“if Damien or Adam win (Veto) we have to all sit down as a group and not be scared of Anthony”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Right now looks like Adam and Damien are going up.

The nominations happened around 3:30pm, Mark nominated Damien and Adam.

9:40am Adam, Anthony, Mark
Adam mentions how they were talking about keeping Kyra this week
Anthony says they have to go after the person that will target the “guys”
Adam says Damien brought up the final 5 with the boys last night.
Mark says that Damien is probably going up
Mark and Anthony say they don’t think Dane has “as much love as he thinks he does in this house”
Mark says people are just sucking up to Dane because he’s the “strongest”. Mentions something about how people always suck up to “celebrates” but they really don’t like them.
Adam – f* I dunno…
Mark – I know 100% fact the person I am concerned about will put up Dane and you (Damien)
Mark – It doesn’t matter how much you yell and scream or Dane goes crazy.. it doesn’t matter
Mark says the feeling he’s getting by talking to everyone in the house is that they don’t want Adam or Dane because they are too strong in competitions.
Adam asks them who out of PB can’t they beat in competitions
Anthony – Damien
Adam – why do you think we can’t beat Damien but we can beat Cory when Cory has proven herself.
Anthony – I think we can use Cory
Mark – personally I have developed a bit of a relationship with Cory on my own this past two weeks.
Mark – I’ve developed a bit of a personal relationship.. if I do that (put her on the block) it doesn’t fit well in my storyline if things go haywire..
Anthony goes on about how Damien is much faster and stronger than Cory. Adam disagrees says Damien has come in fourth place every competition.
Anthony Mark going back to Damien winning a competition and putting two “pretty boys” up

10:30am Adam and Dane
Adam saying that Damien and him are going up. Says it should have been Este and Damien.
Adma – mark was like you could have taken me down you had the POV.. I was like you had the f*ing votes to stay it was like 100% three of us weren’t on the block.
Adam – I was like if you are HOH and I am on the block that leaves 2 boys (to vote) we can’t depend on three people they can easily align together and be like get Adam the f* out
Dane – he (mark) is scared of Anthony he doesn’t want to say
Adam – yeah he’s scared of Anthony
they both mention Mark saying that PB shouldn’t put another PB on the block. Adam brings up Mark’s “Storyline’s not linning up” excuse
DAne heard that to
Adam – fu** that soryline the sotryline is the boys
Adam – I thought I was going to have a f*ing relaxed week.. and chill
Dane – it’s a f*ing joke man..
Dane brings up Cory’s final 4 being Dane, Anthony, Kyra there’s no room for PB in that..
Dane – he was like RIIIIIGHT BUUUUT
Dane – ok whatever
Adam – he sees he hasn’t done anything all season which he hasn’t. People see him as a f*ing pawn and he has power… it’s going to get into his head.
Adam quoting Mark – when people say marks name they will be afraid you put my name in your mouth I win power of veto and F8ing come after you
Dane – wow
Adam – that is what he was saying to me lat night.. I was like holy cow bro settle the f* down
Dane – WOW
Adam – he’s got HOH for an hour and he thinks he’s f*ing god here
Dane – WOW
Adam – there’s 4 other people in the house why the f* are we putting one of our own up .. he’s like oh you will for sure take yourself down.
Adam – I could eaily lose.. than what are you going to do put me up against Kyra than Este, Cory, Damien get toegther

Adam – I swear to F** if I go this week for some reason on Mark’s behalf. I’ll punch him square in the teeth
Dane laughs
Adam – right on life f*ing television.. stupid motherf*er
Adam says Mark is somehow sour that he had something to do with Sam putting him up.
Dane – you are going up
Adam – I don’t know .. he said either you or me. I got frustrated and he was like we’re just talking. I said this shouldn’t be a f*ing discussions
Dane agrees.
Dane – it should be f*ing Cory and he’s like if they win POV I’ll put up Este..

DAne – Este isn’t going to win Triple, Kyra isn’t going to win TRiple, Damien isn’t going to win Triple what the f* are you not seeing here..
Adam – oh my god it’s so stupid… I sat down with the 2 of them and .. they were like whos the biggest threat. Damien
Adam – DAmioen has placed fourth in every single competition
Dane says Cory is their biggest threat.
Adam mentions how he asked Mark how is COry not their biggest threat and he said “well.. Cory wants to go to final 3 with you and final three with you and Dane”
Adam – shut the f* up
Dane – she told me me, Anthony, Herself and Kyra for final 5 and leaves one spot open for you or Mark.
Adam says Anthony and MArk are probably thinking if they go to final 4 with PB intact they won’t be able to beat Dane and Adam in the comps. IF they go to final 5 with Cory she can take them out.
Dane – Anthony thinks that for sure

10:38am Mark and Dane

Mark – that was f*ed (his conversation with Adam
Mark says that Dane coming up to him last night and offering to go on the block is why Dane and Este are not going on the block.
Mark – I am protecting your game and I am protecting Anthony’s game as well
Dane – yeah here’s the thing… as a group, our biggest threat is not Damien it’s Cory.
mark – right
Dane – you do what you need to do I’ll follow are you putting Damien and Adam up
Mark – that’s more likely
Dane – I think that’s smart and I think if someone wins POV we switch.. we talk
Mark – absolutely
Mark – nobody has said your name because everybody is scared of you
Mark says Adam not telling him he’s going on the block showed him a lot. Adds that he consider them not taking him off the block the same as them putting him on the block.
Mark – you had every opportunity to take me off the block and f* it let Sam get some more blood on her hands it’s her problem, not ours…
mark – you and I both know what Sam was very much going to stay on this game if Adam had his way.
Dane says if the nominations stay the same they will get Damien out.
Dane – if Damien or Adam win (Veto) we have to all sit down as a group and not be scared of Anthony (LOL these guys)
Mark – absolutely
Dane wants them to really think about who they will get out of Damien, Este, Cory

Mark tells him he has nothing to worryu about this week he can relax.

10:47am Dane relaxing

10:52am Adam meditating…

7:14pm Mark being tough
Mark – how am I going to play this week out now.. I have no f*ing clue dammit this sucks
Mark – I’m thinking I might have to ride with the pretty boy the whole way … damn
Mark – damn damn damn
Mark – this is nuts.. this is nuts.. peanuts and celery stick nuts
Mark – Adam you don’t scare me bro.. listen frat boy I’ll take on someone double your size you don’t scare me

8:48pm boxes have been added to the archive room
Adam finds a UV light
Adam – what the F*
Adam – search for clues..

Adam starts searching around .. “What…”
Production “ADAM”

and we go to this..

9:01pm Dane and Adam
Dane saying he found a tape recorder and now it’s gone. Adam says he was just in here and didn’t see it.

9:08pm Kyra, Adam and Dane.

Talking about a tape recorder Dane found laying on the table. Says originally it was Este and KIKI that had found it.
Adam – should we search all these boxes..
Dane – I’m sick of these fucking boxes.. go for it I’m not
Adam – there might be something in here..
Kyra says they will search with Adam “we have nothing else to do tonight”

9:13pm ( I’m thinking Adam has found a twisto )

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another name

whether intentional or just coincidental:
the use of the word storyline sets my teeth on edge. Sorry. As one of those ‘don’t trust the monkeys behind the curtain as far as i can throw them’ people… i wish Mark would stop using the word storyline. It gets me building tinfoil hats and starting conspiracy theories.
By the way: dear pettyboys: your hand signal. that gesture means lesbian in sign language. let that sink in.

another name

i’m thankful they don’t say that as much anymore. projectile pea soup is so hard to get off the screen.


I agree with you on the story line issue.
I also have an issue when they call someone (like Este) a goat.
Goat is an acronym for…
Este is a sweetheart, but she is not a goat!

another name

oh. i call her a goat. as in greatest of all time to drag with you to ensure you win.




Should be Este,Corey or Kyra on the block if one come down the other one goes up .


I have been watching the Live Feeds this morning , and talk about Drama. every Second word out of Adam’s mouth is an F-bomb. he truly is a POS. meanwhile Kyra is back to her delusional self, believing in her own lies. Adam is having a meltdown over going on the Block.and they haven’t had Noms yet. Dane is fuelling the fire because he smells a backdoor opportunity if Dane ends up on the block. it’s so much fun to watch the demise of the PB’s


yet look the chopshop look how that played out!


anthony new godrey right know juat watch i can see him going to he end

Guy From Canada

Godfrey had a very discrete game. He would run around behind closed doors, social friendly game was a delite to watch him play on the feeds. Watching Anthony is cringy worthy, a bully and very conceded. They have very different games, not comparable in the least!

The Observer

Godfrey and Anthony have nothing in common, except for being black contestants. Not their game play, not their allies/social game play, nothing.


Anthony isnt Godfrey but he is the Godfather!

He is is slick, and strategic, and cool as a cat. He is the new “Meow Meow”

another name

is THAT what they were giving everyone in d/r to get them to say the boy’s alliance isn’t real? I’d thought it was tequila.

another name

or apparently wait for a specific nominee getting a great edit to find a clue to a secret power.


Come on Mark! make the big move you talk so much BS about. There’s no way he would be any of the PB’s in final 2 now’s his chance to join the other side! It’s taking a risk with the triple coming up but he wont have that chance to do it then, do it now!

another name

i’m wondering what is going through mr. faster than a moose stronger than a bear’s mind when his lady pinnocchio is saying we take out adam if he doesn’t win veto, or we take out adam in the triple… and isn’t going for the ‘oh wait and see what happens’ line. has he created a monster? (lemme answer: yes. he’s created a monster that shares his ego).
i’m still very much a ‘let the players play, twists suck’ person. i accept twists as a part of the game. i don’t like them. i haven’t liked them past seasons when they benefitted people i like in the game. i don’t like anybody this year… so let them all fall.