“I tried to do the math, the piss off factor isn’t worth it, what do we tell Steve”

POV Holder: Austin POV Competition Sept 5th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Sept 7th
HOH STEVE Next HOH Sept 10th
Original Nominations: Austin and Liz
After POV Nominations: Liz and Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 20-18-01-305
They got Chinese food from the place that serves mediocre Chinese food.

8:04pm Hammock lounging and Pool chit chat
Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 20-31-28-629
8:15pm there’s some more of this going on

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 20-42-47-081

8:25pm Vanessa, Austin and Liz
Vanessa saying she would rather Jmac go to final 4 with them over Steve. (Altering the original deal outlined in the last post)
Austin – If we win HOH this week we are in the final 3.. this is our push right here this week.. iof Jmac wins it we’re f***.. we’re playing for broke this week.. I feel strongly about it.. we’re all peaking at the right time.
They agree Steve f***ed up winning the HOH he should have let Jmac win it.
Vanessa – he went against Scamper and that’s what got him here..
Austin says he wants to send Steve out

They agree Jmac knows he’s safe next week unless Steve wins the veto

Liz – you know who i’m going after
Vanessa – His ass is up with Johnnymac
Austin- Steve drinks all the milk he’s gotta go
Austin- They have to go them in final 4 together is terrible
Vanessa- Steve will Jedi mind drill with Johnny

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 21-24-05-729
9:23pm Hammock Jmac and Steve
Jmac – the twins want Liz to stay.. you hear that
Steve – no.. I didn’t what do you think
Jmac – It’s a physical comp Julia did better in midway

Jmac says he didn’t know if he should have told Steve or not But Vanessa told him her twins want Liz to stay
Jmac – doesn’t matter she’ll tell you
Steve – or not
Jmac – If it’s a shovel competition Julia has better balance
Jmac – I don’t think Julia fell in Midway, Liz fell a bunch of times.
Steve – what do you think moving forward
Jmac – If I won I would put Austin and the twin up .. that’s what I have to do right
Steve- they would stick together no matter what

Jmac – I know what you are thinking how long will Vanessa stay loyal to us
Steve – I didn’t say anything
Jmac – right now it could change like the wind you know
Steve – right

Steve says there was a name to the alliance between Liz, Austin, Julia, Vanessa and him. Steve doesn’t tell him the name.
Jmac – if this game went the other way I would be in your position but with the other side
Jmac – You would be me and I would be Vanessa in rankings (If the goblins remained and not the Austwins+Vanessa power block)

Steve – have you been talking to Austin at all
Jmac – he doesn’t want to talk much about it

Steve guesses the final 5 eviction will be Tuesday

Steve – it’s a good week for you to win
Jmac – Especially with Vanessa saying I’m turning into a Victoria
Steve – Because you’ve never won HOH

Steve will organize a hammock date with Austin and him later tonight

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 21-58-10-924

9:40pm Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa tells him the two of them Vs Liz/Austin is a good play for them because they can beat those two in competitions.
Vanessa- Not Keeping Julia in the game f***s all the incentives up
Vanessa – why piss people off necessarily
Vanessa – I tried to to the math on it it’s so break even,what do we tell Steve.
Vanessa – the piss off factor isn’t worth it.. we should just tell them Fine we’ll do what you want
Jmac saying if the Competition is balance and physical Liz will do poorly

Vanessa says the HOH’s Liz won she didn’t earn other people were throwing it. Brings up the last HOH she won she was trying to throw it to her sister.
Vanessa – she’s not as strong as she looks on paper

They go on and on about how Liz is worse in competitions than Julia.
Vanessa – we gotta go with the odds.. either way we’re OK
Vanessa says if the surviving twin wins the HOH they just have top pray Steve doesn’t win the POV.

They agree to vote out Julia it’s not worth making Austin and the twins enemies
Vanessa asks if Steve will get mad if they vote out Julia
Jmac doesn’t think so
[envira-gallery id=”132787″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 22-01-34-709

Julia comes in
Vanessa- we talked about it and we’re cool we’ll all vote to keep your sister
Julia – I saw Zing bot
Julia is fine with leaving.
Vanessa – in a way i’m jealous .. and you still kinda get to be in it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 22-09-53-491

9:55pm bedroom Liz, Vanessa and Jmac
Vanessa and Jmac liz the twins they are voting the way they want
Vanessa- I just hope Steve doesn’t get mad
Jmac – I don’t think he will… I don’t think he cared.
Liz – it means so much you guys are honoring our decision.. it was the hardest thing and it really means a lot
Liz – It’s just a game it’s just a game but It’s something I have to live with for the rest of my life
Vanessa ays she’ll tell Steve voting to keep Liz is the ‘Human” thing to do.
Liz – I had my Audrey moment now I’m over it

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 22-22-20-453

10:10pm A failed attempt top scare Julia
“We failed Liz”

10:14pm hammock
Liz talking about vanessa 3 demands for her vote this week. They laugh at how ridiculous Vanessa is.
They Agree Vanessa is making deals with everyone she’s playing all sides of the house.
Julia says she walked in on Johnny Mac and Vanessa whispering

Liz says Vanessa showed her hand when she asked Austin and Liz so much for the vote. It’s obvious to them now who she’s been making deals with.
Julia asks if her and Austin agreed to it.
Liz – Yeah, I’m not following through with that sh1t

Austin joins them. Julia tells him Vanessa and Johnnymac were whispering. They told her they will vote out Julia but they need to make sure it doesn’t piss off Steve
Austin wonders why they care so much about pissing Steve off.
The twins call vanessa a traitor saying she’s playing both sides of the house.

They agree Vanessa’s “Wheels are spinning hard”
Austin says Steve wants to have a hammock date with him and Johnnymac. He’s thinking it’s about vanessa.

Julia – Austin you need to blow her the f*** up, the fact she going behind our back and making final 3 deals with them is shady.. her and Johnnymac mortal enemies and they are whispering..

Ausit n- I’m really curious what they have to say… If we can rewire Johnnymac Circuits.
Liz tells Julia to blow vanessa’s game up before she goes

Austin tell the twins to hold tight and wait until he talks to Johnnymac and Steve. They start talking about Vanessa’s deal, they agree Vanessa showed her hand with that bathroom deal.

Austin mentions how he always thought Vanessa was down with following the twins wishes. The twins said yesterday she was.

Austin explains that this was all a setup from the beginning Vanessa had plans on getting rid of Liz but now that the house is flipping she’s changing gears and making it sounds like it’s a big deal she’s saving Liz.
Julia says all vanessa talks about is game, ‘She’s such a good manipulator” brings up Vanessa trying to tell her she hasn’t talked Game with Steve in 2 days and she was up in the HOH with him for hours talking game yesterday.

Liz brings up how Vanessa is telling them her voting to keep liz is proof to them she’s loyal to her and Austin.
Liz says they’ve been working with Vanessa since week three the reason she’s saying that is she’s got something to hide “she’s sketchy as sh1t”
Austin leaves.

The twins are certain Vanessa has made final 2 deals with Steve and JOhnnymac

10:33pm Bedroom Austin and Jmac. Austin says if he wins HOH he’s taking Jmac final 4. Jmac will do the same. They shake on it.
Jmac brings up what Vanessa did in the veto.
Austin – it was shady
Talking about their hammock date tonight. They’ll sneak out once everyone is sleeping.

10:34pm Hammock Austin and the Twins.

Austin brings up his conversation with Jmac says he’s onto Vanessa. They shook on it Jmac will not be putting him up if he wins HOH next week. When Vanessa did that thing in the veto it raised red flags for Jmac.. “I don’t know we’ll see what he says later he’s going to scamper out here.. I want to know what Steve has to say”
Julia says Vanessa played her during the POV competition.
Austin – plays are to be made especially with him shaking my hand like that
Julia wants Steve out before Vanessa.
Austin tells them they have to educate the jury how bad Vanessa has been.

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 23-19-21-740

10:56pm Twins playing pool
Julia says Vanessa has probably convinced Jmac and Steve that getting rid of Liz is the best play.
Julia says Vanessa thinks she’s taking her to final 2.

Julia – No more funny business liz.. we have 2 weeks.. every night (StudY dates).. its really crucial, this is for me.. No more pranks we’ve had fun get down to the brass tacks.

The twins are nervous about what America thinks of them.

Julia – HAs Austin told you he’s taking you to Final two
Liz – Yeah.. it was the night I asked him if he had a final 2 with Vanessa.. he said everyone does.
Julia – Austin has a really good chance..

Julia says they should have voted out Vanessa not Shelli
Julia says Vanessa manipulated her during the POV.

The twins agree they want a girl to win so they will vote Vanessa over jmac and Steve.

Julia – you and Austin have to take Johnnymac he’s not going to win it (Final HOH)

Julia – and who knows maybe JUJU got fan favorite
Liz tells her practice speech for Thursday.
Julia – this is like the ending of frozen I’m going to cry… we are frozen
They hope everything about Vanessa gets outed.

11:21pm Twins in the Hot tub. They agree Vanessa has been orchestrating Liz and Austin going up.
Julia regrets Doubting Austin
Liz – He loves me you can’t doubt someone that loves me, Her, (Vanessa) she probably doesn’t give a sh1t
Julia – I’m so curious what she’s goign to exposed about Vanessa.

(Save to assume that Vanessa game is slowly blowing up.. once Steve and jmac talk on the hammock tonight we’ll have a better how bad it is for her. 4 out of 5 people have expressed a huge distrust towards Vanessa. )

Big-Brother-17 2015-09-08 23-47-14-960

11:33pm Hot Tub the twins and Steve
The Twins say they want Liz to stay.
Julia – I will be departing on Thursday.. give us the grace on that
Steve- oh you had that conversation
They’ve talked to Vanessa and jmac and they have their blessing.

12:02am Austin and Vanessa playing chess.
Out in the hot tub Steve and the twins are chit chatting about the season. They agree Jason was the biggest gossiper and talked shit about everyone.

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Slim Jim

Is it me or have the Twinkies gained a bunch of lbs since they entered the house? It looks like their thighs, butts and guts have really changed size. Too much junque food and too little exercise. Laying around, hitching, cursing doesn’t help.

Jenny Craig

I could help!

Pot Kettle Black

Sorry, but I think the twins still look good. They do exercise…and they cook and clean up the kitchen all the time. They may be annoying…but they make better TV than anyone else left in the house. The rest are a snooze fest.


Funny how the Austwits have figured out Vanessa thanks to DR sessions. They are mad, but can’t do anything about it. First they have to win hoh and second they want Steve out. It is actually stupid to take Vanessa out. Everyone in jury hates her, now even Julia. Steve is going to win this show if he doesn’t go next week.

On the hammock Liz mouthed to Julia “they asked about the deal in DR”. Production has it out for Vanessa, they want drama and they know paranoid Vanessa will provided that.


Everyone in the jury may hate her but they’ll recognize she played a very strong game and if she makes it to the end they will more than likely vote for her. They are not that bitter towards Vanessa. She needs to go if anyone else plans to win.

Beast Mode Cowpie

The twins hate Vanessa, but they now hate Steeeeeve-uhhhhhh even more. In fact, I think they hate everyone but themselves. It will be interesting to see who they vote for when they HAVE to choose (they won’t WANT to vote for anyone unless Austin makes it). One thing I am sure of: their decision criteria will be something childish and immature.

Big Jim

My arch nemesi!!

I can't believe

I can’t believe Van turns pages in the bible with that finger.


I can’t believe vanessa screws he gf with that finger


I can’t believe Van picks her moose nostrils with that finger!


Yes it’s you. Look at the photos on the HOH blogs you’ll see Julia is almost anorexic, fool. And they do exercise. Even yoga is exercise.


I don’t like their attitudes and they annoy tf out of me but some of you people are getting ridiculous with your insults. They have no guts but their butts look better to me. I like my women soft but not fat. Slim but not boney. The the twins look good. The only people who don’t think so are jealous insecure women. Now bring on the thumbs down you bunch of fatties and boneys.


What’s it to you??? They can eat whatever you want without your fucking judgement. I dont like the twins, but it’s just plain wrong to comment on their physical appearance. Shut the fuck up


I am no Vanessa fan, I want her ass out!! But I have to give credit were credit is due, the way Vanessa is playing these idiots, she always comes out on top. They know they cannot trust her, but they continue to let her slide through, now she is setting up everything to have Steve evicted.

She is making it so Austin & Liz remain together, they will be grateful to Vanessa and JMac, but they are targeting Steve. I don’t feel sorry for Steve, he should have made a move on Vanessa in the first double eviction instead of getting rid of Jackie. JMac has moved up ahead of Steve now, unless Vanessa changes her target, Steve and JMac will be on the block next week if Austin or Liz win HOH. Steve is the primary target if he does not win POV.

I hope if that happens next week, Austin, Liz & JMac talk and discuss how Vanessa has a final 2 deal with everyone in the house, and they back door Vanessa’s ass next week if Steve wins the POV. Steve keeps saying he does not trust Vanessa, well it is Too late now, Vanessa has already set the wheels in motion to get Steve evicted next week.


All while production is throwing Vanessa under the bus.


Ok lets say Steve goes out next after Julia. Final 4 is Jmac, Van, Austin, Liz. Why would Jmac even give a sh*t about anything Austin/Liz say about Vanessa. Even though it would be true, he can’t go to final three with them.

Going into next week Austwits can spill everything about Vanessa, Steve/Jmac are still smart enough to know Austin/Liz have an unbreakable final 2 deal. Going into final 4 with Austin/Liz is worst case scenario.

Go Vanessa!!

Why is everyone against Vanessa. I don’t get it! Everyone else has a final 2 deal with everyone else as well. But yet they all want to blow up her game?!? And be mad at her for playing the game. They don’t complain when she wins comps and gets ppl evicted. Lol. So stupid. All haters bc they know she’s played the best game. Go Vanessa!!


This cast has got to be some of the dumbest players ever.


Nope. all the goats that followed the goat herder to the cliff in BB16.


Now that nothing good has come out of this week of listening to austin and liz fighting, crying, making up then coming to terms with liz leaving and now that the showmance that they were trying to split up will keep going. I WANT A RESET! I can’t believe we had to listen to all this for nothing. I knew they should have put up Vanessa. At least it would have been a big move either way. They messed this up so bad BB should punish them and make them do this week over again and have another double eviction. Idiots! All of them. I mean that in the nicest possible way, bless their hearts.


Julia is so stupid, and I hope she leaves. They talked forever about how shady Vanessa is and how she has final 2 deals with everyone, and then Julia is dumb enough to say she wants Steve out before Vanessa? These people are so, so, so stupid.


What is even more hilarious is listening to the mindless clowns(austwits) mention how they are going to inform the jury about Vanessa & her lies/deals/schemes lmao! Seriously,stop it! That’s right, you 3 morons were the biggest Van cheerleaders, loved watching her play others, back stab, lie to people & get them evicted,yet Austwits still will listen & abide by everything she says until they are all taken out(unless they win hoh). I despise Van,but they have nobody to blame but themselves! It’s disgusting how clueless, spineless,two faced,run toward the power with out considering the consequences. I can’t wait for this season to finally end. If Van wins,it’s all their faults for not being able to think for themselves & differentiate that they were mere puppets being pulled by the strings of Van. Sorry..not sorry lol!

Operation bye bye

This is the stupidest thing Ive ever heard of letting the two on the block pick who gets to stay… this season is soo weird with all voting the same way telling the person everytime whos going… tell liz ur safe n then vote her OUT!!! Im soo grossed out from austin liz fondeling each other for another week n half… Austurd needs to go next!!! I cant believe after all the crap talk on here of austin n the twins n wanting them to go everyweek now ppl want them to get to f3 or f2. Sell Outs all cuz they dont like vanessa. THATS LAME!!! You really want a twin to win it when they havnt done crap most the season n liz only won cuz ppl thru hohs…


Jackie and James for America’s fave & all stars. If I could pick two players from BB17 it would be them, I think they deserve a week to stay off the block.. Jackie did it week 1.



Smart Guy

The funny thing about this is aside from Steve, the only reason the twins, Austin, and JMac are in the house is because of Vanessa. If she booted Austin, the twins were next and she saved JMac last week. Lol! She should have stuck with Dark Moon because those people are much more entertaining than the ones in the house. I would much rather be entertained by Jason and James instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del and Austin.

I oncelovedstoopidpeoplebutnowitsover, almost

Just checking in today and I have to say, Ctrl+Alt+Del and Austin = the best I’ve seen this season! Nice one Smart Guy!


If Vanessa was a doctor and someone came in with a little baby cut on their finger she would first try to disect it, amputate it, x ray it, Ect… when all she had to do was slap a band-aid on it. She comes up with ten scenarios, makes ten deals starts ten fights to make one move. Just listening to her talk makes my head numb.

Wouldn't Let Van Touch a Baby

Too much blood on her hands, too much crazy in her eyes, too much Adderall in her brain. If she’s gonna dissect anything is that beanie needs cut off her, we want to see the orange roots that matches that strange spray tan.

Smart Guy

If someone was stupid enough to go to the doctor for a baby cut, that’s what they deserve.


Good they see Van is playing them and want her out about time.


Yeah they “see” it. One minute it’s stick with Vanessa stick with Vanessa. Then after dr session, we can’t trust Vanessa. Lol

Production had to tell them. It was simply too easy for Vanessa to manipulate them, they had to create some drama.


I think that they need to stop casting recruits and only cast real fans (that follow the feeds).
They also need to come up with new comps and if they must keep some of the old ones, at least mix up the order, for seasons now, the hg’s know which comps are coming up and how to prepare or rig them (last year Christine figured out how to knock out both Donny and Nichols in the counting comp).
Enforce all rules for everyone.
Every week they should have a housework schedule, detailing who cleans what . The thought of using that washroom or shower make s me sick. Ants have always been a problem and now this year rodents have been seen in the back yard. The hg’s complain that they are lazy? Go clean the house and wash the bedding, Liztin are doing the nasty everywhere. Pus some people are just gross and dirty, then they lay on other people’s beds with their shoes on.

I would love it if they used the Pressure Cooker comp (S6) again and I love the how much do you want it comp! Can you imagine any one of the Austwins shaving their head? Or being on slop all summer?
And get rid of BOB, the only way that has a remote chance of working is if both hoh’s were immediately sequestered until they made their noms, even then I think that it’s a shitty idea that forces the entire house into two separate alliances.

Lastly I know that everyone hates Van even though I think she is the only deserving winner at this point.
What I don’t understand is why every single hg is so upset that she has deals and f2’s with e everyone? The last time I checked, they are ALL guilty of the exact same thing.



I forgot to add that they also need to cast a more age diverse cast. Not one 40 year old in a house full of 20 something year olds, but a cast that is divided equally among ages from approximately 20-55 years old.
I also wish that CBS would quit trying to create characters and fake storylines and air the show in all of it’s gruesome glory.
And no more production interference; no dpov, gpov or hints at other hg’s strategies in the dr; why do you think thst Vanessa is afraid to talk about her real gameplay in the dr? aside from the fact that she’s crazy, she’s right to be afraid of what the dr may be telling the
other houseguests.
Lastly, although casting people with personality defects can be entertaining, stick to the ocd and type A personality types for drama. No more casting people that need drugs to get through the day (unless it’s insulin or heart medication, etc)


“Austin wonders why they care so much about pissing Steve off.”

And America wonders why the remaining HG’s care so much about pissing Vanessa off.


I am glad Johnny Mac told Austin about what Vanessa did in the POV competition, it was shady how she messed with the twins. I hope tonight when Johnny Mac Austin and Steve talk they all come to the conclusion that they need to sign together and get rid of Vanessa.

I would not let the crocodile tears or the pouting or running around bugging people and talking about her word and how loyal she is, I would not let that bother me. I would tell Vanessa good luck trying to win the POV, if you don’t win you are going home the entire house is aware that you have a final 2 deal with everyone.

Vanessa always says she is all alone in the game, I would put her ass up on the block and tell her well you said you were alone, so now you can set up your on the block. We are all aware of the games you are playing with everyone here in the house, all you do is talk game 24/7 it is like James told you, you are playing too hard, and now you out played yourself, karma is a bitch, have fun in the jury house.


It was “shady” for her to manipulate? I think you’re forgetting what show you’re watching. Aren’t you supposed to be shady in big brother?

Smart Guy

How do you know anyone messed with the twins? You wrote this nonsense before the POV was played on TV. Do you even brain?


WTF The twins say they hate Van and want her out then say they will vote for her from jury am I missing something?

They'll Poison the Jury Against Van Yippee

oh no, her threats become her reality! Only if Austin or Liz doesn’t make it to F2, so she’s their 3rd choice to win. They can’t believe nerds Steve & Johnny beat them. You know Julia isn’t going to keep her mouth shut, she’ll spew everything in Jury-Vanessa won’t make it that far anyway. Austin JMAC & Steve all ready to evict her next week. Party!

Twin Strategy

Liz: “I haaaaate Vanessaaaaa-aaaa, she’s totally throwing us under the bus and ruining our games.”
Julia: “I knooooowa but if it’s her and Jesus in the final twoooooo-aaaaa, we have to vote for her so a girl wins”


No you are not missing anything. Those two morons could not find their way out of a fully lit tunnel. I can’t wait for those mean girl twits to see how idiotic they look to the feeders/viewing audience. How completely stupid to point out all the Captain Obvious ways that Van has been this entire game, that took them this long to actually realize. That means nothing though because thru all their bitching & annoying whining, they will still hand Van the check. Try doing something in this game for once,take out a big target rather than crown her the winner Austwits! SMH & laughing hysterically at the nonsense they spew out their mouths.


“Julia – this is like the ending of frozen I’m going to cry… we are frozen.”

They’re really on a roll tonight ^.^!


Vanessa says the pissed off factor isn’t worth it….WELL GUESS WHAT? ITS TOO LATE NOW CUZ WE’RE ALL PISSED OFF!!!


Haha wow just wow everyone is on to Vanessa now but still not evicting her next week come on people get with it the time is now to evict her not later it’s always later with her that’s how she’s gotten this far. Off course this is the same bad game play where they are going to evict Julia and not Liz what did they miss the part where Liz has won way more comps than Julia…also didnt these people realize when Shelli was evicted Vanessa antics oh yeah they did then let her slide then also these twins and Austin are not the sharpest tools in the shed… Guess they forgot they were in the same situation just a couple weeks ago!

Julia: Vanessa is Immoral

Vanessa is a traitor, we should have voted her out, Liz: Were going to out her F2’s with everyone on Thursday. Julia: I’m going to poison the Jury and tell everyone how horrible she is. Austin: She showed her hand, she’s done. Liz: I’m not following through on any of this sh*t. Final 4 Austin JMAC Liz Steve. Buh Bye Vanessa. When her pet JuJu calls her immoral you know it’s bad. Buh Bye scamper squad Austins angels, BTW those names showed no imagination. Dufus Steve aka captain obvious says Vanessa is always lying, Teddy Bear tell me what do. Van is f*cked, pleeeeze out her during eviction.


Yes the DR tipped them off but don’t think anything will change. This is the same line of crap the twins said two weeks ago. The twins talk crap about every single person but themselves and yet nothing ever comes of it.


Sorry for yelling so early in the morning. Just had a cup of decaf, feeling a little better now……… NOPE I WAS WRONG, STILL PISSED OFF!!!


There keeping Liz why not just sign the $500,000 check over
to her . IDIOTS!!!!!!!!

Too Funny

How stupid the twins never make sense and obviously production told you about vanessa cause you two are a couple of nit wits and your leader stank beard isnt much better but atleast he knows you have to cover your bases with everyone in case they win hoh. I like how everyone says oh vanessa lies and has deals with everyone in the house soo she needs to go! HeLLO everyone in there has f2 deals with everyone except the twits. Double standard much. Austin does the same thing as vanessa but yet no one complains… give me a break with all the double standards with people… vanessa has by far played the best game n hate her all you want but the twin n austin are still going after steve if they win instead of austin and the twins said they want a girl to win so there voting for vanessa talk about stupid and even austin said he will vote for vanessa over steve n johnny mac if hes in jury so go figure for as much crap they all talk about her n wanting her out at the end of the day there still voting for her so hate on vanessa haters while she sails to the end and wins 500k.

Right on!

I think that Julia should poke at the bee hive and expose Vanessa’s game before she leaves. What Does she have to lose? Rattle that cage wonder twin! It would be awsome if the remaining house guests would just laugh at Vanessa’s failed controlling ploys. And finally vote her out!!!


At the end of BBCan 3 the final jury interview was done by Ian Terry. his final advice to the jury was to put their emotions (and bitterness) aside, and vote for the person they could live with having beat them at Big Brother. They gave the win to Sarah who had sent most of them to jury. I know a lot of the people on here hate Vanessa, but at this point could you really live with another person from this group winning?


I find it ironic that Ian Terry would encourage a BB jury to put aside their feelings of bitterness and vote for whomever played the better game. Some (and I am not saying necessarily me) would argue that a bitter jury gave Ian the win against Dan his year.


Sarah won because of production and nothing else. Even that altered (changed week/rules) DPOV choice gifted by production was to save Sarah in case Johnny talked his way outta being the target. So was the final special power. The winegate incident when she was a have-not, SHE asked for and received after prompted by production to start an alliance with Willow who admitted was all set up by production. Sarah should have gotten a punishment but instead prod pretended on the show that it was from Marsha the Moose to Willow. BS! The HGs said Sarah was a whiny complaining bitch who got her way with prod by doing so. The Global TV commercials which just so happens to be the largest demographic viewing audience were all geared to Toronto Feminist Hemplounge/shop employee Sarah, Ontario Premier Whynne’s “Girl Power” campaign & Federal Liberal leader Trudeau’s “legalize pot” political wind. Just follow political winds and you’ll always find your winner.

Haters all singing again.

The whole season you have been saying Vanessa is “fucked”. She is still in the house. You all were singing “bang bang the witch is dead” several weeks ago. Vanessa is still in house.

Simon and Dawg have written in their recaps several times this season. “Vanessa’s game is getting blown up” She is still in house.

She isn’t going anywhere. Till finale night when she walks out with check for half a mill.

So keep celebrating Vanessa’s death. It makes it all the more enjoyable as she makes you all look like the fools you call all the house guests.


Julia does not have the guts out Vanessa during the live eviction on Thursday, She will come up with an excuse, it’s too early, you should wait until next week. We don’t want to piss her off.

They are onto Vanessa, but once again they say some of the dumbest things, Julia said if Vanessa makes it to final 2, she will vote for her instead of a man, it’s time for a woman to win, and earlier she said she knows Vanessa is shady, but she wants Steve out before Vanessa, really Julia, just shut the hell up.

I hope JMac and Steve end up in the final 2, with JMac winning, and James wins Americas Favorite. Austin and the twins are on drugs, they think America likes them, Liz said Vanessa does not give a damn about how Austin loves her, but what about all of the nasty things Liz has said about Austin ? “He smells, He is not a good Kisser, his tattoos are so gross, his hair and beard is so gross” has she thought about how Austin is going to react when he sees this when he watches the show at home.

How his family and friends ate going to tell him Liz used him. Liz will hook up with Jeff at the wrap up party, and then go and hook up with Jace, Austin was her 3rd choice.

Hypocrisy Exposer

If you were the backdoor target 2 weeks ago and made up with your alliance mates only after you won the POV, why wouldn’t you have final 2 deal insurance with everyone? You know your alliance mates (4 out of the 5 people in the house) only made up with you so you didn’t boot one of them if you won HOH the following week, so you have to try to cover your bases every way you can. When Austwin was in a 5 person alliance with JMac and Steve, a 5 person alliance with the Goblins, and a 6 person Brass Tacks alliance that included Vanessa, that’s what you call playing all sides, but it’s only a sin to do that if your name is Vanessa.

Go Vanessa!!

Finally someone on here with common sense! Couldn’t have said it better myself!!! 🙂


I hope they vote out Liz because Julia doesn’t even want to be there. Make her suffer.
The casting and comps this year were pitiful.

Judy Chop

At this point if Vanessa is sitting in final 2 I feel like the fate of her game is gonna be based solely on how bitter of a jury she’s facing. I keep going back and forth on who would still be holding a grudge and who would respect her gameplay enough to vote for her win.


JUDY CHOP!! Lol, ahhhhhh…..Caleb and Cody, the only saving grace from Christine’s icky factor. Beast Mode!!!

Listen, I get the “Vanessa played a better game” thinking, I do. But she is just not good TV. Like Christine, she is just not fun to watch. Also, as we’ve pointed out, putting someone who supposedly wrote a thesis on game theory into a game with people like Meg is just not fair. Meg is just a typical girl vs someone who didn’t even pack a swimsuit????/didn’t come there for fun (for game study??) Basically, she’s tired. (LOOK AT HER!!)

Austin…..bless your heart. You’re not ready for the reality and truths that you are gonna come out to. Everyone saying you don’t shower or wash your hands makes me worry (about WTH Liz is doing)!

is it just me

viewers must be dumber then the players if you think that jmac is going to turn on vanessa now
does the hate for vanessa affect your hearing? he has said many times that he wants to piss off people in the jury. he wants to make deals and break them. stop acting like children and celebrating every time someone mentiones they are onto vanessa. they been onto her for a long time. guess what she is still in it and will likely be there for the rest of the game. jmac will not betray her he is not stupid he knows the only way he hoes to f2 is with vanessa. austin as well if he wants to not be the one to send liz home he needs vanessa to do it for him. believing the lip service and big plans that will never happen is understandable if you are in the house and live in the bb bubble but as viewers what’s your excuse? you should know better. just deal with the fact that your favorites are gone, cbs doesn’t give a shit about your opinion and the world isn’t fair.


True. There’s no reason to get excited when one of the players outs the other, because they never act on it. This is true for most recent seasons, because people much rather be the expendable one on the power alliance than at least try and take the power players out. It never works out for them. When you let them roll over you, you deserve to get evicted IMHO.

Nothing Personal

And you’re not Daddy, so quit telling everyone how to enjoy the game.


after 17 seasons I do believe these REALLY are the worst HG….. letting the noms pick who goes, there are 4 so called “supper fans” left and they can’t figure out how stupid this is, I have lost any hope that any of them will evict “Van the man” (she looks more tranny than Aubrey did)…..jmac & steve know what’s going on with her they are just riding with her until two of the 3 austwits are gone, now if she wins HOH Steve can pack his bags but, she’ll be sorry because jmac will beat her every time….this year can not end soon enough for me but, as a fan I will keep reading this great site and watch the last show


Does it bug no one else that everyone is too stupid to see who the better twin is to evict, including the twins. I mean JMAC and Steve actually think it doesn’t matter, which proves they have ZERO strategy and complete awareness. Obviously evicting Liz will have a larger impact on both Austin and Vanessa, while evicting Julia, changes nothing. It’s not even like a secret alliance. They have been openly referring to their alliance and I mean you would think all that gross fondling would indicate they’re f’n close.


I am not surprised at all with their plan. This is another example of bad strategy ( or lack of strategy). These house guest have continued down the same road of idiotic moves. Here is an idea, production should title this season and sell it as a dvd on “what not to do on big brother” because they can prevent any future abysmal seasons such as this one. Far too long we have witness this kind of craziness since bb15. Its a shameful.


I have never been the brightest bulb in the pack but these house guests are making me look like Einstein! Thanks you bunch of dummies!


I must have missed it but what did Van do to the twins during the Veto comp?


Honestly it wasn’t anything that big. Apparently Julia had to pick someone to go against and Vanessa mouthed Austin to her. So Julia did it and Austin beat her.


Was that a plug for an ABC movie for the twins starring in Frozen Let It Go??? I can hear them now, “Let it goooooooowahhhh” lol!