“If Scott says something, i’m like going to be like dude you better watch your a$$hole”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 13-08-46-776

1:03pm Alex, Danielle and Shelby are have nots

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 14-07-53-706

1:20pm SCott and Justin HOH
Justin – I’m so grateful I’m not a have not.. I’m so excited.. Food is life for me..
Scott – you can’t fish so you gotta cook
Justin – I couldn’t finish the ceremony I was so excited. Man ..

Justin – You ever drink ovaltine

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 15-07-10-192

3:06pm Alex, Shelby and MOrgan
Alex and Shelby agree to give Morgan ‘Support” while she does her work out.
Shelby doesn’t want to mess up her costume and Alex is good..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 16-00-58-036

3:31pm Whitney, Shelby, MOrgan and Alex
Alex telling them that Jason hid the krackles again.
Whitney and MOrgan find the hidden coke they rehide it in the tokyo room bed.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 16-02-34-724

Whitney searches everywhere for the krackle bars..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 16-16-33-852

4:14pm Justin, Shane in the HOH searching for the coke.
Shane – coke is harder to hide than Krackles..
Shane – I don’t know .. how do you hide a Coke you know..
Justin – “I don’t know where the fu**k they could hide that big ass coke”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 19-13-07-053

4:45pm Kryssie and Neeley
Kryssie is pissed because the girls went through her “Dirty Laundry” looking for the krackle bars and coke
Kryssie – every day I’m in here i realize I’m too old for this shit .. If this was real life I would have swung on those b1tches
Shane and Danielle join them..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 17-35-50-973

5:45pm Kryssie – I’m not interacting with any of those stupid whores..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 17-37-15-401
5:37pm They found the coke.. it was replaced with a sprite

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 19-06-43-364

7:09PM Safety Ceremony

Justin Safe
Alex Safe

Whitney Safe
Jason Safe

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 19-23-01-786
7:21pm Scott, Shelby and Alex

Talking about Neeley and Kryssie going up as Pawns they agree someone from the other side is goign to crack this week and it’s goign to be Kryssie. Scott feels bad for putting up Neeley. SCott’s plan is to get rid of Shae. Danielle is a mess and she’ll be no threat when he’s gone.

Scott tells Shelly he doesn’t want the house to see how close they are.
Alex says if Shelby or her go up as America’s nom Justin will probably not vote them out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 19-29-57-944

7:24pm Backyard Shane and Jason Smoking..
Jason asking the fans to nominate one of the ‘Hoes” (Shelby, Alex, MOrgan, Whitney)
Shane – If Scott says something, i’m like going to be like dude you better watch your a$$hole..

Shane – if I’m here next week your a$$holes are going to be mine

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-15 21-35-45-341

9:34pm Ball smashers

They want Danielle out over Shane.

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Hillary Lies Matter

I can’t wait until Jason isn’t safe.


What I love about Jason is that he makes this feel like it’s the real big brother. Almost comforting so I really don’t want him to go anytime soon.

Cornbreads dirty sheets

You must have missed the first week Jason was done till he won veto.


Morgan Shelby Whitney out of the HOUSE PLEASE!!!


Kryssie needs to get over herself, Jason is the one that started the whole chocolate war. Just because Shelby sat on the wrong couch or something stupid like that. The girls were actually making it fun hiding the candy, the LNC went through their drawers and found them. Then when the girls were searching I guess they look in Kryssie’s bag, and she threw a fit. Calling them all kinds of names, its just truly unnecessary.


Krusti doesn’t shower much or do laundry. She was embarrassed by her dirty clothes.


This late night crew is getting very petty, obnoxious and down right nasty with the name calling, they are being sad human beings who I can’t support anymore, except Justin. They are getting far too cocky I really liked most of them at first, but not anymore. Hopefully America see’s that and starts to nominate and evict them. I will be this week for sure.

Marsha The Moose

Honestly, Kryssie is unstable. The little group of trolls that call themselves the Late Night Jamboree were the ones who separated themselves from everyone, taking up residence on the patio and then sitting in judgement of anyone who didn’t want to sit and listen to all of their self involved snark for hours on end. How much of Jason’s “snatching people’s wigs” in a cloud of smoke and Kryssie’s calling the normal girls “The Plastics” or her extensive knowledge of useless and usually nerdy pop culture information she has deemed as worthy of knowing are people supposed to watch? Or the icky and vapid grossmance of the Danielle & Shane acting as if they believe they are superior to “The Plastics” as well. The group of patio trolls decide to be petty and childish by hiding candy from Shelby and congratulate themselves on being so clever. Yet, when the other side finds the candy, the misfits are insensed the candy was found and Kryssie has a krazy meltdown that “those whores” invaded he private underwear drawer while looking for the candy and states that in real life she would have become physically violent with them and bury them in social media rants! I’m not making any of this up folks! It also doesn’t help that they aren’t really playing the game when all they do is sit on the patio trashing and slandering anyone who doesn’t want to be around all of their negativity while they beg America to knock out anyone they dislike or didn’t wash a dish immediately after making slop. Please!


The most annoying part of this season is reading the twitter twats defending all these immature self centered fools. Unfortunately, I do not get the live feeds and are dependent on reading. Since most of the sites have less and less to report, I am forced to go to twitter to find out any information. I usually last about 5 minutes before I have to turn off the computer altogether.
Jason fans are as toxic as he is.
Danielle fans defend her behavior less and less.
Kryssie fans have all but dissolved.
Justin and Neeley are the only two from that “crew” that I can support.
I have nothing bad to say about Alex, Morgan, Whitney or Shelby fans. They seem more mature than the others.

Slop Cookie

Kryssie is totally nuts!! Let’s be real, she has some serious issues with feeling inferior to anyone prettier or thinner than her so she makes herself feel better by sitting there trashing them for hours. Then she claims they were mean to her because she monopolizes every conversation and they are tired of listening to her burps and constant mindless chatter and they find something more interesting to do. Jason isn’t any better.

Cornbreads dirty sheets

Well thats one side of it……

The Ghost of Tiny Tim

Spot on!!! Kryssie & Jason are toxic people and they are ruining the game. I cracked up laughing when I heard some have renamed this version of Big Brother: Over The Top to Big Brother: People of WalMart Edition.


Kryssie literally cried because they touched her dirty laundry?! Please get over yourself!

Bla bla bla

What the hell is wrong with kryssie? I liked her at the very beginning but now she is just coming off as a total bitch. She’s getting all bitchy about the plastics looking for the krackle bar, and she said she not interacting with those “whores” because they were looking for it and they went through her dirty laundry. I can’t believe she wasn’t a have not, I would have thought she was going to be one because lately she’s been acting such a bitch and thinks the LNC is America’s favorite. Hopefully princess Danielle will go home this week and hopefully kryssie or shane will too.

Cornbreads dirty sheets

These girls better hope Nelly doesn’t win HOH next week……..but the other side has won 3 in a row and will probably make it 4…..if it wasn’t for amerikas vote Jason Kryssie and Dani would be gone then Shane and Justin next……it could get boring really quick….Alexs side is dominant.

LNC fan buttttttt.....

So I’ve been a fan of the LNC since the start but each day I hate dani more and more. she is not only self centered, stuck up, thinks America loves her but she also complains about everything i want to give my votes for her as America’s nom but i don’twant the other LNC to suffer because of it. I wish Jason, shane, justin, neely would work with Alex and morg. cause they are the only likeable people in the house so far


Today the LNC lost me. I could list the reasons but it is not necessary. Shame calling the girls hoes…….that little inexperienced boy needs smacked. This version is so different.
Vote Shame or Damnel for America’s nom. Krusti can wash herself and do her laundry then go next.


I was wrong, Shame wasn’t the one that called them hoes, Jason did. Well, Dan is the only ho.

Bronte's Zen

Somebody here on this forum really hates Hillary Clinton.


Yawn – overall, I think this group has quickly become somewhat boring. There’s a reason they are the B team. Most never would have cut it on the regular season, with the exception of Alex and possibly Morgan. They are weaker “mirrors” of previous houseguests. Love you, Dawg and Simon, but unless something exciting happens with this HOH, I’m going to fold with the feeds. Watching a candy hunt and Kryssie beaching herself everyday isn’t worth it.


Kryssie, you signed up for Big Brother not Big Baby!


I read that one of these HG basically had a nervous breakdown during the sequester before the show even started. I personally think it was kryssie because she’s the only one that constantly talks about leaving. There’s obviously something more to her issue than just being a baby, and BB probably should’ve just found another contestant instead of talking her into coming on.


I am all for getting Dani or Shane out, or at least one of them… Like, I know that if we get rid of one, the other might shine as a competitor/gamer but then again maybe not. I just hiohioope Scott/America make the right decision as to who to target between the 2.

Personally I want Shane out because the BallSmashers want Danielle out with a fiery passion. Like, stop having Tunnel Vision! It ruins your game. But if she needs to go to strategically help them go toward, then let it be!


I really hope that after this week, and each side has been dismantled a little bit, that there can be an alliance swap and we can get back to a normal season.

Like if Whitney, Alex, Neely, Justin, Jason, & Morgan made an alliance that would be epic!

Cornbreads dirty sheets

Everybody’s opinion is valid and to each their own but the posters here are really down on the LNC…..but twitter and almost everywher else BB related its pretty much the opposite……..people dont dislike the plastics really but the hate for everybody but Dani in the LNC is puzzling to me. Both sides are in stressful situations and nobody’s perfect.


That’s because most of the LNC are just nasty. The hit below the belt with their name calling. They think America loves them and hates the ball smashers. If it wasn’t for Jason I don’t think all the votes would go in their favor.


Who the F nominated Alex ad a Have not??????


making sniffing slop farts sexy.


People from both sides keeps looking down on the people from the other side like none of their crap stinks! Nobody on the planet is perfect, and reading comments and BBOTT, we will live in a better world if those hating others for absolutely no good reason ought to look in their own mirror’s and check out their own ugly flaws. We all have them but some is more easier to tolerate then others. Vote Danielle out…..i thibk we can agree on that within good reason