“If I do leave you better not give her what she wants, You throw Liz and Vanessa up”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 16-44-14-237_jpg

4:42pm Kitchen Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa says Meg was getting really emotional
Vaness a- we have a good plan
Steve – you did what you have to do.. Veto is when we have to talk
Vanessa – the DR called me

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 16-47-47-237_jpg

4:43pm Twins HOH
Vanessa told them that the house use to talk “Sh1t” about the twins.
The twins are agreeing that people that make fun of other people are insecure
Julia points out she’s made fun of people of Jmac but thinks the goblins are jealous of them.
Liz – I’m not going to be fake with them any more.. the fact they scheme behind our back is disgusting

they are pissed at Austin because he was onboard with the goblins.
Julia – I trusted austin he’s a super fan
Liz – he did more damage
Julia- we should have never been cool with JAmes and Meg.. if that little napoleon had won yesterday
Liz – “And we thought we were safe”
Liz says the goblins rode their coattails for 2 weeks
Liz – I never saw Meg’s true colours until today.. her attitude is 1 million percent New York.. Stank a$$ attitude
The twins agree they are done with the goblins. Julia wants James gone.
Liz – if they expect us to use the veto that’s funny
Liz – what is he doing right now he’s working out.. .he doesn’t care all he cares about is his TV time.. I do care about this show and I care about the money.. if you don’t want to be here self evict (About Austin)
Julia – I feel the same

(About Goblins)
Julia – Guess who controls the vote this week, Liz, Julia and Austin
Liz – OHH would you look at that
Julia – You’re f****cked
Liz – Little miss meg over there
Julia – she’s a brat
Liz says she would have never allied with Meg and James that was all Austin.
Julia points out that it’s obvious that Austin isn’t in the game to win the game

Julia – Sorry not sorry Austin’s Sucked
Liz – what do you mean the HOH basket
Julia – that Music was terrible
(Last night James told Vanessa he would put up Austin and a twin if he wins HOH next week. Vanessa used this to get the austin/twins alliance on her side to get out a goblin. The twins are pissed now because they thought James was on their side)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 17-18-10-611_jpg

4:53pm James and Meg
They’re in the kitchen looking out at Austin, Jmac and Steve in the backyard.
James says he’s going to go outside and start yelling “Brass tacks brass tacks”
James- does this mean we’re kicked out of the brass tacks
They laugh saying once they go to the backyard everyone will leave.
James – I’m going to make an entrance..
James walks outside.. Joking around says “Whats up you bunch of a$$holes”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 17-42-38-303_jpg

5:18pm Vanessa, twins HOH
Vanessa says Meg was crying “Enough of the water works this is a game that happens you haven’t won any HOH’s
Liz is Pissed at Meg. Meg said her target wasn’t Vanessa implying it was the twins and Austin.
Liz – Who’s your target Meg what a flip flop
Vanessa says James is Scrambling he’s throwing a bunch of details out there and hoping you get lost.
Vanessa says jmac and Steve’s “Tightness” is exposed now so they’re not dangerous. Vanessa says she had to put up the goblins as a game move.

They’re agreeing Meg has a “New York Attitude”
Liz – passive aggressive
Vanessa – That kinda Negative attitude about me is a cancer that I can’t risk having in the house
Liz says she won her first HOH because she visualized it happening, “It just like that book the secret”

Vanessa to Julia – “You two are the same goddamn DNA you can win”
Vanessa points out how much Meg was complaining that she’s a Have nots

The twins point sout Meg has never done any dishes.
Julia – she’s never cleaned EVER she’s never taken out the trashed.. she never vacuums.. she’s a brat
Vanessa – You’re mom’s raised you good
Liz – we’ve always had a maid but still
[envira-gallery id=”130973″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 17-49-53-977_jpg

5:49pm Twins on Hammock
Liz talking about the stupidest thing she’s done all summer. Going to the HOH without any makeup

Julia says they are the same weight now
Julia – when I go back to Miami I’m going to the gym every day.. What about work I don’t want to go back they’re

Julia – I want to be a business partner with you but I don’t know what business

They both tell the “Live Feeders” They want to be “Bikini a day”
Julia – Twin-Kini
Liz starts talking about starting a business “Accessories, Skirts, Bikini’s, Stuff that complements Bikinis”

Julia says she’s getting pissed at herself because when she’s out of the house she works out and eats whatever she wants but now she’s in the house she eats whatever she wants and is gaining weight.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 18-02-04-605_jpg

5:57pm HOH Austin and Vanessa
Austin says none of them can use the Veto because if he does use the veto Vanessa could put one of them up.
Vanessa – Ohh
This is how Austin is going to win it to the Goblins..
Vanessa says All Meg does is cry and lies
Vanessa – the little baby fits
Vanessa goes over the conversation with Meg and James.

Vanessa – “I’ve never had anyone in this game.. Sorry not sorry.. she’s crying like it’s the worst thing that happened in her live.. I’ve survive she can survive.

Vanessa says Meg/james social game scares her “They’re cool they’re fun they get into your head”
Vanessa says Meg is claiming to her she does nothing wrong “C’mon.. even James admits its, C’mon”
Vanessa – if you are going to take a swing you better hit

Vanessa – James is so rational If Meg goes we can work with him
Austin – either way we can spin something
Vanessa can’t really handle Meg anymore.
Steve joins them

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 18-05-27-595_jpg

6:14pm Steve, Austin and vanessa
Austin says he told Jmac he made a mistake last week.
Austin says Steve CAn’t use the veto because Vanessa cout put up his rockstar.
Vanessa says Austin and the twins Can’t use the veto or she could put up a twin/Austin
(James will win it Don’t worry)
Steve – I give hugs 80% of the hhugs in this house involves me

They talk about there being 4 have nots this week. Austin is surprised Johnnymac volunteered to be a have not.
Vanessa says it’s because Johnnymac likes Julia and he knew she was going to be a have not
Austin – ohhhh
Vanessa says it’s something friendly, Flirty friendly
Steve – OK.. Like me and Julia
Austin – good so Julia and him can bound a little bit keep him away from the goblins

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 18-26-25-859_jpg

6:22pm Goblins Poolside
talking about a chance of a twist saving them.
Meg doesn’t understand how the timing of the final four works.
Meg says she’s the target this week, “Vanessa is going to take you.. “
James – take me where
Meg – To work with her
Meg – you’re her only shot of breaking up the rest of them”
James – she’s gotta have their votes
Meg – just saying that’s what I think is going on

James says Vanessa will use Johnnymac and Steve to take Austin /twins out.
Meg – If I do leave you better not give her what she wants
James – what , what does she want, she wants me to throw Austin and them up
Meg – I dunno
James – She’s Gotta go
Meg – You throw Liz and Vanessa up
James- I was thinking that…… …..
Meg – The lights are on already
James- I was definitely thinking that

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 18-53-42-587_jpg

6:52pm Have nots Jmac and James sleeping

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 18-54-54-580_jpg

6:52pm HOH Steve, Austin and Vanessa
Talking about the Jury house.
Vanessa goes on about feeling bad for Julia because she hasn’t won a competition and now she’s doubting herself in them.
Austin says he felt the same way with wrestling, she has to get to the point where she doesn’t give a F*** anymore and then she will succeed.
Vanessa recommends they all help build Julia’s confidence

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 19-09-39-877_jpg
7:09pm HOH Steve and Vanessa
They talk about how the twins got on the show
Steve says Liz and Julia were found on instagram hashtag twins.. they posted a picture on instagram with the hashtag twins and someone found them.
Vanessa says the person that found them was trying to do it for another twins based show but they didn’t get it. They then formed a relationship with that production company which then liaised them to this when that production company was approached about finding twins for this show.
Steve – Clay was at a Lakers game


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Maybe Vanessa will put up a twin after veto. One will surely “have done her wrong because she’s the only one with an honest game.” I can dream!


Vanessa told Jmac she would put up Julia asa replacement nom if Meg or James wins veto.


Bullshit, she would put up Steve or JMac.


I actually believe that Vanessa is a poker player she plays the odds she knows that she needs Jmac and Steve in the house for her to have a chance at getting to the end because they are the only ones that would take them out and she also knows that austin is to easily manipulated by the goblins so she would never take the chance of putting up Jmac or steve for that matter. She won’t put up austin or liz because that could turn them against her. Vanessa does everything for a reason her telling them that Jmac likes julia wasn’t for nothing it was so if one of the goblins (when i say one i mean james) wins and takes himself off austin and the twins will feel comfortable with julia going up thinking they have the votes to keep her but she is hoping she doesn’t have to make that choice just yet she also isn’t dumb she knows that if the twins or austin win the next hoh more then likely she will be the target again.

Spewing Jiz

Oh gaawwddd. Jiz spewing on feeds-Asstink doesn’t want to be here, all he cares about is airtime, i wish he would self evict. I’ve gotta clip Asstink’s fingernails again ouch! Meg doesnt even clean up after us. We’ve always had a maid, but I still suck Asstink’s dick clean and wipe my own mouth. I wouldn’t clean up your popcorn fights, chocolate fights, cooking competitions or your skanky hair & Jiz out of your sheets either. Meg’s got autoimmune disease and the rest of the house has Herpes. Damn, no more potball? We’re recruited from Instagram #BikiniBitches #TwitsTit’s #HateBait. Help us feeders! Can’t wait til they find out what real haters can do. Pleeeeze Vanasty you better be serious about renomming Julia you might even earn some respect rather than buying it.

Ms Anthrope

LMFAO at Vanessa mocking Meg’s crying. Pot meet kettle. And the twins are so deluded calling other people insecure when they are the catty queens of shit talking and making fun of everyone.


I can’t stand those two mouse faced mran girls. everything bad thing they make up about everyone is them to a T. They are the true brats

Vanessa please share your meds with them

Froot Loop Dingus

This 1,000 times!!!!!

Insecure twins

Did they even take a breath in between calling Meg insecure and then bash the hell out of her? Jealous of you? Do you see Meg selling herself to a guy she doesn’t like?
Vanessa has got the be the most
insecure of the bunch with the twins coming in a close second. I hope they point this out at the finale.
Mean bitches…

Uh Oh-Liz Insults the Entire State of New York

Pleeeeze, with these 2 slappers. Liz says Meg is such a stank ass attitude so New York?? I can’t wait for these Miami ho’s to step a foot in New York, hell, the whole northeast will jump them. If these 2 ever met a real bitch they’d have no teeth left. Or is that how Julia got the fake one? Throw down in middle school? Parents gotta be proud. Can’t wait til Asstink’s mom & sister teach her some manners when she tries to move in. We’re gonna do Instagram Twins feeders bikini a day. can’t wait for the online death threats to start pouring in. They got gangsta mouths they’ll have to defend.


The reason JMac doesn’t want to win HOH is that he isn’t sure he could resist the impulse to put himself on the block.


New York Stank Attitude?! Come on down to the Big Apple so we can bitch slap those ugly fake assed twats…I mean, twins!!!!


Did you see the feed that it is all concerned about? Vanessa was bat-poop crazy all over Meg. It was like a machine gun riddled attack of words. Meg couldn’t get a word in edgewise. At first Meg was even laughing at some things, then all of a sudden, Vannessa tells meg the fact she is laughing is a personal insult ( or something to that effect ).. Vanessa self destructed and went way overboard. It’s all messed up.

Vanessa is honestly the worst type of person . I do not think a male could pull that Bully routine off. Every house member would have called that out after week 2. She gets away with. No adult should behave like a bully like that. That is not a political correct statement either, that is just fact with how she behaves. There is one question I am waiting to hear from a jury member if she makes it to F2, and hopefully from Jackie…. that being ” Are you going to own your gameplay “. Jackie was big on this in the house, although she got sidetracked. If Vanessa truly believes she is innocent of all this, and tries to push her game moves off as making someone else do the dirty work, the jury will jump all over that. In a similar way, that is why Russel Hantz (sp?) didn’t win his 2 Survivor juries. Even with Dan G. , and him owning it, the jurors were bitterly against that gameplay during his ” funeral ” season.

The twins mentioned about ” girls can be catty “, when they get together in the jury house, and Vanessa is burning all jury votes. In fact, I personally take issue with her comments about how to make reparations or financial gifts in losing. At this point, its a bribe for a vote going into the jury. It’s on the verge of breaking the line, not like what Chill Town did, caveat being they actually did get called out for it during their first season.

Production Damage Control

Did you notice feeds kept getting block, fishes gotta stop Vanasty’s psycho rant, so CBS saves face or doesn’t get fined by FCC? How they make her out to be masterful when she breaks rules of intimidation and bullying. She’s lost the game already insure and outside the house.


I just know it was one of those moments where you had to go back and re-watch it. Vanessa was rattling off words where you actually needed to rewind/flashback to try to catch it all. I know Meg isn’t the brightest peg in the Lite Brite kit, but it had her and James just to the point of ” I know… yes.. I understand.. why.. uh huh.” Van was hammering her like a nail gun. I think James tried to play peacemaker, and even mentioned that Meg needed some time, and was upset right now, but Van needed her confrontation. Unfortunately, James kinda went to Vanessa to help smooth things over, but with Vanessa, it was taken as a personal attack I guess, so she lays into Meg.

The irony comes in, I thought, or from my view, Vanessa looked like she felt bad for a ” just a few ” after it was over, and probably inside realized she went over the top, with too many fast words to Meg. I cannot always discern why Van does what she does. To top it off, she called them up for booze. I don’t know if that was to make up, rub it in, or to snooker them into another argument they couldn’t win in order to justify what she had done.


Honestly, the feeds kept getting blocked because the twins kept singing. Lol


yes. there was definetly a lot of the feed issue blocked. The twins either singing, or discussing production. Which makes it all the more hard sometimes to piece all the puzzle together. I just try to interpolate between it all the best I can. ( That Thermodynamic’s Interpolation to get the best fit value ).. or guesstimate anyway. It’s sad that the FCC along with the music industry and lawyers have so much to do with just a simply concept. Sing Happy Birthday, boom… $5000 subsidy rights …. the latest Katy Perry song… boom $5000 fine . It’s a mess, simply because its all a for profit show.


Yeah, and actually CT got called out for it by production during All Stars too because they were trying to cook up something like that with Janelle


I hope vanessa and the twins get boo’d worse the Arynn did. Vanessa wondering why Shelli was acting weird toward her! She’s so smart she and her minions haven’t realized Vanessa will never win BB after the treatment Shelli gave her. BB production trying to make the twins work this season and I won’t be surprised if they help Johnny Mac get to the end because they’ve failed each season with a house guest coming back then going home.

Big sexy 40

I’d have an alter ego too if I was Austin. Cause the first version of him sucked balls ~


Looks like he needs a third and maybe a fourth! cause Judas is so lame!




Vanessa you are delusional if you take out Meg that James is
Going to work with you. He’s coming after you STUPID!!!!!!


Gobs talked to twits. They think they are all good with them again. James staying could align with Austwins not Van. I think Austin has James in his hip pocket.


She said she knows whichever stays will come after her, but she doesn’t care. Better one person than 3 (austwins)


I guess the twins are insecure since they talk bad about everyone in the house. Hey Vanessa, you were crying a river when you were on the block, stop making fun of Meg because she’s crying.

Misty Beethoven

What vapid brats! They are as clueless as Romy & Michelle (movie, google it), but with none of their charm. And how can Vanessa bitch at Meg for crying, when she is the Queen of the Waterworks? These people are vile. James, here is your chance to make a huge move, blood on your hands be damned. Put Vanessa and Liz up and let the hysterics start. Make it Goodfellas meets Resevoir Dogs with a dash of Mad Max thrown in.


Idiots! Vanessa’s never broken her word? Twins mad because they don’t like people who talk trash? They think their showmance is loved by the viewing audience. What keeps me going is knowing how hated those four will be outside the house. Still they will be the final four. Everybody left in the house is too scared to put them up and they will not do it to each other till the end. It all goes back to keeping Vanessa over Shelli. As bad as I dislike Van she’s ten times as smart as the rest and the most manipulative. Would have been much easier getting out the twins. But James and Jackie had to listen to dumba$$ Meg and there went their game. Have fun in the jury house James!


Actually it goes back before the Shelly/Vanessa choice. If James had taken Clay down and put up Vanessa then Shelly would have been gone. then becky could have gone after Vanessa and she’d be gone. James and Meg screwed this up on their own. they had the power 2 weeks in a row and wasted it.


What a bunch go hypocrites:

1) Meg is crying… Vanessa spent 2 days in bed crying when she was nominated against Shelli saying her friends suck. Austwins were calling her Audrey 2.0 and kicked her under the bus the whole time. Ay least Meg has loyal friends.

2) the twins on being spoiled brats that shit talk… OMG I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Do they ever hear what they say to each other and the rest of them… those are the car talk queens that get pissed when Austin doesn’t make the omelette right.

3) Julia hasn’t won anything just like Meg and Austin has won HoH and for the most part is the one that targeted the target that came back… the waste of an HoH of the Season. Of course no matter who went to jury those girls were going t throw it because they had NO desire to go back in that mad house.

3) The twins: I hate _______, they have never talked game with me. This is the dumbest justification ever because isn’t that like saying “You” have never talked game with them also. It’s like when a friend that never calls you getting mad that you didn’t call them… what you fingers are broken you can’t pick up a phone.

It drives me nuts that the Big Brother House drives you so crazy you start making poor judgements and can justify all manner of crap in your head.


And don’t forget Julia saying Meg is riding their coat tails?!?! What exactly has she done??

jmac all the way

With the twins and austin in the house I can’t believe they have the nerve to complain about meg!! Lack of self awareness.


I don’t think I can’t take any more of this toxic bitch. Venessa you are the most protected person in this game right now please stop bitching that you have never had anyone. You’ve had a clear path to final four this entire time please stop bitching about being alone when you’re lying like a dog

I survived last seasons BB

Ok,,Meg is likely going home,,and She deserved it by sucking at Comps and strategy, but those Twins are two miserable,skanky,immature,brainless rotten classless idiots. Just the sight of them turns My stomach as much as it would smelling Austin,,Grow up You two jackazzes


The twins are disgusting little twats that are jealous of Meg because she is well liked. I want James to win POV but who the fuck will Vanessa put as a pawn. And Julia talks shit on meg not winning Julia hasn’t won shit. On the other hand it’s funny that dawg is the 4th most popular houseguest.
Also am I the only that thinks Johnny Mac just gets more attractive as the season goes on


Agree with you about JMac. Totally weird that I’m finding him attractive now as well. Early just thought him a funny, laid back enigma, but he’s actually pretty intense and interesting. Bet a stylist can turn him into something hot.

Oh hell no!

The stinky mint twins are actually talking about Meg being “mean”…..WTF?????? They are shameful. Their parents need to be slapped. Skanks


Maybe their maid will do it when they get home. Lol


People like those twins and Van are what’s wrong with the world.

RollRoll Tidel

Julia calling Meg a brat? I believe Julia and Liz are the spoiled brats. They are mean girls.
Bad job Mom and Dad!,,


It doesn’t surprise me that Liz actually believes The Secret and the idea of visualizing your dreams to achieve them.

Also LOL that Vanessa/Austin/Twins talk so much shit about Meg never winning a comp and then say they feel bad Julia has never won one.

Sorry kalia

she is on the show and you are at home watching it. the secret works. Now go grab some cheetos and enjoy the show.


F*CK Vanessa!
She’s a great strategist but her social skills and sportsmanship suck balls. I can her finale night speech now: she had to fight every week ( a la Rachel Reilly), she was all alone but she kept her integrity and her word.
The twins…I can’t anymore.
Austin is 3 months past his expiration date.
JohnnyMac is still throwing comps. That fool would throw the final HOH.
Steve…low man on the totem pole and a scapegoat.
I am #TeamGoblin and rooting for James but unless he wins POV and the next HOH, he and Meg will be walking into the Jury House hand in hand.


I said it above somewhere, but I think if one jury member asks the question ” Are you going to own your gameplay? ” ( preferably Jackie asking ), how Vanessa answers will make or break her. Of course this is assuming she gets F2, which by the looks of it may happen.

If Vanessa passes herself off to the jury as all honest, no blood blah blah, never disloyal, it may make every jury member change any view of gameplay. Even WHEN good players own their gameplay, if you burn too many bridges you will STILL lose. I.E. Dan . So Vanessa has two hurdles to overcome.

Simon and D may want to put a disclaimer up above this post, because if someone is a first time visitor, they will read this article the wrong way . Pretend you haven’t seen the pre-story to all this, and it comes across that the twins and Vanessa are Saints. /jokingly


We know top 2 for AFP is JohnnyMac and James… any guesses for top 3?


Jason or Meg


Americas favorite should be James
Until Jmac does something screw him!!


Seeing that 99.5% of America only see’s the 3 weekly CBS edits, my guess, in no particular order would include…. James, John, Jason, Meg, Julia ( since the twins and everyone’s behavior is edited so much ) Possibly Becky.


That’s a tough one maybe Becky?


Yes. Becky has that ” I was hit by a train ” thing going for her.

That and a pedicured up Big Toe complete with pink bandage. / sympathy factor +1 spot


Third person is a toss up between Jason, Steve and Meg


Jason was gone too early, people have short memories. I’d say Meg.


For those of you who wonder why Johnny Mac has done nothing but sleep through the game. Read the above again, then put yourself in the house, if you were Johnny Mac, you would want to sleep also. Who wants to have conversations that are constantly belittling other people.


Yeah probably but he could do something else away from them.


Oh great BB gods, please heed my call, james needs to win veto, JMac/Steve or whoever goes up but still Meg goes home. At least whoever goes up will show how “honest” Vanessa is. I honestly can’t blame Vanessa’s move this week, it is better for her game to remove a goblin because she can float smoothly between the rockstars and austwins.

Secret door

Hopefully there will be a secret power that Vanessa will find that will open a secret door for the Vanessa and the twins to go play in traffic

Oh yes!

The good old tire tread power of veto!


These people are becoming intolerable!!!! Every single one of them!


I wanted Vanessa out last week but now I have new respect for her game play. She is working the house like a true poker player. The twins and Austin need to watch out at the veto ceremony. She is amazing.

Ferris Bueler

She doesn’t own or take up for her gameplay to the viewers at all. I think she really believes she is this loyal, truthful, cast no stones type of player in her mind. Playing that game with other HG’s is one thing, but when it comes to owning what you do to the viewer, that is another thing.

The juries from the past are also heavily into owning your gameplay at the finale interview too. Even if it has backfired in a couple of cases.


I would respect Vanessa if she only came clean in her DR sessions, which she does not. Van is either fully committed to the ruse, or honestly believes her own BS.


Everyone is stupid to keep vanessa she has won 3 hoh and 2 pov will most likely win the final hoh. She will probably will have 5 hoh and 3 pov by the end of the game.


Big Brother is in need for a serious reboot. Go back to the way it was originally, cast 12 or 13 people with diverse backgrounds, diverse age and race groups and are all there to play and not there for airtime or fame like Frankie Grande and the Austwits. Also bring back food comps and no BoB nor any other crazy twists.


Vanessa criticising someone else for crying? Huh?


What I don’t get is why does everyone let Vanessa get away with all of it?


Lmao… you guys are the biggest hypocrites ever. I just read these nasty posts of you calling people vile, skanky, etc etc. And then the ridiculously stupid little names you make up for the guests…asstin, austwins etc. The people that write on here think they are so clever and sit here and judge the guests by saying rude, mean things about them…it’s laughable. I can only imagine how nasty and rude you people would be if you were in a house for months with cameras on you. We could get all of the idiots who write obnoxious posts on here throw you in the bb house and finally get bb off the air by having the wrist cast ever.
Anyway…Simon and Dawg you do a great job…not sure how you can spend your days with all the negativity pouring in.


Yep it would be funny if everyone had Wrist Cast!


I’ll admit it I would be the most hated housemate ever because I’m not a hypocrite and would be very nasty to some of the housemates left.


We write what we write because the show continues to go downhill from the great game it once was. So special of you to climb on that pedestal and call us hypocrits – we are FRUSTRATED by the actions of people who have no business being in the house. And we vent to each other, because that’s what this site is for: people who love the game and hate what it’s become. So if you can’t deal with it, maybe YOU should stop reading.


So because your “frustrated” as a viewer, that somehow makes it ok to resort to the same behavior you’re blasting the houseguest about?

That makes no sense. Maybe THEY are frustrated because they’re actually playing the game and not sitting on their couch watching and criticizing. So then by your logic, that gives them a free pass because they are frustrated. Especially since they have more of a reason to be frustrated because they are actually playing the game while you’re sitting their watching.


So…you call out a bunch posters…who are frustrated with players that signed up to be on a gameshow, knowing they would be judged/hated/loved for their behavior. Then call us hypocrites and idiots for venting on a website dedicated to that show? We are not on their twitter account or fb page, personally attacking or insulting them. But yet…here you are…doing exactly that to us. And you are calling us the hypocrites/idiots? I don’t rip on other posters ever…because they are entitled to their opinions and feelings. I don’t need to anyway…because you did a good job of insulting yourself.


OMG! Vanessa, you should talk about someone crying. You’re the Queen at it. BARF


Austin/twins need to win that veto. Because vanessa wants to blindside both the audience and Austin. Probably in the script they gave vanessa. For sure you’ll love her then. I tell you I could have written this shit myself. Nothing surprises me. Not sneaky BB. You’ll get what you want Thursday. Mark my words.


If that were true then we’d already see the wheels turning in Vanessa’s head about, “I need a reason, I need a reason.. Hmm how can I instigate a fight with them to justify my reason.”
She’s sucking Big Brother’s will to live with all this “give me a reason” bullshat. The reason fans hate her so much is they see right through this conniving crap and how crazy she is when even she really believes her made up fights are real . If she would just put fools on the block and her reason was BECAUSE I CAN, she’d get more respect. But I think she’s too batsht to grasp this concept.


Keep Meg because she didnt win anything, or keep James because he can and help send Austin home? Tough choice. I want Austin gone, and the best overall player and strategest Vanessa to win, or James vs. vanessa fiinal 2. I like people who win comps and play like they care about the game to win it all. Hence, Van for the $$$$&.

Chill this Town

53 people agreed Meg is going home, 1 dislike?

really? Ill do it again, you all will change your tune when you realize that Vanessa is going to change her mind….NO ONE WILL GET VOTED OUT WITH MEG NEXT TO THEM UNLESS ITS A TWIN.

and that ain’t happening this week folks. James is gone, if James wins POV, Vanessa will put up Liz. its her only play.


Vanessa will be a hero to everyone , far and wide. I’ll know for sure then , that this show is a load of crap. She’ll something like, ” you tried to take a swing and missed. Now get to stepping. Or take a seat Austin. It’s all an act people. To bad, so sad. For me anyway. Another one I can see a mile away. I really hope that after she pulls her blindside that her game goes down in flames. I’m telling you this so, you all won’t be surprised. For your viewing pleasure.


Very obvious that Vanessa is very jealous of James and Meg on how they play the game Socially. Just last week she told Steve that James and Meg were winning the social game and it is more important then the Strategic game the longer the game goes on. She obviously has that type of personality that feels if people are not talking with her then she is left out and will play any card to fix it and in this case she thinks by taking Meg out (which you can tell is her target) that her Social game will improve but Vanessa has no clue that the house cannot stand her personally and only accommodate her in order not to be her target.

Sadly she will not find this out till the season is over then wonder why Nobody liked me as a friend…


This is all Meg’s fault for saving Vanessa, they had her out. Becky,Shelli, & Jackie would most likely still be there. Vanessa is dumb for not taking a shot at Austwins, good luck getting them out in the next few weeks. Calling it now, if Vanessa don’t win a twin will.


Vanessa is not a likable human being. She is a bully. Whomever takes her down will be my favorite HG ever.


Please stop with the bully accusations, if you think that is being bullied you have no clue.


Guess the twin’s parents were too busy to teach them manners and self-respect. They should of paid the maid better and perhaps she would have.


I bet the maid is a man.


ARE WE BEING PUNKED!!!! Tell me that conversation didn’t just happen. OMG! Do they know they are still on camera and that we can hear them. That we know everything they have said and done. They sound like they don’t know that they are describing themselves. I would be laughing if I didn’t think it was a little sad and a lot scary.


Vanessa making fun of Meg crying is astounding. No one has cried more this season than Vanessa.
Ok production…..I want you to step in please….give james a coup de tat and let him take over Vanessa’s hoh.
Let him put up Austin and Liz. Then let Meg win hoh for the double or this show won’t be worth watching as the others start eating each other.


I dislike everyone except Johnny Mac and James. The twins superior attitude is ridiculous but so is Meg’s attitude that she deserves to be there stop crying you haven’t done anything so no one cares if you go. As for Vanessa she’s not that nice but a good player! She is in the best position going forward. Austin is just dumb and Steve is just there

Big sexy 40

Game aside . Meg really does make me sad . Jeesh . I’m by no means a bleeding heart type of bro . I blast people on here on the regs . But this poor kid is so over her head . Can’t win a comp . Can’t wrap her head around a fucking thing . Kid gets booted from comps and can’t even figure out where to go and sit down. She doesn’t even no how to talk to the winning hoh . She’s like afraid. Iyiy. I can’t even get mad, it’s like kicking a puppy , you know. ? Seems like so sad,and the silliness is just a cover up. I know she was cast as the lamb, but this is straight gross.


Yeah its not nice to see.


I really hope James win the VETO…. forces Vanessa to break her word to either John/Steve or Austin/Liz/Julia by having to put one of them up as a replacement….

I am rooting for James this week…..

We need some drama this week.:)


I’m hoping he wins to or her gone.
If he win’s Vain will put up Jmac and they will vote out meg.

Evil Austwins

I hate the Austwins, they act like spoiled brats, and I cannot stand heir stupid voice or high school bully attitude. However I don’t feel AT ALL BAD for James and Meg. This is what you get for f-ing Becky over when she wanted to get out Van weeks ago. You reap what you sow and you both played a unloyal and very short term game and now you are on the block. If you would have sent Van packaging you would both be in a better place with your side still in the game. Sit your butts down and take your just desserts.

Shelli's Chompers

These people are KILLING me!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh man! The Jiz sisters are aggravating their case… They will be viciously booed and they might actually need JohnnyMac’s help — someone might “accidentally” knock their teeth out once they return to their real lives…


James and meg would be acting the same way if it was the other way around. They were all happy earlier when they thought someone else was going up.


JohnnyMac is going to make it to the end because that’s what most of you want.


Of course James will win the veto. Fairies will help are little man.


I would love to see the so called “Pro wrestler” Austin, in the ring with the Undertaker! The Undertaker would slap the bitch out of his fake punk ass!!


Twins talking crap about Meg?? At least Meg didn’t let some guy finger her for all her family to see #dirtyslut

Ariana Grande stinks!

BBUS is about finding the biggest asshole in the Universe. I believe Vanessa totally deserves the title, hands down!
Such a despicable, conniving, heartless, dreadfully person is born once in a century. She went to school and then decided to become a professional poker player… A POKER PLAYER! This is as humanistic as selling weapons to ISIL. Lower than that is a mass murderer, terrorist…

Vanessa you are the true BB17 winner! CONGRATULATIONS #puke


As soon as Vanessa stops winning comps, she’ll most likely be going home. For now she’s just very fortunate. Just for now…