Ika to Kevin, Because of William “Every single person in this house has called you disgusting”

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Dre and Ika Bathroom (Karen sleeping for the first bit)
Ika and Dre whisper how William is in love with Kevin. Ika says William needs to realize he’s got feelings for Kevin that Kevin doesn’t have for William.
Ika says William is the only person left in the house that everyone can beat even Karen. Dre is sad she doesn’t want William to be hurt.
Ika says Kevin isn’t a bad person.
Ika mentions she saw first hand Kevin/Pili and Sh’es seen first hand Kevin/William, “It’s not even close”

Dre says she’s being biased because she doesn’t like Kevin but she likes William.
Ika – the problem is not Kevin the problem is William.. he needs to sit down and relax.. he’s too damn much.
Ika – he’s going to go back and regret he made his whole damn experience here about Kevin.. and it’s not kevin’s fault.. I am not blaming Kevin anymore.
Dre – why isn’t Kevin saying anything
Ika- I don’t think Kevin knows William feels this way .. this bad.. nobody ever told him
Ika says William appears to be Child like and Kevin appears to be the bad person.

Dillon and Karen Hot Tub
Karen – Ika was super nice to me this morning..
Karen says she’s going to Milk “Nice Ika” for the next couple days as Ika campaigns to her.

Karen says last night Dre, Ika and Demetres were up super late again playing out all the scenarios.
Karen doesn’t want Jackie to go far because she doesn’t like her game but she knows Ika and Demetres are a strong force in the house.
Karen says there’s a rumour going around that Karen is gunning for William and Kevin.
Karen – that’s coming from Dre
Karen adds if anything she’s after Kevin and Dre. She’s never mentioned William
Karen says William won’t say with 100% certainty where he’ll vote.
Karen says for their game Ika needs to go. “Dre has been spending so much time with Demetres and Ika”

Karen makes a joke that instead of Paranoia she has “Karenoia”
Karen says Demika showed to her that their loyalty to her is non existent

Karen says Dre thinks she’s working Dillon and Karen.
Dillon says Dre has known for weeks that Ika and Demetres need to get out but her “heart” won’t let her. Dillon says if they don’t get Ika out she’s going straight to the end.
Karen says Dre thinks she’s in the final 3 with Demika. Demetres won’t take Dre to the end he’ll take Ika. Demetres will get 100K Ika will get 20K.
Karen – Dre’s not getting nothing.. she’s getting the same as me and you zero
Dillon says if William doesn’t vote Ika out and Demika wins HOH Wiliam and Kevin are going on the block.
Karen agrees points out you can’t tell William that because he’ll tell Dre and it goes back to Demika and now they are the targets.

11:00am Kevin Ika and Demetres
Ika says there’s a few tiungs on the agenda today. She needs to make sure if Dre wins HOH Kevin doesn’t go on the block. Kevin says he needs to make sure if William wins HOH Demetres/Ika don’t go on the block.
Kevin is going to spend the day trying to make sure William votes out Jackie and puts up Dillon and Karen.
Ika says Dre has rebuilt her trust with Ika and is starting to not trust Dillon.

Ika – William is unintentionally making you look bad to Canada and to the house
Kevin – why
Ika – you are seen as mature the prey and he is seen as childlike and innocent.. and he does complain about you to Dre
Ika says people call Kevin disgusting because they think Kevin is preying on William.
Ika – William is perceived as innocent, Childlike and very naive
Ika – Kevin is perceived as mature .. strong.. there only a year or 2 apart

Ika saying that William is making Kevin look bad in front of Canada.
Ika – It looks bad.. she (Dre) thinks you are pushing yourself to him
Kevin – I’ve been trying to push him away..
Ika – you are seen as a villain because of that boy
Ika – every single person in this house has called you disgusting.. they call him that poor boy..
Kevin – Jesus
Ika – I knew that Neda was damaging herself and William is damaging you

Ika and Dre Red Room

Dillon and Kevin Pool game

William and Dillon outside couch
William says he’ll vote out Ika

Jackie and Dre Hot Tub

Ika and Karen Red Room Part 1 and Part 2

Kevin Dillon with some William Hot Tub room

Karen and Dillon Kitchen

Kevin IKa and Dre HOH Part 1*

William and Dillon outside couch *

Dillon with William outside couch

Dillon and Jackie on the outside couch

Dre and William HOH Part1

Dillon and Demetres in the Hot Tub area

Dre and William in the HOH Room

Ika and Dillon Blue Room PArt 1

Karen and William Red Room

Kevin and Pigging

Ika – Ain’t no better! Your paranoid a$$ needs to go! Dre – got to go! Ika – can’t stand your a$$! William you little piece of sh*t! The reason why no one in this house respects you as a game player is because you’re here for a f**king rose. This is big brother Canada not the bachelor b***h! Get the f**k out of here!!! Dre is laughing. Ika – I hate you! Be gone! I’m tried of your a$$! I’m tired of your raggedy a$$! Ain’t nobody got a rose for you b***h! Nobody! Dre – nobody!? Ika – even Kevin don’t want to give him a rose. He ain’t go no rose. Ika jumps on the lounge chair and starts punching a pillow. She slams it around and then says that’s William right now. Dre – what about Karen? Ika – Karen .. not every single thing in this house or this game is about you! Actually, ain’t nothing about you in this house! Nobody in this house thinks you can win anything. So please Karen just give me your vote and shut up! Dre – what would you say if you had it your way? Jackie? Ika – Jackie b***h, you’ve burned all you damn bridges in this house. And now Jackie’s bridge is burning down.

Dillon & Karen.
Dillon – one day at a time. Karen – that’s why I felt so betrayed when they put me up. Dillon – I know but honestly it was solely to ensure that Bruno went home. Karen – but it was just the sting of Jackie getting up above my position. Dillon – she wasn’t though. I was solely to get Bruno out for sure. Karen – okay. Dillon – if Jackie had been on the block it would have been a good argument for him to stay because he is on point with everything. Karen – I still feel good when we sent home Sindy. Dillon – that was a good HOH for me. Karen – yes. Totally good but now she’s putting sh*t in his head. He can’t crumble the alliance until we get out the rest of these… because I had originally said Kevin, Bruno, Jackie. And then Kevin comes and wants to work with us. Okay, great! For a week, okay perfect. Dillon – okay, don’t put us on the block. Karen – its like Sindy … thanks for getting Neda out! Now BYE!! I don’t know why people would think I’m evil? Dillon – nope, who knows! Its a game. We’re not here because we’re buying ice cream cones. Dillon – we’re not here to be a big friend house. I think we’re in a good spot to make it to the final 5. You’re due for another HOH, Dre’s due for an HOH, Ika’s due for an HOH, Demetres due for an HOH, and I’m due.. we’re due for this HOH. Karen – if William wins HOH you and I are going up. Dillon – or me and Demetres. Karen – I don’t think he has the balls to do that. Dillon – I think so because they went after Kevin.

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Dillon doesn’t have a mind of his own. I really go between enjoying him on feeds to being totally put off; he creeps on Dre way too much. This guy has a girlfriend at home and yet has fallen for / pursued two girls in the house already. He doesn’t care about the game, he cares about rendezvousing with past houseguests and showing off his lifestyle (I was giggling last night at him going on about how he gets stopped for pictures ‘100 times’ whenever he goes out… sure, bud.)

As much as people might dislike Ika and Demetres, I’d rather real game players go far opposed to a bunch of people who floated through the entire time.


Every time I see someone giving Kevin a hard time about the whole William situation I wonder why no one talks about Dylan and how he has a gf back home but yet got with Emily, and now that Emily is gone, has tried hard to get with Dre.

No one is perfect and at least Kevin is being honest with William as of late. People think he’s awful for playing William, but then when he’s honest people think he’s awful for hurting William’s feeling – the guy can’t win.

Just Sayin'

I wouldn’t think Kevin was being such a jerk if he didn’t do the EXACT same thing to Pillar in his other season. Obviously making someone fall for him to manipulate them is part of his strategy, he’s pretty much said it is. You can play this game without playing with someone’s feelings like that.


he dated Pilar for like over a year after that season. you’re clueless.


Question is? Are you ever going to get over yourself. I understand why you fell in love with girl in season 3 season 5 counts as well. Why can’t you be happy with what you got and just forget besides game reasons did you ever feel what it is like be gay. I follow you 2 on YouTube a lot and just see how William was totally happy spending all those times spent with you. I just think how can you be friends with him when I know deep down he is fully gay and can’t even think what it means that losing something you never had before but with Pilli.


Sure did it to William, hope some day you will think just think this through, William liked you even loved you, he wanted so much beyond the game


I have watching and reading this about Kevin/Pilli and William. Tell me if I am wrong how can 1 person be in a positition to say he is straight and then come out as gay. Kevin, listen and just think been watching YouTube of you and William and excuse me I like Williams more than you he needs someone and thought it was you. But are you or not married to Pilli, I have read so many things on everything that are doing to William and needs to stop are genuine are you to be gay on bbcan5 and be straight in real life go and have a nice life with Pilli but just think what it means when a t you are rejecting otherwise hate you so much.


God bless Karen.

Finally an old person wins bb.

She will win, I guarantee it!


What are you smoking? I want some LOL Karen winning now that made me really laugh out loud !! If Karen makes it to F2 with anyone no one in the JURY will vote for her to win !!!!!!

Guy From Canada

Even if there is a twist and Karen is f2 with herself she still will only get second place twice! Nothing wrong with plAying for second and winning that, but she thinks she is first place material still…..


Ika’s conversation with Kevin this morning was fantastic. My opinion of her has gone up considerably. She said what needed to be said and did so in a kindly manner. I am impressed.


True… but why is she campaigning to him?
Kevin doesn’t have a vote.
Well, technically, he has William. But, isn’t she going to distance him from William with that tidbit of information?


This happens virtually every season. HG’s on the block campaign to the HOH post POV. Only in even numbers voting does the HOH potentially matter in a tie.
As I see it right now Ika stays. These idiots are going to regret that mistake completely.


Not an Ika fan at all, but I have a little more respect for her after her talk with Kevin.

The Wise Critic

Ika’s really good at this game. I’m surprised because I never watched her original season and thought she was being brought back just to cause drama, but the way she gets in the other’s heads and manipulates them is amazing to watch.

A pear rents

I want to hear Ika say: “your appearance of a pair ants”


Gosh this is why I love Ika, she’s a bitch but she does have a heart! And she’s logical, if she can pull off getting William and Dres vote, she 100% deserves to win this season.

I really want a final 5 of Kevin, William, Dre, Ika and Demetres. It would really would be entertaining to watch Dre Vs Ika. I hope Jackie, Karen and Dillon all get voted out in this triple eviction.

The Wise Critic

Yeah, Ika, Demetres, Kevin, Dre and William really need to solidify a Final 5 deal. The thought of any of the other 3 non-game playing players winning squat sickens me.


Final 5 in a group of 8 is a solid strategy! Thumbs up.


Ika needs to learn to do more listening and less talking in conversations, more like 50/50 and less 5/95.


Thumbs up if you think ika will be able to pull of the votes to stay.
Thumbs down if you think she’s going home.


Who is leaving now?

ika , duh

ika , duh


This is why Ika is brilliant this Season she found Dre’s weakness and it is William, and her wanting to protect him. Now she is exploiting it. Hopefully it works and Ika gets the votes to stay. Maybe Dre can use her flirtations on Dillon and get him to vote for Ika to stay and leave Karen in the dark. – Plus they still have 2 days left to set up a Jackie, Karen battle. I would be scheming all over that house making it look like Jacking did things to Karen, because you KNOW how much Karen hates her !!! This vote will go down to the last minute and it is going to be fun to watch.

Ikas gone

Ika is not staying guys, LMFAO


Kevin Martin needs to win BBCAN5!




Game reasons or just not aware what he actually feels for Will do you even know how hurt he really is guessing not. I really hope you will open up and tell him how are you really feel about him if you had heart use it.


the reason why he had dre, Jackie, Karen, Emily to name a few he really liked he put ahead instead of Kevin, they had a connection you cannot break, besides playing poker and what your really worth I think it’s dumb enough

Club H.O.H

Lmao Kevin is giving me comic book villain psych vibes with his side kick Piggie! Oh my goodness (lol I annoyed myself sounding like the snake) I think I’m turning into a Kevin fan! ::Blinking eyes twice for help!:: Come on BB GREEK GODS you haven’t let me down (Actually they did with Cass leaving- I can forgive but never forget) Save Ika!


It was Ika’s and Gary’s fault Cass left as well as Cass herself, Gary ratted out Cass to Neda as targeting her, and Cass tried to make to many deals and telling all of Ika’s info to Jackie, and that made Ika want her out….


Where is Jackie ?has she forgotten she is on the block ?or Is it groundhogs day for her ,being constantly on the block? ! What this sense of safety Jackie has –everyone in the house hates and we all know there is no love for her in the jury neither—but yet she walking around without a care in the world lol!


Can I just say how much I really like demotes…he has to be the most likeable jock to every play BBcanada


if you really cared about him the way you do, I swear for william its like a showmance for him and not you then how come it is you being so straight how do you sleep at night, been watching you 2 like a hawk and trust me when I say it something alright, now in real life he is gay enough but on the show how can you play the game and have thoughts on loving a guy, yet it took a year to even get married to a girl of your dreams in season 3 but have you ever thought this over except game reasons bbcan5 how could you do this I like him and more than you,


To put it out there, besides GAME and winning bbcan5 is there something with William you just can ignore it. I totally don’t like this at all, if you were for game reasons but why use him as bait to get your way, by the way how is Piilar????? I liked her and you together, besides you can’t use somebody and do all those things to guy and pretend to BI sexual just think