Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 22 Recap

Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 22 Recap

Kevin won HOH
Ika and Demetres are on the block.

Power of Veto is called Drive Down Memory Lane

Competitors are: Kevin, Ika, Dre, Demetres, Dilion, Jackie

Competitors have to do a car commercial answering questions they had to answer on day 18.
They then will do a sign challenge from a video they watched on day 39.

and Finally a puzzle.

Best time wins.

Dre is up first and seems to fly through the challenge

Demetres makes a huge mistake in the car commercial costing him time and then has a hard time with sign part of the challenge.

Dillion struggles with the puzzle

Ika is having a tough time with the sign challenge and puzzle.

The winner with a time of:

Last Place: Time of 24:34 – Ika
First Place : Time of 11:55 – Demetres

Demetres wins POV, but doesn’t seem thrilled since Ika is on the block.

They have a party and everyone is into the sauce.

POV Ceremony

Demetres decides to use the POV on himself instead of Ika.

Kevin nominates Jackie as a replacement.

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