“If we want JUDD out this week we’ll have to blindside him” -Andy

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV ?
POV Used POV Ceremony Sept 9th
HOH Winner: Spencer Next HOH: Sept 11th*
Original Nominations: Gm and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa
Have Nots


3:05pm HOH McCrae, Spencer and Andy

Andy tells them if they plan on voting JUDD out they will have to blindside him. They keep telling McCrae how dangerous JUDD. Spencer points out that JUDD has been acting super sketchy and that is what hes worried about.
McCrae tells them he’s on board for anything, McCrae heads downstairs to get some wine.
Spencer to Andy- ‘good seed you planted’
Spencer – “If McCrae wins HOH he’s putting me on the block against whoever stays’ They both agree GM’s toe and knee are in such bad condition it will wipe her from being a contender in future competitions. THey are confident they can beat her. They both want JUDD gone.

3:08pm HOH JUDD

JUDD – “i’m going home I know it”
Andy tells him he is not going home don’t be silly.
Andy – ‘The best method when you are on the block is not to freak out at all.. don’t freak out JUDD’
Andy – ‘You have to just trust people’
JUDD thinks Spencer and Andy were trying to tire him out last night by telling the drill sergeant to keep giving him exercises.
Andy and Spencer tell him they were just doing it because they thought it was funny.
JUDD – ‘my whole body is like sore’
Andy – ‘I’m telling you JUDD I don’t want you to go anywhere’
JUDD – ‘I can’t keep it together. I’m going to b!tch and complain.. I can’t help it’
Andy – ‘I want you to know you are OK I want Fun JUDD around’
JUDD – ‘I’m not mad… I just think yesterday was a gimmick’
Andy says the Diary room told him to ask the drill sergeant to give JUDD exercises last night. Spencer says they did the same thing to him. JUDD mentions every time he came into the room the guys were telling the drill sergeant for more exercises.. Feeds flip to the kitchen.


3:16pm portioning out the wine

3:30 HOH Everyone but JUDD

GM says JUDD quit the POV competition because he knew he wouldn’t have been able to win it. Andy doesn’t think it was that difficult a puzzle. McCrae was glad JUDD did it means fewer people to compete against. GM thinks JUDD showed bad sportsmanship today during the competition.


3:35pm HOH Andy, GM and Spencer
They plan on deny the exterminators if JUDD tells McCrae. Andy has been bringing up to McCrae that JUDD has made up alliances out of thin air before.

Spencer – ‘This is grasshoppers 2.0’

GM says JUDD got a second chance so she doesn’t feel as bad for him.
Andy – “he had 14 days off’
Spencer – “He went from 10th place to 5th.. you gotta be proud of that but two of those weeks he wasn’t here’
Andy wants to blindside JUDD this week because if he knows he’s going home he’s going to raise hell all week. GM agrees
Spencer – ‘Better for peace in the house and to prevent him from spilling the beans about the exterminators”


If you liked that picture of Spencer in a skin tight super hero costume please consider a donation


3:59pm HOH Everyone but Spencer

They are talking about the Westboro baptist church and how horrible people they are.
JUDD – ‘They are hateful people”
Andy tells them about the two documentaries we watched about the church Movie two (There’s more on YouTube)

JUDD says he’s a liberal republican but he wouldn’t vote strictly based on party he would look at what they stand for first. JUDD says he votes based on economic policy not social policy.
JUDD says Amanda voted for Mitt Romney. McCrae thinks the problem with the US political system is it’s locked in two parties.

GM and JUDD both point out they’re knees are cut up. GM’s are the worst. Andy thinks it had to do with how they were harnessed because his knees are fine.


4:11pm JUDD, GM and Andy HOH
JUDD apologizes for losing his cool earlier today he’s really pissed he lost the veto he really wanted on of them to win it. GM reminds him that she is on the block to she’s just as pissed.

McCrae joins them. MCcrea says he felt Ian didn’t like him in the beginning but during the competition he liked him. McCrae points out that he never made eye contact with him. GM thinks Ian was probably being talked to in his ear (Production)
JUDD – ‘he was cheering you on during the comp’.. he was nervous he wanted you to win’
MC agrees says Ian was cheering him on during the POV competition
GM – ‘Thanks Ian go f*** yourself to”


4:34pm Doctor is here to see GM’s knee. She thinks she’ll be getting stitches.


4:35pm McCrae and JUDD
McCrae – “If me or you win the HOH that’s awesome because we’ll have the numbers.. no matter what we get to go to the final 3′
JUDD says he doesn’t think McCrae would have gone home anyways but good for him for winning the veto. JUDD is scared he’s going up he knows Andy and Spencer Will never put each other up.

McCrae – “I want to keep you over GM.. I’m scared he’s going to want to keep her.. he said he’s close to GM but he’s also close to you’

MC says moving forward he wants JUDD to stay and he’s going to try and talk them into keeping him. He thinks having JUDD in the house benefits him a lot more than having GM.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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VA Vet

If MC wins the next HOH, he’s got an excellent shot at making F2. He should win the first comp at F3 because it will be endurance and he did really well waaaaay back in week one plus all of the others except GM (who is hurting) are a bunch of wimps.


Dude better known as Double D to his friends, must be wondering if Andy is going to keep him. Lets review, Andy blindsides him doing the first double eviction. Double D comes back and Elissa wants to work with him. He would rather work with Andy, and to show his devotion to Andy, he begins to report back to Andy about Elissa. For some reason he hates Elissa more then Andy and Andy is the one that helped to get him evicted.

So now Double D needs a friend and oh well Andy is not there. I am not saying Judd is dumb….just saying he is not the brightest bulb.

Roisin Dubh

He’s not dumb, he’s stupid. You can fix dumb.


Ah Roisin you are correct, stupid is as stupid does. But Judd may be stupid and a bulb – and his stupid bulb is about to be planted – six feet under. Duh huh.

Bye Judd. Don't let the door hit you.

I’m just sick of that shady asshole whining. You already lost dickhead. Your coming back into the game was a total farce. If you had any self-respect (like Candace, Jesse, and Helen) you would’ve said no thanks. Because they at least recognized the house didn’t want them back. And that they didnt deserve to come back. But you are stupid. And greedy. And self-righteous. And you slinked right back in like a snake and have basically presented yourself as such with your constant slouching and laying around like a roman emperor plotting everyone’s demise. Guess what asshole? Time for you to become extinct. And how fitting it will be by the vermin you chose to align yourself with. And the guy you backstabbed. Don’t even go to the jury house dumb dick. Just go back to wherever you learned to talk like a shady turd.

Bored Viewer

Didn’t Andy say at one point that everyone would trust him because he is adorable? Here I was thinking that somebody lied to him, and that the house guests would see through him as easily as I do, but they continue to believe and trust him. Elissa figured it out, but the house guests hate her so much that no one would have believed her if she had told them what he was up to. If Judd and McCrae don’t make it to final 2, it is because they continued to trust Andy instead of working with Elissa. At this point, it looks like Judd is heading to jury… if Elissa still isn’t speaking to him, perhaps Amanda can fill him in about why he is back in the jury house.

Spencer's grandad

He sure as hell- NOT – adorable


I hope Andy and Spencer knows that by getting rid of JUDD is also benefiting McCrae in endurance competitions. McCrae can easily beat Andy,Gina, and Spencer. I’m glad production stop feeding these idiots information food for thought. If JUDD wasn’t such a prick, drill sergeant would have been alot easier on him and production clues him in on a possible backdoor.

Gina playing dead is working for her. Andy is the only one that is on to her. If JUDD spills the beans and everyone denies it, then Gina can also use this against Andy and Spencer.

If Andy gets to final 2 without getting caught in his web of lies. He too, has a good chance of winning.

Now, Spencer is looking more and more stupid. His chances of making final 2 is looking slim to none. How can a floater outsmart McCrae without winning HOH and POV?


I agree Dans Fart.

I think Andy has had the most solid game. Here we go again, he is making the huge move to get Judd backdoored. McCrae and Spencer love Andy and GM is hurt. If the competition is physical she may have problems competing. She has seemed a mess this week with her ailments and now injury.

Andy is in a really, really good position right now.

This season is really getting good. I’m pulling for Andy!

Cornhusker Pride

I have a tube sock that can out smart McTurd. Oh but you are talking about Spencer…..yeah, you’re right.

Cornhusker Pride

I have an old unwashed tube sock that could outsmart McTurd!!! Oh, but you were talking about Spencer…….yeah, I guess you are right.

Tiny Nob

Did you miss the part of Judd’s eviction where he refused to hug Elissa? He hugged Andy, but not Elissa.

Aj Hollering

lol the funny thing about that is he said it after he hugged her


Andy, Spencer, Judd and GM went from the the exterminators to the cockroaches, scattering all over the BB HOUSE trying to form a new alliance with MC. if Spencer was smart he should place up the rat bastard Andy on the block and tell MC that Andy was the one who voted off Amanda.

Raid bug spray

OMG!! I looked at Spencer, in that (gross) “skin tight
super hero – costume”!
STFU!! I had no idea!
They have BUFFALOES………in Arkansas?


Looks like this season is following last seaon when it comes to the linear layout of the season for each episode. If so it should play out like this..

9/8 HOH nominations

9/11 POV competition results, LIVE eviction and Live HOH competition

9/12 HOH nomination, POV competition results, Live eviction

9/15 Final 3 dinner, Final HOH part 1

9/16 Final HOH part 2/3, Live Jury vote

Hows that sound to everyone??

(Posted it again as a new thread started as I was just typing it up).. 😀


Spencer: Railroad jobs are so easy but they can be very dangerous. You should think about getting a railroad job when you get home

Judd; I don’t want to work on a train. I’d rather be a gynecologist. I’ll change my name to Dr. Goldfinger and hang up a sign on the wall. At your cervix.




Another comedian who thinks he’s funny but isn’t. Just like your alter ego 007. You are ruining my good name so please just stick to opinions instead of being an amateur funny guy (NOT!). Seriously dude, your jokes aren’t funny.


3rd Picture Down is the best picture that has been put on this website all year!!

Great Work!!!


No, I like GM’s wound. What the hell? Why is she waiting hours & hours for freakin’ stitches! They didn’t even put butterfly bandages on that mess. Oh jeepers, If I was her mom I’d be on the phone raising hell over that. What kind of people are in there doing first aid.? Any average girl scout would have known she needs butterflies until she can get stitches. This really made me mad. Judd was right when he complained CBS doesn’t care about their health and well being. Shame on them! A-holes. Way to go Julie! Shame on them!


They have been reprehensible when it comes to health matters. The sanitary conditions in that house are disgusting, living with bugs of all kinds and mould.

I am sure in CBS mind making GM wait is good TV!!

Elissa for the Win will not watch BB and BBAD now

Don’t blame CBS for the filthy conditions of the house. These HGs with the exception of Elissa and Helen are a bunch of slobs! Production had to force them to clean up their chit but a few days later the house was as messy as it was before! Ants all over the place because they eat in bed and don’t take their dishes back to the kitchen. Andy, Spencer, Judd and McPussy hardly ever wash their dishes. Now they are expecting GM to clean up after them! I think Elissa is relieved to be out of that messy house. She can relax in luxury at the Jury House!


“If I was her mom I’d be on the phone raising hell over that.”

This made me laugh.

GM is 33 years old. Not 8.


You have 24 hours before time’s up on skin adhering to skin so she has until tomorrow at around noon before it is too late.


I agree and the more time that goes by the more chances of infraction and a bad scare. These people in production are HORRIBLE!!! It’s really pathetic that the only way Andy and Spencer think they can win is to keep an injured female to play against. That’s how bad they sucked in completions. No offense to McRae but winning these last POV’s against this group (minus GM). Is not that hard.

viktor Kwok

If the Jury finds out the exterminator alliance and Mccrae goes to final 2,Mccrae will win for sure


You’re kidding right? You do know that spencer told Amanda about the allience even by name in his goodbye message? They know bro


It was Andy that told Amanda about the alliance in his goodbye message, not Spencer.


Andy told Amanda about the exterminators in his goodbye message.


Obviously a brain fart considering spencer was on the block. My bad. Point still remains


Good I am happy Judd is going home. GM deserves to stay. Hopefully McSlob will go next week, followed by Spencer.


I really don’t know how any one can be behind GM after all the racist comments she made in the past and still continues to make. Spencer made child porm remarks and says totally disgusting remarks about women. Just don’t see how either of them have “FANS” Hoping one of the other 3 win.


GM goes right up to your face to say her racist shit….she isn’t sneaky about it.
GM cries hard, laughs hard, plays hard, fights hard, she lived through the devastation of hurricane sandy and never complains about it. plus….she won the cinnamon challenge months ago not once but twice.
Also the epic fight with Amanda while playing jenga was awesome to behold.
I love GM

the last word

That bitch [g.m] is fake …. She’s ALL bark and no bite. Can’t wait till she goes back to NYC and gets the stuffing beat out of her for all that racist shit. HA! I recommend when she get back home she go hide out in mommy’s basement LOL!

viktor Kwok

Spencer can impress the jury by evicting Andy.Then all he needs to do is going into Final 2 with Judd or GM


strating to think ole spence is smarter than he leads on andy is gay and I think andy likes big red think spencer sees this to


It looks like Judd is jury house bound.

No PhD Needed

I’m not a doctor, but the excellent photo pointed out that it’s very obvious she’ll need stitches! It looks like it could even be at least 10. It’s a large and jagged laceration that shows all the “meat” below her knee cap. Wow! I’m glad I can still stomach supper.

Roisin Dubh

Yep, that’s taking six stitches.


I am so mad that they are dragging their feet taking care of this!

Roisin Dubh

After looking at that again, it’ll probably be 4, 5 tops

Suzi Q

You said you have been stitching up people, for over 10 years?!? You should have nailed this !!
FYI: Took 9 stitches! Not 6! oops!

Real Doctors Fake Players

You are not a doctor but you are commenting as one. Well I am a doctor and I say all she needs is aspirin, unless she has medical insurance then she will need surgery.

Roisin Dubh

You didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn.


Oh sure, you’re a real doctor. Uh huh, me too. PFFT.

Suzi Q

She has a split in her leg! The fatty tissue is exposed, and
you say aspirin – and go to bed?!?
WTF? She has a chance of infection, and if a pus pocket
forms…painful draining – of the infected area!!
She is most likely to have a scar? Then plastic surgery?
She is a train wreck!!


Yo, real doctor. Bet its a PhD. What a load of malarky.


Send Gina Marie to jury bring Elissa back.


…and she should have an up to date tetanus shot.

derick alaska

I would rather Judd stay and either andy or GM go home….Andy is way more dangerous than GM.


Judd is the only entertaining person left in the house. I hope they keep him. Andy is a master manipulator and liar, and I want him to go. Spencer can go, too. And boring McRea. And whiney GM. Just let the rest of the season be the JUDD Show.

Raid bug spray

Andy is a master dick-tator, but IT – IS in his real life!!
He has to “hold – on” …. for dear life … IF he wants to win!

VA Vet

Hey Simon, wheres the poll? The way Dawg is whipping your butt, I’m going to start calling him “TOP DAWG”


Its great that Dudd might be going home. I just hope he doesn’t run around the house again after he is told about his eviction.

Miss bean

They should just start naming alliances after the week they form and are actually honoured. A short summery of this season. Queen bitch scares all the spineless idiots in the house into voting out anyone who may actually play the game and think on there own. Once all the players are gone the idiots take out the person they listened to the entire game and think they are amazing for making a move that should have been made week two. Now the only people left in the house are are the no brain idiots who played someone else’s game all season and have no idiot wtf they are doing and will change there minds every 10 mins on what alliance they belong to. You know the season has come to a low point when spencer wins comps.


They should just give the the and prize to Dave this season for being the only one to NOT have the opportunity to suck.


The grand* ^

Just Saying

I will only watch the finale to see these monsters reaction when Elissa wins 25K ! Can’t wait to Thursday!!! I hope McCrae wins, the lesser of five evils…


you will not get to see much of a reaction because Julie announces that prize winner about 9 seconds before the show goes off the air.

Roisin Dubh

It’s funny hearing GM and Spencer talk about getting rid of Andy now. Boy that exterminator alliance will truly earn their name if they get rid of him this week.


I wonder if Judd has told any guys to STFU today? He lets it rip when he talking to a woman; however, never a guy. I guess those mountain men are more use to speaking to goats.

Raid bug spray

OMG! U mean ……… “Brokeback Mountain” ? LMAO


Please, Please, CBS switch cameras to jury house, so I can see JUDD, the first guy in the cathouse, mingle with the girls! It will be much better than that boring BB house…


Judd might be coming to the jury house. My two best friends in Judd and Amanda will be joining me. I can’t wait.


So if he goes to the jury full of women, do you think he’ll be telling anyone to STFU or will he wait for some guy back up?


I wonder if Judd goes to the jury house will they provide the women 24/7 security against Judd or just over medicate him.


GM: Do you have a nickname back home?

Mc: Everyone calls me Tripod

GM: Oooh, why do they call you that, got a big c*ck?

Mc: No, I smell like tripe and I’m a bit odd.


Oh wow, Andy is the biggest hemorroid in big brother history. I hope his boos are contagious.


Judd will certainly be rethinking his not using the veto on Elissa move.


Buh bye Judd AGAIN. Dudd x2. What a moron! Get ta steppin’ AGAIN. I bet you wish Elissa was around still now huh idiot.


POV Ceremony:
McCrae- I will not use the POV on Gina. I choose to use the POV on myself. Spencer now, that I eliminated one of your nominees, you must choose another.
Spencer- JUDD you know the drill. This concludes the POV ceremony.



If Judd goes home I am rooting for Mcrae. Amanda was vile but I do not think MC has a mean bone in his body. Plus he is bringing it! I refuse toroot for GM or Spencer. Andy may be a rat but at least he’s kept it clean on a personal level. I may not like his game but he is a nice guy! MC and Andy for F2!!!!! MC FTW!!!!!!!


Before people jump on the McPussy bandwagon, let me remind you he was the first rat to snitch out his MC alliance and spiral this BB house into the worst season EVER! Believe me when I say, he is NOT the lesser of evil that are still in this BB house. Grrrrrr …..


Let me just clarify that I WANT JUDD to stay which unfortunately does not seem likely. He is one of the sweetest people and I love his accent!!!!! I do believe that MC and Andy are the lesser of the four evils because they have not made racist and sexist comments unlike GM and Spencer.


I would rather say they all don’t deserve it. Dudd had a second chance and he said he would flip the house if he came back but he just went back to working with Andy the rat. He was full of ish. He tolerated all that crap going on in the house. Dudd is not innocent and even worst he made bad decisions to better his game even when he was given a second chance. Good riddance. McPussy is a rat and worst a weasel who hid behind DeMANda. You can’t just start playing the game now and say he was playing a good game. McPussy egged on DeMANda too when she was being a bully so he is full of ish too. I would rather stand by my convictions and say none of them deserve it, but if your looking at who played a better game I would say Spencer is. Unlike GM and Andy who burned bridges with the jury (not realizing some of those wounds are still fresh and going to haunt him in the end) … Spencer really didn’t. He played a puppet and a good one at it to be nominated and not voted out over and over again. He even won a HOH when all the game players were eventually out of his way to give him a chance at winning it and won a p.o.v. Yes, Spencer is vile. Yes, I would never ever befriend this creep but these numb nuts in the house all don’t realize that he played a better game at playing a harmless competitor when in reality this filth in this house is right up his ally. So why not give it to the worst of the worst? Atleast Spencer was being himself while everyone else were two face. I’m just saying, and I would also like to see him after he wins ish in the middle of the stage when Elissa wins America’s favorite. It would so be fitting of a end to this CBS Bb season. Now clean it up Aryan, DeMANda & GM. BOOOOOM!


Rooting for McCrae but Andy has been really vile and vulgar and I hope he loses big. As well as his job. He’s been gross on BBAD.


What show are you watching? McCrae is a jerk. He called Alissa horrible names and he just laughed like a cowardly PUNK when everyone else did their ugly talk about everyone else. The only thing he didn’t do is say racist things but he laughed when everyone else said them.


Scarf tying up the hair, little hankie around the wrist
Andy will want to keep MC


McCrae and Judd are both on the slow side aren’t the?
Spencer is not putting Andy out as an option, basically he has decided it’s Judd going up.
If McCrae goes to Andy and says it’s best to get rid of GM instead of Judd and the vote is a tie broken
by Spencer to evict Judd. I do not think McCrae will catch on.

Best case scenario Judd outs the exterminators, McCrae confronts Spencer and Andy with Judd.
informs them that GM goes home or else.

Judd’s best speech option for Thursday.
Ive been loyal to the Exterminators and helped to evict Amanda, Aaryn and Elissa. With you Andy, Spencer and GM
I came back in this game with a clean slate. The thing y’all have to ask yourselves do you want to be the guys that
put a bigot like Gina Marie any further in the game. Remember cameras are everywhere and the hear everything that is said.
So do you want o be the guys that indorse someone that says “Puerto Rican Dirt Monkey” about an 8 year old boy.?
I don’t think you want to be those guys.

He has got to know that Andy and Spencer have a fear of what people are thinking about them. Then when it is final 4
Judd and McCrae v. Andy and Spencer


What are you talking about? MC has no leverage and no power at all. If the vote is a tie, spencer decides. If MC wins next hoh he HAS to put up two of the remaining three. What exactly is it that MC would promise NOT to do if they don’t get rid of GM? If he wins veto he just decides who goes home. There are no options. MC is on his own from here on out.


This speech may be a good speech if they numb nuts left in the house gave a ish, but they don’t. Andy basically said eff you to the Brenchal army and Spencer is well, he laughs at this sh*t. Judd is better off offering Andy a bj and then maybe he would change his mind. Sayonara Dudd x2.

Roisin Dubh

Won’t happen, people that can translate and type subtitles that fast work at the UN.


Why are the exterminators taking credit for evicting Aaryn? Andy was still loyal to the McNasties and if Andy had not been put up, anyone else would have gone home. Elissa got Aaryn out NOT the Exterminators.


There is no one left I want to win. It comes down to who I dislike the least. I was rooting for Judd but his Xanax made him stupid. GM is a bigger racist than Aaryn. Why hasn’t a show been dedicated to her racial comments like Aaryn? Spencer is a misogynist and a floater. Andy is another floater and the last RAT I would want to win. So it comes down to MC. The whipped ass who believed the rat Andy and still believes in the “guys alliance”. This is worse than Season 6 when the floater Maggie won. As much as I despised Amanda and thought Elissa was too naive, either one would be preferable to what’s left.


Judd is not smart enough to know anything about anything. he`s about as smart as a box of rocks. there is no one left in the house to hope to win. i say give it to the fish, thay are the best ones left. and i know what thay are saying about as much as judd.


I hope Judd stays. He isn’t that great at comps. Although GM is pretty beat up, she is a strong competitor. The way her knees look, she really should be pulled out. Really do not want it to be Spencer and .Andy in the final 2!

Roisin Dubh

Gm is sidelined for the next 7-10 days.


Maybe she wouldn’t be sidelined for so long if they took care of this when it happened instead of hours later? Shame on CBS for not caring about the contestant & taking care of it sooner. Boo…

Roisin Dubh

Doesn’t matter. 7- 10 days is the minimum barring infection.

Roisin Dubh

If it goes past the 8 hour mark, stitches at that point are useless because the skin is already started healing itself at that point.


It’s only a few stitches which is no big deal. She can compete and with a pain killer probably be just as strong. After all it’s not like she had a kidney or brain transplant.

Roisin Dubh

The spot where the laceration is at, she runs the risks of ripping the stitches out. They’ll let her compete if she signs a waiver but I doubt it because it’ll cost too much to have a doctor on the payroll for that day, that’s why it took a long time for her to get medical, they had to find one and get him in there with the supplies he needed. They don’t walk around with a black bag.

L.A. Llucy

If it was your leg, or your kids leg, it would matter.


Oh please. Her knee is not bad enough to take her out of the competition, especially if the comps are not physical. You’re only saying that, because you want DUDD to stay.

Roisin Dubh

You might want to take a look at that picture again. That gash is 3-4 cm long and 1-2cm deep. That might not seem too much to you, but to the human body, it’s nothing to sneeze at. That’s a serious laceration that’s in a real touchy spot. Overflexion can easily rip those stiches out and cause an infection. Trust me, the pain is secondary in this situation.


If I’m not mistaken if they have to see the doctor, etc & have no insurance it comes out of their stipend. I also think, like in Survivor, if they leave the house for treatment then they’re totally out of the game, no jury either.

GM has the right to refuse various treatments – which I’m sure is why she didn’t get x-rays on her foot & why she chose to wait until someone could come give her stitches in the DR. Unless it is a life or death emergency it’s her call.

Remember the year that the two girls went down one after another – I think one had some kind of allergic reaction & her tongue was swelling & then while they were treating her & waiting for the EMTs the other one had some kind of seizure in the house. I don’t think either went to the hospital – they stayed b/c they were responding to treatment.

CBS has certainly had the HGs sign all sorts of releases to cover their butts – especially when the HG’s choose not to be treated as they would in the outside world.

Mad Hatter

If jury finds out about the exterminators? Andy told Amanda about it during his goodbye message! What a dope…

Does it really matter if McCrae finds out about the Exterminators with so little people left? Sometimes I wonder if these people in the BB house have all their marbles..


I think Ratboy hates Elissa so bad because she put him on the block. That was part of his strategy
To be able to say he had never been on the block. He cannot get over it, even tho everyone in the
BB house will eventually be on the block. It must make his Mother sick to hear him degrade Elissa.
I am a Big Brother super fan and it makes me sick how this season has turned out. Spencer does not
have the courage to put Ratboy on the block. He is not telling Gina the truth…..man up and tell the truth.
Can’t stand him Ratboy!!!
Spencer needs to wake up and smell the coffee!!! Only problem is, he is playing or second place, not first!


100% agree on the Andy comment about the block – he found it appalling that anyone should think of nominating him, hence his affinity for Amanda…He hates that she was on to him. Also, I think Andy is obsessing about having told Amanda about the Exterminators in his goodbye message (he was thrilled to stick it to Zingbot and tell us he wasn’t a floater) and that the combo of Elissa and Amanda in the jury house might put the final nail in his coffin for the win. This guy has played his game by developing and using personal relationships with everyone (the universal BFF) then going on verbal character assassinations to take them out. He is VERY proud of his game and thinks he has controlled every eviction (don’t believe me, read his HOH blog!). IMHO, this is NOT a BB strategy – it is not typical BB lying and deceiving and is completely unnecessary to win the game! This whole season has not been BB-The Game but cowardly personal attacks, bashing, creating and embellishing personal lies, outright slander and the like. Although people were nasty in past seasons, it was not elevated and sustained to this degree – it is truly unprecedented. They seem to only relate in a mob mentality of trashing someone else while pumping themselves up—their moral compasses are completely lacking. Most have shown outrageous insensitivity, unparalleled narcissism and self-centeredness, inability to take responsibility, lack of sympathy and empathy other than to manipulate someone, incredible hubris…the list is never-ending. They cannot and will look into themselves and thrive on “hating” others all the while none can even handle a peep about themselves! I’ve never seen so many people like this in one place! It’s 24/7! Alliances have been virtually non-existent as they turn on each other for the slightest whiff of perceived danger. Heaven help us if this is the new norm for BB (and for society) – ruthlessly stepping all over people to get what they want with not an ounce remorse and calling it “gameplay”.
One thing they don’t think about enough??!? For the rest of their lives when their name is Googled, it’s ALL permanently on the internet! Even tattoos can be removed with some scarring but their words and actions are infinitely available to the world, future employers, future children, etc…


Best post ever!

Bored Viewer

I agree. I’ve said in previous posts that Andy’s behavior is not BB strategy and even provided examples of good strategy from a previous season. It is fascinating that these people seem oblivious to the fact that they will probably be recognized when they return to the real world, yet they behave so inappropriately on the show. Even if they forget about the real world ramifications of their actions, jury votes should be a factor in their strategy as well, and that too seems to have gone out the window.

I’m not going to bother reading Andy’s HOH blog, but I’m pretty sure he thinks that America loves him and is rooting for him. He is in for a rude awakening, as are several other house guests. Of course 2 of the remaining 5 will have several thousands of dollars in their bank account after this season is over, so that will be their consolation prize when they realize what the majority of BB fans think of them and season 15… maybe they’ll use the money to relocate to a remote area where they won’t be recognized and called out for their complete and utter lack of game strategy this season.


i kept saying i dont know why judd had to return hes so stupid he should have save elissa because they wanted her to nominate him and she didnt he’s stupid glad he’s going back to jury…..


I was hoping Elissa would mention that in her speech so Judd would use the veto on her. I guess it really wouldn’t have mattered as Judd is not that smart to see Elissa would have been with him to the end unlike his alliance members who are ready to drop him the first chance they got.

Rigged for GM

GM gets a pass (No competitions AND no nominations) until Final 2. Settlement from CBS for no lawsuit over injuries due to negligence in constructing comp props.


They all sign contracts on that stuff and are well aware if the risks.


Every time I see a picture or read about Andy………………I get F*$#ing upset


Earlier Andy was talking to McRae, and said he would like an F2 with McRae, because he would rather go against a “Formidable Opponent.” (Andy should be shot with a ball of his own s**t, but I digress) Be careful what you wish for Rat Boy. When GM and/or Judd tell McRae about Andy in order to get McRae’s vote, Andy will have a “Formidable Opponent.” McRae slept through the first nine weeks. Now that he is playing for his life, and winning comps, hopefully part of his survival plan will be to exterminate The Rat ASAP.

Is it just me



I I was Judd I would definitely let it of the bag about the red rat. I might be going home but I would make sure Mccrea knows about the rodent.

GM's knee mouth.

I love the mouth on GM’s knee. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer “person”. Now she can talk trash out of three places.

Rattlesnake Andy

I saw someone on here say that Andy played a clean game and was nice – REALLY? Did you not see the utterly disrespectful way he spoke about Elissa, not to mention he has had absolutely NO loyalty to anyone. Clean game? I don’t think so. I have watched BB since Season 1 and I have never witnessed such vile language and conversations, and such personal attacks on people. And Miss Andy was right at the top of the list in ugliness. I am with those of you who say I don’t care who wins, because honestly there is no one left that I think has played even a slightly good game.

GodSbabygirl Rollins

I am looking forward to Survivor…and to JESUS coming back.


Andy reminds me of David spades character on the movie coneheads…lol


I read last nite that Chen told ET that BB15 is so disappointing to that BB16 will be comprised of former
HGs who will put the “fun” back in the show.


Dudd is definitely going to jury, it doesn’t matter if he spills the beans about the Exterminators. Let’s say McCrae votes to evict GM and Andy votes to evict Judd, then Spencer will be the tie breaker and vote to evict Judd. So Judd will be evicted.
Something that would be great is if Dudd tells McCrae about the Exterminators, and McCrae convinces Spencer to put Andy up, and then McCrae and Dudd vote to evict Andy. That would be great, but I doubt it would happen.

Is it just me

Here’s the thing. I would prolly like the Exterminator alliance…if it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t stand the players. 🙂 For me..it’s about choosing bad, badder, baddest. Sorry for the terminology.

I’m worried that if Spencer wins..he’s off to Thailand to abuse kids and women/

If Andy wins…I’m going to get drunk and stay drunk 🙂

If Judd wins……I’ll be a tiny bit OK……I like the small town guy story..( I still think they’re the salt of the earth..sigh)

If GM wins…I’ll feel like she got away with all the terrible things she said all Season……….and that doesn’t sit well with me.

If McCrae wins…….I can live with it..barely. He HAS proved himself…and maybe it wasn’t so bad riding the Amanda coatails.

Still and all……..I don’t feel like anyone left is a deserving winner. VERY disappointing season.

Judging by some of the posters..I’d give my vote to pretty much anyone here. Most of you have really good insights. When I’m feeling kind hearted..I suppose it’s difficult for the players to know exactly what’s going on. We are ptivvy to the conversations. Anyway..PFFT!!!

SpongeBob SquarePants

The reason that it’s taking so long for GM to get stitches is OBAMACARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i didnt like when mcrea had elssia voted out but i under stand game point so i im going for him to win big brother 15
cause of right now he the only one desirve to win the other one judd spencer ginamire andy dont all they do is talk about people in say nasty things about elssia its just wrong im glad mcrea won pov go mcrea go mcrea go

predictions next week

mcrae hoh noms spencer an andy

ginamire pov keep the same

then she send andy home

mcrea wins frist hoh
ginamire wins second
mcrea wins third

mcrea takes spencer to the end with him
in win 9-0 votes

elssia wins america player

Not a Fan of McCrae

Poor GM’s knee. That’s ridiculous that happened to her.

Spencer's Hand

Man, you couldn’t get out of that unitard fast enough Spence. I was getting lonely.

Caca Cabeza

They should bring in Dr Will to examine Gm’s cut up knee


If Spencer was smart and play the game he would put Andy up. The only reason why Andy wants Spencer to go to the final two is because he knows he can beat him. Even though I don’t like Andy he has actually played a very strategy game. By playing both side of the house he has been able to slide by unnoticed. Yes he is a snake and very two faced, but it is not his fault that they are unable to see it and when they do he fools them into believing that he is on their side and they fall for it. I believe even though the jury knows he is the one that played them they would still vote for him over Spencer hands down. The only person Spencer has a chance to win over is Judd, because he has been in the house longer than Judd and neither one of them has really done anything.


These nuttards clearly don’t know the meaning of the word “Alliance”. At least MC stuck to the end with his.


Whats going to hill Andy is his own ego and pride in himself. Why if you wanted wanted to get jury members votes would you tell them your plans and your lies? It just isn’t smart.

Pixie & Lucy's mom



Omg! Pervert stop w hand n pants – America is WASTED now!

Leotard pic of the PERV – threw up n my mouth!

Judd is so PISSED cause he is sick and tired of the clear scam/sham that is BB15’s production! I’m sure he dropped out of the veto comp because it was beyond obvious, ONCE AGAIN, who it was rigged for! Why keep it up when he see’s Mccrae is taking the win before comp even starts!?!

Judd is very clearly fed up w the reality that the beloved game he went to play isn’t a game at all – I beg he doesn’t even watch reality shows – why would he enjoy being part of one! Him flipping the ghosts off is exactly what we’ve all been doing w words for WEEKS now!

CBS better now have Spencer & Andy as final 2 n the script – if they do that’s some sick production! NOT getting GM the medical attention she needs?? Really CBS? Clearly they are ensuring she stands no chance of finals!

Andy the rat? How the F$!& is GM “faking” a giant hole n her knee you FRIKN moron?!?

Worst final gang of cold sores n BB history – thanks for ensuring we stay drunk through this difficult & trying time Dawg & Simon! Lmao!