Cory “His poor heart is taking a beating today, hopefully this will help. Anthony – enough about them..”



8:40pm Sam and Adam listening to the HOH music.Bathroom. Dane and Damien. Dane – if its a triple tomorrow, you’re probably going to go for it right? Damien – yes. Dane – I will be too.

8:47pm HOH room. Adam , Sam and Kyra.
Kyra – I just feel like its my fault. Sam – its very probable that I would have won

the next one and you won the one after that. Adam agree. Kyra – I called a lot. Sam I’m a big girl, I can make my own decision. Kyra – I Adam – its fine, this was going to happen no matter what.

8:45pm Hot Tub room. Cory, Mark and Anthony.
Mark – I got kicked out of the HOH room. Cory – oh yes, sorry dude. Mark – you gave them a bottle of beer too? Cory – yup. Mark – Nice.. Cory – I love how you say that with disbelief. Mark – that’s like 20% of your beer right there. You’ve got to ration that. Cory – Adam’s still in the game so… and Sam’s in jury.. right!? You’ve got to think about those things. And Adam’s tore up.. I don’t know how much Sam is but I feel for him. His poor heart is taking a beating today. Hopefully this will help. Anthony – enough about them… I’ve had discussions with Cory.. I am just going to come right out and say it. You obviously know I am good with Cory. You’re good with Cory. Going into next week I don’t want to just say you’re safe. We’ll sit down and have discussions. Mark – that’s kind of how I was feeling as well. We’ll sit down and chat tomorrow and then after.. Mark – I agree. I’ve had good chats with you Cory. And I can compete, I’m not dead weight. Mark – I’m in to you. Anthony – I’m kind of into you too.. And you’re kind of good looking too. They comment on

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Mark – ” I can compete too ” ?? WTF – Dude you haven’t won shit yet. you spend all day stroking your beard and talking to yourself. I’d take my chances with Damien before I would with Mark.

another name

something i was pleased to see for the first time this season: when kyra went on her weekly ‘who would you target’ information gathering mission so that kyra could run to the rest of the house and squeel to shift the target… somebody finally said i don’t know, i’d think about that when and if i won.
it’s become the trademark way that people have been made the target this season. one out of the two nominees is always subjected to the who would you nominate anchor that sinks their game, while the other never gets asked the same question.

Just sayin'

I don’t understand what Damien is doing in this game, he frustrates me. He has won nothing, made almost no social connections, no game moves and he has known about the pretty boys alliance since day one and done NOTHING with that knowledge expect let those 4 guys run the house. I just don’t get why people are rooting for him, like I honestly forget he is even in the show half the time


I agree, I really liked Damien in the beginning but the fact he’s done nothing with the info about the PB’s drives me crazy, him, Cory, Sam, Adam and Kyra (Kyra for a number cause she’s not much use for anything else) could have banded together and made this an interesting season. For me it’s been a yawn…and I don’t see it getting any better, will just be a PB landslide now. Until they have to turn on each other anyway, then some sparks will fly for sure!


Damien is a total flop so far. I was really digging him at first, Liked what he was doing in his community back home, enjoyed hearing about his stories, found him to be a stand-up bro. Now.. When it comes to BB flop.

I bet he’ll get some viewer-voted power due to his looks and use it to further PB’s agenda.