Britini “We’re just friends” ..and we cuddle all day. Alyssa “Its not like we’re sucking face.”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, Kyland, Claire, DereX | HOST – Tiffany

Power of Veto: Derek X
Power of Veto Ceremony: – RANK THE HOUSEGUESTS –

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Big Brother Spoilers – Derekx will not be using the veto. Frenchie has declared he’s not going to campgain. Instead, he’s hoping to get a twist.

6:50pm Pool Table. Frenchie and Britini
Britini – “we are just friends” and we (Christian & Alyssa) cuddle all day. Frenchie and Britini laugh. Frenchie – showmance killer. What is funny to me is that I had like no idea what was going on in this house. I knew EVERYTHING that was happening… almost everything. I didn’t see this coming.. at all. I mean I saw it .. me but..

Hammock – Christian and Alyssa
Christian – I just don’t know no matter what we do its ever going to not be seen as that. Alyssa – I know. Christian – so it doesn’t f**king matter. I also do think that Brent is jealous. Alyssa – why? Christian – he did say .. I walked in on him saying how pretty you are so the fact that he thinks we’re in a showmance he would be jealous. Alyssa – I think he was joking about it .. I kind of hope so no?! Christian – I mean no one has any evidence. We were seen in the hammock together. Alyssa – you cuddle with people, I cuddle with people. Christian – when they catch us sucking each others faces off .. then that’s a different story. Alyssa – I don’t want us to say f**k it and then it ruin our chances. But I really don’t think its ruining our chances right now. We’re not doing anything. Are we really doing anything? Christian – its just the idea that we’re two people. Alyssa – but I enjoy hanging out with you. We’re not even a showmance. Christian – That’s why its like stupid because no matter what we do and we’re fantastic actors and have a huge falling out and continue that the entire summer. Alyssa – everyone is flirting in this house. Christian – I know what you mean. Whit flirts way more than you. Alyssa – I don’t even know how to flirt. Christian – you’re right you don’t. Alyssa – its over with now I think there are much bigger targets than two people that are attractive and sit on a f**king hammock sometimes.. There’s bigger threats. I just feel like we’re in a really good spot right now and I don’t want to ruin it. Part of me wants to say f**k it but I came here to get to the end. Chsistian – I think we’re in the best situation to get to the end. Alyssa – I think we say this but we don’t want to. They call over Tiffany. Alyssa to Tiffany – do we need to worry about hanging out? Tiffany – Not as long as Frenchie is going home. He is the only one that wanted to cut out showmances. I don’t care. Alyssa – because I don’t think anyone else is worried. Or sees us as a threat. Tiffany – it doesn’t bother me personally. Alyssa – its not like we’re sucking face. There’s no showmance. We just enjoy each others company. Tiffany – its just when you have two people that are closely bonded. Christian – its just like Travis and Derek X. Tiffany – people are always concerned about duos. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Frenchie comes out in the backyard asking who’s related? (Joking and thinking its a twist) Alyssa tells him that she and Christian are cousins. Tiffany tells Alyssa not to say that.

7:39pm Backyard. Sarah and Big D.
Sarah – I talked to Ky last night and I don’t think the veto is going to be used. So I think we have to decide whether we want to lose Frenchie or Britini. Which sucks because I don’t want to lose either of them. Big D – so what do you think we should do going into next week? I mean, we have to win and then where do we throw our shots at? Do we throw it Whitney and Brent? Sarah – That’s my plan. Big D – I am thinking the same thing because if not they’re going to get us. I just think that four man showmance is making me nervous. They’re always together. Frenchie joins them. Frenchie – I have fun being here. I don’t want to go. Big D – if they tell you theres a battle back will you do it? Frenchie – not if I have to wait four weeks. Big D – you don’t have to wait four weeks .. you really only have to wait two weeks. Sarah – it would be worth it, its a once in a life time opportunity. Frenchie – Okay, I’ll do it. Just because you asked.

7:55pm Frenchie and Sarah.
Frenchie – you’ve got to be the entertainment now SB. Sarah – Me?! Little old me?! I am too lazy. I just want to sleep all day. Brent was like they’re going to recast you. This girl just sleeps all day. Frenchie – I just got dealt a sh*tty hand. Sarah – I think the first two weeks are just crazy, its not even like how well you played the game. Frenchie – absolutely, well think about it. I put him up week one, he gets HOH and puts me up .. there is no way I am staying over Britini. People look at me as a threat. I’ve already heard twice from people that if I stay in the game I am going super far and they don’t want it.. so I am gone. Sarah – so you’re definitely not going to campaign against Britini? Frenchie – No. I can’t do it. My heart won’t let me do that. I really like her. She is my teammate. This is a team thing, not an I thing so she can stay here and help them and she doesn’t have the target on her back like I do. It just benefits our team for her to stay. Sarah – right. Frenchie – so if my dream gets cut short for being a team player then so be it. (WFT only one person will win this and its 750k for your family!) I know some people are screaming at me, like you’re an idiot. Its 750K but some things are more important than money. And if I walk out of here I’ll always know I’m a team player and that I went out with my head held high. Last night I had a family thing that I was dealing with and I got through that and I am back to my normal stupid self.

8:38pm Bedroom. Tiffany and Azah.
Azah – They’re going to be looking at targets and the easiest people they can pick on are people like us.. women of colour. (When Frenchie leaves) Tiffany – I mean whatever! I’m not worried about that. I am not about to be stress out about nothing in this house. Nothing! I just don’t operate like that. My every thought when I am walking around this house is not when am I going home. I don’t live my life like that. When I am thinking, I’ve got a kid that I am thinking about. I have a business I am thinking about. I’ve got a whole family. My mama is 80 years old. My mind is not always on this game. I am just deep in thought about life ..PERIOD! I don’t operate on a frantic paranoid what happens.. If I go home Azah.. I’m a go home. I can’t live in this house.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Tiffany – ..desensitized but I have been through enough in my life that.. unless I am dead I am not affected. That’s it. Whatever is supposed to happen will happen. Am I concerned about Frenchie going home not at all. I don’t feel like everyone else feel because at some point everybody has to go. It is what it is for me. I am sorry that I make you feel like I am worried, concerned or that I am down.. I am not. I’m good. Azah – okay. Tiffany – but I am going to fix myself so that you don’t have to feel that way about me. Azah – no you don’t need to fix yourself. If you say that you’re good, and you say that you’re good .. then we’re good. Tiffany – okay lets hug it out. Don’t worry about me. If you worry about me that makes me feel like I am doing something wrong. Azah – okay.

9:10pm – 9:20pm Backyard. Frenchie talking to the cameras
Frenchie – if you’re listening (he lists off his kids names). I love y’all. I can’t wait to see you. I’ve tried to figure out a way but it doesn’t look like its happening. I’ll probably see you guys soon. The cards were just dealt wrong. Nothing I can do about it. I don’t regret nothing. I gave that veto everything that I had. Just a little short that’s all. I hope y’all are doing good. I miss y’all like crazy. This house is full of fake people. Completely fake. I don’t know how to act around them. When I am around those types of people it just weirds me out a little bit. I don’t see how you can smile to someone’s face and then talk about them behind their back .. and then act like you ain’t do it. Blows my mind! There are only 3 people I trust in this house.. Tiffany, Big D and Sarah B. That’s it. Frenchie calls over to Tiffany by the laundry machine – will you do me a favor after I leave? Will you look out for Big D? Tiffany – I don’t know he kind of get on my nerve.. I just playing. I got to watch out for the people that feed me .. what kind of person would I be?! Frenchie – right.

10:10pm Bedroom. Tiffany and Frenchie.
Frenchie – don’t be mad at me. (Everyone keeps asking Tiffany what’s wrong with her.) Tiffany – I’m not mad at you. If anything I think you understand me. Frenchie – I do. Big D comes in and apologizes. Big D – you remind me of my mother. We have deep conversations. Tiffany – Azah pulls me aside ever ten minutes asking what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong with you. Don’t get in my head. I don’t want to be the angry black woman trending on twitter.

10:15pm The house guests are sitting around the living room chatting a laughing about random things.

10:20pm Big Brother gives them wine and beer.

11:10pm – 12:15am Living room. The house guests are playing the marry, f**k, Kill game and plan to play a round of the mafia game when Azah returns..

12:20am Backyard. Frenchie and Big D
Frenchie – Did you notice they’re trying to get close to everyone that I’m close to. They’re trying to make it unanimous. Big D – if you’re trying to pull something tomorrow and you’re not telling me about it. I mean hopefully it works. Frenchie – I am going to talk to Ky. And then I’m going to try and keep everyone away from him because every time I talk to him they run right up after me. Big D – you need to talk to Derek and make sure he knows you didn’t put him up and you saved him. Big Brother blocks the feeds.

12:26am HOH room. Frenchie and Kyland.
Frenchie – I made a mistake .. knowing that I have been nothing but loyal to you. I saved Derek week one from the block. He was never my target to an extent. He was when I heard they were coming after me. That is the only reason why and I told you from day one and even before your HOH he is loyal. Kyland – no, yeah we talked about this before. Frenchie – I really wish y’all would have come to me day two on my HOH. I would have worked with y’all. I would have worked with Travis. I wish y’all would have. But that is last week. People are going to see me as a threat. I am always going to be a bigger target than you. You’re not going to be HOH next week. Kyland – I am definitely aware of that. Frenchie – I would do for you what I did for Britini. Kyland – what was that. Frenchie – if I had won the veto, I would have put it around Britini’s neck. Kyland – would it be okay if we talked tomorrow. Frenchie – yes. They leave.

HOH room. Kyland and Claire.
Kyland – thanks for saving me (from Frenchie). I knew it was going to happen and I really didn’t want to talk. Claire – sorry we should have saved you. Kyland – I told him we could talk tomorrow. I really do think that he’s forgotten everything he’s said. He said that he saved Derek last week. And the first thing I thought was no Derek saved Derek.

12:40am – 12:55am Bedroom – Frenchie and Britini.
Frenchie – either you or I need some kind of power. I need some kind of leverage. I am telling you I will give them a damn show. All I need is a power.. it doesn’t even need to be a power. I need leverage. Here are the people you can trust in this game: Derek F, Azah, TIffany and Sarah Beth. Britini – what about Claire? Frenchie – probably. Damn if I had leverage I could talk him into it. Even if it wasn’t for me. I am going to tell him.. If I go out, let me go out like a man. I am going to tell him. I am going to try. I am going to go out swimming. I hope you win and you get revenge and that you look up to the camera and say this one’s for you Frenchie!

1:00 am Brit and Frenchie
Frenchie – Derek’s not going to use it cause I sent his best friend home last week I’m just saying that’s why
Brit – I’m about to throw fruit loops at everyone faces tomorrow
Brit says her target is Brent and Hannah
Frenchie says his targets are Brent and Whitney
Brit – If Brent comes down Chrisitan goes up if Hannah goes down Alyssa goes up
Frenchie says if Christian goes they can pull Alyssa in “Keep Alyssa around”
Frenchie – they both said they will take me out.
Brit says she’s going to gun for the HOH
Frenchie – I hope you get it and you look up at that screen and say that’s for you Frenchie
Brit – I’ll do it in the DR.. (HAHAHAHA)
Brit goes on about how muscular Ky is and she was only 14 seconds off from him in the veto “I’m more than a foot shorter than him”
Brit – I’m not scared of these people.
Frenchie – that’s why I love you.. You keep that mentality this whole game.
Frenchie – I promise that If I would have won that veto it would have gone around your neck
Frenchie – every single person told me I was safe this week when I was HOH.. Then what happened I went from being at the top of the house to going home.
Frenchie – as soon as I saw my picture I thought Bad move.. bad move (picture showing he’s nominated)
Frenchie – I would have had his back.. that’s what sucks. These people are using him.. they are manipulating him
Brit – I hope we get a hail marry of some time
Frenchie – I wish
Frenchie – who created the pranks? what the f** will there be for fun around here when I leave?
Frenchie – when everybody’s miserable when they are going after their throats what’s going to be fun here?
(LOL classic Frenchie the clown)
Brit – I don’t want you to leave
Frenchie – just saying for Y’all sake.. I’m telling behind the cameras I hope something comes through from America
Frenchie – I told everybody if this veto is not used there is no campaigning by me at least. Don’t ask me I’m not campaigning against you period don’t even ask.. don’t even try why don’t you fight to stay here. If I’m sitting next to you I won’t campaign.
Frenchie says Brit is his little sister
Brit – I don’t even want to do ONe on ONe
Frenchie says unless Big Brother or America steps in if the veto isn’t used tomorrow he’s going home
Frenchie – give me a bone..
Brit talks to the camera asking for Big Brother to do something to shake up the house cause neither of them wants to go through the trouble of doing it themselves.
Frenchie – if I stay here I’m telling you America I will go Crazy (too late) by Crazy I’m not talking mentally I’m talking about straight-up go get her everybody on the hit list will go home I promise Everyone will go home.. I will win HOH next week (Just like you won Wildcard and Veto this week?)
Frenchie goes on about getting revenge on the jocks “I’m tired, America you’re tired of the Jock alliance. I’m a super fan that has watched since season 1 I know I’m tired of it you’re tired of it”
Frenchie asking for a twist to save him and telling “Big BRother” if they don’t then some imaginary “Jock alliance” will take over the house and it’ll be boring.
Brit – it’s true
Frenchie – please do something.. don’t let this be lopsided.. it’s always lopsided. If you send me home you might as well call this season BIG JOCK cause that’s what it will become
Frenchie – if I go out I’ll go out swinging, I won’t down anyone during the veto ceremony I won’t blow anybody’s game up at the ceremony

8:44 am ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

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Houka Inumuta

Sarah Beth is so amazing. I can’t even think of one person who is after her.

I predict that she will win. Everything that comes out of her mouth is genius.


I have to agree that I like her gameplay so far. It was a good strategic move not to accept safety when she won the competition


I find SB’s voice to be incredibly soothing. Whenever she has a DR I float away.


and she’s cute

Christime Ahrens

Sarah is not amazing a those girls r worthless


Yawn…. I wish they were more interesting.

Even the showmance is dull.

So who do I cheer for this year?


While I am against the showmance (Alyssa deserves better than Christian), there are a number of people that are quite interesting and might show more of what they can do if they vote Frenchie out


Feeds are on a lull because Frenchie’s exit appears to be a done deal. But we have a lot of players who are here to play this season. People I’m cheering for: Tiffany, Claire, Kyland, and Derek X.


Honestly, this has been the most promising cast in awhile. I’m intrigued and can’t wait to see how things play out. I like several people so far, I second San_Diego_Gal, I like Tiffany, Claire, Kyland, and Derek X, I’ll add Sarah Beth in that mix too.

Fraggle Rockbottom

Sheesh, I was going to use the same first word, but nevermind. I have given up on watching this nonsense. In other news, which Feeds Golf may like is that Big Brother Australia will be filming BB VIP(Celebrity BB) within the week to be aired later this yr. Their format is simply better along with their casting choices.

Miss Impression

You must be cheering for Paramount + since you are paying them to watch.


I just watched the live show. In Kyland’s edit, he makes complete sense. Meanwhile, Simon & Dawg are gonna need hazard pay for transcribing him on the feeds.

As for this update, my favorite line from Frenchie is: “I just got dealt a sh*tty hand.” The lack of self-awareness is what makes him the Ultimate Glue Clown.


Well, it’s not like he made promises he didn’t keep, created dozens of alliances with many of the same people, change his target every time he talked at someone, or created an all women’s alliance for their own good so he could lead them to victory!

Paul Sucks

And that was just his first week! Imagine if he would have played for two weeks of safety and won it. He would win BB solidifying his title of BB GOAT.

I am amazed that a guy who is going out week two still thinks he is one of the best. He literally had two shots at Safety this week and failed at getting either and now he wants a special power because the two chances weren’t enough.

He must be sniffing the premium Elmers for that kind of contact high!


I’m surprised he rolled over so fast. I would have thought he had more fight in him.

He’s at the stage where he’s begging Production for a twist and threatening the season will be boring without him.. LOL


I don’t think there will be as much chaos, which some really enjoy, but for those more interested in gameplay it’ll still be a good season. No one really stands out as a total waste, not even Frenchie. Although Derek F. is really bringing down the average.


I am hoping we see a different Derek F and Azah once he is officially out of the door


I hope this cookout blows up in their face(BOOM)
I would put up Tiffany and Azah!

It’s not game related making it about race, I don’t like what they are doing; the whole fake crying missing your kids when Derek x and Alyssa walked in the ship room give me a break!
I hope the wannabe grillmasters BBQ clambake gets roasted into FLAMES! Clever they are not.


Interested in watching an episode of “BIG JOCK” sounds kinda hot.

Simon's Cat



just remember how derek and ian made a deal with every1 samething is happening frenchie! he the heel and face of the house


excitement over, good start this season,
now the weeks of unanimous evictions starts,
only excitement will alcohol fueled
my opinion, lol


Are there any big jocks in the house? I mean there are two strong looking guys but that’s it.


I’m looking forward to Frenchie’s exit interview. Hopefully Julie Chen will give him a reality check.

Ms Taz

Can Fry survive?




Production would have to be brutally heavy handed for him to stay.


idea, when u click on one of the faces on top of page, should take you to


Thanks, Brains! Great idea.


Him and his “big Jock alliance” This season to me has the less Jock type Ive seen. Its more strong women and brains that I see. haha

Christime Ahrens

Kyland better screw his head on his right ends tonite. You can run in the next hoh. Go brent… put kykand and Derek x up