“I would love KIKI to think KIKI is safe up until the moment she’s out the door”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Adam has the power of Veto doesn’t look like he’s going to use it. As of now KIKI is being evicted. Details from the blood veto were given to the houseguets. Regular veto was not used.

10:16AM Dane and KIKI

KIKI says Adam is acting “So paranoid.. I’m scared I’m going home this week because Adam can not get out of his all these things people said”
Dane – Kyra has been feeding him sh1t.. Kyra is the one that brought the showmance up ..
Dane – Kyra told Same that they heard someone see you do that. (remember last night the drama around Anthony telling Sam/Adam that he saw KIKI and Esti make guns shapes with their hands and shoot at the camera. All while saying they are taking out the showmances aka Adam and Sam)

KIKI – Also Kyra said I’m better for their game.. So that makes a lot of sense
Dane – Kyra doesn’t know up from down right now they’re next on the f*ing …
KIKI – Dane we have a lot of work to do
Dane says she needs to get SAm on board to think that you, esti and Sam can do something, “She’ll get into pikes ear saying we need to keep KIKI and PIke will get into my ear” (Pikes = Adam)
KIKI – I have these talks with Adam they go well but it’s hard

Dane says that Sam is alone again in the game all she has is Pikes and PIkes is putting a HUGE target on themselves.
KIKI – I want to work with Damien and go far but working with Sam and Adam is the smartest thing.. As much as I feel and you feel and esti feels it’s the smartest thing to do.

KIKI brings up not going after blood veto because she wanted to respect Sam “I don’t know what else I can do .. people always get into his (adam) f*ing ear”
KIKI adds that it’s being said that she was the one that came up with the idea to backdoor cory, “that just shows you how much sh1t gets thrown out here dude”

They talk about how the votes have been this season how the target flipped so fast from one nominee to another.
Dane says he’ll sacrifice his day and spend as much time with Kyra to make sure they are not talking too much sh1t, “as much as it pains me”

10:35am Dane and Kyra

Dane – KIKI’s point was good I don’t want to go against Sam but Mark..
Kyra – he didn’t even say he wanted it
Dane – he’s like Yeah I’ll let it go .. F* that if I was on the block and who what’s going to happen by THursday.. F* that
Kyra – yeah
DAne – at least KIKI is like I want to fight for my life..
Dane – they were talking about Maki still.. f* you guys it was 3 weeks ago
Kyra – wait they’re talking about Maki still who?
Dane – the girls

10:37am Anthony and Sam
Anthony saying he’s talked to mark and Mark was telling him he doesn’t have a target.
Sam – we all see Mark as less of a threat in this house
Anthony – yeah
Sam – I’m wavering just a little because KIKI is physical she might be more of a threat than Mark is
Anthony says if they show Mark some trust now he’ll return it.
Sam – I’m not changing my mind (kiki to go)
Anthony – KIKI is not that type
Sam agrees “I tell you more than I tell most people because I trust you”
SAm – the balance I want to do is keep it neutral till the last minute.. I want KIKI to be blindsided
Sam – I would love KIKI to think KIKI is safe up until the moment she’s out the door
Sam – it would be cool if she’s sitting there thinking she’s stay
Anthony – than POOF be gone
Sam – yeah .. only because they have the audacity to look at the camera and say I’m getting the showmance out of this house.. And being all over the top I don’t want to piss ESTI off.

Dane joins them ..

Says that Esti has been asking him about the vote this week. He’s been playing dumb. Adds that Esti told him she’s voting to keep KIKI (WOW shocker)
Dane told Esti if the house is going to vote out Mark he’s going with the house
Dane says there’s a lot of bullsh1t being spread in the house and it’s all coming from Kyra, ‘The one person that is very safe this week”
Sam says she’s focusing on the person that was gunning for her the hardest last week.

Dane says if Kyra wins HOH he’s going up. Sam tells him she can make sure that doesn’t happen.

3:22pm Feeds were down for the last two hours. Sounds like they were told about specifics of the blood veto.

3:22pm Mark and KIKI talking in the have nots.
Mark – what a mess
KIKI – what does this mean though
mark – well I’ll say this it means one of two thing everything is going to be very good for both of us or nothing good for the entire house.. there’s no way that veto was given that easily..
Mark – we all agreed that Kyra got it .. in a fair world I guess it kinda makes sense..
KIKI says production would have assumed it was going to be more of a “blood bath”
Mark – but to publicly show someone hey there’s a veto
KIKI – that’s a big decision who gets it
mark thinks that production had an idea who was going to take it.

Kiki – who would be the person that nominates that’s the key to this whole thing.
KIKI – it’s not who comes off..
Esti joins them. I think you are going to be safe.
They are not sure if it’s Kyra or Sam that decides the nominee after the Blood Veto is played.
Mark – The blood is on the veto holders hands so I think it’s Kyra
Esti – who would they put up
KIKI – that’s what we’re speculating right now ..

Mark leaves them.. Esti and KIKI talking about Kyra nominating Dane or Damien.
KIKI – lets say I come up and it’s Mark and Dane..
They count the votes thinking that Dane has the votes to stay. The idea that Adam taking a shot at a big target like Dane.
KIKI – the strongest of the three is Dane.. mark said something interesting it’s not you and me campaigning it’s everyone..
KIKI laughs – you know what this couldn’t have happened at a better time.. I hope I have live left.

5:35pm Dane and KIKI
They talk about Adam going up. If It’s Dane vs Adam on the block they think Dane has the votes to stay because of Adam’s poor social game.

Dane says Adam has 2 HOH’s and 2 POV wins, Sam has 1 HOH and 1 POV wins.
Dane – I don’t think Adam will go home unless it’s a triple
Danes says he hope Adam doesn’t go up cause I like him but this might be the one chance to get him… “mark has shown that he can’t handle pressure anything timed.. with the physical he can’t even lift his arm over his head right now ”

Dane – if it comes down to Adam and mark that’s a tough one.. I think anybody else that goes up .. Mark (to evict)
KIKI – Esti’s freaking out she doesn’t want to go up but I’m like I doubt Kyra will put up a girl.

KIKI says the reason people have been taking a shot at her is because she’s a ‘third’ if they get ri of her they get closer to Dane and Esti.
Dane says people think Esti and KIKI are closer than he is with Esti.
Dane – we’re all close right. i’m just as close to you as Esti ..

Dane says Kyra has told him multiple times that they do not like Adam
KIKI – Adam doesn’t treat them very well
Dane – no they don’t
Dane says Kyra told him that Adam treats them like a “little school boy, talks down to me, doesn’t give me respect”

KIKI – I want big b**bs ..
KIKI changing topics .. lets look at this logically they’re won’t be two of us on the block.. me and you
Dane – you never know though.. Lyra might feel threatened by us
KIKI – Kyra does not want to work with us then again what people tell me when I’m on the block could be a lie too
Dane – Good thing Adam snapped on Kyra this morning

5:55pm Hot Tub Time Kyra, Cory and Anthony.
Anthony saying if he goes up you are going to hear the realist things of all time.

7:43pm Anthony and Adam
Anthony says he’s been playing with his beard in front of Sam and Kyra on purpose. (doesn’t say why) Adds that people are insinuating that there’s a guys alliance and that Anthony is not part of it.
Anthony is been telling people “Look I don’t have any loyalty in this game, Cory has been physically the first one to step up and be nice to me.. Sam’s another person that was nice to me.. the guys I don’t know where there head is at”
Anthony – they haven’t put me up before so they don’t see me as a threat.. either way I have to keep deflecting.. people are trying to be loyal to me now just to see if I say anything
Anthony says Kyra’s game before was following Chelsea around now that Chelsea is gone Kyra doesn’t know what to do with themselves.
Anthony – either way you ain’t going up I already put that in her .. their head ..
They tal kabout Esti going up as the replacement to KIKI.
Anthony – at the end of the day if Esti has to go Esti has to go it not going to be mark
Dane – what if Cory is on the block though
Anthony – If Cory is against Mark
Dane – yeah
Anthony – it’s bad that would suck for us.. because Cory is very smart but at the same time Cory knows nothing about PB and all she talks is good abotu you. Sam talks about us behind out back.. So does Esti
Anthony says our of the three girls they have losing Cory would be the biggest hit Strategically, “Cory will actually be loyal”
Dane – I know

7:53pm KIKI and Esti
KIKI is bringing up her conversation with Cory where Cory said Anthony is her boy just like Esti is KII’s girl
Cory also told her that she thinks KIKI’s nominations would be herself, Sam or Adam.
KIKI can’t tell if Cory is working with Sam and Adam or against them.
KIKI says her conversation with Cory did not go well. She expected something better, “I dunno someone has gotten in her head thinking we’re coming after her.. f*** me” ..

10:50pm Hot Tub room. Sam, Cory and Kyra are studying the days / events of the season so far. After awhile Sam heads inside. Kyra and Cory talk. Cory – you never have to worry about me. I talk to to a lot of people. Some times its about game and I only share what I want to share. Its nothing that would jeopardize my game, your game or Anthony’s game. Kyra – she (Sam) didn’t like how Dane was playing everyone. She saw through it. Dane is even playing Adam. Adam thinks he can trust Dane fully. Every time he walks away from Adam, Dane rolls his eyes. Like I pay attention to these little things. Cory – keep that tight. Kyra agrees, I do keep that to myself. I do genuinely think that I can trust you though. They were like so paranoid .. I think that Dane was paranoid that Sam was going to throw him up. So he was just trying to throw anyone under the bus that he could think of and because he won the veto.
Gameqise she is not as truting sAdam has told Dane things and broken trust. Cory – with Sam and Adam? Kyra – with Sam and Adam? Kyra – ya. Cory – I would love that for you to win. Say its me and you a the end. Kyra – I want to get Kiki out this week because she’s a number for him to stay. I am thinking multiple steps ahead. Cory – yeah, you need to. Honestly,

12:30am HOH bathroom. Sam and Dane. Sam – I trust Kiki. I want to. Its hard though. Dane – yeah, 100% after what she’s been doing. I know that I have never heard Mark say your name. He said Kyra / Eddie.. because I asked him.

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If I’m following correctly… Adam will not use his veto. Kyra will use the blood veto. Possibly take down Kiki. If Kyra gets to name the renom it will more than likely be one of the guys. Could get interesting. Here’s hoping.

blood money

le hoew his blood veo i be unlike bb uk he sole money

blood money

kyra not leaving i bet this way sarah won it i bet just watch


Man I wish Kyra would take the existing noms down and put Dane and Anthony up, THAT would shake things up!


Do we know what the blood veto can do yet?

blood money

most likely replace both noms anf kyra get pcik the renoms

blood money

so i gues you rather see 2 floater win?

Fraggle Rock bottom

That’s kinda what I was just thinking. Speaking of floaters, thank frickin baby Jesus that Eddie got the boot. You know, the guy who said he hopes two minorities make it to the final. Yeah, that’s nice.

Fraggle Rock bottom

Join the discussion…


Kyra isn’t going to do sh*t and “they” (in this case I mean Sam & Kyra) are so ignorant they’ll put up Este & Damian if they have to replace both nominees. Because heaven forbid they put up any of Anthony, Damian or Adam ( the frigging people running the house).

Over the years there were different players who annoyed me or I disliked but never to the degree where I had to stop watching feeds for long spells. Well, that’s changed this season b/c of Sam, Kyra and Este. They are all so damn frustrating – I swear these three make women look like a far less intelligent and inferior gender.

The only saving grace for me is if the house (READ the PB since they run it) mutually decide to nominate Sam & Kyra next and b/c they offer the show nothing production decides to evict them both at once – just get them off my screen, please.

blood money

ou also pre bo so weak givekra he blood veo!wh didn dan and anhon had beer guess a hoh sora odd isn ii?


I swear even if Sam, Kyra or Este (and possibly even Cory) got to watch film clips of the PBs laughing at running the house & how each of them is using the women Adam (Sam), Dane (Este/Kiki), Anthony (Cory – & pretty much anyone he talks to) in the hidden room they STILL would find a way to say – oh the powers that be must be trying to trick us with fake footage.

This season is such a joke. I’ve never thought the show was scripted prior but the idiocy of how this is playing out sure is making me wonder. It’s very difficult to believe the players could seriously be this ignorant especially when we know they have figured out the guy’s alliance including the hand gesture. Kyra specifically makes ZERO sense b/c she’s caught on to everything else so why suddenly is she obtuse to reality when she holds the power to change things? How is it she uncovered all the other lies but can’t see through the myriad of lies being placed on Kiki (by the same people who lied to her previously????)

Guess we’ll learn on Wednesday what the Blood Veto true power is & whether Kyra “HAS” to use it. As it stands it sounds like she would take down Mark (slaps forehead) & Sam/Kyra agreed the replacement would be Este (double forehead slap) or Este/Damian if she has to remove them both! (UGH).

If the option was the player removed gets to nominate (THAT could be really good b/c I do think Mark would put up Dane & based on how people are acting toward Kiki I could see her putting up Adam). The person who NEEDS To feel the block is Anthony b/c he’s so safe he isn’t even being careful anymore. Telling both Kyra/Cory if things shift they’ll just MAKE UP A LIE to pin on Kiki (like they have been) was very sloppy of him. Telling Dane/Adam/Mark lies about Sam/Este/Kiki & pushing his mandate to bring Cory deep (F3) is super sloppy too (AGAIN: are we sure this show isn’t scripted?).

Anyway – I’m not watching as much b/c these women have ruined my favorite reality program (at least for now). Maybe once Sam/Kyra/Este are ousted I’ll be more invested again, but it’s just annoying we couldn’t have a more exciting week given who won HOH & who has the blood veto.

Tom Is a A Canuck

I’ll be glad when Kiki’s gone. She hasn’t done much except cause division and distrust amongst the women from the beginning.

blood money

blood veo used and ge override he hoh noms and name replacemen!mos likel be firs 2 member of he jury


Absolutely amazing every year . .these women hang onto a man . . . and turn a blind eye to the fact that there is a Guys alliance. Poor Sammy . . . . what a fool and waste of an HOH . . getting out Kiki !!!!!! Oh my gosh you silly girl . . .poor Kiki has done nothing ! Look right in front of your face at your boyfriend who has been playing both sides since Day 1 and he will be your downfall. How about taking out Mark who is lying to your face 24/7 . . .or Anthony who thinks he is invincible . . .or Dane who thinks he has everything under control. WHY do these people continue to go after weak people that aren’t even doing anything !!!!! When they have the chance to get a huge fish, they pick a minnow !!!!!!!