“Dude I don’t want any of them to win bro.. Makes me mad.. we got boned” – Corey

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 03-00-17-019

12:47am Paulie and Corey Tokyo room
Paulie says the only thing I’ve been asking the guys is if one of them win the veto give them a chance and stick Michelle up so they might have a fighting chance. Then the guys can team up and rid to the end.

Paulie – everyone thinks they blew my game up but my game was literally be loyal to the guys that came back to bite me I relied on that loyalty
Corey – I told Vic.. like Dude what has James ever done for us.. I’m like not working with that guy
Paulie – I told James straight up you boned 2 people that would have been loyal to the end
Corey – ya
Paulie – we were your ride or die guys

Paulie – If I go you better not be the next person out
Corey – I won’t be, Me and Nicole, we have to do some work man… If you stay you better win this thing
Paulie – They put us here because they know we have a good chance
Corey – they know.. That’s why they put us here.. Corey and Paulie giving them the 500 000 dollars split them up..
Paulie – Michelle .. she did some damage man
Paulie – Hopefully I win and we can get Michelle up and flip the house get her out. WE’re in here and we can do some damage.

Paulie – I’m keeping it together that’s why I have to talk you are my only support system.. Cody and Derrick had a support system
Corey – It’s almost like we did too good for too long.. Dude we got everybody out.
Paulie – Too good for too long
Paulie is claiming that he was loyal to the guys all along, “We were 2 guys trusting in their loyalty and we got boned”
Corey – we got boned
Paulie – we literally had everybody in every direction
Corey – we got boned
Paulie – I trusted the guys should have taken Zakiyah down.. The boys reassured us
Corey says Victor has been preaching the guys alliance for a couple weeks.
Paulie – It’s big brother
Corey – Dude I don’t want any of them to win bro.. Makes me mad
PAulie – our social game is pretty good and we have 8 wins between the 2 of us..
Paulie says Paul and Vic only have 6 wins between them.
Paulie – We’ve played in bigger games than this.. We have to do what we have to do.

Paulie says they were responsible for clearing out 8 people in the house and if it wasn’t for James they would have gone all the way.
Paulie- Cody and Derrick they don’t hang out with specific people .. after this I’ll probably just hang out with Z and Nicole and you
Paulie – marksman aren’t done until they are both outta the house.
They hug it out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 01-11-28-363

1:04am Paulie and Michelle Bathroom
Paulie – even after you said you blew up my game I wasn’t coming after you ever.. Hats off
Paulie – I felt attacked on a moral basis
Paulie explains he’s squashed everything with Natalie wand will squash everything with Bridgette when he sees her next
Meech – When I decided to blow up your game I saw you winning 500K and I saw you playing Derrick’s game, you were about to send my butt home.
Paulie saying he was always loyal to the guys the alliances with Meech was a front. Paulie was threatened by her brain.
Paulie said he went up to the people that were responsible yesterday, “you guys betrayed me stabbed me in the back that’s cool.. “
Paulie – seeing Zakiyah leave I actually was crushed a little bit

Paulie – Natalie did what she did randomly because Zakiyah
PAulie – did Michelle and BRidgette convince her to do that.. Go to Zakiyah
Michelle says it was her that went to James and asked him to use the care package.

Michelle tells him his downfall was he had the entire house trust him but he didn’t realize the people would cross reference what he was saying. It took almost 2 months but eventually people got talking.

Paulie is claiming the only reason he put up Victor the second week because that is what the house wanted. Paulie says his plan all along was to have aan alliance so strong that they won all the competition like Cody and Derrick. Paulie mentions that during season 16 the group was Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Caleb and Victoria. With the exception of Victoria those 4 guys won most the competitions. That is what Paulie was trying to form with James, Victor, Corey and Paul .

Michelle – you know how me and Bridgette bonded .. it was over getting you out..
Michelle says she loves Bridgette she was the person with ehr that last week when paulie’s side was trying to get Michelle out and were shunning her.
Paulie says Bridgette was a ‘Little gamer”
Paulie – she was playing all sides she was not loyal..
Michelle – why was she targeting you

Paulie – If I was on a different seasons I would have been good.. It’s a different season with the call outs..
Paulie says him and Derrick have a lot in common more than people think, Derrick was better at being under the radar.
Paulie says Paul was with him in all the deals.
Michelle – what was your alliance name..
Paulie – the executives.. Paul and I came up with the idea to make it a joke.

Michelle says Wednesday night when they were all in the HOH room it was Zakiyah that came down and Got Natalie to go defend herself. Paulei is shocked says that it was Zakiyah that told everyone in the HOH there was a stampede of people coming up.

Michelle says she wanted to work with Paulie and she thought she was but then that vote went down.
Paulie now saying that Zakiyah was putting things in his head about Michelle. She told him that Michelle was her ride or die girl and Michelle was close to Da’Vonne.

Paulie is claiming that Christine got booed because CBS purposely filled the audience with people that were against “what that was”

Michelle – best of luck tomorrow.. I mean that .. it’s a game
Paulie knows it’s just a game

Michelle asks him to please call her out on flipping the house and blowing his game up. Paulie doesn’t want to initially but finally says if he’s still on the block Thursday he’ll do it.
Paulie says Victor was going to put up Michelle and natalie and they were all going to do “Strength and honour”
Michelle says it looks like a ‘Nazi thing”

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 02-22-56-355

they hug it out

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 02-05-49-415

1:53am London room Natalie and Paul
Paul – Tall Blowj is getting on my nerves but short blowj has got to go ..
Paul – from what i’ve heard from the butt of the conversation Meech hasn’t told him anything.. She hasn’t thrown any of us under the bus..
Paul – we have to talk to her make sure she doesn’t feed into this blowj

Paul- Meech is talking back.. We’ll grill her when she comes in here
Natalie – don’t worry she’s good
Paul says Paulie pitched to him and Victor if he stays he’s not going after any of them. Paulie was trying to get Michelle nominated and re start the guys alliance.
Paul- I’m like ya you’re high
Natalie – so he’s goign after his own group..
Paul – what are you gong to do go after yourself.
Natalie says the original alliance was Corey, Nicole, Cory and Paulie it’s all exposed now
Paul – Vic trust you a lot along with James
Natalie says she won’t make any final 4 deals because that’s not what she does. He has her word that she will be loyal to Victor, Michelle and James.
Natalie is loyal until they get those fu**ers out Corey, Nicole and Paulie, “We have the numbers we’re goign to crush them.. one week at a time”
Paul is on board.

Paul – you don’t have to question me and Vic it’s her.. (Michelle)
Natalie – she’s fine. I’ve been friends with her since the beginning she trusts me.. we’re good don’t worry, I’ll keep tabs on her..
Paul mentions the other day Paulie going around saying Natalie was dumb had no idea how to play the game.
Paul – When he was saying nobody talks game to you because you don’t know anything I was literally this is the girl f*** you in the a$$ with your eyes closed right now
Paul – “He was like .. You don’t know anything about the game.. I’m like literally she’s boning you dry right now you have no idea.. ”
Natalie – put Natalie on the block it’ll be hilarious.. hilarious..
Paul – he (paulie) said that .. dude that’s f**d up I said that.. dude that’s f***D up
Nat – you promise he said that
Paul – I swear to god .. I said it’s f***d up and he said you’re right but it will be hilarious..
Paul tells her how pissed Zakiyah and Nicole were when Natalie got that care package.
Paul – We just need to make sure we win
Natalie – I’m going in hot
Paul – the POV Corey is going hard.. So is Paulie.. Vic is going to go hard..
Natalie – I know we all are.. I hope it’s sewing.. Cause I’m good at it Vic is good at it
Paul – Dude makes himself a pillow when he’s 4
They laugh, agreeing Victor is a good guy.
Paul brings up Victor talking to Paulie when Paulie was trying to get the guys back together and stay off the block. – “Ya I understand Loyalty but you backdoored me” (ahaha)

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 02-21-49-359
2:20am Michelle and Natalie Bathroom
Natalie tells Michelle not to give Paulie any information
Michelle says Paulie is trying to get the guys against her by saying she manipulated them into keeping her. That’s how he’s trying to get her up on the block.
Meech – Apparently people are concerned about my mental health
Natalie – he’s trying to get into your head he knows your triggers.. He did this with me . He tries to manipulate me but he doesn’t make sense..
Natalie – we have the numbers we’re fine don’t sweat anything.
Who would have ever guessed it you me victor and Paul working together..
Natalie – you are the most amazing super fan ever you are blowing shit up
Natalie – he’s trying to get into your head he wants you to use the veto
Michelle says she wouldn’t use it on Paulie.
Natalie – I haven’t had my period in 2 months
Michelle – It’s stress.. Or weight fluctuations
Natalie says she’s gained a lot of weight. She’s not pregnant because she’s been abstinence
2:36am Natalie and Michelle
Natalie says the guys are worried they will buy into paulie’s bull shit

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 02-39-21-760

2:38am Paulie, Paul, James and Natalie in the London room
Paulie is sleeping in the London room claims that he’s having trouble sleeping since Zakiyah left. he’s really preventing a meeting from happening.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-13 03-23-06-665

3:24am Zzzzzzzz

WEEK 4 – August 14th to August 19th

This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing 1 of the 2 nominees.

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Corey's big hairy gay anus

I need to have a long hard talk with Paulie soon.


Nicole claims that she didn’t watch her last season. Hope she skips this one, too. I don’t think that she could handle it. She’ll never be invited back.

TX rar

She certainly cant read ANY of the msg boards. She might have done better if she had looked at her past season and learned from her mistakes.


Why bother? You can’t fix crazy. That man is delusional. He actually believes the lies coming out of his mouth, even though when put together it makes no sense. Loyal to the Execs? No. Then talking about the Marksmen which is just him and Corey. Can’t have it both ways.

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

Paulie is delusional. He thinks he is being loyal. His F6 was Nicole, Paul, Vic, James, Corey and Paul. In his mind that’s how they were going to go out and he was being loyal to that plan. Anybody deviates from it and they’ve stabbed him in the back. Not to mention he was considering taking Nat to maybe F3. James was somehow honorable even when he flat out lied to Bridgette about not putting her on the block. Now he’s not because he vetoed two votes that Paulie knew about and agreed with. Don’t get me wrong James is still a pu$$y. I think it’s funny that Nat is the one who got this whole thing going with Bridgette and they are focused on James. Paulie needs to take his crybaby a$$ home and let his tank top loving daddy love on him some more.

Corey the parrot

Loyalty?!? How can those two say they were loyal to the guys alliance? They were planning on taking them out! Do they really believe that means loyalty?
I won’t campaign against you…ummm you may not be saying Corey’s name, but your campaigning against him…duh!

judge judy

I saw a post a while back,

” does paulies asshole get jealous of the shit that comes out of his mouth? “

Huckleberry Hillary

So what does Production have in store for us this week……Pandora’s Box or Coup d’ eat?


I can not see Production going out of their way to save Paulie after the bullying, abuse and epic meltdown we have witnessed. At this point I believe they want him gone too.

me too

I agree Pauline is dead in the water, unless he wins veto. But yeah, he’s toast!

Mini Me James

I’m not even sure who I want to win this season but as of now I’m leaning Simon.


Safety bitch go home next week, America can’t stand you


jury comp on Friday show

French Connection

Coup d’état

Vic's Wee Wee

You promised to have a talk with me first!!!

I really do

I kinda feel sorry for Paulie now wow what’s wrong with me

Botox Pelosi

Is the Round Trip ticket only good through the next eviction?

Why is there a special Friday episode next week?



They are brining back one of the jury members back into the house on Friday. That should shake up the house again. Hopefully it is Paulie….lol. This show needs drama sorry. It was so boring until Paulie went nuts.

Vc the Dick


Bringing back as in rejoining the cast?


I would like to preface this post by stating that I am rooting for Victor to win, but I have a major question concerning the whole “Paulie’s Downfall” thing:

What role did Meech play in it and why is she getting praised all of a sudden for blowing up his game? I may have missed something on the feeds, but didn’t Bridgette and Natalie play bigger roles in the flip? And it’s clear that Paulie imploded on himself and screwed his own game. I just don’t understand the recent Meech sympathy.

That was multiple questions. oops.


Meech called him out on National Television during the live double eviction, and prepared for it for days prior. She told everyone in the house everything that she knew. Basically shed light on all the crap that he was selling.


I don’t know if its sympathy for Meech but I did respect that she took real ownership of her behavior with Bridgette . I think Meech, Natalie and Bridgette worked together to blow up Paulie without being twofaced. Meech was also still loyal to Z (she never said anything bad to get her out)They also knew messing with Paulie could hurt them in the end (Bridgette)I like that Meech is taking real responsibility for her behavior and is trying to do better. All and all I like how things were done. My biggest problem with Paulie is how he plays the game not that he’s playing it.. Paulie is not stupid but he does come off as cruel. That is just unappealing..


This is why ACP Co-HOH needs to go to Victor! We can’t have Victor go!!! Paul can get the Bribe, and will be better at it, but If Paulie stays and wins the next HOH, which is likely, he will definitely backdoor Victor for a 2nd time! He would love to say that too! I think without Victor, it is highly likely Paulie will win the next HOH (if he stays) and then our underdogs will be attacked. They KNOW Victor is the only one that wins. The underdogs could literally lose anyone else, just can’t be Victor.

Paul is so freakin’ hilarious!!! “She’s F’ng you up the a$$ with your eyes closed!” Love it!


why is michelle leading in votes for the co-hoh? She has literally done nothing. Oh, but she called out Paulie is the typical response. Uhh she called out paulie on the information BRIDGETTE gave her after natalie led the charges against paulie, if it weren’t for BRIDGETTE natalie and michelle would be on the block right now and michelle would be going home. BRIDGETTE is the one who deserves the credit for paulies’s take down not michelle and not natalie. Unfortunately, bridgette’s gone and the only one who actually deserves the co-hoh in my opinion is Victor. He was blindsided, fought his way back in four competitions, returned and avoided being evicted twice, and was not evicted in the double (all the while knowing that everyone hated him cause bronte told him). He was able to reinvent himself socially while winning 2 hohs. Victor is Caleb with a brain and deserves to be the next co-hoh so that the bottom feeders along with the snake and either paulie or cory don’t take him out next week. Do what you want next week but please protect victor the guy needs a break.

Philly Girl

Da’Vonne told Vic they were going for him when she was on her way out the door.


I agree with you. Natalie and Bridgette, mostly Natalie were responsible for the flip. Michelle is pathetically trying to take all the credit. Maybe they are focusing more on her because she had more of the verbal arguments with him? But her asking him to mention that she blew up his game in his speech?! She’s so desperate! And, I’m happy Paulie’s game (finally) has been exposed but I’m annoyed that Paul is skating by!! Hopefully Paulie blows that up before he goes. All that PP crap! He’s hiding and continuing to play the little Rat Andy game! Would love to see him go next!!

Vic the Dick

If the girls were smart they would let all the guys fight it out for the next few HOH’s. The guys are all targets and once a few guys have been picked off Meech, Nat and Nicole could rule the house.

I’m betting Meech would love to give Victor his beads back. That would be an epic twist that nobody would see coming.


I would say they’re all 3 responsible. The first time I heard anyone truly pointing out Paulie was Bridgette. She was talking to Nat pointing out how many comps Paulie has won.

Although I think Nat suspected Paulie was running things for awhile, she really didn’t voice it. She did ask James several times if he really trusted Paulie but never came out and said he’s running things until after her and Bridgette started talking about it.
(That I saw)
And Michelle never said it until she was up on the block with Z that I know of. But she must’ve been thinking it for a minute because she blew up about it. Then all 3 girls came together and agreed it was Paulie running the show. So imo they all 3 should get credit.


Michelle was on the block when the initial flip to keep her (vs Z) happened, she called him out in the veto speech (and the eviction speech I think?). I think Natalie had more influence (on James and his power that week to get rid of two votes) but it’s easy to give meech credit cause she was the one on the block and about to go home.


It was all three of the girls who contributed to his downfall. But Michelle was one of the first ones who was saying (while crying) that here she was on the block while Paulie was controlling everyone and on his way to the win without any barriers. Nat was saying the same thing. I don’t know for certain who started that conversation between Nat and M, but it certainly was related to Michelle being on the block and getting attention on it with her emotional ways. To top it off, she was the one who no longer cared about her game as long as Paulie didn’t win, prompting her to completely expose Paulie to everyone, talking about her eviction speech and escalating Paulie’s histrionics after he was already worked up about the Nat/Z situation. So it seems that Nat and Bridgette weakened his game, but Meech was the one who actually blew it to smithereens.

Arya Stark Badass

They blew Paulie up like Lyanna Mormont on steroids.

Powder Puff Girl

IMHO: Michelle called his game play out when she was on the block/Nomination night in front of America. He could not talk back he was very mad. She also called out Nicole. No one else had confronted Paulie directly it took stones the boys did not own.

Bridgette, Nat (was more vocal about Paulie and told James about him) , joined up with Michelle, then they pulled in Paul and Victor – pulled in snail speed James which took
Paul was the guy that got Victor to put up Paulie. Victor was talking 2 girls prior to that conversation. They all had roles in the coup but I think Paul is the champion in getting Paulie on the block his strategizing was spot on.

Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

Michelle was the first to say something about Paulie’s game to everybody. It happened during the veto mtg when Michelle and Z were on the block. She congratulated him on his many veto wins. He was pissed afterwards. I’m still not a Michelle fan but I look at this like watching a sporting event. If your favorite player is not on the field(mine is obviously Frank) then all you want is to watch a great freaking game. Don’t really care who wins but you want it to be entertaining. I don’t think anybody is now a Paul or Michelle fan they just want it to be fun. And if Vic, Michelle and Paul start acting like real a$$holes this week then a lot of people might want to see it flip again. We want entertainment!!!! Nicole is still a dipsh$t though


Have no sympathy for Corey because he is merely an ant. As for Paulie, did he honestly think this would be a season of ants like his brother’s season was?


Corey has the biggest crush on Paulie. Dude better wake up before…
Never mind, it’s already too late.


Its like he came in thinking there was no way he could lose. In his mind he had already won just by knowing and being coached by the Hitmen. Oh and of course because of his general awesome-ness.


Corey is not an ant. He is a parrot repeating everything Paulie says. We were loyal, we ran things, we got everyone out. And my favorite, we have good social games…don’t you mean HAD?

Canadian Kev

That’s why i get so annoyed when people call Derrick a great player, like Dan or Dr Will.

Gimme a break; he was on the dumbest season (insofar as the houseguests intelligence) of BB ever.
I mean shit – Paulie’s brother gave up 500k to this guy.

He was the smartest of the bunch – but given the bunch, it isn’t saying much.

And paulie thought he’d have the same deal. I’m glad he doesn’t.


I agree that Derrick was in a house filled with egomaniac idiots… and Donny. The thing that always surprised me with that group is that Derrick picked the targets almost every week, He would always say “Let me talk to him/her.” and they did… the weird part is when Derrick had a talk to someone they never realized they were the target. Derrick would have been in the jury or before jury in any other Season. Actually if you plopped those guys in most any other Season they would not have faired well. It wasn’t the worst Season, that will always be Season 15…. but it was the most boring. A ton of fans just tuned out until finale night. I kept watching hoping the next one would be better and hoping they wouldn’t cancel BB. Thank Goodness for Natalie finally getting through to James that he had to help get Zak out and save Meech. Thank Goodness for Paul flipping and Victors HoH or this one would have been predictable. This is turning out to be a better Season.

Mel B

Please don’t insult one of the busiest creatures in nature…haha..Cory is the opposite of an ant. He hardly moves…has nothing to say that requires any intelligent thought….he’s just there. In fact I have to keep reminding myself he is on the show.


Can someone please explain why people are defending Paulie?
The guy is absolutely disgusting towards other houseguests, living in the shadows of his brother,
and loves reminding everyone of Derrick training him. So once again, why the hell do people defend this douche?

Moreover, Why do people even like James?
He backstabs and lies constantly (Da’vonne, Bridgette, Paulie). Acts like a child even though he has a child, and sucks at competitions. I honestly wouldn’t care if James was evicted next week, he is a waste of space, however at the moment it seems Nicole or Corey will be leaving next week.


I know why Corey is defending Paulie. He wants to date him after the show.


James is a little turd. He thinks he can manipulate America to vote for him for America’s favorite player. He was even talking about it on after dark last night. It won’t work this time because people are onto his shady ass ways. Not to mention being a pussy, throwing comps, and constantly going back on his word. This little move he made now doesn’t make up for all that.

Bolt Uprite

People like James because he isn’t a spoiled rich kid, he’s had a tough life. He’s a veteran, he treats people, particularly women, with respect. He’s crafty, he’s funny, he isn’t vain. He’s a simple guy that a lot of men who aren’t God’s Gift to Women can relate to and he isn’t a prettyboy towel-snapping jock. He’s pretty level headed and slow to anger, he has a self deprecating humor and his jokes aren’t mean. He also doesn’t suffer from diarrhea of the mouth, he doesn’t talk just to hear himself talk like so many other HG do. Better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. I don’t know what game you are watching, but the object of this one is to outmaneuvre the other players and betrayal and deceit are the currency. How has any move made by James any worse than anybody else’s? Two days ago everybody was calling him a pussy that never does anything, never makes any moves. How would you like all that pressure on you all week, with HG picking at you and the America’s Care Package daring you to use it and the house blowing up the night before and then having to stand up on the live show and announce in front of everybody whose votes you were going to nullify instead of in secrecy, knowing the DE was a half hour away? I think he showed remarkable restraint, not only avoiding getting dragged into an argument and a fight, but he also didn’t get stampeded into doing or saying something really stupid like so many HG do.


Bolt: I like how you describe James. Thank you. I understand now


Well said, about James!

James is weak.

He heard Pauli disrespect his lady and accepted it like a pussy. This guy isn’t a man at all.

Jatalie Fan

The only person that James has been loyal to is Natalie


James was ratting Natalie out to Paulie last week. I’m sure because of their super special Derrick connection. I hope he does not win AFP or anything else this year.

At the end of the day

Ha! Just last week he was ratting her out to the guy he’s so against now. I can’t stand Paulie but Nat is no saint either. She’s has a mouth on her and she is totally playing at James’ heart strings. At the end of the day, she’s a manipulating cunt. Just like all women.

Literally at the end of the day

Can’t think of an original name?
You come off as a little foul mouthed boy who can’t get a girl, Go back to whacking off while watching porn.

Paulie's tears

I bet you are a lonely little man, aren’t you?

At the end of the day

I’m actually married. But I wish I were alone. I think ya’ll are the lonely ones. Sound like a bunch of bitter dried up old hags.

star gazer

With that mindset, you probably are at the end of your days, you are sick – you shouldn’t be out on the streets.


I don’t like James but why is Back stabbing a bad thing all of a sudden?!

THIS IS BIG BROTHER ! BB fans are so fickle sometimes


i’m not a fan of James, but he does have a morality code. Chen’s article, when asked about the tensions in the house up until the live show aired, she said James gave Paulie a heads-up that he was flipping the vote to save Paulie being blindsided. Instead of appreciating this gesture, Paulie freaked.While we wanted the blindside and pissed at him for ruining it, James was doing the honorable thing for a friend.


The had douche went on his apology tour last night. It was pretty pathetic. Lies lies and more lies. If everyone sticks together they can get him. Whenever he goes up against Vic I think he is vulnerable.Great week on the feeds. Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work. Best recap site on the web for reality TV.


Yes! And regarding the apology tour, he would say he was sorry, but he would not accept any fault…just that he cared too much…and loved all of his bros too much…and that he is guilty of nothing but loyalty and trust…barf.


Seriously he was in the kitchen telling Vic before noms I believe when he thought the 2 girls were going up that once it get down to the 5 guys it is James he is taking a shot at first. Now tonight he is telling James “real talk” I was ride or die to final 3 with you and that tall dude (keep forgetting his name sorry) One of the best thing to go out of this is it looks like Con has quit or got kicked out of the shirtless boy-band. He went from a proud peacock to a plain old cock

Nicole's beef curtains

I hope Paulie doesn’t has the round trip ticket.


In an interview, Julie Chen said that she believed that it was Paulie’ s game to lose. So, we’ll see if he has the roundtrip ticket. ?


I am 100% sure this SOB has it. The show is fixed. It’s very obvious.


Well he has lost it, round trip or not there is no way these people vote for him as best player in the end.


Don’t get ahead of yourself, he still has to lose veto before we worry about the round trip.


Paulie is a dead man walking. Even if he wins veto and stays this week, he’ll be gone soon enough because he doesn’t have the numbers and he’s been exposed for the scumbag that he is.


Not long after they all had their tickets Corey came out the DR smiling and talking cryptic to Nicole implying one of them had the winning ticket. Feeds cut and Nicole had come back from DR smiling saying she now understood and then also implying she may have the ticket. She was elated. So we will see If Corey or Nicole have it…. Rigged ?


I feel like most of the HG this season really get cocky when they’re up there and safe, paul really lucky, he always jumpship on the right time first jozea and now paulie, and he really embrace every chance to make sure he loyal to that person. I think most of HG this season a little bit mean and talk trash alot.but honestly they made really good tv .

PP is dead

So, Paulie treats Z like shit. He felt “a little bad” when she left and he doesn’t even want to hang with her in Jury.
He has a weird obsession with Natalie’s breasts. Making a huge deal out of her not admitting to plastic surgery, as if it matters.
His shitty game moves are always the fault of a woman player – Bridgette, Meech, Da’vonne, Tiffany.

What happened to baby Paulie that makes him so fearful of women?


Baby Paulie is going to get his ass handed to him from a Jersey girl. You think Meech blew up your game…?


Wait a minute, isn’t Paulie’s Mom a Jersey Girl ?

Clearly all this anger and hate, along with his constant fixation on Natalie and her Breasts traces back to Paulie’s relationship with his Mom during his formative years.

Paul's Beard

I hope Paulie knows a good plumber, because his junk is gonna be BACKED UP!


Apparently Paulie was not breastfeed an that is why he has such a dislike of women an his obsession with Natalie’s breasts!


You’d be afraid of women too if you were raised by a “Jersey Girl”.


Yes. I’ve wondered this since his Tiffany campaign. I believe Tiffany was right when she told him he was afraid of girls.


I am not taking up for Paulie at all, but it must be REALLY difficult that all the women prefer Cody to Paulie. That would be enough to give you a complex and a bit of resentment. Cody is so much better looking and endearing and um…normal? Must be hard being the homelier yet narcissistic brother. Always second.


Absolutely! But add to that…his idiotic misinterpretation of a Feminist! He thinks a feminist actually HATES men! The way he disrespects these women explains his disdain for feminism. Does he see this at home? Is Mrs. C a barefoot/pregnant subservient? Is that his image of a Jersel girl?


Well, I’m curious if Paulie will just walk out of the show if he gets voted out. He said he’d leave, he’d didn’t seem to care about the stipend. Is he that much of a spoiled brat that he sulk back to daddy? James and Derrick’s dad are tight, keeps me thinking of shenanigans…I don’t trust James. If there is a replacement nominee put James up. The girls will stick with the plan and eliminate the other one.


Paulie would rather die than go to jury. Derrick and Cody made it to the end, and anything less than that is not even acceptable because he had it in the bag and blew it. He had that entire house eating out of the palm of his hand and got cocky….Dumb ass.


He shouldn’t be sent to jury, they should send him straight to a therapist cause he has lost his mind.


Yea when I read that on the last post I was like wow what a puss. “If I can’t win I don’t want to play” ” I am taking my ball and going home” The truth of the matter is he is too much of a puss to do that either. Julie would slap him in the back of the head, grab him by the ear and put him in his place. I wonder if this means he is not going to get the tour bus with Vic and tour the country like an 80’s hair band. Darn I was so hoping to catch their gig at the Richmond coliseum. Of course it only holds about 13,500 so I may have had to go up to DC to catch them at a bigger venue! What a total tool and the tool bag to.


IMHO Paulie is AFRAID to go to jury, he will have to be there with 3 women, 2 of which he is very AFRAID of!!! (D and Brig)


Fool got caught. Fool is on the block. Fool needs to go to Jury.

Nasty Zakiya with her pad and chips

I will vote for meech for co hoh.. I’m just worried if she will flip and side with paulie.

BB fan

It’s hilarious that Natalie says: Oh me and Meech have been Friends since the beginning. When actually Meech said a ton of shit about her.
I’m probably the only one but i love Nicole and i hope she wins

$3 Bill

Natalie is also extremely fake. I’ve seen girls like her 10 million times over who PRETEND to be so sweet and uplifting and kind in an attempt to mask their catty jealous manipulative treacherous nature. There’s absolutely nothing genuine about her no matter how good her act may appear to be to others- take my word. So nothing that comes out of her mouth should be believed or given any weight. Every action and word that comes out of her mouth is calculated to serve herself a greater purpose and no one else. Always operating with hidden agendas and ulterior motives while trying to come across as helpful and sincere.


Ok Cody we know you and your brother both hate Jersey girls, but don’t worry a lot of Jersey girls dislike you guys right now as well. : )


I’m curious as to why you want Nicole to win? She doesn’t play the game. Her entire time is spent either under the covers with Corey, following Corey around, or talking about Corey if he’s off doing his own thing. I mean this is not bachelorette. And all she does is whine! It drives me crazy. I have to switch cams when she starts in. I sincerely hope she doesn’t even come close to winning as she has not done a single thing to deserve it.

Nicole is amazing

Oh now it looks like the mean people are Paul, Nat and Meech. But obviously you are totally blinded and can’t understand that Inside this house the only nice person is Nicole


Don’t see how anyone can like her after seeing her discussion with Paul. That was my biggest shocker of the night. Fact that she knew of the Guys alliance and was OK with waiting her turn as a girl to go. Her only goal is to protect Corey as best she can, thinking he’s her Hayden replacement. She’s even a worse player than Z. Nicole fans need to watch that talk and then provide justification why she’s so great. Nicole is an embarrassment to the game.


She was not OK but what was she supposed to do? Tell the boys: Hey i have no power but i want you to know: i’m coming after you. Nicole would have waited until one of the girls would have won the HoH so that she could have call them out. She is playing an amazing game because she have always been one of the biggest target but she managed to fly under the radar and to let those idiots to go against each other. She deserves the win!


Nicole nice???? She just looks like a nice person on the outside. She has the kind of voice people would see as a nice midwestern girl. Lets just take a look at her Big Brother track record with actually being a nice person. She spent her first part of Big Brother 16 sitting in the back yard shaming other women body and talking crap about other people with Christine… she wasn’t nice at all. When Brittany was out in the backyard… kicking that ball for hours foot bleeding, pushing through, where was Nicole???? Donny was the only one cheering her on because Nicole had made several ratchet comments about Brittany. Was Nicole nice to Amber??? NO.

Lets look at this Season. Nicole got her chance to be the new Christine. She made friends with some of the girls and then stabbed them in the back, rather heartless. She was mad at Corey and Paulie for helping Bridgette out with her foot. She never clued Zak in that Paulie was using her, instead reinforced Zaks jealousy with her own. A nice person would tell Zak the truth, but Nicole was manipulating her. The list go’s on… lets not forget helped create the atmosphere that got Vic evicted by that whole date lie. (Note: Vic was rude with Nat and did eat all of the food.) .
Then there is what happened with Hayden after the show… he did not look like Nicole was such a nice person. I think Nicole is probably mean as the day is long… really not a nice person at all.

BB Expat

Michelle has ZERO chance of winning this game.


So the round trip ticket expires on 18/7, and paulie is on the block. Dont you sense a smell of bb rigging the show for him? I’m worried I’m not lying, and I sincerely want him gone. Damn I hope the plan works. God bless please.


The expiration date was set when the tickets were found. So, are you saying that Production knew then that Paulie would be on the block this week? AND that after all his BS they still want to rig it for him to stay? They do not want him in the house any longer.


Here’s my take: everyone received a one-way ticket in the Paris room. Then thy can secretly switch out the real ticket with a one-way in a DR session with the houseguest of choice. You guys need to watch the show Unreal — basically reveals all of these reality shows secrets and shows them to be completely manipulated!


I agree they could and they could also switch during an outdoor lockdown. But at this point even production must realize Paulie needs to go.


No i don’t mean that. What I was trying to say is that if they want the round trip ticket to be used as an evidence of successful twist, Paulie is the last chance for them. It doesn’t matter when he is put up, once he is put up production can work. I am not sure if they think Paulie is so hated that he needs to go, because BB13 Rachel is one of the most hated and she ultimately won. I am just afraid of that possibility.

Flaming Corey

Corey loves to say and think about “We got boned” a little too much.

His bf “Dylan” that he always talks about and then stares lovingly off into space….rest assured they “bone”


Great TV, if Corey finally comes OUT- I’d love to see the face Nichole makes! Priceless! But the subsequent whining and the “you hurt my feelings’ Ugh
Corey would have dropped Nichole if Mr. I can’t sleep by myself (Paulie) had asked to cuddle with him.

Reality Check

I have no idea why CBS gave credit to James for breaking up Paulie. If Paulie was not so horrible towards Z, Nat, Bridgette or Meech, James would have still being on Paulie’s coat tails.

James is not a good player. He still have no balls. James got lucky period.

To Nicole: wow if Paulie treat the women like that, what does this say about you? She is so clueless and stupid period. Yet CBS still gives her a good edit.

To Paulie: going to the jury might not be the worst thing in the world. Cause the ladies in New Jersey might beat you to a pulp when they see you. Sadly you might need to go into the witness protection plan and move to Russia or Mexico.

Rico Sauve Victor, you deserve the rags to riches story. Cause right now both you and Paul are in a great position.

Big Meech, you are just lucky period. You would have been gone a long time ago.


I’m hoping it was a rush edit because of the timing of the flip. We should see more of the prevote craziness. Hopefully CBS does the right thing and give credit to who it belongs, Bridgette, Natalie, and Meech.

Only can wish

If Paulie mentions one more time about how Derrick and Cody played and what went on in their season, I’m going to scream(damn,that’s all I can do). These HGS are totally different people and they’re playing a different game.This is the reason why BB shouldn’t let Vets or relatives of previous HGS be mixed in because we as viewers have to listen to this crap all the time. Paulie, you are not Derrick, let it go!!!


Exactly. Derrick never got into a showmance, volunteered to go on the block, bragged to everyone, won a lot of comps, bullied everyone, abused them, etc. Paulie came in wanting to play Derrick’s game and totally blew it. He did not play anything like Derrick, but thinks he did. Fool


Corey will honestly go down as the worst fucking contestant of this season. Even Glenn did more shit than this guy. 😉 #GoHomeCorey

Remember when...

Remember that Corey beat Glen by like 1/100ths of a second in that first eviction competition. Corey barely earned a spot to be in the house…
When he won HOH & POV in the DE, he was like a caveman beating his chest cuz he was such a (lucky) badass winner. That’s the only “win” he has for the season.


Polly telling James he is for sure going to be in his bridal party HAHAHAHA! what a dumb F.


Why’s be trying to play season 16 so hard. Trained by derrek or not he’s tryna have this season copy 16. We saw that one live ur own life. And other alliances make it to the end besides his brothers’. Memphis and Dan for one… He’s not loyal to anyone where thoseguts labor has each others backs. Tbats his downfall.never committed


Does anyone know if Vic can win the Co-HOH care package this week? I thought you can’t be HOH 2 weeks in a row. I don’t want to waste my votes.


I think because its a cp it’s okay but the week after he wouldn’t be able to compete for HOH. Hopefully Paulie and Nicole are gone by then.


I think he can get the co-HOH care package and that he will also be able to compete for HOH the following week. But the rules were not ever fully explained.


That’s a good question but it was never clarified that it wasn’t possible. I think the rule states you cannot participate in the HOH competition and Victor won’t compete in it so I think b/c this is a special power voted on by the fans that it will not be a wasted vote.


“Paulie – seeing Zakiyah leave I actually was crushed a little bit”

1St Paulue had Z put up(wanting her gone), than won POV had a chance to take down and refused out of ego… Man this guy is delusional. And Z knowing this STILL ran back to him. Paulie never gave a damn out Z in the game other than use her emotions toc trol her.


All of the guys in the house are the same they are all misogynistic just like Paulie all except for James. Vic Paul and corey where right along with Paulie in saying rude things about women. I don’t know why these others guys are exempt I can’t stand any of them. I really hope James or Natalie win this.


This next care package is going to be important. . . esp. If Paulie has the roundtrip ticket. Personally, I’ll be voting for Victor, but he, Paul or Michelle really need to be co-HOH in case Corey or Nicole (or Paulie if he’s back) are HOH. Hopefully, everyone else will stay loyal.

Thanks so much, Simon and Dawg. You guys are the best!


But if Michelle wins the co-HoH she will then not be able to play in the next HoH right?


Right. But, hopefully at that point it won’t matter much because they will have gotten 2 out of the three evicted and she’ll still be safe. It would actually be better for Michelle’s game if she was co-HOH next week, so she could play for HOH the week following the one after next (I hope that makes sense.) Once all three members of the Mayo Crew are gone, individual HOH’s will become vital for safety in the final five.


Don’t say “right” unless you have seen the rules explained somewhere. It is misleading unless you state that is only YOUR OPINION, not a fact. People may vote based on a guess that you are making.


I think the care packages are exceptions to the rule. Just as Victor would be eligible for the coHoH one.


Paulie tells Michelle: Bridgette is a POS for saying she’s a feminist and for telling Nat to stick up for herself and I don’t care what Bridge said to slander my name out there but Bridgette has to ask for forgiveness when she meets whoever (God) she believes in for doing that (to him).

Damn Paulie I didn’t know god was a member of the band! Is he the drummer because we all know you wouldn’t let him take the lead singer roll.


Even God wanted Paulie to win BB


Now I know why America voted for Nicole to get the super safety costume… it comes complete with knee pads.


can somebody please light a fire on that long beard?


I was happy that after Paulie would have conversations with different people they would reconvene and agree it was all bullshit.
He talked in circles and curlicues and loops and sometimes I would lose my train of thought. But then I would think about all that has happened and say, ‘you were disrespectful to women, you did have a heavy hand in all the evictions, you did make choices to benefit your own game-it wasn’t all for the alliance, you did keep changing your clipping order and talked about getting rid of some of your boys before some of the girls, you did kick people when they were down (but to be fair-you never kicked Frank when he was down, you only kick girls), there was no honor or integrity and your brother played the game before therefore you must be killed….I mean, therefore you must be evicted.’

Out of the entire, never-ending retelling of ‘The World According To Paulie’, I got totally distracted and hung up on one tiny detail. He was talking to Natalie about flirt-gate and he said, “You’re sittin’ there layin’ with another guy and I’m sittin’ there layin’ with another girl” and my mind started racing and I could feel a migraine coming on as I tried to figure out ‘What does this mean!?! Is it a secret code!?! Were they sittin’ or were they layin’? How could they be sittin’ and layin’ at the same time? This makes no sense.’ After taking a deep breath I realized that the answer was simple. I don’t speak Califiore.


Lmao@ Grendon


Boy, Paulie is really an emotional wreck. He’ll blow up on one of us any day now. Trust me, I know how jersey boys operate. We need to clip him.


I’m worried Paulie may go off on Julie when he’s booed out the door. He might cry worse than Meech.


If next Friday’s episode is a jury member to come back, I want it to be Da’Vonne so she can even the score with Ratcole, Corey, and especially James for ratting her out! Also, I’d like to see Michelle, Natalie, Paul, and Victor as Final Four with the women as Final Two. It is time for a woman to win Big Brother this season because the last woman to win was Rachel Reilly on Big Brother 13.


I think with the ACP. They should have dropped it in there with Bridgette’s name on it since she had the most votes. Or atleast Julie should have said if the person was evicted before it arrived it would go to the next person. So people could have voted a first and second choice. I would of liked to see Nicole’s face if the package would of had Bridgette’s name on it. Boy she would have been pissed.

A Girl Has No Name

Paulie should stop comparing this season and his game to Derrick’s. The only similarity is whining ass Nicole. He is NO Derrick. Doesn’t even have the same moral compass. His constant degradation of the other HG’s and cocky superiority complex have him in the hot seat and the least liked HG. I can get behind clever and manipulative gameplay when the gamer has some integrity…but he has none and sadly…neither does Nicole. She is a disappointment. I will happily admit I am enjoying #BB18!

Big ups Simon and Dawg. I couldn’t keep up without you two!!!!

Bolt Uprite

That may very well prove be true, but as all the successful players of this game know, you are loyal until it is time not to be loyal. You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.

Tofu omlettes

As much as I disliked Derrick last season (JMac was the best!), he was very loyal in a secretive way…
nobody knew that he was loyal to Cody, which made it easy for them to control both sides of the house until the end… meanwhile, Paulie and Corey everybody knows that they’re in love and would do anything to be f2 together (no doubt that Paulie sacrificed Z to prove to Corey that he is serious, so I have no doubt Corey would throw Ratcole under the bus for Paulie’s game). I don’t think its a question of loyalty, but how they play the game…

April in Paris

Ugh if I hear Paulie go on about Cody and Derrick again I will scream! Corey is nothing like Derrick. They both need to go! Nat Paul and meech for final 3, but not James for Americas favorite, as I voted for Johnny Mac for fave. JMac would have been better to come back, but he would be too nice for all the mean people this year


I forgot about Johnny Mac. I liked him. They should have brought him back. Oh, and the only thing James was to the five alliance was a replacement nominee or a backdoor. He owes them nothing. They threw out his name everytime he left the room. I can’t believe Nicole, Paulie and Corey think its not fair that they got put up. They act like they are too good to be put on the block and can Paulie act anymore childishly. What a wus.


Hold up! Didn’t the show start about 6 weeks ago?! Nat Did the deed right before she left to go on big brother and now she is pregnant. Lmao….The look on James face priceless


I just wanted to say, people have the right to root for whoever they want. I’m sure that somewhere there are still family members rooting for Paulie. We all have different ideas of what makes a good player. However, after the conversation between Paul and Nicole about why she was o.k. knowing there was a guy’s alliance and that she would be taken out, if you root for Nicole I do not believe you are a fan of the show. Root for her as a human being, root for her to get married and have her perfect husband and kids, but don’t root for her to win this game. The only thing Nicole accomplished in her second go around was to prove, yet again, why women are in the very small minority when it comes to being able to work together or to win in the game of Big Brother.


Paulie saying he won’t stay in jury it typical of his mentality. Sore sore loser. He in no way sees that he is anything but always right.. has loyalty and honor for everyone. He is the best of the best in his mind. He will never take responsibility for being a complete jackass. His pride is out of control.


After kicking Tiff for the fear of her playing Vanessa’s game (and it takes a certain type of person to cry the type of chaos that Vanessa used to create) all Paulie can talk about is how he was coached by Derrick and Cody, how he is Derrick and he is shocked people are not falling in line when it’s their turn to leave. Hey Paulie it’s your turn – bye


Is voting open for the care package? Because every time on go to the cbs page I can’t vote?? Should we vote for Vic Paul or Michelle? Lol lots of questions I know but appreciate a response:) thanks

Snoop Cat

Voting starts Sunday after the show. I’m voting Victor as HOH. The week after I’m voting meech because I want to see a girl go to the final 2 and hopefully that will help her and Nat get one of them there.


Voting doesn’t start until after the Sunday episode has aired. I tried to vote too (for Victor), but read under the ACP4 that voting starts Sunday.


“In Cody and Derrick’s season people just accepted they were leaving… ” and that is why that season sucked. Battle of the block sucked too. Paulie just thought he’d come in and they would hand him $500,000. Thank God the girls, not Zakiyah or Nicole, flipped the script. I’m just sorry that Bridget wound up having to be sacrificed. I’m hoping Paulie or Cory do not have the round trip and there will be a jury buy back (and hopefully Bridget wins it) or a Pandora’s box where the HOH gets something cool and the house winds up getting Frank back. Girl can dream.


Then shouldn’t Paulie now just accept that he is leaving?

Paulie want a tampon

I can’t stand how Paulie is so obsessed with an all boys alliance (the “executives” as if you couldn’t get more sexist… might as well have a “glass ceiling club” for the women) … and is so disrespectful towards women, I mean throwing away Z after having sex on TV, making rude comments about Nat’s physical appearance and personality, freaking out on merch…
Then, he makes a giant mess out of the washroom with a point to destroy all the women’s pads and tampons. It doesn’t take much imagination to see what kind of man he is outside of the house.

Yet Paulie thinks that bc Frank slapped butts and called women sluts that that’s what sexism is, not destroying property and objectifying women of course. And he is so dumb that he thinks Bridgette being a feminist means she only treats women at her job (as an ER nurse)… seriously, this guy is just ridiculous, doesn’t even understand what equality means.


Who told you morons a jury member is coming back Friday?



They guess at things and state it as though it were a fact.

Derrik & Cody

“The Marksmen” Really Paulie? Really? Can’t you have an original idea of your own Your Bother and Derrik were the “Hitmen” Cody is ten times the man you will ever be Paulie. Cody played a great game his season and he deserved the $50,000.00 All you have shown America is what an abusive bully you are and waledaround the house like you owned it. I’m sure your parents must be so proud of how you portray your family upbringing.


Am I the only one that thinks Paulie, Derrick & Cody had the “Marksmen” name chosen before this season even started? They all already planned on bragging about the Hitmen and Marksmen for the rest of their lives. The Califiore brothers are a joke.

Paulie lost already :)

My two cents:
I truly believe that Paulie came into the house thinking with all his coaching from Derrick the mastermind Greatest player of all time (well he must be, he beat Paulie’s brother) that he was going to win Period. I think he wanted to be one step better than his brother, however, and wanted to “play against the best” (and women could never be the best, they are second class citizens) and take a guy to the end and beat them so that he could brag to his brother, his family and the whole world for the rest of his life that he took the best (like his brother) and WON.
None of this would work if he took Z or Nicole to the end. Unlike some here , I don’t think he would have taken either girl to the end, because for him it is not about the money, it is about ego, vanity, and bragging rights. I think he wanted to keep Z as long as possible because she was a vote always in his favor and a usable pawn.


Sibling rivalry run amok.


It’s funny how just a week ago everyone on this site was bitching about this season and now it’s about how great it has been. Stop complaining and just let the game develop!


Is that a complaint? Hypocrite


Was I complaining about the game? No, so therefore I would not be a hypocrite because I wasn’t trashing this season.


Paulie is such a sore loser. Maybe after the veto if he loses someone should give HIM the talking to that he gave Frank. No hope so stop embarrassing yourself.
Also did Paulie really think copy catting Derrick and Cody’s playbook would really work? Especially when he couldn’t stop talking/bragging about it. Might as well have put a billboard. A good player changes strategy after getting a look at the field. Guess what dummy! The people on this season are not as stupid as those on the “epic” season of your brother. What a douche.


Hey Paulie. No one is buying what you are selling. If not this week you will be in jury soon. If your cry baby butt doesn’t walk out on your obligations.


Signed up for the live feed through this site today, thanks Simon and dawg for this awesome site and content.
I had the feeds a few seasons back and I remember searching back in time, with access to the feeds for the whole season, up to that point in time. I can’t find a search or look back menu. Am I spacing out, or is it only live feeds?


I’m still bothered by the cross contamination of house guests before the show. Paulie, James, and Nicole had to have interacted prior to being in the house, James and Derrick’s dad are friends, Derrick and Cody are friends Paulie knew James was on the show before it started. Nicole and Cody are friends. Natalie and Paulie ran in similar circles and she’s looking for fame. I wouldn’t put it past her to create drama for the promise of future TV appearances. There’s something shady in this cast.

As much as I’m enjoying the explosion, I’m thinking there is a lot of production manipulation happening. I think they may not have wanted him to look like he was handed the victory so maybe they put in a few hurdles that they’ll sweep away either with the round trip ticket or jury buyback.

So many of the comps have also had a significant athletic component to them which favors the jock guys they tend to cast. The pretty girls tend to not be able to compare in the comps. “Mental” comps are usually some type of 50/50 comp. A monkey could win those.