“If we can feel good with Adam winning this next [HOH]. we take him out in the triple”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Sam is still going to be evicted barring some “twisto twist”.

9:38 am Sam and Adam
Sam – I couldn’t sleep
Adam – at all
Sam – nope …
Sam saying she wishes she could watch them when in the jury.

9:51 am Mark joins her.. Este talks about being really good at traveling on a low budget.

10:30am Kyra and Sam
Kyra says they need Adam to like them now, “more than ever”
Sam – you are…
Kyra – when you’re not around it’s harder to connect with him
Sam – I know
Kyra – I’m just going to try my best
Kyra – you know what happened.. I couldn’t fall asleep and I heard noises so I searched.. I felt the walls looking for a secret damn veto
Sam – you find one
Kyra – no I looked for 45 f*ing minutes
Sam says she’s getting a lot of anxiety “I feel like something is going to be different and I’m not going to jury”
Kyra- what
Sam – you think I’m going to jury
Kyra – YES that’s one thing I don’t see they want to change.

Sam starts to practice her speech “thank you Big Brother for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime it is one I will cherish forever.. ” etc etc ..
Sam – “cory I had the numbers to get you out of this house and I didn’t I showed you my loyalty and this is how you show it back to me. I want every single person to take note of that. let this be a reminder to you to play your game for yourself and don’t let the pairs this season stay in this house and ride the coattails of power till the end..
Sam – Kyra, you are my lifeline, my support system, you’ve made me laugh more than anyone else ever has my entire life .. etc etc..

Sam mentions how she’s not changing anyone’s vote with her speech.
Kyra – you only have 30 seconds..
They start to edit the speech down. going over bits like Sam values “each and every houseguest except for you mark.. just kidding”

10:41 am Mark and Sam

10:42 am Anthony and Cory
Cory – if we can feel good with Adam winning this next one it would be best because all three of us can fight in the triple
Anthony – mmmhmm .. I’ll work on him.. he’s easy, to be honest.
Cory – yeah.. we take him out in the triple.. right
Anthony – mmmhmm..
Cory – I feel like he will go for Este (ZOMG)
Anthony – yeah
Cory – even if I get put up or, or he’ll (Adam) go for Mark
Anthony – I can see that
Cory – Yeah
Cory mentions that going into the HOH they have to decide if Anthony and Dane will throw it or not, “have you talked to Dane about this yet”
Anthony – no
Cory – I haven’t really talked to Dane either
Cory now thinking that Adam will go after Dane, “what’s your gut telling you”

Anthony – I think that Adam really hasn’t thought about it.. I think that he’s so obsessed with Sam, Kissing her, Making out with her, holding her hand every single day.
Anthony – he hasn’t really thought about what he would do if he won HOH
Cory – ohh yeah… what do you think he’s going to think
Anthony – I think Damien is a target for him
Cory – ohh yeah I forgot about him
Anthony – I think ESTE is a HUGE target for him, I think Dane is a target for him.. I think that meh, Mark not really
Cory – you got to put me in there it would be naive.
Anthony – yeah possibly

11:10 am Nice BBCAN now posts this when the feeds are down.

9:15pm feeds come back …

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Guy From Canada

Angry Anthony? Nah when I do turn on the feeds he is never talking over people having “conversations “…. thanks for the updates Simon!

And for those who don’t remember he twisto twists from BBCan 1/2…. https://www.twistos.ca/products


Corey reminds me of that Old lady from last year

another name

last season’s old lady was Rozina (wendy’s window for sam’s hoh). first evicted.


I was thinking about the one that came second

another name

karen. season five.

another name

So, wait… knowing that Adam has spent the last 24 hours on the goodbye memory tour with Sam hasn’t made Cory feel any sense of danger for being the hoh that took his showmance out? And she’s good with Anthony throwing the hoh and Adam winning the next hoh? oh. that’s… okay pull the plug, there’s no higher brain function in that one.
Targets of next week: Adam and Kyra aim for Cory with este being acceptable loss as well. Damien would aim for Adam with Dane trying to convince him Cory renom ending in kyra and cory on the block. Este would aim for Kyra. Mark would attempt to do Dane, but lacks the ability to get rid of dane with the way the house currently sits. A huge shift in the current house dynamic would be required.
Everyone else plans to throw.
for the sake of humor:
imagine someone actually putting Anthony and Mark up as initial noms. for sake of argument neither wins veto. what happens? fun feeds we’ll never get to see.

another name

while all the boys are talking about taking the weakest to final five… do you ever get the feeling any of them are thinking “yeah because you want a final two with a weakling”?
I would love the boys to break into bits. i do believe one of the four will fall by the way side before final 5.
At this point i’m fine with everyone eating lamb. i mean… there’s only so much stupid you can handle before thinking somebody needs to have them fitted with oven mits and a helmet.


To me if Adam wins HoH the PB’s are done if he talks to Corey to what transpired and she spills the beans on Dane and Anthony . If he is nominated during the triple he may win Veto

another name

i think my eyeroll and sneer combo could be seen from orbit last night when the cams kept showing the tape recorder in the archive room between camera return until just after the episode, and then showed kyra waddling around muttering secret power well after good night house guests.

another name

There’s a reason i can’t get behind the whole Adam / Sam / Kyra thing.
It was Adam’s bright idea to create the brogade alliance the pettyboys. It was his dream and plot for two years. Just because he wants his side piece to be safe too doesn’t make him a hero no matter how hard they edit.
Sam had every opportunity to strike a blow against the boy’s alliance. instead she decided her man controls the alphas so she should take out a woman. And we should applaud that? We should want her to stay? Why?
Kyra. nope. just nope. i don’t care how they edit the adidaspotato. not happening. Kyra could in some hypothetical universe take out two pettyboys in a triple eviction…. and i’d still be saying nope. no chance i’m supporting Kyra. The dislike runs THAT deep.


2 people commenting!


5-1 sam mark is hoh oh boy


like i said blood veto aint over


weak move put up este and damiean vs power move dane and anthoney


Actually happy about this. Would be amazing if he backdoored adam!


ya seriously, why does Anthony want to go to the end with Dane and Adam so bad? He hasnt won anything and wants to battle it out with the 2 biggest comp beasts in the game. I’m sure Mark is smarter than that!


I bet you Mark tries to Backdoor Dane this Week and go his own way.

another name

so. feeds return to cory trying to rent space up mark’s ass.
este freaking out that dane is freaking out that mark isn’t freaking out so este should feak out.
kyra convinced mark will make a big move (let’s be honest: kyra thinks kyra is a big move. kyra has made everything about kyra no matter what the circumstance).
why is anthony crying…. did he hurt his feeling? he only really has the one.