa if you chose this way. Game over for you and. Yes Amanda will and always will be the winner. Thanks to BB and Alison. OMG.


Elissa my Christian Queen, thank you for saving my Jewish Queen. Andy I love you my Rainbow Warrior, the Gay community will be very proud of the game you are playing. All three of you played a great game. Love and Kisses to all of you. Thank you Captain for not being angry, you are becoming a good friend.


Honestly Frank no one cares


bill you get more thumbs down than anyone that has ever posted here aka your an idiot


everyone ignore the crazy cat lady and maybe she’ll go away.


Wow, really? He is the biggest weasel in the game. Him and spencer are the biggest floaters, and they act like they have done something in this game. Andy needs to go! Spencer next? Down with the gingers!


How ironic! Elissa did not come on BB to be manipulated :-)

BB15 letdown

Someone please explain because I don’t have time to read through all the blogs from yesterday. Is Amanda staying? Is this a real plan or is this all a set up? I quit watching this season once before but got pulled back in when JUDD got back into the house. I was hoping for a shake up. But if Amanda stays I am done. Survivor is just around the corner and I can survive without BB in my life. I will be so disappointed if she stays. She stays, she wins. The fix is really in.


i feel that your guess is as good as mine as chaos theory and the word “zoo” have quite a rolling stone hippie context
despite the fact that our able BB contestants are from demographics that are much younger than all boomers or yuppies.
i keep on thinking we are seeing the sprint to the finish line and each HoH + PoV is a decidedly equa~distant hurdle to all.

Christina Hamilton

This just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Not sure what Elissa is doing or why. Production needs to keep there two cents out of this.

I donated a few bucks hope it helps

Pinocchio Obama

I can’t understand Elissa wanting to keep Amanda after all she has done. It does not make sense to me but it looks like the entire house is after her so it probably won’t matter who goes out first since Elissa seems to be a target no matter what goes down.

Amanda's dog Woofy

I would like to see Simon/Dawg program this site to detect phrases like “I am never watching again”, and automatically block that IP for a week. I’m tired of these cry-babies threatening us with their absence. Who cares?


I would like to see Simon/Dawg program this site to detect any canine commenters (except for Dawg & Woofy of course), and automatically block that IP for a week. I’m tired of these mutts barking up the wrong tree, and I am never watching again! Also, could you please post more bikini pictures of Elissa for Woofy?

Amanda's dog Woofie

Meow F****ng Meow! Tuna face & breath cats.

Gina Marie's cat Nicki Minaj



Apparently you do

Judd's Slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

If I have to hear your wimpy whining again Mrs. Amand’a dog woofy, I’ll never watch BB again!


What people don’t realize is that CBS doesn’t give a crap about all the piss-and-moaners who claim that they’re “never going to watch again!” because it is only the households PARTICIPATING IN NIELSON (sp?) ratings programs whose tv viewing habits reflect upon the popularity of a television program! If you want to have an effect on programming hit them where it really hurts: DON’T BUY ANY PROUCTS from those who SPONSOR THE PROGRAM! Write your letters and direct your complaints to the SPONSORS!


What’s funny is this season is the first in a long time with pretty much all HGs actually playing the game. You can argue that Spencer is the bad type of floater since he has been at the mercy of whoever had the power and has done nothing but that’s more due to his bad luck in playing too hard early and getting burned for it, fortunately with everybody else playing its kept him around to try and reforge the outcasts (ie Exterminators).

So you would think people would be happy that it is not a season of sitting by the pool and doing nothing but because a few players were better at controlling the season and overshadowing or destroying the moves by others its all of a sudden its a bad season? Oh that’s right, its because a greater percentage of HGs this season are crass or vulgar and gave said some ignorant remarks when compared to past seasons, and the only HG with invested borrowed fan base has been a horrible player or controlled by other HGs and DR with few redeeming qualities but given a better edit (ie. her behavior not shown at all).

This is what happens when they cast competitors and people who play the game. It gets aggressive, emotional and dirty pretty quick. So either accept it and embrace it or finally acknowledge that you really prefer when they cast lazy layabouts and “floaters” so the CBS ratings cow can find its way to the end.

This Season Blows

“What’s funny is this season is the first in a long time with pretty much all HGs actually playing the game.”

Elissa isn’t playing the game, production is playing it for her.


Exterminators all the way!

Amanda's dog Woofy

4 rats call themselves exterminators. Hilarious.

CBS rigged BB15

How can anyone believe this is not rigged?


rat bastard andy better not win the game.

bugs the hell out of me for him to even think he could be considered america’s player. hey fucker, not only are you no where near a favorite, you are close to being the most hated. read on another website he said, “if i dont win, all of america are bigots” fuck him. biggest fucking pussy in the house. bad enough he dont have the balls to stand up to bullying. hell, he fucking encouraged the shit. now the motherfucker won’t own up to a vote? wants demanda and mcpussy to blame his vote on elissa. fucking pussy. if i’m a bigot, i’m bigoted against rat bastard pieces of shit like him who have no backbone whatsoever. america’s favorite? more like favorite to hope bad things happen to him. asshole.


Regardless of who wins this year, BB is done-zo!!! It’s like Tryon’s Rat Maze experiment. Once one generation figured out how to use the maze, the future rats had an easier time figuring out where the booby traps were and the quickest way to the end (learned behavior/transfer of knowledge).

Same goes for BB house guests. They know exactly what competitions will be held and when, they know how production, cameras, public perception works etc. etc. so there’s no REAL strategy anymore – just a re-hashing of old tricks. The conclusion of Tyron’s rat maze experiment was that although future generations were quicker to solve the maze, their “intelligence” was limited ONLY to solving the maze and was not reflective of general intelligence. The same could be said about this generation of HGs??? ;-)

Captain Spam

This season has had little strategy but that’s due to piss poor casting. Things are getting better now but for the first 2 months of the season the only player really playing the game was Amanda (bring on the down votes). You had people running around in showmances, or trying like hell to find one (Jessie) and nobody cared. Now all of a sudden it’s a big deal that Amanda and McCrae are a couple? It was a big deal 6 weeks ago but your were to busy with your head up your ass Judd, which is why you were sent to jury so easily!!

If Amanda was a little less snarky she would be a great player and a fan favorite but she rubs people the wrong way. Regardless, if your really look at this season there is only one player that has truly had a strategy. She’s pulled all the right strings except for being WAY to open about her showmance and sexual exploits in the house and being snarky. Those are her only downfalls from a game play perspective and it’s going to cost her in the end.


and even3rd place is same as 11th oh well


Hmmm.. So, what you’re saying is Amanda is a great player despite the fact she: Threatened to kill, dismember and anally rape individuals, has offended every ethnic group she can think of, actually tried to hurt Elissa by throwing door open when spencer and andy told her Elissa was running just outside the door and threatening to “put her vaginal discharge in Elissa’s eyes”. Bullying and cursing out Elissa’s family and children incessantly until Elissa had to hide out in HOH room? Did I understand you correctly?


I don’t think that the ring she gave Amanda is hers. They could have given her it in the DR. Witch I would call the new diamond power of veto. I don’t like Andy at all but if he doesn’t vote to keep Amanda his game will be over sooner than he thinks.

no name

I just hate that all of the houseguests know what to expect and plan accordingly. they always know when there is gonna be a double eviction, what comps are coming up, who is gonna be picked for have nots or someone volunteers. this season is sooooo boring and predictable. where are all the SURPRISES?


I’m trying to catch up but I’m lost – Is Amanda or Spencer going home this week?


Amanda is still going but Elissa is trying to flip the vote. She thinks her mcyucky and andy are going to save amanduh but they don’t really have andy. Elissa gave amanduh her diamond engagement ring to reasure her vote. Andy gave amaduh his t shirt also to reasure his vote but andy could care less about a t-shirt.


Best part about a double eviction? Production really can’t rig the POV comp in the back half of the live show. Remember the clown shoes?

I am looking forward to Amanda and either McCrae or Elissa hitting the bricks on Thursday night.

Amanda played the best game up to this point, and she’s going to be gone. While I like Judd fine and, maybe, Spencer because they can be entertaining, neither has played the game. And as much as I cannot stand him, Andy has, and probably deserves the half-million if he gets to Final 2.


Well, he earned A/M’s trust by spilling everyone else’s beans to them until the past 10 days. His will be the ultimate betrayal and manipulation. Amanda and McCrae’s unquestioning trust of Andy will be their downfall. And it will bring Elissa down with them.

Last week I mentioned that Andy was in the perfect spot because no one is targeting him. Elissa is the only one questioning him right now, and she could easily be the second HG evicted tomorrow night (see the earlier comment about production’s lack of hands-on involvement during a DE).

Of a F4 of Exterminators, does anyone deserve it more than Andy?

I don’t think so. And it pains me to admit that.


I’m okay with what’s happening in the house. Even with all of this recent Elissa-wants-Amanda-to-stay hulabaloo, nothing has really changed. Andy will vote to evict Amanda, the stupid plan will fall through and Elissa will be target number 1… sounds good to me!

Either way, even if Elissa didn’t come up with this cockamamie plan (and by Elissa I mean production), she still would’ve been the odd man out and put up for eviction alongside McCrae or a pawn. Amanda going out followed by McCrae then Elissa (or vice versa depending on who wins the next POV) is pretty much set in stone. I guess this was production’s way of giving the house guests something to do to pass the time between now and the double eviction episode.


No one comes in beween my Jewish Queen and Christian Queen.


thank god we have only one day left of the crazy cat lady and her jewish princess/queen comments-after a man dog pig is evicted she’ll be too embarrassed to show her face anymore.

Amanda's Therapist

buffbill* Someone HAS come between your girls!~!
~~GinaMarie (wannabe guidette) aka Snooki~~
Elissa is keeping…GM on the down low … duh! :-)


what was that about on this post when Amanda asked Elissa ig GM said thank you ?????


They said GM has been acting sketchy like she knows something is up because she kept asking Elissa if she was still voting out Amanda and Elissa would lie and say yeah and GM was thanking her for keeping the votes the same. Amanda thinks GM must know something is off for her to keep doing this.

Get a chant started

If i was a millionaire in la I would be a part of the live audience and pay people $100 each to chant “this is bullshit” or “CBS rigs” if spencer is talking I Julie Thursday. Otherwise if its Amanda start a “bitch” chant and a chorus of boos. Alert and pay people off in line and watch the return of my investment in revenge.

If it is like wrestling they deserve a wwe like chant from the live audience


Not pulling for anyone to win. Just looking forward to Judd being evicted. What a creep,


in a season of nasty, vicious, mean-spirited people he has been the kindest by far


I don’t really believe that is Elissa’s wedding ring. If her husband is as rich as she says he is, I think the ring would be a lot nicer than this one is. Maybe she did not want to wear her real ring into the Big Brother house and brought this ring instead. Do not think she would give Amanda her real ring knowing she can not trust Andy at all. But, guess we will just have to wait and see.


heck… the dude is hard working and had he the desire, he could BUY OUT the owner of a small jewelry store…
we all are trying to BB guess if the metal or the stone in that ring is more expensive or exotic or just ordinary as
we sometimes think of Amanda’s prized possession that also let a vigorish happen in terms of betting odds and
hypothetical Pascal’s Triangle decision trees. i feel this “deal” has modified the landscape of the end~zone thusly…

If I was Elissa

Andy’s entire plan is foiled with the simple move of Elissa being called to vote by Julie and then Elissa simply standing up in front of the entire house and saying:

“I vote to evict Spencer.”

Would love to see the look on Andy’s face then. His whole plan falls apart with that simple move.


This is what I think: Remember last week we voted for the chicken custom during live tv, while they were still playing the comp, Julie added at the end of the show the person with the least number would be wearing a suit (something like that). Well, I’m thinking America may be a vote on live tv this week, for or against Ameanda – vote would be (McNasty, Elissa and America) to keep Spencer – it would be (Andy and Judd). Spencer goes home. Now the kicker comes in when they ask Andy and Elissa who didn’t vote for Ameanda, well, we all know what Andy is going to do (cry, turn red and tips of his ears melt). “Expect the Unexpected” This is my thought. Tell me yours!!!


I forgot this, Did anyone see Julie Chen on David Letterman last night: she sorta kinda tore Arry a new butt hole in a nice way.

Amanda's dog Woofy

Julie continues her campaign to make Aaryn the fall-guy for all the racism on the show. Julie is despicable.

Canadian BB Fan

Yes, and Aaryn had NOTHING to do with the comments she made.

Is this Aaryns mom, or one of her publicists?


That’s not the issue.

Aaryn said a few bad things in the period of 1 to 2 weeks when Jeremy was in the house, but she wasn’t the only one as Kaitlin, Gina, Spencer, and Jeremy were saying offensive and racist stuff as well. I would put Gina and Spencer ahead of Aaryn as far as things that were said go.

But nobody beats Amanda if we’re talking about inappropriate things said in that house, whether we’re talking racism or anything else that’s wrong or plain disgusting. How can she threaten to beat up someone with brass knuckles and get away with it!? Amanda herself said she is the only real racist in the house and laughed at it. They don’t show that stuff on CBS.

They are not being fair and are not treating all contestants equally. That’s what people are having such a problem with and why the outrage against CBS keeps growing.

Canadian BB Fan

What did you think of Julie’s comments when Kaitlin came out?

Julie confronted her too, and said they were called the mean girls.

Aaryn comes out, Julie confronts her.

No question Amanda is disgusting; do you think that Julie won’t call her on it too? That’s speculation on your part, at best.

Do you think there will be no consequences to Amanda’s actions? She’s apparently already lost her job.

CBS and Julie, short of kicking people out mid show, can only confront the HG’s as they come out.

Amanda and GM have both said racist things; but they’re still in the house.

Wait until they come out, and see how Julie treats them – then you’ll have a legitimate complaint to make.

But until they’re evicted, short of cancelling the show to get 2 of the last 7 confronted, there isn’t much they can do.

A penalty nom? I’d love to see it. But it isn’t going to happen. But Aaryn didn’t get one either.

Sit tight, and see what happens.


Julie was polite to Kaitlin, for one. And there is a big difference in telling Kaitlin that she was simply part of the ‘mean girls’ and the vicious attack Julie pulled on Aaryn — and, apparently, an attack that keeps going (didn’t see the new Letterman interview yet, but that’s what people are saying).

There is no speculation on my part as far as CBS’ treatment of Amanda goes, as everybody who watches these shows can tell what kind of edit she’s getting. I’m sure there will be some questions Amanda will be asked but 1) I’ll be surprised if they will deal with Amanda’s racist remarks 2) will be mild in comparison to what she really deserves, which is a 5 times rougher treatment than Aaryn received.

Walt Disney

Goofy, I agree 100% – If CBS only holds Aaryn’s feet to the fire about the ugly comments – then they are clearly taking a magic carpet ride.

Jeff Probst Should Host BB16

“Vicious Attack”? Come on. It was total softball compared to how Probst grills people on the Survivor finale for far less questionable behavior. And since it impacted her social game, it was definitely fair game.

Chen overstepped the line

My question is who is Chen to judge? I mean did somebody die and make her the politically correct maven? I for one found her treatment of Kaitlyn and especially Aaryn appalling (as well as her sympathetic soft-gloved treatment of Howard and Candace regarding ‘the racial comments’ made in the house). It’s not her place to delve into this area because not everyone is offended by what was said in the house. Or at least thinks that if there are any repercussions between a HG and the public it should be just that. Chen doesn’t need to add any more fuel to the fire. I’m sorry but I think Chen is way off base criticizing anyone for what they said in the BB house. Stick to questioning them about game play or strategy but leave the judging to the individual viewer. She doesn’t speak for me and I will make up my own mind about how I should feel about that person.


@ “Chen overstepped the line says”….who is Chen to judge….?

Not sure she’s judging as much as calling attention to bad behavior. To further illustrate why she can “judge” the BEHAVIORS:

1. She’s Les Moonves’, (i.e. CEO/president of CBS) wife
2. She’s the HOST of the show, and her job is to interview HGs about their experience on the show – good, bad, & the ugly! (Ah yes she is also a former journalist- they tackle social and political issues you know)
3. She represents the viewing public’s voice
4. She was personally offended by all the Asian comments made by …pretty much everyone in the group
5. She’s a concerned mother raising a child in a society where bigotry, racism and bullying is rampant…you bet she’s going to use her influence to effect change.



“Not everyone was offended by what was said in the house”……….only someone who probably has the same feelings as Amanda/Aryn/gm would make that statement.


hate to say it the things she said are said thousands of time a day behind close doors from blacks and whites dated a black women for a year her family and friends let it slip all the time not about me but whites in general everyone wants to be so naïve about it hey it is what it is she just should of had more sense and kept it to herself I was raised in texas and she said her dad named an animal mlk that was pretty much my dad im sure the things she said are normal at home not an excuse just reality


Please use punctuation. It would make your comment much more appealing to read.


It’s CBS. Julie’s doing what they’re telling her to, to protect Amanda.

Amanda for sure has some pull with production. Even last week, the main episode made Amanda look like a strategic genius and a funny girl. It’s been that way all season. Even the crazy stuff with the kazoo and following around of Elissa was made to look entertaining.

For once I would like CBS to show what Amanda really is like. How disgusting she is with all the sex around the house or how she said she would like to beat up Gina with a set of brass knuckles. Or how she laughed one time how everyone is focusing on Aaryn (for the two bad weeks she had), while Amanda herself is the only real racist in the house.

People always talk about the edits of certain house guests and how differently they appear on main CBS shows and on the feeds, and it is obvious that is what’s happening this season.

This year of BB is leaving me with a very bad taste in my mouth.




yep I saw it to me the production thing is just as bad


I retract my comment about the game not being rigged. Please accept my humble apology.

The way production interferes with the game is like I am watching Tron. Down with MCP!


If Andy the rat is not exposed on eviction night – I will be confused. Its absolutely necessary for McCranda to see his true colors. Yes, you can play BB by playing both sides but Andy has floated to both sides and never been caught. Even though I wanted Alyssa to sit tight because she was not a target, giving her rings to Amanda was beyond stupid. I hope production makes her return them or Chen will when interviewing Amanda (hopefully). The whole season of BB this year will be worth it if Andy is caught, meltdown included. GM is showing her ignorance by trusting the guys and bashing Alyssa constantly. She will be betrayed by the Exterminators.