“If we want to ensure a victory with the vision we have in mind we must all make it to Jury”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take. Nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX did not use the power of Veto.

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Big Brother Spoilers – It’s been quiet. Frenchie is going to do one on ones with people but it’ll be bare minimum. I hate to say it but the constant cutting of the feeds is a real downer. So Far this is the most interesting BBUS cast in a long time.

9:14 am Hannah and DX
Waking up talking showmances.
Hannah – Brent’s a funny guy he’s just not… I dunno, We’re too different
DX – I’ve never met a guy like Brent before
Hannah – same he’s unique he’s one of a kind.
Hannah – do you have any recon?
DX – no
Hannah – if our team wins we’re going after Britini if Alyssa’s team wins they’re going after Britni or and Claire?
Hannah – in terms of the other two teams I don’t know
DX isn’t sure about Claire
Hannah – So Britini I guess
DX – Yeah
Hannah – if someone from Claire’s team or Azah’s team they’re not stupid they know we have four players. I’m going to be honest everyone really likes you
They talk about how Frenchie says he threw the comps he didn’t win. (wildcard being one)
Hannah – I’m not throwing comps..
DX – I think Frenchie has a little bit of a ego or something
Hannah – ohh a little bit
DX – just a tad
Hannah – just a dash..
DX – this guy can’t admit that he lost this game.
Hannah – I personally can’t stand the hero’s complex
DX – just evict him already
Hannah – I’m going, to be honest, I don’t think anyone is going after X or Sarah Beth.
They agree they’re both fairly safe in the house right now.
Hannah – we’ve established with the team we’re going after Brit if we win..

9:40 am Claire, Britini, and Whitney watching DX stretch.
They joke about him being nice enough to let them watch him stretch.

10:02 am DF and X having a fake beef. Britini and Azah jump in to play along.

Frenchie joins them and they start talking about “Frenchie’s stream”
Azah – it’s like a thunderstorm.. I don’t know why it’s so dominant..
Alyssa – does that mean it’s further away.. he said he has a tik tack
Frenchie – Yeah A tik tack
(This conversation comes up more than most seasons)

10:20 am DF, Frenchie and Azah
Speculation if there is a battle back.
Frenchie – I would sh1t my pants if they flew my family to the studio
DF – today.. you’re going to work and you’re going to campaign.. if you can flip some of these votes flip these votes
Frenchie – I hope nobody in the public notices me.. we’re such a niche show I don’t think there will.. I’m a person that enjoys their privacy (He’s embarrassed he went glue on his first HOH. )
Frenchie – Where’s Ky I need my back popped
DF – I wish I could say that.. Where’s KY I need my back Popped.. POP IT
Frenchie leaves.

DF and Azah talk about votes this week being a tie.
Azah – I feel like we need to… there needs to be a point where we can all meet and be on the same page about this.
DF- I think what we should do.. is pass it.. like what are you doing next week.
Azah – if we want to ensure a victory with the vision we have in mind we must all make it to Jury
Azah – I’m not saying we need to play for everybody’s game.
DF – We know Frenchie is going home. I don’t trust BRent or Whitney being in that jury..
They agree Brent goes home first.
DF – after that either Christian or Alyssa. OR unfortunately Claire..
Azah – Sarah Beth
DF – Or Sarah Beth
Azah – by the time we get to jury we control (the votes)
DF – Jury is 7 people
Azah – really? no 5 people get evicted before Jury..
They do come math ending with 9 people in the jury.
Azah – that leaves only three spots (non-cookout )

feeds cut a bunch. Around 10:35 am Hannah joins Brit, DF and Azah they talk about the filming of their home segments. DF says his was some rocky themed because of his dad. He thought it was going to be about the military because he went to military school..
Feeds flip..

10:55 am Not much going on YO. Xavier, Derek, and Ky chit-chatting. At one point Xavier says they need to stop using BIG words he doesn’t get what they’re saying. Ky scoffs “YOU Stop it you’re smarter than all of us I know”
DerekX – we know you’re a lawyer just come out and say it
KY – we know your game. it’s Xavier ESQ.

11:04 am Frenchie, DF, Tiffany, Sarah Beth and Azah
They’re telling Frenchie he can campaign and not throw BRitini under the bus.
Frenchie – You should consider Keeping Frenchie at the end of the day I am your shield, your protector and the bigger target and I’m the one that’s going to take the bullet for you, and you, and you, and you. I’m not afraid to go after people that will steal 750 thousand dollars from you
DF – what I would like you do is have private conversations one on one

11:28 am DerekX, Ky, And Whitney.
DX – I fully admit the one thing I struggle with growing up is having a EGo. umm.. I think a lot of my philosophy ties back to the way I grew up. Growing up if you have people putting you down. You need to cling onto something that makes you feel strong. For me I over Anchored on to intelligence. Over Anchoring onto something is bad because it give you a EGO now you think you are over intelligent and better than people. Going into college I had to be aware of that. Everyone has a EGO it’s never going away. It’s about how much you can diminish your ego.
DX cites Buddhist philosophy about not chasing Pleasure…

11:40 am Brent and Alyssa
We jump into this conversation thanks to the constant feed blocking
Brent – I really trust X it would have to be..
Brent says he doesn’t trust Christian
Brent – someone keeps telling Fnrechie I am betraying him.. the only person that ran my name through the mud was Frenchie.. it was the first day
Alyssa says you can’t believe anything Frenchie.. “what about BIGD”
Brent – I don’t trust him. He’ll put me up right away
Feeds cut.. When we’re back Alyssa says X told her she’s his type.
Brent – you are the closest to my type..
Brent says if they were outside the house he would pursue her.
BRent – I know you would like me and I would like you

11:52 am Azah and Hannah
Hannah says brent is a threat. “When he is out of the way the six of us can control the house”
Azah – which is why it needs to be done sooner than later if another one of us gets picked off we’re on HUGE trouble
Hannah – I know
Azah – he has to go next week
Hannah – he’s on my team.. I need the numbers that increases my chances of having immunity..
Azah – the best chance of one one of us winning is every single one of us makes Jury. I know X doesn’t like it and I know you wouldn’t like it but somebody from his team has to go somebody from your team has to go.
Azah – if they (Brent/Whitney?) keep taking from our side they will control the house and pick us off then you guys won’t have anybody left to go after them.
Azah – He has to get out.. he’s nice. He’s really good.
Hannah – Azah I know this. I can sense bullsh1t a mile away. the people that have to vocalize their honest and truthful are not. I need him for numbers to keep me safe.
Azah – the same way I felt about Frenchie. I knew he was dangerous to have. He was still a great shield. He threw me under the bus a couple of times but at the end of the say he had my back.
Azah tells her to not be surprised when she sees Brent on the block and she gets emotional. She got emotional when she saw Frenchie.
Hannah – Brent and Whitney are our biggest obstacles to us 6 making jury
Hannah – once Brent and Whitney are out of the way it’ll be us 6 against Christian who is controllable he’s very immature. he’s not that perceptive.
Azah says last week Brent and Whitney were in the HOh every night until 4am they had more influence than anybody else.
Azah – they’ve somehow have been able to get themselves outta this

12:20 am Grooming, chit chat, and plenty of feed blocks.

1pm Hannah the “stylist” is dressing Christian. Brent – he looks like a Rockstar. Hannah – we were going for a coke dealer. (lol)

3:20pm – 3:55pm The house guests are sun tanning and sitting on the backyard couches chatting about random things.

4:05pm Kyland massaging Azah’s hand.

4:45pm Chess room. Alyssa, Xavier, Claire and Christian.
Alyssa – how does you team feel about next week? Claire – I feel like good. I feel like me and Tiffany really want to go for it. Alyssa – we all need to win it so bad. Claire – we need to win it bad. Alyssa – like bad. Claire – because I don’t know what will happen otherwise and I don’t like not knowing. Alyssa – because you guys know if we win you guys are 100% safe. Claire – for sure. Absolutely! Same! Same! Xavier – same, same. They agree it won’t be an endurance comp because the still have the backyard. Claire – how are y’all feeling? Alyssa – nervous because I just want one of our teams to win it. Its just kind of scary. But if we do then we’re sailing.. because after that we will just have the numbers. Big Brother switches the feeds..

5:30pm Quiet day in the house..

6:15pm Tiffany is painting Xavier’s nails. The others are sitting around chatting, playing pool and making dinner.

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Where did Azah & Derek F get the idea that the vote will be close? I haven’t heard anyone talk like that will happen


see nobody want make a big move just like derek season allover again

Go Derrick X!

Let’s hope not… I’m tired of the glue clown.


Spiked Kool-Aid

James Boned

“Azah – if we want to ensure a victory with the vision we have in mind we must all make it to Jury”

How is this not racist?


Nope. Everyone has said something like that every season though I don’t remember it happening this early


I hope this cookout blows up in their face(BOOM)

It’s not game related making it about race, I don’t like what they are doing; the whole fake crying missing your kids when Derek x and Alyssa walked in the ship room give me a break!

I would put up Tiffany and Azah!!
The wannabe grillmasters BBQ clambake needs to get roasted into FLAMES!
They are making their moves based on race and they have stated how they didn’t like how David didn’t want to work with black people. It’s personal when you decide your allies based off of their physical appearance- this is further proof they are making it about race! I would burn down the cookout because they are making it personal – they only care about race!

Over it

Sorry, no white people have banned together to say they need white people to stick together to win the game. Nope. Never happened. Racist!

Ty B

It’s not racist! They never said it because it’s always been 90 percent white.


13 percent of the population is African American so that’s about right


I don’t know if it’s racist per their motivation and heart, but call a spade a spade. They are trying to vote out anyone that isn’t black…

Fruit Loop Dingus

Awful choice of words…


Has there ever been an alliance form this early and they didn’t discuss a “vision” to get all members to jury? When the cast was 85% white and alliances were form to get as far as possible in the game, was it “racist”? Just say you don’t want a black person to win BB.


again..if 13 percent of the population is African American why wouldn’t it be 85 percent white?


Black people have immunity to be racist according to SJW that made possible the cast of 50% of POC.

The Beef

I get what you’re saying, but how was it not racist last year when the alliance (the alliance made up of all WHITE people) were voting out all of the people who weren’t in THEIR alliance, which included all of the black people, and at one point voted out 3 or 4 of them consecutively? Did you think it was racist then?

It’s unfortunate that we’re all so hyper-sensitive to the whole race issue now that we see racism in everything that is done. Clearly the black players formed an alliance together because they felt it benefited them to do so (good game play), and maybe because they felt like they HAD to do it to protect themselves from what they perceived as previous seasons racism towards black players. Even if they did it for the second reason, can you really blame them for that? All of these seasons, and the only true black winner is Tamar Braxton, and that was a celebrity season, with a lot more black participants. You might argue that Kasey Clark and Josh Marinez are POC, but I’m not sure the community considers them to be black, which is another subject.

Won’t it be great when we can just look at these people as winners, and not have to evaluate them as to how dark or light their skin color is?


The alliances in the past HAVE NOT BEEN BASED ON RACE. This alliance is based strictly around race. They aren’t forming alliances around anything but skin color. It’s incredibly racist. I hope they get called out on it. And how is this “changing the culture,” as BigD said? The Cookout is literally splitting the house into people of color vs. everyone white. They are perpetuating racism. What is supposed to happen if someone white overhears a conversation and learns about the Cookout? Then they’ll have to vote out black people and get called racist, not good game players. It’s absolutely disgusting. They’re forcing it into a competition of white vs. black.


It is sad but true that blacks are always the first to yell “racism”. They, more than any other race (and there are many: not just black and white) keep racism alive and thriving in this country. Until the day comes that they realize that none of the people of today’s society should be persecuted for what they think has wronged them, there will always be racism. No people today should be held responsible for what happened because of any of our ancestors. Sure, we all have learned from the past…this is 2021, not 1821…today people are all just people. Let it go.

Djemima Masudi

You sais « blacks » that’s all I need to know about you to know that you ignorent asl

The Beef

NHarts, I think your point is very valid as well, but you can’t just overlook the issue or perception or previous seasons racism against the black cast members – and I’m not just talking about voting them out. Season 15 was filled with racist comments against the black cast members, and against black people in general, as we all know. That’s why production did the “school yard pick” of teams the way they did, to ensure the black cast members were spread around among the teams equally, and I also think the main reason why there are teams this season is to protect against any one “group” losing too many members too quickly – thus the intentional spread of different “types” among the teams (men, women, blacks, whites). I guarantee you, if they had just let them pick who they wanted, rather than giving them limited choices of specific hamster types, based on whoever was already on that team, you would have seen drastically different team make-ups.

But in a perfect world, there would be no need for an alliance based on race or gender, because people wouldn’t be considering those things when making their decisions on who to boot out of the game! But we haven’t quite gotten to the point where we live in a perfect world yet have we?

Go Derrick X!

Yes, we thought it was racist last year too.

The Beef

I KNOW a lot of people saw last years evictions as being racist in nature, but my question was mainly directed towards James Boned, since he was the one my comment was replying to, and he’s the one who always seems to bring up the “How is this not racist?” question. So I was really pointing out to him some history, and hopefully maybe opening his eyes as to why they might feel the need to do what they are doing.


I live for that day. It cannot come soon enough. This divisiveness is tearing everyone apart. Please….STOP!


Half of you don’t even understand what racism is and the many kinds of it. Please educate yourself more on the views of people of color. Helps to put yourself in other people’s shoes sometimes.

Miss Impression

Thank you.


enough… racism is only alive today to justify people feeling like they didn’t have any opportunity.. not true and tired


The only alliances that make it to the end are male! That is sexism! I have watched every season of BB from year 1, disappoints me that the women do not form an alliance to the end.Also, this is the first time I can remember that casting has had enough African American houseguests to form an alliance,early! Let’s see where it goes! Might be something new? I am tired of pale,male& stale running over everybody.

One big thing that drives me nuts every season….WHY talk of getting to Jury??? Let’s talk about getting to the end! Winning!!!grrrrrrrrr…

Sir Kirby Williams

The circle will always continue until humans become intelligent and understand what Nelson Mandela did when he was elected President of South Africa, he brought people together irregardless of how they look.

Race, gender, LGBTQ, etc; for every new grouping of people and labels we use to identify groups of people, it will see the continuation of division and segregation. This continues the circle. The games continue, just new players and teams.

At work, we had a day to wear a certain colour of shirt to show inclusion. Unfortunately, not everyone had that colour of shirt. At the end of the day, the staff gathered for a picture to show inclusion, but only for those who had the right colour of shirt. Many of us were excluded from a staff picture to promote inclusion just because of the colour of shirt we wore that day.

It’s like the analogy of red fire ants and black ants in a glass case. If undisturbed, they all go about their business with no problems. If someone were to shake the case, then the two different types of ants begin attacking each other thinking the other group caused the problem when it is really unknown to them who is responsible for shaking them all up. This is what happens in society, and as humans fight each other we don’t see who is actually stirring the pot and creating the divisions among us.

Hopeful for a Good Season

A very interesting cast. Turning out to be a good season.


since nobody would wanna talk who the face vs heels are of the house are 
 faces-derek f,derek x,hannah,azah,xavier,sarah,claire,
both-frenchie and travis


What does Alyssa do from a game stand point ? All I see her doing is flirting with the guys. What was the purpose of telling Brent that X said she is his type ? I don’t see Alyssa winning any of the comps, unless it it thrown to her, did she come on the show to win BB23 ? Or did she come on the show to gain popularity, and be carried through BB23 buy riding with the guys. I don’t see Alyssa hanging out with any of the women, Alyssa needs to start playing the game, and stop depending on the guys to carry her all the way to the end, Alyssa is building her resume as being a flirt, that’s not going to help her win BB23.

Go Derrick X!

Depending on guys worked for Nicole Franzel.


yet we kepy altssa bad girl standpoint


stop depending on the guys to carry her all the way to the end

It worked for Nicole, so…

Julie Chen

Alyssa was about an inch or two away from winning the first veto. Her ball hit the edge of the cup before Derek X won. Maybe pump your brakes a bit


BB fandom complains about the cutting of the feeds every year… But this year, it really is bad. I feel like we’re gonna be voting for one of the kittens for AFP.


Simon/Dawg the feed cutting is horrendous!! Any ideas why? I know it was horrible last year too. I’m sure they have lost customers due to this and have seen how much people comment on how bad it is. I really just can’t figure it out, it drives me crazy so I can’t even imagine having to deal with it on a regular basis,

thanks guys :)


Thank you! And yes, it’s horrible at times. Sometimes it’s production trying to block conversations.. most other times it’s just production blocking it for unknown reasons. Hopefully they cut it out.


One time it seemed to happen at Frenchie’s request during a conversation with Kyland. I think that is the only time it happened at someone’s request


Yeah production doesn’t usually do it upon request..


Every year when I get two dimes together I think maybe I’ll break down & spend them on the feeds. Then I read comments about feeds being constantly cut/down. My suggestion? Save your feeds $$ & donate it to Simon & Dawg. They are the only consistently accurate & reliable info sources. Feeds sound to me like like a total waste of those dimes I’m saving. Thank you Simon & Dawg for your consistent, comprehensive reliability. Yo the best!!!


I had paramount plus to watch other shows before the feeds even started so not paying anything extra just for them. But yes I will and have donated to Simon and dawg- been following them for manyyyyy years !

Miss Impression

(Who out of the cookout will break first?)
First off I’m not exactly sure what the cookout is.Can anyone provide context,are they a game long alliance(if so they don’t act like one) or an understanding to not vote each other out before jury?Anyway,BigD seems to have lost his mind and my trust,I’m always looking sideways at Hannah,and X and Ky will at some point have to make that move out of fear of the girls.


The original Cookout is Tiffany, Ky, X, Big D & Azah and was formed while they were all in the kitchen cooking. They added Hannah later. I’m not sure if it was ever verbalized but it’s in recognition of BB finally creating a season with a more reflective example of the population and a desire for a Black American to finally win BB. Prior to this season casts typically had two or three minorities and one (occasionally two) LGBTQ representatives. In the 23 season history of BB US the only minorities to have won are Kaycee Clark (white American father/Filipino mother) and Josh Martinez (Hispanic American).

They are an alliance but don’t meet as a group – instead they talk individually passing along info if needed but there is a common agreement the 5 (6) will work to get all of them to jury & as deep as possible.

Several are trying to align with someone outside the Cookout that would be put OTB with them but each of Ky (SB) & Tiff (Claire) won’t let that other person go easily which is why Ky is prob trying to make it “look” like he’s closest to DX. He shared that strategy with X & since their talk we’ve seen X spend a lot of more time with Whit.


season 4 winner Jun Song (Korean) and CBB 2 winner Tamar Braxton (black)


see how fans think no heel or face inn bb