“I wish they would use the veto to take off Britini and let a MAN sit next to me like a strong competitor so I can go out like f**Ing champ”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany
Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Derekx will not be using the veto. Frenchie’s goose is cooked. Frenchie is full of more sh1t than I thought possible.

9:20 am Waking up
Claire, Sb, and others Talking about three people fitting in the HOH Bed. Last night it was TIffany, Claire, and Kyland.
Whitney says “this is such a cuddly group.. I can’t tell if this is romantic or friendly”
9:45 am people making their way outs. Xavier hitting the weights.
Over the speakers, Big Brother Tells Frenchie to wake up.

9:51 am Tiffany and DX
Tiff – today’s your big day for the veto king
Tiff – you’re 100% for the veto
DX – mmhmmm

10:25 am Backyard Britini, Brent, and Whitney
Whitney says she’s going to shave then work out. Asks Brent “What should I workout today do? Did Legs yesterday.. back and Bis?”
Brent – YEp
Whitney – K.. Cool that’s my plan
Feeds cut (It’s a Bro Split Summer)

10:30 am DF and Kyland
We jump into this conversation already. They’re talking about the Next HOH.
DF – If I win HOH I can’t pick people from the other side.. I have to pick one from each side.
Ky – that would give us more options
DF – If I were going to win HOH this probably would have been the week I would have wanted to win it. I don’t think I want to win it until we’re down to 6 or so..
Ky – for the next few weeks no one will have a good reason
DF – me, you, and X are playing Low .. we’re in the middle..
Kalyand – exactly.. I got lucky here that somebody self-destructed themselves.
DF – of course.. of course.. You are thinking of the long run.. I understand we have the other side to take shots.. Frenchie would have taken shots at them as soon as he had the opportunity to like f** their WHole sh1t up .. I’m looking at next week and stuff like that. just having someone we know that will have … You get rid of the chaos you think things will calm down.
Kyland says they don’t know what Frenchie will do “we don’t it’s shown up constantly”
DF – I can’t change your mind I don’t have a magical power.. If I have a magical power I’d say I love you but I’m using this magical power to save him.. (YIKES)
DF – he’s going to help our game later. I’m looking out for us that’s how I feel
Kyland – I’m looking out for us when you are HOH I’ll assume you have collected more information.

Feeds Cut..

10:44 am Frenchie, Brit and Asha
Frenchie – ohh sh1t yes.. I felt like this one is one of those ones that lasted a long time.. I can feel my pulse in my temples
Brit – do yo get migraines often
Frenchie – no (only when he’s on the block and doesn’t want to campaign)
Feeds cut.. When we’re back..
Frenchie – I could use a hot shower let the water run over my head.. might take a cold one. Usually, if I have a headache I’ll turn it to cold
Brit says she’s going to treat the ceremony as a joke and have fun with it.


Alyssa does some jump roping. She wants to know how to “Cross it” Brit knows how and shows her how to do it. Of course, Frenchie has pointers to share. He goes to grab the rope from Britni to show up but remembers he has a migraine and stops saying his headache is too bad. “Ohh my headache is too bad to let my headache calm down” Gives the rope back to Alyssa.

Feeds cut..

10:57 am Kyland NA DerekF
DerekF – for me to leave my job to leave my rent my bills negative one thousand dollars in my bank account run up my credit cards. My mom is helping me take care of sh1t.. I can’t afford to go home no earlier.. I need to be here top 5 so I can go home with what I made here plus whatever I can get from that top 5..
DF – I’m here to play the game.
DerekF leaves..

Kyland to the camera.. “It’s very likely Xavier will have three people in that Jury from his team I will not one is already home”
Kylan d- that was awesome for him to come with a final 2 I love BigD I think it would be fun to sit next to him as of right now Xavier is someone I can go to for advice but he will have three teammates in the jury so .. with that in mind it would be nice to have some support someone that wants to take me.. I’m down to take him. I love everything about his personality. We just have to make it through these next few weeks.
Kyland – She just can’t have Brent and Whitney win HOH.. we can’t let there be 8 women and 5 men. I’m not against women winning but everyone is here to win themselves
Kyland says he’s solid with Sarah Beth and will honour their final 2.

11:05 am Frenchie, Xavier and Df
Frenchie thinks he’s getting a headache becuase he’s not wearing his galsses more.
Frenchie – you know what I wish
DF – what do you wish
Frenchie – if I can have one more request in this house. I wish they would use the veto to take off Britini and let a MAN sit next to me like a strong competitor so I can go out like f**Ing champ
Frenchie points to Brit’s Bed “that’s too easy let me go out like a champ and walk out here with my head high that’s all I want.
Frenchie says after the veto ceremony he’ll shake Ky’s hand and say ‘I know I am going at least I am sitting next to someone that is a competitor’
Frenchie – I feel like I’m being thrown completely under the f**ing bus. to me that’s disrespectful. I want to go out like a f**ing champ
DF – it’s morning time now you got yourself toegther
Frenchie – we all know I am going home you know what I am saying. Put up someone where I can hold my head up high
DF – Frenchie .. for two days I’m going to tell you what you need to do. Talk to the HOH it’s morning time he’s showered he’s up and about. You should talk to him and strat working your magic.
DF – don’t waste your time we have..
Frenchie – I’m past that point I just want to be sitting next to someone
DF – go work those angles..
Frenchie – I want to go out like a champ, to me going out like that is a chump. My head held High.
Frenchie goes on about his legacy and no minorities, women, and old people going out week one “Starting a f***ing trend”.. Meatheads, jocks all that stuff.
DF – I’m telling you it’s 10 o’clock you better get out and start working your Frenchie magic..
Frenchie – I’m waiting until Derek is done with his yoga sh1t.. I’m going to tape my kid’s picture to my chest..
Frenchie goes on about wanting to go home.
DF points out even if he does get taken out he gets to go back home and enjoy the season from home.
Frenchie – unless you are causing fun times and chaos like I did I don’t see how..
DF – you forget who I am
Frenchie – I cam eon strong but light as feather there’s clouds overhead it’s messed up weather..
feeds cut

11:16 am Frenchie is going around the house collecting souvenirs for “Hearts of Reality.. they donate stuff to Give kids the world”
Derek gives him his shorts.. (LOL)
Frenchie – I’m starting to pack my big brother bag when I get home I’m sending a bunch of comp stuff..
Big Brother calls Frenchie to the Diary Room

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Frenchie’s problem is he never shuts up, there’s nothing worse than a person who thinks he’s an expert at everything. Personally, I’d rather Brent go this week, because F that guy, and I don’t see Frenchie lasting long even if he stays another week. I feel Brent will be dangerous the longer he stays, and so far he really rubs me the wrong way.


Why that’s not sexist at all (sarcasm). The one who doesn’t want meathead jock mentality is spewing it himself. I don’t know if it’s all an act for attention or notoriety or if he truly believes the things that are coming out of his mouth.

Just Sayin'

He is the biggest hypocrite. All of the sudden brit isn’t a real competitor to him? What an ass


I think he actually believes his own bulls*t. That’s what made him so entertaining for the first week, and then so annoying for the second week.

Bye frenchie


Creepy Harold

I found Frenchie’s sister on Twitter. She’s just as delusional as her brother and completely lacks self awareness too. I wish I would have screenshot the tweet, before it was deleted, asking America for a secret power that would allow Frenchie to tag in/swap with a sibling. It must be a family glue farm.

His Instagram has gone to not allowing anyone to comment. His gay best friend started a new instagram page but when you click on it, it says it no longer exist.

Frenchie is in for a rude awakening when he starts reading what people are really saying about him. As bad as his PTSD from high school is…he better not read what they say on Twitter about him lol. Frenchie being Frenchie will probably say he already knew the reaction was gonna be like this or that he was just being a character for tv. Probably the latter and say CBS wanted him to do that.


I still hope some last minute thing happens and he stays. If he stayed his pathetic attitude would be gone and I think there would be lots of possibilities of crazy unpredictable fun.

Creepy Harold

Same. I wanted him to stay because he’s just so bad at this game. It’s funny, because he thinks he’s great at it. His lack of self awareness is funny to me. But now that he is blaming his gameplay on a dead child and say i don’t want my son exploited then use that angle to gain sympathy before the veto meeting…..like WTF Frenchie??!!! I’m done with him too.


I fully expect after the POV ceremony that Frenchie will be sharing his expertise on nuclear physics with the other HGs (and with America, of course). Maybe he can even give all of us instructions on how to perform open heart surgery.


A few observations about Frenchie, since he is heading back to the farm on Thursday
1) I wonder which Frenchie auditioned for the show. I can just hear Casting Exec 1 – I’ve got a great guy for the show. He’s a Southern guy with Southern charm; loves his family; was the star quarterback on his HS football team; America will fall in love with him. Casting Exec 2 – I’ve got a great guy for the show. Says he’s watched every episode, even keeps a journal every season. But he thinks that only the HOH is allowed to form alliances. When he wins HOH, his game plan is to tell almost everyone in the house that they are safe; they wont see the block on his HOH. But then, BAM! he nominates the people he promised safety to! He’ll add a lot of chaos to the game. 
Then Casting 1 and Casting 2 mention the name Frenchie, and wonder how they could possibly be referring to the same man.
2) Not at all surprised that Frenchie was ready to go home the minute he was nominated. It’s the “if I can’t play, I’m taking all my toys and leaving” mentality.
3) Anyone that’s ever had a migraine knows that you want to sit in a Dark, quiet room. Not out in the sunlight with 14 other people talking, jumping rope, clanging weights, etc.
4) He’ll be reading the Bible by the end of the day.


What are the chances Frenchie self evicts sometime after the veto ceremony? I’m thinking 30%. It would suit the hypocrite. Biggest clown ever.

Golden Gate Granny

Nah. He can’t afford the legal wrath of CBS contract breaching. He’s there until Thurs. unless he has a major medical issue or a positive covid test.

Golden Gate Granny

Big D’s money woes are true and heartbreaky. His father defeated MUHAMMAD ALI and died a broke man 10 yrs. ago at 67. Much like most boxing legends he was played by everyone working “for” him and he took all the pain… twice. In the ring and in the end.

No Fave

Seriously, he had 11 children with that many women……
He spent it like he stole it and so did his family when they had it.
He was a great boxer but little smarts.

No Fave

And…..not a single one of those children stepped up to pay for his funeral……Mayweather paid for it. Sad bunch

Golden Gate Granny

Wow. That’s even sadder. No boxer is in it because they’re genius’ but damnnn.


Oh, Frenchie is just too much. He doesn’t know when to shut up! He just goes on and on and on as if anyone cares. He doesn’t realize that he is no longer HOH and people don’t want to know what he thinks/feels anymore.
Still so full of his own self-importance. Anyone know how long HOHitis lasts? I think he has a lasting case…

Granny Shirl

Have the live feeds Simon and Dawg do a better job than live feeds so thanks so much


Thank you!