Big D “You’re talking about a blindside!” Xavier “It has to be a blindside and we have to be the ones to do it.”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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7:25pm Backyard Hammock – Azah is cooking dinner in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Big D is babbling nonsense to the cameras. Big D talks about wanting to meet someone who is the complete opposite of him. Xavier joins him. Xavier – Has Ky ever talked to you about the ability to do something versus the willingness to do something? Big D – I feel like maybe a long time ago. Ky has talked to me about so many things I can’t even keep up. Xavier – yeah. No he’s said stuff like I think Big D has a willingness to do stuff but not the ability to do stuff. I am kind of thinking of using that as to why I am not using the veto. Big D – you’re going to use his own thing against him? Xavier – yeah because you don’t have the … you have the willingness to do what needs to get done but you never have the ability AKA you haven’t won sh*t. So for me I am like this is an opportunity for him to prove that when he has the ability he will do what needs to get done. Big D – oh Sh*t! Xavier – Unless again you don’t want to be put in that position. Big D – No I am going to do it because I am so tired of everybody. I am just.. I think I am just tired of this season of .. I told each and everyone one of these b***hes I am going to send them home and I mean that. Here is the thing even though I didn’t have the power I still found a way to make things happen the way I wanted them to happen. Xavier – No, I am not saying that. This is your time to show .. hey I am about what I say! Big D – right, of course. Xavier – because right now I think he wants me to use the veto on him and I want him to not be shocked when I don’t. Did you tell him some sh*t like oh it would be great if he used it on you just to take the burden off you or something like that? Big D – I said that like in the beginning because I was not sure what I was going to do. Xavier – okay so here is what we’re going to do moving forward. I don’t care what you said before. We’ve always been on the same page. Big D – you can just tell Ky straight up .. because of my jury management I don’t want Azah to be upset with me.. Xavier – I’m going to say we’ve discussed ability versus willingness and I think Big D has the ability to show you that he will do what needs to get done and the only way he can prove that to you. Both of us can prove something to you.. I can prove all right now but to allow Big D to do his portion to show you that he is willing to do what needs to be done I want him to make the vote. Big D – you’re talking about a blindside!! Xavier – MMMmmmhmmm. You talking about wanting to be a part of a blindside? I think it has to be a blindside and we have to be the ones to do it. With Azah, I have just trying to make sure she is good. They head inside for dinner.

7:45pm – 8:06pm Dinner Time.

8:09pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..
8:41pm Still blocked..

8:54pm The feeds return to Xavier working out in the backyard. Meanwhile Big D is in the living room talking to Ky about how Big Brother is better when its a cast of all new people. Ky – absolutely, I agree.

9:30pm Big D and Ky playing pool..

9:37pm Hammock. Kyland talking to the cameras
Ky – No idea if I will be here past final four. ..I shouldn’t say no idea.. I have an idea.. The idea is that ……….I will be. Hopefully Xavier follows through and brings me with him. Hopefully he is not playing some crazy deceitful game… randomly after all this time. I feel pretty good about that. You just never know. That’s the crazy part about this game. Never really know… This is pretty cool though.. sitting in the hammock in the big brother house. Big D joins but then get called to the diary room. As he’s heading inside Azah comes out to join Ky. Big asks her how she’s doing. Azah – I’m fine.

9:50pm Living room. Big D and Xavier.
Xavier – is everything okay? Big D – its just Azah’s giving me short answers. Its fine. Its okay. Like she is giving me short answers and for me its like.. Xavier – she is on the block man. This is her first time being on the block. You got to cut her some slack and at this stage in the game to be on the block in nerve wrecking. Big D – I get that! But she is not even …even though I am like is everything okay? Are you alright? Like what’s up?! She is not even talking to me. And I am just like .. okay!? Like if we’re going to be those type of conniving b***hes.. then I can be a conniving b****h too! But I am trying to be cool, calm and collected. Like I get it you’re on the block for the first time.. I get it. Its stressful.. we’re at the end… but like how can I .. you’re making it really .. Like what’s the problem?! She is like I feel like you have resentment.. I don’t have resentment but when someone is not giving credit it really does upset me. Xavier – I think for both of you .. you have to stop talking about what you have done and what she has done and what everyone else has done. I just don’t think that is leading anywhere productive. No matter who we like or don’t like we have to make a decision for what is best for both of us. Big D – Its just frustrating because I have been there for her.. and now that we’re at the end .. you want to be all cute all of a sudden!? Its just killing me.

10: 40pm HOH room. Azah is playing cards with Xavier.

11pm Azah and Big D are sleeping…

12:20 – 1:15am Ky is working out in the backyard

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Blindside?! What the hell is he talking about? You don’t blindside someone who’s already sitting on the block! Can anybody please kill me???!!! This final moment is not fair…Xavier is a lawyer playing against a retard. He’s playing f**ktard Wayyyy too easy

another name

Isn’t that what the cookout plan demanded?
Lead the people you had fake final 3’s and 2’s on, pretend they have your vote until the day of the eviction?
Why is it different now?


Can this season of BB be done with already, so as to take me out of my misery.

X is playing chess while BigD is playing tidly-winks and Azah is playing — who the heck knows what she’s playing.

The Last Neanderthug

With season 21 all I did was unsubscribe to feeds and watch something else on tv during each episode. Give that a shot.

Game shows lover

But you come back to read what is going on.


Didn’t you hear? She’s playing mean conniving b!tch. That’s according to Big DF, the greatest BB player ever…


Ahhhh, that explains it. If DF says it, it must be so.


Azah is playing Holly Hobby. Cooking, Cleaning, Hat n All!


You’re going to self-sensor fucktard, but just let the R-word roll out, no problem? You resort to using a slur to imply someone has small mental capacity, but YOU are the one that can’t find a word that would more aptly relay your sentiments. The irony is not lost…


You are actually correct, I can’t seem to find the right word to describe BIG D. Help me out here please? I’d like a nice one…

Jaymie lee

Lets not be offended by a simple word lets be offended that the game has turned into Blacks vs Whites and were supposed to be okay with it and pretend its not racist.


Jaymie Lee no one expects you to understand the complexities of what has occurred this year between those guests.
Reverse racism isn’t a real thing and we humans are genetically engineered to acclimate to the nicer way of things- that’s why you see so much progress the longer we do this human thing.
I haven’t commented all year though I appreciate EVERYTHING onlineBB does to keep updated but I had to come here to say that, evolutionarily, you guys are on the way out.
You wouldn’t know real racism if it whipped you on the back.
This isn’t the best season I have seen in 20+years of faithful viewing but I will be damned if I allow that to devalue what these people have done this year on this show.
Now go on somewhere with your backwoods ass bullshit.

Jaymie lee

And yet your comment is Not Racist right?!?! You and your people are on the way out. That proves my point saying outloud you want to get rid of the Whites just like the Cookout. Just because they are Black doesnt mean they arent racist-voting out the Whites because they dont have Black skin colour IS RACIST.


How many times have you been upset about all-white final fours in the past 22 seasons? I’m white and I know i’ve never been turned down for a home rental or a job because of my race. If being evicted from a reality competition is the worst thing that happens to those ten white BB cast members, they are in good shape. 8 of them would have been evicted anyway.

Jaymie lee

So its okay voting solely on Race but only if youre Black because Blacks cabt be racist right?!?! First the Whites then the Chinese then the spanish. Anyone not dark black skin colour. That is evicting Solely on race but the Cookout gets a free pass becuase they cant be racist there Black. So all White allaince is automatically Racist the exact thing but with Blacks oh nothing to see here lets look the other way.

Jaymie lee

Funny no one can name even 1 White alliance ehosaid on air out loud they were targeting the Black people for the cause or for their pride. So you cant fight for White culture gosh thatd be uncool but the Cookout can say they are targeting the Whites and no one bats an eye. Funny how the Cokout gets away with everything because they have the preferred skin colour this year.


When X wins BB, there should be an asterisk next to his name. He played the cowardly way. So what you want about Ky, but at least he was willing to go up against X, a true threat, for the win. X is showing his true character as a slimey Lawyer, looking for the easy win, with no integrity. It’s creepy how his body language has changed with Azah, now he’s the aggressor. Stupid Azah is totally falling for it.


Didn’t Ky play the cowardly way then, evicting Tiff who was a threat? Or maybe that’s just how you win BB, by getting rid of everyone else -especially the threats.


I’m confused on why you say he played a cowardly game. He played Big Brother, he came in the game to win. He has played no different than any other players in the past. Explained to me how he played cowardly.


I’m confused, how did he play a cowardly game. I thought this was Big Brother. He has played no different than any other player in the past. I thought that you come into the game to win. So could you please explain to me what he did that was cowardly.


I’m referring to this week only. Ky saved him last week so they can duke it out at final 2, a true match up. X has decided to repay Ky’s loyalty by voting him out this week. Obviously he wants the easy win with Couch or desperate Azah at his side at final 2.


X is doing what he gotta do. There are so many ways to play Big Brother. It is very easy to judge someone else’s game from the sidelines, whether a social game, strategic game, floater game, honest game, cutthroat game. I am an honest trusting person, but I am SURE, especially when I made it to final 5 or less, that I would do ANYTHING to win $750,000 and the title! Play now, explain later! LOL Jury decides, you just have to pray they appreciate your gameplay, even if it was different than yours. ?


Sorry, but I don’t feel bad for Ky, he dogged Hannah and voted her out after she begged him to keep her. Ky was running around thinking that he has this in the bag, why would Ky think he can trust X, X is a snake, and every time I look at him, all I can think of is Star Trek, X has a head like one of the Clingon’s, X is threatened by Ky, and he is also jealous that Ky is more handsome than him.

He makes comments about Ky’s smile, how the girls all thought Ky was handsome, X is not much to look at in my opinion, X thinks he is so smart, and it’s really sad to see Azah keep throwing herself at a man who is not into her.

Tiff was gone, Ky should have worked with Hannah and helped get rid of X. Pay back is a bitch, Ky should have never trusted X, X is afraid of competing against Ky, but for me as a fan, I can’t stand the thought of Couch or Azah being in the final 2.

Couch needs to be sent packing, he does not deserve 2nd place, he is such a loser, and he’s looking for any kind of reason to vote out Azah so he can keep his crush Ky, Azah is being mean to me, Azah is not talking too me that much, couch has been saying how hard it is to vote out Ky, does he understand he is saying this to Azah who is also on the block, how do you think that makes her feel ?

Couch needs to stop talking about how he has done so much in this game, how did he have any impact in the game with no power, winning nothing, just being dragged along, why does he think that anyone in jury will respect his game ? What game does he have, what moves has he made other than moving from one Couch to the next Couch !!!

All the clueless plus 1's

Why would Ky keep Hannah in the game just because she begged? She jeopardized his game the week before during double eviction & put him on the block even though he asked her to put someone up instead who’d never been on the block. After she nominates him its out of her hands & up to the other houseguest to keep him or not……they could have flipped & he’d be in jury already.
Shame on you for not having compassion for him!

BB23 Connoisseur

Right. Ky had no obligation to Hannah or Tiffany tbh. And not only is Xavier not trustworthy, he is jealous. Tiffany did a great job of making him feel insecure around Ky.

Miss Impression

Is this the worst final 4 ever?I blame Tiff for carrying them to the end.

Just Sayin'

What an awesome game this could have been with people like Dx, Claire and Hannah playing in the end instead of couch and Azah. I all the exit videos they’re all like no I would never have played differently, this was the most important thing and I don’t care that I didn’t win… but you can definitely see a hint of regret behind their eyes. Especially Hannah, she could have done some real damage this season if she had been allowed to play her own game I think


I absolutely agree. DX, Claire, Hannah,Tiff, Ky and X battle it out. Or Alyssa

The Beef

They can’t say anything different. That would go against the company line and also be politically incorrect, so they bite their tongues, say how wonderful and historic it is, and carry on. I’m sure Hannah believes it, until the realization finally hits her that there’s only one winner and, had she played differently, it could have been her, or maybe Tiffany. The problem though is it also could have been Claire or DX, and they just couldn’t have that, so we get an X, Couch and Azah final 3 instead.

another name

Has Couch let it slip yet that he actually prefers cutting Azah?
Just wondering.


X wants a blindside. Wouldn’t it be great if Big D blindsided X and voted out Azah?

another name

no. I don’t like ky.
let his micromanaging condescending ass get evicted.
no skin off my back.
Then again, i think Azah is a waste of a spot in the house,
Couch is an ass.
X doesn’t own his game.
I didn’t actually like many houseguests. They can all fail.


I would think the 823 timed that Couch said he doesn’t want a woman in F2 because of “all those girls in the jury” would be a hint to X. But X’s perception is off a lot in this game for a guy who is guaranteed the win.


BigD would have a better chance of winning against Azah (about 5% chance he wins) than against either Ky or X (Zero chance of BigD winning). I wanted to like him at first… but I just can’t. At least Azah won a HOH, and is willing to evict someone who is a threat to her game with no hesitation. Big D is clueless about BB and delusional about his own role this season. I think he actually believes he had a major impact on everything.


Agreed. When Couch said that he wanted X to use the veto on him and Azah had to explain to him that X can’t do that since he’s not on the block… that was one of the most painful moments in 23 years of BB.

The Beef

No kidding. If X has a brain and he really wants Ky out, he uses the Veto on Azah and she WILL vote out Ky. The Couch may or may not do it. I wouldn’t trust that guy as far as he could run, and we all know………


Say what you want about Ky, but he’s won the most comps than anyone in this season. X is the lawyer he is. A cold hearted snake.


True but X is an Investment Attorney, so he sits behind a desk.


truth. If I ever heard it. I will not watch this play out.


Big D is such a drama Queen. He can’t stand anyone else getting a compliment. Has no empathy for his supposedly best friend on the block. The fact that he will be second is ridiculous.


He should have gone home. DF and Az are floaters. Last week when AZ could have made a big move, she didn’t. And Derrick has done nothing..Neither deserve any $$


I wouldn’t even give Azah & Couch the credit of being floaters. Floaters are strategic in that they float over to wherever the power lies each week. It’s not a respected game strategy per se, but it’s a strategy. In the case of Azah & Couch, they never strategized to play a floater game. They were too clueless and incompetent to strategize. They just existed.They were dead weight on the backs of their alliance. They expected their alliance to throw them comp wins and to carry them to the end. We need a new term for the Azah & Couch game. Maybe the Dead Weight Drag?


My thoughts exactly. DF and AZ don’t have an original thought in their head. All they ever DID this season was vote the way they were expected to vote.


And now even that is too much for BigD. He doesn’t even want to vote Ky out, while still claiming credit for everything that has happened in the house.


I agree for the most part but I also can sort of make the argument for Azah as a floater. Think of her relationships with Brit, DX, Claire & SB – all players not in the CO that she had a relationship with & none considered targeting or even pawning her. I think Another Name mentioned SB briefly considered putting them both up but I think that was Ky pushing for Azah b/c of his own issues with her. I only saw SB 1 on 1 chats where she was leaning to Ally, X & Big D — then Ky shifted her to Claire/DX (and Big D still went up).

DF not only went up but in some cases they wanted to target him or take him out early in jury (none of DX/Claire or SB wanted him to go deep in the game whereas they were fine with Azah). They all spoke varying degrees or game with her – offered her deals of safety and she unlike couch was in other alliances outside the CO.

As for a term for DF couch seems so fitting but perhaps place holder, foot stool or ottoman.


I think the cookout are their own worst enemies. If Tiffany would have kept her friends,perhaps she would still be there. The same goes for the other remaining guests. However, they or CBS decided to make this racial and consequently it ruined some of the cookouts chances of winning. So if you go into a game to win $750k and get Zero, to try and prove a point,, what did you accomplish. Did you really play that game? Or were you a pawn for CBS?

Carolyn Alnasri

I agree because if that was 6 white people who sat planned that we would of bern called out for being racist. Which I am very from but didn’t think it should of allowed either.


Why not? it’s been allowed every other season. I don’t understand why anybody has a problem with the cookout banding together based on a common bond which happened to be the color of their skin. Are you upset because they actually the goal? It wouldn’t be so epic if a black person won in the past or hadn’t been the first voted out each season. What’s ridiculous is that something like the CO had to happen for a black person to win in the first place. Why are racist you?




And this is going to change the world how?? Frankly, I’ve been watching all season waiting for there to be a positive POINT to all this. Still waiting.

me andI

Here’s what’s up! This is a game changing ground breaking season since not only will a black male be BB23 winner BUT a Gay Black Male .. It’s historical on so many levels so don’t be mad!


This is a game where 1 person wins big money, they are not changing the lives of other POC. It’s hardly historic, or groundbreaking. If they donated the money to the mission or cause then it would be something. I don’t think anyone is mad.

BB23 Connoisseur

After 23 years worth of seasons, excluding Celeb BB, there being the first POC winner is pretty great. But it’s not changing the country or anything.

Outside Looking In

Rooting for an all furniture finale! Couch and the end table, (Azah) have been dragged along all season, not for their game play, (well maybe for their lack of it), because they have the CO approved skin color. It wont happen, but to me that would finish off this season with just what the CO deserves!


Hahaha. It would be hilarious if BigD won. Imagine X’s reaction when Julie said “Congratulations Derek F”.


I think I would like this to show CBS and the cookout that Xavier and the other two. I can not say their names they have played so poorly. Do not represent Black people or people who give it their best shot. I would like for Ky and Xavier to play they deserve to go to the final two.


The person who deserves to win often does not win. If it was truly about who deserves to win or we play the best game, then Paul would have won. Newscast, the best player in the most deserving player does not equal the winner, at least not most of the time. Sometimes, the best player does win but that is far from guaranteed because of bitter juries or poor jury management. Jackson and Josh DID NOT deserve to win but they did.


The best player is whoever makes it to F2 (by whatever means) and gets the mist jurors to vote for them.

Paul was a bully his 2nd season and lost because of it.


Couch WILL NOT win. He has zero chance. He is guaranteed second place but only bc EVERYONE wants to bring him to F2 bc they know they are guaranteed victory if they do, even Azah wins over him (except Ky bc he stupidly believed X would make the same idiot move as him). X never had any intention of going to the final two with Ky. X fully intended to bring a week player with him to the end because he actually wants to win. I don’t like him very much but at least he’s playing to win and he will because his competition is gone. Please, you must tell me how you think that’s a guy who did nothing but wine, make fun of others, and is totally Delusional wins? Please please please tell me I am all ears

Carlito's Way

Ky needs a major wake up all. He thinks he has it in the bag with X but is about to be stabbed in the back by an unwilling knife yielder (Big D). X has spent all of his time with Big D brainwashing, cajoling, explaining to him like a first grade child, that it’s in their best interest to cut his best friend. He never stops gaming. On the other side, Ky spends all his time with Big D talking about food ingredients and super hero movies. Get to work, Ky! Jeez he has no read. Even if he thinks X is taking him, he should be playing the game. Making sure he is good with Big D. He should be using every waking second with Big D to assure that he will take him. Can he not get a read that game talk has suddenly stopped with both of them and X won’t give him any consolation that he is safe? I just have never taken to X. Something cold and off putting. And he is too bloodthirsty about the money. I don’t like that he is constantly saying nasty things about Ky and from my perspective, it seems personal and not game related. Ky has driven me crazy this season but he deserves to be in the final two. I cannot respect a move by X to take Big D or Azah (arguable the lamest players in BB history – they give Victoria a run for her money) over Ky when he knows for sure he will win either way. This is not a nice game and back stabbing is part of it. But to bring either of The Horizontals to the final two is just a slap in the face to everyone who played and yes, the BB audience.


My only suspicion about X’s game is that he has always rode with the cookout for convenience. He was always playing for himself.


I really don’t like X and I would really prefer if he didn’t win (he will). I would also preferr to see X and Ky in f2 (of the remaining 4, I wanted Tiff) but if I was X, I would go for the guaranteed victory and bring A or D bc I wouldn’t take the chance that I lose out on the big payday. Why would I take the chance if I’m X? It’s stupid and makes no sense. If Ky had the same outlook, he wouldn’t be in this predicament.


JJ?? Jesus, you’re not even trying to hide it, are you?


He already told you! Believe them or not, people tell you (us, we, them) who they are all the time!


For X’s game it’s better to evict Ky. I personally would like X to pull Azah of block and send Ky to jury instead of Couch sending Ky to jury. I feel X has played a perfect game. He has remained quiet listening to most people. He was able to simmer some fights. He knew when to win and when to throw. I disagree that it’s bad game to take a floater. Why risk your game taking Ky just because you know you can beat Ky. There are times when you don’t want to leave things to chance. As we keep saying it’s $750,000 to win and first black person. I just wished theses last two weeks could’ve been shorter. It gets so boring waiting for final show.

The Beef

A perfect game? I think you’re a little biased given we know you’re a huge X fan Spider, but I agree he deserves to be in the F2 given the players left in the game, and so does Ky. If he doesn’t take Azah down and use her to vote Ky out, then he deserves to LOSE IMHO, because he knows the Couch is reluctant to vote him out, and there’s absolutely no reason not to use Azah to get the job done, when she’s clearly indicated she would gladly do it. I mean, why NOT use her? It accomplishes the same goal and probably will make Big D happier in the end (not that I would care if I was X).

In a Ky vs. X finale, I think X wins, but I’m not sure he’s played any better than Ky has. Ky has actually made the bigger moves (getting out Tiffany being the biggest), but there just haven’t been any really big moves this season. So I look at comp wins (Ky has a slight edge) and strategy (Tiffany did most of that), and it just ends up being close in my eyes, but I know the jury seems to think that X is the man.


I don’t know what’s going on guys…has the power of veto ceremony happened yet!?


Usually on Monday, so who knows what’s cooking with the remaining cookout.


It happens live on Thursday.


Yeah, what’s the hold up? Are they afraid that when X doesn’t use the veto Ky will have a mental health crises?

The Beef

The final 4 Veto is different from the rest of the season. It’s always delayed until the live show on Thursday and is always followed immediately by the vote, which is also different, since there’s only one person voting. It’s done in person – face to face.


X reminds me of Lord Voldemort more and more each day.




He’s downright snaky right now—Actually, ever since his whole 10-day Tiffany hate tirade he’s been shedding his fake “cookout is my priority” skin. And then, of course, just look at him. You can’t unsee it.




Why??? Smh


Just look at him.

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

lol, spot on


You can’t blame Xavier for wanting to get rid of Kyland but it is a little risky. Kyland would take Xavier to final two, Big D and Azah (if they have one brain cell between them) wouldn’t take Xavier to final two.


BigD and Azah have a very very slim chance of getting to choose – one of them would have to win the final HOH. BigD has not won anything yet, and Azah won one time. The odds are in X’s favor.


One of the final 2 comps is normally an endurance one and you can count both DF and Azah out on that one. They don’t win all season if they all of a sudden win the final 2 comps you know it’s rigged.

The Beef

And the one that Azah won, it’s highly likely X was throwing to her, knowing it was either him or her winning it, and knowing she was going to put up and target Chaddha, and if she somehow won Veto, Ky was her secondary target.

another name

Less than 24 hours ago.
To Kyland
Says he wants the fans to tell him what everybody did this season, because he must be Stevie Wonder and blind as a bat if he didn’t do anything this season.

Meanwhile. I call him couch because he’s horizontal 90% of the time and has much input in the game as the other furniture.
blink. blink.