“If I could have grabbed him and thrown his ass over that figgin balcony I would have done it”

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Ika in the morning..
Ika is going on about having a low self esteem disorder.

10:50am Dre and Ika
Ika saying that William has become a bigger target in the house.
Dre wonders is Kevin is going to try to distance himself from William after their talk yesterday.
Ika doesn’t think so it’s too late to do that.
Ika – Karen calls us a trio.. (Dre,Demetres and Ika)

Ika – if me you and Demetres are together we’re on the same page
Ika doesn’t understand how William has been on Dre’s side from day one and they still need to talk about where they are going to vote.
Dre thinks William is trying to make himself out to be more of a player.

Ika says Kevin told him that Karen and Dillon approached William and she feels they want her out and if they think they have William they will go for it.
Dre – So William is really the deciding vote.
Ika – trust me Karen and Dillon don’t want me here
Ika – the only good move of keeping me here is for you and Demetres.. It’s not good for Karen it’s not good for Dillon

Ika says William, Dillon and Karen are her targets. She gave Kevin 1 week deal and she plans to keep it.
Ika adds “UNLESS WE discuss otherwise” (LOL we = Demetres, Dre and her)

Dre says Kevin isn’t reinforcing it with William “lets keep Ika” otherwise William wouldn’t be so on the fence.

Ika says if Dillon and Karen decide to keep her and William is on the wrong side of the vote she will take William out.
Ika says William has to be attached to Dre’s hip “like a bag” she doesn’t want Kevin and William spending too much time together.
Ika – I have never spoken game to William before.. it’s very difficult for me to talk to him.
Ika adds that William always says “Kevin is my partner”
Ika – I’m sorry Dre i’m taking him out of this game
Dre – I think Karen needs to go
Ika thinks Karen might put up Kevin and Demetres because she’s all about the big moves.

(Ika talking about William)
Ika – how dare you.. sit there and tell me Jackie has never lied to you in this game. When you were considering to evict her on your HOH, How dare you.
Ika – How dare you like have protection from fricken Dre, Demetres won 3 fricken HOH’s. How dare you f***g sit and act like that
Ika – If I could have grabbed him and thrown his ass over that figgin balcony I would have done it
Ika – that’s how mad I was

Ika says William is not a team player.
Iak adds if she puts Kevin and Dillon up and William wins POV he will use it on Kevin.
Ika – he will f*** you in this game to save Kevin
Dre says she first needs to make sure William will vote her way then they can talk about getting rid of him.

11:15am William and Kevin HOH
William is saying that his gut is saying that he should vote out Ika.
Kevin says he should go with his gut.
Kevin says for his game it’s better to keep Ika, “it’s not great but it’s better”
Kevin – from Dillon’s and Karen’s perspective it’s better to keep Jackie
Kevin says Dillon is going to put the two of them up.

Kevin and William HOH training

Ika and Demetres Red room
Demetres says he doesn’t like Kevin and Dillon being in the game he would like kevin gone soon. Demetres stresses if they go back on their word they have to make it count.If he puts Keivn and Dillon up William wins POV Kevin comes down karen goes up and Dillon leaves.
Demetres says he’s played a straight up game but always knew he was going to break it once.
Demetres says Dillon and Karen are talking about Jackie leaving, “I might just chuck them on the block anyways”
Ika – Dillon, Kevin or William have to leave next week
They seem to agree that Kevin is only doing their deal so he can get the 1 week of safety from them. Demetres is worried that the house will target them once Kevin is gone. Dre will put up him and Karen.
Ika wouldn’t mind Kevin in the house if William was gone.
Ika says they have to let Dre win HOH and make her put William up “We make her”
Demetres says Dre will throw the HOH and it pisses him off that she relies on them to win
Ika says she’ll put up Dre and William.
Demetres doesn’t think that’s good for their game, “Dre leaving is bad”
Ika brings up William saying that Kevin is his partner in the house, “I wanted to punch him in the face”
Demetres – I’ve wanted to do that for awhile.

4:45pm Ika and William
Ika says a lot in this conversation. Shifting blame to Dillon. Telling him that she had a deal with Kevin and Dre. Telling him that Dillon, Dre and Karen have all said William is the biggest target because he’s with Kevin. She says it’s best that her, Demetres, William and Kevin go as far as possible together because everyone see’s them as duos. She tried to paint Dillon as the target next week.
Ika – I want Dillon gone
Ika says she will not put William up swears on it. William says he believes her.
Ika says Kevin is not safe unless her, William or Demetres wins HOH.
Ika – “I swear to god on my children” Dre told her she will put up Kevin and Demetres.

Ika tells him people underestimate him because of his accent.
Ika – I will take you to final 4 I don’t care..

Karen and William Red Room
William – I thought Dillon wanted Ika out? Karen – he has gone back and forth. William – why? Karen – I don’t know. Maybe because of Dre. William – I thought you were really close to Dillon? Karen – I am but there have been so many people around .. every time Jackie is around. William – at this point I think I am going to vote Jackie out. Karen – vote to evict Jackie. We’re all five.. me, you, Demetres… William – don’t tell her though. Karen – no. Oh god no! Are you kidding me!? I’m trying to avoid her. She thinks she’s staying. right? William – yeah. Karen – we can’t act any different. We have to make sure all 3 of us. So it doesn’t go the other way where 2 of us vote Ika and it looks bad. Does Dre think we’re voting Ika out right now? William – honestly she doesn’t know what’s going to happen still. Karen – but which ever way me and Dillon vote .. you’ll vote that way? William – MMMmm…Hmmm. For sure. Karen – Once Kevin said he didn’t care .. Dillon was like well why don’t we get Jackie out now .. because we’ve dragged her along for so long. And I said okay.. but we want to make sure everyone is on the same side. William – okay.

Ika and Kevin HOH part 1

Ika and Dre have not room

William and Kevin HOH

William and Dre Red Room
William tells her about the final 4 that was made between Kevin, Him, Ika and Demetres. Added that Ika said that Dre was targeting Kevin.
Dre says Canada must think they are stupid for them keeping Ika.

Dre wants Ika gone now stresses that Ika has made a final 4 with everyone in the house to keep her safe.
Dre starts speaking in french..
Production – “DRE”
Dre says with Ika’s gone it’s better for Jackie, Dillon Karen and William’s game. the only people that have an advantage if she stays is Demetres and her.
William says he wasn’t going to take the final 4 deal and neither was Kevin.
Dre – I’m going to vote her out (Ika) and if she stays we’re going to have a turnup (LOL another turnip)

(Looks like Ika’s overplaying has finally caught up to her)

Kevin and William in the storage room

9:16pm Dillon and Dre

Dre says she’s going to vote Ika out. Stressing that Ika is making final 4 deals with Kevin, Demetres, and William..
Dillon – you think we’re getting played.
Dre – you’re not getting played I’m getting played and I’m done..
Dre says she’s telling people that Dre is going after Kevin.
Dre – y’all think Ika’s the only one that can turnup

Dillon wonders if maybe Kevin told William that Ika said that to cause a fight.
Dre says it didn’t happen that way Ika told William directly.

Dillon – I think it’s better for my game if she goes
Dre – why were you willing to keep her
Dillon – because of you.. I didn’t want it to be 4-2

Dillon still seems to think this is a ploy by Kevin.. (LOL)
Dre is going to confirm with William that Ika told Dre is putting Kevin up. If he’ll swear to that Dre will vote Ika out.

Karen and Dillon bathroom
Karen coming up with some crazy ideas to not vote Ika out.

10:36pm Dre Dillon and William
Dre starts talking in French. They ask Dillon for a few minutes in private.

William says Ika’s targets are Dillon and Karen.
William adds that Ika is saying that Dre will put Kevin up. Says he was surprised by that.
William thinks Ika said that to hope that he would use Dre as a replacement nomination.
William swears on his mother that Ika told him Dre is targeting Kevin.

Dre says tomorrow she is going to vote Ika out if they want to do it that’s fine it won’t change what she will do.
Dre adds if she’s the only person that did that she’s going to own up to it, “This is me taking a stand.. I swear on my mom my sister”

Dre is called into the Diary room. (Production isn’t happy with her trying to flip the house to evict Ika)

10:43pm Dillon and Ika Red Room
Dillon tells Ika Dre is acting weird.

11:00pm William and Kevin in the HOH
William tells him he doesn’t think Dre is going to keep Ika.

William – I think he wants Ika out. Kevin – Dillon wants Ika out? William – I think so. Kevin – ok, that’s good for us then because that shows that they probably don’t have a deal like we though. That makes me feel better if he actually wants Ika out. That makes me like trust Ika and Demetres for next week. Kevin – but he said he wants Ika out? William – I don’t know, I really don’t know. I think he was going back and forth do we keep Ika?! I was just trying to read his mind. I think he wants Ika out but he wouldn’t say because I don’t think he trusts me. Kevin – Dillon is our biggest threat because I think he is the only one that would put us up together. If he was like I want Ika to stay .. that would be a red flag .. but the fact that he is flip flopping. William – yeah, I know. I don’t sleep for 3 days because of this vote. Kevin – don’t be stressed. William – I don’t want to go home tomorrow. Kevin – we both need to survive tomorrow. I think if Ika does stay and wins HOH I think she would put up Dillon and Karen. I do think .. not for the long term but for this week she would keep us safe. Jackie would put up me and Dre. William – I don’t think Ika is going to keep Dre… that’s the thing. Kevin – you don’t think Dre is going to keep Ika? This vote… William – don’t tell Ika. Kevin – I won’t. F**k it could go either way. William – Dre thinks that Ika is playing her and she’s not.

11:00pm Dillon and Karen
Karen – you f**kers call me ______ sh*t and I.. Dillon – we don’t Karen. Karen – you don’t want me to tell you I told you so .. ok, I won’t. I told you f**king so! OOOHHH MY GOD you guys! Ok, where are we going because I want to hear this? Dillon – lets go down to the kitchen or something. Karen – Kevin even came in here and said well I don’t have the energy but all the people are running around making deals. I’m like oh brother. Dillon – its crazy. Karen – some times you’ll know I’m not just crazy. Dillon – I don’t think you’re crazy. Paranoid yes! Karen – but for good reason. And Dre just came in here and didn’t say nothing and then went down stairs. I’m like what the hell did I do? Dillon – She’s going against Ika, her best friend who kept her safe the whole game… now she’s going after her.. or saying that. Karen – did you just blow it up to Ika in front of Dre? Dillon – no, but I went to Ika and said Dre’s saying stuff …. like when I went in the room to talk to William …we weren’t in the room for 2 seconds and Dre comes flying in through the door. (Talking french) How about a little English for me? Can we just have 5 minutes? It was so weird. She is trying to flip the votes or get me and you to vote against. Karen – I tried to tell you that. Dillon – I know. I know. They head downstairs.

11:09pm Dillon Karen and Ika
They tell Ika they are voting Jackie out.
Karen – it should be 5 zero
Ika thinks that Dre is being shady because she wants Dillon and Karen to be the only ones that vote Ika out.

11:14pm Dillon, Jackie, Demetres and Ika

Dillon spills everything Dre has told him.. (He’s the new Jackie)

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is ika still leaving or is it changing? How are the votes lining up?


What happened with Ika and Demetres? They had a pretty big blow up yesterday which seemed to have contributed to her rage session by the pool with Dre…one of the funniest things I’ve seen all season LOL


I hope she goes. I really think she’s an awful person. She decided “game aside” that she would try and ruin William’s game and relationship with Kevin by pretending how concerned she was with Kevin’s image after the show. So phoney. I don’t see any shred of a decent human being in her.


I don’t think it’s phony. I think it’s true that people think/thought this of Kevin. I changed my opinion of Kevin about this situation after this development/series of conversation today. I do think that communicating where they each were with their feelings and not leading people on is the decent thing to do.

I don’t know what people are seeing, but I find that Jackie on the live feeds cone across as a mean-girl in a significantly more proportion of what she says. I know her appearance is nice and sort of endearingly earnest, and she does appear to try so hard , but if you listen to her words and intentions in any number of random conversations, they are more shallow or one-dimensional and often come across quite closed-minded or judgemental or harsh.

She’s not as great at the game because she has weaker social skills and, frankly, social elegance and finesse of tactics, and often just too painfully transparent. She always just reminds me of this super earnest huge golden retriever in a China shop.


If Ika stays she deserves to win the game. It seems like Dillon is going to vote to keep her and all they need is that one vote.

Please explain

Why does she deserve to win? Can you explain or give examples to why she deserves to win?

(Besides getting Sindy to put up Neda, which will go down as the dumbest move in BBCan history)
What game moves has she made?
What comps has she won?
What has she done?


She and Demestred will have manoeuvred themselves either off the block or through each week that Deme was not HoH for the past three consecutive weeks. Especially this week when they are clearly the only strong duo left capable of winning and having pull/relationships in the house – ie they are the clear target.

She will be one of the last two returnees, likely the last.

You can see in her conversations that she does draw you in to want to work with her.

It’s house consensus that she/they is/are the biggest players or threat remaining items the house. If she stays despite this fact, that says a lot.

Please Explain

im talking about Ika not Demetre, the 2 vetos he won while he was on the block as the target was impressive, not to mention his 4 hohs which have given ika immunity for 4 evictions.
Demetre is one of the best and deserves the win.
again i ask:
What game moves has she made?
What comps has she won?
What has she done?


She’s playing the game every single day, unlike some people in that house. I can root for a player like that, I don’t care about comp wins, fighting to stay and it actually working is good gameplay IMO.


she’s been the biggest bitch but that’s about ALL she’s done….except using Sindy to get out Neda. I’ve got my fingers crossed she goes today, if not they really are all idiots!


Seriously Kevin! You need to work on William! It is essential for Kevin to keep Ika because if he doesn’t he will go in the triple.
The triple will be a mental comp first, which I believe Ika can win and she would keep Kevin safe because she knows she has to get rid of Karen and Dillon! Maybe even take out William. Otherwise she will never make it to the finals if floaters who are perfect for final 2 are left in the game


Unfortunately the likelihood of Ika winning a competition let alone a mental comp is slim based on her recent track record. Demetres and Dre are more likely to win. Ika is spending so much time on her social game that the fine details like what happened on what day is a very very very distant second. Hope she stays tho.


dre kevin final watchout!kevin vs newbies im ok wih that to just like survivor allover again kevvin pick each one off build his own jury then lose


As much as people don’t like Ika, I can’t fathom why anyone would want to see a final 5 of Jackie / Dillon / Karen / Dre / William. Jackie, Dillon, Karen, and William have 0 game. This game will get very boring very quickly if we see Ika and either Demetres or Kevin go in the triple.

If we go into next week with Ika, Demetres, Dre, William, Kevin, it’s truly anyone’s game, and we’ll see some real gameplay. Who will strike first? With Jackie, Dillon, Dre, William, Karen… who really cares?

Kevin's a fool

That’s why production is trying to flip the game and get the players to keep Ika. Don’t tell me that anyone in their right mind would keep Ika it’s bb 101- get rid of the pairs

Who Dat Kid?!

My single favorite line from any Big Brother season: “I’m going with my gut.” Fuck. Like actually cancer.


The only reason I want Ika to stay is so Kevin has a better chance of surviving the triple.

Other than that, she can go .. like just conclude the Ika show already lol


Bruno looks like Negan (walking dead) …yes ? No?


YES I posted that some time ago, I totally think that too!


Is there any scenario that Dre will go home in triple eviction? I love to see that. I am so disappointed that Sindy did not seem to tell Demetres about Dre’s goodbye message to Bruno.


I hope Ika/ Demetres won the next HOH and hopefully they will put up William, Dillon and Karen. And then Kevin win the POV and pull William off the block. And then Dre is the only option to go up. And then hopefully Dre goes home! But it is too good to be true.


Looks likes Ika is staying after her talk with William !! YAY !! Dillon and Karen need to go after Jackie in the triple !! Get these floaters OUT !! F5 Kevin, Will, Dre, Ika, Dem will be so good going after each other finally !! Other wise it will be sooooooooooo boring if Dillon and Karen still there.

ikas gone

Ikas not staying


Totally agree. End game Entertainment-Value is saved if Ika stays.

So many duds in the final 7.
Karen going on and on is a headache.
William and Kevin are lame wimpy ducks. Their “hang-outs” are torturously inane.
And I just forgot Jackie was a house-guest.


If Ika stays ?? what a bloody turn around! Mad respect for her if she survives this eviction.

Neda was great on her first go at big brother and sucked the second now Ika is great on her second shot while sucking on her first go. Is it possible that pretty much everyone goes in with good strategy but it’s the luck of the draw on if they get the chance to use it?


No Neda’s game actually sucked this time, and Ika actually played a good game this season. If she gets herself through this week, I wouldn’t not say it was just luck. I think people would have to give her the respect if that somehow actually happens.
True, luck is part of it. E.g.: Ika got lucky that Sindy helped her out in a big way. And Cassandra for example, got very unlucky that Neda won HoH that particular week.
But that doesn’t mean game play has nothing to do with results.


Has Jackie self evicted? Where has she been the past few days. No videos of her campaigning at all. Hummmmm curious that…..and not smart if that is the case.


Ika is staying. Dillon goes and tattles on Dre to Ika and Demetres and tells them everything (about Dre wanting to evict Ika).

Dillon is actually the worst. He changes his mind based on the most recent conversation, I’ve never seen anything like it. Ika fans will be happy that he tells on Dre to get in Ika and Demetres good books, but can we all take a moment and think about Ika talking about how much she wants Dillon out? Haha. Dylan, you are so bad at this game!!


The best player in the game is on the block and the house has the power to evict her, and she’s staying…

WTF is wrong with these houseguests???? The ONLY person I can think of that Ika and Demetres staying would benefit their game is Kevin or Dre, but Dillon and Karen??? My oh my…


Production knows if ika goes the season’s entertainment dies lmaoo


Is it?


I doubt ika will be evicted production is for sure going to convince them to keep her. I mean if I didn’t already think that, the second that dre says she is 100% voting her out she gets called to the dr to talk RRRIIIGGHHTTT

Club H.O.H

Do you have video of the condom fight and can you post it? Weird asking but it sounded funny when Dillon put it in William’s face. Thank you


Jesus, I can’t keep up. What the hell is Dillon doing lol


If any of the people voting keep Ika the would be the stupidest people to play BB


I’m happy Dillon and Karen are choosing Ika over Dre!


They just got themselves off the bottom list and moved 3 spots up


yessssss karen and dillon exposed dreeeee!!1 finallllllyyyyy!!!!! i swear demika are gooooood tv and i love it!!! lol they are killing it…. even if one or both go on the triple, to pull off all they have done so far.. i have os much respect for them as true BB players! #Demikaf2


So it sounds like they know there’s an extra eviction tomorrow and I’m assuming they’re keeping Ika as a target for that but Dillon… what is going on?! I just watched tonight’s episode and after his kiss with Dre he had that “seductive” look on ? hilarious. Poor Emily ha!


Wow, tonight’s feeds were OFF the CHAIN

Things bout to go DOWN


OM friggin G.
Dre’s double-dealing finally got exposed in a huge way.
Ika *finally* found out about Dre been stabbing her in the back for past few weeks.

As of everyone going to bed tonight, Ika is staying, which if she actually pulls it off by holding the vote together until voting tomorrow, then actual props to her. no matter if you’ve hated her all season, gotta give her the props for the seemingly miraculous survival.

I don’t know if it’ll actually happen. All I know is
Tomorrow is going to be EPIC.

Just a potential blow-out alone between Ika & Dre … even if Ika gets voted out, you just know that she’ll have words for Dre on her way out especially knowing that she now just found out.
If she stays and blind-sides her now ex-bff Dre, that would be wow.. you know it’s gonna be awesome either way


Jackie’s Curse continued:

This week Jackie hangs out with herself, says she is alone, said last week she’s just playing alone now — gets herself evicted.


Demika and Dre trio will be cruising to final 5 if they don’t evict Ika this week. The triple eviction HOH should be some memory challenge. There is no way Dillon or Karen are going to win that. It is William vs the trio. If one of the three win, 2 of Kevin, William and Dillon will be gone. Then, it will be the remaining one and Karen vs the trio. This basically hands them the game. This eviction vote is gonna be crucial!


I think Demetres is going to pull off a Jon Pardy. He will comp out to the end and cut Ika at final 3 after hearing all those opinions of him playing Ika’s game.


I don’t see that happening, the kid is in LOVE with her. Jon liked Neda alright but I think what he liked most was what she did for his game, in the end he knew he just couldn’t beat her. Ika may have played a really good social game but Demetres’ comp wins made it possible. They both have equal chance of winning if by some miracle make it to the final two.


what gender is dre


This house keeps flipping by the hour so it’s hard to tell!! Dre is very paranoid at this point and she’s flipping and flopping she always wanted to get ika out she should just stick to that . Jackie is the worst player she has no game she’s literally just a number it will be so sad if she ends up winning!!! I hope Dimitri wins the whole thing because he fight so hard to be in that house he’s a big target and he just keeps winning competitions to save his own self so he deserves to be there & once ika leaves I think he will turn into full beast mode and crush the whole game!!!! The thing is Dmitrie is not popular with Canada but nobody can really say anything to him because he actually wins competitions week after week even if they say he does whatever ika says that’s irrelevant the point is he’s a beast in comps with or without ika & that’s all that matters at this point !!!!

Ika Minaj

Okay…. YAS. Dillon spilling Dre’s tea and serving her edges to Ika. This is entertainment. Ika going home would make things boring reaaal quick. I’m glad that Dre has finally been exposed and I’m ready for an Ika V Dre showdown in the final 5. It would actually snatch my wig if they got Dre out in the triple; send her to jury with her secret BFF Jackie. GURL BYE.


Hahaha Jackie’s secret BFF. She goes home because of Jackie’s curse


Ika could make it to the end but nobody will vote for her cause she has been so nasty to everybody. Nedda, Sindi, Bruno and Dre and William and Jackie. Not one of them would vote for her. Its time to start making a few friends for votes at the end if she makes it. To be known as the nasty bitch of big brother such a legacy. Her kids should be so proud and to do so much making out when your a mother on tv and your teenagers are watching get some class lady.