“I’m glad that trash bomb Amanda is gone” -JUDD

POV Holder: Next POV Sept 7th
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 12th
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


6:52pm Living room Spencer and McCrae

McCrae says he keeps telling GM that he is the target in the hopes that she doesn’t fight hard for the veto.
McCrae adds that he’s been telling her if he comes off the block she will have his vote.
Spencer tells him he doesn’t want them to know how close they are, “This is a huge part of this.. it’s just a f***ing Ruse”
Spencer – “I’m going to go back up there” (HOH)
McCrae says he knows he has to win Veto.
Spencer – “Thats veto baby.. ya ya ya I understand”
McCrae – “Ya”
Spencer – “ya dude it’s all good it’s all good.. once you are all un-cuffed dude we’ll talk a bit more”
MC – “Ya yup”


6:55pm HOH The boys of the exterminators
Spencer fills them in on his conversation with McCrae. Spencer tells JUDD if he is up against GM he will vote you out.
JUDD – ‘I’m going to win that veto tomorrow’
Spencer – “we have 4 people playing in it we are all capable of winning it”
Andy – “GM is such a beast”
JUDD “I’m afraid she’s going to hurt herself with that rope”
Andy points out that if it was them three in the final 3 they all are in a level playing field.
They all agree that GM will win against them all if she makes it to final 2
Spencer – “She did a good job .. She was on the losing end most of the game”

S – “Theres nothing that will make be happier than knocking this last road bump out of the game and getting to final 4”

JUDD says he knew Elissa was Rachel’s sister right away, he remembers seeing her during the Big Brother 12 finale (I assume he saw images on the internet) . JUDD adds that he texted his friend that Rachel’s sister was way hotter than Rachel.
JUDD says after candice fell off the hot dog she told him that she thinks Elissa is Rachel’s sister and he laughed at her told her no way they look totally different.
Andy – Yet again Candice knows what’s up but no one listens.. how would candice had known that”

Andy says they can all agree that Elissa has had plastic surgery on her face, he would bet his 500K winnings on it.


7:30PM HOh Everyone
Drill sergeant tells JUDD to do 100 Jumping jacks

Andy points out that JUDD has a apple in his hands.

JUDD finishes
JUDD – “100 is outrageous”
Production calls him into the Diary room.
JUDD – “Let me catch my breath”
JUDD leaves.
GM says she doesn’t like the drill sergeant.
Spencer starts joking around tells production to give give JUDD squats. He tells the “Drill sergeant” that JUDD has been telling everyone that he sucks.


As JUDD heads to the Diary room
The drill sergeant yells out “Give me 15 Push ups”

Andy jokes says “The show is going to be cancelled now because Elissa is not here”


Drill sergeant Yells out for JUDD to do 15 lunges..


7:52PM HOH JUDD and Spencer

JUDD says Howard is probably cussing them out right now because they’ve finally formed a solid group.
Spencer says what happened to Howard was his own damn fault he acted too shady
JUDD says he liked Howard but never trusted him.

JUDD bets that Elissa is probably not even in the jury house she’s in some Hotel. Spencer agrees.

JUDD tells him he told Elissa that he would use the veto on her but he never intended on using it.
Spencer laughs says Eliss was worried yesterday about the double eviction and JUDD kept was telling her she was alright.

JUDD – “I’m glad that trash bomb Amanda is gone”
JUDD says he’s more excited that Amanda is gone over ELissa. The two people Spencer wanted out was Amanda and Elissa and they got them out in one night.
JUDD doesn’t think he’s prepared to go back to work he’ll need two weeks to decompress.
Spencer – “I’m supposed to go back to work Oct 1st”
JUDD – “sh!t you are probably hoping this wraps up soon”
Spencer says he’s going to try and get his unpaid leave of absence extended for a couple week. Spencer tells him to look around for railroad jobs in his area.
Spencer – “railroad jobs are easy as f*** dude”

JUDD – “I thought riding a bike would be easier than running… f** that.. have you rode a bike lately.. It’s f*** hard”

They start talking about the double eviction and how they both thought for a second that Amanda had gotten to GM.

Spencer -”did you look at Amanda face at all”
JUDD say she did she had those watery eyes she looked pi$$ed.

Spencer- “I bet when it came up a tie she must have thought ohh I wish I hadn’t gotten in Ginamarie’s face last night”

JUDD- “GM ripped her a new one.. she can’t touch GM”
Spencer – “GM is a master shit talker”
JUDD – ”when she got in her face I was like ohh wait what are you doing she will mop the floor with you”
Spencer – “GM is so f*** feisty”
JUDD – “:she could take 2 or 3 teeth out with one punch”
JUDD – “I wish we had a dog in here”


Drill sergeant yells out 17 squats


JUDD says when Elissa asks you a question in the final two just say “Whatever ELissa see you never”



8:40pm Kitchen everyone

Andy points out the marinara sauce bottle has two children and a lady watering the lawn
he shows it around everyone laughs
JUDD – “What a ignorant marketing scheme”
They all laugh. Andy points out that the people on the jar were bi racial.

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Really, Judd!!! REALLY!!! As much as I like you, you deserve to lose for being so stupid and clueless especially after getting a second chance handed to you by the production you hate so much!!!!




Andy has some semi-celebrities giving their opinions on him, and it ain’t good.


Who gives a crap what a ‘semi celebrity’ thinks of you? Can’t stand these idiots but I agree with McCrae when he said not to give a shit about what America thinks. All that matters is what you think of you and your family/friends. If others don’t like you, it’s their problem. If they’re not trying to become a celebrity after this, if any of these people get booed at the finale they should tell the audience to go screw themselves. If they let America and all of us on the Internet affect them on a personal level then they had a low opinion of themselves to start with. We all have our opinions on here, but who really cares what strangers on the Internet think? smh


Who cares what America thinks? Everyone in that House. They all talk about / wonder about / fixate about how America perceives them. Some of them hope to parlay their time on BB to bigger and better thing. Generally speaking, that would require them to be viewed positive from their time in front of the camera on BB. Even McCrae is concerned about being portrayed as being P’whipped and I think he would like to see some long term benefit from BB beyond the money they may win. The real question is how can any of the last several HGs think they will be perceived positively after how they acted? How can’t they think their rants and various nastiness would be perceived positively? They are extremely deluded!

McFILTHY is a Trailor Trash Wife

And, Amanda is a sociopath. (Look up definition)

Who in the heck cares what shane dawson or shannon elizabeth ?

The better question is WHO ARE shane dawson and shannon elizabeth ???



Ah screw it F THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!


That’s why a lot of people didn’t want Judd back in the house because of what he is doing now

Joker Exterminated

How did production hand Judd a second chance? Last I checked he competed and won it unlike Brendon

Joker Exterminated

When will Elissa fans stop whining and do like they promise and stop watching?

Pinocchio Obama

What a waste of a season. It seems to me that baring a run on Veto/HOH wins we are probably looking at a final three of Spencer/Andy/Judd. I’m guessing that both Spencer and Judd wpuld get rid of Andy to go to the final. My guess is that since the jury is going to made up of mostly women that Judd is going to win.

i hate to say it but I think I am hoping that GinaMarie wins. I think she made a huge mistake when she made the ” get to steppin” comment to Amanda. Amanda takes everything personal and since she also controls McCrae’s vote I think even if Gina goes on a run she probably won’t win.

I think we have all suffered enough this season so hopefully Pee Wee Andy does not win this train wreck.

Message for Union Pacific Railroad

Mr Spencer Clawson is an employee of your company. Over the last few weeks we have witnessed him making pro-nazi statements and homophobic slurs. Of the worst of these henious verbal outtakes from Mr. Clawson’s mouth, the child molestation statements are beyond redemption.

You may rest your laurels on the fact that Spencer is unionized and you have to adhere to strict guidelines in his termination. But add to the aforementioned, the fact that Spencer has intimated violent tendencies and referenced his proclivity to the illegal and recreational use of canabis and you as his employer should morally and legally be compelled to release him from employment as a conductor for your company.

You are hereby notified that to keep Mr. Spencer Clawson in your employ would be reckless abandonment of your responsibility as an interstate transporter of dangerous cargo, not to mention that the train itself in the wrong hands can become a weapon.

If you do not cease the employment of Mr. Spencer Clawson, you are putting yourselves at risk for a very large class action lawsuit should, God forbid, any accidents result due to Mr. Clawson’s recklessness.

Please, we urge you to do your duty as an accountable party to the actions of your employees and release Spencer Clawson from your employ.


Message for Union Pacific railroad: That was a great letter! Are you going to send it to them. Wish there could be a place where we could all sign it. You might also add all the sexual things and derogatory comments he says to women.


why don’t you send his family from death threats too while you’re at it?


Proof read your comment, you are an idiot.


Spencer suggested that the audience find out what Brent Slaters email address is and send hate mail on elissa…..I think if the reverse happened and Marilyne was the receiver, perhaps this loud mouthed curly Joe would think differently. This man should have his mouth taped shut. Marilyn is not married to this dumpy assed piece of crap, so she should change her e- mail address and move far far away from this very despicable individual before he destroys her too.


Elissa you did well. You acted with dignity and respect. You were a good Christian like Howard. God bless you and your family.

Does There Have To Be A Winner?

“Elissa you did well. You acted with dignity and respect. You were a good Christian like Howard. God bless you and your family.”


M Wylie

Spencer can be released from his job with due cause whether he is under union protection or not.
As a company you have to take the right steps in the process.
You have all the fuel from his own mouth
Do the right thing PLEASE.


Spencer also admitted to stealing cable for over five years. That is a felony is most states. I saw it on a jokers update last week.


while I do not care for Spencer one bit and hope he doesnt win, I will say that you actually taking time out of your life to write out isuch an email and hope to send it to his employer only displays that you are part of the problem… anyone who would take time out of their life to do stuff like this is a f****** moron and needs to get a life.

McFILTHY is a Trailor Trash Wife!

And, Amanda is a sociopath.

Bd22, YOU & I also took time to read and write comments so…?…?


Get a life loser


Time to take a break from television and the Internet….you are taking this shit WAY too seriously.

Rachelissa fans reach new low

Poor Rachelissa fans,

Your plastic airheaded bimbo left the should and now you are trying to get someone fired from their job,

Such class…

Rachel I’m sure would be proud lol

SpongeBob SquarePants

That was a great letter, I hope that you do either email it to them or send it snail mail, I might just look up UPR address and send them a request to fire Snot Boy.

Too Tall

I whole heartedly agree with you. Fat a$$ Spencer should be fired. He hates women, I wonder how many rapes he has commited? He cannot relate to nor communicate with women, that’s why he is so proficient at self pleasure.


Really? The same could be said for most all employed people. Should we
all lose our jobs? NO.


“our” jobs? Not all employed people conduct themselves like Spencer does, so much vile. If you can relate to him, just how much vile do you conduct yourself with?

The guy prides himself on just being downright gross. I guess he figured since he wasn’t given any looks, he doesn’t require any character and then created an art form out of it.



Should we
all lose our jobs?

Obama is taking care of that.

Tommy Doyles

Get a life people its a game!!!!! Don’t be mad because the people who you thought were gonna win are out!!!! Grow up you jealous Jackass’s!!!!

Tommy Doyles

It’s a game!!!! People!!!! He is trying to win 50 hundred thousand dollars!!!! I Guess everyone who gets to be on big brother should lose there job because they all have done and said thing’s that are not appropriate and if you don’t like it don’t FN watch it!!!!!!!


Anyone who forwards any such message to this man’s, or any houseguest, employer is a hypocrite. You actively seek to harm someone for bad jokes and stupid comments. You don’t have the maturity to handle the freedom you have, but you would thrive in a dictatorship, where you could inform on anyone who speaks outside of the party line. You are the rats of BB15! I certainly hope someone from CBS will be explaining to anyone that asks for more information that many of the ‘fans’ of this show are imbalanced. I’m sure you’re proud of the damage already done to houseguests, because you don’t care about people growing or learning to be more accepting. Losing one’s income is no way to help anyone learn a lesson about tolerance, it is simply vindictive and nothing more. Tolerance is what you profess, but do not practice yourself!


who is going out?.. GM or MC?


Elissa’s wedding site: http://brentandelissa.ourwedding.com/


Who gives a fuck about Elissa’s wedding people need to stop obsessing over this person. I didn’t like her in the beginning because I felt production handed her everything but I likes her more when she showed fight and started winning, however she’s out of the house so calm the fuck down errybody. And stop saying bad shit about people in this game, I’m sure we all do stuff we aren’t proud of no one is perfect. Like Danielle donato said in her interview with Jeff we need to have forgiveness for people so they can learn from their mistakes. Listen to her


“Oh, the ppl on the jar are biracial” Big deal, Andy! When are you pulling your red hair out of GM’s ass? You’re starting to sound like her. I have never seen a fucking bunch of morons so fixated on pointing out that people are not or do not look white. I guess their blood is blue and their shit is white as well.

BB15 is a joke

Agree… and my favorite is listening to Andy, Spencer, and GM talk about how ugly Elissa is. Have you looked in the f*cking mirror?? Who are they to judge anyone’s looks?

Welcome to the Hates Motel, This Way to the Shower

Elissa dominates the ginger rat freak’s every thought. It’s just game play, you say? Well, you can hardly blame his mental illness and hate speech fixation with Elissa on “playing the game” when McCrae is not around, now can you? Seriously, Andy and the rest of you pervs, McCrae is not even in the room, yet you continue your warped fixation of Elissa.

Poor little Raggedy Andy doll couldn’t control Elissa and has already killed her from the Hates Motel and now can’t get mommy out of his mind and wants to become her. He is nothing if not obsessed with Elissa. She controls his every thought. Can you believe this ginger rat turd Andy and his mommy fixation? I said it before, and I’ll say it again. Welcome to the Bates Motel, I mean Hates Motel. See Norman, I mean Andy, Master Bates and his mommy fixation who is just a ginger hair shy of having a psychotic break and heading to the shower with kitchen utensils. Don’t let the psychotic nut job anywhere near the kitchen…………………………

Oh, who let the freak into the kitchen? Andy has now noticed the mommy and kids on the pasta jar.


A lot of people are pretty obsessed with Andy as well. They even take the time to sit and write out lengthy, cleverly written posts about him. Every day….every blog post Andy Andy Andy (formerly Amanda Amanda Amanda). People must be jealous or really screwed up in the head to keep talking about a person they don’t like. These people need to get a life, seriously.

Oh wait, does that sort of reasoning only apply when people are obsessively bashing Elissa? Sorry, my bad.

In Defense of Your Defense of Andy

No. It only applies to people who feel the need to post comments admonishing the people who notice Andy’s little fixation obsession and who feel the need to defend the freak. Perhaps when Andy stops fixating on Elissa, the multitudes of people who are posting that have noticed Andy’s little psychosis will no longer feel the need to post about his obsession, and then maybe perhaps you will no longer feel the need to defend Andy the little fluck doater, I mean duck floater.

You see the common denominator in all of this is Andy’s little obsession. If you think commenting on it is classless, imaging how stupid we think you look defending it.


How does he know they are bi racial . You look at a black guy like T.I. the rapper his skin is very light but both his parents are black .I can name show you pictures of thousands of friends i have made who are light skined that have 2 black parents you cant go by skin color with black americans because every single dam one of them has white or indian in them . Al Sharpton is related to Strom Thurmond . Mrs Obama has a white great grandfather . KEYSHIA COLE THE Singer looks and acts like a ghetto black woman but her dad is 100 % white . And i could go on and on and on about blacks who have parents or grand parents or great grandparents who are not 100 % percent black . 95 % PERCENT OF BLACK AMERICA IS MULTI RACIAL . Only 5%percent can claim 100 % percent black . Even Snoop Dogg his grandma is cherokee indian . J cole not 100 % pervcent black . Tupac Shakur was not 100 % percent black his grandmother on his dad side was also a NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN look this shit up i mean i can go on and on on proof anyone can pull up . James Earl Jones has blue eyes guess what his mom was white very few people know that .


I see absolutely NOTHING has changed for McCrae…. He’s still walking 3′ behind a female with his head down while saying absolutely nothing!!!!


And yawning…!!!!




I know… I wanted to see a cat house. Deep down I knew the women were too caddy and could not pull an all girl alliance.
: (


My All Time “Favorites”
1. Jordan L. (Seasons 11 & 13)
2. Jeff S. (Seasons 11 & 13)
3. Dan G. (Seasons 10 & 14)
4. Brittany H. (Seasons 12 & 14)
5. Wil K. (Seasons 2 & 7)

Best Players (Only Game Winners Eligible)
T1. Dan G. (Seasons 10 & 14)
T1. Wil K. (Seasons 2 & 7)
3. Dick D. (Seasons 8 & 13)
4. Mike M. (Seasons 2 & 7 & 14)
5. Ian T. (Season 14)

Best Competition Player (Only Game Winners Eligible)
Rachel R. (Seasons 12 & 13)

Best Social Player (Only Game Winners Eligible)
Jordan L. (Seasons 11 & 13)

Most Under-Rated Player
Kevin C. (Season 11)
Honorable Mention: Memphis G. (Season 10)

Most Over-Rated Player
Jessie G. (Seasons 10 & 14)
UN-Honorable Mention: Frank E. (Season 14)


Typo correction:
Jessie G. (Seasons 10 & 11)


yo stop making yourself look like a moron! STOP


Who gives a fu*?


Do I need to give you a lesson boy?
Top 5 players of all time(overall)
1. Evel Dick
2. Dr. Will
3. Dan
4. Janelle
5. Mike Boogie
Best Competition
In between Rachel and Janelle but I’m giving the edge to Janelle
Best Social(Really? is this a question?)
Dr. Will
Most Over Rated
Most Under Rated
Matt Hoffman

Embrace the green stuff

It’s all about the evil doctor. Thumbs up if hes the best player ever


Dan was annoying in 14, in 10 i liked him. Dr. Will, i’m sorry I still dont understand the whole big deal with him. Rachel and Evel were the best winners. Ian is kind of an asshole.

Bored Viewer

I’m still holding out hope that production decides to bring back Elissa and Amanda. Andy’s reaction would be hilarious. It’s a shame Elissa was evicted during the DE. She didn’t have time to process or campaign for herself, and in the brief scene aired on CBS, I couldn’t hear what she was saying to McCrae since they were surrounded by others. The only thing I heard was Andy’s shrieking something like “whatever Elissa, yes you did.” The hatred of Elissa is beyond inappropriate. No one can see through Andy, but for some reason all the house guests hate Elissa? Did I miss something? Did she spew filth from her mouth every time she opened it like Andy does? Did she insult every ethnic group on earth like GM? Did she have sex all over the house like McCrae and spend all her time in bed?


No, but Elissa did act like a pretentious snob the entire time and made many snide comments while she was there. At least that’s how THEY perceived it. She may not have meant to come across the way she did, but every single person in the house commented on her attitude including Helen. That personality isn’t as vile as some of the others, but it can definitely wear on your nerves. I know I would have some things to say if I was stuck with a person 24/7 for a couple of months straight and they acted like they were better than me the entire time.

Bored Viewer

In tonight’s BBAD episode, McCrae made comments consistent with your post. I have a different opinion of Elissa, and I would rather be stuck with her 24/7 than any of the final 5. The house guests can say what they want about Elissa, but when they are able to watch the episodes and live feeds, I wonder how many of them will wish they kept her around as opposed to Andy?


Alissa IS better than all of them–in EVERY WAY!


really!! you mean she acted like a human didn’t go around the house saying disguesting things about people. She is a lady and acted like one. In comparison to all the other people she never said anything close to the nasty things they said. They were just angry because they could make her act like them


Thank you so much Simon and Dawg for watching this train wreck all season and keeping us up to date.
I canceled my live feeds a while ago, so I was more than happy to donated what I would have spent and a little more.
Goodl uck to you both on the rest of season, and hopefully its not as painful as I think its going to be.

Bored Viewer

Andy just commented that the drill instructor made an offensive comment. Really? He is a vile waste of air. I’d rather see someone like GM win as opposed to him, and I’ve said before, she has insulted every ethnic group on the plant (including mine), but even that doesn’t make her as vile and disgusting as Andy. SMH. I don’t think he has any game strategy at all. I think he just came into the house and behaved as he normally does in the outside world.


He was making a joke. We get you hate Andy but at least don’t make like he thought that was actually offensive when he was very obviously making a joke.

Bored Viewer

You are entitled to your opinion, just as I am entitled to mine. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post.


Just sayin….it WAS a joke regardless of your opinion of him. I’m not saying you’re not entitled to your opinion of him, but when he said the drill Sargent’s comment was offensive, that was a joke. He even laughed and said Elissa would have been the one to actually find that comment offensive because the drill Sargent said his mother could do better push-ups than Judd and she’s been dead for ten years. Andy ‘jokingly’ said that Elissa would find it offensive because he was talking about a deceased woman.

Bored Viewer

Just to make it clear. I don’t hate Andy. I don’t hate any of the final 5. However, as a viewer, I think they all suck, and Andy is the most vile of the final 5 (IMO). I am not rooting for anyone at this point, unless they bring back Elissa and Amanda. Out of the remaining 5:

1) Judd
2) McCrae
3) and 4) Either Spencer/GM or GM/Spencer
5) Andy

As I said, they ALL suck. But someone IS going to win 500K and someone IS going to win 50K. These are the people left in the running, so these are the people the jury will have to choose from. What we think doesn’t matter except for who wins the 25K. We have no say in the final 2 voting process, but we can voice our opinions about the house guests here. If other people have the same opinion, great. If other people have a different opinion, great. These are my opinions, and I am going to voice them.

BB15 is a joke

Just turned on BBAD for a few mins… ALL these idiots do is sit around and talk about Elissa. Especially Andy, it’s like he’s obsessed with her… It’s borderline scary! They all talk about how much they hate her, but usually when you hate someone, the last thing you want to do is talk about them non-stop. If I were Elissa, I would get a restraining order against these scumbags asap. Spencer already admitted he wants to google her husband to find his email address so he can write to him. CBS should be ashamed of themselves for casting losers like this! I thought Aaryn was bad (and she is) but these a**holes are worse!


Andy is such a bottom. I think Judd is gay too.


U say that like it’s a bad thing! Without dudes like Andy u would get no play! GTFOH


Poopy? Is that you? I thought you preferred the term ‘queer’, you homophobic twat.


Wow watching Andy eat with his mouth open after gm made dinner is turning my stomach and they are still bashing ellisa, they seriously have nothing better to do.


I actually turn the AD off because of Andy when he is eating, and taking those 40 mini-sips from his drink bottle. Smack Smack, mouth open,… and the constant “I hate Elissa” remarks are just over the top. I really cannot stand to look at him. Just like last year watching Enzo, and having the eating sounds alive and well from his mike were too much. I do notice that last year on Showtime the F word was clearly said but on TVGN they do a lot of blurring out. In fact there are so many conversations with the blurs you can’t hear anything except a few words.


Even though she was eliminated Andy had contemplated means of destroying both Amanda and Elissa but had reached no satisfactory conclusion. His most promising scheme had involved getting a book on munitions from the library, constructing a bomb, and mailing it in plain paper to each of them. Then he remembered that his library card had been revoked.”


They are talking about McCrae-bies (McCrae babies). What they were gonna call them.

Judd says instead of coming up with a name for their babies they should come up with a name for this new STD they are creating. LOL

Roisin Dubh

Andy’s done guys. I see him getting 3rd at best. Even if he makes final two, he doesn’t have the votes. Amanda spills the beans in JH and he;s done. His only shot is against Spencer. They all want Spencer in F2. What’s he gonna say? I deserve to win because my only game was surviving the block 7 times? That entire JH hates his guts. I kinda feel sorry for Andy because that rat handle is gonna stick with him for a long time and there’s nothing he can do about it. Judd getting whacked again will be good entertainment. This is the first season that I don’t want anyone to win it. The people left haven’t done jack except run their mouths and show how nasty they are. Spencer is in for a world of hurt. He might not get fired, but you can bet they will re-assign him to some crappy job and try to force him out.If you’ve ever had a union job you know what I’m saying. The best thing from this season is that next season will for sure be an all star season. That’s the only move CBS has left.


If Andy makes final two, he will win. Definitely if he’s against Spencer. As long as McCrae is not in the final two, Amanda will vote for Andy. She will be mad, but I think she will see how he had her fooled and will respect that as part of the game. Helen will be the same. Elissa will follow as long as Andy doesn’t say something offensive to her during the finale (he’s not that brave despite what he’s saying now) OR if whoever goes to jury next doesn’t tell her all of the nasty stuff he said about her after she left. Candice will vote for Andy. Jesse might vote Spencer, but I think she’ll follow the others. Aaryn would vote Andy over Spencer, if Judd or GM is up then her vote would be a toss up. Judd would vote for Andy if he goes. Spencer and GM might vote for Judd, but I still think they’d lean toward Andy.

Andy needs 5 votes to win…anything could happen, but I think he has the votes.


I don’t want Spencer or Andy to win either, I especially don’t want them in F2 to collect all the big money. THE PROBLEM IS THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES LEFT TO HAVE AN F2 ALLIANCE. The others seem to think the alliance they are in with 4 other people can last til the end of the game. I hate to say it but GM and Judd the Dudd better read the writing on the wall and realize that Andy and the Perv are closer to each other than to Judd and GM. I doubt McCrae would survive the week, but if he does, he needs to pick between the 2 evils of GM and Judd and make an F2 alliance. If the new alliance can get get, EITHER Ratboy or Perv out at F4 and the other at F3 then the worst of the HGs will be out of the money. And even if one of them gets to F2, hopefully they would only get 50K. I know at this point its 100% about the lesser of 5 evils, I guess I’d pick McCrae= but he is playing really stupid right now..


Judd: That drill sergeant is killing me. I’ms sweating like a blind lesbian in a fish shop.


On BBAD right now they can’t stop Elissa bashing. What’s wrong with these people? I’ve never seen any reality show in my life with such hatred towards people. They even talked again today about her son.

Go Elissa

They should not be allowed to talk about that child at all at the Very least CBS could do is give us FISH every time they bring him up !!!! I am pretty sure that when Elissa signed the release she could NOT have known that she would be in a house full of such Slime that would even think about hurting a child like that .These so called HG’s are the lowest of the low !!!!! Shame on all of them including CBS !!!!

Bored Viewer

I’m glad they air the filth. I think they should stop “bleeping out” the vile dialogue. These people are on a reality TV show and they know that they are being filmed 24/7… Big Brother fans deserve to see the filth spewed by these people. Editing it out or cutting to a different part of the house would result in fans of the show rooting for people that we would otherwise find repulsive. The casting directors chose these people, and we should be able to see them in their full glory.

Go Elissa

I do Agree 100% they should let us see how awful these HG’s really are ! But NOT when it comes to Elissa’s child OR Anybodys children , They are truly at risk of being victims of bullying in school because of remarks made by SO Called Adults ! it is not right . I really do not think that CBS should allow that to happen . Sure let the HG’s show their disgusting , vile behavior towards other adults in anyway they feel ,I know that they will pay for it in the end(and no amount of money is worth that ) But a helpless child should not have to ! IMHO

McFILTHY is a Trailor Trash Wife..

And, Amanda is a sociopath.

Oh please. The only reason Elissa was on here was to try and promote products..

CBS are morons for casting her.

She is absolutely no more positive than anyone else. She’s a vapid Stepford Wife.

Oh Happy Day

What a Happy Day when Andy is sent packing. And..he can take the $94.00 and spend it on an etiquette lesson. For starters..how to eat ..with his mouth CLOSED !!

With his glasses on..he now looks like a shortsighted mole. He does not have ONE good feature. From his hair down to his white scrawny little legs. His voice is grating…and all he does is talk about Hate this one, hate that one.

I want to see him sob. I want him to read up and see just how much he is LOATHED !! As he swans around..thinking that he’s going to win….aaah..the satisfaction seeing him sit on the chair..and hear the Boo’s. Please..pretty please.


If you’re letting a TV show affect you so greatly, or more specifically a random guy on a reality show, maybe you should take a break from TV for a while.


BLAH BLAH BLAH…..losers!


Poor GM tied to smelly kat.Its really boring on bbad tonight.They’ve really got nothing.We’ve got a huge snooze fest going on…..

GM is Trash

Poor GM? POOR GM??? Seriously???


GM is woofing down some food now. She eats like someone who has lost their teeth. How long before she visits the bathroom.


GM eats like a pig then runs off to the bathroom. Then later in the night she eats a snack and complains she is so hungry because the snack she is eating is the only thing she has eaten all day and its only 100 calories. I have personally known people with eating disorders and I feel so bad for her. I’m hoping that after the show she really gets the help she needs


please stop. just stop already. amanda and elissa are not coming back into the game. neither is nick, gm. and, no, just because your favorite player has been evicted, it does not make the game lame. this season was lame to begin with, and once all the pretty people got kicked out, it looked more like season of the nerds, the comments sections of bb forums became more hateful than anything said on the show.

guess what else, it’s always slow the last two weeks until the finale. haven’t you watched the show – ever?


You didn’t say Howard. Maybe they could bring him back

basket weaver

This season went from bad to worse EVER! I wish no one could win!!!

Bored Viewer

If only. LOL! If the show really is rigged (like all reality TV game shows are said to be), production really needs to pull in some evicted jury members and then have a triple elimination so that this travesty of a show still ends when it is supposed to.


i just read a comment from JU CH that she gave to ET how CBS hasnt renewed their contract yet. she said they are disappointed with this years HGS. she is talking about getting previous players that they know are trustworthy to play BB16 to bring back the fun to BB. like it used to be. she said they had no idea these HGS were so bad. i watched about three minutes of tonights BBAD and i couldnt watch it because they re still talking filth, SP still picking his nose at the table i hope they get to read some of our comments or america gets to ask them questions at the finale to let them know how disgusting they were. worst BB that i have ever watched.

Beef Jerky Jerky

One thing tonight, on bbad, I didn’t see
Spencer …..”tickle his pickle”…..unless I missed it?!?
Production crew possibly had to inform him, since
HE made IT—–Sooooooo—–damn obvious!!!
Anyone from this season of BB15, whether they suffer
a job loss, failed relationship or family hardship!


Did Amanda take away McCrae’s vocal chords when she left the game. The only thing he ever says is yup or he might laugh at something but I think its just a reflex reaction. Could he be the lamest player ever on BB? My God what did Amanda do to him?

Fan of BB

When is finale?


Blah blah blah


I agree with most of what you said and most seasons it does get boring with two weeks left, however if you have the right mix of people left it stays exciting to the very end…unfortunately that doesn’t happen very often


McCrae should be allowed to come back next season. I think he would have been a good player had he not got stuck on the Amanda show this season

Ewww Just Ewww

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! No second chances for any of these people! I never want to see any of them again.


GM talked about a dildo and Elissa and her husband. I think she wanted to use it on either one. Oh yay. So much class. She’s a little misogynist too.

She is such an enigma. She cooks dinner for all the guys to get in their good graces so she separates herself as the “woman”, cook clean up after these lazy MF. Then she wants to make them laugh cuz she is one of the boys and knows how to make suggestions of rape with plastic toys.

Ugh. White Trash. Hood rat. Whatever. She’s a low form of low.


It is so creepy how obsessed Andy is with Elissa. He knows that she knows he is a rat; he admitted to Amanda that he voted against her in his goodbye message. Surely he must realize that even if Elissa doesn’t taint the jury with the truth about him (she kept her mouth shut while still in the house after she knew), that Amanda will MAKE SURE that everyone knows about him. Helen knew he was a rat. Jessie, Candice and Aaryn will believe it for sure. None of them will respect that as good game play. He won’t win if he makes it to Final 2. Obsessing about Elissa seems very personal and not game related.

Bored Viewer

I agree. Why does he hate her so much? Because she saw through him and he was terrified that she would expose him? His performance when Amanda was evicted wasn’t acting in order to throw suspicion off himself… he was terrified that Elissa was going to expose him and end his ability to refer to her as a c***. He was also terrified that being exposed would end his ability to incite the other house guests by bringing up Elissa and Candice constantly.

Roisin Dubh

MC ain’t got the balls to do that. They left in Amanda’s bag last night.


that nasty no-man hasn’t the intestinal fortitude to call out anyone. he has proven himself to be the wormiest piece of garbage of the season, if not the decade. he has no ambition of gets. America should hater this useless bag of bones as much or more than the other four remaining house guests. he makes my stomach turn as I watch him munch so casually upon his fingers. sure wish somebody would feed that asshole.

Fan of BB

It’s shocking how McCrae and Amanda had s@x multiple times on national TV without even a care what their families would think. Absolutely No Self Pride. I’d be so ashamed to be either of their parents.


Yeah, but is McCrae even smart enough to recognize what is going on? We haven’t seen him think for himself yet, and he sure came to the wrong conclusion at the DE!

Bored Viewer

Again, I agree. Elissa was smart enough to recognize that aligning with Amanda was a smart move, even though she had no interest in interacting with Amanda. It was a choice between aligning with Amanda or becoming the new target and Elissa made the correct choice. McCrae on the other hand, voted out the only person that could have potentially helped his game…


Even though it didn’t work out for her she made the right move. She had figured out that the others did not have her back and she was right since they voted her out. The kicker is that idiot McCrae put her up when she was the only one in the house that had his back. Even Amanda had told him to stick with Elissa but thinking is not a strong suit for McCrae.


It was a bad move….once Amanda was gone she could have teamed up with McCray…they are both good at comps and GM could not have played in the next comp. By siding with Amanda she pissed off GM and JuDD and Andy….I believe they all wanted to do an F2 with her if she won in the next HOH. They all believe they could have beat her at the end even easier than with Spenser. She made a huge blunder


I am surprised that Spenser did not give the work-out drill to McCray. McCray would have been sore for the next comp and it would have made him weaker, especially since he is not in the best of shape after sleeping all summer. He is just not strategic…also he should have given the money thing to GM so they would not realize how close he is to Andy…Andy has already won money, GM helped them get Amanda out.


Reality might hit these jerks right between the eyes after BB is over. Their reception back into the REAL world may be filled with a lot of ugliness to match their ugliness in the house. They think they are America’s darlings but will soon find out otherwise. We hate all you jerks in the house. Scumbags.


I find it funny how Andy says he hates Elissa but he won’t stop talking about her. Poor Andy, don’t worry. You are still the queen bitch in the house. GinaMarie….how was she even able to fill out the paperwork to get on this show much less pass the psych test? Nick better enter the witness protection program, because she is C R A Z Y ! McCrae looks lost with no one to hold his balls for him. Oh wait, Andy will do it! Spencer…I don’t know where to start. Marilyn, if you really do exist, you need professional help. You suffer from very low self esteem. I wouldn’t wish that disgusting sack of crap on my worst enemy! No I take that back. I think Spencer and Andy would make a great couple. I hope Judd and McCrea make it to the final 2.
Judd is just a simple guy who loves the show but was in way over his head. McCrea screwed himself by screwing with Amanda. So sad that this season of BB sucked so much!


Andy should be exterminated for being the biggest rat of all time.


Just out of boredom… if you HAD to pick 2 players from this season to be on All-Stars who would you pick and why?

Id go with:

McRae because I think Amanda sunk his game and I think he’d be a different player without her
Nick because I think he had potential and got out too early.

Everyone else sucked lol

Backpedal Barack


The fish in the fish tank*

* only the non racist fish


The one who needs to be evicted is Allison and her trailer park trolling casting crew.


Spencer has done nothing but give railroad guys a bad name for the things he says and the way he acts, I know railroad guys, and they are a stand up bunch of guys, to bad America only sees how one acts, I wish someone at CBS would tell him to keep his hands out of his pants, and stop picking his noise. To bad they outlawed being able to tar and feather someone , oh wait that would be to good for him, he might enjoy it.


I can’t believe Andy is a college professor, he acts like a two year old. He is such a coward, he berates Alissa constantly and acts tough telling everyone what he’s going to tell Alissa when he sees her again. He’s all talk, if he had any balls he would have told her face to face before Alissa was outed. He didn’t because he knows Alissa would have slapped the RAT out of him.

Another Liberal Loser

Just what you want in a professor someone who spews hate. Watching Andy get bounced will be the only thing worth watching the rest of this season.


These 5 HG’s are obsessed with Elissa. The things they say about her are almost all things you can tell they are jealous about. They make mean comments about her owning houses and cars and hockey rinks. They rag on her for saying her step son has a business yet he is only 15. The list goes on and on and on. They are green with envy.

Real Scandals Phony President

Spencer – “railroad jobs are easy as f*** dude”

You better hope so Spencer since you are going to be looking for one.


Judd is right. A dog in the house would definitely make things more interesting. One season they were given a bulldog and, and I could be wrong, but think the winner kept the dog.


My mama always said, “You can put pearls on a pig but it’s still a pig! Doesn’t matter who wins now! Still a pig!


It sickens me to see any one of these disgusting people receive any money. On the final show, I think the president of CBS should stand up and tell them all that they don’t deserve anything. Then give the money to charity. After all, they should expect the unexpected.


Oh MCrae I’m betting is gonna figure out REAL fast he DOES care what “America” thinks! His Family & Friends are probably not getting out n public much and when they do…I bet their “Team Mcrea” tee’s aren’t being worn!!! Judd is fed up w production because he got there & quickly learned how rigged the “game” was! Very VERY glad the CBS bb15 houseguest POSERS (Amanda & Elissa) are out of the running now BUT sad embarrassing reps of everyday regular American people left to “represent”!!!!
BB15 “Ghost”- as production has now been referred to…PLEASE wrote your little script and set remaining comps up to ensure JUDD & GM get final 2! MCrea is a slug n human form, Spencer? Well, Dateline NBC child predators dept will be investigating him and Andy needs to go back to his closet AND NEVER COME OUT! He gives GAYS a bad rap when they have enough challenges n society already!
Oh yeah, they are going to care about what AMERICA THINKS!!! Lmao! We’ll see it all over their faces when Elissa wins Americas Player 25k for charity!!!

HIDE YOUR KIDS, HIDE YOUR WIFE -Cuz Spencer is getting out of the locked up house soon!!!


Simon – u have that polldaddy rigged against yourself – I’ve voted for u at least 20x n last 24hrs and its staying at 0%!!! Wt! Trying to get u big bucks Simon! Geez! Lol


Yeah! VOTE SIMON! I vote for simon is a vote for a brighter future!

McFILTHY is a Trailor Trash Wife

And, Amanda is a sociopath


You and I also actually took time out of our lives to read and write comments here so………….