Claire “Sometimes I just want to grab Azah and shake her and say this is Big Brother!”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa Claire and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony: Alyssa used the power of veto on herself. Claire was nominated in her place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire is going to be evicted.

7:12pm Bedroom. Azah and Claire.
Claire – Hopefully I am able to eat and it also makes me nervous if I do stay for the double but that is its own thing. I feel like my one on ones today… my one on one with Alyssa was interesting ..ah because she basically stopped me from pitching which was curious. But it is what it is. With Derek I thought it went okay .. and he said that he is undecided and that he doesn’t know. He is going to sleep on it and make up his mind when he walks in tomorrow. So I mean that is better than what I thought it was going to be. So that is how those went. My one with Chaddha, I think went well. And then KY wanted to do one on ones with everyone (WTF NO!!!) Azah laughs. Claire – and then wanted to talk to me last. So I have no idea what that is about! Azah – he did have a one on one with me today. That is funny so he is meeting with everyone. Claire – When he said he wanted to do one on ones I said I don’t think you should! He was like I am going to do it. I just need to figure out where people are. I am like okay I am a little worried about that but good luck! Have fun. So I still have to talk to Kyland tonight. So who knows, he is an odd duck! And I talked to Tiffany but she is always somewhat paranoid. Claire – how was your day? How were your one on ones? Azah – I did have one on ones.. Kyland said that if I .. should I tell you this? Claire – you can tell me if you want, do what you want to do. Azah – Kyland said if I kept you, Hannah, Tiff link up and be together and I (KY) will be the odd one out. And what I’ve been observing is that I would be the odd one out. So its figuring out which odd one out I would be. Claire – I think that is interesting. Azah – because I would be the bottom of a threesome either way. Claire – I see a situation where Ky flips on me and tries to take me out. If X stays, I think there is potential for X, Tiff and Ky … and Alyssa to all link up. Where as if X goes Tiffany would want a shot to be taken at Ky. I do agree, I see a potential with this four, me and Chaddha… but I think a shot will be taken at Tiff and myself before shots are taken at someone else. I think I am more incentivized to keep you in this game, than X is incentivized. I think he has way more opportunities to win vetos. What are your concerns? Azah – they’re not exactly concerns.. just a lot of thought and when I say I am thinking its not to push off or delay. I really have to figure out what I am going to do. I know no matter what decision I make will drastically impact the game. Azah – okay .. please allow me some time. Claire – okay, I’ll let you think. They hug and Claire leaves.

7:50pm Havenot room. Kyland and Hannah.
They’re talking about how they really want to know what Xavier actually does for a living and how they think he is older than what he’s said he is. I don’t even care about his occupation, I just want to know how old he is because I was staring at his face today and he looked significantly older than he did a couple days ago. (He is 27) They move onto wondering how old Tiffany is. Kyland – I could see Tiff being 38. (She’s 40) Not that she looks that old.

8pm Bedroom. Claire and Tiffany.
Claire – AHHHh..Sometimes I just want to grab Azah and shake her and say this is Big Brother! You’re playing for almost a million dollars. How are you not going to make the move when you can make the move! Tiff – Mmmhhmmm.. a million freaking dollars! Claire – I was like so many people are watching and wishing the were us .. how can you not make the move when you have it!? How can you just be passive!? How can you not want to do it! Tiffany – maybe tomorrow won’t be a double.. maybe it will be.. Claire – it is not a battle back. It doesn’t make sense with the weeks. They don’t have enough tv episodes. What’s so annoying is I have to try and get both their (Azah and Ky’s) votes. Tiff – I am wondering what she (Alyssa) has with Big D and Azah. Its interesting that no one has talked to me about it. Claire – yeah, that doesn’t mean good things for you. If I go you have to fight. You have to do whatever you have to do to win. Tiff – I don’t have anybody in this house. Claire – Chaddha. Tiff – Chaddha wants to win. Claire – but she is loyal. Tiff – Chaddha is the person I would trust after you.

8:20pm HOH room. Xavier and Tiffany.
Xavier – I just wanted to catch up. I just wanted to talk to see if you still feel comfortable with me and I still feel comfortable with you. Tiff – I don’t feel comfortable with anybody in this house. Xavier – why is that? Tiff – It means I just don’t. Its not starting to be still fun for me anymore. So you tell me if I should or I shouldn’t. Xavier – I don’t think that you would be are you worried about me? Tiff – I don’t feel comfortable with anybody. So I don’t know if I should feel that way or I shouldn’t. Nobody has talked to me about anything.. so that is interesting in itself. No one has anything to say to me especially. Everyone is having meetings and talking and you’re the first person to talk to me and its 9pm at night.. so no I don’t feel comfortable with anybody. Xavier – I didn’t know that was the case. I am trying to do my own block thing. Tiff – I understand that but people on the block still do talk. Xavier – I was trying to find a time when Alyssa wasn’t near me. Right after Alyssa knocks on the door (lol). Xavier – in the event that tomorrow is a double .. from my understanding the only people that are looking to win are Big D, Chaddha and Azah. Ky doesn’t really seem like he is budging on going for it. I tried to get him to understand that someone in our alliance has to win in order to ensure that she doesn’t. I know that if Chaddha wins she is probably going to put up me and Alyssa. When it comes to the six I am still in the position that I’ve been in .. that hasn’t shifted. Like I said after the veto meeting I didn’t feel like we needed to talk because we didn’t have shifted opinions. Tiff – okay, I respect that. Thank you. Xavier – any frustrations I had with this week I got over them like I did week one. If I was to go with the six I would be looking at Ky and Big D. Because if nominations stayed the same and Big D did was off the block he probably would be a vote for Ky. I hope you feel comfortable. I don’t feel uneasy. Xavier leaves. Tiff rolls her eyes – Its hard not to believe someone who appears so trustworthy. Trustworthy or not, I don’t know his potential. I don’t want to have to compete on a superwoman level to beat him. I don’t want to keep him around just hoping that he will keep me around. I do trust him. He may very well be telling me the truth.. which builds trust. But I know he does not need me in this game.

8:25pm – 9:13pm Havenot room. Claire and Kyland.
Claire – I feel that multiple people are still up in the air which is not good because you’ve already said goodbye messages. Ky – I haven’t done my goodbye message. Claire – I don’t see any scenario where you and Alyssa work together. They talk out various scenarios.. Claire –

9:24pm HOH Room. Tiffany and Hannah.
Tiffany – I am going to say that he didn’t have to even verbally say it out of his mouth. I know that is what he wanted. Hannah – a big I told you so moment. Tiff – yes, we are all humans in this house. Everybody wanted a told you so moment. I told him so too.. I told him what I was going to do. And I did it. And I will be in a better position with Claire than he will be with.. god dang it what is her name?! Tiff – Alyssa. Hannah – yes. Tiff – so for me none of them got to evict her, put her on the block or nominate her. So its a win, win for me.

10:25pm – 11:04pm HOH room. Tiffany and Claire.
Claire is crying – I am just going. Tiff – he’s (KY) working with X? Claire – I don’t think he is working with X but there are more rounds to manoeuvre over there. In a shocking way I really don’t think he is working with X. I think he is trying to optimize the next two weeks and he thinks that X will find this to be an olive branch and will go after you and Chaddha instead of.. Xavier opens the HOH room door and says that he’s looking for his water bottle. Tiff gives it to him. Claire – so f**king nosey. Tiff – yeah he is. He is suspicious of me. That means he has everybody in this house. What does he think he is going to take everybody? Claire – I don’t know, I think they think they can manoeuvre eventually. Tiff – he is coming for me. Claire – yes, he is. Of course he is. Tiff – nobody asked me for a one on one today. Claire – yeah, they’re all coming for you. Tiff – I think the guys have a final 3. Claire – I think that is part of it. Like guys stick together. DO you think there are any odds I get Alyssa? Maybe Big D? DO you think there is anyone I can make my enemy so that people keep me? What can I blow up? Tiff – blow up someone so that you become a target so that you stay? Claire – yup. A unanimous vote should never exist in big brother. It should never be good for everyone for someone to go. I think I could get Azah’s vote but I don’t have that third vote. How do I get Big D to keep me? Tiff – tell him you might as well give X the money right now. Claire – I can tell him that no one will respect his game. Claire leaves to go eat. Claire comments on how she thinks she will need to stage a fight with her.

11:43pm Azah working on her cheat sheet…

12am – 12:50am The house guests are chatting and eating..

1:05am Living room. Alyssa, Big D, Azah and Xavier.
Big D – I need a cocktail! Xavier – You need the first part of that. Alyssa – I need a cocktail alright. I need a cocktail, hold the tail!

1:18am HOH room. Ky and Tiffany.
Tiffany – she (Claire) came in and said that she didn’t have Ky’s vote. Ky – I think it is kind of a little bit of a reminder like……………………………………….. I think it feels like since ……………………………….. It does kind of feel like we are the second to last people and only you and me have had to have difficult conversations. Ky –

1:35am – 2am Bathroom. Hannah and Claire.
Hannah – I just wanted to check in with you to see how it is going? Claire – it is not looking good. Ky is voting me out. Hannah – he said that? Claire – yup. Hannah – oh.. okay! Claire – my pitch, my thing .. I have to get Big D. I have to get Azah. I don’t necessarily have Azah. I have to pitch Big D and convince him that he has no shot with X. He has the way better shot with me and that X will never be incentivized to take him to the end. And if he doesn’t take this shot, he doesn’t win this game. People will just see him as being dragged. X and Alyssa will win out in every single comp. With me he has a chance to win. I don’t f**king know my memory. I don’t know any of the days. I was out first in the BB NFT and I really f**king studied that. If he is going to win comps he is going to have to take me. Hannah – okay, so similar pitch to Azha. Claire – and I could have a fight with Tiff. I need Big D to think that I would go after Tiff or that I am an island. Hannah – I don’t trust her anymore, she is my target. Claire – I have no loyalty with her. She doesn’t care if I go out. Hannah – the point is if X gets to the end he wins. Claire – I will pitch to Big D and have and stage a fight with Tiff in the morning. Hannah – I think after the first lock down you have a fight with Tiff. Claire plans being snippy with Tiff in the morning. Hannah – I think the fight with Tiff will help because Big D sees us three (Hannah, Claire, Tiff) being thick as thieves. Right now he sees it better going with the duo (X & Alyssa) versus the trio (Hannah, Claire, Tiff). Hannah – what do I do if I win? Claire – what do you think I do? Blow up Ky’s game? Hannah – you could blow up Ky’s game. Claire – I could blow up X’s game in my speech. Like if you don’t vote to evict X, he is getting my vote and I am going to make sure everyone else in the jury votes for him too. And also Alyssa .. you’re playing a Holly game. And then I sit down. Hannah – oh that is good! That is so good.

6:30 am Zzzzzzzz

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another name

Home and done with Today’s list of things. I’d be really lost if this week wasn’t feeling so predictable.

Changed the alliance map on Monday, think I forgot to post it. Figured jump the shark and just put each cookout member and their 3’s (real and fake) and 2’s (real and fake) into a chart. It’s not like there are other considerations.
Okay, I’m still of the general belief that X will try to cut Tiff to keep Alyssa tomorrow during the double. Yes, I also think complaints of a triple ruining the celebration of the final 6 by ‘concerned’ viewers ( and also including Ky and X’s complaints of lack of control in a triple) made them change to two doubles. that makes it about 75% that all six get there… but with the whole Alyssa is a POC too stuff lately, bet hedging in case the storyline doesn’t change would be my thought.
Production saying see… it’s still almost the same….. see????? Know what I mean? Sure it’s almost the same. that’s why nobody realized she was POC until week 7. Biggest fugging eyeroll.

Channelling my inner demon: Before veto ceremony Claire should have fought harder to stay off the block. Suggested comment to Tiff: ‘so, if you won’t put two black people on the block or vote to evict a black person, are they just calling the game at 6 and sending everyone home? No? You’ll do it then but not for the person you have 2 final 4’s, a final 3 and final 2 with? How loyal and moral of you.’ But no. they had to go with I love you and will still vote for you….. really? My demon would have been saying, ‘should I just get your bag and pack your shit too, cus you’re out if I’m out because X and Alyssa are the swing votes from now on.’
During campaigning, she should have spilled to Alyssa. Yeah, lost cause because Claire doesn’t have a penis, but giving little bits of info isn’t enough to break through, and frankly, if there was ever a time to sing… now’s the time to make like a canary before being tossed in a mine. Alyssa almost realized she wasn’t the mastermind of the week after talking to Claire. Got over it quick though… because a man said she was smart. External validation seeking from men… how…. barf…. charming. Not that soooo many of the women this season didn’t fit that bill. I can just imagine the psych evals when Grod read them: Gimme all the daddy issues on top, they’ll fit my plan perfectly.

X’s campaigning? Hmm. Let’s save time and encapsulate it “Tiff is evil, the women are entitled little brats” There. Done. He projects his own issues on to others well. But then, it’s been discussed before… the men of the cookout are quite the chauvinists. Oink.
X is still trying to break the cookout. Gee. and all the pushback I got the first dozen times i said he would push at 7. Clarification: X is all about the mission…. if by mission you mean X being the winner. Otherwise? Get real. Of the whole cookout he’s preached loyalty while plotting disloyalty the most and longest. Is this a bad thing? Thinking of your own game in big brother? no. But it demands stating it. One question, would he be trying so hard if he didn’t want sleep (no actual sleep required) with Alyssa?
If I weren’t able to guess with only having watched one full episode this season that he is getting the mastermind edit that he doesn’t deserve, I wouldn’t be AS annoyed by him. If I watched all of them and that was a running theme… was it? Shudder. Bet it was. Heck, I bet X and somebody irrelevant got credit for the royal flush in the episodes weeks ago. My money’s on SB and X got the credit. Just a wild guess. Because she had NOTHING to do with it… but was on HIS team. That’s my guess.

Azah should start to have her weekly moral dilemma any time now. Has it started yet?

bb23 WEEK NINE.jpg
Outside Looking In

Always look forward to your posts!


Claire should have told Tiff that there has never been a final 5 of all women, and that it would be historic to have all women at 5 and a woman as the winner. She could also appeal to the fact that she is a minority too being a member of the LGBT community… though it is not the same, there is significance to her being there as well.


They obviously don’t care about a Minority winning, they obviously want a black person to win and they almost didn’t count Hannah because apparently she wasn’t black enough for the rest of the group until about week four which I never really understood. All other minorities stand aside because that is not their cause. I love the alliance and I have no problem with it whatsoever, I just think it’s important to point out that this is not a person of color thing but a black person saying that they are trying to accomplish. They don’t careIf you are Asian or Latino or gay because that’s not the minority they are trying to make history with. They are making history with a black person winning the game and do not care about any other minority as part of this alliance. This will never happen again and I’m super happy I got to see it because I think it’s pretty dang impressive.


X has spent an entire week whining and moaning about Tiff winning HOH. And nobody in the CO has called him on the facts that: 1) Ky also chose not to throw the HOH to Azah, 2) Tiff sacrificed her own game by putting up Claire to protect the CO, 3) If Alyssa was evicted at F8, it shouldn’t be a big deal because she’s supposed to go out in F7 anyway.

Has there ever been a player, in any season, who has whined and moaned for a full week about someone else winning HOH when everything still went their way? Let’s call it for what it is. X isn’t mad that Tiff is playing a selfish game. He’s mad that Tiff isn’t playing HIS game.


I’m not sure how Alyssa can be considered a person of color in anyway when Derek X It’s not considered a person of color. Also, the six was really the five until about week four because they didn’t consider Hannah a person of color either? I wonder how Hannah’s gonna feel about that when she sees the episodes later. My guess is probably pretty stupid and embarrassed and I really like Hannah.

I think tiff really blew up her game this week just like most other people do. I think she was honest with Claire as she could be at this point. She was clearly honest enough because clear essentially stated as such and her diary during last nights show. I don’t know how much more honest she really needed to be at that point. Their friendship is one of the things I have liked best about the season and I feel really bad that she is getting the short end of the stick but the reason she’s not going to be mad at Tiffany is because Tiffany really was honest with her. Again, this is supported by her statement in the diary room Showing she has a complete understanding of the situation.

I can’t stand ex and I hope that he loses even though I’m very realistic that he has one of the best chances of winning the game. He is A shining example of selfishness. Azah and big D are too stupid to realize. I’m glad that neither of them want to win the money because they don’t have a chance in hell of that happening. They’ve done nothing but sit on the couch and wine. I like to ask but I really don’t like him this week. I’m sick of his whining and blaming other people and taking credit that isn’t due. I like him less and less as time goes on. My respect for Tiffany has actually gone up quite a bit despite what happened with Claire because it was obvious that she understood why Tiffany did what she did. Does it suck? Yes, it does and I wish it didn’t happen. However, this alliance easy thing to behold. Six people with completely different personalities with minimal interaction and completely different strategies somehow managed to get to this point in the game without the other 10 people ever knowing about the alliance. Honestly, the 10 deserve this because all the signs were right in front of their face and they all just chose to ignore it and went along with the party line and so they sit in the jury. I also really like Derek X what he play a bad game and he paid for it and he knows it. I am going to feel really bad for him when he figures out that Hannah threw him under the bus hard. Alyssa, has got to be the dumbest person to play the game… What else is there to say about her? I guess goodbye


Celebrity Big Brother 3 was announced today. I liked the first two because A they were short and B tom green.

Not sure If I’ll watch this one. how about the rest of you?


I’m in. The short season is nice and it’s fun to see the real personalities of the celebs. I thought Lolo Jones would be competitive (being an Olympian), but she turned out to be all kinds of crazy.


I watched the first one. Also liked because short. Probably better at taking direction than amateurs. I must have missed the second one completely! If the celebs are interesting I would watch.


Not me, I watched bit if the first one and wasn’t worth my time. Not even sure I will watch another season of the regular BB after this one either. After the first few episodes it all seems predictable.


I will watch depending on the cast, but what I really want is another BBOTT.

another name

What will they consider a celebrity this time?
I mean, they already dtagged the bottom of the d-list river for kato kaelin.
How much deeper can they possibly go into obscure?


Maybe another Anthony Scaramucci type character or the big man himself .. lol


Oh no! Not another politician! Lol

another name

oh god, it’ll be a mf’in conway. and maybe britney spears’ dad… hear he needs a new source of income…. imagine them discussing parenting. yeesh.


Definitely will watch. I loved Tom Green. I used to watch his show on MTV back in the day and he was hilarious.

Miss Impression

Based on tonight’s episode edit Grod ‘s got a hard on for X as the winner.BTW those zings were the worst.


They were the lamest zings ever!


I will say that Alyssa’s comment was pretty funny because she didn’t even understand that they were calling her dumb. They had to explain it to her. So that one was funny. In my opinion.

another name

How Tiff is the villain did they go… did she get snake noise?
If she got snake noise her chance of leaving in the double increases.

Miss Impression

There was quite a bit of hissing but the shot at her will be taken at 6.X got a golden boy Cookout leader edit with BigD as his faithful funny side kick setting up a X/BigD final 2.


what is this hissing you’re talking about – I replayed the entire episode & only heard anything remotely close to hissing once at the very beginning. Can you tell me a segment it happened so I can go back to listen for it. Thank you

Miss Impression

X’s DR edit painted Tiff as the selfish villain threatening to break the Cookout.


While I know I’m biased TPTB did show a to of X’s “I’m the loyal one”, “she so selfish”, DRs, but they also showed him saying “I’ll RUIN her game”, “I’m about to get savage” how he intended to win & take Ally off the block to purposely ruin Tiff’s game & his abject joy at Ally winning b/c it screwed Tiff.

As for him using POV on Ally — he specifically says “why would I do this — to PISS Tiffany OFF — the evil side of me wants to come out b/c I’ve been caging him all summer long for the damn Cookout” then continues about his loyalty but that he needs to win POV first. (they showed another clip of him saying that was his plan to win & take down Ally). Post POV they showed him celebrating in DR laughing “that’s what you get Tiffany & I didn’t even have to win POV.

TPTB made it clear this was a week of complaining by X but doing that F’d up move would’ve sent his ass to jury. (read: he was NEVER going to do that). There were also several Big D clips of him saying Tiff is selfish & bashing her. (followed by Tiff saying Murphy’s Law is the story of my life, I know people (read X/DF) feel like that’s what she deserves, that’s what she gets, she won HOH so she should have to suffer the consequences, nobody wants me to have what I want at this point. She never once hesitates about putting up someone other than Claire.

Also of note – the closest people to winning POV (before Ally did) was Big D (shocker – he was one cup away TWICE & Tiff).

Then they also showed him post POV comp complaining if she doesn’t put up Claire she loses four votes, & if she does put her up she MIGHT get four votes as well as him being domineering about what she would say to Claire. (He looked exactly like who he is a control freak who acts like a petulant child when he doesn’t get his way).

I know I’m viewing this with rose colored glasses but the fact they showed so many clips of his whining & bitching. (counted at least 10 — essentially it was the majority of the show content — I mean they had close to six days worth of non-stop bitching to pull from) & that he WOULD turn on the CO all while speculating she might, at least IMO showed him closer to his true self. They did show Tiff saying her preference was to keep Claire & work with the CO – how she made her bed & now had to lay in it & that very emotional talk with Claire followed by the graceful Claire speaking in DR about not being upset with Tiff b/c BB hasn’t exactly been historically fair to POC.

So maybe I’m wrong but I think the edit made X out to look like spoiled, arrogant & not the nice guy we’d seen prior while Tiff came across as someone trying to navigate a friendship/ally with a personal mission but staying true to the cause. The segment for me that made me question if perhaps Production is annoyed with X & aren’t as keen on the golden boy edit was X demanding to know what she is saying & that she can’t say I made a deal with X, Ky, Azah, Big D b/c that would expose the cookout (control freak in motion) followed by Tiff telling Hannah I love Claire & don’t want to completely mislead her but I also don’t want to endanger anyone in the CO (and a DR of her speaking on how much Claire means to her personally).

Prior to the Claire talk they air Big D threatening to flip the house upside down if Tiff doesn’t put her up. And X saying “if she puts up somebody else in the CO she better make sure I’m not here anymore (THREAT) if she pulls a selfish move, she literally just said (f*ck) the whole culture.” (remember those words X!). AND for good measure they superimposed the captions on the screen.

Next X/DF get confirmation from Hannah that Claire is going up & X says “how is she – is she okay? (weak)” & X demanding to know how she’s positioning it with X shutting down her being honest “If she does that like nearly everyone in the CO will want to come after her. Not only are you blowing up everything in this house, Americas sees that sh*t too.” (so now X also controls what viewers think?) I’m not sure how even the casuals walk away from that not seeing it as Tiff is more committed to CO than X. The final DR of this segment was X DR saying he was concerned how Tiff would position it b/c Ally is still in the house – so IT’S BAD FOR HIM b/c Ally would COME AFTER HIM (come on X – are you sure you’re a lawyer – who the F would Ally work with instead of you – please).

Early in the show they showed X saying Claire is “catching on” about CO while we know it’s Ally & so do the casuals b/c they showed that last week.

I went back & fast forwarding through episode & didn’t catch the hissing noises maybe I don’t know what I’m looking for but didn’t hear any. The closes was the very opening scene of her winning HOH.

I’m biased but this could’ve played up so much worse than it did – for example they never showed any of the discussion of trying to get Ally to use the POV on X or anything remotely of her suggesting “what if”. Nor did they show any of Ky’s double-dipping. Frankly, I expected them to present X as the savior & Tiff as the villain but at least IMHO that wasn’t the takeaway.

The Beef

Delete Comment

Another Dixie

Well, you know he didn’t dare be politically incorrect, unlike other years.


And it goes without saying that we all know why…

The Beef

A golden boy edit for X AND the Cookout. A thorough trashing of Tiffany, even though she did what she said she was going to do. At the end of the day, the CO wasn’t harmed by her winning, and only her game was hurt, which is on her. It was typical Grodner promoting her winner and pushing her story line (the hero CO alliance) big time.


We know that CBS has defended its production machinations on the premise that BB is a reality show and not a game show. But I can’t even call it a reality show anymore. I’d categorize it as scripted fiction. The feeds might be a reality show, but the edited program that airs on CBS is scripted fiction.


I haven’t seen Grod go this hard for her chosen winner since BB16 with Derrick.


She went pretty hard for Cody, pretending Enzo had a chance when everyone knew he had zero chance.


Just finished watching the veto, don’t watch the live feeds and if I am correct you can not go through the big window using the tweezers and Alyssa did that so is that not cheating. Just wondering. Also everyone is going on that Tiff and Ky are being selfish but if you go back to the beginning so was X and so was BD & Asya, they have all had their moments. Its just so funny how everyone forgets what happen a few week ago.


X was being selfish at the same moment he said Tiff was. He was butt-hurt cause his non-CO person (Alyssa) might go before Tiff’s non-CO person (Claire). What difference does it make?
He said more than once he might win veto and take Alyssa off, so Tiff would have to either put up Claire or another CO member against him. How does that threat help the CO? It only helps him and his non-CO person.


It was that way when the micro-POV was played before, but who knows what the rules were this time? So many things have been changed this season to appease what the Production thinks should happen so…it’s anybody’s guess!


I give Claire this much, she doesn’t know the name but does know the alliance and it’s purpose. Sorry Claire but you have to take one for the team. Bye Bye ? PS Claire has my AFP vote.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Whitey has to go…BB23 theme. Why even invite them to the show?


Production let it happen to appease some…
In a lesser style, this happed on BBCAN9
No harm done, only bliss for some…


They never said whitey has to go. What a terrible view to have. They are a team that has stuck together with a common goal. There have been plenty of all white alliances in the past who have done well in this game. Those alliances never said let’s get rid of the black people. The tables have turned this season because there is more representation of different races.

Your sentiment is actually how a lot of black people feel in this world. When so many white people are in control and doing so well without black people having success (in broad terms)…black people also say to themselves, “why do I even show up or try”.

That’s why this game is so great, it really is a replica of society at large.

Outside Looking In

What show are you watching?

BB fan

I have never seen an alliance set out from day one to systematically eliminate one POC after another. In the future, I think we will see this seasons format on a wider scale bringing back separation. I have watched BB since day one and don’t recall any group evicting based solely on skin color. Yes, there has been one or two racist players along with POC voting to save fellow POC due to color only, but nothing like this season. Yes, history will be made this season but unfortunately, I believe a precedent will be set.

Kid Rock

That’s how the others felt for 20 years


I think Claire deserves AFP for sure!!


She deserves it

The Beef

The term “take one for the team” means you are doing something for the good of YOUR team! She isn’t ON the team. Claire isn’t taking one for the team. She was USED by the team though, so if you want to give her an AFP vote for that, I’m sure she would appreciate the money.

Long time BB Fan

First comment of the season. As a white woman, I totally understand the momentum of the CO. Got it. Our country has a history of unimaginable horrors, but also breathtaking progress and healing. It is truly wonderful to see POC portrayed in non-stereotypical ways, given all the same attributes they’ve long been denied in this game, mostly due to being evicted early, that has mostly been attributed to white people: Extreme Intelligence, empathy, love, humanness, strategy in game play, even extreme manipulation in gameplay, all the things that some deny them, all the things we admire about our favorite players, even when they’re inhumanely ruthless. Thinking Dan in season 14.

Let us all calm down and realize that in this game, talking about THIS GAME ONLY, we finally see a balancing. It is not “reverse racism” when the players in THIS GAME finally find a way to win. That’s just smart game strategy. And going forward, this is the first time in this game we’ve experienced this balancing. Does it seem unfair and racist to some? Sure. But for the first time, it is a balancing. And sure, production has their own script, their own story to tell. But they always have.

Hopefully once the novelty of having a diverse cast wears off the GAME, with new players going forward, players will establish alliances not based on race alone. This is new territory. Inhale, exhale. I hate to see this divide amongst fans based on race. Let us, white people, take a moment to truly recognize WHY this is a thing in this game right now, and why it’s happening.

Hopefully in the future of this game, once the players realize that an alliance based on race is not such a great strategy, things will change. But to deny that for the first time, with a truly diverse cast of half black people, that it wouldn’t cross the minds of the black people to ally, is just dumb. Of course they would…given the history of this game. I’m excited to see a black person win. And in this GAME, unfortunately, those of us having watched many seasons, we know that black people have never stood a chance. Think of every alliance before this one. No chance.

So can we all just take a breath, give it some time, see how it plays out in the future, realizing that going forward there are many lessons to be learned in regards to future games, future players, and how they align. If they truly want to be diverse, give us a cast of equally ALL races, white, black, Hispanic, Asian. And also what they consider to be “old” people. One older male/female doesn’t stand a chance. The game has changed since Jerry and Remi got so far back in season ten. Let us remember that nothing is static and every season of this GAME is hopefully a reflection of that, and a learning curve. I know my comments will not sit well with all. But so be it.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

WTF? Only in America…

Just Sayin'

The cookout is a smart move for certain players you’re right, like X. But for tiff? She is throwing away a loyal person who would never put her on the block, to save someone who has blatantly said they would put her up. That’s not smart, its dumb. There’s a way to be a non racist player and still be smart and win lol. No one can argue against the fact that Claire is 100 times better for tiffs game then X but she’s keeping X… that’s the frustrating thing for long time BB fans, stupid game play is stupid no matter who you are


Tiff’s down for the cause. Even if she does not win, she wants a POC to win. Also, she would likely lose the votes of any CO jury members if she didn’t put Claire up. And she has to go home to her community, friends and family. She doesn’t want to be the one who turns on the CO.


Well said, it’s a horrible game move for Tiffany. It makes no sense to get rid of Claire and keep Xavier and DF. Both of them openly want Tiffany to go next. It makes all the sense in the world for this to be the time that Xavier leaves. He’s the biggest threat to win the game why keep him? That’s why this move backdooring Claire deserves so much criticism! It is an awful game move by Tiffany mixed with it being a complete Backstab! Tiffany is not seeing the big picture at all. If Tiffany was smart this is what she would do and it would totally work. Tiffany should be keeping Claire and going to Azah and Hannah and talking to them about how they all should go to the final four together! That way Tiffany would be covered everywhere and it could possibly work because I think the other CO women would understand about how the men in the cookout will just band together and take them all out. Those four women should stick together and then they could take a Derek F out at final five because he’s the worst competitor.All around,backdooring Claire is just a horrible game move and complete backstab by Tiffany. It literally makes no sense, which is why it deserves criticism 100%.


Azah has stated On multiple occasions that the cookout comes first. There is no scenario where she would change your mind and do anything to disrupt the final six. She just won’t. The only one who might’ve done it is X but the rest are 100% committed to the sex and nothing will stop them no matter what.

The Beef

X is committed to the sEx too! That’s why he’s taking Alyssa to the Final 2!


Claire for AFP!!


Tiff knows she put her game in jeopardy. She felt the same when DerickX went out. Tiff chose the cause over herself. She is looking at the bigger picture, the greater good. Many may call it stupid but I see it as a selfless act and I admire her for it. It is hard, practically impossible, to put yourself in Tiff’s shoes if you are not black (a black mother at that). It may be just a game to most of us but it is an important moment in history, not just BB history, for Black people.

Having said all of that and I said this earlier this week. As much as I wanted to see all six of the CO make it to final 6, I think X is losing sight of the CO’s goal. DF and Ky appear to be on board. Especially DF. I admit that personally, I just don’t like DF and the way he talks about women. So, I do wish Azah would wake up, Hannah too. Go to Tiff, tell her exactly what X is saying. It’s obvious he is more loyal to Alyssa. I wish the women would band together and send X his marching papers.

Outside Looking In

I too was hoping for a POC to win this year, and I agree with most everything you said, but… I do respectfully disagree with your premise that this is not reverse racism. The CO is ground breaking in that it was formed to openly and unashamedly eliminate players only on the basis of the color of their skin. Yes, this is a game. And yes, following their success has shown it to be “smart game strategy”. But… following that same logic, I see videos from California, where people are walking in and openly shoplifting items, and walking out of the store. They are choosing to do this because a newer California law does not prosecute for theft under $1500. So are they using a “smart strategy” to do something they know to be wrong, just because society is allowing you to away with it?

I have been hoping one of the CO members would show the integrity to stand up and say this is wrong. To say that they cannot be a part of using racism just because in this case, they benefit from the racism. What an amazing moment it could have been if Tiff would have chosen her “friend” Claire, over the racist mechanics she so willingly participated in all this season. But is was Tiff after all, who came up with the whole “pretend to be besties with a white person/pawn), so that the CO could more easily navigate voting off the non POC.

I personally think this is the beginning of the end for BB, and possibly Survivor as well. I get what you say about nothing being static, and that each season creates a learning curve for the seasons to come. But… what have we learned this season? Racism, though a terrible injustice, and blight upon a civilized society, is OK in a BB alliance, as long as it is is used to eliminate anyone who is not a POC. That kind of thinking seems to be working out pretty well in prisons across the US, so yeah, lets go with that. BB and Survivor are probably going to look more and more like CBS’s version of the “Hunger Games”.


Ummm, no. If she did that, she would’ve thrown away the entire point of the cookout and none of them are willing to do that. Tiff was never ever going to go against the cookout and the only one capable of doing so as ex and even he would have a hard time doing it. What else do these people need to do to show that the cause is the most important thing to them? Whether you agree with it or not, that is the point of the cookout and they have accomplished it.

The Beef

What have they accomplished? They’ve proven that one race can band together, systematically eliminate those of other races, and rule over the game? Think about that for a minute, think about history, and THEN tell me why that’s a good thing!


Well I see videos too and I personally think America is the greatest country on earth and an alliance of black people voting out white people and pocs on a tv show is a huge major problem that will be the end of all tv shows and is therefore worth mentioning again and again. I guess we are both delusional.


Could not have said that better!

Hopeful for a Good Season

Just want Tiffany out now. At this point in the game I’m rooting for either X, DF or Azah to win. But I think X is in hot water now if he keeps throwing comps, even at this coming double eviction.


DF or Azah? Why?


The best player in the CO IS Tiffany. X & DF are the worst. They are bullies. Hope they both get evicted in the doubles.


The only two people that deserve to win or Tiffany or Hannah. The others have done nothing and contributed very little. As it may be a sweet person but she is a waste of space. Big D is nothing but a whiny selfish self-centered excuse of a man who does nothing but sit on the couch and whine and complain about others. They are the least deserving. Kyland Sure does talk a lot but he has passed x for more deserving of being a winner. Tiffany and Hannah are the most deserving. I have to say the fact that Hannah is even in the discussion is pretty crazy given how far down the pecking order she was and wasn’t even considered a part of the original alliance. It’s pretty impressive the way she realigned herself in the house and moved herself up. She threw Derek under the bus hard and I think that he will be upset when he finds that out. At least Claire Won’t be blindsided by watching the season after the final vote unlike Derek asked who will be very hurt when he sees what Hannah did. I think if she had been honest he would’ve been taking the same position as Claire but since she was not I think it will hurt at least a little bit but ultimately he like her will understand. Although, he may not understand why he is not considered a person of color?


so my comment is based on 20 years of watching. lamest show ever this year, and only now do we see the honest characters coming out. Tiffany is evil. Pure evil! I have no loyalties to lame players who sit and coast ie: Hannah, Azah and Big D. Alyssa was dealt a raw hand when she hooked up with Christian and has had only one ally in the house but has tried and has won a couple of comps. What do you say about X or Ky? They are just calm, goofy guys at this point. They need to step it up. However, Claire, you are the biggest fool for believing in the garbage Tiffany spewed before the veto meeting.


In what universe did Alyssa get dealt a rough hand because she hooked up with Christian? This left her with only with no allies in the house. That was 100% her decision so how is that a raw deal? Should production have tied her down and told her Alyssa no you are not allowed to do this and if you do you will not be allowed to leave the room. Honestly, that’s a pretty ridiculous thing to say and makes absolutely no sense. Poor Alyssa! She chose to have a show meds and he got voted out. Poor Alyssa! You might as well call her the mastermind for the season if you think she got a rod deal because she chose the hook up with Christian and then latched onto Xavier as soon as Christian was dealt dealt


And Alyssa has only one exactly one competition, the one she won last night. She gets zero credit for any other comp wins because Kyland gave her the win in the OTEV competition And she was the only participant in the other one that she won. She’s not good at comps and she shouldn’t get any credit for being good at them based on that history. I absolutely give her credit for winning last night but other than that she doesn’t want anything and she really has nothing to be proud about in the way that she played it was a terrible game


Ok I’m going out on a gameplay limb. Lol
tiffany should have toldClaire, look this might not play well with America, but but use the race card with Alyssa. Tell her lol you think the blacks are together and you and I are the last on the list. Look you were on the block you came off who did they put up? Me. Are you sure you are part of their Alliance? Tiffany must also tell her you have to say it was something Kyland
Slipped up and said. Plus something Sarah Beth said which leads her to the conclusion.

tiffany could say to Claire it’s a risky move but it might work to shake up the house.

i think it’s to late for this move, but the black woman in me would have done it. Lol and made it sound like a reach to save a friend.


Warning – long post

Dueling priorities emerge as hamsters hit DE episode:

Entering eviction night Claire will leave & the Cookout needs to take out one more player (Alyssa) to reach their goal of getting all six members to F6. While it might seem on paper there are only two players in danger (Ally, Tiff) that’s far from the case & even though Azah is probably the safest (yes even more than X) no one should feel safe. Double Evictions happen quickly and strange things happen – just ask Jeff about that damn clown shoe!

With that let’s look at each player’s expected nominations, replacements & note where things could go sideways…

Hannah: HOH noms/replacement: Alyssa/Xavier – (says she’ll put up Ky but I’d bank on Big D going up).

Probably the safest bet to win HOH especially if the comp is memory based. She was one of the safest in the house starting the week with F2 deals with Tiff and X as well as F3’s with Tiff/Ky, Tiff/X. This week she added Ally as a fake F2 and improved the odds of the all female CO F3.

She lost ground with X as she went from his priority to take to F2 sliding down to F5. HOWEVER, like everything in BB – that situation can change quickly. For example, if Tiff is ousted in DE or at F6 it’s highly possible Hannah will be able to make X recognize how shady Ky is & that he was playing both sides. Since he’s been close to her all along & has his best strategy talks with Hannah IMO she would be able to reposition herself back in his good graces if Tiff left.

POTENTIAL SHOCKER EVICTION: In the event Ally wins POV I suspect Hannah would put up Big D to ensure Xavier is evicted b/c once he’s out of the house Tiff/Hannah pull Ky back to their side again b/c he won’t value working with Big D/Azah over them. She knows Azah would keep Big D & Tiff would too so even if Ally/Ky vote to keep X – Hannah would break the tie to evict X.

Ally: HOH noms/replacement: Kyland/*Tiffany – Big D (maybe Azah)

If you watch feeds it’s not uncommon to witness Ally rattling off comps at an impressive clip. But, yesterday Han/Ky tested her on days & noted she got a bunch wrong. Simply put barring X ruining his game to save her she will leave in the DE unless she manages to win HOH or POV.

X spent the entire week on a Tiff bashing diatribe and spouting disingenuous feelings about “loyalty & honor” but perhaps he should’ve been spending more time managing his plus one. While he was holed up with the like minded Tiff-hater (Big D), Hannah swooped into forge a F2 with Ally (Sloppy Seconds -TERRIBLE NAME) and IMHO actually has Ally tied closer to her than X does. When Ally suggested trying to get Ky put on the block & X said “no don’t do that” she completely ignored him & tried to put her plan in motion less than 5 mins later. It was Hannah who switched her off Ky planting the seed that Ky is Tiff’s shield so Claire was the better bet & Ally desperate to be playing the game & make moves agreed. In any other season IMO Ally would do well if partnered with the right people.

To that end, once Tiff put up Claire, Ally is running around telling everyone what a genius she is for manipulating Tiff to commit game suicide (Note to Ally if one of the smartest people you know in the house is making the dumbest move of the season –that’s a RED FLAG). Since this is a DE & X won’t have time to appropriately prepare Ally on “the mission of the CO” it’s a very real possibility she will be the most BITTER juror. Not b/c he lied about the Cookout but b/c he let her believe she was the one making the strategic moves & brag about it. It’s one thing for everyone to be fooled by an alliance it’s quite another to allow your person to make a fool of themselves (cue her dim-witted Zing) & be viewed by the public as an idiot.

POTENTIAL SHOCKER NOMS/EVICTION: watch for Hannah to push Big D instead of Tiff saying we want Ky out b/c he won’t work with us Tiff will & we can beat her now. She’ll use how Ally/Han were able to put up Claire as the example. If Ky comes down Han will push for Azah to go up so they can cut Big D (remove the glue between Ky/X). ALSO – see Tiff section on why this becomes more likely.
Xavier: WON’T WIN HOH — even if it’s just him & Ally left in comp he’ll throw it to her

Began the week as the favorite & likely still is given he’s Grod’s golden boy. HOWEVER, this was by far X’s worst week of the season. He allowed his need to control everyone & everything to blind his game management & in doing so ended up possibly ruining his game. Prior to this week he could cite his loyalty & displayed cool, calm game play but he’s acted like a pompous, controlling, chauvinistic ass this week while Tiffany took up residence in his brain. In the process he lost his hold on Ally to Hannah.

More importantly, his position in the house went from totally secure with NO ONE wanting to target him (other than Claire) to now being one of the biggest targets. X had a F3 deal cemented with Hannah/Tiff and also had F3’s with Ky/Big D & Azah/Big D as well as F2 deals with four of the five CO members: Ky, Hannah, Big D & Tiff.

B/c he couldn’t control his emotions it resulted in his safety taking a huge hit — the F3 deal with Tiff/Han is OVER — & he’s now their priority target. Azah who adores him is less committed (though she won’t overtly try to overthrow him). Ky who was the top target for him shifted to a F4 position — BUT —- all it will take is one HOH win by Hannah or Tiff & he’ll spill everything X said about them & how X was simultaneously pushing the rhetoric of Tiff’s selfishness while also trying to get Ky to buy into keeping Ally to F4!

Proving how much X is worried about Tiff, Ky told him his GBMs to DX/SB noted the secret alliance which X has no problem with but Tiff saying I had to do this b/c it’s a personal mission for a POC specifically a black person to win BB he considers blasphemous & selfish.. Umm X – these people are smart & already have it figured out. That’s the other thing he said he wants the first person in jury to explain the Cookout – WAIT — what if that’s Tiff — will you still feel that way or will that be yet another reasons to go off on Tiff?

X did such a bad job of social game this week he ignored Tiff all week shooting her dirty looks that were impossible to ignore. After weeks of constant discussions the fact he spoke to her less than a handful of times made his position clear. He went up to HOHR late last night to say “we’re good” & he’s not mad (BULL) & that he’d put up Ky/DF if he wins at F6. She knows he’s lying. Proving how messy he’s been he told Azah different names so if they compare notes (Tiff/Azah) they’ll know X is lying.

Ky: HOH noms/replacement: Alyssa/Azah?? — Tiff/Big D??

Other than X the obvious person throwing DE HOH is Ky, however, he does know Azah & Ally aren’t necessarily going to keep him safe so he might hang in until they are both out of the comp.

The question is — how much damage has Ky done to his game this week? After being the top target for all his shenanigans he channeled his best Little Finger from GOT’s to back stab Tiff & Hannah. He did a TERRIBLE job of squealing (he needs lessons from Hannah who expertly maneuvers in the rat territory) so if or when Hannah/Tiff gain power X will be able to bury him. Fortunately, for him the ladies now recognize X has to go first.

POTENTIAL SHOCKER EVICTION: Kyland is the biggest wild card in the house. He’d likely put up Azah as the pawn but the question is whether he’d go rouge if Ally won POV. If he puts up Tiff she blows up his game knowing she’s exiting. If he puts up Hannah likewise Tiff is furious. Ky likes to play the middle ground so the assumption is he’d put up Big D to try to stay in the middle ground (since he’s unaware even though Tiff/Han don’t know he’s been ratting them out to X they still know he’s up to no good & is tied to X). Tiff literally is playing the hold your friends close & your enemies closer game (quite literally) with him.

My guess is he puts up Big D as the replacement with the goal of taking out Azah & confirms with Tiff/Han that’s what they’ll do BUT—- if that scenario plays out I envision Hannah getting Ally to vote out Big D with her/Tiff. The good news for Tiff/Hannah stans is the ONLY way Ky wins HOH is if he’s the last one standing with Ally — he has no desire to win this HOH.

Azah: HOH noms/replacement: Alyssa/(Kyland or Xavier) same for replacement

While Azah hasn’t been active in the game when it comes to Xavier she’s fully locked into his every move. As much as she wants the Cookout to meet their mission she’s equally invested in making sure X has fewer friends (read: females to entertain him). This past week Big D overstepped his place disrespecting Azah saying he’s dragging her through the game & X wasn’t much better as he was unable to cite any contributions she’s made.

Look she hasn’t won comps but she’s the person everyone goes to when they need to be picked up or to vent. That is sometimes the one thing that gets you through the day. In contrast, Tiff thanked her for being so helpful & supportive with Claire’s nomination. It did more to repair their relationship & unbeknownst to Tiff came at a perfect time.

As much as Azah recognizes she’s positioned well in the game she’s also (I THINK) is beginning to recognize X can’t be kept in the game long term. The fact neither X/DF are willing to cut Ky & are somewhat strong arming her isn’t going over well. Couple that with the timely Claire pitches pointing out the guys are thicker than thieves or that X/Ky will take Big D to F2 and it’s helping move Azah toward the females. Now all she needs to hear is X or Big D suggesting she go OTB or be used as the replacement & it could be all that’s necessary to push her toward Tiff. Azah is a decent soul who doesn’t appreciate bullying, threats, lies etc and what she witnessed this week with X/DF completely trashing Tiff even after she did the right thing didn’t sit well with her. Additionally, X not wanting to ALLOW her to vote for Claire or tell about the CO only served to make him look like the bigger hypocrite.

She is laser-focused on Ky — and maybe this is more me willing something into the universe but I’m pretty sure Azah would be willing to keep Tiff over X (and maybe Hannah over X).

One way we know Azah is more in tune to the house happenings is she was adamant with X he has to gun for POV — that he can’t be throwing it & was able to convince him. She’s aware something messy is going on with X/Ally (with Ky/Big D) so that may have been enough for her to say – wait – I’ve worked with you the whole game & you view me as useless while Tiff & I fought but she views me as valuable? Not a tough decision who you keep given the choice.

Late last night she spoke to live feeders noting her ties to DF, X & Tiff — most noteworthy was she finally sees the reason for their issues stemmed from her believing the lies of others (Brit mostly & DF) & she’s speaking MUCH BETTER about Hannah. The issue with Azah is she never looks at the game from the perspective of “what moves do I make to improve my path to the end”. For someone like Tiff who probably does TOO MUCH of that it’s easy to see why it’s hard for them to possess a smooth game relationship. Ky tried to snow her which she’s wondering about but one convo with Tiff/Han will erase any thoughts she has of believing him.

If she wins HOH watch to see if Azah elects to put up X with Ally (that will speak volumes about how much she trusts him) or as the replacement. Prior to this week she might have put up Tiff or Hannah as the replacement but she’s been leaning heavily to using Ky/X in the secondary and tertiary spots.

POTENTIAL SHOCKER EVICTION: The other BIG DECISION will be if Ally wins POV. In that scenario X & DF will push for Tiff to go OTB but Tiff will pull her aside & say if you do that they’ll keep Ky. It’s doubtful Azah would do that but she might put up Hannah. I think Tiff will try to get her to put up X & say that’s the only way we get out Ky .. BUT … the funny part of this equation is if Ky/X are post POV noms there will be major activity with Hannah telling Ally this is perfect — we take out X now & it’s girls vs. Ky/Big D & we clear our path to F2 while Ky scrambles to get Big D to vote for him instead of X.

What should be a 2-2 vote with Azah sending out Ky could become a 4-0 vote to evict Xavier! So, I’m all in on this shocking option to occur just so X gets bit in the ass for his blind self centered play of this past week.

Ultimately, Azah is a bit of a wild card but it’s most likely Ally or one of X or Ky leaves unless X is able to pull out all the stops to push for Tiff which is most unlikely but if he’s successful it could put Hannah in jeopardy.

Big D: HOH noms/replacement: Ally/TiffHannah

I mean do we even discuss this happening? Historically, double evictions have produced some shocking results but I just can’t imagine this scenario occurring. Even if they locked Big D in a room for 6 hours so he could practice (don’t laugh – it’s happened before) I still think he loses.

The only revelation that would happen if Big D won HOH would be if Hannah won POV & removed Tiff as it would force Big D to show his cards — is he in tight with the 3 guys? or with Azah/X? Having to show who he values more could impact the game moving forward. Presumably he would put up Ky but if he did that it would force Ky to reevaluate how he views their relationship & trust levels.

Every time Big D opens his mouth I wonder if he has a clue about this game…

Big D: what if I win HOH & put Al – and she (Tiff) pulls some sh*t & doesn’t go for POV.

Ummm assh*le – you intend on putting Tiff up beside Ally why the F wouldn’t she gun to win the POV???? Is he literally that desperate to trash Tiff that he throws out stupid crap or is he that idiotic?

Tiffany: Can’t win HOH

As much as Tiff is in jeopardy a very a specific set of circumstances have to occur. Her worst case scenario is Big D winning with Ally the secondary worry but as noted above I’m not sure Hannah doesn’t get in her ear if she wins to get her to put up Ky/Big D.

The BIG NEWS is Claire is planning on staging a fight with her this morning in an effort to convince Big D to vote for her. As long as Tiff or Hannah keep this to themselves (PLEASE STFU ladies) it will be GREAT for their game.

It could actually serve to reposition X’s feelings about Tiff. Would he stop & think ‘oh sh*t, I’m all over the feeds laughing at her & now Claire is screaming at her & she’s crying — I’ll look like a moron’. Maybe — maybe not, but it can’t hurt Tiff’s game b/c no one will be as worried about taking her to F2 now. Hannah already feels better about it thinking the non CO members won’t be receptive to it (this of course until DX finds out she didn’t play Roulette). The one person it won’t improve her position with is Ky b/c he stupidly wants to take the biggest threat to F2.

Overall, Tiff winning HOH looked terrible for her game especially since she seemed to be so protected with in firm F3’s with X & Ky (and Hannah). The reality was those alliances were NEVER that solid. Ky is too wishy-washy to rely on & X was taking Hannah over her. So in hindsight, her winning spotlighted just how volatile X is & punctuated how much Big D hates her, reconfirmed how unrealistic Ky is & helped to mend her & Azah’s relationship.

Can Claire pull the rope-a-dope?

To that end, as Claire prepares to leave she knows the deal but is also trying to set up Tiff’s game. She says it’s her last ditch effort which kudos to her but in reality Claire knew weeks ago what the deal was. She’s watched how everyone ignored Tiff this week immediately noting how angry X & DF got when she won & Ky running into rooms with them. While many of us wish Tiff would’ve put up Big D as the ‘winning game move’ instead she chose to stay true to the mission.

Claire is a student of the game & has demonstrated amazing grace in this situation. The two ladies will be friends forever (I’d love to see them return in a different season or go on TAR). X doesn’t want Ally to leave even at F7 & while he continues to trash Tiff it’s hard not to ignore his relationship management is sub par to Tiff — does anyone think he could manage the same situation with Ally like Tiff did Claire? The fact he let Ally make a fool of herself this week while he continued his bury Tiff tour provides the answer NO F’king way. He doesn’t value women, is an egoist and isn’t able to handle any adversity

I’m hoping Tiff tells Claire spell it out to Kyland – tell him DX/Brit already told her they’re voting for X & she will too if she leaves. Explain he’s already lost the game if he takes X b/c Ally/Azah are votes for X meaning regardless of how Tiff/Hannah/Big D vote he’s down 1-6 already but it could be an embarrassing 1-8 loss or sweep 0-9 if someone gets to SB & tells her how he used her which she’s sure he won’t want to be his post game persona.

The other point Claire needs to push is comparing his relationship with DX as how X views him. And, that she’s been told by multiple people working closely with X that Ky/Tiff are his priority boots & he doesn’t care which one goes first. He’s protected everywhere. If Tiff is on the ball she’ll get Claire to tell Ky – I get you want to beat the best — but stop for a second & consider how X has thrown so many comps content to let others do all the dirty work so there’s no blood on his hands.

Tell him X seemed furious this week when Tiff won — WHY? B/c it meant he & Ally weren’t safe? That is closer to his real self that what he pretends to be & he’s been angry all week but never b/c he seemed worried he would leave. He was FURIOUS with YOU when you won that comp over Tiff & spoke about getting you out right away. You think he looks at the game the same as you & having alphas in the end but trust me he wants to go to the end with easy prey (Big D, Azah & Ally).

Claire needs to say I understand why you want to beat the best but then why didn’t you keep Chris & DX? B/c you wanted to show how great of a game player you are. BB is about perception Kyland & long after BB23 is over do you want to be remembered as the winner or the guy who had the chance to be one of the best & instead is one of the many BB jokes in history? (he’s all about ego so we’ll see).

Her final gesture to help Tiff is Claire intends to call out X in her speech saying he is winning the game – has her vote & she will convince the jury to all vote for him too. She will essentially tell the hamsters to wake the F up or live with the fact they can only get second place. Plus she’ll call out Ally for playing a Holly game (ouch). It won’t help save her but since I’m a Tiff fan I’ll enjoy the drama it will cause. And I hope it finally stops Ky, Azah & DF in their tracks to recognize Xavier needs to go – if not now then as soon as possible.

Outside Looking In

You should be playing this game! AWESOME breakdown!


And we get a little insight into what TPTB witness from their diva Xavier …

He’s practicing his speech for tonight & goes into storage room. The cameras zoom in on him & he says:

“Why are you always putting the camera on me. I am just practicing my speech? Back off man. I am just practicing, not giving any spoiler alerts.” 

He moves & the camera follows — he calls them “jerks” and then seemingly realizes that’s a mistake and laughs – then leaves to go in the bathroom.


Uh-oh. X better go to the DR to lodge another complaint that production isn’t meeting his demands.


For feed-watching reasons I want Ky or Hannah to go during the double.

No fave yet

Agreed. Between the lip chewing and words of nothing at all I’m getting bored with watching.
Also sick of watching Big Dum Dum with his hands down his pants.


I remember thinking Frenchie was painful to watch during his HOH Week 1. And then we got Kyland’s HOH Week 2….


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I give Tiffany credit for coming up with a very successful plan but I am really going to enjoy seeing her get evicted. Time for the cookout to eat their own.