“If Kevin wanted you out he would have not put Jackie up” – Demetres

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They had a party last night with alcohol.. so Big Brother Canada blocked the feeds all night.
Demetres used the Power of Veto in himself and Kevin nominated Jackie

Ika and Demetres middle of the night
Ika talking about a conversation she had with Dre during the party. She told her if Ika left the house that Demetres can be on her side. Demetres says if Jackie wins the HOH she will put Kevin up. He’s not sure it’s worth working on Kevin because he doesn’t have a vote. Kevin can influence Wiliam though.
Ika says it’s still early in the week.. he gets to drive the car (with the jury member) tomorrow.

Dillon and Demetres Hot Tub Area
Demetres – trying to f***g think of a F***G speech.. I don’t care I’ll just wing it.. speeches are dumb
Demetres asks Dillon if he’s talked to Kevin does he know who’s going up.
Dillon – I htink jackie
Demetres – I think it’s Jackie.. which is sweet..
Demetres says the two smartest people in the house are Jackie and Kevin. He suspects the next HOH to be mental so If Jackie is evicted and Kevin can’t play it opens it up for them.
Dillon – yup
Demetres goes on that they have a shot at taking out Jackie before the double..
Dillon – I would rather get rid of the weaker players the one that haven’t done anything
Dillon talks about being a little bit hung over.

Kevin and Demetres Outside
Kevin says Jackie is upset that she’ll be the replacement nomination.
Demetres – if she goes and anyone if Ika or me win it’ll be a repeat of this week.. which is lame..
Demetres says if Ika stays the three of them need to sit down and figure something out.
Kevin says even if she goes he feels like the 2 of them have already squashed their beef.
Demetres – we all think we’re the 3 most deserving players to win
Kevin agrees.
Demetres says if they don’t do something the other players will out number them and take them out.
Kevin – hypothetically if Ika goes home it’s either me or you as the target
Demetres says the POV he just won was a fluke, “I was not supposed to win that comp”

Kevin says as soon as he names the replacement nominee the rest of the house will drop him because he doesn’t have a vote holds no more power.
Ika comes by.. more or less tells them to stick together.
Kevin says William will pick Dre to the end even after Bruno left William never came to Kevin and offered him a deal. Kevin stresses noone in the house will take Kevin or Demetres to the end they’ll have to do it themselves.

Demetres says even if it’s just the two of them they’ll have to win some timely comps. Kevin points out Bruno and Him gave the exact same pitch to Demetres and Ika last week.
Kevin – honestly .. if Ika stays it’s good for my game it’s bad for William, Dre, Dillon.. it’s bad for those people

Dillon walks by says he got wasted last night.

Dillon and Kevin Pool table
Kevin tells him about Jackie being pissed she’s the replacement nomination. They laugh that Karen thought she was the replacement even though Kevin reminded her hundreds of times yesterday.
Kevin – She has to be the most paranoid houseguest
Dillon – of all time
Kevin tells him if Ika goes they can rally Demetres and form up 3 bros. Pointing out between the three of them they’ve won 9 competitions.
Kevin – if we can come together the three of us can truck it to the end.. they’re going to take us out we’re the biggest threats.

Dre and Ika Red Room
Dre says she’s going to tell Demetres to use the Veto on Ika..
Ika laughs says he’s using it on himself
Dre – “I’m scared”
Ika – why
Dre – we’ll go to work it’s fine
Ika – Jackie’s going to push hard..
Dre claims that William hasn’t given her any information he told her he’s waiting for a target from Kevin. Kevin isn’t saying anything. Dre is getting a bad vibe from the house that Ika doesn’t have the votes.

Ika – I have 2 votes I just need 1 more to stay.
Dre says Bruno, Dillon and Kevin compared notes about what Ika was saying. Adds that she suspects those three had made some deal that is why Dillon wasn’t put up.

11:45am Ika and Demetres
Demetres says if he wins HOH he’ll put up Karen and Dre, if Veto is used on Dre he’ll put up Dillon and Dillon goes.
Demetres – I’m not scared of Karen
Ika points out that leaves Dre in the game and they know William will use the veto on Dre.
Demetres says he can tell Dre is trying to play him. Says that she tried to talk him into using the veto on Ika. He can’t believe she thinks he’s that stupid.
Ika says Dre has her back not Demetres.
Demetres thinks Dre wants to keep Ika. They need to get William’s vote for Ika to stay. “If Kevin is legit.. if Dre works on Will and Kevin works on Will”
Demetres says nobody wants him here, even Kevin.
Demetres says Dre is still hung up on them not telling Dre bout “the 6” alliance.
Demetres – get the f** over it that was 4 weeks ago
Demetres – you know when you start feeling comfortable in this house that’s when you’re probably going to get F***d
Demetres – I hope she feels pretty comfortable
Ika thinks Dre does because she feels she’s covered by everyone
Demetres – If Kevin wanted you out he would have not put Jackie up

12:15pm Ika and Dre Poolside
Ika says Demetres calls Dillon the new version of Jackie. Ika goes on about how Dillon is “ruthless”

1:00pm Dre and Dillon White Couch
Sounds like Dre and Dillon are on the fence about Ika now.

William, Kevin and Dillon
Talking about what a threat Jackie is and how it’s not going to be a easy vote.

Dillon and Karen Poolside Part 1

Kevin Ika and Demetres Have nots

Dre and Dillon
Dillon says Ika and Demetres made a deal with Kevin so he’s safe next week.
Dre – wait what
Dillon – I feel that Ika and Demetres made a deal with Kevin so he’s safe next week
Dre – Kevin’s not voting though
Dillon – I know that
Dre – who are they going after
Dillon – who else do they have to go after
Dre – If no one is going after no one we can stop playing
Dillon says he saw Ika and Kevin Laughing and smiling in the bathroom. He also saw them “High Five”
Dillon – I feel like we’re getting played.. after that.. Kevin is trying to make a deal with me so I don’t put him up so he’s safe..

Dre and Dillon.

Dillon – Ika and Demetres made a deal with Kevin so that he’s safe next week. Dre – wait, what?! Dillon – I feel that Ika and Demetres made a deal with Kevin so that he’s safe next week. Dre – really?! Kevin is not voting though. Dillon – I know that. Dre – so who are they going after? Dillon – who else do they have to go after. Dre – if no one is going after no one, then we can just stop playing. Dillon – that’s kind of my point. Dre – why would they make a deal instead of just coming and talking to you? Dillon – I don’t know.. because I’m a bigger threat than Kevin? Dre – why do you feel they made a deal? Did you see them talking? Dillon – yeah, I saw Ika and Kevin smiling and laughing in the bathroom and then they high five’d. They were like yeah, yeah … and then they high five’d. And then when Ika came out and she saw me her eyes were like this (wide open / surprised). Just like you said if no one is going after anybody and everyone has deals … who the heck is getting put on the block? Dre – that means if they high five’d .. does that mean that William is voting to keep Ika? Because I spoke with William and he said he doesn’t know.. he’s trying to weigh the option and he wants to make sure whoever stays is not going after Kevin basically… or him obviously. Dillon – right.. and last week if they won they were putting Kevin and William up and now they’re high fiving in the bathroom. So who else is there me and Karen? Dillon – I just feel like we’re getting played. Kevin is trying to make a deal with me so that I don’t put him up. So he’s safe. So who the f**k is going to put who up. Dre – the thing is everybody freaking lies. They make a deal, its not a true deal. Kevin made a deal with them apparently to keep them safe and he put them on the block. What does that tell you!? That deals don’t mean sh*t. Dre – okay this is what’s going to happen. If Ika is not playing me she is going to come and tell me she made a deal with Kevin. Dillon – Huh… why!? Dre – because that would mean the deal is fake and that she just wants to stay she can do whatever. Dillon – and if she doesn’t tell you? Dre – it means that it might be an actual deal. She has until Wednesday to tell me. Dillon – thirty minutes ago I wanted to keep Ika. Its paranoia, you know.

Ika & Demetres.
Ika – your parents don’t like me. Maybe they don’t like me. All they do is yell at you and get upset. Demetres – you don’t strike me as the type of person that cares what other people think. Ika – I care about what your parents think. Demetres – yeah but this is coming from people that don’t know my parents. Ika – yeah but I think you’re kind of lying too. Demetres – I’m not lying. Ika – I don’t think you think you’re lying. You did make that face when you came over here. Demetres – it was a joke, I shouldn’t have done it. She just called me whipped and nice. You know how much I care? About that much. Ika – yeah but I do care about what the people in your life think about me and I mean I do stress you out. I do yell at you. Demetres – you don’t yell. Ika – I don’t but I do get upset. Demetres – I’m trying to think of the word …. like I know that you have my back and that you would fight for me no matter what. Ika – like loyal. Demetres – I feel like there’s a bigger, stronger, better word. Ika – I am a nice person. Demetres – these people do just remember all the bad things and not remember the good things.

Demetres & Dillon.
Demetres tells Dillon about how Karen is hording all of the dental floss in her bag. He says he went and checked and she had 3 of them in there. Dillon – yeah that’s going to be a hard one for me. Demetres – what’s that? Dillon – Hard to put Karen on the block or anything like that. Demetres – oh yeah. Dillon – I can’t be HOH when that happens. Demetres – yup. Yeah this game is tough but she’s you know .. someone that you want to take before all these people. Like keep her around. Dillon – yeah she’s final five. Demetres – oh yeah. No, I agree. Dillon – but then on that HOH, I’m throwing it. Demetres – yeah, we should have the votes to keep her. F**k and then next week I know I’m going to end up on the block. I just have a feeling. Dillon – its Dre and William. I mean Karen and William. Me, Dre, Ika. Demetres – I just have a bad feeling about it. Kevin’s can’t compete, I keep forgetting about that. I’ll take those odds. Those are better odds than I’ve had all season.

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The convo between Dre and Dillon right now is hilarious; Ika actually flipped her. She’s telling him “We’re not a pair”, “We’re not a duo”, “You do what you want…” and he’s just totally bewildered. She flat out told him that she won’t turn her back on Ika now.

So, Queen Ika only needs one more vote to stay and she’s working her mojo on Kevin at the moment. I can’t imagine Will would be hard to get if she has Dre and Kevin wants her to stay.


I truly hope that Dre and William keep Ika. They have to be thinking long term, especially not knowing about the triple eviction! Dre has to be thinking about how Jackie isn’t a big target and if she keeps Ika that is one more shield in front of her and William. Dre also has to know that If Ika dem and kevin leave, she will be seen as the biggest strategic threat and she hasn’t won any competitions to show that she can win her way to the finals. So needs as many shields as she can get.

With that in mind, despite not knowing about the triple. If Ika does stay and her or Dem win HOH, Dre will most likely be the safest person from eviction. And if they don’t win HOH then they will still be the targets for the triple over Dre.


Dem said if he wins HOH he’s putting dre up!


My ideal scenario is that Jackie goes home on Thursday & Demetres wins the HOH for the triple; he puts up Dillon, Dre, and Karen. Dillon and Karen go home. Final 5 is Demetres, Ika, Dre, Kevin, William. It’s anybody’s game from there depending on who gets that HOH.


There’s no way people in that house are dumb enough to keep Ika when her and Dem are such a strong pair. There’s just no way. This whole “let’s keep a stronger duo in the house so people go after them” has to end at some point… there’s only 7 people left! This season has been the first season where I’ve thought the show has made it all about one person. Don’t get me wrong, if Ika has done everything on her own then I believe she deserves to win this game, but I remember pausing the show on the second episode of the entire season and looking at my husband and saying “Uhhh, why are they playing so much Ika? WHAT IS GOING ON? There’s other people in the house!!!” The third episode I paused it again and was like “Seriously? WTF???” Every DR session was Ika and 90% of the clips they showed were Ika, and it’s just been the Ika show ever since. I don’t know what that means but production definitely wanted to make the show all about Ika right from the very beginning.


BECAUSe ika is QUEEN. everyone else in the house are her peasants


Uhh, k. I don’t idolize people from reality tv shows to the extent you do, so I can’t relate…


Ika is Queen af


The voice of reason finally on this thread. Thank You…. You leave this ‘power couple” intact and Dem a comp beast you’ve lost your mind. Further this speaks to just how bad Kevin has played this season. Jackie renom is the only chance I can see that Ika can flip the vote.
F7 and F6 in the triple should be Kevin unless he wins POV. The other depends on the HOH. Kevin could get lucky but a cat has 9 lives and Kev is gone IMHO.


Ika shows more T&A than Jackie, so Ika is the focus; drama queens keep BB in business, especially if they show curves.


Dillon is the worst. He literally changes his mind every two seconds about what he wants to do, and he could have his mind set on something and all it takes is one person talking to him and saying we should do something different and he’s like “hmm. okay! yeah! let’s do that!” until the next person talks to him. He is actually one of the weakest Big Brother players I’ve seen. He’s also way too blunt when he asks people questions, which is something you just don’t do in Big Brother and it rubs people the wrong way. Dre is all over the place too. Ugh.


Dillon reminds me of Jughead.


They are idiots if they don’t get rid of Ika.

Ika needs to GO!

These houseguests would be insane not to vote Ika out. Why would they even think about leaving the queen Bitch in the house, especially since she has her loyal puppy dog Dem defending her.


Actually it is not a bad idea for Demetres’s game to choose Neda to drive out of the 3 jurors. She is the most strategic player in BBCAN history and she can give him legitimate advice. Also, out of the 3 jurors, it is the most difficult for him to get Neda’s vote if he is in the final 2. Why not do some campaign on Neda? Remember Dan brought Michelle to go to the trip and he ended up getting Michelle’s vote in BB10? But it is still great to bring Bruno because it can expose Dre’s game and it would be awesome.


I want Ika to stay !! I LOVE the business partners alliance those THREE are the only ones that deserve to win ! Kevin, Ika, Dem would be a good F3 and a good show !! The other DONT deserve to be in F3 being at summer camp the whole time and way too comfortable !!

Guy From Canada


Good for tv, bad for gameplay. Love and hate the play….plus Simon called both plays as his picks on the Kraken hour


OMG I’m crying! Kevin, Ika and Demetres finally know they have to work with each other to go to the end. It is not too late but Demika should have taken the deal by Bruno last week. I want one of the three to win. It would be a great ending for this fantastic season!


If ika survives this triple eviction she’s a fucking legend


Does Dillon ever clearly comment about a game play…OK I take that back. The term ‘game play’ is not even in his vocabulary. Let me start again…has anyone witnessed Dillon agreeing with one house guest and him actually retaining that stance with any further conversations? Please correct me if I am wrong but all I see is him nodding, ‘ya yaing’ and drinking gulps of whatever kool-aid they are selling get only to drink another flavor with the next conversation. I feel like I am watching tape loops of him with different house guests photo shopped in.

Uh duh!

That’s what you call , playing the game! He’s a natural!


I hope to God that Ika, Demetres, and maybe Kevin all go in the triple eviction this week. Would be great.

Uh huh

That would be Poetic Justice

White Iverson

Just catching up now and I noticed that there are only 2 veterans left in the game. 2???
wow..big brother just scammed Canada for some ratings and set it up so the newbies still to play the game unscathed not including the 2 early sacrifices. Shame BBCAN Shame


dre still no win just like sarah


I cannot wait to see Demetres in the house without Ika. I can-not wait! Love him, hate her.


Looks like Dillon has forgotten about Emily ???


dunnt hoiw people dont wantt dre win but hey who rather see win?


Thumbs up if you think Ika is staying.
Thumbs down if you think Jackie is staying,


Hate ika and dem the arrogant power couple go be a bitch in jury. I don’t like william but think he might win


I would love to see this on Thursday Ika evicted ,then Dillon Wins HOH or even Jackie or Karen , then nom Dem Kevin and Dre say to Dre you havenot been on the block then vote out Dem and Kevin