BB Math – Shelby is nominating Whitney & I am nominating Danielle. One of them is America’s nom..

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8:15pm Justin, Jason, Danielle and Kryssie are in the HOH room. Jason is using candy to show them who he should nominate and why. Me and Shelby are not voting. She (Shelby) is nominating Whitney and I am nominating Danielle. One of them is America’s nom and it stays as that 3. But there is no way it would stay as that three.. everyone would use the veto this week. If Danielle comes down and we chuck up Alex .. then we have 3 for sure that are going to vote out Alex. So if we take Whitney down then Shelby would put up Justin. Whitney will not vote Justin out. She would vote America’s person out. Kryssie will vote that way as well. And they will vote Justin out. America’s will probably side with that way (America’s nom). If Alex is America’s nom and she takes herself down .. then we’re f**ked. But if one of us is America’s nom .. if Kryssie is America’s nom and Kryssie wins the veto she can take down Danielle. Back door Alex. Then it comes down to if I beat Shelby in the veto or not. Justin – you’ve got to beat her. Jason – I will. Justin eats the Jason candy. They all head down stairs.

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9pm – 10pmThe house guests are playing BB melon bowling. If it breaks on your turn .. you clean it up.

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11:20pm – 11:50pm HOH room – Alex and Shelby. Alex – say by some miracle we do get Danielle out this week and then on the double we get out another person with a care package that leaves 2 people and 2 care packages left. Shelby – I know. Alex – oh you’ve already thought of it. The odds of that happening are pretty slim. America just can’t put up me or Morgan and our odds go way higher. Than if we’re up against people who are seemingly loved by America. Shelby – seemingly how!? Alex – Whitney and Scott keep telling me Kryssie is loved by America. Shelby – and so does Kryssie and she got the sh*ttiest care package. Alex – true. Shelby – and they probably didn’t make her a havenot till then because they knew she would quit the game. America just puts up whoever will be interesting at the time. Alex – I’m just going to assume it will be me or Morgan. Shelby – well if that happens I will be playing for you in the veto. And I would rather take you down than have to put someone else up and piss people off on the other side going into a double eviction. Alex – what would be interesting is what would Jason do .. would he take Whitney down? Shelby – then I would get to pick a replacement. Alex – oh yeah. Then he would take down Danielle. Shelby – I bet he would like to leave Whitney up there .. just in case. Then he would put up me or Morgan .. and one of us would go home. Alex – if Kryssie is America’s nom… even if Whitney won they pulled Whitney down .. Kryssie would not be going home. It would probably be a consensus of Danielle. Shelby – if we got Danielle out and Whitney won HOH .. do you think she would put up me and Jason? Alex – no I don’t think she would touch you. Shelby – it might be Morgan. Alex – It might be me. Shelby – she’s a threat but she’s also our ally. Alex – I would like to keep Whitney around a lot longer. Shelby – yeah final 6 .. final 4. Alex heads to bed.

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12am – 12:40am HOH room – Shelby alone dancing around listening to her HOH music.
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12:40am All the house guests are sleeping.

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I would hope Dani or Krusti goes this week. Fingers crossed…..


Kryssie for AN!!! If you are a BS fan at all please don’t split the votes this week. This all girls alliance has made over half the game together with only a few bumps in the road. Let’s give them a bone and vote Kryssie as America’s nom! These girls have fought hard and deserve a chance to be the first successful all girls alliance to make it all the way. And without any showmances! Kryssie for AN!


Please explain to me how they have fought hard????

Shelby- nasty has the worst attitude and cried because she can’t get her way.
Morgan- jealous cause Justin not paying her any attention and not talking game with anyone but her sister
Alex- has been hiding behind Scott and doesn’t know what to do but will throw her sister or alliance member under the bus
Whitney- riding the middle but I think when she leaves the house she won’t have a boyfriend anymore cause she getting a little to close with Justin (that’s disrespectful especially knowing he wants to f#*& you) don’t care if its a game you don’t have to be around or on him like that….

Side note, I thought Dani came up with this plan, so why is Jason taking over like he thought of it first… Let’s get Kristy out, she is nasty


They have fought hard the ENTIRE time! Since week one their side would win HOH and lose one of their own and even the odds were not in their favor that still stuck together and hoped America would vote with them even after weeks of things not going their way. They actually stayed more positive than I would have been able to. LNC on top of their nastiness have been the ones complaining and acting entitled. None of them are perfect but you can’t compare an occasional bratty comment to the vile, vulgar and beyond disgusting actions and comments from lnc. Period.


D-I-T-T-O !!!!!!!


more TMI from the late night scabs! They really think we are interested in their fetishes? Nasty skanks all of them.

Jake K.

Bye Kryssie!!! Especially since the BB challenge creator already hinted at what type of veto it is and it’s about balance


I hope Alex gets the nom. Ballsmashers? What’s that supposed to be some pro feminist bs? Why the violent name? They think it’s so funny and celebrate when they win and just hide and pout when they lose.
Plus Alex and Morgan have had the support of each other when they both acknowledge it would be harder for them if they didn’t have each other. The LNJ may be crude but they’re real and not like the entitled plastics.

Jake K.

Personally I feel like the LNJ is fake. Danielle and Jason seems real to me and are very neutral but Kryssie and Jason change their attitudes constantly whether a camera is on them or not. And I do not believe it is pro-feminist at all or that was their intention…I just think its a bunch of young to middle 20-somethings coming up with a funny alliance name

Jake K.

Danielle and Justin*


Entitled? In what way?? You are mistaking them for LNC.


I get tired of people like Anonymous trying to shove her opinion down my throat. You don,t like LNC….we got that four weeks ago, so. Stop with the nasty ass comments to anyone who has their own spin on this game. If you don,t like what they say use the thumbs down instead of constantly trying to defend your opinion. I for one have heard enough of your one sided thoughts. You are totally unwilling to read anyone else’s opinion without putting your two cents in on it.


I’m guessing you are new to this site… There are way more than a few posters named Anonymous. And from both sides… And “nasty ass comments”? This Anonymous hasn’t said anything nasty unless you mean pointing out what lnc has said. I don’t have a problem with anyone not agreeing with me at all. This is what this site is for… Ppls comments and or opinions. So if you don’t like then use your thumb or don’t read..


“What?” – you do know that “Anonymous” isn’t just one person, right? It’s anyone/everyone that doesn’t want to bother using a screen name.


I’m voting for Kryssie for America nominee. We got rid of Scott, and gave the care package to someone that for sure doesn’t deserve it Jason. Now its time to give some power to the ball smashers. Hopefully we can get Kryssie on the block, and get the the LNC back in check.


I cannot understand why these people are constantly called out for sleeping and singing when nothing is ever done about it. If you are going to have rules enforce them, if not then STFU and let them sleep and sing all day. I have never seen this many warnings in prior BB seasons. Its just ridiculous.

Bronte's Zen

Kryssie for America’s Nom! Then either Danielle or Kryssie will have to go home. Hopefully….


LNC = entertainment
BS = boring


Kryssie is nice but her burping gets on my nerve. America could nominate her for burping! That would be boring. Alex is overrated and boring, She has no social game. It would be interesting if America nominated her. Maybe Alex will step up her social game if she can,t get off the block. Alex and Morgan have a big advantage in the game—having family to back you up.