Big Brother 17 Week 9 Nomination results “Steve, You’re not going home”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 22nd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 24th
HOH Austin Next HOH Aug 27th
Original Nominations: Steve and Jmac
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots No have nots this week

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 14-57-20-702_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 14-56-01-121_jpg

2:55pm Steve, Liz and Vanessa

Steve – We’re just in a parking lot filming a TV show

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 14-59-41-093_jpg

3:00pm Austin and Liz
Austin saying Steve is not going home he’s gotta relax.

Austin doesn’t think getting Vanessa out this week is a good idea at all.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 14-59-38-096_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 15-02-43-678_jpg

Vanessa comes in crying “Thank you”
Austin says it’s not in his best interest to evict Vanessa this week.
Liz – one of us needs to win that Veto to keep noms the same Johnny mac out
Vanessa telling them she’s willing to get blood on her hands by not using it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 15-06-02-662_jpg

3:06pm HOH Steve, Liz, JUJU, Austin and Vanessa
Austin tells Steve not to read too much into his speech it was mostly wrestling
Steve – You don’t need to explain to me I know the position you are in
Austin says Vanessa swore to him if the noms stay the same she will not vote Steve out.
JUJU steps in says Steve you are not going anywhere
Steve – who is your target
Austin says Jmac or James.

Liz says they need to use the POV so they can keep the noms the same.
Liz and Vanessa leave.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 15-21-03-412_jpg

3:18pm Austin goes on and on about explaining his nominations tells them the targets are Jmac, James or Vanessa, “I think this is going to be a backdoor week”
Steve – Austin can you do me a favor.. can you take a deep breath..
Austin – I’m convince you are safe this week..
Austin – If you come off the block I’m going to have to put you up
Steve – over James.

Steve identifies that Austin is really tense “I think you need to do nothing for the rest of the day.. you are allowed to work out, Eat protein
JUJU – and cuddle with liz
Steve – that is all
Austin – I know you are close to Jmac
Steve – I don’t have a final 2 with him

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-21 15-19-21-417_jpg

3:08pm Goblins
James is worried he’s the backdoor target
Meg doesn’t think so

The goblins think the plan is to Backdoor Vanessa. They have some worry if Vanessa wins the POV and uses it on steve one of them will got up.
Liz joins them ‘Hiya goblins”
the goblins say high back they wonder if Vanessa is going crazy in the HOH,.
Liz says Vanessa is really happy she’s not on the block.


  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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I KNEW IT! The idiot!!!!!!!! I hope someone takes him out quickly! GAG!!!!!!


Been saying it since last week when Austin said he wanted to be the 1 to take out Vanessa he wouldn’t do it because he’s to big of a coward. Just like Vanessa he wants someone else to do his dirty work.


derek had every1 working for him but no one had the balls put up him!

He's no Vanessa

Derek never gave anyone a reason to put him up. It’s not a matter of them all being pussies. He played a clean game. Ya he lied at times, but he could keep track of everything he did. Vanessa is a mess and all over the place. She is a bully that everyone is scared of. They all see her bullshit and are only keeping her as a “target”. This is going to backfire.
She defiantly ain’t no Derek!


Austin Is a sissy!
and would people stop bringing up Derek, last year was the worst year he play with zombies, is if he was any kind of game player. Do everybody a favor and just dismiss him as if BB 16 never existed.
All vanessa is a cry baby, cry like a bitch is not game. Vanessa reminds me of a woman that cries to her man all the time, because she’s insecure or uses it to get what she wants, but it would just disgust me and I see right the phony act. Mental case!
This season was meant for a woman to win, a strong woman, vanessa is not that woman. I believe it was supposed to be Shelli, Jackie, Becky, strong minded women, not cry baby women, oh and Audrey doesn’t count we can call that “it” or an astris.
Just my opinion the only man in the house is James, the smallest man mind you, and little man makes big moves and he’s not scared. All the other guys seem like their balls have been cut off.
Austin your a joke, you have no backbone. And I hope your next walking out that door.
This point in the game is been a mess.
Shits gotta change, this is not entertaining….


Some of us love Derrick and will keep talking about him, so you’re wasting your breath.


i bet frankie had thwe balls put up derek!


Derrick played with “zombies”… he controlled the game more efficiently then any player in bb history outside of Dr. Will. He had a hand in most of the people going home and no one targeted him the entire game. The season was boring to some because he controlled the environment and did what he needed to do to win with the people he had in the house. You can make fun of his game all you want while he is sitting around counting his half million dollars.


Derrick played a game with half a cast more interested in self promotion and being on TV than they were with being on Big Brother. He may very well be a good player but you can’t prove it by his season.

At the end of the day


Deal With It

Sending an alliance member home is what Austin should do…Yeah right….Dan and Derek would eat you up bruh


Derrick was lovable and believable. Vanessa and Austin not so much….

Cindy Withanesse

Looks like Derek is using pseudonyms to ‘thumbs up’ comments about himself.


Why would anyone be scared of Vanessa only thing she’s has is a big mouth

Deal With It

Yo, smart move? Sending an alliance member home? Austink’s best move is to send James home this week. He puts Van up – Van realizes there is a Goblin-Austwit alliance and spills to James and Meg…James sides with Van, Steve and Jmac to take out Austwits next HOH…Van is not targeting Austwins. James IS and he SHOULD. How stupid would that be just to make all BB land happy…James/Becky/Shelli/Steve will send Austwins home next HOH- For now this was a smart move for Austink. Van is not putting him up next week. James WILL.


Vanessa already did Austins Dirty work and got blood on her hands

Vanessa First HoH: Vanessas target was James she reallyy wanted him out because he was a disgusting sexist pig that never cleaned. After the PoV instead of putting up the awn or presured into putting up Audrey (that she really did not want to… she put up Jeff after a heavily orchestrated fight with him to justify her backdooring him. Actual Reason: Vanessa was concerned over Liz flirting with Jeff as Liz lead love struck Austin on. Justin at that time was getting crazy jealous over Liz’s affections for Jeff (Liz and Julia are the only ones who know that Liz was the one who voted to keep Jeff.). Vanessa had to sacrifice taking out her target to keep Austin happy and secure.

Vanessa 2nd HoH: Austin decided to make a move by telling Jason about Julia. Jason ran to Shelli and told her. Shell then told Vanessa who already was getting frustrated over Austins gameplay. She made a plan to get Austin out. Then Shelli, Clay and Steve campaigned to keep Austin in the game… Justin then begged Vanessa for forgiveness. She then backdoored Jason… because he was the one who spilled the beans about Julia. She needed to get Jason out because part of what Austin said to Jason is that he wanted Julia out so he could have Liz to himself… Keeping Jason was a risk to the alliance because he would keep talking about it. So Jason had to ge because of Austin’s big mouth.

Vanessa has blood on her hands and has all to do with doing dirty work for that ungrateful rat Austin. The fact is Austin has done noting for Vanessa other than backstab her and screw up her game.


Why would Austin take out Vanessa? She has voted the same as him, gone after the same targets he wanted, has been in alliance with him since very early in the game and she likely wouldn’t put him on the block unless she had to, not to mention Austin and the twins can all beat Vanessa in physical competitions down the stretch.

He takes out Vanessa, Jackie comes back in the game and the Aus-twins run the risk of James, Meg, Jackie, Steve and Johnny teaming up to take those three out. Just not smart for Austin on any level to take out Vanessa. She’s on his side.

His best move is to nominate James and Meg, period. That ensures the Goblin side of the house doesn’t gain an additional number even with someone coming back in. It also keeps a huge target in the house in Vanessa. I’m not a big fan of Austin, but for his game, sending Vanessa home would be purely idiotic at this stage of the game.


Austin is a big pansy. He’s afraid of all the girls, particularly Liz and Vanessa. I hope one of them takes him out real soon.

Deal With It

Austin sending an alliance member move in BB history…sup hater?


He’s scared to death of taking out Vanessa even after she humiliated him and made him eat a ton of shit during Jason’s eviction week. He’s afraid of what Liz and Julia think instead of being his own man.

Deal With It

Yup Austin’s best move is to send his alliance member…U go genius


Were the shoe on the other foot Vanessa would cut him in a NY heartbeat. And make him eat a ton of shit before he goes out the door. U go genius.


Miller m


Relax already. Production isn’t letting their pet JMac go anywhere. BB is looking for drama. expect to see JMac win Veto and Vanessa go on the block. She’ll get voted out and Jackie will come back in to ensure a couple more weeks if nail biters.


You better change that name homie. Judas he’s a traitor and you ain’t living up to it. Your all made up and fake. Maybe Scooby Doo. Big coward


James is Scrappy Doo.
Let me at’em let me at’em


Ugh Johnny Mac is literally the worst, he needs to go. He’s practically worthless. Why do people think he’s funny. In his DR sessions he seriously sounds impaired


He’s not going to put Vanessa up. Joe doesn’t have to guts to put her up. He will put James up and James will get voted out. It seems like the little guy has bigger ones than the big guy!!!


I have a feeling noms will remain the same or Johnny Mac will win the Pov putting Steve up against James… the twins are only two votes and if James, Meg and Johnny Mac let Vanessa in on enough truth about the Austwins and stories get matched up… remember there is a part of V that does not trust Steve… it just takes three votes and if it is Steve and JMac or Steve and James… or Steve and Meg because James uses the PoV on JMac thinking it will force Austins hand to put up Vanessa…. Steve may go to the Jury House.

Ian's lament

This season fell apart on the stupid move by the goblins. They were thinking too short term getting rid of Shelli. She was a rational person who could be reasonable. Vanessa is a crazy cat lady. Getting her out and staying true to Becky could have helped bring Becky and Johny Mac to their side giving them the numbers and getting rid of Vanessa’ s scheming. Now the only people winning HoH owe her on some level. I really hate the cheap tactic Vanessa uses of saying she will taint the jury against someone out of spite. Really douche. I think the main reason Austin won’t put her up.


Biggest pussy in the house! He has just proven that he and the twins do not deserve to win this game at all, they are too afraid to make any real moves, THEY need to go!

Deal With It

Listen EMO BB newbie – rules are – never send an alliance member home…u all like Jace’s game moves too playa

Who cares

Knew it! Austin is all talk, just like his wrestling career.

Julia Gets A Car, Judas Gets a Trip to Vegas

He calls himself Judas Betrayer Austin for a reason, he makes a living portraying someone people love to hate, same as Professional Liar Poker Lawyer Con Vanessa. Seriously, this is a marriage of two despicable characters, I’m so cold and tough I’d murder Jesus, with I’ll rob you blind while lying to your face you stupid motherf*ckers. They’ll never turn on each other-no one else can stand them except the Twits-THOTs that hate for a living. Who would admire their hateful, exploiting, bullying, cheating, bribing gameplay? Not me or everyone else calling BB16 & BB 17 the worst seasons ever.

CBS social experiment really? Two pythons in a cage of white mice isn’t a game or entertainment, it’s a gorey mess we all feel stupid and dirty for watching. Keep casting undercover police detectives and professional thieves along side an assortment of desparate social misfit superfans who piss themselves walking onto your over-decorated set happy to wave hello to mommy from the chopping block. They hide in fear and play dead like mice, throwing comps & placating the snakes, spouting wow she’s smart she went to 4 schools to learn how to rob & exploit me!

Anyone on the Jury who votes for them exclaims proudly, I got murdered by a famous serial killer! what an honor! They admire the mice who are swallowed and chomped as classy if they don’t scream too much while they’re being eaten. Feels alot like the Roman Collesuem complete with James the Rodeo Clown dodging the bulls horns while his alliance is gored behind him. Be a good floater, lay down and die nice dead fish. There weren’t any players this season, only fake hunters and hunted, while Vanessa’s pays off the poachers with her big wallet.

CBS is happy to let Van spend her money while they yank out comps twists and takeovers. I’m glad Jiz Twits get screwed by a clown on camera all day, the fame whores who deserve it for picking the victims & fabricating slander to seal their fates. Have fun at the car dealership, and the all-you-can-eat buffet on the strip! You made mom & dad proud, and sold your souls cheap to Judas.


Yes.. Get him out. Does anyone think that Liz is really into his mounting and pawing her? I can’t watch them another week in the HOH bed. At first she said she didn’t even like him like that, but that’s when he was going up on the block awhile back. He’s just so unkempt and so delusional the three of them Austin & the twins. They really think this face time will make them stars. And their voices pierce right through my ears (jAMESAAAA-PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT JULIA)




Oh, I’m sure CBS already has the check made out to Van-ass-a too…. these idiots (Austin, Liz, Julia) are just handing it to her. I really want to see James win personally, but since it’s in the bag for Van-ass-a, she deserves it more than the gross threesome or Steve & John.

No imagination

Does being in this house make them not think straight? He should have put up Vanessa and Johnny Mac, then let James win the Veto, he uses it on Johnny Mac, Austin would be forced to put up Meg or Steve, then he has the votes to evict Vanessa, with Johnny Mac, James and either Meg or Steve, even if the twins gave Vanessa their vote to show trust, Vanessa would think it was the other side. Would have been a great game move for the three-some to make it look like they had no choice, so dumb.


Well, you are assuming Austin, Liz and julia have a brain? between the three of them, they don’t even equal 1/3 of a whole brain.


Did anyone really think that Austin really had the balls to nominate Vanessa? JMac is going home unless he wins POV. If he wins, then my guess is that Steve goes home because Vanessa will make it happen. That will be his punishment for not wanting to be the pawn.


JMac. I will throw the HOH I will be a pawn…Fool deserves to go


They just don’t get it! Bottom of alliance nothing a smart person knows James/Meg have a better deal. J Mac how’s that HOH throwing working. I have no sympathy for idiot boy any more? Bet these noobs throw HOH lol. Neither should obviously. You watch Van never makes the block.
Production isn’t even saving J Mac this week. Still have no idea why AG choose a HOH comp suited to Austin. WTF did she think was going to happen?

Deal With It

True dat


He’s got the balls, it’s just that he forgot they were in Liz’s purse.


Nah, they never dropped during his fetal days

I survived last seasons BB

And She manages to pull it off again

Not because She is that good, but because Skankton and the TwinTwits are that bad !!

JMac is in deep trouble


Vanessa is a master of polemics…she stirs up controversy, plants ideas, fights her so called foes by attacking them, twisting the facts against her to make others believe they’re really doing it…constantly deflecting off her like a human shield. What she did to Steve when she wanted to talk with him, and he said he’s not in a good mental state right now to listen, she criies, runs to the wc, and then comes out…wha la.Steve apologizes TO HER…REALLY! what a con artist she is…And a bully, She has now successfully controlled every single HOH nomination. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Austin…you are a wimp.


Agreeeee! Everyone thinks she’s so good but she truly isn’t! She is not sneaky in the least and is so paranoid it’s exhausting. I think she has a great shot of winning purely because she is so annoying that no one wants to listen to her hours of talking in circles if they ever nominate her.


If it comes down to Jmac or Steve or Meg and James, I would prefer Jmac leave, even though I love him. I think he is done with the game and would rather be in the jury house by now. He doesnt seem into this game as much as he did before


Idk I watched her talk Austin out of putting her up. She was pretty good.


Ugh! Can’t wait for whoever comes back next week and goes after Austwins. Can’t believe Austin is scared to make a big move. With Becky in Jury, she’ll fill Shelli and Jackie in on Austwins, also if JMac shows up.
Someone Please Take a shot at these 3!!!!!!!!


You took the words right out if my mouth. Annihilate the hell out of Wusstin & the twits! So can’t stand them idiots. JMAC still throwing comps-I really had hoped he would cut this crap out already now that the numbers are dwindling. He has nobody to watch his back so wtf would ya keep throwing comps? Oh yea, this new alliance is really watching your back JMAC. I am seriously rooting for James to handle things like a boss! I can’t wait for Wusstin to get out of the house & get the backlash & ridicule his sorry behind deserves. This dude is pathetic!


Steve was saying that Vanessa is good….uhh no steve its more that ur bad….uve made it VERY obvious that your with Jmac, so why wud they keep u (which is actually a duo) over Vanessa who is one person that everyone wants out? He really ruined his game the last few days….fighting so hard to not being nominated with jmac really showed his cards

Disappointed Fan

You gotta be kidding me, Austin. I knew you had no balls, weak move. You just made the biggest mistake you could ever make in this game. Get ready Austwins, if Johnny Mac goes home this week, you better believe Steve is gunning for you guys. The smartest move Austin could make is going after James or Meg, considering Jackie may come back and form a trio again. I can’t wait to see the Goblins take out the Austwins next week with Steve as a new addition to their team.


Well, i guess something good comes out of this then if that’s true.


Hope James or Meg win POV and keep noms the same since Austin is going to let Vanessa stay this week. Hopefully Jackie will reenter. I bet JMac won’t throw any more comps.

the coreys

Actually no.

You want one of the twins or austin to win so they are exposed when they decide not to use it

Otherwise austin can play the “I was totally gonna backdoor vanessa but my hands are tied if they aren’t gonna use the veto” card.

Austin no-b***s

And of course Austin had no balls to put Vanessa up.. Shocker… Even nobody liked Becky but she and James were the only ones who got the bull by the horns… Now he’s trying to justify himself saying it’s better if she doesn’t go this week… Please .. Shut up and go try to grow a pair


Wahhh..I can’t put p Vanessa…she might come back from jury and come after me…wahhh…better to just let her win the whole thing…wahhh…where are my balls!

austin wussy

knew he didn’t have the courage to nominate vanessa..

BB ever

Venessa has Austine played in her hands . He is afraid of her from bottom of his heart . Venessa treats him like a her 5 years old unbehave child. She thinks she need to discipline and remind him what is the right thing to do, how much he need repay her kindness to her. All she does is to protect him, her child .


If Vanessa doesn’t go this week, karma is going to hit them real hard as Vanessa gets closer to final 3.


If Vanessa stays this week it will be so easy to persuade Julia to go against Austin. Liz will be a little harder but I bet Vanessa can convince her too that Austin will win if they don’t get him out.


If Vanessa stays I would love to see her put up the twins and backdoor Austin! I would laugh for days and actually starting cheering Van

Canadian Kevin

I cant’t recall ever watching a man with less fucking self-esteem or balls than Austin.


He deserves the lose coming his way. At Vanessa’s hand.

I think Casanova is going to be shocked at the reculsion he inpires when this is over.

Just have to hope jmac wins veto then hoh. Putup austin and liz and work with the goblins.

Or you’re fucked

Canadian Kevin

Repulsion, not reculsion – i hate having fat fingers sometimes.

God i’m so tired of seeing his face; now i want him out more than Vanessa. At least Vanessa has game (and friggin 9 lives).

Austin is just a cheating piece of shit. Fuck how i wish i could be there when his reality check comes. First for how disliked he is (he’s delusional) and second for how much he was led by the ring in his nose.

Scratch that second part; he’s admitted that he knows it already. He just has no fucking self-respect.

Normal Guy

That picture of Vanessa is disgusting. Someone send her home.

Nota chance

To send V home BB would have to bring in a new cast that had at least an IQ over 70.


Johnny Mac win the POV!!!!!!!!!


Better yet win diamond POV or one that lets him pick who his replacement is & have him put Vanessa up


They keep saying “this is not a good week to take out Vanessa”… They’ll keep saying that until the finals, and then It will be too late…


here we go again: Another week of “We hate Vanessa”, “Vanessa is a snake in the grass”, “Vanessa is crazy”, “she needs to go!” and then nothing.
At this rate Vanessa will win. I Hope that Becky comes back in and join the Goblins again! I want to see Austwins and Steve backdoored one by one!

Nota chance

You state the obvious.


Becky said in interview with Julie that if she gets back in she wants to work with Vanessa. Shelli said pretty much the same thing. I know it is hard for you people who are only focused on hating Vanessa to believe but she is owning this game and the people booted out respect her and want to work with her. If you can’ t beat her…join her.

Now I will let you all get back to your endless birage of hate on Vanessa.

Nothing Could Get Mr to Like or Respect Vanessa

Why do you think the more victims she has the more respectable she is. The lower she goes the more likable she gets. This game ain’t how many bribes will you take, how nasty are you.

Austin Liz Julia Vanessa have made so many enemies with their despicable play, cheating, bribing, lying, hater, bullying, con artist, victimized, double standard, horrible hygiene, their rude egotistical elitist attitudes & abuse of mental illness & LBGT communities no one rise will back them up. They’ve outed themselves as Final 4 and the rest of this horrible season they can sexually exploit each other and reneg on their payoffs while the weakest floaters pretend to play, float, coast there way to America’s Favorite and cheesy appearances on Bold & Beautiful.

They’re are no players left only butt suckers, CBS planned it that way. The only so called non-recruit actors are so called obsessed fans who feel privileged to poop in the BB bathroom, satisfied to wave to mommy from on the block. So yes CBS, your casing of undercover detectives and professional liars against basement dwelling misfits is another BB16 BB17 worst season ever contender. If you put snakes in with mice, they’d only one outcome. An embarrassing bloody mess, everyone feels dirty and stupid for watching, not entertainment.


I will laugh if that happens…then what will Austwin do! Becky said she would target Liz. hopefully she shares with Shelli and Jackie so we get get this crap out of the house.

I survived last seasons BB

If Jmac does not win veto, He is toast

Austwit and the dual dumbazzes will leave Noms same
So will Goblins
So will Vanessa
If Steve wins, Austwit iis too weak to put Vanessa up
if Jmac wins,,James is toast

So here We go again with a crappy week

Seeing the crocodile tears on Vanessa’s face just made Me throw up


We need to admit that Vanessa has been playing this game really hard from the very beginning. She is anything, but a “do nothing” floating to the end

Member of the Ant Farm

Well, at least we get a few days of backdoor discussions!! Vanessa’s a mess…I still think the smarter BD option would be James. He already has one big move on his resume and would not hesitate to have another!! Think about the end game people, not who you’re currently having fun with!!


Let’s face it…Austin won’t be backdooring anyone. This week sucks already. At this point maybe Vanessa deserves to win. It’d serve the Austwits right. Losers.

Team JMac

Johnny Mac has to win this POV. Austin said he won’t put up James or meg so he will have to put up Vannessa. Then JMac teams up with James meg and whoever comes back in and takes out “the authority” make it happen JMac!!!!!

BB Drafter

Austin has no balls.

Admiral Obvious

So do you think production is getting a kickback from Vanessa and her wealth just to make sure she wins BB17?

It sure seems that way to me.


Kinda like the Ariana Grande appearances to bring in the younger viewer. No doubt they have a stake in this.


Lol – there’s still 7 evictions left and people online that think they’re the smartest people ever are bitching about how Vanessa has already won! It’s better for Austin and the Twins if Vanessa stays – next week there will still be 8 people in the house!

Shouts out to all you geniuses though – you know so much more about the game than everyone else!


thank you. finally a voice of reason. people mistake their personal preferences for eviction with good gameplay…


You are right! They said the same thing about Derrick last year and he….oh wait…’re an idiot.

People can see gameplay and manipulation a hell of a lot better from the outside looking in…and based on how she gets out of sticky situations wuth her manipulation, it doesnt matter if there are a hundred people in the house. She is good.


Well i would say you are one of the idiots who think sending home a loyal alliance member at this point is a good move lol. Besides, comparing Vanessa to Derrick is ridiculous, this season is totally different. Vanessa is given way too much credit on here, she is really not that good, Once Vanessa is gone, Austin and twins will be the main targets…


Are you slow? I mean, it’s ok if you are. Let us recap for a moment. I said, if Vanessa gets out of this, she is good and deserves the win, purely because the house has all talked with each other and she has been exposed.

The difference between this year’s Vanessa, and last year’s Derrick is the dynamics of the house. Derrick manipulated everyone to do his bidding, and if people weren’t too scared to compare notes, he would have been in hot water.

And finally, OF COURSE people are going to compare seasons. Jesus, people compare the American show to other countries. Seriously. Get over yourself. Learn to comprehend a written comment before you decide to take “everyone on” who has something to say about Derrick.


I hope Johnny Mac is not stupid enough to throw the Veto this time!


I wouldn’t put it past him, considering his genius moves so far lol.


Austin is officially the worst player in the history of BB.


That will be Victoria BB16


No way. Get your BBhistory straight. There is Lawon, Marcellus, Adam, Spencer, Victoria and so many more before Austin. This seasons worst player is defintely JohnnyMac.


These people are officially the worst players ever!!!! Let’s keep Austin in the house, lets bring twins into the house, lets keep Vanessa in the house, lets keep Steve in the house. You don’t keep a 6′ 8″ wrestler in the house, you don’t bring twins into the house, you don’t keep a professional gambler in the house, These people are idiots!! I hope Jackie comes back into the house, wins and puts up Austin and Vanessa, one gets off put the twin up! How hard is this????? I am not certain Shellie or Becky would do this. No back doors, just get rid of a viable person!!


Couldn’t agree more, ladybug.


All Austin has is Liz Pu**y on his brain.
He’s just a gutless waste of space. Who never showers fingers Liz smells his ginger then fix food without washing his hands just a disgusting nasty ass PU**Y

Judas' Hat

Somebody slip Vanessa a heavy dose a Valium and make a house-wide pact to never talk game with her ever.



Austinks doesn’t have a wrestling career. He tried to sue his former next coach for hurting his feelings and making him perform risky moves that were too difficult or dangerous for him. I guess his image/size tough guy look does not reflect his puss personality. Thus WWE will never hire him to be a superstar and his image no


Austin was on NXT (or tryout)? Ive actually heard alot of bad thing about Bill demott so dont put that on Austin if this is correct. ALOT of people came forward with the way he trains people is brutal and thus why he “resigned” not to long ago.


Excuses excuses for Austin and his “wrestling career.” The pu$$y wouldn’t last 1 day training with old school trainers like Danny Hodge,Bill Watts,Verne Gagne,Stu Hart and I could go on. Like I’ve said before he might look like Tarzan but he’s really a Jane.


If you agree Austin is the biggest chicken shit ever vote thumbs up. What a poor excuse for a man. I’m embarrassed for him and his family


Austin is just a big ol’ p**sy! He was one of my favorites at the beginning of the season but week after week he shows that he infact has no game and is letting other ppl make decisions for him.

What a pussy

Such a disappointment… again. However, if Vanessa doesn’t go this week, I will be happy to know that when she gets evicted that she will have zero chances of coming back. We have to remember that the person evicted this week has a shot to come back… and it would suck majorly if that person was Vanessa.


What a huge pussy Austin is. I’m beginning to dislike him as much as Frankie.


the two of them should hook up.


Austin would be the bottom lol




Just hand the check to Vanessa right now…maybe by some miracle Steve or Johnny Mac will win veto forcing austwit to put up a Backdoor person but even then he will probably put up James ugh!


GREnade. Phhhhh Dud


Just when you think they can get no stupider they pull this mess. Austin and the twins are all spineless. They are helping Vanessa win this game and I will feel sorry for none of them when this is over and they find out how she has played the entire house all season. She is one of the biggest liars in the house and her fake tears annoy me to no end . After Dark show is so boring I have quit watching. All they do is play silly games . I think John is truly a nice guy not sure this game was for him. At this time I wish James could get HOH he is the only man in the house with big enough balls to do something . Vanessa will hand Austin and is girls her kool aid a and slide through one more week a little closer to the money.Stupid stupid


I like the way you think so totally agree with you. Sick to death of Austin the twins Steve and most of all Pissnessa.


They can always backdoor Vanessa.


I can’t wait until Austin comes out of the house and sees how much of a pussy America thinks of him and how much they hate him and Liz.

Meg's Lipstick

Meg and James are in a great spot if they survive this week and Jackie comes back. I sometimes forget that Meg is there she’s so useless but she has a better personality than Victoria did.

Last couple of weeks seems to be a contest to prove uselessness overall


Austinks doesn’t have a wrestling career. He tried to sue his former nxt coach for hurting his feelings and making him perform risky moves that were too difficult or dangerous for him. I guess his image/size tough guy look does not reflect his pussy personality. Thus WWE will never hire him to be a superstar and his image in the big brother house is not helping him reach stardom either.


I CANNOT –WAIT UNTIL YOU READ…..all these comments! You are an idiot…not mention pu $$y, afraid of Vanessa…or do you know how rich she is? What did she promise you? Dummy! Wow! I almost started rooting for you.


And that he has been below Dawg for weeks in the poll! Lol


Austin is all talk, weak ass! This season is starting to get boring!!!


Starting to is a little optimistic!


Starting to get boring is a little optimistic for me.


There’s a chance we might get lucky with a Steve eviction since it’s clear vanessa isn’t going anywhere..but knowing BB PRODUCTION they will make the veto comp one that Steve will win so we can keep suffering by having to watch his creepy ass!


no way. you don’t have a clue. knowing production they want johnny mac to win veto and make us suffer the unbearable fool and his stupid, scripted dr’s for another week. lets hope the idiot throws veto too lol.


Agreed. The only saving grace here is if Steve gets his smarmy ass evicted.


to everyone whining, not putting up vanessa is austin’s best move (i’d prefer james over steve, but it requires convincing james to go up as a pawn so meg and james aren’t pissed, which makes johnny “sure, i’ll be a pawn” mac and his best bud, steve, perhaps an easier pair to sell). austin wants should want vanessa out in 5th or 6th assuming she doesn’t go out earlier than that as a shield for him.

Why the hate?

Not sure why everyone hates Vanessa so much. Other than her crying all the time, she’s playing the game exactly like she should. It’s big brother, you are suppose to strategically figure out a way to get to the end. At least she’s playing the game. Some of the others are just there for summer camp or to be famous just cuz they are on the show.

Butters Mom

I dont know why everyone else hates her but her eye liner makes me gag. I can’t take it anymore.


And I’m sure you are so attractive that you can try and cut on anothers appearance.

Vanessa was once a swimsuit model. What were you Butterbutt?

Butters Mom

lol… simmer down … its called sarcasm… some of you need to just calm the eff down.


Oh yes, good point. I will dislike a big brother player because of their eyeliner?? LMAO wtf


Gotta agree with you – at least Vanessa is playing the game, unlike Meg and JMac. It exhausts me just listening to her – she is ALWAYS in game mode. Even though everyone is on to her, she is amazingly good at manipulating everyone and still getting what she wants.


Dawg is more popular than Austin on the polls. Lol




Omg this is the worse bunch of players everrrrrrrrrr. Seriously first off Clay,Shelli and Vanessa should give their head a shake for letting Liz/Julia make it to week 5 so that both get to come in the game. How stupid was that. Especially since by week 2 Austin and Liz were starting to get a thing going. So of course now that makes an instant party of 3 ..Austin and the twins. Vanessa and Austin were the closes in the alliance till the other twin came in than he just tossed Vanessa aside and its been the 3 of them at the hip.
And not even yet have I heard one word from any other player not even the ones in the jury that they should look at breaking up that 3. And still no talk of it. Those 3 will make it to the end you just wait and see. Because the others are so interested in getting out each other that all 3 will slide right into the final 3. Austin better win than because if he thinks for a minute Liz will take him over her sister he is nuts.

I think what Austin did by not putting up Vanessa was a brilliant move. He knows she is still going to be a target next week. Even the evicted houseguest that will comes back in is gunning for her.

The only person I can see that MAYBE would make the move against the twins and Austin and leave Vanessa alone is James.

So as long as one of those 3 Austin,Liz or Julia keep winning HOH they will protect Vanessa and just pick the rest off one by one. And if one of them dont get HOH they know Vanessa will still be the target.

I say smart move by Austin not putting her up not a bad move.

My prediction is the twins are final 2