Guys Alliance? “I think Girls are getting confused.. even if there was it doesn’t bother me at all”

10:45am Damien and Sam HOH
sam saying if Adam goes up because of the blood veto the house will vote him out, “everyone will be like this is our chance”

Damien – doesn’t he have the veto
Sam – yes, but it’s void now Damien – holy shit
(I don ‘t think this is official)
Damien brings up that Kyra has mentioned Adam as a target before
Sam – I know they’ve said that to me
Sam says she’s trying to get information out of Kyra about the veto but They aren’t allowed to say anything.
Sam – are you going to gun for me next week
Damien – mmmhmmm
Sam – with that being said we can work together… I’m not that good at winning comps .. I just work hard.
Sam brings up the blood veto how chill Damien was, whispers “ESTI lost her mind”

Sam – Esti and Kyra are not that close .. Esti talks sh1t about Kyra all the time
Sam – when Kyra came out of that room Esti jumped into her f*ing arms .. like for a minute and a half. everyone was like what..
sam – for me that behavior that over the top behavior shows me you are over compensating
Sam – Esti was up here and she said she’s gunning for the guys Chelsea planted the guys alliance seed.
Sam – I think Girls are getting confused with like a bro.. cause lets face it girls have some insecurities that they have to fight through for them to bond because we’re comparing each other.
Sam – I don’t do that I’m open minded I know who I am I’m not very insecure. Guys don’t have that so you are able to bond quicker..
Sam – I think Esti thinks there’s some sort guys thing going on and for me even if there was it doesn’t bother me at all..

Damien – even if there was we’re all the same player. Why would you make your team (filled with guys and not more rounded) ..
Damien – yeah the guys are just being dudes..

Sam – Esti keeps saying that but esti only has Dane in this game and KIKI whose walking out this door.. knock on wood..
Sam tells him if he wins HOH she’s got “so much” (information)
Sam – I have a good insight i think I got

Sam says she wants to be close to people that can win competitions so they can go back and forth. Sam doesn’t see this happening with Kyra.
Sam – Kyra likes to latch on to one particular person.. . Me on the other hand i’m completely independent (ZOMG)
Sam – I’m a fighter and Adam is a fighter but I do beat myself up quite a bit because that’s not how I do things

10:50am Pool Adam and Dane
Dane – f** it gotta do some dirty work and build your resume up. Say if I get Esti out myself or you get Sam out yourself.. that’s just like John and Neda
Dane – John cut Neda. It’s the biggest move in Big Brother history so far
Dane – it’s shitty to think about ..

11:04am Dane and Adam
Dane talking about how good Carolines is he has two shots of it right before work. They laugh. (Carolines is like 16% irish cream)

Damien joins them.. chit chat..

11:40am KIKI, Kyra, Sam and Esti face mask campaigning
KIKI and Esti going on about how people in the house clump to the person with power. They highlight Anthony
Sam – Anthony feels pretty comfortable in this game.
Kyra jumps in “i’m not here to talk about soemone else to be honest

They talk about KIKI’s campaigning strategy with Anthony and Damien. Sam points out that “they” want Mark as a number
KIKI runs over her “points”

1) Big Pawn / target on her back. she’s likely a person that will keep going on the block now.
2) Closer to a win. meaning she wants to create better relationships with people. Because she’s been on the block she knows who is on her side and she will use that information when she wins HOH.

When KIKI gets to the 3rd point she asks for suggestions. Sam mentions people will want to know what KIKI would do if she won HOH.
KIKI mentions Sam’s name
Sam – it’s been done before.
KIKI – I don’t want to say that becuase I’m building trust with you
Esti – shit this is something we need to talk to adam to he won’t be happy to hear that..
Esti says how will they tells Adam without telling him about “this” (these girls)

KIKI says when campaigning she will not bring Kyra or sam’s name up directly she will try to get information what they are thinking.
They go round and round practicing KIKI’s campaigning.

12:10pm KIKI, esti and sam
KIKI tells sam if she would to leave the house it would really bad for her game.

Esti – I’m 90% sure Kyra will run to Cory and Anthony and say what we told them.
Sam – they are going to stay with me and I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. You should get to them sooner than later..
Sam – I’ll keep them in here it’ll be important they do that first..

As KIKI leaves Kyra and Sam sing/dance to a pop song. Once KIKI is gone they wave goodbye to her.

8:42pm Sam and Kyra
For the last while KIKI has been attempting to set the record straight about wanting Adam and Sam out to break up the showmances.
They both believe that KIKI and Esti 100% were dancing around saying to the camera they are breaking up the showmances.
Kyra impersonates KIKI when she was campaigning to her “uhh uhhh uhhh uhh”
Kyra – I wanted her to squirm a little all while I comforted her
Kyra says what she tries to do when talking to Kiki is to make her – Squirm Kinda paranoid.. comforted.. squirm paranoid Comforted..
Sam – you’re hugging her and stabbing her at the same time..
(Kyra makes a stabbing movement)
Sam calls her a psycho
Kyra – BYE KIKI.. kiki’s going home

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Tom Is a A Canuck

I’m really enjoying Sam as HOH. She’s rolling with the punches (boys alliance), and her observations about the other players during the blood veto ceremony were bang on. Plus her strategy of trying to be as honest as possible to the other houseguests seems to be working for her.

Tom Is a A Canuck

Lots of KIKI lovers here ;-). I’m so sick of listening to her obvious lies and her mugging for the camera with her clownish pretend gun shot and I can’t wait until she’s gone.

blood money

but she screw herself over because blood veto mean that kyra get do renom has hoh


You must be smoking crack.

Just sayin'

It’s official, sam is the worst.

blood money

sam hoh screw herself u look 2 way in favour o no in favour because blood willl do renoms


Sam is not that wrong, I don’t think that the PB are that close, maybe for the moment, but they all have their own agendas for who to bring to the end. I think sam is making a good job deflecting the targets from her. Let’s take a look.

Mark : No PB loyalty at all, will backstab anyway of them in a minute if he can, particulary Dane. No intention to target Sam.

Anthony : Probably the most pro-PB, but can he target Sam now? I don’t think so, he would probably lose Adam. And he is pushing to far to protect Cory.

Dane : I think that Dane is playing all over the place, he is loyal to PB, but he is able to forge a lot of connections. The other PB members should be worried about Dane position in the game since he is protected from every sides. He is targeting Kyra, not Sam.

Adam : During Adam HOH’s he had a lot of target to choose so he didn’t have to show is cards. But besides Damien,. who can he target next….And is he more loyal to PB’s or Sam. Nothing makes me believe that he will choose a PB before Sam….

blood money

sam should have hrew his hoh because nlood veto!


I look forward to the day when Kyra and Sam exit, hopefully realizing the guys alliance took them out.

Tom Is a A Canuck

The guys alliance will soon turn on itself.

Guy From Canada

I think Mark on the block was good to solidify PB. He now realizes he needs these guys, and cutting Dane was too soon. At the triple at F8 I see PB imploding not for another couple weeks.


Simon is this season Kraken what’s your take on it

blood money

meanwhile ive go bottle woodford reserve sam sorta screw herself she shoulf dhave let dane ot some1 else with blood veto get played which if it will override hoh this week!just just like season 3 played the power vewto sarah giot saved


First, you are hard to read.

Second, the Blood Veto arrived AFTER Sam won HOH. She was totally right about winning this HOH since she knew she was the target. Now I think that it will be harder for PB to target her next week.

blood money

depend how you look a it right?go back to season 3 where ashleigh found the siper power gave it to sarah which meant she overide thr hoh noms


Everytime there is underdogs, people naturally will root for them just because they don’t want the dominant alliance to succeed. But, why would I root for Kiki? She’s playing an horrible game. Why would I root for Damien? He is just boring and just not really into the game (but I’m sure that he would do major damage with the HOH), Why would I root for Este, beside being from my hometown? Because she’s all over Dane??? Why would I root for Cory? She would just do what Anthony say.


I completely agree.
Sam is blinded by Adam.
Esti is like a puppy being given treats in order to obey the master. (Dane).
Cory is listen to Anthony’s BS. Potential to make big moves if she gets HOH.
Nobody trusts Kyra. She is supposed to be a spy. Yet she is trying to plant seeds all over the place.
Damien, boring as you stated, but look out if and when he wins HOH.
Kiki, can’t wait to see you leave.
Mark, better come through and go after the boys..

blood money

did any1 really trust sarah from seasonim just drawing the same lines

blood money

yet look how sarah every1 wanted her out look what hsppened boom!kyra will win it just watch!


I can’t speak for everyone – and you do make an extremely valid point regarding underdogs. For me personally, I can’t say I’m pulling for Kiki to stay —- rather I just wish a counter alliance to PB would arise. I wanted Mark to win DE for that very reason.

One of my favorite seasons remains BB6 (USA) when Janelle, Kaysar, Howie, Sarah & James went to war with “Cappy” Ivette, Jenn, Ivette the winner Maggie (who I despised lol). I think much of the reason I enjoyed that season was the two sides. I can appreciate mastery (Dr. Will, Derrick, Dan, Danielle Reyes, but I like to see a conflict with at least two separate sides.

The other issue is while I like solid strategy, competition & conflict I’m not a fan of humiliation or the people who enjoy that aspect of the game. Funny how the ones who cry wolf (they are bullying me — they are ignoring me) tend to also be the ones who enjoy delivering humiliation most. Dr. Will could be a dick but he always did it with a wink and twinkle in his eye. And when Janey got him in All-Stars he took it like a champ.

Perhaps that’s the other reason this season is so hard to invest in. There are so few playing the game (PBs & I guess Sam) & this cast just isn’t very likable. Especially when the priority isn’t moving forward to win but figuring out how to get the best humiliation bang for the buck.


Another extremely difficult day of feeds to watch.

Maybe it’s just me ( and I’m not saying Kiki is a killer BB player) BUT ….
*Kiki kept a good attitude when Sam said she would put her on the block b/c she wanted to work with her. * Didn’t freak out when Adam (who PROMISED to use the POV on her didn’t). *Wanted to align with what was best for Sam as part of her pitch to help protect her moving forward (and to demonstrate the loyalty). *Sam was the one who approached Kiki/Este to drill home how there was a guy’s alliance & to make a pack NOT TO TARGET each other (of course this was before the HOH was played).

The person who targeted Sam & trashed her the most (Anthony) shared one piece of information with Sam about the girls joking with shooting guns at taking out the showmance so now both Sam/Kyra aren’t just targeting Kiki they are going the extra mile with every plan/discussion based on how best to blindside/embarrass her at the last minute.

Here’s my thing—yeah Kiki made the shooting motion with the guns and “THEY ALL laughed about it” BUT … Sam you’re missing the point here — Anthony was WITH THEM while they did this so why were the girls so comfortable joking about that in front of Anthony? Sam also knows how close Chelsea/Anthony was during her HOH & then how he turned on her the next week. Ditto for Kyra. (I reiterate the ignorance of these women astounds).

BUT the thing which is most saddening/annoying is how Sam/Kyra are relishing mocking Kiki, and the effort they are going to in order to ensure she is embarrassed. It’s also telling that Anthony who always knows what buttons to push tells Sam he will tell her what Kiki said later “IN CASE SHE WANTS TO USE IT TO HUMILIATE KIKI” –

Seriously — WOW – a new level of low. Neither Kyra or Sam better shed one tear when they can’t garner any empathy in the house. Talk about a bunch of mean spirited people— new low for BB Can IMHO


Kyra just lied through her teeth to Sam about parts of her Kiki conversation. Kyra tells Sam ‘they’ were looking to ascertain the validity or legitimacy of the “showmance” gun in camera rumor. Funny how much joy Kyra takes in humiliating Kiki when less than a week ago they were whimpering in a corner & NOT ONE of the houseguests were being even remotely this cruel to her.

Sam: “does she even know what the word validity means?”
Kyra: “I don’t know I used legitimacy too but she’s so f*cking stupid & my brain is just so much bigger than hers” They break into laughter about how stupid Kiki is.
Kyra “I just wanted her to squirm a little, while I also comfort her”
Sam “, yeah you are hugging her while stabbing her in the back” as they ROFLOL
Kyra “Canada hates me right now”

Can TPTB please announce Canada can replace both nominations using the Blood Veto so we can vote in the replacements. Although I want a power shake-up I would still vote to put up Sam & Kyra as the replacements b/c this mean girl shit & the enjoyment they are getting out of it is nauseating.

Side note: earlier today Sam told Kyra next week Dane is gone for sure b/c she has EVERYONE lined up on her side to do what she tells them. Sam/Kyra have bought in hook, line & sinker to the theory of Anthony/Cory (Damian through association) will ALL do what she says & take out Dane. Yeah, Sam/Kyra – you two are very safe —-right up until the new HOH is announced & Sam/Adam go up on the block then PB win POV take down Adam & put up Kyra beside her.

blood money

kyra the new sarah

blood money

did u sarah?