“I would give you 61% .. 50% is like normal looking. no I’m wrong I give you 70”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett Kaycee & Scottie Have Nots

Big Brother Spoilers

JC’s new workout partner

2:30pm Tyler and Scottie
Scottie says he’s talked to Sammie and things have cleared up between them. Tyler asks if he’s talked to haleigh.
Scottie hasn’t yet.
Tyler thinks Scottie should have talked to Halegih before the Veto Ceremony.
Scottie says he tried she just took forever to come and find him
Tyler thinks Halegih will forgive him Scottie but he’s not sure about Fes.
Scottie is certain that Fes was the flip vote and was always trying to pin it on Scottie..
Scottie – he’s been throwing my a$$ under the bus.. you were there after the hacker thing.. Everyone thinks it was you scottie.
SCottie – I asked around nobody thought it was me
Scottie – he planned the whole I raise my hand thing.. I told you that.

2:53pm Scottie and Haleigh
Scottie says he’s going to apologize again and he’s wanting to know what Fes told her their one on one was about
Scottie – he’s (fes) the one that said he was thinking about putting Sam up that is why that name came up

3:26pm JC and Haleigh
H – if you could pick one boy in this house to live with and Marry
JC – tyler
H – not Fes
JC – NO.. I love him as a friend.. if you had to pick one guy to be best friends with and go around doing fun stuff FES.. out of the questions.. I Actually do have fun with him
JC – living 24 hours! .. waking up in the morning and seeing that person FES!
They laugh
JC says Tyler
JC – Personality wise Tyler is more my type body wise definitely BRett
JC – if Tyler looked like Brett I wold probably have a real crush on him
JC says his first boyfriend was like Brett but he was shy

Haleigh says Tyler is really attractive.
JC – between you and me he has no a$$ like literally no a$$.. it’s like the back and then the legs coming down..
JC says Tyler has the perfect body to build up if he got into body building like Brett it’ll be much better.
JC says Tyler would have been the type of guy he was into 5 years ago
Brett joins them.. JC says Fes is the BFF, Tyler is someone to marry and Brett is the f* boy.
Brett – meant to be alone forever
JC brings up of Brett’s “number” being 3
JC says it’s insulting his intelligence that Brett has only slept with 3 people.
Brett – I haven’t slept with anyone here I haven’t kissed anyone
JC – Rachel was really into it did it happen… At some point you got really lonely when Winston left.. What happened that weekend?
H – you’re such an attractive male and your attitude is so.. you’re not shy or anything
JC – his personality is what makes him look attractive
JC to Brett – You’re a normal looking guy if you were an a$$hole I would be like Argh he’s nothing
JC – you make people feel good after they talk to you
Brett – I’m and Average looking guy that must be a wh**
Brett – Average looking wh**re
JC – More on the good looking side.. I would give you 61%
Brett – that’s not even passing
JC – 50% is like normal looking.. no I’m wrong I give you 70 I’m too harsh..
Brett – what about Tyler
JC – 100%
they laugh
Brett – but his personality

Brett – so the consensus was I am the f* boy in the house
H – no
JC – no
JC – we didn’t even talk about it
Brett -lie
JC – I do appreciate a lot that you work out your legs.. that never happens literally 5% of guys that work out that’s pretty cool
Brett – thanks thats what brough me from a 60 to a 61
JC – that was a number just to f* with you not to bring you down
H – I just told you that you were very attractive
JC – Are you flirting with Brett in my face?
H – No, I’m just building his ego up after you just tore it down
Haleigh says she can’t flirt with Brett in front of JC.

3:53pm Can she resist eating her nails? Nope..

4:40pm Brett and Haleigh ..
Using code phrase “running laps” to describe sleeping with someone.
She says she wasn’t running laps before her first and only boyfriend and she almost didn’t with him.

4:42pm Angela teasing Tyler about the shorts he’s been wearing..
Tyler says some girl bought them for him he wears them like compression shorts..
Tyler gives them to Angela.. Adds that he doesn’t wear them much because they hurt.. .

JC running around squirting lotion on BRett’s back calling it a “C** S***”

5:28pm Slow…

5:32pm Brett and Scottie
Scottie saying his plan to stay is to make everyone know he’s going after Fes.
Talking about the night before the nominations how Fes and Haleigh told him they were going to bed early so he left the HOH and then they stayed up there for 3 hours.
Scottie says Fes brings up stuff that happened week 2 .. like the swaggy vote.

6:13pm Wheelbarrow race… .


6:45pm Tyler and Angela
T – you squatted and you did bench? You’re goin got look like a crossfit girl
Angela – EWWWW don’t say that. that’s disgusting

7:00pm HOH Fes and Haleigh
FEs – how’s your relationship with Sam going
Haleigh says she’s not putting any effort into it. Fes tells her not to bother.
FEs – we’re throwing her a$$ up next week
H – unless she wins
Fes thinks Sam knows she’s the next target that is why she’s going on about quiting smoking, “She knows she’s about to be a target and wants people to feel sorry for her”
Haleigh says she’s gotten confirmation from everyone that next week Sam goes
Fes – that’s why I didn’t put her up this week

FEs starts going on about not having a chance to talk to Haleigh today. halegih defends by saying he’s been locked in the HOH all day and she’s been outside doing stuff.
FEs – we can’t talk today.. you shower and walk right past me what’s going on
Haleigh – I have to put conditioner in my hair before it dries..
Fes – is that what we are doing today.. c’mon man.. is that what we’re doing today..

Fes – can I get a hug back.. it was about the pool
Haleigh – I don’t care..
Fes – what are you trying to do run away from me.. we’re locked down in a house I’ll find you .
(Fes had told them a story about a girl who has a kid that he was “talking to” prior to be on the show. He doesn’t know how things will be between them becuase “she was supposed to be on the show to” ) Feeds cut before we can learn more.

7:56pm It’s slow.


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Fes Has a Snoopy Lunchbox

Can’t we just vote Scottie out now?

Doc B.

Thumbs up if you think Angela is gorgeous. Thumbs down is Haliegh fingers smell like bad breath.

BB Superfan my ass

Why does Haleigh’s breath smell so bad? ?

Dr. Bronson

Fessy saliva has been there and the fact she touches things and puts her fingers in her mouth and puts her wet fingers all over the place….. it’s a vicious cycle…. gross.

BB Superfan my ass

Lol! You crack me up! I totally agree. If anyone is going to end up sick, it will definitely be her.

Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

Hay is a dirty pig

Sweet Sweet Baby Bird

Cuz she forever has them in her mouth, biting her damn fingernails. Disgusting.

Dirty Harry Reid

I see a Hawaii trip in Tyler & Angela’s future.

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

JC cracks me up. Brett is a good sport too.


So can we discard the whole Scottie is so smart belief?

He has one play and that is to blow everybody up. To stir up as much dissension as possible, creating enough doubt and hurt feelings that how it shakes out is 100% unpredictable. That was his only shot…not making empty, unverifiable promises…and at the very least he’d have walked out having created some great entertainment, rather than the floating rat who got taken out by somebody he actually was nominally loyal to…

Level 6 for entertainment

Too Early to blow up the house. He needs to do that on Thursday so that they don’t have time to recover before the vote.

Foutte Funeral

Does anyone else think JC looks like a telletubbie?


Not only is Fez’s HOH stupid…it’s also the most boring…Come on Thursday!!!

Sasuke Uchiha

I love Kaycee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s like the hottest girl I ever seen. I want her to win the 500K. She’s the best member of L6.

Cant wait for Kaycee’s HOH!!!!

Kaycee FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I love her also. Glad to see the anime crowd have someone new to cheer for.


She’s pretty in a manly sort of way.


She is good but I don’t think she is the best of that group


She’s got an inner beauty thing the others don’t have though so KC will still be beautiful in 10 years.


Is not L6. Is L4. They took one L member out lol. JC is not a L4 member Ty is just using him but he dont know that lol.

Foutte Funeral

I think Tyler would be stupid to take out Sam. She drives me nuts but I don’t think she would ever vote against him.

Kid Donny 07

I think L6 should vote out Hal & Fes before they turn on the others. Tyler Has Sam and JC and maybe Angela that would never take him out. They should Stay the course. Tyler should take Angela to Final 2 and see the house pick him. He needs Sam to be a victim of someone else.

KC and Brett take out Hal and Fes…

Level 6 for entertainment

Tyler has been doing Jury management. I think that he is in good shape no matter who he sits beside.


The problem has become the instability of Sam’s behavior, not only is she a major attention seeker but changes her mind and mood without reason. Ty is afraid he can’t rely on her and she isn’t pawing over him lately either. She’s too unstable for anyone to trust, she could throw a monkey wrench into any plan for no reason when the numbers are this low. Everyone is done with her which makes her a blood free target.

Foutte Funeral

I agree with all you said but Fez and Hayleigh are still bigger targets because they are a team.


She might put his face on the curb and stomp on his head though. I’m an RN and watching Sam is work. She’s gotta go. 🙂

Kid Donny 07

I get that Kora. I just don’t think he would put her up.

Franks Ex-Girlfriend

I don’t think Hay is always biting her nails. She is biting/chewing the skin around them. The condition is called Dermatophagia. It sucks! To the average person it does just look like nail biting, but you wouldn’t have enough nail left to bite if you did it as often as she does. Poor girl is stressed out, with good reason.


So Fez and Haleigh think Sam is the target for next week…so she’s totally safe no matter what.

Honey I Shrunk JC

JC wants Tyler to backdoor him. Lol

BB Superfan my ass

Don’t we all!

Bye bye Gay-c

Can’t stand JC I wish he was gone, I can’t wait for L6 to get Rid of him


Hay sure was nicer to Fes before the veto ceremony. Now that she is safe and he can’t win hoh, she can ignore him a little while.

Faysal’s empty thought bubble

I am just loving this season.

Sam is a female Donny on crack.

L6 (4) are smart game players and chilled out people enjoying their summer.

Jc us a hoot even though he’s made some questionable comments and actions

Scotty is a mega nerd straight Andy who plays with a tampon before playing with a boobie

Hayleigh is like Nicole only her nose and voice are much more tolerable. Her attitude is much worse though.

Then there’s Fessy. Bah Gawd where did they find this guy ? Stupid and funny. Funny and stupid


Hays nose & voice may be more tolerable but the huge ugly mole on her forehead is all I see when I look at her. (I bet it even grows a wirey hair!) add to that her chewing her fingers non-stop “til they bleed”, and her attitude of acting like she is so much smarter and attractive then everyone else…..I just find her annoying, incredibly immature, insecure and unattractive.


Haleigh looks a little concerned today.. kinda like she’s tied to a 240 lb anchor and doesn’t know what to do about it. If it looks like an anchor, quacks like an anchor, it’s probably a Fessy.

Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

Does anyone else think Sam is closer to 36 than 26 years old. Looks like she has been around the track a few times…



Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

JC – I would give you 61

Fezzys IQ

Scottie's A$$ is Getting Evicted

Haleigh says she’s gotten confirmation from everyone that next week Sam goes

SMH…..When are you gonna learn?


Would love to see Tyler & Angela on the next Amazing Race.