“If you sit next to BIGD in final 2 I think people will view that as a slap in the face to the game. BIGD would win”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa Claire and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony: Alyssa used the power of veto on herself. Claire was nominated in her place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going to be evicted.

1:58 pm Azah and X
Talking about who should talk to the jury about the cookout
X – everyone should come to a consensus
X goes on about having no empathy for Tiffany having to take out her person “You did it to yourself. it’s like they have a cut on their foot and they keep dropping the knife on their foot.. I’m sorry you are in pain but at the same time you are cutting yourself.”
Azah – if Tiff had dropped do you think Kyland would have thrown it to me?
X – I’m not sure.. I would have hoped but I don’t know
Azah – if Kyland had dropped do you think tiffany would have thrown it to me?
X – My gut reaction would say yes but seeing how this week played out I don’t know either. the reservations I have for Kyland are the same for Tiffany. time and again this week she’s shown she’ll do what is best for her.
X doesn’t know if either would have dropped. “It’s unfortunate because I didn’t hesitate”

They HUG

2:36 pm Tiff and Ky
Tiff – there’s several reason I’ve wondered if you and him.. not bonding. Had a desire to move forward. A couple of things. He is a competitor you want to go to the end with a competitor. He’s a man and there are women in the jury and I think the guys are afraid the women won’t vote for a man.
Ky says it’s DerekF that is talking about the guy thing, “Nicole is the only female to ever beat a guy. That’s not a legitimate concern.”
Tiff – Girls don’t even like girls we can even work together in this house. There are girls’ votes in jury I won’t have.

2:40 pm X and Kyland
X – if you take me out it’s you and BIGD against the girls. Alyssa will try to get in good with Tiff and Claire if she hasn’t already.
X – if they win HOH I’m gone, You are next and they won’t have trouble getting BIGD out
Ky – does she really think you are not staying?
X – she’s playing it up.
Df comes in tells them that Azah is close in the other room (so they should keep their voices down). “Azah says she’s good to go with whatever the group decides but she says TIFF and Hannah are the ones to do it. But we can’t”
KY – wait Tiff and Hannah
X – I’ll break it down..
DF leaves..
X – right now it seems like Hannah and Tiff are debating whether or not to tell Claire in their goodbye message what the deal is or give her a significant indication what the deal is.
Ky – makes sense
Ky doesn’t think they can stop people from doing it anyway. HE’s going to be under the assumption that 1 or 2 people are going to tell the jury about the cookout. “There’s nothing we can say to Tiff and Hannah so they wouldn’t do it”
X – Tiff is going to do what she is going to do.. might be F*** it..
X says in the event Tiff and Hannah didn’t say anything and they did when Tiff/Hannah make it to jury and find out “they’ll feel some kinda way”
X – how much do we trust Tiff to keep her word?
X says if Hannah says she won’t say anything she probably won’t
Ky – IF Claire goes out on Tiff’s HOH he’ll trust Azah and Hannah.
X – YOu [Tiff] talked to Alyssa 2 minutes before to get Alyssa to use the veto on me so you didn’t have to put up Claire. You were covering up your own a$$. I see what you are doing I’m not stupid. We continue to do things for her benefit but she’s not willing to sit on the Chair as a nominee in the double. Maybe I’m misinterpreting things not seeing the whole picture
Ky – I think we are seeing the whole picture
X – how long do we continue to benefit someone else’s game?

X – If AHnnah wins it’ll be me and Alyssa.. I’ve sat next to my person and someone else’s person. there are two people that haven’t sat next to anybody.
Ky says he could push Hannah towards Azah but not Tiff
X – their interests line up
Ky – her and Azah?

X says the three girls’ interests align.
Ky – Hannah and Tiff are getting Azah ..what! at this stage

3:18 pm Xavier and Hannah
Hannah says Tiff and Ky have been spending a lot more time together.
X says they’ve been talking more because they sleep in the same room he’s not sure if he can trust KY. Xavier points out that three times this week Tiff has come down and grabbed Ky at night to talk to him in the HOH.
Hannah says she was told to leave the HOH so Tiff could talk to Ky.
Hannah says at 6 X will stay regardless of who he’s up against.
Hannah – how many votes to stay? .. 2
X – if I’m up against Azah BIGD is torn.
Hannah – Tiff would be the swing vote.
Hananh says she would nominate Alyssa and X if Veto is played Ky goes up and goes home.

Hannah says make it clear to Tiff he has no more ill feelings towards her “So she backs off Ky.. I don’t think she’s pointing Ky in your direction she’s trying to keep Ky close so he doesn’t come after her.. truth is if you two had something you would be unstoppable”
Hannah doesn’t see why the two guys would want to take each other to final 2 that would be stupid.
Hannah says Tiff will choose her over Ky if they are going final 3 with Ky. She Thins Ky would put her up if he wins at 6.
Hannah – they (Ky/Tiff) are just trying to increase their grip on each other
Hannah – if Ky tries to target you at six you have the votes to stay if he tries to target you at 5 he would need just 1 vote so maybe he’ll hold off for another week.
Hannah – Ky is the type of player that thinks long-term he’s solely thinking about who he can sit next to and have it be a respectable win. If he sits next to you you’ll win if he sits next to Tiff I think it will be a toss-up. If he won against Tiff that would be respectable. If he sat next to Azah he would win but it wouldn’t be respectable.
Hannah adds Ky probably doesn’t think beating her is a respectable win
Hannah – Alyssa won more comps than you have but Alyssa will never be perceived as a stronger competitor. She’s younger, She’s a woman, She’s into fashion.
X talks about putting Kyland up with BIGD to ensure Ky goes.
X – BIGD might do Ky and Tiff.. I don’t think he’ll look at either of us.
Hannah says Azah and BIGD say their ideal final four include X and Hannah.
Hannah says Tiff will want to get rid of BIGD first then Azah.

Hannah asks him after Kyland goes who would he put up?
X – BIGD if he made it to the final 2.
Hanna – you would want to take the three women to final 4 with you?
X – that is also dangerous.. maybe Azah before BIGD.. Honestly, I’m not so. there are two women in jury I have a better relationship with. Alyssa and SB.
X – I’m not fearful to take a woman to the final 2.
X says Ky will have DX and Sarah Beth’s vote.
Hanna – if you sit next to BIGD in final 2 I think people will view that as a slap in the face to the game. BIGD would win it’ll be another Josh situation.
X says DX gave him a “weak hug” he doesn’t think he has DX’s vote against Ky, Tiff, or Hannah.
X says Azah played an honest game and she never won anything what would happen if she got to the end she would win. HE asks who else has done that?
Hannah – Jordan.. and she won
Hannah says Claire and Alyssa aren’t “well equipped” to tell the jury about the cookout “Our narrative and our Story. it’s not fair for them to take on that burden”
X says the first Cookout member to go to Jury should do it.
Hannah now saying she doesn’t want BIG or Azah to win the final 7 HOH because of Alyssa comes down she’s going up against TIFF.

4:30 pm Azah and Kyland
They’re talking about the vote and telling the Jury about the cookout.
Azah would rather it be 3-4
Ky – if it’s 4-1 or 3-2 she’s still going on Tiff’s HOH. She already has some insight no matter what it’ll be discussed. The more we have to impact that discussion it will benefit us.
Azah says DF doesn’t want to tell Claire he feels Britini will be hurt that they told Claire and not her.
Azah – I don’t feel that way.
They move to the yacht room. Azah says BIGD is being delusional thinking Claire is after him. She asks him if she’s Delusional Ky is coming after her.
Ky says yes. they laugh
Ky says he doesn’t know who he can go with when they hit 6 because getting to six has always been the priority
Kyland says the person he spent the most time with because of logistical factors is “dangerously inconsistent”

5:05 pm Azah to the camera
“I’m either in a very good position or my game is about to get messed up. Tiffany has approached me about a final 2, Hannah hasn’t. Kyland approached me about a final 3 with BIGD. I feel like I’m pretty covered everywhere.. at least I think”
“This conversation changes nothing between me and Kyland”
“make me feel better that he’s not coming for me”
Azah says her theory why people in the cookout have come to her about a final 3 is because her and BIGD are a duo but not a strong duo. The only competition they won was BIGD’s prize money. “people feel at the final 2 they can beat us we don’t have much on our resume”
“I think people can see we are completely loyal to each other and it’s genuine. Two votes is very powerful from this point on”
Aazah says they need to figure out how to win this game. “With me not being able to win comps if I decide to take that stand and strike someone in the six I need to be able to cover myself after”
Azah says she feels like she’ has trust and loyalty with X, Hannah, and Tiff. She mentions being in a final 3 with Xavier and BIGD as well.

Azah says the reason she wants to work with X isn’t because she “thinks he’s fine or hot”
Azah – I was not.. when I wasn’t viewed to be part of strategic conversations and when other people in the six were in great places in the house I wasn’t .. I approached him with the final 3 and he accepted. I approached Tiffany and she declined. BIGD told me I’m with you
Azah – my number 1 is BIGD. I thought it was going to be Tiffany after walking in the house
Azah says DF is a “True Friend”
Azah – tiffany is someone I love her.. I love the girl. I’ve made some mistakes with her. I have put people outside of her in the cookout. I believed them over her which is wrong.
Azah doesn’t want to touch Tiffany if she wins during the double. “some decisions she has made has put her in the line of fire”
Azah – it’s so difficult to lie in this house because you can’t run anywhere.
Azah – Kyland and Xavier are two sides of the same coin

5:38 pm Tiff and Azah
They talk about telling Claire about the cookout.
Tiff – being 90% honest with Claire this week was the best thing I could have done.
Tiff says claire asked her if she was in an alliance with them and she said no “that could hurt me”
Azah says she wants Kyland to go
Tiff – who do you think will win this game.
Azah – it’s between you Kyalnd and X.. to be honest, you being with anyone in the six you winning..
Azah – you win over X with your friends. You have Brit, DX, Claire, and you have me you win the game.
Tiff says X will try and take her out FAST. if she can’t take X out he’ll win.
Feds flip to BIGD sorting Pillows talking about making pancake tomorrow. When we’re back to this conversation Tiff is saying X would have won every single competition he played in.
Tiff – X’s strategy is for us to never see his potential..
Tiff – X has only lost one competition
Tiff – I don’t stand a chance against X I don’t know who the real X is.
Tiff – I know who is coming after me. X, DF and Ky.. I can’t beat X. If given the opportunity X will put me on the block. Ky might put me on the block but I also might win veto.
Tiff says X is a great guy and she likes him but in this game, he has the ability to beat her in everything.
Tiff – the six is here so he can win 750K
Tiff says Azah is set up perfectly. BIGD is the one in danger nobody wants to take BIGD to the end “BIGD sits next to anybody BIGD wins”
Tiff goes on about how much she kept the 6 together. She didn’t put in all this work to have them cut her at 6.
Azah says she needs learn to throw competition from X brings up her performance in OTEV.
Tiff impersonates her. they have a good laugh.


5:50 pm Kyland and BIGD
Kyland going over his conversation with Azah
Kyland – the only name I didn’t mention was X where is she with him?
Df – she’s very close to him
They move to the coral room. (hard to hear)
They start talking about telling Claire about the cookout..

6:40 pm Tiffany saying she wants the cookout to make it to 6 more than winning. Her putting =u Claire is proof of that. Tiff adds that if X was in her shoes she doesn’t think he would have done the same. Azah agrees.
Tiff says if it’s a double it’ll be fast they have to be ready for it. She goes on about how you have to get your fears, emotions and anxieties out of the way. Tiff says the competition are easy they just have to move fast don’t overthink it.

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Dear Fellow Posters,

Any chance we can have a discussion this evening strictly about BB gameplay and not filled with complaints about the CO being an all-Black alliance? I understand that there are some viewers/posters who are offended by the CO alliance. You’ve made your point. Many times. No need to beat a dead horse by copying and pasting the same talking points in every discussion. The horse is dead, buried, and decorated with potpourri.

Let’s discuss the game. Let’s dissect the words and actions of each HG. Let’s critique their strategy. Let’s gripe about new school BB versus old school BB. Let’s moan and groan about Couch spending an entire season horizontal and having a real shot at being dragged to F2. Most of all, let’s remember that Simon & Dawg donate their time and resources to give us these amazing updates and provide the best forum on the Internet for discussion. If you are greatly dismayed about the CO, then this may be a good time to cancel your Paramount feeds subscription and eliminate BB from your DVR. Why put yourself through any additional misery? Thank you.


I disagree. Censoring is the answer. You don’t have to read people’s comments. Just like people don’t have to watch the show.

Miss Impression

This year I started to scroll past most of the comments because it felt like I was at a Klan rally.

Outside Looking In

I thought this was a forum where opinions were to be discussed. I hate racism and am not a fan of censoring opinions you do not like. Are you really in favor of ignoring that the CO has eliminated players from the house solely based on the color of their skin? If the CO was a group of white players, and they openly discussed eliminating only blacks, would you still want to just not talk about it? Like it or not, the elephant in the room is the CO’s racism, and the eventuality of the first person of color to win BB, albeit by lowering themselves to participating in an openly racist alliance to “win”. You can choose to not look at the elephant, and pretend it isn’t there. You can skip by the comments you do not like or agree with, (just as I do to a lot of comments I see here), but I do not see anyone using “hate speech” when you express what everyone watching BB this season clearly sees.

A klan rally? Really? The only racially prejudiced rallies I am seeing, are when members of the CO openly discuss eliminating a non POC HG from the BB house because of the color of their skin, or laughing at how stupid the non POC are for not figuring it out.

Perhaps the comments that Simon referenced that are in the spam filter are that bad, but we all can see much more racist behavior in the BB house, than here in a forum where you can respectfully express your ideas.

Miss Impression

I do not argue with crazy people or stupid people,it is pointless.Your entire comment has nothing to do with my comment,you are having a conversation with yourself.Please don’t talk to me.

Outside Looking In

Your “klan rally” comment was addressed in my reply to you. When you invoked the “klan rally” to imply people who post here about the racism displayed by the CO sound to you like a “klan rally” you seem to be implying the posters in this forum are racist. So you are ok calling out people who see the racism of the CO, as racist, but not the CO’s racist actions all season? Why the double standard?

Miss Impression

If you really want to address the double standard acknowledge the history of racism commonplace in past seasons in which contestants used derogatory racist language including the n-word without any consequence from production,in fact they would actively defend and cover it up.These racist statements were caught on live feeds where anyone could go back and watch and listen for themselves,and yet when pointed out here the common response was to ignore and deny that it happened.And yet this season there is an outpour of racist accusations because 6 black people are working together.There is a clear lack of understanding of what racism is.

Kid Rock

We all can see much more racism everyday day in America but I don’t see an uprising of white folks complaining about it! They pretend it don’t exist anymore


Gotcha. I Trust what you’re doing. It is a it much this season.


Thank you for all that you do Simon & Dawg!
Let’s be positive and let’s stay classy, San Diego.

The Last Neanderthug

Highly Appreciative Simon.

Buh Bye

Thank you Simon and Dawg.

Outside Looking In

Firstly, I respect you Simon.

But this is the first year that a complete group of HGs banded together by the color of their skin, to eliminate those who’s skin is not like theirs. That is completely new to the game, and to ignore it because it is unsavory to watch them do it, to me is to give them a “pass” on doing it. They know how America is viewing this, and are terrified of how the jury will react when their racism is finally exposed. To me, they are willing to sell their soul and participate in being racist, (something they all profess to hate), if they can have the chance to win the 750k. To me this is the narrative of BB 23. Lord knows that after this season they need to change the BB slogan from “expect the unexpected”, to “tune in each week to watch racial prejudice take away any uncertainty for the house guests who’s skin is the right color, even if you suck as a player”.


Okay, but it’s the same talking points OVER AND OVER…. the game is evolving and changing through gameplay but if all you want to comment on the same aspect of the game it’s getting to be too much.


Thanks for everything you do Simon (and Dawg). It is greatly appreciated ;-)


Ditto! Being moderator is not easy. Kudos to Simon and Dawg for a job well done! Appreciate your providing this forum!


I hope so because I really like these players and am anxious to see what happens tomorrow and beyond. Some really good BB players this year!


Same here. There may not be the excitement of vote flips with one alliance dominating the game, as per usual in modern BB seasons, but it has been so refreshing to watch a BB house filled with HGs who are there to play the game, not build their personal brand portfolio.


I’m enjoying the game play as well. Can’t wait until tomorrow. They really counting the jury numbers now.


Too bad they’re not all in the house. Some had potential we never got to see (Travis), some are in jury, and a few are still houseguests. You have to admit that some of the people that are still in the house are not good at the game at all. Some are total coasters, maybe floaters…that should have gone long ago and probably would have except for the biased alliance of the CO.


I’m kind of excited to see who prevails with the CO and admire that they’ve stuck to the plan.

Now….we can see how they will have to turn on each other and all of X’s pouting and posturing about throwing comps — will he pull through?

WILL the GROD and production keep giving him the golden child edit? OR…has his sour salty whining make him less a shoe-in winner?

We all know some of this is fixed or managed….. how will it end?

I first was rooting for Azah, so beautiful & funny — but her aversion to game play in favor of laying around in one room added to her emotional choices – nah.

Then I was rooting for Ky – his first HOH I thought was masterful – he limited his talks and didn’t answer questions. I thought that was clever and well done. But then his ramblings and creepy late night interrogations on his other HOH and his SB obsession – Bleh and ICK!

Then I was rooting for DX — but he was SO gullible and let others sway his play and showed such hubris and blasé that he didn’t appreciate and USE the $$$$ that America gave him and squandered a chance for safety?? — Buh bye!

Then I was rooting for Tiff but then she was over playing the drama and making some rash moves – missed her chance to get out the guys who were coming for her!
Hmm Maybe?

Then I was rooting for X – but his recent pouting and salty attack on any woman with power being so petulant — added to the obvious production hero EDIT? No Way!

Couch – not a chance. Delusional.

So maybe Hannah?

—->>> WHAT Do you think of the BB Music Promo? Cute or wasting time when we could have seen Tiff try to convince Aly to use the Veto on X?

BTW: Did you know that the term “rooting for” is considered VERY RUDE in Australia? Has a very different meaning there…. Ahem!

The Last Neanderthug

Thank You!!!


But discussing the racism tonight would be on point. Tiffany showed that race matters more than friendship. From a game standpoint, that decision was made by her a while back. But even her alliance didn’t believe she would go through with it. But she did. And it was ugly to see as racism always is.
As a game move it was wise for her. Racism is the way to go to get ahead in the world and in big brother is the lesson. No matter how it made white Claire feel.
Good game move. Good human move?

Jaymie lee

Thats the takeaway. Here. Shutup and be happy for the Cookout and pretend they arent voting out Solely based on race.

Outside Looking In


The Beef

But did you notice tonight’s show was very skillfully edited to NOT mention the Cookout’s mission one single time? Oh the alliance was mentioned, numerous times! And we were very skillfully directed to notice how badly Tiffany was screwing over that alliance by her selfish game play! Even Tiffany herself contributed DR material that seemed to support the production narrative that she is a selfish b!tch, and only the hero X’s super human efforts could save the wonderful alliance from the treachery of the evil Tiffany! Then they spent about two minutes on her conversation with Claire, when she told her she was going to put her up and why.

Do you see any parallels in that narrative production is painting, and why NOW they might be shoving things in that direction? It’s the same HERO overcomes adversity story line, Another Name has talked about with X, but this time it’s the whole alliance, minus Tiffany – she’s the fall guy because somebody has to be!

If you ever had any doubt production is in full control of both the story line AND the winner of Big Brother, after the last few episodes, you should no longer have those doubts.

Sparky D'

I am proud of Tiff for what she said to Claire. While she protected her game, she also bared parts of her heart. That was real, and unlike those BB players in the past who have and I stand on this…Every season voted out people of color early and we had to watch it. NO ONE, NOT YOU, called foul on the play. Yes racism is real and its about time people understand what that feels like no matter your color. It’s unfortunate that this planned season had to be done however, it’s is just as unfortunate of what is and has taken place on this show and so many like it over the years. How can anyone down the COOKOUT really. They played the game just as the White players played their game.

Furthermore, I am excited to finally watch a show that I have grown to like inspit of the racism since its existence and now the People of Color can make their mark with a WIN.

Don’t hate the Playa, hate the game and remember, those who were a part of the last 22 seasons played the game first and now to be beat at your own game on a grand stand is a hard pull to swallow. Well AMERICA, DEAL WITH IT. The people of color sure have too.


Outside Looking In

In BB history, there has never been an alliance formed with its sole intent being to vote off people of color. That is just fact. Have their been individual racist white players? Yep. Did two or more of those players ever discuss forming an alliance with the express intention of voting off people because of their skin color? Nope. The CO is ground breaking in that they openly discuss, and eliminate people from the game because of their skin color. If the situation were reversed, and six whites formed the same kind of racist alliance, heads would explode, and CBS would probably step in and shut down production.

But even if the premise of your post was correct, (it is not), you are saying that racism was wrong before, but it is fine now. Again… racism is never OK.

Congrats to the CO on the win though… even if that win will come with an * beside it.


So we are not supposed to talk about how race which literally
this entire season was developed around by CBS ( see their release on POC and inclusion this year) & how it affects the players, their game play, their feelings, the voting strategy, the one on ones, their discussions with the camera.
Not talking about racial issues either real or perceived should not be the answer.

Jaymie lee

So you only want 1 opinion then. Only those that agree Nothing To See Here. People are upset and your saying they have no right to be. If the Cookout was White itd be taken off the air night1. Thats why peopke are upset. So now only ALL the same opinions count.


It’s a complete double standard because if the shoe was on the other foot. Another race did what the cookout has done openly target people because of what they look like and preach about it.Julie would be coming out saying how wrong it is! It’s true Julie is just very inconsistent with how she does things, and if she doesn’t say anything this season about it then Big brother will be nothing but people playing off racial prejudice because of the cookout. If they’re not gonna get called out on it then it’s a double standard completely and people of color should be targeted with no criticism.


Not “one opinion” just not “the same comments” over and over please.


You had me at “potpourri.” Lol! I promise I won’t take the bait.

Outside Looking In

If you are greatly dismayed about the CO, then this may be a good time to cancel your Paramount feeds subscription and eliminate BB from your DVR. Why put yourself through any additional misery?”

Why?… Hmmmm. well… lets see…

  1. So lets apply that rational to the world at large…Are you suggesting that when you see injustice in the world we should just turn a blind eye to it? When someone seeks to treat others differently because of the color of their skin, isn’t that a crime against humanity? Choosing to look away from it does not effect change. I have no proof of it, but I would bet that BB does pay attention to BB forums such as these, to get an open viewpoint on how real fans of BB are perceiving the season. It is my hope that they will take everyone’s viewpoint on this forum into account for BB24.
  2. I love the game. I have been a fan for many years, and it saddens me greatly to see something that has been really good most seasons, fall to the lows of allowing racism to determine the eventual winner.
  3. Lastly, I have endured the “additional misery” because all season, I had hoped that one person of the CO would show the integrity to stand up and say what they are doing is wrong. They have to know what they are doing is wrong, but they all seem to manage to set that aside pretty easily for the chance at the 750k. The hypocrisy of the CO is sickening. I fully believe Tiffs tears tonight were more about losing “her person/shield), than caring if Claire was voted off or not. She had the chance to come clean with Claire. She could have took a stand for her ‘friend”, and renounced the racism that was forcing her to put Claire on the block. It would have been a very powerful and poignant moment. Instead… she just lied to her “friend” when ask directly if she was in an alliance with the others, and stood with the decision of the CO, that since Claire is white, and for no other reason, she has to be voted off.
Yellow dog

The POINT San Diego Gal was trying to say is we GET it. Some people don’t like it, hate the reverse racism. GOT IT. The POINT was is that we get the message and are tired of the constant constant complaining. Like your little numbered diatribe here. She wants to talk about the game and I agree. Its amazing that you don’t get that and then proceed to gripe an complain and bitch some more. You don’t have to shut up and be happy. Just give it a rest. Go outside and breath some fresh air.


Thank you!!

Outside Looking In

Yellow dog, I got her point. She ask a question, and I answered it clearly and concisely, (with my “little numbered diatribe”), so what is your issue with me answering her question? I was/am talking about the game, not whining like you are at someone on this forum expressing an opinion. I am entitled to express my opinion here just as you are. You do realize that you are the one “griping and complaining and bitching” about my answer to her question, and that seems to be OK with you, but to you, it is not OK for me to answer a question posed by another person on this public forum, as well as discuss what I see happening in the game? In a dialogue there has to be an open expression of ideas. Those sometimes include ideas you do not agree with, or are tired of hearing. This sometimes referred to as “freedom of speech”. If you prefer not to read my posts, please feel free to scroll on down past them to the ones who’s opinions you agree with. It really is just that easy.

Kid Rock

I didn’t see you complaining when no one was every in a real alliance with David, Dayvonne or Baliegh! Not one person in the entire house wanted to make an alliance with them! They didn’t even do the fake plus one… they just told them whatever then went in rooms to laugh at them.


Amen to every single word and thought. Said with integrity which I lack in my posts due to the anger over the racism this year. Tiffany was the last hope and she failed!


It’s not why the CO was formed that is the issue for me. It’s the game play they chose to use. Each keeping a plus one, disliking other members of the alliance, choosing who gets to be HOH next, bickering about who loses their plus one and who doesn’t and who has to sit on the block even though they all know they are safe if they are up there. It has absolutely nothing to do with them being POC but everything to do with the way they chose to play the game. It made the game pretty predictable and personally I enjoy more twists and turns. There are many times in years past that I’ve disliked a particular alliance for the way they play the game just like I dislike the CO for the way they play the game and none of those reasons have anything to do with race.


First, Hannah isn’t wrong. There’s a chance that DF would win over X (I don’t want either to win). Second, Azah doesn’t know that Kyland spilled that there’s a secret alliance? I would have thought that X would have told Azah


Agreed. Hannah makes a good point. If X drags DF to F2, the jury might hand DF the win because they are so annoyed that X didn’t bring a worthy opponent.


Translation: BIG D is a disgrace Haha. As a black man, as much as I want to say that I am happy more black people were represented in BB This season but I must admit this is the worst season ever! You can NOT allow WEAK houseguests like BIG D and Azah to get this far in the game Period!!!


I would still say Paul second season was the worst. CBS cast a bunch Paul fans that didn’t play for themselves but for Paul. At least there was some drama though. Maybe this season is worse.

The Beef

Agreed. BB19 sucked donkey balls and ended up with possibly the worst winner of all time.

Kid Rock

Fefe! Weak houseguest get to Jury every season! Cut the BS


Yeah but not that weak! I watch Survivor, Amazing Race…all those comps game shows, I can’t recall any1 who was unable to win not even once , at least it’s not very common. Even if they weren’t physically fit or being smart… it’s like having the worst grade in the class, not a good feeling. When I was in school , I always make sure i was part of top 40 or 50%, nobody wanna be in the very bottom! if you’re ok with it that’s your choice but I am not. I even tell my son, you’re not good at this. Mom tells him he’s great all the time , I said I would never be that dad to lie to you telling you’re great when you’re just ok

Christime Ahrens

I like df but he can’t win comps, and last few comps r touch. I look for tiff, Hannah to be evicted. I like X the best he needs to start winning comps. Last comp is scale comp. Questions


Yes he has talked about the alliance. That was good game ply. However it could go against him too. I think to cover himself he should encourage them to say something now.

The Beef

Hannah was wrong about Jordan Lloyd. She may not have been a competition beast, but she did win 2 HOH’s and 1 veto during the season she won (BB 11), which is 2 more wins than Hannah has this season, and would actually tie her for second place right now with this seasons bunch (I believe) behind only Ky.

Why am I not surprised that another so-called “super fan” doesn’t actually know their BB history?


I’d bet she knows that — Hannah was being strategic in saying that b/c she wants to plant in X’s head that him taking a goat to the end would sully his win & he’d be risking losing. X knows he probably beats anyone (although I do feel there is definitely a path for others to beat him). She wants to be the person X envisions as a worthy opponent (read not Azah or Big D) but not scary to sit beside (read: Tiff or Ky). It’s smart game play.

The Beef

You may be right. Hannah is definitely smart and she’s certainly not above lying about something like that if she thinks it might improve her chances of getting to a final 2 seat (I would too). I’d say she needs to scramble, since it appears Tiffany is in pretty big trouble, and she’s her best chance of help in moving further in the game, but since I don’t think any of them really trust each other or are truly working together, I think we’re going to see a LOT of scrambling, and that’s likely to start tonight, depending on who wins HOH, and who wins Veto.


Ok, the zings weren’t quite bad. It was the 1st time I could swear the censors bleeped a word that Zingbot said when talking about Kyland droning on & on , lol


Any chance someone can post the zings or n here.


Besides what I said Zingbot said about Kyland, Claire was called BigFoot, Hannah was practically called invisible, Alyssa was called dim and then stupid when she didn’t understand what dim was, X was called self-centered in the nicest way possible (involved a mirror), Azah was told that there was no chance that she and X were ever going on a date, and for the weakest zing Tiff was called old


I think that Claire’s “BigFoot” mention from Zingbot was referring to her partial or totally webbed toes which was written up in her cast bio. :-(


First time I remember a *bleep* too! Probably because I don’t like watching the “zings” because they don’t really ever go for the jugular…so many worse things that could be said!


Random thought – what if the prize was raised because america gets a vote?! If this has been mentioned before I apologize, but watching the TV show (I HATE IT) maybe that’s the thought?! I respect Tiffany’s decision to stay loyal to her alliance over Claire, first time in, how many seasons?! She will most likely get screwed in the end though :( Tiffany, for game play, should have kept Claire in I think, she needs someone as her number one! Or am I crazy?!


X was always planning to screw Tiff over in order to try to keep Alyssa


No he wasn’t. He dropped in the hoh like he was supposed to cause there were only two targets. The co members that couldn’t win were him and tiff. He understood that. Tiff knew Claire was the target of pretty much everyone else in the cookout so she selfishly won to try and save her partner while x was ok if Alyssa became the target and lost.


At least a couple weeks ago, he was complaining about Tiff and was mentioning briefly about keeping Alyssa over Tiff so trying to say that it is all about this week is wrong; he is just using it as an excuse to further his agenda


I understand his beef. The group got pissed at Ky for winning HOH and POV when he said he would throw it. Now Tiff wins knowing she could be put in position of putting up Claire what the CO was trying to avoid. I still hope X will stop pouting and throw first HOH and win the second HOH and both POVs.


That’s not entirely true — They ALL agreed it was best if Azah or Big D won so BOTH Ally & Claire could go up on the block (though DF wouldn’t have put up Ally – but they also knew it was a long shot he’d win).

Tiff would definitely have dropped if Ky did first but b/c he’s done so many wonky things she didn’t trust him not to pull a fast one — nor was she keen to hand him a 3rd win especially when she was more solid than he was on the disc.

The loudest voice in the room isn’t necessary the correct one. Big D raves how he’s running this game (doesn’t mean we buy it). Like Tiff, X wanted to keep his plus one for the same reasons & the truth is the guys wanted to keep Ally while the girls wanted to keep Claire.

X showed his lawyer side creating an argument that fit his agenda. He said if there was a battle back DX would return & work with Claire before Ally, that he had better control of Ally than Tiff did of Claire & that Ally wasn’t going to win anything.

The reality is the house was pretty confident there would NOT be a battle back b/c of COVID. As for control – Tiff had literally just proven she could get Claire to do what she wanted (secret HOH). Meanwhile X’s argument feel short in almost every other regard b/c Claire won two comps (WCC vs. Azah/Whitney & BB Bucks vs. Big D) and hadn’t been close in the majority of comps.

Conversely, Ally may have been gifted her BB Bucks Roulette win & OTEV but she was still solidly second in OTEV, was third last on the wall (top female). 2nd to Tiff’s first HOH & just won the POV this week. Moreover, X was lying about “his control” of Ally which has been proven repeatedly. X told her NOT to try to get Ky OTB this week & she ignored him literally trying to do precisely that 5 mins later. The truth is Hannah has more control of Ally than X as it was there discussion that got Ally to shift her sights onto Claire.


I don’t think Tiff has realize how she has treated the alliance except maybe Hannah. What I think is funny now that she can flirt with KY will get him to save her is laughable. I think she has worked jury votes and forgot votes in the house. I see Azah working with the guys.


No you’re not wrong @ all! I said the same thing, boys are coming 4 her next week. She blew her chance to win it for herself


To make things interesting, I hope Alyssa wins HOH tonight, but if not HOH at least veto. I hope Tiff follows Claire out the BB house door.


Tiffany is just an awful person. There. I said it.


My guess is , even if there was an eating comp like BIG D Is asking for , he would still lose! Oh brother…


I know I am the minority here but I love Big D. I like his personality. I think he would be fun to hang with in real life.
Now has he done much in the game? no. But fun to have around.


I understand this is your opinion and I respect that but as much as BB is a social game , it is for the most part a comps game so I am sorry if you can’t win not even 1 comp throughout the whole duration of the game then” YOU SHOULD NOT BE HERE”! Its just not fair to the other HGs who show up and compete very hard, win stuff and get voted out early. Btw in my opinion He doesn’t have a good social game either b/c all he does is cuss other HGs out and complain

Another Dixie

He always has an excuse for why he didn’t win, like it was always stacked against him. He did pretty well tonight, came close to winning at one point but still said it was not for someone with large hands. Actually, kind of agree in this instance. This competition is easier for the women, I feel.


Haha I didn’t watch it yet but I think he meant comp was for some1 with a larger something else lol


Do HG know Big D is Smokin Joes son?

Spare Me

Nope. He hasn’t told them.

V capega