“I would like to see some blowup where Christie becomes the enemy and things flip like last week”

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Cliff, Nicole, and Jess get punishments
America’s Prankster – Nick
Nominations are: Christie & Nick
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Holly, Nick, Jackson, Jessica, Cliff
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Grab your live feeds —-> BB21 Live Feeds Subscription Link
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10:00 am Power of Veto players were picked. Everyone but Nicole and Tommy is playing.

10:04 am Most of the houseguests milling around.
Jackson – I hope you don’t mind but if I win I have to take Nick off.
Christie – cries
Jackson – Sorry it’s prank week
They laugh
Christie – cries.
Jackson – I’m sorry
They all hug cry and laugh.

10:07 am Nicole

Nicole – where is my chip I never get picked
Nicole – it sucks for Nick’s game and in turn sucks for my game
Nicole – why can’t there be a prank and everyone is playing.

10:17 am Tommy joins her.
Nicole – I want to play I never get to play
T – cause you want to play for him (Nick) yeah I hear you
Nicole – he’s backed into a corner right now
T – I know
Nicole – no one behind him so to speak in the veto. I don’t like that. I always feel bad for the underdog
T – I know
Nicole – maybe it’s just my nature maybe I’m playing this all wrong
T – This game is F8ed up

They agree Zingbot is coming

10:46 am Make up make up and more make up

10:45 am Cliff and Christie

CLiff says he talked to Nick and told him
Cliff – I’m afraid if I win and I pulled you off Nicole could go up in your place
Cliff – Holy only had one pick and I wouldn’t take that one pick away ..
Cliff says if the noms stay Nick will probably be evicted.
Christie says with her conversations with Holly she felt she was going up anyways regardless of the prankster. Adds that part of the deal she made with Jackson/Holly included her being a pawn so it’s okay.
Christie says Tommy is in a tight spot he’s close to both the noms but she’s thinking he’ll respect who Holly wants evicted.
Cliff – If Nick stays there it should be a large majority if not unanimous
Christie – I did volunteer myself as a pawn
Christie goes on about how much of a threat Nick is. She lists off all his attributes “He swindles people”

10:57 am Jackson and Holly
Jackson – Christie said something yesterday she’s like .. Nicole was like you know there’s still a couple of people that haven’t gotten a pie and I’m looking at one of them. Talking about me and Christie was like yeah you just need to go up to the king and queens castle up there
Jackson – funny how she said that

Jackson – I trust Cliff and Nicole
Holly – I do too

11:07 am Jess and Christie
Christie telling Jess she had to do what she had to do last week to stay in the game. She made deals and agreed to be a pawn. She’s not surprised she’s nominated by the prankster she was going up anyway.
Christie – I’m trusting as long as the noms stay the same I will be fine
Jess – Nick doesn’t talk to me ever and I try to keep it that way. Its obvious where I stand with him
Jess was going to say “I love him he’s a great person” but didn’t because “I can’t lie”
Jess – I think he’s a funny guy I would like to get to know him outside this game.. maybe love him from very very far away he’s a human and I love all humans
Jess says she wants to respect Holly’s nomination.
Chrsitie goes on about “respect the noms”

11:10 am Nicole and Cliff
CLiff is saying that is must have been Nick who is the prankster
Nicole – If Christie comes down
Cliff _ I don’t know. Hopefully, it doesn’t matter there should be enough votes. (To get Nick out)
Nicole says Nick wouldn’t put the two of them up.
Nicole -she’s scaring me. I know some things she says are lies that freaks me out really freaks me out
Cliff – If I win HOH Christie and Tommy are going up there. They both worry me. Oiubisouly there’s not a lot of people left.
Cliff – there’s a part of me I wan=uld want Tommy to win and make some deals himself
Nicole – what if America’s prankster puts up Michie
CLiff you could easily see some people flip if things went the right way /

Cliff says right now going final 4 with Michie and Holly is fine with him. “I just don’t know who else they talked with”

Nicole mentions Jess and Nick being in her ideal final 4 but Michie and Holly “Its great for now”.
Cliff – I would like to see some blowup where CHrsitie becomes the enemy and things flip like last week
Tommy joins them.

11:24 am Nicole gets called into the Diary room. They think this means the Power of Veto is starting.
Christie cannot stop talking for 20 seconds to brush her teeth.


11:30 am Christie now telling Nicole a summarized version about already knowing she was going on the block etc etc..


12:38 pm Nick and Tommy

1:35 pm waiting for the veto

1:55 pm still waiting around

1:57pm Big Brother blocks the feeds for the Power of Veto competition..

4pm Still blocked…

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SD Bird


Jess may have given up all hope of winning, knows it & is beginning to show it. Still trying to be cool

The surviving 4 of 6 Shooters continue to delude themselves that they are on par with Level 6 & will surpass L6 on ALL aspects of Game. Keep telling yourselves that for morale, even if you don’t always believe.

Jackson – Pretends he has learned something Backed into a corner; you came out even Uglier.


Christy is obvious to most Viewers – WISH Players weren’t going to FacePalm with 20/20 hindsight
Tommy – Ditto. He’s just much more subtle. Main advantage over Christy is from being a RL Performer
Nicole is doing it against her better nature.

I am Manifesting my Delusion that someone other than The K & Q will be sleeping in the HOH bed next week

The Corey's

Jess is a disgustingly insincere person.

I see right through that


Jess is anything but insincere. She is very upfront about her thinking and beliefs, which in part screwed kat and probably herself. Hate her for other things, but being insincere is not one of them

Franks fumes

Actually Jess in my opinion is a liar…..remember when Jackjaw asked her if she thought he was disrespectful to women? Boy she did a whole bunch of lying then….not to mention all the misinformation she spreads (lying) like wildfire.

Franks fumes

Can’t stand her…..or when she speaks (torture worse than water boarding)


TBH Nick, Sam, Jackson, and Jack were never the biggest physical threats in the house. Tommy has always been the biggest physical threat but they never notice because 1) He is gay 2) He is short 3) They have no idea that a professional dancer on Broadway is the physical equivalent of a professional athlete. Did they never look at Tommy’s legs and core? For Big Brother physical challenges it is more suited a dancer skater, or a gymnast than it is for Brute strength. Tommy is also smart and has a very controlled social game that is so on point those fools think Nick is the one who makes decisions… it has been Tommy the entire time. Tommy also does not seem to have the same moral dilemmas or personal feuds that other players have.

Honest to god Tommy is the biggest all around Big Brother threat I have ever seen on the show… but because he is a short gay guy none of them see it… which makes him even better.

Nicks Cousin

This correct. He is strong and coordinated and they have seriously missed this. Michie has underestimated him.


Crusty brushes like she’s filing down horse teeth.


Lol!! She gives the cameras so much ammunition.

Can't wait 4 BB22

FYI…Just watched a show on E network last night called Dating:unfiltered. One of the segments had our girl Holly on it as a safari/wine guide. If you think she’s fake on BB you should she her all caked up on this show. Maybe this is where CBS dug her up from…just saying!


comment image


GO CHRISTIE!!!!!!!!!!

House Stark

You mean go to the jury house?


Yes please I am nauseated by all her sobbing lately. Every time she is in the nomination chair, here come the waterworks. She just expects everyone to keep her? Why


I think we’ve confirmed Christie DOES in fact have a sister b/c late Thurs night she told Tommy something (alone with him) & swore on her sister’s life. Since he knows her he would know if she has a sister.

I love BB & lying is part of the game & for as much as I’m not proud of it I’m pretty sure I could tell a very believable lie (I know from keeping secrets about a few surprise parties lol). BUT — I would be a dead (no pun intended) giveaway on Christie – every time she said “I swear on my sister’s life” I’d be rolling my eyes or walking away or trying not to laugh in her face. I’d be making a game with my closest allies betting how many times she said that every day.

I’d want to be like Brittany Hayes from BB12 & BB14 but I’m too old & no where near cute enough to come across as cheeky – it would come out super sarcastic & harsh.

That said, despite being 5’2″ I’d go toe to toe with her. If I had been in Nick’s shoes at Taco Tuesday I’d have let her go first & then said okay now it’s my turn, The minute she tried to interrupt I would have put up my hand to stop her & said NO NO, I gave you the respect to speak uninterrupted I believe you can afford me the same courtesy. If not, I’m sure we can keep you occupied – we’ll just get production to fetch you a shovel to start digging your sister’s grave b/c God knows she has more lives than 10 jungle cats.

Then I’d systematically go through each person in the house & reiterate a bold faced lie she told TO or ABOUT each of them & give the backup. Like when her/Sis were bullying & Nicole told Nick/Bella but Christie & Sis bold face lied & blamed Nicole. I would say I will not, unlike you demand to be told targets, allies or call out others games in the room, however we both know there are people here who heard those conversations. So stop being the biggest hypocrite in the house and be more creative in your game play instead of just yelling louder or shedding crocodile tears. There is a reason you went on that field trip & it certainly wasn’t b/c you manifested it albeit I do think the BB fan universe was speaking to you directly.

I’d get labeled a bitch but so be it – just to be able to get out the line about her sister would suffice. And b/c I’d be so polite & kind to everyone an outburst like that ( I would hope) would carry more weight.


Wait! What? Are you saying Sis told lies in this game? She never lied. Sis said so. She was just a poor sweet innocent victim. Definitely not a “mean girl!” (Roll eyes now.)

People lie in this game. It should be expected. After all, it is a game of deceit. If you are truly skilled in the art of deception there is a slim possibility that you might make it to the end without telling a “bold face” lie, giving you opportunity to present an artful defense based on plausible deniability. In this game though, being able to make it through the entire summer by deflecting, act of omission, not answering direct questions is practically impossible. Sooner or later, someone is going to ask you a direct yes or no question and demand an answer.

On this show, I would have a hard time not laughing at someone when claiming they never lied. It really annoys me when bitter jury members are so enraged because someone lied to them. Because sure, they never lied, played honest game with integrity, blah blah blah. Even if true, that’s probably why they are in the jury house.

Yeah, I’m rambling. I blame it on the energy shot!

J e t s jets jets jets

Yes everyone lies but you have to own your lies when you’re called out on them.

Red in Blue

You’re 5’2″? And could be “labeled a bitch”? I think I’m in love!

J e t s jets jets jets

If that’s your picture on your posts, then you’re way cute enough. I’d have to say you’re cuter than any of the girls that are in the house this year.
Btw who do you write for. I enjoy reading your comments and since I’m obviously a huge sports guy I’d love (channeling Tommy) to read your articles.


I write about the Raptors on Raptors Republic but my main work is on the OKC Thunder – I’m the site expert at Thunderous Intentions and I also do odds predictions for Cappers but those are just simple previews. My best stuff is with RR & TI.

J e t s jets jets jets

I’ll check them out.


cool – b/c I have to get so much content up know the short bits are mostly just filler content but the longer posts are deeper dives. This weekend I wrote about how Chris Paul would affect the Thunder offense (and Westbrook the Rockets) & a piece on why the Lakers may want to keep an eye on Nerlens Noel b/c his numbers are actually better than Dwight Howard who is nine years Noel’s senior.

Which NBA team(s) is your favorite?

Franks fumes

Mavs fan…..,love me some Luka Doncic…..


Mavs are going to surprise this year — don’t know if you’ve seen Zinger but he’s pulled MAJOR time with the weights (reminds me of Dolph Lungren from early Rocky movies lol). AND — mark my words you’re going to fall in love with Delon Wright. He’s a bit inconsistent but a solid 2-way player who’ll surprise & I think he’s a perfect fit with Luka & Porzingis.

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m a Knicks fan. I’ve sort of lost interest in the NBA over the last few years. I thought I would get pulled back in but the guys I’d hoped for for of course went to Brooklyn. I just read your article on the US team losing to Australia. We had better not put a team together next year for the olympics that resembles this years team. I’d like to watch them next when they practice here in Vegas.


Ah – that’s a filler post (you should check out ones with more substance) other than the two I mentioned above & I have 3 from today you might be interested in:
*Why Andre Roberson isn’t an automatic trade target (response to a really weak article on “he’s gone” so I used that to show other side of debate).
*Why Dame Lillard & De’Aaron Fox (LOVE HIM- watch him win MIP this year) are great role models for Presti (hint: both want to stay in small markets).
* And a response to Stephen A. Smith appearance on Bill Simmons podcast where he said Sam Presti does everything well but hire coaches (fwiw – he’s right) BUT then they go on to kind of shade my Raptors so I went on a bit of a rant (if you like me on here – you might love me when I rant about BBall – I go in on people who say ummmm let’s call it uniformed (LOL) things

AND — as per you Knicks trust me you didn’t really want Kyrie & who knows what KD will be like when he returns plus I’m not sure he could handle media in the Mecca. RJ is going to be a STUD (TRUST) & I’ll be honest as intriguing as Zion is I was more excited about Frank’s Fumes getting Luka (and now Zinger). NO CLUE what the brain trust was thinking signing sooooooooo many front court guys (particularly PF in free agency). Sadly – Dolan NEEDS to go but it’s not gonna happen. NYK need a rare mix – a generational talent with leadership skills & also who isn’t afraid to tell Dolan STFU.

Anyway, If you ever want to chat my twitter is same address so just DM me or anyone on here that wants to talk NBA 🙂


oh – & US squad might not win FIBA WC but as long as they secure their Olympic berth it doesn’t matter (EVERYONE will line up to play next summer b/c not only is it for a Gold Medal – it’s in Tokyo which is a HUGE market for the NBA guys).

I’m pissed Canada landed in what they are calling Death Group (Canada, Senegal, Lithuania, Australia) & only the top 2 move into 2nd round. Plus, it’s not just the US who had stars pull out of participating b/c for the first time EVER, Canada could’ve had full roster of NBA guys & it’s prob only going to be 3: Cory Joseph, Khem Birch – not sure if Kelly Olynyk stayed in or not & one is a 2-way rookie of Raptors Oshae Brisett but he’s lit – might be Raptors next Freddy VanVleet type pick!. However, no Jamal Murray, Andrew Wiggins, Tristan Thompson, Brandon Clarke (WATCH him in Memphis – he was Vegas SL MVP), RJ Barrett, Nickeil Alexander-Walker (SGA’s cousin), Dwight Powell, etc, etc, etc. We’re talking if Canada makes Olympics they could be a dark horse to win medal!!!

J e t s jets jets jets

If the big boys (yes I’m talking about Lebron who didn’t play in rio) then I just might be done with the NBA. I was a huge fan going back to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. I don’t like what they’ve done to the game today. Guys like Oakley, Rodman and Laimbeer wouldn’t even be able to play. I agree with you about Dolan. What he did to Oak was despicable. Will go and read some more. I’m not a big Twitter guy but I’ll look you up.





Just Sayin

OMgosh…so funny C scrubbing her tongue while slobber~talking LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL… keep em coming !

Just me

Only a fraction of the torture you’ve endured for us this year. Thanks for everything guys, you’ve kept it fun despite the crappy houseguests. 🙂

Roisin Dubh

I miss the days when you would put the Joe Arvin pictures up. That was classic. You guys made me laugh when I was going through a hard time in life. I will always love you guys for that. That is a debt I can never repay.


calls for Kraken each time!!

B $

Uggggggh it’s the worst. Zingbot can’t come soon enough to make her aware of the eating

BB Casting Call

My strategy has become to scroll past all gifts and pics of C and PVR episodes on tv just to fast forward her DR sessions…it’s helping me to get through this season.


How can anyone sit across the table from her? Another question: will she be able to fine dates post BB?


A snack so soon after her lunch? 😮 Kiddddiiiiinnnggg!


No Simon, oh please no!

another name

I sort of giggle as i write this because well….
what if… jessica…. won veto? and used it on Crustie?
Okay. the ridiculousness of the statement.

Things my tinfoil covered head looks for every week before veto:
which house guest disappears for about an hour a couple of hours before veto is played?

So… something with a timer for veto this week? Sorry. I hate time comps. They’re too easy to rig.


Oops misread that (so had to edit)

Nick choices would be Jackson/Tommy/Cliff/Nicole & we know he’s not putting up Nicole & unlikely Tommy. Based on his convos with Nic it sounds like he’s leaning toward Jackson. I wish Cliff would grow a pair & pull down Nick.

It’s too bad there wasn’t a way for Tommy to end up on the block beside Christie but I don’t see Holly going there if Nick comes down.

BB Casting Call

Nick would have to put up Jackson, his only chance to stay. The other HGs might take that shot.

another name

That’s why I found it funny. The thought of him on the block on Holly’s hoh. would have been hilarious.


I saw potential in Cliff at the beginning of the season, and I’m so happy to see that he’s playing a pretty strong game! Reality TV usually brings out the worst in people, but he has held up and seems like a good guy.

BB Casting Call

Saying that Cliff’s game is “strong” is like saying Trump is an honest business man.


Ahhhhhh reflecting on some quality BB days (this one from BB Canada 3rd seaosn- first the POV ceremony followed by the eviction that week). This was a little too much of production interference but I enjoyed this season & although Godfrey didn’t win I LOVED him on the show – the guy was super intelligent & had a lot of people fooled. Afterward, he interacted with pretty much every fan who tweeted him.

POV Ceremony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMUGFXUQHe8

Eviction: https://youtu.be/UK2ejT93XRw

another name

Oh, the production involvement in BBCAN is over the top some times.
I think that’s where some of my all things conspiratorial mindset comes from.


I hear you Another Name it’s over the top- I just loved that POV & eviction b/c Jordan Parhar was SO convinced he was staying & watching it back it’s crazy how you can hear the audience during voting – it’s the one thing I wish BB US audiences did.

J e t s jets jets jets

I think that that the US audiences do that with some players.
Is there a way to watch BB Canada in the US?

another name

Yeah. I’ve been in the audience before, but not in a long time.
Sometimes the sounds we hear on tv are NOT the sounds we hear in the audience.
Unpopular opinion that I know nobody is going to buy: The big speech concept on bbcan has producer involvement. D/r is even more scripted, and that’s saying something. In the past we’ve complained about people not owning their game in d/r… but what if that’s part of the d/r tanking people that aren’t well liked by only putting in the content they are looking for to make them fit the role?


Nick failed miserably at firing back at Christie. He even knew in advance she was going to do it. He flustered like a lame duck.
Nicole has never trusted Christie since she backstabbed her which had multiple house guests in her face. And the word “bullying” came up and they got mad at Nicole.
Again, I hope the honesty helps Nicole bode well in the future should she last.
Cliff is hoping there is a blow up with Christie somehow?? The only way that will happen is if people are actually allowed to speak the truth without having their words twisted. There is no speaking with Christie. You have to be tough and bold and NOT back down from Christie and I dont think any of them have it in them to lay it all out point by point.

Skanky Bro

I can’t help but feel bad for Nick. Christie is just running circles around him and he is hog-tied in how to respond. I can’t stand people like Christie but it seems to be working in terms of game strategy. Is she going to be a Vanessa? I actually respected Vanessa’s game more, for some reason–like, I think Vanessa knew what she was doing, so as a strategy you had to respect it because it got results. (I mean, convincing Julia to knock out Austin in that veto comp was breathtaking in its audacity–and effectiveness.) But I don’t think Christie knows what she’s doing. Nick is sort of oily and creepy, but it’s clear he’s not a bad guy, and I also believe that if any of the houseguests actually said, ‘Nick, stop touching me,’ he’d respect that and stop. He’s super touchy-feely but he thinks it’s all consensual. And it is consensual with most of the guests–Tommy doesn’t mind, Christie doesn’t mind, Sis didn’t mind. He doesn’t do it to Holly or Jackson or Jess. Nicole once said she didn’t like it, but she never told Nick that so how is he supposed to know? Jeez, how hard is it to say, “Dude, don’t jump on me!” She also isn’t bothered THAT much by it because she would save him if she won veto and thinks he’s a good guy. I think he’s pretty funny. At least he’s not a racist, sexist, or homophobe. LOL


Touching people without expressed consent is not cool. So the fact that they didn’t “lash out” after the fact when he does it is of no consequence. Tommy has spoke up to him… and he still does it. Everyone in the house has spoken behind closed doors that they are not comfortable with it. So its not ok. He is a creep and that is completely seperate from game.


I can’t feel bad for him, even though I think Christie was wrong…Nasty Nick doesn’t have to defend his game moves to her. Who the f does she think she is? Oh yea…a social justice warrior who sticks up for everyone. Please! I’ve only seen her beat on people when they were down. But I digress. Having said all that…Nick is sooooo bad. All you have to do is go back and read all the things he says. There’s no progression of getting better, etc. I don’t want him anywhere near finale night.

Debbie Catanzaro

I think everyone should watch out for Tommy. I have a feeling that he will be in the final 2 and may even win.


Agreed. No one left will be able to beat Tommy if he stays. Not at this point anyway


Cliff, Christie was the enemy last week and you fools folded just like you did on your HOH.

Nicks Cousin

Okay, no idea what this comp is but Nick is an eye hand athlete. If this is something requiring those attributes he can win the veto. I also agree he has not responded to Christie properly. He needed to turn her argument on its head. She was in a group, she was protecting herself, she controlled others through the first half of the game. Confrontation and argument are not his strength. He feels betrayed, and does not know how to dig out of this. For the haters, please note that Nick has always stood up for the people he thinks of as friends, Bella, Sam, Nicole through this game. Perfect? No. Loyal? Yes.


Jackson won veto

Roisin Dubh

It finally hit me. Doesn’t Christie remind you guys of Paige from Degrassi TNG? Yeah I know, but I watched that show back in the 80’s and TNG was good for a few seasons.


OMG, yes! i love Cassie Steele who played Manny, her album Destructo Doll is so so good. i listen to it from start to finish all the time!


Damn Jackson won the veto.

Nick told Jackson he didn’t need to win HE was never going up (i.e. told him he’s the Prankster – ditto for Tommy) Sooooooooo is Nick setting this up so he plants in people’s minds how much fans dislike Christie – Field Trip & him getting America’s Prankster?

* Nicole tells Nick he definitively HAS her vote
* Christie tells H/J she threw the POV (come on)
* Jackson DEFINITIVELY tells Christie she is staying (why are you doing that on Saturday?)
* Jackson told Holly that Nick is the prankster & she asks if they should keep him & Jackson immediately says no – UGH
* Apparently Jackson/Nick were neck & neck and the others all were way behind (some sort of comp with balls) & Nick implied luck of the draw – if anyone had been picked instead of Jackson that he (Nick) would’ve won.
* Nothing said yet about zings

Can we get something happening to shift this spotlight onto Christie?

*** AND with Jackson winning POV that’s 3 total – So Holly/Jackson are putting a HUGE target on themselves – back to back HOH’s back to back POVs!

J e t s jets jets jets

Nick really needs to use the prankster vote to boost his chance to stay.

J e t s jets jets jets

Jackson probably said that to Christie so we don’t have all the crying and theatrics all week.


WTF – I just read Zingbot called Nicole a boring loser with no friends

Jess zing was something like she’s a snoozefest


UPDATE: (this is GOOD)
Nick– My campaign is going to be f*cking fire. I’m saying “if I wanted to put you guys up, I could have done it”. I’m f*cking loyal. Think I would have got America’s Prankster if I deserved to be in the spot I’m in?

Nicole– Exactly


Zing towards Christie had to do with her Chewing and love of food
Cliff’s was about his body size
Jackson’s zing …. ‘Should I call you Jackson – or should I call you Micky – or should I call you what you are – a Pompous Douchebag?
Holly said Zingbot …. called her an Old Buzzard
Zingbot called Nicole a boring loser with no friends
Jess a “snoozefest.”
Don’t know about Nick or Tommy

Just Sayin

If in fact Zingbot said those things about Nicole then shame on Zingbot/CBS. A line needs to be drawn somewhere. That hurt will probably stay with her for life. I am sure it caused her pain & not laughter. geeezz …SMH big time on this one.

Franks fumes

CBS are hypocritical a$$holes at every level they lighten up on the worst offenders then $hit on Nicole?….F em.


Anyone else sick and tired of watching Christy sob? when she was arrogant and voting people out, she was very happy. Now that it’s her sitting in the hot seat, all she does is cry.

Surprisingly I am really starting to see Tommy as a winner.

Holly and Jackson, yikes Holly what ever do you see in this bully. You guys had a good thing going, and now it will eventually bite you both in the bum.