Head of Household Competition BUZZKILLED

Catching up.. Neda and Emily were eliminated During the Double Eviction.

Head of household will be played “all night’ on the feeds. get your VPN and watch them for free.

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Sindy is the host.
“You’re in for an all nighter”
“As soon as you hear the buzzer go off hit your button”
“The last houseguest to ring in will be eliminated. It is that easy”
“Rounds can be Minutes long or hours so this is a mental endurance”
“To make things interesting, Big Brother will try to lure you away from your buzzer with some tempting offers throughout the night”
“We will eliminate one houseguest per round and when we get down to our final 2 the last round will be the first to BUZZ IN with the winner becoming the new Head of household”

10:40pm Karen and Demetres

Karen says she beat Neda that makes her “warm” she now wants to beat Kevin “I hate him”

Chinese food and Beer

11:08pm Buzzer goes off Demetres is out!


12:28am Karen out

Temptations number 2

6 Have cards are hidden inside the house. Don’t get a have card you’re a have not.
(Sindy, Demetres, William, Karen have cards )

1:06am Ika out
Ika now has a Have card

1:09am Ika, Sindy and Demetres red room

2:14am Jackie Out
Dre ran and got the last Have card.


Kevin out

William finds a safety card meaning he cannot be nominated this week.

Dillon wins the HOH

The HAve nots are Bruno Kevin and Jackie..

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pro and cons keeping ika over neda?simon


so if neda safety wasnt into play who would have been going home to?


Pros: Got rid of Neda
Cons: Couldn’t do it until now
She was extremely cocky and needlessly
mean. Not the Neda I remember watching before.


The safety was a detriment to Neda’s game for many reasons. I think it would have hindered any of the contestants game as it can build resentment within the house. I would have preferred to have seen Neda, and all of them, play without it.
If Neda had not lasted long in the game I think it would be preferable to what is occurring on social media.



Ever thought of adding a chatroom to your site?

Oh yeah!

Oh yeah!


Kevin is a dirty dawg….but in a great way!


Kevin’s a whore. If he’s self-admittedly not gay. And performing sexual acts on a gay dude and saying publicly in DR he is just using him… that’s just nasty. He’s a dawg, in a terrible way.


hand jobs yeah….

the thing is, if kevin was a girl, would he be getting this kind of a pass on his public image…


If kevin were a female saying in d/r she was using a man and the relationship was only game, and was using her sexuality i can imagine the slut shaming. Both by fans and the rest of the house with an inkling that the relationship was game only.
Realistically, in Kevin’s original season, why did Cougar Amazon Risha leave first when on the block against game-impaired Pilar the nice girl? Mostly because the moment she walked into the house in “that” shirt cut to her navel, every woman in the house was already painting the scarlet letter and saying gotta go.


And Risha was forced to wear that shirt by production to make that exact impact! She has spoken of it openly. Production dresses every single HG for the entrance. This season Emily was complaining about how short and tight the dress they made her wear was as she is a tomboy and never wears dresses, never mind micro minis.


But when a guy flirts with a girl he’s just using (or vice versa), no one ever says anything about it …

Also, Kevin never said he is “not gay”. He’s actually explained his sexuality using the word “fluid” in his previous season. He also never said in the DR that he is using Will, but that he will use his sexuality.

Anyways, him flirting with Will and admitting that it is part of his game play does not make him “self-admittedly not gay”.

In the history of big brother, lots of people have used flirting to their advantage.


he said many time he wasn’t gay


but there’s a load of difference between flirting and sexual favours… no pun intended…

a line’s been crossed. he’s said repeatedly to many gay men that he wasn’t gay. come-on. he’s being a whore. call it what it is. exchanging sexual favours for advance.


Demetres is first out


Bruno will win he was a gamer used to long hours concentrating


I just hope Dillon puts up Kevin and Jackie like he said he would yesterday.
If he puts up Ika and Deme, I’m not sure why Dre and William took the deal.

Neda lover

Bring Neda back. πŸ™




all hail queen sindy


Sindy with her S – made the double eviction history! Off with that head as Canada Claps , Whistles and Holla’s with joy!

Tonight was epic!


She really did and I am so happy she made such a big move


she’s an idiot, she is now the new house target


Sindy just made herself a target, she’s an idiot..she wanted to keep the alliance of six, but ironically she was the one that cast the first stone, made the first cut and destroyed the six

Guy From Canada

Poor Dawg is finally getting beaten by Jackie in the online poll, sorry Dawg


Not a Neda fan but should she have put up Willaim and Dre


To the people commenting about how Neda was needlessly mean this season & that her attitude stinks… I’m curious how you feel about Ika. How about the way she has treated Jackie? I agree Jackie needs to stand up for herself, but does the fact she is not make what Ika does/has done okay?

It blows my mind. I’m over here having a hard time thinking of anyone in the previous seasons that I have disliked as much as Ika based on how snotty and self centered she is & yet her fan base is growing right now. Does the fact she’s “entertaining” outweigh being a horrible person to people? I’m pretty sure she rolls her eyes more than everyone else in Canada combined.

Someone please explain it to me. I really don’t get it..

Guy From Canada

Okay Ika is a mean girl too but there is nuances in their games that is different. Ika played a mean personal game while Neda is just mean. Ika doesn’t like being crossed personally, and she reacts accordingly. If Naeha tweeted correctly, Ika placed a rumour, it was supposed to be secret and Neda spread it around. Ika used a personal game to get Neda out while Neda used a strategic numbers game to get out Ikas allies. Neda mean girl can’t relate and when it came down to personal connections Ika is building sway with her big personality while Neda what becoming a mean girl without personal connections.

Fom what I have seen on feeds (limited this season) Ika is only a bitch to people in defense. She sees Jackie as a threat, so she Channels hate that way in defense. It also creates a one enemy routine so non Jackie peeps feel safer with Ika. It’s seen as bullying but in a game of sides that’s decisive and smart. Now, Neda has been a bitch to her own alliance. She is creating divides within her alliance. She was her own worst enemy while people like Ika are reluctantly loyal to their own alliance even if it costs them people in the long game Such as Ika losing Dallas, Gary and ?Cass? to the benefit of the 6. Ika while a bitch is more loyal to her core alliance then Neda, so she had to cut Neda first, and that is why I respect Ika more as a bbcan player then Neda this season.


That’s well said!


Ika is not loyal. She plays both side and suck whom ever is hoh. She played nice to dre the all week while she had never had a single chat with her before. I agree neda was very mean and got the power blowing her head. But ika is not a loyal player at all. She’s just saying to people what they want to hear and play for herself regardless of her alliance. She’s also bullying Jackie big time.


I loved Neda in her season and thought Ika in hers was funny. This season I did not like Neda (similar to how I felt with BBUS Nicole in her first season versus last year).

I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. Ika against her better judgement kept voting out people she knew weren’t targeting her (Dallas, Cass, Gary) AND most importantly protected her alliance of the 6 b/c not one of them went on the block. B/c Ika prefers the company of Dre, William & Karen (to Neda, Kevin & Bruno specifically) it was growing more difficult for her not to speak about it. When she raised it to the group the week Neda wanted Cass sent packing Neda said well it’s for the group when you win we’ll do what you want. But that was a complete lie. The minute Ika’s side won once again Neda decided who would stay.

Not once can you say you’ve seen Ika go in and try to get Dre/William or Karen put on the block even though she made sure Bruno/Sindy were safe this week . But Bruno & Neda (not sure about Kevin) were telling Emily, Dillon and Jackie they needed to crush it & take out Ika & Demetres. So not only were they not protecting Ika/Dem they were pushing for them TO BE the noms.

Bottom line Neda & Bruno specifically have played the game either lining up minions to do their bidding (Neda) or repeatedly were telling them “I’ll never put you on the block, you are my core person “Bruno” I mean he’s done that so much there isn’t anyone left for him to put on the block.

I see each of their game choices and ultimately can respect them. What I can’t respect is the hypocrisy. Neda and Bruno have both called out Ika for doing exactly what they are doing but neither of them is protecting Ika or intended/intends to. Bruno/Neda both got mad at Emily for calling out their alliance but the minute Neda was threatened she blew up the 6 to Dre (but Bruno had no problem with that?) come on. Neda said directly to the live feeders she was going to plant discord with Ika about Bruno/Kevin/Sindy, and do the same with Bruno/Kevin about Ika. She got – got by someone who actually understands the personal nuances of the game. Bottom line Ika & Neda are right in what they said about each other… Neda “Ika plays with her emotions” Ika “Neda can’t stand not be in control or getting her way”

It is very easy to point a finger at someone and throw shade, but when that person commits the same larcenous act they are blinded and ironically can convince themselves it is completely different. Eg: Neda calling out Emily & giving her attitude & Bruno erupting at both Emily and Dillon. But the first thing
Neda did tonight was go below the belt & tell Dre about the 6 alliance. Ditto for Bruno who was “disgusted” by how Ika/Dem spoke to Neda (um were you not in the same room Bruno hearing what Neda was saying? He sits and tells Jackie “yeah but you know we were just using Ika for information to protect you. The air is thick with hypocrisy… but THAT is the game of Big Brother.

I have grown to love Karen- neuroses and all. She’s quite entertaining & has a pretty good grasp on who is who. Ultimately I hope Dillon is NOT going to do Bruno’s bidding to get out Ika or Demetres and intends to do what he said. He’s told Bruno/Kev he was solid with them but he also told Dre/Karen he preferred the Dre/Will/Ika/Dem side (not knowing Karen is in that side too) to the latter he threw out Kevin, William, Sindy and Jackie as potential noms.

Personally I’d love to see him put up Kevin and Jackie then remove Jackie to put up Bruno & back door him. As much as I’m not a fan of Kevin/Jackie and I think in real life Bruno is prob a great guy I just can’t stand his fake “I got you bro, or we got this, I’m never coming after you can speech. Sorry, but I’d rather see how Kevin plays w/o Bruno (or at worst Bruno w/o Kev).

Ultimately I’d love to see Ika be the vet that gets the furthest. I recognize she isn’t everyone’s cup of “T” (pun intended) but I find her to be more genuine in her care for the people in her “real group”. AND I’d laugh my ass off if Karen gets to the finale – spits some true “T” and wins


What is the Naeha tweet/rumour thing about??


The major difference is that Ika despite being a bitch has made personal connections with many people in the house.

Whilst Neda whose safety caused her to be arrogant, meant she didnt form any real relationships and could insult Sindy and also talk back to Ika when they were disagreeing! Bad move girl…

Nedas fatal flaw was that she should have played like Daniele Donato, with her safety she should have been creating personal relationships with every member of the house, she should have played under the radar, and she didnt need to be so loud about taking out Cassandra and Gary because alliance members like Bruno would have spoken up enough to get the votes to get them out! So Nedas immunity really was a curse for her, it pumped her ego and she played to aggressive when she didnt have to!


Neda is pretty narcissistic. That’s a major difference: inability to connect / empathize. Her ‘acts’ of empathy on feeds rang hollow. Especially in group situations, it was just so apparent she was really disconnected. What is more, what struck me as odd was that she seemed to be fine all alone or without a really close/real personal bond, when most players would have emotionally broken down or not been able to deal with that..

Those last few days, she really only had Jackie — someone extremely alone herself for different reasons (perhaps also bad luck) who is seen to have very little loyalty.


Couldn’t agree more , ika is nasty and should be gone !


I’m with you on this so I can’t explain. The way ika treats Jackie is horrible and I’m rooting for her to go next.


Okay, Jackie is actually very annoying. The moment Dillon won HoH, the way she leeched unto him and started talking meaningless shit when its 5 in the morning and he clearly wanted to be alone… she just lingers and leeches. The things she says, like “there’s no one I’d rather hang with than you right now..”.. like wtf… she IS actually fake.. and not even in a clever way.. just fake and really bad at hiding how fake she is being….

Ika making comments on her game play –that she is untrustworthy, that she enters rooms and doesn’t leave, that she has no spine in the game, that she plays the ‘weak’ / ‘victim’ card when she isn’t either… that’s not personal, that’s kinda accurate …. I’m just so annoying right now at how she is behaving leeching on to Dillon, and it is clearly annoying them (she just blatantly ignores cues for her to leave)…


I so don’t get it either! Cannot stand Ika!


Agreed. Tonight was HUGE!! Wow. It was like a perfect storm. So satisfying… !!

It was all about relationships. Ika’s was simply stronger.

I’m just glad I don’t have to listen to her sour-puss negativity on feeds anymore.


We couldn’t help but watch over and over Nedra’s eviction. Didn’t realize when neda was doing her speech the audience booed. Also, when Arrisa was doing her interview and neda was crying about her hour and being evicted they (audience) were applauding. Artisra asked the audience to applause a legend total crickets in the audience.


Same here!! Watched the post-veto fight through to eviction so many times. sOOO good. such drama.


Tonight was the first successful double eviction, normally we lose a fan favourite and I assumed when Sindy got power that we might lose Dre.
But thankfully because Ika pulled in sindy who was so under the radar! She managed to convince her to get rid of Neda. Which was best for Sindys game, now she has the whole of ikas side with her, and she still has Bruno and Kevin.
Sindy now will go faaaarrrr into the game


yeah Sindy is set-up really well. She’ll go farther than Ika and Kevin at this point.


sindy just made herself a target…she is Ika’s bitch


Fuck neda she is a narcissist crazyy lil bitch!!!!! Ika has a way better heart than she does Neda is faker & has no soul & is only happy when her ego is being stroked !!!!!!!! Thank god shes gone!!!!!!!!!


Yeah I know! Even while crying in front of Arissa and the audience is feeling bad for her, Arissa asks ‘are you crying because…?” and she throws in “Ika’s just a back-stabbing little —-“, “I don’t know how it came across to Canada, but ..”. She just can’t help herself.

They were mutually trying to get each other out, and it was pretty open and obvious. She simply lost that battle because of failing to form stronger relationships. That’s not a back-stab. If anything, it was a in-your-face stab.


Entitled spoiled child.
When she was crying, I do feel sorry for her. But it’s really because she lost and didn’t get her way.

Apparently, they were fighting a lot more than what was shown in the pantry, with a lot of personal stuff. Neda outed all this shit about Ika’s personal life, and like stuff to Sindy from their previous friendship, and a lot of personal shit. From what I hear it got really unnecessarily ugly.


Or another tactic to place the blame of her lose on another’s shoulders – pity party is over… own your shit; like IKA!

Good riddens , Negative – Neda here’s a little taste of your medicine; don’t let it sting too MUCH


Hope Dillon wins HOH and puts up IKA and her boy toy ,and if one comes down put up William or Dre


Actually did your notice when ika talked to Sindy, and Neda interrupted talking to Sindy while they were still at the backyard.I think that’s the Neda we love in season 2. The one where she feels threaten and trying to fight.

But unfortunately it’s a little too late. she knew her time was up and gave up fighting when she heard boos in the crowd. LOL. Arisa also asked her to sit down.

It’s kind of sad when she finally can play when her immunity is up, she got send out. LOL.


Here are the reaction times by order of ringing in so far:

Round 1:
bruno kevin dillon william jackie ika dre karen

Round 2:
kevin bruno william dillon jackie ika dre

Round 3:
kevin bruno william dre jackie dillon

Round 4:
dre dillon william bruno kevin


Round 5: [no timing of relevance]
kevin wasn’t back in time (searching for cash reward)

Round 6:
Wiliam, Bruno, Dre forfeited to Dillon (deal was none of them go up) –> Dillon HoH


The difference between Ika and Neda is Ika has always had this mean girl personality from her season (can we not forget about the house guest letters she ripped). Neda from her season was the sweet girl in a showmance, but this year her attitude changed a whole new person. While Ika is just Ika a mean person with a big heart.


Ummm…Ika ripped up those letters because the whole house targeted her and were mean to her….I would have done the same thing…like isolating me and rubbing it my face that I’m going home and you expect me to do something nice for you….I think not…it’s funny how people forget that part of it?


My god. Buzzkilled was a great name for the endurance comp. I’m still trying to get over the attempt to play rock-paper-effing-scissors for safety so I don’t even know what to say right now…other than holy sh*t, how utterly stupid and anticlimactic.

Dillon HOH. Ugh.


I can’t believe the last four or five people agreed to let Dillon have it !!! There could have been other cash prizes in the final rounds. That’s like half of the people left and they all gave up !!

They must’ve been crazy-tired from the day… but it’s frustrating.. to let someone just have it.. he wasn’t even having the fastest reaction times…

another name

Thoughts on HOH:
disappointed to see three people walk off an hoh. grow a set. Did they come to play big baby?
Wait for the hohitis of massive proportions to come from Darth Bumpkin.
I expect Bruno to back stab everyone at this point and go for the brolliance he’s always wanted. He may not be calling women snakes, but at every opportunity he chooses the man over the woman to work with.
Realistically, Big Creepy the HOH could break any deal he made. The Alliance broke their deal with him, and Kevin broke his word on using the POV before the ceremony. Doubt he will. But he could.

Thoughts on DE:
Once Sindy nominated Jackie and Dillon she was sort of locked in. That’s two people targeting her. She’s bottom of the nedalliance. Jackie has taken over girl2 place there. She has the season three alliance to fall back on, in her mind, so she’s safe with Bruno and Kevin (she believes). If she renoms someone from the ikalliance, she makes four more potential enemies. From an invisible game to 2 enemies… or from invisible game to 6 potential enemies. Sure, nominating Neda hurt Sindy, the one that wanted the six to work… but Neda in this instance had the least social ties. The only connections to Neda that Sindy isn’t in another alliance (season 3) with, she already nominated. They’d be mad anyway. In terms of logical analysis stripping away histrionics… it was a worthy game move. In the Neda Ika war over Sindy: Ika flattered Sindy’s ego and commended her game and value. Neda pandered to Sindy’s cattiness, and demeaned her value to the alliance giving her marching orders. Ika out Neda’d Neda to win the Ika/Neda war.


Did they edit out the boos when she comes out of the house or am I just not hearing them? I keep seeing comments about how brutal it was and “poor Neda didn’t deserve that”…from what I saw she didn’t get anything undeserved.

yup yup yup

WOW. This episode totally changed my perspective on this season. I have done a complete 180. My least fav is now damn near top of the ” I want that person to win ” list. I was totally on the Neda FTW train for weeks. In the blink of an eye I flip flopped. Team IKA FTW. I see the light. She really does deserve to win. She is real. No fake shit there. She showed true compassion for Emily and it touched me. For Neda to put personal biz on blast like that I don’t think she understands what kind of reaction that’s gonna cause in the real world. The way the audience ROARED when she got nominated was priceless. I will be the first to tell you that I am a huge A-hole but Neda makes me look like a saint. With that being said my list is now as follows : William , Ika , ( and I know most don’t like him but ) Dillion. Prior to this eppy, I was a Emmy, Dilly fan with a splash of Neds.


Happy that Dillon won


Other than the cheat sheet being ripped up. How the hell does Ika bully Jackie when she doesn’t even speak to her? Ever.


Other than the cheat sheet. How in the hell has Ika bullied Jackie when she never even speaks to her?


Last night was EPIC!! As far as I’m concerned Sindy with an S can use ANY letter of the alphabet that she wants to from now on. Well deserved Sindy with an S! You made Big BrotherCAN history!!


Although I loved Sindy’s decision for being entertaining and shocking. I don’t think she made the right move. She has bruno and Kevin, but they’re closer to eachother than her. Same goes with dem & ika. Neda wasn’t targeting Sindy…not even close. I think her original noms were good because she didn’t have a relationship with either Dillon or Jackie. I feel she should have put up Karen. Sindy and Karen have been playing similar games on their sides. Sindy could have been more in the background with Karen gone and have ikas side vs neda side battle it out until they’re all gone.

Club H.O.H

Too funny! Arisa: “Lets give a round of applause for Neda a “Legend”…” …. CRICKETS!!!!!