“If Emily finds out she’s going home she might start chucking sh1t under the bus and smearing sh1t last minute”

Tonight is double eviction. I’m pretty certain Emily will be going home first. After that it’s anybody’s guess. No one is really safe at this point. There has been tweets that the houseguests will be kept up all night and the feeds will be left on. I think there will be an endurance for the second HOH tonight. If it’s pressure cooker I’ll be the happiest Big Brother Fan ever. According to tweets from Arisa The standard feed outage we’ve had every Easter long weekend will not happen this year.

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Emily was evicted 8-1 (Dre voting ouy Dillon)
Sindy won HOH
Sindy nominated Dillon and Jackie
Jackie won the veto
Sindy nominated Neda
Neda was evicted by a vote of 7-1 (Jackie being her only vote)

Karen discovers the Slop..
All the food has been removed from the storage room and the fridge is chained up. No Idea why but all the houseguests have to eat this morning is slop.

Ika tells Karen that EMily just came to her and thinks she’s staying.

Ika and The Greek trying to figure why the fridge is locked and all they have to eat is slop.
Ika says the other side told EMily that she’s staying
Demetres – why are they doing that or are they lying to us
Ika says they are lying to Emily.
Demetres doesn’t understand why “they don’t have the heart to tell her”
Demetres – I think someone should tell her I don’t want it to be me
Ika says if Emily thinks she’s staying then she won’t tell Dillon to go after them *Bruno, Neda, Kevin)
Demetres adds if Emily find out she’s going home she might start chucking sh1t under the bus and smearing sh1t last minute.

Demetres and Ika feel bad for Emily they call the other side F*** assholes.. (of course they forget what they did to Cassandra)
Demetres – I had to tell f***g Gary.. those F****G losers..
Demetres has a pair of lucky boxers Ika tells him to make sure he wears those for today.

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71 thoughts on ““If Emily finds out she’s going home she might start chucking sh1t under the bus and smearing sh1t last minute”

  1. I know most ppl here like Ika … but not me … hope she goes tonight during the double … then Dre/Will/Dem end up in the block

    1. more like her leaving would create even more of a bore snooze fest than when gary, cass and dallas left.

      plus she might take out neda, which i’m on board with by this time.

  2. Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if right after the first Eviction Arisa tells everyone that there will be 9 people on the Jury! Let’s hope wishes come true and we see Bruno and Neda with their Butts in the Hot seats tonight! – But I will Settle for Bruno and Kevin.

  3. thanks for putting in the links to the next and previous posts, that is really what i was missing about the site with the revamp

    best site ever, btw

    1. Dont be. I went there a few times. The studio is actually smaller than it looks. Plus, eat before you go. There is no food there, they only provide water bottles.

  4. Imagine if Neda’s complaint about the pickle tampering by Dillon were to result in a penalty vote. That would potentially create a very weird situation with a tie breaker. And all because sour Neda had to point out it was a rule breach in the game.
    Won’t happen. but just imagine that.

  5. If the pickle situation actually brings penalizations then I look forward to seeing penalties handed out for the junk-flavored candy situation.

  6. Simon it was insane. Emily got evicted in first episode (8-1 vote). Sindy wins HOH – nominates aJacquir and Dillon. Jacque wins pov. Nominated Neda – Neda gone. Insanity here!!!

      1. We couldn’t see anything. She was crying while doing it. There was clearly a fight between Ika and Neda but no idea what happened. They didn’t show inside the house at all

        1. Wow I’m shocked Sindy would put Neda up I would have thought Dre/William as replacements. Sindy was always very pro “the six”

          What was the vote?

          1. Makes sense. Sindy and Ika are tighter than Sindy and Neda. She’s said so many times. Esp after the whole bullying ‘everyone insult Sindy’ fiasco that socially-retarted Neda thought was a good idea.

            The last three days since Neda blew up at Ika (the stair-case stand-off which was Neda’s miscalculated confrontation thinking she had the army to out Ika), Ika has out-maneuvered Neda socially and tactically. I said that her losing Sindy to Ika was actually a big loss for Neda — Sindy became convinced through the multiple re-tells that Neda is the one sowing distrust among the six (she believed Ika/Deme that Neda was lying about a few things).

  7. I was also at the live show. I can confirn Neda was voted out 7-1. She was devastated, sobbed the whole time about Canada hating herm I regret my booing :(

        1. I was so pro neda at the start because I thought she was somebody she’s not. I was really disappointed by her behaviour. i’m not surprised i’m glad she’s gone

    1. How can she be so oblivious that her behaviour was okay ?? She was crying from shock.

      Gets a huge head & start being dicks. Did she really think she was all that ??

  8. Whoa if this is accurate then it’s better than anything I could have imagined. Neda needed this to happen, she was ruthless this season.

  9. Sad that Emily was evicted, but happy that Neda is gone, when Sindy won HOH and put her up. This season is now saved!

  10. We had no idea what was happening. Then at one point we saw that one of the cameras was showing what was happening in the house. Neda and Ika were having the most intense fight, Sindy was nowhere in sight. When we went back live, Sindy was a wreck, she was almost unable to speak. Finally after a lot of coaxing from Arissa, she whispered that she wanted Neda as a replacement nominee.

    No idea why Kevin and Bruno didn’t even vote for her. At one point we saw Neda crying on Bruno’s shoulder. It was a devastating and emotional episode to watch filmed live.

    Oh and the funniest was when Arissa asked us to guess who Sindy would nominate as a replacement and some people yelled Neda. Arissa was like comeon guys, be realistic…and then this drama went down. What a crazy first live show to watch.

  11. If the spoiler are true, then Jackie is truly the black plaque… any1 she spends time with leaves. It started with Mark, Cass, Emily and now Neda lol. Who will be the next unintended victim..dun dun. ironically enough Jackie loves to play the victim card, but the only victims are the people that she get close to.#Jackieistheworst

    1. she was also in a secret alliance with dallas. lol. so mark dallas cass emily neda. and now she’ll try to suck on to dillon and bruno.

    sorry you left as soon as you were eligible to leave – don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out
    My girl sindy always liked big moves – love her rn

  13. Neda deserved it. She played a horrible game. She had the most stacked deck in her favour starting this season, and really crashed and burned. She was unable to make social connections, because of her self-conceit and poor attitude. She literally pushed people away (esp women, which really sucked) and ruined relationships because of her paranoia and shadiness.

    Sorry, but she needed a reality check.

    1. I completely agree Simon! It was such bullying on behalf of Canada and it seemed like they were hugely influencing moves inside the house. Neda as a game player should go – Neda on a personal level should not be booed out of the house. And Sindy as always makes big moves to benefit others games.

      1. LOL.. I wasn’t a fan of Neda’s this season, watch the Kraken hour and you’ll know. I just don’t think people should get booed like that.

  14. I think sindy made a big mistake taking out neda , cause most everyone she working with now has a #1 and she is not it .she is alone so if she really thought about she should of taken out one of the pairs BUT SHE NOT.. and before everyone go off yes neda needs to go but with everyone hating her thats a good sheild ..just saying this not good for sindys game ….maybe everyone else

      1. Why?? Neda was never loyal to Sindy. She was going to cut her along with Bruno/Kevin. Sindy was always closer to Ika.. Neda made a huge mistake there thinking everyone was going to appease her.
        Do you not remember the segment Neda made Sindy cry ?? Why would Sindy side with Neda

        Actually Sindy is set to go far this time. Farther than Ika.

        1. You mean the episode where they gave Neda the worst edit ever? I’m not a neda fan what so ever but if you watch the feeds you would of saw that it was actually Sindy’s idea to start the whole ‘make fun’ of Sindy game and they also decided not to show Neda apologizing to Sindy after either!
          The girl eye rolled way too much and decided some big moves this season which everyone agreed to but she has come no where close to being as rude as Ika has been to Jackie and they don’t even begin to show any of that on any episode and it seems like everyone on here wants to ignore it?
          I don’t see how anything Neda did was half as bad as how brutal Ika has directly been to Jackie

          1. This edit repulsed me. I also watched what really went down during that event. When Neda apologized, it was the most heartfelt I have seen her.

            Her alliance, which included Ika and Demetres, agreed to take advantage of Neda’s immunity and in their earlier targets. Unfortunately Ika positioning herself in the middle toxified any of Neda’s earlier connections within the house. Ika had also revealed she could tell how the story was going by the DR questions and she went with it.

            Production killed Neda’s game with Canada. Ika killed her game with the house.

  15. I know no one else liked Neda here but me apparently … That’s alright … Frankly there’s no one else I want to see win so I’m done with this season … Great set this year, loved the space theme … that’s about the only positive thing I have to say about this season. CU for BBUS in a few months. Cheers to all!

  16. I’m so pissed, Sindy is such an idiot…choosing the side with 2 couples, what a dumbass, and I just can’t stand Ika!!! AAARRGGGHHHH!!!

    1. No people forget the Alliance that Sindy, Bruno and Kevin made together? She’s not alone she made a big move and smart move.

  17. Neda definitely deserved to be evicted. I am actually super glad it was by Sindy! I am definitely rooting for Sindy and Ika for vets. Bruno and Kevin still piss me off, never liked them season 3 and still don’t like then now….Especially Bruno UGHHHHH. If he leaves, I really don’t care who wins the season.

  18. i thought I disliked Ika before .. that is one major Bitch who doesn’t deserve a bone .. I can not believe these people who back a person that’s treat and talk to people the way she does .. those who do has the same class as ika .. NONE .. thumbs down all you want .. only means you are the same type of jerk that B-A-B is .. as for BB showing that SKANK having a heart.. sad .. so very very sad ..I believe a woman can be strong and her own person .. but that way .. NO …

    1. I can’t even count the personal derogatory names you’ve called a woman and mother of two…. talk about classy…

      Neda’s behaviour is on TV for all to judge.
      Ika is a good person. She did get rid of Dallas, Cass, even Gary, kept Bruno safe for Neda’s alliance. Neda was publicly trying to cut Ika after she did all that for the group… Ika did a good job defending herself against this double-cross this week… good for Ika.

      She out-played and out-smarted. Don’t be bitter y’all

  19. if wasnt neda safety wasnt in play dillion would have gone home right?buyt who would have been they other person on the block?

  20. Can you upload the storage room fight between neda and Ika and neda’s eviction
    Ika’s number 1 fan

  21. Does anyone know what time live feeds usually come back on? I thought they’d be back after the facebook live thing ended at 9:30 est…

  22. I’ll admit on her first season I was annoyed by SIndy. But I think we have to give it to her. She had a major role in 2 of the biggest moves in Big Brother Canada history now and she may need to go down as a legend.

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