BB Blind Date “You make my engine vroom vroom.. so how about we go back to my room room to go boom boom.”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa Claire and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto: Alyssa
Power of Veto Ceremony: Alyssa used the power of veto on herself. Claire was nominated in her place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Claire going to be evicted. It’s been generally a very slow day.

7:14pm Bathroom. Claire, KY, Tiffany, Hannah and Alyssa.
Tiffany – Well this is exciting, we have a co-host… so you’re (Alyssa) a co-host because he’s confused? Alyssa – yes, so he is going to be the host and I’ll be the co-host to explain the concept of the game. Tiff – and then you can go back to running. Alyssa – yes, I’ll basically be running as well. Tiff – so you me and Hannah are runners for the 3 dates. And Azah is the picker. She is the blind date. Hannah – Alyssa is taking Ky and I’m taking Claire, and you’re taking X. Tiff – Unfortunately! Did y’all think I was going to mess Ky’s lines up? Alyssa – we just didn’t want it to be obvious because I would probably be X and you would be Claire. That was a good mix up. So before the first show starts we should already have the answer to the first question. Hannah – do they know the first question? Alyssa – yes, where would you take Azah on your first date?

7:31pm The BB Blind Date starts. Host Big D and Co-Host Alyssa do the intro for the show. Alyssa – at the end Azah will choose the person she would like to go on a date with tonight in the HOH room.

Question One: Azah – Where would you take Azah on the first date?

  1. Hannah (Blind Date Claire) – I would pick you up on the motocycle, no helmets, Applebee’s. $20 budget. Split the 2 for $10 deal. $1 margaritas. Leave a $2 tip and hopefully back to Azah’s place.
  2. Tiffany (Blind Date Xavier)- First date would be on Sunday.. Church, meal with the congregation and a musical at the theatre.
  3. Alyssa (Blind Date Ky) – See the play Wicked at the theatre and then Korean BBQ.

** Azah liked answer 3 (KYLAND) the best for round one.

Question Two: What would you wear meeting Azah’s parents for the first time.

  1. Hannah (Blind Date Claire) – Still wearing the clothes from the night before.
  2. Tiffany (Blind Date Xavier) – White button up shirt, cardigan, kakye pants, boots and flowers for her mom.
  3. Alyssa (Blind Date Ky) – Over dress with a royal purple button down shirt, charcoal pants and black dress shoes.

** Azah liked answer 2 (XAVIER) the best for round two.

Question Three: What is the one thing they love about Azah and why?

  1. Alyssa filling in for Hannah (Blind Date Claire) – Her passion for skittles.
  2. Tiffany (Blind Date Xavier) – She always puts the feels of others before her own.
  3. Alyssa (Blind Date Ky) – That she always thinks of others before herself and doesn’t take life too seriously.

** Azah liked answer 2 (XAVIER) the best for round three.

Question Four: Describe yourself in three words.

  1. Alyssa filling in for Hannah (Blind Date Claire) – DOWN TO BONE!
  2. Tiffany (Blind Date Xavier) – Personable, Confident, Fun-loving
  3. Alyssa (Blind Date Ky) – Confident, Ambitious, Kind

** Azah liked answer 3 (KYLAND) the best for round four.

Question Five: What is family to you?

  1. Alyssa filling in for Hannah (Blind Date Clarie) – Applebee’s slogan when your here your family.
  2. Tiffany (Bind Date Xavier) – Family is everything. Family is my purpose.
  3. Alyssa (Blind Date Ky) – Family is very important for me. I am looking forward to expanding that one day.

** Azah liked answer 2 (XAVIER) the best for round five.

BONUS Question: If you had one pickup line to pickup Azah what would it be?

  1. Alyssa filling in for Hannah (Blind Date Clarie) – You make my engine vroom vroom.. so how about we go back to my room room to go boom boom.
  2. Tiffany (Bind Date Xavier) – I would tell her how her beauty has captivated me and hopefully that would lead to an organic conversation.
  3. Alyssa (Blind Date Ky) – No pickup line. Walk up to her and tell her how beautiful she is and ask her if she would like to go out on a date.

** Azah liked answer 3 (KYLAND) the best for the bonus round.

Azah will go on two timed dates (Ky and Xavier) where she will pick the winner to for the full date. Claire comes out and tells Azah she doesn’t know what she’s missing.

8:20pm – 8:50pm HOH room – Xavier and Azah have the first timed date. Tiffany tells them what is on the menu. Xavier – sounds like a cookout! Alyssa and Big D bring them food and drinks.

8:52pm HOH room – Timed Date number 2 with Kyland. Kyland says that he was ready for the purpose question that was vetoed. Kyland – my answer would have given me away .. it would be having a significant, positive impact in the world. And to me what that looks like is directly and noticeably improving lives of you know.. when… I looked at it like tens of millions of people how I have always defined it. I came up with that number because the world is big and so its ultimately not as crazy of a figure as it could be…. ZZZZZZzzzzzzz…..

9:11pm Big Brother blocks the feeds (because Azah fell asleep on Kylands date)…

9:20pm Still sleeping .. I mean still blocked.

9:28pm – 9:43pm The feeds return.
Big D tells Azah that she will have to choose who she would like to continue a future date with.. Azah – I have decided to declare my winner as Xavier!

10pm HOH room. Alyssa comes into the HOH room with the BB camera. She asks Xavier how the BB Blind Love date went being the winner. Xaiver – I think it went great. Alyssa leaves. Xavier to Big D – did you fall more in love with Ky. Big D – no, I don’t think I did. I think it was just the same.

10:03pm – 10:20pm Chess room. Xavier talks to Big D about how he didn’t know the dating show was going to be so real. He thought he would be able to play it up as a character but the questions were so real. Big D – she looked amazing. Xavier – She did but I am not trying to do it with all these f**king cameras around. Big D – So what are you worried about your ex? Xavier – kind of. Big D – so are you planning to get back together? Xavier – it was never necessarily a plan but… Claire walks by and Big D asks her what she’s doing. Tiff and Alyssa join and they take BB photos.

When they leave the conversation starts up again.. Xavier – Its like I know how Azah feels about me .. and you know too. I know how voiced to me that she has a crush on me. Any time she wants to cuddle or hang out in the hammock its because she wants to get to know me better. She asks questions about me and I I am not into that. So in the thing it was more questions like that. Big D – well you’ve made it clear and you can definitely reiterate it to her. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

10:23pm – 10:42pm Havenot Room – Kyland and Claire.
They’re talking through strategies of what happens to who if they vote her (Claire) out this week. Claire starts running through scenarios..

11pm HOH room. Tiffany talks to Hannah about her struggle with nominating Claire. If she had walked into the jury confused DX would have seen that. Because of the information I gave her I think will be able to convey that to DX and he will understand.

12am The house guests are lying around chatting.

1am – 2am HOH room. Hannah and Tiffany.
Hannah – talking to Azah she wants Ky gone first, then you gone, then me. Those three have a final 3. She said that X wants Ky gone first. And I am not sure about the order after that. Tiff – X told me that weeks ago and he has never veered from that. Hannah – he also told me that he has no intention of honouring the final three that the guys have. He told me about their final 3 two weeks ago. They start going through different scenarios. Tiff – Azah is still in this house because someone has to cook! Ky can cook but not as good as Azah.

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My BB 23 DE Dream Sequence:

-X is magically evicted instead of Claire
-Claire, Hannah, and Tiff make a deal with Ky to throw him the HOH, as long as Alyssa is out first.
-Azah and Couch are non-factors, as per usual
-Ky wins and puts up Alyssa and Hannah
-Ky + Hannah mutually gun for the veto to prevent Alyssa from winning.
-Alyssa loses and is evicted within an hour of X.
-Next week Tiffany, Hannah, Ky, and Claire target Big D and Azah for the DE and they both GTFO.

*End Sequence*


I came up with that number because the world is big and so its ultimately not as crazy of a figure as it could be…. ZZZZZZzzzzzzz….. LMAO. love it! hahaha


Just because Kyland can be the cure for some people’s insomnia….Lol. So, of the men left, who do you think would be most likely to do DWTS as a matter of Public Relations Rehab (there is always one that fits that category every so often on DWTS)?


And you thought it’s boring when it’s down to the final 3 or 4 in house. There’s 8 people in there and it’s a snoozefest!

I guess when the final six turn on each other, it’ll get more interesting, but I doubt it…


Part of reason game is not interesting It’s b/c of BIG D and Azah! U got 2 people in the game that are useless and can’t win sh***t! There’s no real competitions / no balance, therefore makes everything borrrring…


100% right…


That and until the date tonight it was impossible to watch feeds with either X or DF on them since last Thursday where it wasn’t a Tiff bashing session. X really acted like a child this week & in doing so he went from being F3 with Tiff/Hannah to being their priority boot.

Overall, the CO males annoy me the most as I’d rank all 5 ladies ahead of them for being more interesting in general & funnier overall. Big D has his moments but his game ability is terrible, he’s delusional, talks like he has power but his only power comes from standing in the shadows of X/DX, he dislikes women in general & he’s mean spirited. And the Kyverstion circles are just too much work.


Delusional is a generous adjective, to me he is grossly ARROGANT!!! And I’ve been saying Tiff will “REGRET” it for not taking a shot @ the boys first b4 Claire…

Outside Looking In

The racism used by the CO in openly discussing, and then eliminating players because they do not have the same color of skin as the CO members, is all that the CO, (and season 23 for that matter), will be remembered for. Whichever of the CO that wins BB has accomplished nothing “for the culture”, except to fully embrace the racism which they profess to hate. Any efforts by Azah, or the other CO members, to try to fain remorse or regret in participating in this racist effort is total BS. They all colluded in this, most of them chose “their white person” to become fake besties with, and use. Watching them discard these fake relationships, one after another, to support their fellow racists in the CO who suck at the game, (like couch, and Azah), is pretty sickening. When the season started I thought X, DX, and Chadda would be the ones to beat, and I hoped it would be one of them to win it all. OK, I liked Whitney as well, her storyline, and also for purely selfish reasons, in that I think she was very pleasing to look at! But… you know what? I did not even think about race. Three out of the 4 I was rooting for were POC, and I find it embarrassing even now typing this to separate them by color. I was rooting for the best player to win… PERIOD. Not the best person off the “white” team, or the best person off the “black” team, or the best person of ANY race. But that is not what we will see in the finale. Instead we will see the best player, off the team which put racism above individual game play win. Instead we all got to see exactly what is wrong with our society today, in the small microcosm of the BB house. X will probably win it, and he himself said on the feeds that he “only supports the game of the1/2 black part of Kyland”. Racist much? How ironic is it that Alyssa, (a Latina), is proud that the final 7 could be a POC, but the CO wants to celebrate the “six” but not the “seven”, because they do not deem her a POC because she is not black. I guess I am proud of the “fake bestie person shields” for not calling out the obvious racial mechanics being used in the game by the CO, though I am sure they know they would be destroyed by social media after they left the house if they said anything of the sort about it. It is a sad precedent season 23 has set. Get the “asterisk” ready to go beside the CO racist winner name, because what could have been a triumphant win, will be lost in steps taken back, in the movement towards equality. MLK had a dream. This is not it.


I agree!

Backseat Driver

Well written… said what is troubling a lot of us this season.


I really hope they only cast two or three white players every season for the next 22 seasons.


It’s a great alliance with people who are loyal to each other.

There have been many all white alliances before and no one has complained.

Now we have a successful group of black people supporting each other and people are freaking out.

I agree that this is a microcosm for real life. If a group of black people come together and are successful within the rules of the game people have to complain about it, especially when their success is at the expense of white ppl.


Yes you are right there has b4all white alliances but there has never been more racists comments til this season. You didn’t here them day that people must go because they are black, but this game that is all they said all the way through was they are not black or as X would say not enough melanin in them. Disgusting racist!!!


I totally agree with you. This bb is the worst game ever because of their outright racist bullshit. I am not even interested in watching the test and alot of people feel this way. The naive people that played this game with them probably never even considered that they were that evil and racist til it was too late because they were not like the final 6.




It is quite common for people to confuse racism with racial prejudice, but these ideologies are greatly different in meaning and their effect on society.
Here are some examples of racial prejudice:

  • Calling someone a Karen.
  • Saying White people can’t dance.
  • Saying White people can’t season food well.
  • Saying a black person should win BB23

Yes, these opinions can hurt feelings, but are they racist? No, because the oppressed cannot oppress the oppressor.


Hahahaha….Kyland never had a chance of winning in the blind date game over X!! That was Azahs dream come true….


My dream too ????


And Xaviers nightmare


I’ll never get this 10 minutes back.

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Personally I’d like Tiff to to go full on bat sh!t crazy and blast the f**k out of Tubby McButterpants & Mr. Shiny Head


Something feels very wrong about this Blind Date game. The entire house knows Azah has a crush on X, and that he does not return the feelings. Is this event being constructed to humiliate Azah, so that the rest of the HGs can be entertained at her expense? I do appreciate how this season’s HGs attempt to keep the feeds interesting with their antics, but this event just feels wrong.

Carlito's Way

I wish Azah would get out of her trance, figure out that X is SO NOT into her and talking trash behind her back. She is a nit to him and an annoyance. Talk about not reading the clues. Stop demeaning yourself (her devotion and adoration makes me cringe). It’s embarrassing to watch. Play the damn game you were hired to play (yes this is a job). VOTE X’s ASS OUT. Claire was on the right track when she told Azah that X is not responsive and does not have her back. Azah is sleepwalking. Sleeping all day and sleepwalking when “awake.” You look like a fool. Find your pride, girl! Wake the hell up, make a big game move and vote out X. There will still be a final 6 comprised of minorities, if that is your sole mission. Do it. Do SOMETHING! Snap out of it!

The Beef

If I was Azah I would have told them not no but, HELL NO, when they asked me to take part in this whole “blind date night” fiasco, and for the exact reasons you cited above! He’s rejected her time after time after time, and she not only looks like a damn moron, she looks desperate when she goes along with something like this.


My message to Azah is that ” in the real world you never get everything you want, specially when all you do is sit on your skinny butt and complain and whine and cry and more complaining and crying and more whining…”


X totally takes advantage of Azah’s crush on him. All he has to do to manipulate her is give her some cuddle time. He knows what he is doing. I get it. It’s BB. It’s just an ugly side of the game. I just wish Azah would open her eyes and team up with girls. I was all for final 6 being the CO but it doesn’t look like guys are going to stick to the plan. The girls already suspect that. I wish they would pull the trigger and vote X out.


100% agree with your post. At this point, I think every fan who supports the CO would be fully on board with voting out X. No way Alyssa and Claire could run the table, so a CO member will win the game. That was the original and ultimate goal. The only difference with cutting X now is that other members of the CO have a shot at winning.

Unfortunately, there is no way Azah will vote out X. He has exploited her crush to guarantee his safety. Like you, I get that it’s part of the game, but it doesn’t mean we have to like it. She’s a human being with feelings and he is trampling all over those feelings.




Yeah – plus he’s not being honest. He likes Alyssa & would go there if she let him.

It’s just another reason why I don’t value X’s game as “the best player” in the house. Part of BB is about connecting with people. Dan was masterful at doing that. X doesn’t have to pour his heart out to Azah but him being annoyed by the last night’s dating questions shows how anal retentive he is – everything has to be on HIS TERMS.

And, we’ve heard X talk personally with Ally so he’s picking & choosing – if he didn’t like Ally I’d say it was strategy.

Part of me hopes when X & Hannah talk today that he suggests putting up Azah with Ally so that intel can be shared. Azah is a kind soul but to this point in the game hasn’t played with any view of winning – it’s been entirely about the mission or helping X/Big D move ahead. Azah has viewed the situation as not wanting to lie & believes that’s why her/Tiff have struggled to mesh — but from Tiff’s perspective it’s impossible to work with someone who has no vested interest in doing what’s best for their own game.

There’s been signs lately with her taking exception to how X/DF spoke to her with Big D saying she’s ridden his coat tails & done nothing in the game. Meanwhile X was unable to cite anything she’s contributed — although he did revisit that talk but again it was self serving. Originally X was going to take her/Ky/Big D out but b/c Tiff didn’t do precisely as ordered he’s switched things up to target Tiff/Hannah first so now he needs Azah more than he did.

At the start of the game Azah’s preference was for a female to win I’m hoping she’s just telling X/DF what they want to hear. Claire & her are close so there will be opportunity today/tomorrow for them to talk & perhaps Claire can remind her of those early season goals & convince her how important it is to take out X as soon as possible and to work with Tiff/Hannah.


I’m hoping but won’t hold my breath!

another name

Checking in quickly. Yeah, haven’t watched much feeds.
Perspective of someone in a bad mood:
Azah: in terms of game a complete and literal waste of space. The ants act with more purpose and volition in big brother than she does.
Alyssa and Claire: idiots. But at least idiots trying to play the game sometimes. Yeah, they know the score… but they are at least acting like they don’t (poorly).
Couch: Azah with an ego and delusions of grandeur. Pointless.

X has already stated his ultimate final 4 is Alyssa, Couch and Ky. Figure that’s what will likely happen because he seems to be the Grodboy this year.

So: Ky, Tiff, X.
Ky: asshat personality. At least keeps us informed every time they’ve gotten feed cut production notes because he immediately talks to a camera when feeds return to tell everyone his new plan… that he goes back on ten minutes later because he actually has less retention than anyone listening to him ramble after sixty seconds. Seems to think production is customer service and he can Kyren his way into getting what he wants. NOPE.
Tiff: I liked Muffy. This Tiff is an idiot. It’s not like she can make as many game errors as she has and Janelle her way through comps for the rest of the season. Not sorry. Enjoy jury. Has about as much chance of winning as I do of being given a congeniality prize. Lesson: If you’re going to play the game to ensure a black winner, at least have enough sense of self preservation to make sure that black winner is you…. like….
X: asshat number 2. If it weren’t for production catering to his every whim lest he whine like a complete manbaby brat (the REAL Kyren of the season). Has everyone snowed with his early season loyalty bullshit that he’s been planning to destroy since about week…. i think the first time I said it was week 2 or early week 3. Newly added NOPE. Past due. Watching clips last night from the last episode and the edit they’ve given to him put him firmly on the list. When the edit is manufactured for a player, I automatically want them noped. I’ve noped a lot of winners in the last few seasons because of this. Maybe i’m wrong this time.

That said… at least the last three are in some ways playing.
Oh forgot Hannah. Fitting. oh well. Why bother. Her only chance to win is vs. furniture and wasted space. so… Hannah has to hope for feng shui to be the jury’s priority to win.

Okay. break is over. Back to attack of the vultures.


Wow! Breaking news! Another Name has added a new addition to the NOPE Hall of Shame. Xavier is now a NOPE. I fully agree with this addition. Unfortunately, since X appears to be Grod’s pick of the season, we’re now watching the fight for 2nd place. If X brings DF to F2, he deserves to be DOUBLE NOPED on principle alone.

The Beef

If you thought the edit from Sunday’s show was bad, you should see the one from tonight’s (Wednesday’s) show! It was BRUTALLY anti-Tiffany, and they even had her doing DR’s against herself, as if she was completely abandoning the CO alliance!

Oh, and the Cookout? No mention whatsoever of the mission or the cause in tonight’s episode. Just that Tiffany (that rat) was totally going against ALL of them, and that X (dun duh duh DUH!), the Superman, was valiantly fighting against her to preserve the alliance and sweet sweet Alyssa.

Made me want to puke.


What is up with the music over playing whilst the live feeds are up and showing the house guests?
Its very annoying!

The Beef

How loyal are the CO members to each other? Are they really loyal to each other at all or are they just loyal to their “mission”, and do they have one mission or two? It would seem they started with a single mission – that being to ensure a black winner of BB 23, but somewhere along the line that mission changed to ensuring that all 6 black players made it to the Final 6 of the game.

I agree that the CO are loyal to their cause, but I don’t believe any of them are loyal to each other, and that’s a big difference. If so, name the “ride or dies” among them! To me, X’s “ride or die” is Alyssa, and I believe he’s shown that, putting her safety in front of the CO agenda (at least the F6 one – they’ve already got the “Win BB23” thing on lock). Ky’s “ride or die” was SB, and he too put her in front of the CO, by winning HOH when he wasn’t supposed to do it, and trying to win on another occasion to save her. Azah and Big D are close, but there’s no way they are “ride or die” close, not the way Big D talks to her, and Azah was a lot closer to Britini than she ever was to Big D, IMHO. Big D is only close to whoever he thinks will drag him to final 2, and in order to be a “ride or die”, that feeling has to be reciprocated by the other person. I don’t think either Ky or X see Big D as their “ride or die” guy. That leaves us with Tiffany and Hannah, the two with the closest thing to a “ride or die” relationship in the CO, but is it really? Tiffany was closer to Claire for most of the game, and wanted to work with DX when he was still in the game. Hannah was DX’s #1 “cuddlemance”, until she backstabbed him, and of course she’s always running to X to download everything Tiffany tells her, right after she says it, just like Andytherat as Another Name so aptly put it, so that’s not really a “ride or die” relationship now is it? In fact, I don’t think Hannah is loyal to anybody in this game, as she’s the one that came up with the “sitting duck” strategy during the COD week, and then talked Claire into playing, so that she couldn’t play in the HOH the following week (this week), which means SHE’S the one who is ultimately responsible (in a round about way) for Claire going home this week. Now Claire certainly isn’t in the CO, but she’s been working with Tiffany and Hannah all season long, and we’re getting down to “nut cutting” time, and if X gets to keep his pawn, why shouldn’t Tiff and Hannah consider keeping their own, if in fact they were loyal to them?

Because they’re more loyal to the CO you say? I say they are loyal to the cause, but they damn sure aren’t loyal to the people, and there is a difference – a difference they are about to find out about on Thursday night and going forward. Depending on how things “break”, we may find that some of them aren’t even as loyal to the cause as some may think. This alliance, that some are trumpeting as the “goat”, is filled with non-aligned people, loyal to no one but themselves. I think we are about to see chaos unveiled upon the house. The only question is, who will take advantage of it? Does anybody have the cajones to step up, take advantage of the situation, make a big move and actually take out a target nobody expects them to take out? The openings are clearly there due to the fact nobody is tightly aligned with anybody! WIN and make your move! There’s nobody left behind to retaliate against you!


You make an excellent point that loyalty to the cause is different than loyalty to the other people in the alliance. You also make a valid point that the CO goal has shifted from a Black winner to all-Black F6. If I recall correctly, the original goal was to ensure a Black winner. Someone suggested (probably Tiff because she did all the heavy lifting the first few weeks) that the best way to ensure a Black winner was to get the entire alliance to F6. Now that we’re at F8, I really wish Tiff had nominated DF once Alyssa used veto and the House evicted X. Sure, X might poison the jury, but at least Tiff would have had a chance to not be in the jury herself. And the original goal of the CO would still be fulfilled because Claire & Alyssa could not win every comp.

Just a thought

This season is so boring I have hardly watched any episodes. Just updates on here. Works out well today on Star Trek Day though……..


Notice how Big D hasn’t made a point of calling out X for liking Alyssa, yet he has no problem mocking Azah’s unrequited feelings for X? More like “Big Coward” if you ask me…


As the house prepares to send Claire home tomorrow & studies before/after all day Claire will continue to make her fruitless pitches today. If it wasn’t for the CO not only would X be the right person to evict but her pitches have been smart.

Today she’ll work Big D’s paranoia telling him no one (read: X/Ky) want a “Josh situation” ie: the alphas taking an easier person to F2 & then lose to them b/c of a bitter jury”. She’ll emphasis Brit wanting him to fight & him needing to find others outside the 2 guys to work with. Plus she’s going to throw one of Ky/X UTB (she hasn’t figure out which one yet).

She’s already told Ally she expects to go which throws Ally who tries to say Tiff wouldn’t put her at risk but Claire shuts that down saying Tiffany knew I may not have the votes & also how safe X is telling her if they (X/Al) go OTB Ally will leave via a unanimous vote (LMAO – gotta love Claire b/c she’s putting it all out there for Ally to see the truth). Ally has been operating under the belief that she outsmarted Tiff so the question is whether this intel will give her pause & why Tiff would risk putting up Claire AND TELL her she might go especially with Big D in the house.

Ally shares this info with Hannah & spills important intel (about X wanting Tiff out first). A week ago X was in a F3 with Tiff/Han (and F2 with Han) so the fact he’s switched off Ky confirms what Ha/Tif suspected. Will it also result in Hannah suspecting Ky is running back & ratting them out to X?

With Ky I expect she’ll keep on the tangent of X winning which unfortunately only seems to bolster Ky’s desire to take him to F2 b/c of his ego. She’ll need to highlight Ally/X & Jokers all told her SB never nominates her w/o Ky’s direction & that all 4 said Ky was the top target. Claire has it all figured out (based on that convo with Ally) & Tiff trying to give her what she could. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to help Tiff by telling Ky she suggested everyone other than herself going up & Tiff was most adamant about protecting him even telling her to protect him if she left before her.

It won’t help b/c of his ego but if she wants to get a rise out of Ky she can tell him you know how DX did all that work & you thought it benefited you most? Well you are X’s DX & the unfortunate part for you is X unlike you is fine bringing a Josh or Victoria to F2. So you need to win out & you’ll still lose 8-1 or maybe 7-2 with Tiff’s vote if you don’t F her. DX already told me he was voting for X before he left & to be transparent so will I. Plus you aren’t able to communicate with brevity not that speeches every shift votes.


I love your idea for Claire’s pitch to Ky… that he is X’s DX. Brutal, but true. I think that Ky could actually be persuaded to flip the vote because he knows X was planning to break the CO anyway and cutting X now gives him a shot at the end.

But, Claire needs 3 votes. She can get Hannah and Ky, but she is never getting DF, Alyssa, or Azah. DF hates women. Alyssa is clueless. Azah is ready to hand the game to X in hopes that he’ll gain a newfound affection for her. As much as it pains me to say it, Azah has done more damage to the CO women’s games than any other HG this season.


Azah wants to vote for Claire (but if Ky decided to flip he’d have to lie heading into the vote).

And not sure if you saw but Azah sort of read X the riot act today too about the need for EVERYONE to gun for HOH & POV.

He tried to say he can’t do either to which she said I understand HOH but you HAVE to go for POV. It sure felt to me like all this Tiff bashing this week didn’t go unnoticed by Azah — who may miss a lot but seldom misses anything when it comes to X. I think she senses what he’s up to & isn’t having it.

Essentially she told him (in a polite but direct way) we have a mission to get to the six & she’s not going to let him try to pull a fast one. She didn’t say it in those terms (see my post) but she may as well have. She INSISTED he gun for POV & said if Big D is willing to gun for HOH to take out someone he’s been close to the entire game (Ally) then no one should have an excuse.

It’s sort of ingenious on her part — b/c she prob wants X to tell Ky or back her up on it plus she wants him invested in winning the POV if necessary & isn’t giving him an out to not try or throw it to Ally. I might be looking for it b/c I want it but I do think this week opened Azah’s eyes about DF/X & she wasn’t impressed . Again, she might not vary from the DF/X F3 but she’s not about to let Ally skate by after all this time & especially after what she’s witnessed this last week.


I didn’t see this conversation between Azah and X, so I appreciate you sharing it. We need an old-fashioned “listening in” to conversations whereby Azah hears DF & X bashing the CO women. That would be the ultimate wake-up call.


Updates will be late on Wednesdays until the end of the season. I’ll have something published in a couple hours.


Well, well, well – welcome to the game Azah! While she’s been entertaining on the feeds she’s frustrating as a player since she never seems to want to do what’s best for her game. That said, I feel like she is the heart of the Cookout mission. Sure Big D claims ownership, X spouts the most DR takes on his commitment to it & Tiff came up with the strategy but they are worse than a dysfunctional family and don’t particularly like each other. The truth is if it weren’t for accomplishing their goal the CO would’ve fractured long ago.

This week we’ve had to listen to the incessant ramblings of X claiming his unselfishness & Tiff bashing — I mean how dare she put her plus one ahead of his & then still put her OTB to honor the mission. I could do an entire diatribe on X & the fact he’s only in this position b/c of luck (landing on the Kings, plus the CO & never needing to win comps — despite his protestations otherwise – his not winning comps also meant he never had to get blood on his hands & kept him kumbaya with everyone — so WHO really benefited most by him throwing comps? HE DID. And he’s got the whining down to a science he was nominated by a normal HOH ONCE (this week) & he’s b*tched about it the entire week.

X wasn’t just hoping Ally would win DE HOH (or POV) — he was lobbying Big D & Ky to take Ally to F4 with his true intention on taking her to F2 — that’s why suddenly he’s trying to insert her into the CO stating she’s a POC. Azah has caught on though & isn’t having it…

Azah: The best scenario for me would be to put Ky and Ally up with noms staying the same. Are you going to go for the veto?
Xavier: If Alyssa is going up initially, I cant.
Azah: You have to go for the veto. You have to. I understand not doing HoH but you have to go for the veto. If Ally wins the veto, then it’s not happening.
Xavier: You’re right. Azah: You cant throw it. Xavier: You’re right
Azah: I don’t want to put you up but I need to get confirmation from you on where your vote would lie if I put other people up
Xavier: I think the reason why people don’t want to play is they want to be available at F6. I understand but we are close to the job being done and it isn’t quite done yet
Azah:If Big D is willing to play and put up somebody who he has actually been friends with on the block in Ally, everybody else should follow suit and play.

And with that one conversation Azah is letting X know the mission is the goal & they all have to go for it. He of course gets the benefit of not going for HOH which I get but after this week of his constant complaining if he really is all about the CO then he should be willing to win HOH in order to ensure Ally doesn’t. After all the man is quick to remind of all these comps he’s thrown so as long as Ally is out he can throw the HOH again.

After this past week where X & Big D could only talk about Tiff’s selfishness it’s her not so subtle way of letting X know anything hinky won’t go unnoticed or be tolerated. In other words she’s not having everyone throwing HOH to Ally or letting X get away with trying to help or throw POV to Ally or heaven forbid votes that take out a CO member to save her.

Now he knows if he tried to get Ky & Big D to vote to keep Ally over say Tiff or Hannah it would result in him being viewed as precisely what he’s tried to pin on Tiff this week & probably worse especially now that she put up Claire.

Azah has been battered this week with Big D telling her he dragged her through the game, X not being able to note her contributions, and Zing Bot embarrassing her about her crush on him & how he rejected her. She also got shut down on telling the truth to Claire – exposing the Cookout & X not wanting a 3-2 vote (he wants unanimous or 4-1 at most), She has caught Big D & X LYING about exposing the CO trying to pin it on Tiff & spoken to Hannah about the 3-2 vote with them both agreeing they are being forced to lie for X & also have their jury management hurt to make him happy.

Personally, I think with Ally running around claiming to be a genius for getting Tiff to put Claire up was crueler than not telling her about CO — it’s embarrassing for her & makes her look stupid. Then Ally telling them how X pointed out the F7 will all be POC means he’s demanding specific words & actions from others but doing what he wants to help his own game.

Azah may stay true to the F3 with X/Big D but I think she witnessed enough bullsh*t this week to recognize things could easily go off the rails (& that X/Big D would be fine with it) instead she’s letting it be known – NOPE I’m not letting her (Ally) stay. It also tells me she sees the guys want to go to F3 together — which she’s also not keen to occur b/c X has always said Ky would go but suddenly everything has shifted to Tiff/Hannah.

X may not have felt she contributed to the game but Azah is letting him know she’s aware & intent on keeping their eye on the prize.

Outside Looking In

Or…. possibly she has not figured anything out,, and is simply jealous of X’s relationship with another girl, (exactly why she wanted Whitney out before). She should by now know X is not interested, especially after Zingbot hit her with the truth to all America. I think she is just desperate to eliminate every pretty girl in the house, and hoping that maybe X will consider her when there is no one hotter in the house to cuddle with. I wonder if she would still be interested in X if she knew he slept with Whitney in the HOH room on Christian’s last HOH. This was revealed when Alyssa and Christian on the feeds ask X on X’s last HOH to let them have the HOH room to have sex before Christian was voted off. Alyssa told X ” you owe us, because we let you have the room to have sex with Whitney in the HOH room on Christian’s HOH”. He reacted like he was a.little bit worried that America would think he was in a relationship with Whitney, and then just said oh well. Then he told them he wod stay away from the HOH room for them, because he didn’t want to here them giggling.