Christian “I got to get myself some t!tt!e$!” Alyssa “You really don’t need t!tt!e$. I made that money & I ain’t got t!tt!e$.”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take. Nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX did not use the power of Veto.

Big Brother 23 Houseguest Rankings – – RANK THE HOUSEGUESTS –
View the previous day ranks on the – Ranking Grid
Big Brother Spoilers – In terms of anything changing for the vote on Thursday it’s been quiet. Houseguests seem more interested in drinking Dr Pepper (Frenchie) or talking showmances.. (rest of the house)

7:30pm Chess room – Christian and Alyssa
Alyssa – do you think the girls like me? Christian – yeah.. and oh my god I am so chapped you being a part of kings and Queens plus aces. The Slaughterhouse F**king sucks! Alyssa – but I still don’t understand why that was day two and he targeted you? Christian – yeah I don’t know. Alyssa – that makes no sense. Unless you have your days mixed up. Christian – I was a target up until I won the wildcard comp. Day 2. Alyssa – That’s when he made you part of the alliance? And put you on the block? And he said you were the target. Christian – because he couldn’t get me.. you were the other option. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t understand. Alyssa – its about to blow up next week… if I win. Christian – not by us. We’ve got to put some acting skills into play. Alyssa – if I’m HOH and I put him (Brent) up I can easily just say you were trying to get me against my teammate. Christian – Oh so if you put him up next week.. is he your target? Alyssa – he was trying hard to make sure I remember that he’s before you. Christian – the only problem is there could be a battle back so be careful of what you say. Alyssa – then what is my reasoning? Whether I say the reason or not he would come after me. Christian – that’s true. Alyssa – he was like I’ve been completely honest with you. I trust you more than anyone in this house and I would never go against my word. You have my trust until you break it. Christian – we’re leaving this house together. (First & Second place) Alyssa – what if we did? What if we actually did? Targets from day one. Christian – when did we actually solidify this? Alyssa – it was later along because we couldn’t talk game at all. I think it was more so that we realized that we have to be each others number one because people are going to assume it regardless. Christian – so who brought it up? I think you did? Did I say final two first or did you? Alyssa – I don’t remember honestly. What are we calling it Chris-alyss? I knew they (Production) were going to call us in today too. Christian – I was blushing the whole time.

8:30pm – 9:05pm Chess room. Britini, Christian and Alyssa
Alyssa tells Christian and Britini about the Hooters she worked at. I would be like what the f**k you guys don’t want another beer?! Like that got me the tips. There is an international calendar where you can try out and get selected. Every city that has a Hooters in it has about 1 – 2 girls in it, if that. And Sarasota (Hooters) has always had 10 – 15. Britini and Christian – WOW! Alyssa – people go to our Hooters .. and I’m not just saying that because “I work there” .. we have BEAUTIFUL girls! They say we have the best store when it comes to looks. The girls I work with are gorgeous! A lot of people say they go to Hooter and are like ugh.. and they go to ours and they’re like YO! WHAT THE F**K?! And its so much fun. Its the easiest job you could possibly have. You’re just getting drunk with your friends and serving people wings. Christian – I got to get myself some t!tties! Alyssa – you really don’t need t!tties because I made that money and I ain’t got t!tties. Christian brings up how he was offered to go on Love Island. Alyssa – would you have liked it? Christian – I told them no. Alyssa – oh like they gave you the option? Christian – yeah. Britini – I would have failed on that show. Christian – I literally couldn’t do it. I don’t have Brent confidence. Alyssa – Brent’s confidence is for those kind of shows. Christian – I couldn’t be on those that show because I need time to work my magic. Alyssa – your magic?!

9:15pm Living room. Tiffany – Kyland is so handsome. I don’t know if I have ever seen a guy that looks like Kyland. I don’t. I can’t say that! Frenchie – he is going straight to Love Island. Tiffany – he has beautiful eyes, hair, teeth.. YES! KY is just gorgeous! No he can’t go on Love Island. Sarah – is it trashy? Tiffany – no its not trashy. I just think he should find his woman organically. Frenchie – he is going the the next Bachelor then. Big D – oh he could be the next Bachelor. Kyland – you guys have been in here too long! Tiffany – Brent you have nothing to worry about. You look good.

9:37pm Board Hockey – Brent and Alyssa
Brent – yo if we ever did a final two or alliance later on in the game it has to be “Radicals”. Alyssa – Like there is no other question .. no!

10:40pm Quite night in the BB house..

11pm Backyard – Big D’s talk show

11:25pm Derek X and Claire playing chess.

11:30pm Backyard couch. Big D and Frenchie.
Frenchie – you can’t look at none of these people and tell me that my a$$ doesn’t belong to be here. Big D – I know, you definitely do but I am hoping for a magically trick. Tiffany joins them. Frenchie – I should have applied for Survivor.

12:45am Hammock. Christian and Alyssa discuss their 3 favorite books. What they would bring to a deserted island? Three favorite foods? Etc. She says her dad is a sales manager at a home appliance store and she’s “pretty sure” her mom is still a physical trainer and the YMCA. Chrisitan asks if they are super fans? Alyssa – my dad is who got us into the shows. umm.. but my older sister is the closest to a superfan.

1:30am – 1:40am Bathroom. Tiffany and Hannah.
Hannah – I don’t want to throw my teammates under the bus because I need then to guarantee my safety or at least increase my chances of having immunity over the next few weeks. Tiffany – honestly me and my team have been talking about you since day one. We want you with us. Really! Hannah – Oh I thought you were talking about targeting me. Tiffany – no, mama. No! Hannah – even Kyland? Tiffany – yes, we all want you. Me, Claire and Kyland have said since day one “I like her, somehow I would like to work with us”. You do not have to worry about us with you. Hannah – and your team does not.. obviously you, Kyland, Azah, Big D and.. Tiffany – X? Hannah – yes, and I’ve gotten closer to Claire. I would love to work with you guys. I think Brent is objectively speaking the most powerful person in this house. I think he has the most influence in this house on a personal level. Which will transfer over to gameplay so I think it makes … I think if Brent is out of the way .. like another team can target him that opens the path for the 6 of us to get to the end because who is going to come for us? Not Christian. Not the girls? Tiffany – and I haven’t discussed this with anyone because I don’t want my name coming up. Hannah – oh no, I’m not a rat. But I am never coming after the five of you. Tiffany – I really want to keep Derek X a long time. Hannah – and he wins. They hug and head to bed.

1:55am Havenot room. Hannah, Brent, Derek X and Whitney are chatting about random things.

1:56am – 2am Bathroom. Tiffany and Christian.
Tiffany – on a game level, how do you feel about Hannah? Do you think she would be mad if we went after Brent and Whitney? Or are you with Brent and Whitney? Christian – Brent and Whitney trust me and Alyssa but they trust Alyssa more so that is why we don’t want to win next week. Tiffany – okay, how do you think Hannah would feel? Christian – I don’t think she would be happy but the reality is she is just on the wrong side. Just the way it is. She would join us for votes because she doesn’t have a choice. I think we need to take out Brent next week. Tiffany – I agree. He is convincing as hell. That is dangerous. Very dangerous. It would be terrible if either one of them (Brent or Whitney) won. Christian – I would toss it to .. the first person I would toss it to would be SB and then you. I would rather not win but I am going to make sure the right people do win next week. Big D is not a threat because he sleeps a day. His mouth is the threat.

2:16 am Frenchie, Brit, DF and Azah
Frenchie drinking his 2 am liter of Dr Pepper.

Frenchie – I’m enjoying my time with you guys
DF – I will miss you so much I won’t know what to do without you
Fnrehcie- so you know I am going
DF – motherf**er
Frenchie – weren’t you telling me to FIGHT FIGHT
DF – When the Titanic went down Rose and Jack.. she told Jack to get his a$$ on the damn f***ing thing.. and he didn’t listen.
Frenchie – she also said never let go
DF – I’m not letting go but listen here if you want to keep freezing and playing games I’m letting that a$$ go
DF – I’m going to miss you if you do leave me.
Frenchie – I have a feeling I won’t be gone too long.
DF- I don’t know who else I’m going to look at You’re my sexy countryman. I just can’t believe Amir (Frenchie’s gay friend) is going to get you back and I’ll be so jealous he’ll get all my time.
Frenchie – he’s going to be asking me all kinda questions.. By questions I mean.. what is he like? What do you all talk about.
Df – I saw you guys always together
DF says Frenchie looked “So cute’ last night when he fell asleep with his bible. You looked like a damn statue in church holding the bible (Jeepers)
DF – you can drive me up the wall but you are as cute as a button I just want to wrap you in my arms and not let go. Sometimes I’m ready to strangle you.
Frenchie – you ain’t never going to find anyone else like me though (Nah.. losers are easy to find)
Azah – definitely not..
DF – we know Frenchie.. trust me they know the whole world knows

DF – have you seen my a$$?
Frenchie – have I see your a$$?
Df – you see it? please kiss it.
Frenchie – you keep f***ing with me watch that a$$ will be saran wrapped to the bed.
Frenchie says production doesn’t listen to what he says “They listen to everyone else but me” (Except for when you ask them to cut the feeds cause you are about to blame your son for your failed week one HOH)
Frenchie – they probably monitor everybody else’s microphone except mine

2:28 am Frenchie with his eyes closed is muttering about how he wanted to make sure none of the three types went home first..
Frenchie – I checked that box.. I’m rooting for you
DF – thank you Frenchie
Frenchie – I love y’all
DF – I love you to

2:30 am zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:09 am ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

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I swear if these fools end up on love island I will freak! At least keep these two franchises separate…and don’t offer love island before this one?! If you are offering, STOP! WE WANT REAL FANS OF BB!!!
Love island is its own fabulous. For here we worship Simon and dawg and leave the rest for the other sites (unless they want to also start recapping that! Would LOVE THOUGHTS!!!)

Cathy Jubis

They are right though that Kyland would be perfect for Love Island. He is very dreamy.

Nicole Lang

Has anyone who talked to the cameras and said I am making great feeds ever won? yea send Christian and Alyssa to love island.


Does CBS have some pool where they collect all the people who want to be on reality TV and then ask which showS do you want to be on? Love Island not at all the same as Big Brother. I can see some one applying to be on Survivor and Amazing race. I think Frenchy is angling to get asked for Survivor. I would SHOOT myself.


As far as Love Island goes, while occasionally real matches happen, it for the most part is ridiculous so better that none of these house guests go on it. The narrator on the show is a season-long human Zingbot

The Beef

No kidding! Almost all of the cast on Love Island are so full of themselves it’s sickening. Yes I know, they are BEAUTIFUL people, and have probably been told that their entire lives, but do you have to prance around with your ego hanging out every second of every minute of every day? I admit I watched most of last season, but this year I’ve watched only the first show, and it was just too much for me to stomach. Survivor I LOVE, and have been a huge fan of since the very first season, and will watch until they take it off the air. It just seems so much more real than that joke of a show Love Island is.

Double Ds

Frenchie – there was only one other time a jock was nominated first.. he started a lot of sh1t that’s why

Sometimes they go out second Frenchie


comeback will be play season i bet becareful you vote outr be come back in


French makes my eyes bleed.


so every1 hate frenchie?would `1st hoh be any different from frenchie moves?


I don’t think you’d end up with so many bad choices in a single week with any other player. I doubt anyone else would promise not to put up a woman, minority or Kyland specifically and then renege on every single item. I doubt anyone else would have talked so much about what they were doing or were planning. I doubt anyone else tries to make as many convoluted alliances, one an all women’s alliance but with a guy leading. I don’t think we’d have so many target shifts for so little reason in a single week.

I can see an HoH making some of those same mistakes but to have all of those in a single week is rough.


but look cop derek look what jhappened and won!look what happened with ian and won!


What happened with Derrick was annoying. Everyone followed him like sheep even when they knew better. To me that was one of the worst seasons


but still won right?samething can be said frenchie

The Beef

If you’re trying to compare Frenchie to Derrick, you’ve totally lost me. Frenchie made more mistakes in three hours than Derrick made in his entire season! You may not like the antiseptic way that he won, but it’s a Hell of a lot better than having 6 different targets in your first HOH, in the first week of the game, lying to 75% of the house about who you would NOT put up, do it anyway, and then lie about doing it! There’s also the way he talked about (and to) his nominees, right in front of them, about who was safe, how the veto was going to be used, or not used, which is just not done by a savvy HOH. Going forward, Frenchie’s HOH will be used as the perfect example of how NOT to run an HOH – yet he keeps claiming he did things perfectly, and wouldn’t do anything any differently, except if Christian hadn’t won the wildcard, he would have most likely have put him up. But that’s the game, and if he hadn’t already run his mouth and told everyone his plan, maybe he wouldn’t have had as much fallout, when he had to change it.


lol Frenchie is no Derek.


since nobody would wanna talk who the face vs heels are of the house are 
 faces-derek f,derek x,hannah,azah,xavier,sarah,claire,
both-frenchie and travis


Anyone seen “another name” ? I haven’t seen a comment since the feeds came on.


No, I haven’t & usually enjoy reading their posts. Hope all is ok.

Just Sayin'

They usually give great insights, I hope they come back soon!

Jr Jersey

I miss Granny. She was exceptional.


Oh how I miss Granny! She was hilarious and had such a great take on the houseguests!!