Big Brother 17 Week 10 Nomination Results “the best of luck to both of you”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 15-42-22-888_jpg

Meg and James are nominated

3:41pm Vanessa and James

Vanessa – Nothing personal gamewise that’s all it is

Vanessa – there’s no specific target.. the best of luck to both of you

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 15-42-24-885_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 15-42-57-878_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 16-11-02-411_jpg
3:42pm Vanessa in the kitchen
Vanessa says she wants to go upstairs but any minute she’s going to get called in for her “F****g Meds”
Steve – do you get called 3 times a day for ADHD
Vanessa – no it’s twice
Steve – is it for ADHD
Vanessa – no

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 15-53-31-149_jpg

3:46pm Meg and James Have nots
Mewg wishes him good luck getting to final 2 with these people
Meg says the other people in the house have a final 5 deal it’s obvious, “I knew it was coming… the way Austin and them were acting… to make us a have nots really… really.. cmon now..”

James mentions how Austin and “Them” were willing to let JOhnny mac take Vanesa out.
Merg – Whatever
James – she said there’s no clear target it’s me though
James says he’s in a tough spot
meg – why
Jame s- I dunno I’m just going to have a hard time..
Meg – one of us have got to try and win it
James lets out a big Sigh
James thinks he killed them when he told Vanessa they would put up Austin and a twin.
James – we just moved up on the list
Meg starts to cry “one of us have to win Veto”
Jame s- who would she put up.. Steve or Johnny Mac if I won it.. If you won it she would put Johnny Mac up
Meg – I don’t know one of us is going home
James- ya no doubt
James- I always wanted to see the Jury house get the full Big Brother effect

Meg – I gotta put my Big Girl pants on..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 16-14-15-411_jpg

3:57pm Vanessa and Meg in the Have not room
Vanessa giving her reason why she nominated them.. It’s some convoluted reasoning going back as far back as week 5.
Vanessa – I give you my word it’s all true
Meg cracks a grin.. Vanessa says she’s being very disrespectful Vanessa is here giving her the benefit of an explanation.
Meg starts to cry “The two of us fought to keep you over Becky”
vanessa says she believes she was the next one to go.
Vanessa calls what she’s doing this week a chess move
Vanessa says she knew she had to make a game move this week. She felt personally hurt by everyone. She listened to what everyone had to say and made a strategic move.

Vanessa says she’s felt that they were playing her as a fool.
meg starts crying saying everything is being spun “You think you are the fool I feel like I’m being played the fool”
Meg – it’s dirty
Meg – If I go this week I’m proud of my game..
Vanessa- people need to go
Meg – If I had some sort of strategic move that I did.. I honestly haven’t
Vanessa – you had to we’ve all made moved and targeted people
Meg- the fact that someone came to you and said I was making fun of you… that’s not OK for someone to say at all about me
Meg – if there’s one thing in this house I cherish more than game it’s how I treat people

Vanessa i’m sorry on a personal level but this was a game move.. nothing else.
Meg is still confused what they did last week
Vanessa says Meg took the opportunity last week to fuel the call to get Vanessa out
Vanessa – you are a powerful women
Meg – I swear to you it was Johnnymac and Steve last week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 16-15-18-666_jpg

4:14pm Twins and Austin talking about the nominations how they can’t talk sh1t about them because the goblins need their vote.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 16-31-41-285_jpg

4:29pm Have nots James and Meg
James says they kept too much to themselves they should have snitched more so the target wasn’t on them.
Meg – I hate crying in this house it’s so embarrassing ..

James – I thought Johnnymac was the Target..
James laughs

Meg tells him she has a better chance to stay if on the block.
they agree Steve or Jmac are going up if one of them come down
James – well I get to play in a veto the most important veto comp
Meg – we haven’t even targeted her what the hell
James – I think I shot us in the foot with Austin, that or is was already determined
James- we’re the outcast of the week.. nobody will want to talk to us we’ll be by ourselves.. which is fine

James – she put us on the block for the littlest things.. You know how petty that is
James – Austin actually targeted you two weeks in a row

Meg – I hope Steve wins, I never thought I would say that ever.. or Johnny Mac

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-28 16-30-39-291_jpg

4:29pm HOH Vanessa sad


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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No specific target? Did she change her speech? In chess, you’re after the king…


What’s with the whole lesbian beanie/suspenders thing, it’s so 1990’s

ReRun from What's Happenin Wants His Clothes Back Vanessa

She’s 30 something dressing like ReRun from What’s Happenin wannabe rapper, record producer, DJ here only for more gigs cuz she don’t need the money. She’s a shapeshifter grifter lookin for whales to harpoon in online poker baybay…see my beanie and hipster glasses, that means I’m an intellectual. Listen while she spits those incomprehensible rants & Nomination Speeches yo! She’s already getting calls about All Stars, word! Calvin Harris, Skrillex, DeadMouse watch out, VaMessa in da house! We could be Twin DJs Vanessa will teach us. Where’s her meds, isn’t it time for another dose? or three? Steve said is it ADHD, she says no. Paranoid Schizophenia perhaps.

Julia: Vanessa's Eyeshadow is So Scary

Liz Julia keeping things real. Austin is ruining our game. Somethings wrong with Vanessa she never takes her eyeshadow off, it’s so scary. We could be Twin DJs! Austin lives with his mom & sister, I’ll go live with them after the show. Vanessa’s buying me a car. No one will vote for her to win everyone hates her. I hate Meg James. They do nothing. You thought you could ride coattails to Finals? I’m someone to be afraid of. Let’s do Amazing Race. They better show some respect they need our votes.

Someone talk Julia into being renom and take the biotch out. Take Liz on DE. Why did James suck up to these THOTS instead of playing the game. We’ve got James Meg to blame for having to listen to this looong Bad Girls Club season.


Beanies/Suspenders. Probably where they’re hiding the clues from home in her beanies/color of suspenders…whatever Vanessa’s jumbled, devious mind worked out b4 coming on the show.

Like...I'm Jackie



i would hope so. that speech would have made her sound like an arrogant ass, much like austin’s did last week.

Twin Cats

The excuses that Vanessa gave for nominating James and Meg were so flimsy that the remaining players should instantly realize that she is side-dealing with everybody who is left. But, noooooo, the twins don’t “like” James and Meg and think they deserve it. What worthless pieces of fluff those twins have turned out to be! Must be tough trying to share one brain cell between two people. I am getting to the point where I think it would be hilarious is Julia won. Liz: Julia, you’ve woooooon Big Brotherrrrrrrrr! Julia: I never liked him and I voted him outtttttt! Liz: No, you, just won $500,000, and half of it goes to me and the other half of it goes to Vanessa so she can go to Las Vegas and lose all of itttttttt! Julia: Where’s my crown and limo and screaming fans and movie opportunities? Liz: You don’t have any. Julia: That suckkkkkkks! That’s not fair! This must be Austin’s fault. I hate Big Brother. That was a really stupid idea you had for us to come on this show, Liz. Now everyone knows how nice and smart and kind we are and we will never get our chance to be on Bad Bitches from Miamiiiiiiiiiiiii!


The twins are the most arrogant people in the house. They talk about meg being a brat. They’re worse then anyone. I hope James win POV and force Vanessa to put someone lose up. I hope he stays during double eviction and take out vanessa, then team up with Jonny Mac, but Its double eviction next week so watch Austin and Liz end up on the block during double eviction. Double eviction won’t be good tv unless austwins or Vanessa goes home.


So now Scaressa is “SO HAPPY” after her HOH win and her letter. She’s back to bullying, humilating and bribing these gullible people. Don’t lie to her…or ELSE…yet when Meg went to her and told her specifics about the plans to get her out with Austwins, her response,”But that was last week, right” So, she rationalizes lies and alliances to fit what her paranoid brain wants to believe. CAN’T STAND HER AND THOSE VILE AUSTWINS SO SMUG AND ABUSING THEIR POWER. GET THEM THE HELL OUT!

the coreys

Vanessa has to make a game move she says… and meg and James is a game move?

I mean I know she’s lying but can we atleast keep things real

Twin Cats

Poor Vanessa is off by herself crying! Big, mean James and Meg aren’t even there to comfort her. Obviously, they only think about themselves.


Well, Meg was mean to her and didn’t kiss her feet when she won HOH

We Shoulda Talked More-We Killed Our Own Alliance to Keep You

Have these 2 ever watched the show? If you don’t protect your alliance, if you don’t talk strategy, no one trusts you. If they help evict Jackie, Becky, Jason, Shelli by throwing comps & giggling all the way, who wants you on their side? If James makes side deals with Austin then tells Van he’ll target him, why would she trust their word? If only these 2 had their heads in the game. Protected the right people, kept track of deals, they wouldn’t stand their getting browbeaten by Vanessa & Twits holding grudges over Jason & Megs insults from Week 1.

Now it’s battle of the crybabies, Van v. Meg. Megs got amnesia about Jason’s eviction & hatred of Vanessa then votes to keep her in? I’m too afraid to talk game she says. She didn’t even try to practice mental comps, not able to play physical and decided talking shit behind people’s backs while giggling all day would get her to Finals? James still says nothing but he wants to see Jury House to get full experience. Great. They actually discuss whether they should try to win Veto?

Don’t give up yet. Start talking, get them to put up Julia as renom, vote her out, flip the house. Who’s the biggest victim talks won’t get you anywhere.

Van says Megs Too Unstable??

I can’t take her antics, she’s too much. Lets keep James. Holy sh*t Vanessa can’t stand seeing herself in the mirror. She orders them to be respectful? She rambles incoherently instead of just saying is a game move? She thinks she’s keeping them on her side to vote for her in Jury.

She was waiting for her meds, did she get them before or after she confronted them, going off on them half-cocked arrogant and nasty giving them more ammo for making sure she doesn’t win? Poor psycho egotistical control freak Vanessa can’t keep her crap together even when she wins. Or Production throws it to her.

Why did production show fishes so often while Vanessa was going off getting heated, still cleaning up her image? How many handlers and shrinks does she need on set. Not to mention lawyers for rewriting the rules and accountants to tabulate the bribes?

I survived last seasons BB

Meg says she will.. I’m over it! I can’t wait to win HOH! I think the HOH might be days but the rolling one, which I might be good at.

BWAHAHAHAHA Now THAT is hilarious

By the way Austin,,Use some soap on that oily azz carcass of Yours..You stink even over the feeds

come again

Meg “If there is one thing I cherish in this house more than the game its how I treat people” next breath ” I swear to you it was Johnny Mac and Steve” through tears…I do not get why Meg really hates Johnny Mac. I think she also really likes the twins. She is crying and upset that they will be treated poorly but they including (James) treated Johnny Mac (mostly) and Steve horribly while they had “a really good time with Austin and the twins we have a bromance” James you are screwing up with Meg. She is also making you look bad. I don’t like James as much since he (because of Meg) has been all up the Austwins butts. Why did you ever believe that they would stick bye you? Stop listening to Meg. WHY does Meg hate Johnny Mac so much. It makes me feel like she is a mean girl. She and the Austwins are so jealous of Jmacs because what he will be Americas favorite player and not you. I know James and Van have said things too about his popularity but its been more of goading from other people. Even Van is not as bad as those 4 about the jealousy. Wow! What she doesn’t understand is had she just been human to jmac and just hung on with James more people would like her. Jealousy is an ugly accessory.


I agree with most of what you said. Ya she does seem to hate Johnny and love the twins. I think Johnny realizes she wants him out and I think he would like to play with James. I think that’s why he wants her out she really wanted him gone last week. The twins will have fun with you as long as you are useful to them. I just want to say honey you make the wrong friends besides James.
James and Johnny for the win


I don’t think Vanessa wants to win. If she goes to final 4 with Austins they will not keep her. The Austin’s have final 3. I believe that is what Liz told Julia and Austin a while back when Julia joined her sister in the house.


It’s been pretty obvious the last couple of weeks that Vanessa does not want to go to a final four with the Austwins but instead wants a final 3 with Steve and Jonmac. She has made numerous comments about this during her diary sessions along with in game. It’s also the reason she wants Meg and James out now since she knew Austin did indeed have a final five with them. I cannot stand Vanessa but she definitely understands the game and where her standing is within it.


Vanessa is a true gamer. She knows there’s no way a woman would win against a guy in BB, no matter how good her game was. Juries always give the guy the benefit of the doubt for being more deserving. There’s no way they can get out all of the Austwins. Vanessa is positioning herself to take Julia.

Night Owl

I think so too. That would be the best strategic move. Julia would only have 2 jury votes. Liz is stronger than Julia in comps, so it would not be smart to take her past 4th.


she’s smart enough to know that Jmac and Steve are far more likely to get voted winner than she is if she is F2 beside them. She has far more chance by being beside Austin and/or Julia, who haven’t won anything. If she can steer things in the right direction, Steve/Jmac will help get her there while saving the majority of the Austwins, to the point really she will tell those other guys to make sure austin stays in the game because he is clearly the best F2 person to sit beside. Meg, fwiw would have too many sympathy voters to sit beside, but not austin

she;s playing along with everyone except James & Meg, but honestly this had to be done sometime. Austwins and Jmac can’t target James & Meg, and there are far too many of them vs the 2 of the goblins for vanessa to even consider saving or working with them. for her and the rest of the house, she is using her HOH to do something that only she and steve can actually do, because the others can’t.

plus let’s face it, James is the big target, he is the big move, more so than any austwin, they are minor players to even consider getting out, plus there are still more of them left over if she targeted one of them, she has 2 left. she targets goblins, she only has one left.

no gambler is going to risk facing 2 over 1


No way man. Her end game is with those twins. She talks so much about her “integrity”, that she completely believes it. She backed the twins 100% since day one and stuck her neck out to keep them. Austin is just a bonus meat shield, he would fall on a sword.~Gag~
I would say JMac and Steve would be best without her.


Vanessa is secretly aligning with Steve and John so that the two of them will take out Austin and the twins without blood on her hands directly.
Of course she’s telling Austin and the twins she’s f4 with them.
Of course she’s telling the rockstars she’s f3 with them.
Truth is she’s f1 with herself.

Ian's lament

F1 is the point of the game. I don’t like Vanessa but giving her crap for trying to win is just silly. This a strong move for her. It only goes well if they can convince whoever stays that they will have a chance with their group over the twins. One of the Austwins will go eventually and Vanessa is positioning herself to take that spot. Ideally Liz going would give her the best chance as she could use Julia’s distrust of Austin against him. Her ideal final 2 is her and Julia because Julia would only get Liz vote and no one else’s.


You’re misreading my tone if you think i’m giving her crap for thinking f1 for herself. It’s not a team sport. I am pointing out that Vanessa at the end of the day is team Vanessa. That’s not a bad thing when only one person can win.


whoever says they arent trying to win this game are lying. Why else be on the show? Fame… from Big Brother really…?! Lets keep it all the way real this is reality tv in 3 months no one will remember half these peoples names. She totally wants to win hence all the sideways deals she is making to guarantee her spot and jury votes! From what I hear she is broke! I hope her, Autin and the twits get exactly what they deserve…NADA!!!


Why else be on the show? How about meg having a nice paid vacation with all the goodies she can eat and all the snoozing she wants – again I say, she is useless and I’m really fed up with BB for it’s choice of players, including the KNUCKLE DRAGGER! No more for me, over & out!!!


I think Vanessa could win with Austin and the twins. She’ll take pride in turning out the twins from Austin as if she’s some lesbian pimp. If she does that, damn BB winner and a Mac Mamma, my hats off to that chick.


Joanne: Vanessa will win HOH if she makes final four with Asstwins. Send one of them home and win the first final 3 HOH … and take whomever as final two and still win 500K. No one will vote for Austwit. ..maybe one just a twin vote for her sis lol

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Thank you Wahnessa, halfway there, meg is on the hot seat, now, everyone, please vote out Meg the sloth.


Not surprising in the least and actually a good move for Vanessa. Obviously, she’s gonna work with Steve and JMac going forward to give her a chance against the Austwins. This sets up so well for her going forward having both groups looking out for her. She just has to hope that either Steve or Jmac win HOH during the double eviction or she may be getting the ax come Thursday. All in all it’s a good move for her. Now we just have to see how Thursday shakes out.

Guy From Canada

I don’t get it. If she wants to severe bonds with Austwins, then why didn’t she do it this week?

Crazy Vanessa...

I love how she is blowing smoke up Meg and James ass and Meg dares to smirk…oh no! Meg doesn’t buy your lies so she’s disrespectful? I suppose her girlfriend never wins an argument with the tactics Vanessa breaks out.

Gay from Canada

I don’t know about smoke, but I do love blowin’.

Member of the Ant Farm

Oh my gosh, I didn’t see that coming!! Smirk!!

On the plus side

On the plus side if Meg goes this week half of the we don’t win as a strategy group goes home (the other member is Julia) also Vanessa is so volatile she is still likely to put anyone up after veto.
Hopefully Jmac or Steve can convince her to get rid of a twin or Austin.

Chill this Town

a lot can change folks. Vanessa has started to learn to relax before the POV.

if James wins POV, I think she might go at the trio. she can’t play scared and hope Steve/MAC do it for her, the numbers don’t play out that way anymore. you either do it yourself, or you will lose. end of story…

I’d rather MAC wins POV or Steve, they vote out James(sorry James) Meg is picked up by Vanessa as a number. Then the biggest eviction of the season will be this upcoming double…. Meg(Ha), Mac, Steve V AusTwins for HOH and basically the game…


I cant deal with this season anymore. I dont understand why they dont take an Austwin out. Theyre coasting to the final three. Vanessa, they wont take you?!?! Get them out asap. prob not though

Captain Crunch

Another week of me just reading the headlines and not bothering to read the articles because I already know whats gonna happen.

*Vanessa goes on a power-trip
*Vanessa makes 100 deals asking for their word
*Vanessa stages a fake fight to get James or whoever out the house.

Wash rinse, repeat.

Backseat Driver

Good post Captain……..LOL… got it right!


I’m so over this bull_hitdozer…..Vanessa, Austin & twins Suck big time. Not even fun to watch anymore.


So this season is now fully

Season of the cowards?


So I have been defending this season for a while, when people would say it is worse than BB16, which I consider the WORST season ever. But I have to admit it might be true. This final month is going to be a boring GRIND. How can anyone care which one of these dullards win? They all make Derrick & Victoria look like interesting people. BIG Alison, you are killing a good show. Please think about finding another job.


Does anyone know how to start an online petition to get Alison Grodner fired?




here’s hoping a non-austwin wins the veto and liz ends up on the block.

Yo Yo Yo

We can hope but I would think she would put up Johnny Mac or Steve before Liz.


i can’t tell which side she’s leaning towards more with james and meg being the easy noms as it doesn’t force her to pick a side. i think she knows she has to split up austin and the twins though, and if she can figure out a way to do that with the blame falling more squarely on steve and jmac, she might bite.

putting up liz as a “pawn” when steve and jmac are the swing vote (and thus “their fault” not hers), provides her that opportunity. though i’m not sure how well she can sell the “pawn” lie and she may just put up jmac in this scenario as it’s considerably less work in the short-term, though long-term it may prove to be a mistake.


It’s easy to spin the pawn story…JohnnyMac she made a deal with to win this HOH (wink wink) and Steve played the pawn for Austin last week…so now it’s up to 1 of the 3 of them play the pawn for her this week…done

Chill this Town

Vanessa isn’t stupid

if James wins POV, you can’t put MAC or Steve up against Meg. they will get voted out.

its why it will be very interesting if James does win POV, because Vanessa’s game is put to the test. If she actually puts up Steve or MAC as a replacement she deserves to lose.


You are so right @Chill This Town. We won’t know until Veto. Fingers crossed James wins. Then whoever Van puts up will tell. I hope it would be an Austwit (Liz or Austin preferably) and then she could tell James that she understands why he can’t vote for Meg. Then BAM!! Steve and Jmac vote out the Austwit and BLINDSIDE!! The veto will decide the week. Go James!!

Nikki Grahams Rant

I think Vanessa just screwed her chance of winning. She has reneged on too many deals with the jury members (the 8 to get Austin out, James final 7 with a person of his choice, JMac a number of times) and they probably are bitter about it, Right now it looks like one of the twins will win unless Austin turns on them. which might get him some points with the jury.

Dear BB 17

You started off so well….but ever since Steve’s pussy HOH….NOTHING. You hear me? You have done NOTHING exciting. Other than Austin fingering Liz…which is much more disgusting than it is exciting. At least Meg and Jamesie are cute…Austin and Liz look like Caveman and Cavewoman….and that voice…oh that voice!! Vanessa, the carpet muncher (I’m gay…I can say it) She is repulsive and she will get hers. I wanted her to win so bad in the beginning but ever since she started blowing Austin….just not interested.

Red headed pimply parrot

I’m not gay and I can say it too…”carpet muncher” 😀

Min O'Pause

Sooooooo……what’s the plan next week if Asstin or the twits win HOH? She better hope Steve or JMac pull a win outta their asses.


So happy this is double eviction week…..Vanessa can’t play in the next HOH !!!!!! The HG have to know at least one double eviction is coming, but I think they think it will be in two weeks. With Vanessa not being able to play HOH next week and it being a fast paced double, she won’t have time to “mastermind” or we won’t have to watch the endless tears that I hope will come.


Nope. Vanessa will have all angles covered. Double this week? Double 2 weeks out? She’ll have it covered.

Meg is a loser at life

The laughing hyena finally isnt laughing.

I guess the realization that she will still be waiting tables at age 40 has kicked in.

Nothing to laugh about in your reality now is there Meg?


This is beyond harsh. While she may be useless, at least Meg is a genuinely nice person (unlike the twins and many others on BB). Maybe you’re just bitter because you’ve always been stuck watching BB and never playing like Meg. Sucks to be you.


More of the same with Van. She will say Meg or James lied to her or about her, so she had to put them up. Her word is “everything” so everybody has to believe everything she says. Bull! I think she does need the money even though she says she doesn’t. She’s living large in Vegas, and she hasn’t won any real money playing poker in a long time. All these gifts she is promising is just part of her scam. They will never see one penny from her. Austin and the twits are just idiots. HOH showed their true colors. They will never be together after the show ends. I wonder how Grandma likes Liz and Austin’s “cuddling” sections. Nasty!! Steve is socially handicapped and Vanessa’s lap dog. Johnny lost his ba–s and will never recover. Meg and James needs to spill the beans on Austin ant the twits, and tell Van they are going to make sure her ass will never in this game. Let her stew on that for a few weeks!


Enough of the Asstwins and the bully bitch hate this season!! Enough!!


It’s not even worth watching after James and Meg leave. I was rooting for Johnny Mac but not after he said he was going to target Meg.


Simon/Dawg- many, many thanks for writing the synopsis… though the truth is when I see that it is Van or the Austwins you are summarizing, I just skim past it. I can’t handle their drivel. They are more than annoying. They are mean/disgusting/delusional and Van is psycho. Anyway…thanks and I’ll make a donation soon.

Mina Harker

How do the ratings compare this yer as compared to last year? This season isn’t quite as boring as last year, but darn close.

kathie from canada

But on the bright side, Dawg is killing it in the polls! Always the first thing I check. GO DAWG!


The only bright spot is watching Dawg move up in the poll!!


Dawg moving up the poll..heh heh heh! ^.^

Sorry (not sorry?).


When Meg says it was all Johnymac and Steve she must be forgetting the Brass tacks meeting where James stayed quiet most of the meeting and Meg ran her mouth trash talking Vanessa. Oh how they all laughed.
I know she’s likeable, but she and Jason spent a lot of time trash talking people before his eviction.
She and Jackie did quite a bit of trash talk.
She wasn’t silently nodding. She contributed. So the whole routine about taking it as a personal affront that anyone would say she would make fun of anybody is a little bogus. With the tears no less.
It’s one of the reasons she’s liked at all. She trash talks the people that aren’t her peeps.


James, it’s your own fault your on the block. If you didn’t convince the house to flip when everyone was going to evict Vanessa instead of Shelli you & Meg might not be here now. Sorry, not sorry.


I am so sick of the twins acting as if they are a sorority house than at a big brother! And here goes Vanessa shooting more worthless sh*t. Had it been her ugly mug on the block, she’d be crying hundreds of buckets worth by now and wanting to talk about her feelings with anyone with two ears on the side of their head. Pretty pathetic how anyone else’ feelings don’t matter but her own when their ass is on the line. How does big brother selection gets worse every year is mind boggling. where do they find some of these clowns?


You should be sad, Vanessa. You should’ve put up the twins!


So everyone should forget that James and Meg are in the house or play their hoh for James and Meg’s benefit? Having a cracked relationship with three people is better than having no relationship with two people.
They’re not being picked on, they picked the wrong team in the game.


No, nobody should forget about James and Meg being in the house, they are Targets and both threats in different ways. It’s just that every week the vapid moron trifecta is still in the house, the harder it will be to get them out and it’s maddening. And yes, I’m sure the same can be said for (almost) everyone still in the house, but ugh…someone just make the first move against them already!

I also say it for selfish reasons because, especially after the last week, I really really reeeeeaaaallllyyyyyy need to see Austin, Liz and Julia blindsided. It would be the best thing I’ve seen in a hell of a long time and would make my year.

Yes, I lead a pretty boring life. Whatevs!


my life is just as boring, and i’m tired of the whole creepy guy and bookends thing too. That said, Vanessa won’t directly attack the twins or Austin with 8 people left in the house. She’s playing the numbers game.
Don’t worry. things could go wrong for Vanessa this week. There’s a five percent chance both Goblins stay and Vanessa ends up alone and at the bottom of the house again. It’s Friday.

I hate Austin and the slutty twins

Thumbs up if your over Austin and the Double Ditz Twins! I can not fucking stand them. 3 smelly ass bitches!!!! Anyone but them for the win!


the winners are losers. Thanks for noting the “disrespectful” grin. Made the moment memorable.

Big Jim

This is highest I’ve ever seen Dawg in rankings moving up in da world son!

Backseat Driver

We are very proud of Dawg…….he deserves his high rating!


I still think if everything aligns Van will take Steve to F2. She is the only one playing a flexible game so she has options based on how unpredictable comps can be. But Steve is her first choice.

Ms Anthrope

Seething Cuntessa hate. That is all.


austin doing yoga looks like a beached whale.


I don’t understand why Meg’s so shocked she’s been put up on the block . She never wins anything it’s time for her to go.

Repeat of last year...

This is exactly like last year. A bunch of nimrod aholes running the house because their opponents are too stupid to see or know what’s going on. Vanessa completely repulses me. Just the way she carry’s herself, talks and acts, you can just imagine that sleaze ball in a smokey back room poker game. She’s digusting! You have the twins, at least between the two of them you maybe have one brain! Austin, how was this moron not evicted early in the game? He’s like Devin, but with a FEW more brain cells. Steve, just go home to mommy and live with her the rest of your life. Complete loser! Johnny Mac, James and Meg will be picked off one by one and another disappointing year of Big Brother will have passed. I guess if I had to root for anyone, it would be Steve because then he could afford a hooker that would actually sleep with him, ugh!


Wow. You being frustrated is ok, but cheap personal shots like that at Steve, says A LOT about you but very little about him.

With the decisions he made for himself in the game, he positioned himself quite nicely, you don’t like that? Too bad so sad 😉 No need for harsh personal stuff.

No more

Can’t stand the twins or Austin – will be done watching if James leaves


Ever since Steve won hoh this show has sucked donkey bslls. I can’t stand the austwins one more second. I can’t wait until the show is over and they see that they disgusted the majority of veiwers the whole season.


But we all thought that the majority of the BB16 cast was going to suffer as well after the show, but most of them still think they’re god’s gift to the planet including Frankie. But then again Frankie still has his sister’s fan base to help him after the show, these people do not have a famous sibling to hide behind after this show is over.


This season is my favorite of all the seasons of BB!

Wonderful cast! Great job to CBS! I hear the ratings are great and the show already picked up for another season!

Simon and Dawg this site also great as usual.

Everything is wonderful except the few pathetic losers posting that they are not gonna watch anymore. We all know they lying:-)

Bravo BB! Congrats on the best season ever!

Valentina Corleone

Please tell me you’re kidding. Interesting? Occasionally. Intriguing? Initially. Annoying? Definitely. But great? No. Not great at all.


Glad we are going to get another season 🙂 I hope they change it up a bit so the houseguests don’t know what’s going to happen the whole time.

Also thanks Simon & Dawg love the site 🙂

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Meg the Sloth: If I go this week, I’m proud of my game


I like James and Meg but they’ve made the wromg decision ever time on who to trust its uncany how bad their instinks are. I realized a while back that they were not smart enough to win the game.


Listening to the feeds on the quad cam, muted the right audio/cam that’s on Vanessa, but still hearing a muffled sound of Vanessa’s constant talking is a surreal thing, it’s like somebody left on the radio in the background, news or sports station.

But still, all in all a great season. Compared to other seasons, there are still different scenarios and gameplay possible. If Vanessa sticks to JMac and Steve for now and they go after the Austwins, that would be an epic battle.


Get off your high horse Vanessa. Meg’s entitled to be mad at you. Some people cry for reasons OTHER than game.

Min O'Pause

Vannasty’s eyes are getting bigger and blacker as the game progresses pretty soon they’ll look like blackholes and not even light will escape them.

Austin's gross pony beard

I just want to pop both those smug dumba$$ twins right in the mouth.

Min O'Pause

If Gizzard doesn’t winBB she could get a job at the Bunny Ranch… the live feeds are all the resume she would need.


to me Austin should go yes but the person I really want to go is
liz or Julia they are worst then Austin they should be on the bottom
of the favorite house guess now they talking about james an meg
last week it was johnny mac please venssa send one of those twins to jury

Min O'Pause

Take out Gizzard and you screw up both Asstin and Screwlia. It’s a threefer. Asstin will go off the deep end leaving Screwlia to try and strategize on her own.

Vanessa Fan

Min O’Pause, you are so on target with that. Remember when Liz was on the block (when James was supposed to throw it) and Austin was beside himself with worry. The jury had not started yet and Austin said if Liz gets evicted she would be out there with Jeff. Jeff could be doing all kinds of stuff to her and Austin would be stuck in the house not being able to protect Liz from Jeff.
LOL, how does he think Liz has been surviving in the world without him until now. He would definitely ask to be evicted if someone mentioned the male staff that handle the jury members. I don’t think Austin could stand being in the house knowing that a guy might be flirting with Liz. He did say that he would have to follow Liz around at the “wrap party” because there will be so many guys trying to hit on Liz. I have a good name for him in the wrestling world, “Stalker”.


Vanessa is pandering to the viewers pretending to cry. What a phoney.

I hope Vanessa and Austin get booed on their exit.

If one of them wins, which at this point is looking unfortunately like how the cards are going to fall, I think they’d go down as most disliked winner in 17 seasons.


Even worse than Maggie? Damn!


Blah this season sucks. Getting super boring seeing the same ppl in power. James is the only entertainment left. Will be awful if Austin or one of the twins win the game. No intelligence level needed to get far in big brother obviously.

June Bug

Meg is the Bridget Jones of Big Brother!


What Vanessa so sad about. She know what she doing. I can’t stand her. I really hoped she puts up Austwins.

Modesty Blaise

Since the headbands got confiscated and Meg and James are persona non grata, what the hell will we be stiuck watching on BBAD? Liz contemplating her belly button? Vanessa picking her toes or Steve making a contemporary snot painting?