Brent “I’m not going to lie, if I go down things are going to get f**ked up..”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take. Nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: DerekX did not use the power of Veto.

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7am Bathroom. Alyssa and Sarah.

Alyssa – I would rather Whitney stay because she wants girls at the end. She’s talk about how cool it would be and how there hasn’t been two girls in the end in awhile. And I think Brent would go after me and our team if I did that to him. 100%! Sarah – that’s true. Alyssa – He would. He’s been trying to keep me away from.. He’s been trying to say I should trust him over Christian. He told me that Christian was the reason I was on the block because Christian made a comment the first day. Which that is another thing I could say is you’re trying to get me against my own teammate. Like to Ky’s point the ones we can only trust are the 4 we came in with and you’re trying to get me against one of them.. But I feel so bad lying once you get to know people and what they’ve been through. Like lying straight to his face like yeah I got your back. And as soon as I win HOH he is going up. I feel horrible. Sarah – yeah. I totally get that. Alyssa – its going to be crazy! And if I don’t then everyone is going to be against me.. and I’m on their side and they don’t have the numbers you know what I mean? Sarah – right. Alyssa – its going to suck but it is what it is.

7:05pm Hammock – Brent, Christian and Whitney
Brent – someone here told someone.. I forget who. Christian – Frenchie told Alyssa. (About the girls alliance) Brent – Frenchie told Alyssa. Christian – Frenchie’s a liar. We have no actual confirmation other than Whitney. Brent – we have to stick to get rid of those girls because to be honest they’re going to start to become a problem. Christian – especially after two guys gone this week. If its two guys gone this week, and a third next week… half the guys gone ..almost. Brent – so it really needs to be two girls gone for the next two weeks. Whitney – MMmmhhmmmm. Brent – or we’re screwed and everyone is just going to get picked off.. alliance or not it doesn’t matter. We already know Big D will flip, Britini, Azah, Tiffany, Claire and SB (Sarah Beth). Do you trust SB because it seems like she is after the guys as well. That is the vibe I got from her. Whitney – she’s had a lot of quiet moments with Frenchie. Brent – I think SB would go after me. Christian – not SB? Brent – you guys would have to have a lot of influence on her. Christian – we would. Brent – I am not going to lie if I go down things are going to get f**ked up.. because then you’ll lose Derek X and Hannah as far as being in an alliance and votes being persuaded. Christian – right. Brent – it would all go down hill. Whitney – I don’t see any of the girls not going after a guy. Christian – I think we could … do you ever talk to SB? Brent – yeah but not about game. Whitney – at this point I think its dangerous to talk to people about game. How do you convince a girl to take out another girl? Christian – that’s a concern but not a concern if we win. Let just get it! I know we need to prepare if we don’t but I would rather just prepare if we do. Brent – if anyone from our alliance goes up and one goes home .. the whole thing is going to crumble. Christian – its already starting. Brent – its not, Frenchie just needs to leave. Whitney – I think the only person that’s caused issues is gone now. Christian – with Frenchie going I am just nervous about what he is planning on saying. Brent – there are too many lies going around for people to believe anything. Christian – I said that .. he went around saying so many lies that people are disregarding everything. Brent – I feel good because Hannah and Derek X are on the same page as us. Whitney – I don’t know if she is .. if you saw her face about how we were talking to Ky about how we think it should be girls .. you should have seen her face. Brent – but we could work on her. After I was speaking with Azah in a group setting ..she is definitely top on my list from the way she was talking.

7:20pm Bathroom. Sarah, Brent and Alyssa.
Alyssa – how do you feel about next week? Are you nervous at all? Brent – What are you getting at? Give me what you’re really digging for.. Alyssa – Blunt. Sarah – I like that. Alyssa – how does your team feel about our team? Brent – we like you. You know who doesn’t get along the most .. its me and Whit. And we’re on the same time. Alyssa – if your team is good and our team is good .. we have the numbers. Brent – we do. Alyssa – why would you want to team up with a team that has 3 .. go 4 and 4 and you have 8. Brent to Sarah – can I trust you? Sarah – yeah, absolutely! Brent – okay, its like the stupidest question to ask in this god damn game.. because then it comes back to bite you. Alyssa – yeah but we’re on the same team. Brent – yeah, Azah is PISSED that her team was targeted. Like she really is. And Britini is going to have her vengeance too. Of all the people that win it, it can’t be Azah and it can’t be Britini because especially the way Azah was talking out there. We were talking about floating.. and she got heated! I meant coasting she took it as floating. I said I don’t understand why anyone would want to win the game by floating.. and she was pissed saying floating is one of the best strategies. She got super defensive, super fast. That’s her gameplay. Ok so you’re definitely trying to float right now. Alyssa – yeah she just gave away her.. Brent – and my floating definition was different from hers .. I meant coasting. Alyssa – what’s the difference. Brent – I guess floating is your working the whole house. Like you’re trying to stay neutral with everyone. Coasting is just not doing anything. Brent – there are two guys that have already gone home.. and our two teams are made up of a lot of guys. So we’re protecting you guys if there is an all girls alliance we need to make sure the next two weeks are two girls from the other side. Because they will have the numbers if another guy goes home and then everyone loses. Alyssa – exactly.

8:44pm Chess room. Hannah and Tiffany.
Tiffany – Brent versus Whitney or target somebody else. Hannah – I get that he is loyal but I cannot beat him. I can’t target him because he’s on my team. Tiffany – so you think if we have the opportunity to get him out, you think we should? Hannah – obviously don’t say that that come from me. Tiffany – listen, let me tell you something about me. When I look at your face I see my little baby sister. I could never go against you. I am so impressed with you as a young 21 year old in this house. I truly respect your game. I also on a personal level am not a gossiper. Outside of this house I would never go back and tell .. Frenchie told me you said.. I don’t like sh*t like that. So I am definitely not doing that in this house. I do the best that I can to talk to people without using names. I would never do that to you. Hannah – okay. Tiffany – I would never blow your game up. Hannah – and the same goes for you. Tiffany – thank you. Hannah – I am not a snitch, I am not a rat. What is your whole team struggling with? Is it your whole team struggling with this, or is it just you? Tiffany – I think multiple people in this house believe he is a strong competitor mentally. We all know how he can be in comps. He (Frenchie) is so egotistically. Hannah – he can’t admit that he lost. Tiffany – he still thinks that is his room (HOH room).

9pm Chess room. Tiffany and Hannah.
Feeds return.. Hannah – Its not going to be you. Its not going to be Azah. Britini is going to be the target. Claire and Sarah Beth are going to be the pawn. If one of them pulls them self off the block, the other one is going to go up. Tiffany – they won’t put Alyssa on the block? Hannah – nope. Brent says that out of every girl in the house besides the girls on our team he trusts Alyssa the most. Tiffany – DAMN! She needs to go home. Hannah – with Alyssa in this house, those friendships are just going to get stronger. Tiffany – yeah she got to go home. Hannah – Christian is (gaga) for her. She has a great personality. She is not just pretty. She is not just a pretty face. She has a great personality. She is dangerous. Whitney is dangerous. Brent is dangerous. Tiffany – what if Christian won, who would he put up? Hannah – I don’t know where he stands. Tiffany – I think he understands that he was a target of Brent and Frenchie so if he was smart he should know that he is still a threat to them. Hannah – he radiates youth. I kind of see him as a little brother and there is just something about him that I trust as much as you can in this game. I would really like to work with him. I don’t know where he stands with Brent. Tiffany – the longer Whitney stays the more people are seeing through the hot pants. Hannah – Alyssa is the bridge between Whitney and the rest of the house. So does Alyssa have to go next week? Because if Alyssa is gone.. that cuts off their bridge. Brent and Whitney are now on an island. Then they don’t have a relationship with Christians team anymore. They wouldn’t have a relationship with your team.

9:10pm Hannah, Tiffany and Claire.
Claire joins them. They talk about their thoughts about Alyssa. Claire – I think that the Christian, Alyssa, X trio is very powerful and I don’t know if the three should be there. I think that Alyssa is a good.. Tiffany – target. Claire – target. Hannah – I would love to work with your guy’s team now that you’re down to three. And I think that Derek X feels the same way. Whitney, I think is less dangerous without Brent in the house. Out of the two of them Brent has to go first. I think that Whitney should be the last to go out of those three. Hannah – I think Alyssa should go next week. Claire – if you do Alyssa it will piss off Christian so you might as well do Christian and Alyssa. Tiffany – what if you put Alyssa and Brent up .. their teams would have to choose.

9:30pm Backyard. Derek X, Alyssa and Kyland.
Derek X – do you think your team is kind of leaning towards those two names Britini and Azah? Alyssa to Kyland – can I trust him to say? Kyland – I would say yes, personally. Alyssa – all I am going to say is that its not you, its not Ky, and its not Tiffany or Cliare. That is all I am going to say. I haven’t heard anything else. They haven’t said who they want to be on the block. They have just said who they don’t want on the block. And I understand if you don’t 100% trust Christian but if you trust me. If you trust me, you have him. Derek – okay. Alyssa – because he is not going to do something that I don’t agree with. You have me and if you have me you have him. Keep that between us. Derek – 100%. Where is you team at in terms of making a big game move next week? Alyssa – I will say that with the numbers there is really only a big move to make. Kyland – yes. Derek – okay, then just leave it at that.

10pm The house guests are holding “The Big Blue Couch” talk show again in the living room..

10:55pm – 11:45pm Tiffany comes out of the diary room with the camera. Britini and her go around recording videos.

11:45pm – 11:50pm Backyard – Frenchie talking to the live feeders..
Frenchie – I shocked you. I told you! Everything I told you for week 1, I did. I said I am going to win week 1. Not only did I win 1 competition, 2 competitions, I very well could have won 3 competitions.. the first day! The first day of the game! But the fact that you knew I didn’t like meat heads, you didn’t do the normal 2 per season. You did 5 this season! You set me up!! Because you knew I would go after them. You knew I don’t trust them and you knew I didn’t like them. Expect the unexpected though right!? That was my downfall. That’s why I’m at week 2. I tried to bring the meat heads close because I didn’t trust them.. and it backfired. And then you put .. well you didn’t put .. my pawn week 1 wins the dog gone HOH. What did y’all expect was going to happen?!! Y’all BETTER give me another chance to play this game.. without 5 god damn meat heads because I’ll run this game without 5 meat heads in this game. Absolutely run it! You already know I’m good in the diary room. Disappointed.

12:25am Britini and Frenchie playing pool in the backyard. Meanwhile inside in the living room the other house guests continue to play their role playing / detective games.

12:50am Living Room. Frenchie, Christian, Tiffany, Britini and Sarah.
Frenchie – my thing is though where is all the gambling stuff that was said?! Big Gambles?! Big Risk?! Big Reward!? Christian – wait it doesn’t seem like they’ve been doing anything with that theme too much. It was just the first day. Frenchie – I will take a big risk right about now. A big BIG RISK! 4 Weeks of protection! And I’ll do 4 weeks of slop plus 4 weeks of that guy waking me up ever 4 minutes. I wonder if America hates me? How funny would that be? Sarah – I doubt that. Christian – I wondered the same thing. Frenchie – They’re either going to be like f**k you or f**k everybody. Christian – we have to be honest.. there are going to be people that hate us. That is just the reality of it. Frenchie – absolutely. Christian – you made you family proud. Frenchie – I think so. Christian – no I’m telling you. Frenchie – I might have played too hard. Christian – you can leave with you head held high.

1am Bedroom. Frenchie, Big D, Britini, Azah
Big D – I think I have a crush on Ky! Frenchie – really? Big D – yeah. Frenchie – he’s straight though. Big D – I know that. Frenchie – Like fully straight or? Big D – yeah, That’s what sucks! I wish oh my god, can you imagine!? My whole life would change. Frenchie – You don’t know.. why don’t you ask. Big D – no he’s straight. All these men are straight… they didn’t give me nothing. The gave me all good looking me. None of you men are bi .. which is okay because it keeps me focused.

1:17pm – 1:25pm Backyard – Tiffany and Britini
Britini – our next step is figuring out who the next few people we need to get out so that we can get to jury. Tiffany – who though? Britini – who the three people that if they’re out of this house it will increase our chances of winning comps. Tiffany – Brent. Britini – yup. Tiffany – Christian – but him I am kind of iffy about. He is not coming after us. Tiffany – yeah he’s not. Derek? He’s not coming after us. Britini – but he’s not with us. If he was with us he would have taken me down but he is buddy buddy with Ky. But it also would have been more blood on their hands. Tiffany – if Derek is without Brent I think we could pull him in. Britini – who else? Tiffany – Whitney? We have to think about her going before jury so she can go home to her kids. Brent, Whitney, who is the third person? Britini – it either has to be Kyland, Derek X or Christian. We’ve got to get another guy. If we’re using one on Whitney… Tiffany – its got to be a guy. Britini – because that means we’re going into jury 4 guys to 7 girls. Who else can do damage? We also haven’t mentioned X yet. Tiffany – how do you feel about him? Britini – we check in but that is it.. but it could be X. Tiffany – I don’t even know if X has targets .. would he go against girls or guys? Tiffany – how do you think the guys feel about sending Alyssa home? Big Brother blocks the feeds..

1:35am Christian and Alyssa..

1:45am All the house guests are in bed / going to sleep..


9:23 am Waking up

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let see every1 faces v heels list since ive already put out mine!

Julie Chen

comment image


ok ther fakejulie chen how that any different from simon dawg list right ranking mean eveything right?

Miss Impression

YOU ARE OBSESSED!I don’t think there are faces or heels.It’s just a question of who you like.My #1 is Tiffany so I see Brent as her biggest threat and want him gone but that doesn’t make him a villain.Just personal preference.


thatlike there villians vs heroa right in the jouses.sortaxlike power players vs floaters right


What does faces versus heels mean? Faces good, heels bad/evil? I love the cast this year, almost all seem to be thinking and strategizing, and it isn’t just one big”side” steamrolling the other.


Great season so far. Love the cast. Although I don’t want Frenchie to go, he would keep the chaos.


What color is the sky in your world ? Great season? You can tell the number of people that have tuned out based on the comments at OBB. BB franchise has been ruined and we all know why. Soon it will be like BBCAN this year that had 1 straight white male out of 16 cast members ? with blacks making up 50% of the house when they account for 3% of the Canadian population.


thanks for keeping the season popular by posting the same racist rant comment every post!

Just Sayin'

I hope you’re not implying that ratings are down because the cast is not all straight white people? If anything ratings would be down because those people ruined the last couple seasons. I think the cast this year is great, as I did for bbcan as well, bbcan was one of the best season in years. True BB fans don’t care about gender, sexual preferences, race etc, we only care if you’re playing the game or not. Maybe you should check the colour of the sky in your world?


Yea, Brent, Whitney, Christian, Britini etc will never win in a cast like this.


I think it’s more that this week is much more predictable so there’s not a lot of antics so people are waiting for the next HoH before getting things going again.


Did I miss something and someone dropped out? Don’t understand the comment of “With 2 guys gone this week…”


Nobody left (other than the guy who is supposed to be showing us feeds and not kittens). I think it’s the assumption if Frenchie getting evicted Thursday, so that will make 2 guys gone.


Does this mean that a
Note/email to the higher-ups saying “It appears that a couple of your employees are going at it like rabbits the way the feeds at times are erratically off and on. Please fix the issue” is out of the question ?


LOL Robert. The on/off feeds are out of control this year. Production is so busy trying to protect the HGs from the BB Twitter mob (and there is no amount of cutting the feeds that could ever protect the HGs from the BB Twitter mob).


Based on the limited feeds I’ve watched (and the amazing OBB updates), it looks like Brent will take over Frenchie’s role of HG With Diarrhea of the Mouth.