“If he wins veto F***, here we go, something bad is going to happen”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 15-38-25-602_jpg

3:37pm Storage room Meg and James
Austin wants to make sure James isn’t worried thinking his speech was directed at him. The speech was directed to Vanessa.
Meg says james is cool he’s always acting this way come Monday.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 15-51-51-382_jpg

3:46pm everyone lingering around the kitchen… Chit chat..
Steve tells them he likes plain hot dogs.
Twins – You’re a basic a$$ b!tch

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 16-07-09-325_jpg

4:04pm Pieces falling into place

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 16-36-27-641_jpg

4:35pm Vanessa and Steve Bathroom
Vanessa – I’m disgusted with myself for being so fat
Steve – You sound like my mom
Vanessa – I feel really fat
Steve – here’s my feeling involving women and weight.. the skinner the girl thinks she is the fatter she is the fatter the girl thinks she is the skinner she actually tis
Vanessa – that’s a good theory. .but, the tighter my clothes feel the more my ass is expanding
Steve- just because you are larger than you were a awhile ago does not make you fat
Vanessa – people… keep making awesome cookies.. I feel fat
Steve – Vanessa, we both know fat people in our lives
Vanessa – fat is a bad word I feel irresponsible I don’t think I did a good job
Steve says Eating healthy in the house is hard.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 17-20-07-121_jpg

4:59pm HOH Liz and Austin
Talking about scenarios this week
Austin – If he (Jmac) wins veto F***, here we go something, bad is going to happen
Austin – this is a terrible world for an beautiful innocent girl to be in it
Liz – I survived last week
Austin – it’s smaller and more dangerous
Austin – I’ll never let anything happen to you

Austin and Liz do not want to take Vanessa out this week.
Austin – it comes down to Vanessa or James.
Austin also says Meg and James could be nominees. (Pretty much anyone but JUJU and Liz are potentials this week)

Austin says if Steve wins the Veto they’ll put up a pawn and Send Jmac home
Meg and James will be ideal to win
Austin – we can’t let Johnnymac win

Liz – Johnny mac won’t want to work out with you anymore
Austin says they’ve move themselves in a good position with vanessa.
Austin – we’re even she admitted to her lie, I lied
Austin – it was the same thing in reverse (The week Vanessa was HOH and was going to take out Austin but instead Jason went home)

Liz – it’s your week and I’m going to cook for you
Liz – I kinda wanted you to win it’s more TV time
Austin says the competition was made for him to win he had to take it.
Austin – If James was up here we would be sweating bullets
Austin says Jmac is the least of his worries of the potential jury members.

(Austin one minute saying Vanessa has to stay James will go if Jmac wins Veto. The next minute he says Vanessa goes)

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 17-47-23-947_jpg

5:40pm Jmac and Austin
Austin saying the target is Vanessa
Jmac – I feel we’re good.. it makes a lot of sense
They hug..


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Captain Crunch

Honestly Jmac deserves to go home, his strategy is horrible. This idiot keeps volunteering to be a pawn when he’s at the bottom of the totem pole and continues to throw HOH’s/POV’s when we’re halfway thru the game to please a group of people who don’t care about him. Best case scenario is James wins POV and takes Jmac off and forces Austin to put up Vanessa unless he’s really that stupid and would waste an HOH on getting out Meg.

Also anybody else find it creepy that every time Austin is kissing Liz he has to grab her entire face/head like hes trying to control or manhandle her?


He isnt playing the way you like, sure, but at least he has a strategy! I think he is trying, trying to lose! He wants to appear weak. He hangs back and lets people sink their own ships. Steve just sunk his. JMac will probably stay now, because Vans butthurt over Steve. He is the polar opposite of Vanessa. He just sits back and lets them talk themselves in circles.
I agree JMac is awkward and not funny, but I think hes playing what hes got. He has no allies, and at least he has a plan, that’s more than we can say for most of them.

Ian's lament

I don’t care for Austwins but he is making a smart move. Vanessa is a target for anyone who comes back in the house and each week they can get through with all three of them the more powerful they become as a voting block. If they win final 7 HOH they literally control the vote. I just wish Austin had more conviction. He comes across as weak even when in power.


J-Mac is trying to be the new Dr. Will. No one can ever be Dr. Will, but I think he’s trying to be, especially after his “vote me out” speech Thursday.


Hey V, Guess there is another “V” on here! I’ll just go by Vicki from now on!


My bad! To lazy to type Val..

More TV Time & We're the Losers

Game of Clowns. Keep giving Production the double middle fingers when they call you to DR Austwits, that’s how I feel about Production too. Casting dead fish, village idiots and porn stars for the professional wrestler & con woman to maul is booorrring. There’s a reason big time wrestling and poker after dark got canceled.

The only entertainment is watching them turn on and torture Vanessa, who’s manic panic OCD brain scrambles because she’s got that unique skill of getting her team to hate her. She’s so unlikable, such a trouble making pain in the ass with armies of fake alliances, they keep throwing her and her fake money under their wheels. They sure make Vanessa suffers, nightmaters paranoia, sweat, punishing her for her nasty lying controlling ways. There is justice and numbers so she won’t be in Final 3, ha, ha ha. At least we get the last laugh.

No pity for the dead fish, and they don’t care either. They are happy just to have been selected after a lifetime of losing, so they can die now or tomorrow they don’t care. They’re getting drunk together at the Finale show with free cocktail weenies, and vthat’s good enough for them.

Let Vanessa buy them cars, poker chips, and get Jason a job. Only losers have real jobs. Megs there to meet Frankie, James wants America’s Clown money, and Steve’s Mommy is taking lots of great pictures of him on the block. Nobody from their small town ever went anywhere and if ASSburger Steve made a friend, and gets to keep a game prop or two, that’s all they could hope for. Becky contemplates a job out of the Mall so she can celebrate holidays and it took public flogging from these mental midgets to convince her she deserves more. Jackie had her 30 minutes of fame, recycling her weave on 2 CBS shows and will do survivor next. Shelli is praying Clay hasn’t been lying, she just wanted a boyfriend. JMAC realizes he’s not dentist material, or getting out of bed material and will just have to work to pay off his school loans. At least he’s rested up and got free advertising for his practice.

So everybody should be happy. Except CBS because no one is tuning in to watch pot-ball and screeching porn stars go down on a shirtless ex clown wrestling goon with bad hygiene with a losing poker player lose her sh*t chomping and endorsements bullying and sobbing all night about how she so confused she had no friends. Can’t con us into watching Vanessa!



The Only People Getting Backdoored are the Viewers

Forget Steve, I’m butt hurt after wasting another summer watching what used to be BB. Just let Vanessa pay everyone off and go home. We are the Have Nots, we have not got decent casting, decent comps, decent rules or even the twists takeovers or game elements to make it the least bit interesting. Seriously, we get to watch pot-bowling, chess and chick’s pick their zits and after-school special porns showing how you get STDs? Spare us CBS and put on CSI reruns if you’re even too bored to produce BB. He’ll replay past BB seasons when you did give a sh*t or put Jeff Probst in charge.

Amen. It seems they think the audience is base and stupid. It’s an insult to viewer’s intelligence….seems so contrived. This year BB casted the younger crowd sterotypes thrown in. Maybe time for new casting director and producer. Sometimes I wish the audience can vote once in a while for noms and eviction. Austwins are so delusional and everytime they say we get more tv time, I cringe. They really believe they’re likeable?

Murphy's Law

I’ve had just about enough of Vanessa, Austin and the twins. I loathe everything about them that I see & read…repulsive A&L sex sessions, Van’s constant manic paranoia/game talk, the nasal, whiny voices of the twins & all their strategies. Hoping that James and anyone else wins from this point forward and defeats this disgusting glob of misfits in power.


YESSSSS! It’s very creepy. I turn it off every time Aus/Liz are together. Julie Chen stopped the twist ideas said they’re were enough already with the twins. I feel BB wants the twins to win…to justify their crappy idea for this season. It wasn’t creative, just unfair to the other players. Does anyone know about the controversy of Austin winning the race…heard JMAC got taken out on a questionable call?




But when was the last time Dr Giggles won a Veto?
I know he bowed out of some, I wouldn’t say gave it away. Can’t say that when you’re the first one out. Only get credit in your the only two left and throw it. Have to stick it out and go for. Woulda coulda shoulda don’t cut it sugar lumps.


His last veto was a week ago during the double eviction. That’s not too long ago

Sup Wit It

Few and far between


His last veto was OTEV and he threw it bc he wanted Becky to win.


Austin has some serious mommy issues.


Haha Austin thinks Vanessa has his and the twins back….Vanessa has no ones back but her own and she will be there downfall not getting her out now and I feel this is what they deserve! Johnny Mac is not throwing veto if he thinks they are backdooring Vanessa he hopefully will go for it! If not it’s sad but his own fault if he leaves!


Makes sense for Austin to take out James or Jmac. I don’t like it though. Vanessa sucks.


How do you think? JMac, James or Steve have never threw him up on the block… The only one that has even considered putting him up was Vanessa. Hahaha. He just pissed off 4 people, to not hurt the feelings of 1. She will lie, and she will throw him in front of her when the other side wins hoh. She is a detriment to his game, not his savior.


Because you need 3 votes to stay and if the other side puts you on the block with your partner, you have 2-3 people on your side with Vanessa in the game. Get rid of Vanessa and you have to force deals with the duo not in power Steve/JMAC or James/Meg. Plus you have another person coming back so it will be a couple of weeks of fighting through this.

Of course he knows Vanessa will go after him eventually, but so will JMAC, James, Meg, Steve, Julia. Taking Vanessa out while they are playing up “how much she is controlling them and scares them” will make the other side waste an HOH on going after Vanessa. Numbers wise, they need Vanessa for a couple more weeks. They need to get out JMAC, James, and returning Juror. Once that is done, its a toss up on Vanessa or Steve. Meg will vote with the Power.


Seriously can’t take austwit anymore. Why is everyone so scared of Vanessa EVERYONE wants her gone so what the hell is the problem?? “Its not a good week to get rid of her” WHEN WILL IT BE A GOOD WEEK??? Im sure the time will be right when she wins the final HOH and is deciding who she wants to take to the end and untimely win second place. These people are so dumb. Im really hoping Johnnymac can pull out the veto win and hopefully Austin will be in a “lets get Vanessa out” frame of mind right before the veto ceremony.

Evict Vanessa's beanie

Everyone’s scared of Vanessa because she’s a bully and she makes things personal. She corners everyone and makes them feel uncomfortable. What a cheap strategy!

What's weird...

is that they let her get away with it. Austin should have just pulled JM, Steve, and Vanessa up to the HOH and told them two of them are going up. Come and see me with any reasons why you shouldn’t go up or the others should and I’ll consider your arguments. Flip-flopping with whoever is giving an argument is stupid. Just say ‘Thanks for your input – I’ll consider it. Next!’


Oh for the love of Pete. Give the “bully” word a rest. These are adults and they are playing big brother. Jeez.

Has it ever occurred to you that they are “afraid” to put her up BECAUSE SHE KNOWS EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR WHOLE GAME and will blow it up? Helloooooo? You think she wouldnt go straight to the goblins, and jmack and tell them about everything involving austwins up to this point of the game??

Deal With It

Yup sending an alliance member home is the best game move — n u wanted Jace to make it all d way right. Way 2 go genius.


Oh good! You’re back! Do you have any empirical evidence on the matter, or are you going to just keep whining and stomping your foot until eviction night? Lol

So Done with this Season

so what happened to the BB takeover… i thought this season was gonna be the most twisted. Can the BB takeover come back and save JMac and evict vanessa?


The twists will return once Ausstwins are in danger.


Derek sucks

Jake K.

In a recent interview, Julie Chen explained “there was enough already going on in the house” that it was no longer needed and subsequently cancelled. She did mention however this information is not known to the house guests.


Last season was so boring that they decided to have all these twists to create some fake drama this season. When the HG’s started going bat crap crazy the first few weeks production decided to forget the twists and let the real drama go.


I cant wait till JMac or Steve wins veto and takes himself off. I cant wait for cowardly lion to replace him with James… I cant wait until every relationship he built up last week crumbles, and they realize that he just pissed off 4 people, instead of 1(van). I cant wait until anyone comes back for the jury, because every single one of them will be gunning for that group. They fucked up.Van is really not that special, and she will be the first to float to power and shine the spotlight on them.


Sad. Boo.
One hope. James parent habit kicks in. Vanessa must be treated like a three year old. She must be placated to stfu and go away. Regretfully, like a 3 year old she’ll be back and more demanding… “But you promised. No make him do it. I m not lying…” And truly In her world she isn’t lying her reality is a three year old’s. Get on her level or get out. When the jury house sounds good she has won.

Big sexy 40

Oh boy . Austin is a tiny 8 year old girl stuck in a sasquatch body. It really kills me . Bro, your a pair of clownshoes and nobody likes you. Grow a pair and back door Vanessa, will ya ? 500k floating out there and your playing hide the pickle with Liz and puttin freaking j Mac and Steve up … Have some respect for being on national tv with a sum of money on the line that people would kill for. It’s like watching 8 monkeys at the zoo. This could be so much more… Yet another week of watching a bigfoot, 2 lizards, a mental patient and 4 kids . Someone please step up in an anerican way and take a shot ! Big sexy thanks you !


OMG!!! Does Austin and the Twits have “Helenitis”? When is it a good week to get rid of Vanessa? Are they that scared of that? Austin, pull of your panties, put on your boxers, and put her up during the Veto meeting as a replacement!!!!!


Time for James to get a coup de tat….take both down and put up Liz and Julia. Or Liz and Vanessa.

GeekSquad McGee

Austin is afraid of Vanessa because she’s emasculated him on a few occasions; when he threw the POV, and when he had to beg to not be put on the block.

He’s terrified of Liz being present if it were to happen a 3rd time.


Austin has no balls!! Probably from all the steroids he took when wrestling.


Johnny Mac wasn’t too smart to throw HOH. So disappointed with him. Austin is a wussy!!! He is one of the top 2 ugliest people to ever be in the house and I’m going to laugh my Burt off when James wins HOH next week and splits up Liz and Austin. I am still rooting for Jmac but I want Vanessa GONE!!! So tired of her bully them titty baby crying victim act. Ugh. She had so much potential in the beginning.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

It’s the final week and three HG are left in the house. Vanessa is one of them and the other two express their thoughts in unison: “THIS IS NOT A GOOD WEEK TO GET RID OF VANESSA”.


This is the best time to boot Nessa.
Shelli , Jackie , and Becky are ready to woop her ass in a competition to get back in the house. Mental or physical. She’ll be rattled and the two that don’t make it back will be ready to give her a piece of there mind in jury!


Guess you missed it when Becky told Julie if she comes back in she would work with Vanessa. Hahahaah


You assuming Vanessa is staying, idiot. How is Becky going to work with her when the bitch Vanessa is in jury.
Besides, Jackie is coming back while Vanessa watches jury house.
Straight up Taylor drift


Wow, your life must really be sad. Lololol. Sucks to suck!

Chill this Town

its annoying that last week, MAC throws you a POV, you trust him, have a solid deal and group of 5 forming….yet you still want him gone? why? I don’t get that. I’d be far more nervous with James, who has actually proven he goes back on his word.

JMAC best win POV. I think he will try this week because the other person up is Steve, and he probably feels its irrelevant if Vanessa is replacement nom for him or Steve, but at least he would be off block. but I also thought he was going to try in this last HOH

cmon MAC, cmon Diary Room. make sure MAC TRIES to win that POV


Production will sway JMac to go for the veto and probably will rig for him to win. Then Austin will puss out and nom James


Got it people. Vanessa needs to go – – straight to final 2 with Steve!


go van go!


This season sucks


It started out okey but its ending on a low.


i have a feeling we won’t have a clear idea of who is going to be evicted this week with all the flip-flopping going on. As in a good tight-score football game where the last team to score wins, Austin’s last thought of who to back donor will be the person he puts up as a replacement nominee.


I have a theory for predicting Austins moves: Just pick the most pussy thing you could possibly do in the situation and execute it.


I know I’m in the minority here, but I think Austin and Liz are totes adoooooooooooorbs ????????????


Totes. Its like a beauty and the beast scenario….just shave off that fur Austin! I think theyre super cute.


Once you said totes, your comment was invalidated.


Vanessa=no personality
Meg=stand up straight…ur posture sucks
Becky=self centered bore

Grandma G

Meg can’t stand up straight. She has rhematoid arthritis and her knees are bad. I give her kudos for trying.


This is the worst big brother !
Why ain’t big brother doing expect the unexpected crap.. They better do something to help jmac .. I’m out when he is


Would not be sad if James or meg left this week.


Sad no, but wouldn’t prefer it. Austin angels show is not appealing boo boo


If they really want to evict Vanessa they should wait until next week so that if they are successful, she can’t come back. A big risk getting her out this time. Austin has shown he doesn’t have a pair after one day of being HOH and I’d bet he chickens out if he has the chance to backdoor Vanessa this week.


Liz how can use kiss that gross man…seriously ur gonna be so ashamed of yourself when u get out


I swear, they both seem to be using the “showmance” for “T.V.” time. They are just there to boost their careers and this is one way they thought to do it.

June Bug

What happens if Johnny Mac wins P.O.V and they don’t put up Vanessa? He will know that Austin was lying and that Johnny Mac was actually the target. He will gain an enemy in the house. Hope this happens and he will try to get the Austwins on the block.

liz tics

Liz-“I kinda wanted you to win, its more tv time ” does she really think somethings going to come from this? Honestly she really does think she’s the queen bee, What a crock of SH**t


Get over it people…your “favourites” are not going to win this game…cuz they suck. Physically, socially,strategically…no good. Its not really in Austins best interest to put Vanessa up right now so quit crying about it just because its what you want. Actually if you really hate Vanessa the best scenario is for her to go AFTER this week because one of the 4 jury members will be coming back. I like pretty much everyone that’s still in the game right now…don’t know why so many of you people hate so many people???


Austin doesn’t know his head from his ass.I dont think anyone does this season.I’ve never seen such a undecided bunch in Big Brother history.


Please I’m begging you! No more face sucking pics….puleeze uhhh!


I really wish there will be return of a duo twist this week for veto comp: James/Meg, Steve/John, Liz/Austin and Vanessa/Julia. James/Meg can win veto use it on Steve/John and force Austin put up Vanessa and Julia on the block. This twist will be the game changer because many people in the game are at the summer camp right now.
I feel sorry for John. He is the only one player who has to fight for his life in BB house every week. The rest are at the summer camp. There are only 10 weeks of the game, John has been on the block 6th time (even more than Donny). I can feel the frustration from being on the block. I hope John will win the VETO. If not, I am sorry I will be done with this season.


I needed a laugh from this dismal turn of events. Got it watching Wil Heusers parodies of this years cast of “Boring Brother”. Didn’t care for Wil during his season, but love him now.


jmac is absolutely one of the all time worst players in bb history really hope he gets evicted thursday


Vanessa put in some real work today. She’s still got some game in her.

over it

CBS If your reading this I am out for the rest of this season. Catch you next year and please fire whomever is casting these people. The last two seasons have been awful and I miss how big brother used to be played. What ever happened to floaters grab a life raft or bye bye bitches!! The game used to be played now its all about not getting blood on your hands.


to me the best big brother player of all time is Janelle
I liked how she play the game she could to me be the favorite in every season to win it all
if I had to pick some one to play the game with in win the money I pick Janelle
these people don’t like going on the block to me I understand that but to me
the name of the game win if I was on big brother I be like put me up
in see how I work then win the veto in show the hoh this is my house im on vaction down stairs
I be back in a week with you evection note you got a week left


I’m so over this hate Vanessa parade. She’s playing the damn game, they’ve all lied just as much as her their lies just aren’t as direct so they don’t get called out for it. If Vanessa wasn’t in the game we’d have a bunch of boring ass people flipping coins for who goes on the block, and throwing comps left right and center. The game would REALLY be interesting if 3-4 more people were as manipulating as Vanessa. So stop trying to wish all the drama away! It’s what makes the show GOOD!!!


I agree 100%, Vanessa is playing the game, most are throwing comps and trying not to win HOH, or acting like their in summercamp, what’s up with that? I think Austin and the twins should be more grateful to Vanessa if not for her, Julia definitely wouldn’t be in the house and quite possibly Austin. Just for his size alone he was perceived as a huge threat early on in the game and probably would have been a goner right after Jace. Only because of his alignment with Vanessa and her winning those HOH’s he’s been riding hers and Shelly’s coattails to this point.

Grossed out

I am getting super grossed out by all the Austwits make- out sessions. Despite what they think, I am one viewer that doesn’t want to see them on screen anymore than is absolutely necessary. Barf!