Fes “I’ve got some extensive game talk to talk about. Haleigh “We can talk tomorrow.”

POV: Brett Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett Kaycee & Scottie Have Nots

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8:05pm Backyard. Fes and Haleigh. Fes – did you talk to Scottie today? Haleigh – no, he said that we needed to talk. Why? Fes – just wondering what is he going to say? Haleigh – I don’t know. Fes – Angela told me that Scottie came up to her and was like I think Faysal is the one flipping all the votes. Haleigh – when did she tell you that? Fes – I think it was yesterday. Because we were wondering what his speech was going to be. And then she was like, probably throwing you under the bus. I was like really!? Haleigh – yeah. Fes – I was like it really doesn’t matter as long as he walks out the door.

Brett and Angela figure out that his brother and her ex-boyfriend were in the same pledge class.

9:05pm Kitchen – Fes and Haliegh. Fes – I’ve got some extensive game talk to talk about. Haleigh – we can talk about it tomorrow. Fes – That’s how you feel? Haleigh – Yeah. Fes – well, I tried. Haleigh – tried what?! Talking to me, I’m not saying you can’t talk to me. Fes – okay. Haleigh – okay, what? Fes – when I said I wanted to talk to you… you said you can talk to me tomorrow. Haleigh – you said I have extensive game talk and I said we can talk about it tomorrow. Fes – what if its not game talk? Haleigh rolls her eyes. Fes – stubborn as hell.

Havenot room. Kaycee, Tyler and Angela. Tyler – I was literally laying down staring at the ceiling and they told me to stop napping. I hate them. Big Brother – you’re welcome. Tyler – sorry, love you.

9:35pm Backyard. Brett and Haleigh. Haleigh – I know you and Sam had a good conversation last night. Brett – I was just trying to see if Sam was okay. Then Sam starts pitching the whole I don’t give a f**k and can’t wait to leave here. I was pissed and said Sam why don’t you just offer yourself up then? Why don’t you .. if you want to go so bad. And then she was like Well.. And I was like then stop f**king saying sh*t like that. There are people that want to be here .. if you want to go then go. No one is making you stay here. Then she starts to say that Scottie has been dealt a raw deal. I was like he made the bed he lies in now. The reason why he is where he is .. is based on the choices that he made..

10:50pm Hot Tub. Brett, Fes and Haleigh chatting about gators.. Haleigh leaves. Brett and Fes talk about the powers. Fes – that’s two powers that expired and weren’t used. Brett – or they went out the door.

11:10pm Havenot room. JC and Tyler. JC – I am always going to be straight up with you. I am never going to betray you. If you win, I am going to be happy. If I win, I am going to be happy too. But I am going to top two with you and I’m not going to break it. Tyler – that’s been mine too.

11:45pm Tyler and Kaycee. Tyler – I just wanted to tell you that I am not in a showmance with Angela. Like you are my best friend in here. I would never pick anyone over you. Kaycee – I trust you. Its you before anyone. Tyler – I will lose to you before I betray you. And no one has any clue. Kaycee – we’re good dude. Tyler – I love her but if the three of us can crush this. Kaycee – I trust you 100%, you’re my ride or die. Tyler – every scenario I pick you. We (Angela) don’t even talk like that. I am genuine with her. Kaycee – we’re solid. Tyler – I am worried about Brett. I am pretty sure Brett’s been in love with her (Angela) since day 1. Angela joins them and the conversation ends.

12:40am Hammock. Scottie and Haleigh chatting about past events of the season and life outside the house.

2:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Update will be coming later than usual.. Really only 1 game conversation has taken place since they’ve woken. Unless you want pictures of JC sleeping there’s not much I can do.

On top of that the feeds have been down for a good while. No idea why.


There was a fire in the oven.



And by everything I mean where I live the sky is grey with smoke due to forest fires.

who me?

Must have been a good fire feeds down over 1/2 hour so far. We here are under a orange air alert and have been for a month now. Fires all around us, can barely even see the hills outside of town on 3 sides.

Scottie is off to the little house

That’s sad. Knowing that, I’ll stop whining about the constant rain, heat and humidity we’ve had here on the East Coast. Stay indoors, Bro’s are safe for the week so shrine can wait.

Botox Pelosi


Have you noticed any difference in the way Kaycee handles being on the block as compared to Rocks?

What was the Faysal quote to Rockstar ” You are unevictable.” LOL


If anything kaycee is even more calm about being on the block this week.

Haleigh's Melanoma

Maybe the difference is confidence in your alliance and having a grasp of what is really happening.


Can’t thumbs up anything about the California fires . Unless its how tirelessly the firefighters are working. Breaks my heart.


A lot of fires in Colorado too…I so hear what you are saying!


Fires in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Brittish Columbia too. The west is burning up. God bless the firefighters!

Guy From Canada

The South Island isn’t much better Simon, damn red necks burning up Naniamo Lakes.


I’m in Victoria (Vancouver Island) and the air quality is so bad from the fires I’m had a sore throat and scratchy eyes for days! But I’ve heard we are supposed to get wind tonight that will disperse the smoke…fingers crossed!


Up here in Comox it’s the worst it’s ever been.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Stay indoors as much as you can. We’ve friends around the sound and they’re saying the same about the smoke. One couple had gone to the 2008 Olympics in China and said this is worse than Beijing.


Here in E Wash too Simon. *cough*, *cough*


Maybe Sam burned all her cigs!

Haleigh's Melanoma

Brett really likes to crank the broiler when he bakes bacon in the pan. He almost incinerated that salmon the other night.

who me?

https://imgur.com/JwIxY9r I thought maybe the dryer was full so Fes tried drying his clothes in the oven 🙂

Sasuke Uchiha

Kaycee is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually think she can win the game.

Does anyone know if Kaycee has a ride or die?????

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I completely agree, she is totally awesome. Kaycee does have an F2 alliance with Tyler and her and Angela are very good friends, but sadly I don’t think she will make F2 or that if she did she would win.

I don’t think she quite has the killer instinct (game wise) that the rest of her alliance has to get there. That said, I believe she is the kind of person who will remain friends with her alliance even after they cut her. She’s capable of separating friendship and game play.

Either way, she’s a winner in my book.


I think Kaycee excels in the con aspect of the game. She had no problem pretending to be friends with Kaitlin. She backed up the Brett vote for Rockstar. She never owned up to being the hacker. Those are key elements to the outwitting aspect of the game.


I agree. I don’t know why people discount her so much.


Because her game play is understated and not in your face or over worked like JC’s.


I agree shes playing a solid game

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Tyler is her secret ride or die. See simon’s review above

Al Sharpton Wants to Hold Your Wallet

I think Tyler has played a great game and he deserves to win based on what has happened in the game so far but you know Fez, Hayleigh and Brett are all going to target him sooner ot later. Sam may be on that list too so I really don’t think his chances of Tyler making it all the way to the end are very good.

Who said that!

Big manly Fessy afraid the little nerdy virgin boy is gonna take his girl.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Fezzy could have a small penis or Erectile Dysfunction. For him to be jealous or insecure about scottie is LULZ.

I can’t even...

If I were Fes, I’d let him have her! What a biotch! She is mean, rude and very condescending to Fes. Granted he is a big lump of dumb, but she’s no Einstein…


I’m glad to see someone finally tell Sam that. If she wants to leave just leave or shut up.


She’s used up all her whining stories, people don’t want to hear a repeat. But don’t worry, she’ll come up with something new to get attention and pity, last night she was talking about her hair making her ugly when she was growing up (honest!).


People are on to her tactics

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Sam is getting nervousd. I think she is counting numbers and realizes there is a group picking off people one by one. And she is not IN that group. JC is starting to realizing the same thing.


Brett calling out that total fool Sam. I can’t stand her either.




Sam is making herself a big target.

JC Meltdown

What extensive game talk could Fes possibly have? The guy still has no clue what’s going on and he’ll be going home after Haleigh gets evicted. Fact is, Hay will be sent packing with a unanimous vote and he still won’t know who voted her out,


When he told her “extensive game talk” he meant “sex”. She’s withholding because he’s a jerk. She knows what he meant.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Hay goes first. Fezzy will go next. He is weak

Maxine Waters - Space Alien

His extensive game talk is he wants to have a strategy for when Swaggy comes back.

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

Good for Brett. It’s about time someone called Sam out on her sh!t. “Woe is me” is getting old. They are ALL isolated in the house together, several have been on slop, some have busted their butts to keep from being evicted. So shut up already. Eye roll, curb stomp, mic drop, done.

Deep Dive

Haleigh and Fes have one of the worst showmances ever. Each time I check the feeds, its like ok so what did they argue about today. There is no romance, its just one argument after another. What would it be like outside the house where they actually would have real problems. Surely they must see that there is nothing there outside of the physical attraction.

Hi my name is Scott

Fes wants the romance but like everything else in the house he has no clue about what is going on around him. He has no idea that Haleigh could care less about him romantically and that as soon as they are don playing the game the relationship is over.

Sam's Psychotic Breakdown

And I’m sure Haleigh will be relieved. I think she’s probably tired of horny Fes because she knows he only wants her for sex.

Elizabeth Pocohantas Warren

I think Hayleigh is using Fessi. She just wants him to do her taxes.


Fez is too dumb to see that he’s on a trip with a girl who will dump him as soon as they get home and is clearly just trying her best to tolerate him while they’re stuck together. Just watch them: Fez does the “I’m annoyed by you” guilt trips, begging for her attention…Haleigh does the barely concealed exasperation, like “I really can’t wait to not have to see you every day”


I think he’s the stalker type!


Yes!! I’ve thought that all along. He is the type of boyfriend where Breaking up includes filing a restraining order.


He’s too controlling.


RE: Tyler’s Game

Tyler has assured a number of people that he is going to final two with them. From the remaining players is it safe to say that Sam, Angela, Kaycee and JC all think that Tyler has a final two with them? Factor in final 3 and final 4 deals that he has made and that may add up to too many people that might be left feeling betrayed as things go down to the wire and they end up on the jury instead of final two with Tyler. As things unwind, it will become clear that there’s not too many people left in the house that would NOT WIN if they ended up in the final two with Tyler. I’m starting to think that Angela is the only one that Tyler can beat in a final two. But just imagine how things play out at final four and final three. If the last two members of the jury are JC and Kaycee or Brett and Kaycee (and they both end up feeling played and betrayed by Tyler) then Tyler may be drawing dead. He has played the PERFECT GAME to finish in second place.


Not true.

Tyler is very careful about his words.

He told JC “that is my plan”….he did not say JC was his plan. Go back and listen to what he says. He is a master at filtering just enough to be convincing without lying.


RE: Tyler’s “Specific Words”

This is not a civil lawsuit. Tyler could claim that he never had a final two deal with pretty much everybody left…BUT IF THE PEOPLE WHO CAME SO CLOSE TO WINNING HALF A MILLION DOLLARS WERE SURE IN THEIR HEARTS THAT THEY HAD A FINAL TWO WITH TYLER…then he MAY be done.

some quotes:

Tyler and JC:
JC – I am always going to be straight up with you. I am never going to betray you. If you win, I am going to be happy. If I win, I am going to be happy too. But I am going to top two with you and I’m not going to break it.
Tyler – that’s been mine too.
(maybe not a contractual obligation, but good luck getting JC’s vote if he feels you knifed him in final 3, final 4 or final 5).

Tyler and Kaycee:
Tyler – I just wanted to tell you that I am not in a showmance with Angela. Like you are my best friend in here. I would never pick anyone over you.
Kaycee – I trust you. Its you before anyone.
Tyler – I will lose to you before I betray you. And no one has any clue.

* Do you suppose the girl he is cuddling with (Angela) and who has feelings for him is ALSO assuming he is her ride or die and he’s taking her to final two?

Note well: Sam was under the impression from very early on that she has a final two with Tyler. He keeps reassuring her that nothing has changed. In her case, he can keep some useful idiot like Fessy or Hayleigh around to eliminate Sam and not get blood on his hands. With his own alliance members (and even JC) it will prove harder to not appear as if he betrayed them (IN THEIR EYES).

Some of you guys are not thinking the end game through. You are probably the same people who could not see that Paul was going to lose to the Meatball. You cannot have final twos with pretty much everybody and not pay a price in jury votes in the end. If you compound the mistake (like Paul did) by NOT admitting that you shafted people or made too many final two deals, then your goose is cooked. Tyler has played the PERFECT GAME if your goal is second place.

Team Tyler

As long as he stays being just one of the votes and not putting them up, I think he’s on a good spot.
His conversation with Angela is smart. He should avoid being the HOH or winning POV . The down side of that is he will be vulnerable for eviction.


When it’s down to 4 people, Tyler wants to (and should for his game) win HOH. It doesn’t matter who he puts on the block, the veto winner will choose who leaves.
The choice will be the veto winner’s alone. Tyler can even tell the other three that it doesn’t matter who is OTB, veto winner will make sure they themself are not on the block on eviction night and they have the choice of who goes home. That’s why he must win HOH when there are 4 HGs left. No one is pissed at him for leaving at 4th place, they will be mad at the veto winner.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Some of you guys are not thinking the end game through. You are probably the same people who could not see that Paul was going to lose to the Meatball. You cannot have final twos with pretty much everybody and not pay a price in jury votes in the end.

Spot on!!! This element of jury management is the weakest part of Tyler’s game. You are correct. Now you are gonna get a lot of down votes from Tyler fanboys. However, they are not seeing the game from other peoples perspective. Tyler wrote a lot of checks that are going to bounce in the jury. He made too many final 2s too early. He is starting to realize that KC and brett need to get blood on their hands too. Tyler could be the target when it gets to a final 4.



q. Tyler, precisely how many people did you have FINAL TWO DEALS WITH?

Imagine folks like JC, Angela and Sam sitting on the jury and it’s Tyler and Kaycee in final two. I am having a hard time figuring out how Tyler survives that question. Even before final two….in the jury house…the last couple of players to be eliminated will discover that they both had final two deals with Tyler…and then others will pipe in and say THEY ALSO had final two deals with Tyler. It’s going to be a mess.

What’s Tyler going to say? My ride or die is Kaycee and she’s sitting next to me? Somehow, I think that ensures that JC, Angela and Sam DO NOT vote for Tyler.

The guy who has final two deals with everybody is the guy who has played the perfect game TO FINISH SECOND.

Alternate ending: Tyler replies: “I kinda suggested to JC and Angela and Sam that they were my final two…but I lied…my real final two was with Kaycee all along”

Not sure that goes over any better when the jury members involved got so close to winning half of a million. LOL


His answer is “I said yes to any deal offered me, I thought refusing to agree would be suicide”. His F6 group is thankfully playing a game and keeping emotion out of it, I think for once this jury will reward the game play.


I think the L6 alliance will actually vote who played the better game regardless of who is sitting in F2. Sadly, the hive will be very very bitter. I can imagine rocky going around bad mouthing everyone who wasn’t with them. She is a very hateful person.I hope she will actually be mature enough to vote game play but she couldn’t even talk about how people were playing in the game, instead everything with her was ignorant personal attacks. She will vote by who is less white/pretty privileged in her small brain. She seems to think she knows how people live in real life and has stated many times that some of the HGs are well off and don’t need the money. At first she thought it was the only 2 people of colour that deserved to win, then she added the 2 gay people into it. She seems to think if you are white, pretty, straight, don’t have kids then you don’t really need the money. She is jealous of the people who have careers rather than just jobs or not working, like herself. I would love to see a jury that isn’t so tainted that they can’t get past their own insecurities. But I still believe that everyone aside from the hive will be able to disconnect being upset for getting voted out and vote for the person that they think played the best game. Yeah I know, I may be dreaming. LOL


That’s fair feelings are always a part of this, however given what Angela did to Rachel with a (F2), JC to Fessy (F2) it’s easy to flip it back on them. Just last night Ty asked Angela about her F2 with Rachel & she smudged the truth saying “she tried to make a F2” which isn’t true & Ty knows. Ditto for JC who (hilariously) is giving the best sound bites in the DR over how he’s playing Fes for a fool. (besides JC told Ang/KC he wanted to go F3 with them to the end in week 2 I think & has brought it up several times).

So while I totally agree with your statement, IMHO Ty will never burn KC & the other two when Ty points out their own betrayals will again just IMHO respect him for being more respectful & taking them further.


Yeah…that’s not how interpersonal relationships work. We’re observers, so we see the parsing…because we see everything. Brett, Angela, Sam, Kaycee, and JC might see it like us in 6 months, but they won’t see it come final night. 4 of them we’ll see a guy who knifed them after making promises and they’ll be “deliberating” in a house with 5 people arguing he was doing the same with them.

I think he’s overplaying the final 2 game, while ignoring the real game of having 5 solid votes, which sets him up to finish 2nd….and consider that if he takes one of these ride or dies, he’s dealing with 5 jury votes he has no real sway over. Bayleigh and Haleigh control who wins, telling Fez, RS (who might control Sam), and Scottie how to vote

Tyler right now is everybody’s best final 2…he may be controlling the game, but all these people picking him to take to the end are doing so for a reason. In reality, his best path to victory is getting to the end with Haleigh or Fez.


Angela is playing the best game and then JC after her. Just saying, Tyler isn’t even that good at BB, he’s just good at listening to Angela.


Someone is jealous of Tyler big time. Tyler would win against Angela easily. Foutte hates her. When Foutte/Hive find out Kaycee has been an L6 all along, they won’t be happy, so Tyler wins against her. Rockstar HATES Brett and will vote Tyler. I think you all are forgetting that Tyler will not be HOH for the rest of the season. Someone from L6 will go home. They won’t blame Tyler for getting them out. They will blame whoever is HOH that week. Except for final 4. Tyler wins that HOH and he is golden. He doesn’t even have to choose who leaves.


Angela is nothing but a floater and a loser. I am sick of hearing her put everyone on the other side down. She thinks she is too good for them. Wait until she finds out that it wasn’t racheal who lied to her , but her best friend Tyler. I would love to see her face when that happens. She is just lucky that Tyler won and got her off the block.

Baba Looey

Not true Bayleigh lied to Rachel. Angela asked Bayleigh about whether or not Tyler said to put her up. He was fishing for information on the replacement.

From August 1 12:26PM

Angela – i’ve been trying to figure out Tyler now that Kaitlyn’s been gone..
A – Rachel told me after the veto ceremony that the only way Tyler would use the veto is if I was the replacement she told you that too right

Bay – he said If I used it Angela would be the replacement right.. I was like I haven’t even thought of a replacement
Bay – it was him saying if you are going after them you go after all of them.. it wasn’t like I’m going to throw Angela up
A – ok


I can’t see give voting for any of L6 over Tyler except maybe KC “or maybe Sam” .

L6 was right there with Tyler scheming and setting up plans, I think they will vote for him in the end regardless of his F2 deals.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

We see the game different than the jury. Right now Tyler could lose a vote to everyone in the house, but Hay and Fez who are seen as incompetent


Granny, I have noticed that too. Just like with his power, when asked if he got it he says things like “I wish” , rather than flat out lying.

If Tyler makes it to F2, with the right speech he can get around the multiple deals issue. He’s already said he has a lot of irons in the fire and he is trying to honor all these deals up until the point that he has no choice. I think he can work with that.


I’m not sure if he’d get second unless sitting by Angela but I do think that him making final two deals with so many people could one back to bite Jim in the ass….if anyone mentions it to another they may discover they’ve all been told the same thing and send him packing before he gets to final two!


Pretty sure his F2 is KC – listen to the specific words he says to each. JC says he is dedicated to Tyler for F2 & Ty’s response is mine too. With Angela he tells her how he’d be devastated if he lost EITHER of KC or her and how they are solid to the end. KC is the ONLY one he promises F2 & it would never shift. He does say that to Sam as well – but it’s more to keep Sammy under control – besides Tyler knows there is no way the others will allow Sam to remain until the end.


I think he really intended on F2 with Sam (early on).


You may be right, but I think it depends on who puts them up and who votes them out. Could it be possible that Tyler gets no blood on his hands and as an ‘innocent bystander’ he willnot be held responsible for the convictions of his allies?

Crazy T

The only way Tyler doesn’t win is if Haleigh is the person against him in final two. All others he would win against at a very high margin. Now he has a tough road to get to final two, but if he makes final 2, I think he will win.


Thank you Brett. Somebody had to say it. Why don’t they want them napping?

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Basically for the same reason we’re seeing during this intermission in game play; it could get boring real quick. (This intermission brought to you by The Hive; purveyors of fine humor.)

Their contracts specify that they have to be awake between certain hours. If that condition weren’t in place many of them would probably sleep away a lot of the time in the house, or stay up all night and sleep all day. Neither condition would be good for production, game play or for selling live feeds.

This is intended to keep them active in one form or another.


It’s during the day and they are supposed to be entertaining us folks on the interwebs. Dance monkeys, dance!

Faysal’s empty thought bubble

Thank you Brett!!! Finally somebody calls Sam out on her shit… and she calmly deflects her reasoning to the houseguest in peril that she “feels bad” for. I don’t think she’s an empath anymore or crazy… she is literally playing a gruelling emotionally draining game for second place…


She’s playing whack-a-ball when she should be playing whack-a-mole



Yes is the dumbest player on bb20 to date….wait till you see this at home Angela….you may have looks but no brains..


Thank you, Brett, for finally telling Sam to just leave or stop saying that she wants out.


Fes is an even better player than Raven


Has Raven exploded, succumbed to halitosis, or been afflicted with cereal hypertosis? She may need a welfare check.


Just a few things I want to say…..

When Faysal said that Sam is claiming to quit smoking as a way to avoid the block, do not think for a second that it was Faysal finally seeing some truth. It was JC that put that idea out there (he is brilliant).


Tyler has once again totally declared allegiance to Kaycee. When he said that she was and will always be his F2, he is completely believable. When he says he will lose to her before he would betray her, honesty prevails. He will get Angela or JC take her out before he will.

Faysal and Sam are the next targets, then Haleigh.

This game is so damn good!

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Wrong! Hay is the next target. Fezzy will be a basket case when Hay is gone. He has no game. Hay, fezzy, and sam are the logical plays to make.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Okay, which of these two remaining Hive scarecrows is the brains of their alliance?

– Last week Haleigh sat up in the HoH room next to her only remaining female alliance member, chewing her nails, watching the other side on the monitor, watching her HoH crumble around herself and doing nothing to try and save her HoH.

– This week starts out with Fessies grand testosterone driven grand strategy, fueled by his imagination, Scottie and Haleigh. To his credit, Fessie foolishly makes a secret alliance with a strong couple on the other side; which in itself might not have been so stupid if he had attempted that early in the game.

– Now, Fessie wants to actually talk strategy with his only remaining alliance member (and I’m sure it would be a very grand Fessie strategy) but she suddenly doesn’t want to be up in the HoH room, trying to do something to save his crumbling HoH and would rather spend time trying to blow smoke up Angela’s rear.

This version of Oz has two scarecrows.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

There’s absolutely no brains behind the Hive. The idea that even Haleigh would possibly win against ANY L6 member or JC would be a travesty. The “smartest” members of the Hive, who are now in jury, made HUGE tactical errors. (Which of course, was your point. Just chiming in.)

The real rockstar

Sam is a spoiled little brat that whines and moans when she doesn’t get her way.

You Only Live Once

And to think Sam said her and Rockstar had the best connection…..they are both highly insecure people and live in their own delusional beliefs.


Maybe she is unstable and that is why she lives behind her parents- her drinking could be a really bad thing-this may come out good for her- ( drinking)

Honey I Shrunk JC

Kaycee should just get a butch hair cut and call it a day. That bun totally sucks. But who am I to judge?


I’m sure there times in the real world where Kaycee does something more intensive with her hair. It is long and the couple of times it’s been shown on the feeds it’s very nice. It’s too much effort in the BB house to maintain a nicer hairstyle when you have a glorious mane. Plus she’s not looking for a romance, she wants $500k.


They probably make her dress like a tom boy in the house because that is her archetype. In real life she may wear her hair down a lot.


Careful, your ignorance is showing.

The Warning Signs

Haleigh should run fast. Fes is exhibiting controlling, jealously, obsession and paranoid behavior. He doesn’t have the ability to process logic, reason or Haleigh’s compassion for others. It’s kinda of scary. He has only known Haleigh for 2 months. Haleigh is getting very annoyed with his ways. I can see her turning on him to further her game

Swaggy's Missing Brow

It’s kind of like after you walked up to that very large strange dog, smacked it upside the head and it proceeds to swallow your hand and people are yelling at you to let loose, “Let loose Hell, I can’t get loose.”

Heleigh could have shut this whole showmance down right at the start. Instead, she deliberately chose to use him and is paying the price.


im surprised he hasnt thrown a dark bed sheet over her head yet


I see a future stalker


I think Tyler’s strategy is smart. You get to final 4. If he can win that HOH then all he has to do is NOT win that veto. Whoever wins tgat veto decides who to cut to make it the final 3. No blood on his hands. Unlike Paul, Tyler has treated people well for the most part. I don’t think anyone actually hates him. With Paul, there was a lot of hate for the way he acted.
If Tyler goes final 2 with Angela, I think he gets all the votes. She didn’t have a good relationship with anyone from the other side. She was the reason Bay is gone and I don’t think any of them will forgive her.
If Tyler goes f2 with Kaycee, I still think he wins. There are enough people in that jury that will think she just floated. She might get a few votes but Tyler will win.
F2 with Brett. I think most of L6 votes for Tyler and Brett has pissed off most of the hive.
F2 with JC. Again, most think he floated. L6 will vote for Tyler. Fes and RS and maybe Haleigh could vote for JC.
F2 with Hay or Fes. L6 100% votes for Tyler.
F2 with Sam. I am not sure she woukd even get a vote.

Tyler is doing great. He picked the side that won’t be bitter to align with. They will all want a L6 player to win just for bragging rights. Tyler has this if he can keep himself off the block against another L6 member, and even then, he’s probably still safe lol


I agree that Tyler’s doing great. However, I think the jury will be a bitter one.

There will be 5 hive members & 3 L6 members & Sam. Hive members will control the vote.

Tyler’s best bet is against Angela. They all hate her & wouldn’t vote for her.


I really don’t think HIVE will be bitter against Tyler

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I think certain jury members will be bitter towards certain players: Bay towards Tyler, Rockstar towards Brett and Angela, Haleigh towards Sam, and Scottie towards Fes. However, most of the Hive still doesn’t know how much influence Tyler has had in their evictions. Some believe he was always controlled by Kaitlyn and Angela. Therefore, if he ends up in the final 2, I think most of the jury will see it as good game play, especially the die hard B.B. fans like Scottie (maybe Rockstar). At this point in the game, aside from Bayleigh, he really doesn’t have any jury blood on his hands from their perspective. Yes, he is a threat comp wise, but if it comes down to him and anyone else in the finale, I think they will agree he had the best overall game play. I really can’t see any of the remaining L6 members holding a grudge against him even if they get evicted. They (L6) haven’t played emotionally so far, so it’s hard to believe that will change between now and the end. However, the theme of B.B. is to expect the unexpected so unless Tyler suddenly changes how he is playing this game, my theory will be null and void.


F2 with Hay or Fes is the most dangerous because of all the Hive voters on Jury. Not sure he would win but he’d never get l00% against them. Otherwise your analysis is pretty interesting.


Against Fes or Hay he would get 100% of the L6 vote.

Angela- Tyler
Kaycee- Tyler
Brett- Tyler
Sam- Tyler
JC- if it’s Hay final 2 then his vote goes to Tyler. If it’s Fes it’s more a question but i still think Tyler because JC likes to control Fes but seems to actually respect Tyler
Bayleigh- if it’s Haleigh I think she gives her the vote. Not sure on Fess so let’s say Fes but I do think its more of a toss up
Scottie- if it’s Haleigh then probably her. If it’s Fes then Tyler.
Rockstar- Hay or Fes

If it’s Haleigh he wins 5 to 4. Fes he wins 6-3.

another name

since he thinks Fes is his big dumb puppet, he’d recognize that Fes’ game sucked. Jc would not vote for Fes.
Would even Rock or Bay vote for Fes in the final two if Scottie goes to jury on Fes’ hoh? Even they’d be hard pressed to say good one, Fessie.


Scottie looks like if you threw him against the wall he would stick.

Decisions Decisions ...

To be honest, if I was Haleigh, I’d be jumping the Fes ship asap! I’d be looking for the Brett cruiseline! Even if you don’t have much longer in the house, Brett is smart, sexy, and so much fun! I’d rather spend the remainder of my time with eye candy having a blast than the psycho ex boyfriend type.


The problem is she doesn’t have another option. Brett might flirt and pat but he too is looking for the check. She’s made her choice and I think she realized just how bad it was with Fez’s HoH.


This is Hayleigh’s passive aggressive way punishing Fes for putting up Scottie, they both know “extensive game talk” is code for “extensive making out” and she isn’t about to give him any for now. You go against this gal she pouts, get used to it Fes.

Leopold Stotch

I failed! I thought I was replying to this post:

Sasuke Uchiha

Kaycee is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually think she can win the game.

Does anyone know if Kaycee has a ride or die?????

Kaycee and Tyler talked about being each other’s ride or die during the conversation described by Dawg in the post above. The twitter account “@BB_Pissed” just tweeted the whole conversation.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

LOL! You just had a Hive moment.


Tyler overplaying is playing for second place.

He knows those already in jury see him as the poor lamb following any girl who’s nice to him and now he’s ramping up the salt with all his ride or dies who end up dying. He’s ensuring a jury who either don’t see his game or who he betrayed in a major way.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Yes, and let’s not forget how every week he boxed himself into a corner and blew his own game up. He was unable to recover, as predicted, every time.


He hasn’t boxed himself into a corner. The biggest issue Tyler has is there are at least three other L6/5/4’s also around to take some or all of the credit for every move and blindside. Even JC can claim credit for most of the moves. Tyler has won a couple defensive vetoes and the first HoH. He needs something more recent to sell the fact he is still relevant in the game. Right now Angela has the Bayleigh and her power feather from her HoH, Kaycee has the hacker thing which basically nullified Haleigh’s HoH win, and even Brett could play up his infiltration of the Hive as a solid move, which it was. Tyler has to convince the jurors that it was HIS manipulation that steered the ship and he’ll have a lot of competition in that regard. JC will sell the Scottie thing as all him, which he was a huge part in it.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I was making a facetious comment in regards to all the “he’s play for 2nd place, he’s lost the jury” comments. Sadly sarcasm isn’t always easily recognizable in this sort of medium. Sorry about that.

Of course he hadn’t boxed himself into a corner, but every week, regardless of what he did, we were bombarded with the same comments; well, he’s pretty much boxed himself into a corner this time…no way he’ll get out of it this time. Every time, those dire predictions failed to materialize. When that didn’t pan out it became “he’s not paying attention to jury management” and now, “he’s playing for 2nd place”.


You’re the only one that has brought up a weakness that I believe has real merit. He has been playing such a good, low key appearing game, he has to be able to convince jury members that he orchestrated something that might not be so apparent to them. For instance, to refer to a popular point now: convince Kaycee that he did intend to keep his word but he also intended for Angela to nominate her and Brett to vote against her (just an example folks).

We’ll have to see how his jury speak goes but we have seen his knack for smoothing things over. Heck, he even had Bayleigh softening up in his goodbye message to her.

As for the references comparing his and Paul’s game; ludicrous. Other than working, there’s been little similarity and when it came to the end what killed Paul was everyone knew he was lying but he refused to own his game.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Bearded twerp didn’t own it.


He just *might* wind up Paul Jr in a different sort of way. Those goodbye messages… he *needs* to own his game. He should be saying to the jurors “I know, I screwed you, I did it all and I am sooooo sorry but game, dude. Love you!”

That gives the jury lots of time to mull it over and get used to the idea that he’s in control. Then as Bayleigh, Rockstar, and Scottie file in one by one, it reinforces his control and excellence at the game.

He keeps telling them it wasn’t his fault and then if he’s final two, he has to rewrite his whole narrative in a one-minute speech. By not owning his game, it’s just as likely they won’t believe him and he’ll just fall between the cracks. Poor wounded bird, Godfrey 2.0

Big Brother fan!

You all are forgetting the possibility that all the girls could still vote for a girl no matter what. I’m not sure its wise for Tyler to go final 2 with any girl. I know they have debunked the girl alliance theory but you have Bayleigh, Rockstar bitter and talking it up and now Scottie may be inclined to join them. Tyler-Brett, Tyler wins. Tyler-Fezzie, Tyler wins. Tyler-JC, I still think Tyler will win. Put a girl in the mix and there’s enough votes to sway it. Instead of taking out Scottie this week they( the guys)should vote out Kaycee.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

I really don’t see Scottie joining them. He’s too much of a superfan and I’m fairly certain he will vote for the best player (the only way Tyler would lose his vote would be if Tyler completely Hived his jury speech and I don’t see him Pauling it).

Even if MacBeth’s witches all three voted for a woman, and I don’t see them crazy about voting for Angela or Kaycee, Sam remains a question mark and I seriously doubt either Angela or Kaycee would vote based on gender alone.


I see Tyler Kacee and cooky Sam in final three


From Day 1 I said I did not like Sam. I thought she was a phoney and was really pushing that southern accent too far ( because sometimes when she talks it is very exaggerated and other times it is quite normal ). I was glad to hear Brett called her out. Shocked these people do not see the game she is playing. Being everyone’s BFF and F2 . . .while all the time pretending she really doesn’t want to be there !!! Playing victim, getting everyone to feel sorry for her ! And the way she called out Haleigh and Angela for playing the guys, when she is doing the exact same thing. Google eyes with Brett and Tyler and tears inher eyes !!!! Phoney as a $3 bill !!!!

Kid Donny 07

she called out Haleigh and Namaste not Haleigh and Angela. I believe she is real for Tyler and though she acts as if she does not want to hurt anyone, she got pretty hard core when she was HOH. I want to see her win this HOH. must see tv!
Go Tyler he has by far played the most game. I think he needs to get L4 to commit to a final 4. he will benefit the most if they stay true to it..


Tyler played the most game the first two weeks. JC has played the most game overall and Brett has actually played the most mid-game.


It took them a while but they are all on to her now. She keeps saying she doesn’t know how to play the game but whenever someone wins HOH, Sam runs up and says “who’s making fun of me?” and “I feel so lost and alone”. She really thinks that no one has caught on to her antics. She is one of the next targets. If Hayleigh wins HOH, Sam is probably gone. I just thought it was so funny when Tyler came out to talk to her the morning of the veto ceremony. She had been pitching to Fez to backdoor Hayleigh. Sam really thought she had convinced Fez to do it. She almost seemed crazed the way she was grabbing his hand and trying to make him pinky swear. But she told Tyler she was working on something and Tyler was going to be SO PROUD OF HER. I imagine she was shocked when Scottie called her out during his veto speech. Now she says she is not playing the game anymore because no one will do what she wants to do. Oh, and she did not stop talking for three hours. She keeps telling everyone that she was going to go 24 hours without speaking but JC started talking to her after 3 hours of silence and she needed to respond. LOL, it was only 5 minutes that she quit talking. She is a trip. A really spaced out scary trip.

The real rockstar

Did CBS forget to tell them this is a game and only one person wins. That means the rest of you are going to lose. If you go home you either played a bad game or you got played. Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. Stop stressing out and chewing off your nails.


It’s a game with $500,000. That’s a lot of cracker jacks.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Fes – I’ve got some extensive game talk to talk about.
Haleigh – we can talk about it tomorrow.

The Master game players……

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

Okay folks, lets have some opinions. We have L4 and 2 members of the Hive left and 2 floaters-JC sam. Forget about who is getting nominated now. What move do you think JC and Sam have to make to go further in the game? They both seem like they want to latch onto whoever is in power HoH. To be a third or fifth wheel. But that will only carry them so far. And they could be targeted after hay and fez are gone,

What do they do?
Make a move now and team up with the hive
Stay with L$ and hope to break up L4
Something else???

who me?

Break from L4 and vote with the Hive to get L4 out. There only chance of making it to the end. But nobody in there seems that smart


They don’t know there is an L6 alliance. They see everyone in pairs or alone. Also, they each think they are already allied.

What you are asking is if they should jump on the Fes & Hay bandwagon which is something Fes & Hay should be arranging with everyone but they are satisfied they have the four they need to win with Ty & Angela.

JC is with Ty, KC and Fes/Hay, Sam is with Ty, Fes, Brett and KC (or so they think) and both believe they are positioned well.

I Slept with Your Sister While You Were Typing

I think early on, Hay may have considered a showmance with fezzy. There was a little bit of interest on her part. I am convinced she is fed up with him now and considers him dead weight. Over the 60 days she has realized that he is not very smart or motivated as the other guys. This is a real turnoff to most women. Women do appreciate intelligence/motivation as an important quality. She can see that Brett and Tyler are attractive and they are also smart and fun to be around. Fezzy is a drip who steals her facial masks and acts like a chick. He is tall dark and has a good body which was a turn on for a 21 year old who had 1 boyfriend. But over time she sees that there is nothing upstairs with fezzy. She wishes she was with Brett or Tyler. But its tough for her to dump him in that closed environment. Getting rid of fezzy would be good for her and good for her game.


Don’t forget he got rid of her good friend against her wishes. She’s not at all happy about Scottie going and Fes will pay a price. Punishing a guy because she likes him is not sitting well with her, especially since she told him they were a team of three for the game’s sake. She’s been cold to him ever since and he deserves it, this was a jealous move and she knows it.

For all we know this is her way of slowly breaking up with him while appeasing him as her only ally. It’s really awkward.

Miss Conception

Dawg- The screen grab that you show of Haleigh eating is scary,she looks straight out of the movie”The Exorcist”.

Scottie is off to the little house

While she is a beautiful girl, I have thought the same thing several times!

Hi My Name Is Scott

Cue the head spin and the pea soup projectile now!

Haleigh's Melanoma

I wonder if CBS is happy that these HG all talk about being on The Amazing Race or Survivor but none of them has ever watched them or know how those games work.

JC is Pervy

Can someone tell me when JC was in the kitchen mimicking Sam’s southern speech?


Did anyone else start out the season with Sam as one of their favorites but now want her to go?



who me?

comment image

Haleigh's Melanoma

She talked about this phase of her life the other day but I’m not sure I believed her until now. Damn.


I see all the end game stipulations, but there’s still a lot of POV too throw wrench in plans (specially Tyler’s plan).

Hi My Name Is Scott

Based on HOH comps, veto’s and double evicts, it is really any one’s game if they can compete. I see KC, Tyler, and Angela as the 3 biggest competitors left that can save themselves with veto’s if need be. No one will be looking sandbag a comp anymore. Getting to few of choices to put up.


Wow. This must be the slowest week ever for updates!


Haleigh’s the only one who’s not in with the L6/5/4 and she just realized how screwed she is. Not Bayleigh screwed but screwed none the less. There’s no more moves to be had until Thursday and the crazy can reset.

another name

Bit less cranky today, lol, so maybe i won’t be so much of a Haleigh’s edit basher today. Maybe.
Could Tyler be in trouble with potential Juror’s for either having or leading too many people to believe that he is their number one? Possibly. His only recourse or argument would be who approached whom to be a final two. If someone comes to you saying final 2 buddy… you can’t really say, ‘no, thanks, i don’t see you in final 2 with me, but keep doing what you’re doing to help my game.’
I always think it’ an error in an alliance’s plan if they fail to completely remove an opposing alliance before moving on to alliance cannibalism. That’s what your non-alliance coasters are for. It’s tactically erroneous to allow an opposing alliance to pick up your coasters or pick away a member in order to regroup. Think about possibilities, but don’t make concrete plans until the main enemy is wiped out. Don’t push someone up the line. There’s seasons upon seasons of alliances making this error. It’s stupid.
Let’s say Angela or Tyler were to win an hoh and put Haleigh and Fes on the block. Technically they are breaking a deal. Here’s the thing. Haleigh has said deals and promises don’t matter to her if they aren’t to her benefit. While Bay was in the house, Fes had similar thoughts. So, they may hold a grudge, but let’s get real, they’d do the same thing.
It’s most dangerous to take Haleigh or Brett to the final two. If the jury is partisan bitter, Haleigh gets votes. If the jury thinks surviving the block is worth points, Brett gets votes. He’s rustled feathers with goodbye messages, but the rest of the hg’s buy his smoke. Fes? I don’t think Fes gets many jury points. You wouldn’t give Jethro Clampett a doctoral degree. Would the jury buy Jc for votes? For the most part they’ve infantilized him in their minds because he’s short. Would they be able to move beyond their perceptions? Jc tends to take credit for every single move in the house, but the people that make those moves would tell the jury, noooo, that wasn’t him. Jc’s move this week, all him, but every other move he claims in terms of votes or targets? Not so much. Kaycee? Nobody is voting a Kaycee win. Angela? I don’t think much of the jury will respect her, gbm’s aside.
Sam? how bitter would a jury have to be to vote Sam? Like blood spitting yelling and screaming bitter? Tyler? More comp wins, more social game, but more chances of bitter blowback.
It’s too soon in the edit to know who will be the final three, let alone the final 2. But these are my thoughts.


Love the Jethro Clampett comment!

Led Zepp Ramble On

You actually read all that? I was wondering if there was a bandwidth limit.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Mr. Drysdale would find away to give Jethro a Doctoral degree if he thought it keep his Uncle Jed’s money in his bang.No one else would though. Anyway, as long as Tyler would own what he did and why, most of the jury members would look past the fact that Tyler is not sitting there with them in the final 2. That was Paul’s huge mistake in not owning what he did. He was still trying to BS the jury members instead of owning his game.