“BRAH.. At the end of the day, I asked him to throw the comp and he didn’t ” ** updated **

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1:12 am – 2:30 am Ky and Azah (this conversation is a tough one to follow)
Ky – are you okay?
Azah – I’m fine
Azah – I want to discuss the HOH competition today. Why did you keep picking me
Ky – I don’t know what other allies Britini has and Britini picked me before she picked Xavier and Alyssa which is what she told me she would have done based on the conversations we’ve had all week
Azah – there’s other allies she has is DF but you picked me first
Ky – Yeah I picked you first DF talked about wanting to win
Azah – you were on the block with Christian who was close to Alyssa and who you knew was target you yet you picked me (huh)
Ky – yeah because it would make the most sense cause I don’t have Alyssa targeting Sarah Beth as far as the perceptions of the house is that… .
Azah – why are we talking about Sarah Beth
Ky – you said the person targeting the person who was on teh block
Azah – you were on the block you are close with Sarah Beth and Alyssa was close to Christian and in their efforts to stay in the house they were targeting you and saying they were coming after you but the person you were targeting was Britini
Ky – lets be clear the person targeting me before they targeted anyone else
Azah – you kept on picking me while other people were picking you
Ky – To be clear Tiffany picked me and you together my options are only people from the cookout. Tell me who I should have picked and why?
Azah – you could have picked X given the Dynamics that you knew Christian and Alyssa were coming after you
Ky – everyone in this house has different perspectives of who is or isn’t coming after them. for you to say that Alyssa and X are coming after me isn’t correct.
Azah – the perspective is Britini is coming after you
Ky – the perspective out there is for everyone watching her pick me after all the house had agreed that Alyssa was the next target.. YEAH
Azah – all the house agreed Alyssa was the target?
Ky – all the house agreed that Alyssa and Christian were the people they’re after.
Azah says the she thought Sarah Beth was the house target everyone she talked to inside and outside the cookout held that thought.
Azah – we also agreed together that Sarah Beth was the next person to leave next week
Ky – that’s not true
Azah – hold on a second
Ky – I’ll hold on a second but I’m not cool with you accusing me incorrectly
Azah – you said this yourself
Ky – I would appreciate a sense of coming into a conversation with an intention of understanding as opposed to an intention of stating what it is you want to state.

Ky – If you have feelings you want to state I’m cool with that if you have actual clarity desire that would be preferred. That is why I am asking if the latter is your preference then I would love to create a conversation here that can be achieved. I apologize for interrupting you if you are going to list multiple things that could be challenging in terms of wanting to have these questions addressed.

Ky goes on about wanting questions individually if she piles them on one atop another and some of them are disputed “it creates a leading question that is on a foundation that does not necessarily makes for the most productive conversations”
Azah – I’ll respond to that by stating things I heard from the cookout
Ky says it would be helpful if she stated things how she recalled them.

Azah – you stated that you had no problem going up as a pawn with Sarah Beth, You stated that Sarah Beth can go next week. I heard from other members of the cookout that Sarah Beth can go next week My understanding is Sarah beth was the person to go next week. It’s a bit hard for Sarah Beth to go if you are the HOH.
Azah – it comes off that a person is placing their personal game ahead of the alliance

Ky – there’s going to be different targets for the cookout. There will be different targets for people in the house I am being told by people in the house that HEY this is what the house is looking at.
Ky says the house is saying “this is what we’re going to do”
Ky – it’s difficult to not take that into consideration as I’m making decisions at the moment.

Ky – I stated to multiple people votes going a certain way I am fine being a pawn against Sarah Beth So we can send her home. I also stated to multiple people including yourself that the people I had talked to about the master plan is Sarah Beth OR CLaire have to be the first two to go. I am open to Sarah Beth being the first one I see strategic value in that.
Ky says he was balancing the efforts of getting one of those two out first and keeping the cookout hidden
Ky says the reason they were wanting to send Sarah Beth out was for people in the house and Jury to have be able to discuss the cookout’s existence especially if there is a battle back

Azah says he is doing a lot of talking right now and she wants a chance to be heard before he goes into long explantations
Azah – this is turning into an interview instead of me being able to get my feelings across
Ky – I think a conversation is one person talks another person talks. We’re still in the conversation so to suggest I am talking more before the conversation has reached completion is a little bit premature
Azah – you’re telling me to ask questions and you are giving long explanations
Ky – Yeah ..
Azah – if that’s what you want FINE
Ky – it’s not fine let’s have an actual conversations
Azah – keep talking.. I don’t feel heard
Ky – how about we drop the attitude on both parts and reset and come back to a conversation where we are bringing good intentions and goodwill
Azah – I’m fine with resetting with that.

They move to the couch where Ky apologize for “not doing better” Azah apologizes for her attitude
Azah says she had asked him and X to throw it to her and they agreed then Kyland didn’t do that. He is saying that he felt uncertain about the powers.
Azah – you are putting your personal game ahead of the alliance
Ky isn’t worried about the powers he knows they have the votes with the cookout.
Ky says he thought X was saying to throw it to Tiffany. Azah says X was clear he was talking about Azah
Ky – I’m just not how I interpreted it that that moment. That is not the interaction I recall at the moment. I am 100% down that I am incorrect in that regard.
Ky says most likely DX will have to move up on the list as he’s more likely to get a power and win a competition “these were new things I as thinking”
Ky says if the 6 makes a decision that they can’t move forward unless Sarah Beth goes this week than he can make that happen “err put the moves in place to make that happen”
Ky says the reason he talked about losing the comp was so he didn’t have to do that but if needed he can do that.

Ky says he can make the best decision for the 6 this week with the knowledge there are powers. mentions they had a plan of who to do first but that was before the powers.
Azah – I don’t think this conversation is going to be productive I’m sorry
Ky – what is your goal?
Azah – it’s fine.. I don’t think this is going anywhere maybe it’ll go another day but it’s not.. it’s not there
Ky – it’s unfortunate it doesn’t have to be that way
Ky – why not say your goal
Azah – I said that already
Ky – is it possible for you to say it another way so that both of us understand it?
Azah – Ky I don’t think we’ll get there tonight I don’t know.. what you told me on the stage and what you are saying now are two different things
Azah – you already know where I am at you know what I am committed to

They go on with this conversation. discussing tone and Energy. They talk in long-winded circles about Ky saying on the stage he would throw it to her and he didn’t.
Ky – the main thing is someone in the 6 was going to win
Azah – you are Bs’ing me .
Azah – we all looked around on that couch it was a beautiful thing all our people were there. If you wanted to go for it that’s fine

Azah says she at the end of the day she’s committed to what they are doing with the 6.
Azah – I’m trying to understand your explanation .. I just don’t get it. If I am on the couch with somebody and it’s a split-second decision and the person said they wanted me to do that for them and they are in an alliance with them they knew they were safe with me. I think you need to understand why someone would feel slighted if the other friend on the couch is ok..
Ky says he 100% understand what she is describing “you are describing a situation how you see it what I’m saying is there was more factors to what you are saying”
They continue to talk about this for until 2:30 am

2:31 am Azah and DF
Azah crying
Azah – when you talk to him he talks like someone that read success books every day like Tony Robins. It went nowhere. At the end of the day, I asked him to throw the comp and he didn’t
Azah – he’s giving the explanation that makes it seem like that wasn’t a self-interest. At the end of the day, he kept picking me
DF – you have to stay strong. you have to
Azah – he’s sitting there saying all this bullshit
DF – guess what now that he’s saying this. Don’t throw sh1t to him
Azah – the thing that hurt my feels is
DF – he lied
Azah – when it came down to us nobody was there.
DF – take a deep breath. We cannot let people see this
DF – you can’t break if you break now we’re not going to make it we’re not.
Azah – I feel like I’m committed to what we have and he isn’t
DF – moving forward we now know. just now don’t throw it to nobody unless they’re BIGD

Azah goes on to explain when they were on the couch and there were only members of the cookout left she asked Ky to throw the HOH to her.
Azah – he didn’t, he’s trying to give me some Tony Robbins Answer to why he didn’t
DF – if he made a promise to the 6 then none of us should end up on the block at all he should be making a MOVE a BIG MOVE. That is what I’m telling him tonight. He needs to give up that Sarah Beth Or Alyssa. One of those two has got to go. Alyssa is onto us if she wins a power we’re f**ed I am telling him tonight

Azah says Ky’s answers to why he didn’t throw the HO Hto her were answers of someone not concerned about the six.
Azah says Ky wanted questions she gives him a question he talks for 30 minutes, “I’m like this is getting nowhere. He is saying I am speaking with too much energy”
Azah – BRAH I asked you to throw the comp and you didn’t
DF – I’m going to give him a reality check. BRAH it’s time you have to let Sarah Beth go. that is the only way we’re going to know if his head is where it is
DF – who do you want DX or Sarah Beth?
DF – I thought the end goal was for you or Tiffany to win

Azah says X was willing to throw the Competition even though he knew Alyssa could go up.
Azah – I hate when people speak in a flowery language like BRAH get to the point. You don’t need to give me 100 explanations before you get to your point

Xavier joins them.
Azah – our conversation didn’t go anywhere.. Tony Robbins quotes. all that

2:56 am Tiffany and Kyland
Tiff – as bad as I wanted it I realized a couple of things I won’t even desire a letter or picture it fussies my desire for winning an HOH that is not what I need it and two I’m probably not HOH right now you are a better person to handle this situation than me. I wanted to win it for my own personal reasons. I’ve been so emotional these past three days I did not need to win.
Tiff – YOu are a very good leader and right now I think that is what we need.
Tiff – you are more focused than me I am glad it’s you and not me and I’m sorry for you
Kyland – I appreciate the things you are saying
Tiff says Azah is challenging to talk to “now you know how I feel”
Ky – I do, I was just like do you want us to understand each other?
Tiff – no she wants to be right
Tiff was going to talk to him she felt bad she felt disconnected with Ky.
Tiff says she’s learned with Azah to let her talk and says she’s right then go off and do her own thing “It’s tough”

3:08 am – 4:05 am Kyland and Hannah (this is another conversation that spans close to an hour but a section wasn’t shown on the feeds)
Hannah – so you didn’t want this one?
Ky – no
Hannah – you and Tiff are fine?
Ky says she is she’s just down for losing and not getting a letter.
Hannah – are you and Azah are ok
Ky – we’re not on the level but similar to Azah and Tiff now. she’s not going to send us home before the 6
Hannah – I believe that to
Ky says BIGD and Azah weren’t handling ‘this’ in a way that helps the six. Points out that them backing Brit in this way doesn’t help the 6
Hannah – I agree with that
Hannah asks if there is an issue within the 6 between DF, Azah, Ky, Tiff.
Ky doesn’t think so.
Hannah – having an open line of communication will help us there’s been bouts of distrust in this group.
Hannah – if half of us can’t even communicate where does that leave us in the 6?
Ky starts going over his frustration with the Azah conversations.
Hannah says Claire has only had BIGD in her mouth..
Feeds flip when we’re back they are talking about the powers.
Hannah – you can start the week with two nominees and end with two different nominees.
KY is worried the one power in the high roller room will be a coup d’etat
Hannah says Britini will get the most votes from America (Yikes)
Ky says it will Brit, Alyssa and DX
Hannah says Brit, Alyssa and X
feeds flip.. when we’re back
Hannah says Claire isn’t a strong competitor and she’s not going to get a lot of America’s votes “You can send Claire home but we won’t be accomplishing much’
Hannah – all these people will have to go eventually if we stick to this plan
Hannah – SB that would be best for my personal game. She was really pushing for me for going on the block as the target a couple of weeks ago
Ky – she changed that from BEFORE the wall
Hannah – has she thought?
Ky – YEAH, Completely that was her thing before the wall
Hannah says that X is Alyssa’s number 1 by default.
Hannah pushes for Alyssa to go.
Ky what would be the new order after Alyssa.. DX moves up I don’t know what that will be
Ky – I don’t want to be in a situation where SB is pushed further back. my plan was to have her go first.
Hannah – DX would have to go next then Sb after. I wouldn’t want to happen you lose Sb and you and X are left in a vulnerable position and DX ends up winning the next HOH
Ky – is there a chance DX will go after Sb?
Hannah – yes
Ky – DX is so tight with a lot of members in this house
Hannah – DX I would like him to go next week but with him it’s situational it’s possible that DX will be the last pawn standing
Hanna – in the event he is. worst comes to worst he takes out a member of the cookout. It wouldn’t be me it wouldn’t you or TIFF it wouldn’t be Azah. We can convince him to take out BIGD he’s only here for the reality fame anyways he wouldn’t be able to play the following week and we get him out.
Ky says his preference is to not send SB home this week “there’s a lot of rationale behind that besides my personal game”
Hannah – I would prefer it if DX goes next he has the means to take that shot at you or X
Hannah – he’ll put you up against SB which is the point of us having pawns.
Hannah – if Alyssa goes this week Sb should not go after.
Hananh – DX will have to go when X wins HOH or SB

Ky says Claire is more likely to vote in evictions against the 6
Hannah – Claire and DX
Ky – yeah
Ky says he’s hesitant about talking about Alyssa to Xavier.
Ky – I need help having that conversation with X
Hannah – you want me to be there
Ky – yes
Hannah – Ohh cool
Ky – so who would you put up?
Hannah – Alyssa/Brit, Alyssa/X, Alyssa/Claire
Hannah – how will X take it if you put up Alyssa nad X
Ky – Nobody will take it well
Ky says that is why he’s thinking Alyssa nad BIGD
Hannah – who is the least likely to receive that 100 from America?
Ky – CLaire
Hannah – or do you want to put up next to Alyssa someone who is likely to win that 100 dollars.. Brit or BIGD or X I feel like it’ll be those three that win. (ZOMG)

3:40 am – 4:00 am Tiffany and Azah
Tiffany – the tension between you and I. It could be real but I am thinking for the 6 to remain under the radar it’s good for us so fix whatever you gotta fix. I know Ky is rolling with 6 regardless I know we are rolling with 6 you still gotta be comfortable with him.
Tiffany says the more it looks like they are disagreeing it helps them stay under the radar.
Azah – the conversation went nowhere.. Girl, he talks like Tony Robins he talks like he reads how to be Successful in 90 days
Tiffany – it was a TED talk.
Azah says Kyland winning this HOH was not for the 6.
Azah – he’s trying to make it seem like when I was sitting next to him and X he didn’t hear me tell him I would like to win this when he agreed. X who was sitting across from me agreed as well.
Azah gives highlights from her Ky conversation. “you said you were worried about the power. .that seems like you are worried about yourself. at the end of the day, there was only cookout members left if there were members not then I would understand”
Tiff – what is he worreid baout
Azah – he’s worried about himself
Tiff – that is why I am so mad Azah. I WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN THAT
Tiff – he could have answered wrong but I don’t think he knew what the right answer was
Azah – in my head he didn’t know the answer
Tiff- he’s so smart it’s hard for me to believe he didn’t know something
Azah – at the end of the day it’s shady what he did he’s giving me this book of explanations. He gave me some bullshit
Tiff says she’s scared that Ky is making plays for his individual game (the nerve)
Azah says Kyland’s been going on all week about he wanted SB first in jury and they can put him up next to her.
Tiff – that is why he wanted to win
Azah says Ky spoke for 30 minutes on tangents and never allowed her to speak or explain where she was coming from

Azah – that Nigga is going to hit the block next week
they hug
Tiff – she can’t win next week
Azah – it will be mental. damn Kyland is smart ..
they talk about how quick Kyland was with hitting the button.
Azah – he said that the house has BRitini as the target. I said what house has Britini as a target. I said at this point the house is Alyssa, Claire, DX that’s the house
Azah – I warned him last week BRAH you girl is running around like moaning myrtle and it’s annoying people. You are really close to her and you are making yourself a bigger target.
Tiff – he was Surprised. which bewilders me
They agree SB was playing up the tears and Ky was encouraging it. It didn’t work it turned people off.

They hug
Tiff – I think Claire is going up I wouldn’t be surprised.. if he put up SB he might gain some respect for me. (LOL so he’s got to take out his pawn instead of one of your pawns)

4:07 am – 4:50 am DX and Kyland
DX – what can I do to help
Ky – be you.. win this power.
Ky – I hope it’s skill-based (to win the powers)
Ky – I expected to go up next to SB but I expected second next to Alyssa the fact I was first. I was like well I don’t know what the f* is going on I better win this.
Ky – what are you thinking in general
DX – What do I think about the game.. You’re a f**ing stud
Ky – thank you
DX – dude F***Ing.. I was like BRO what .. I was like this guy has the fastest hands in the BB house
DX – I was talking to Azah downstairs she’s confused why she was picked multiple times
Ky – the person closest to her picked me
Ky – I finally got a taste of what Tiff has been talking about. I was like OHH Tiff doesn’t handle it a good way but now I’m thinking she may be right about the interactions.
Ky – after both of them are telling me they are targeting Alyssa why would you pick me and SB (First in the HOH Comp)
Ky – from Azah’s perspective why would she be confused.. I don’t even feel like targeting Azah or Britini for the record.
DX – Azah I’m pretty sure if she won wouldn’t have gone after Alyssa this week
Ky – would her target had been me or SB
DX – SB I could see
DX corrects himself and says he feels pretty confident Azah would have put up Alssya.
Dx says Azah didn’t want to target one team so that is why she put up Ky and Alyssa (in the HOH Knockout comp?)
DX – if you took out a joker would you consider that a successful HOH
Ky – I have no intentions of sending BRit home I’m wondering if I need her up, OR Azah or BIGD next to someone else.
Ky – no one is NOT on the list so lets assume no one is not on the list. Who would be a successful HOH to send home?
DX – I’ll share my opinion, I’ll be honest with you two house targets coming out of last week were SB and Alyssa
Ky doesn’t want to risk SB going up.
DX – DUDE do not take out SB BRO what the F****
Ky – it’s the dumbest thing.. then people will know there’s no limit
DX – you take out SB I’m getting therapy bro (LOL me too in a bottle of Kraken)
Ky – that is a VOTE for you in Jury DO NOT take out SB
Ky – thank you I felt that

Ky – If Alyssa went this week could you take that shot at SB next week
DX – If I win next week I’m thinking of saying f** it and taking out X . I feel that is a straight shot for us
Ky says the fact nobody picked X yesterday in the HOH had him worried “What the F** if the target is SB and Alyssa why not pick the guy close to them”
DX – do you think there’s such a thing as taking out X too early
Ky – yes
Ky – I’m afraid to put Alyssa next to X because honestly the guy thing even though apparently no one will sent him f**ing home .. I dunno maybe it’s not.
DX – let’s say X goes home this week. Next week?
KY – Next week I lose the safety with Alyssa that I have this week
DX says if they take out X there are only two guys left in the game it’s easy for them both to go up (cough cough BIGD?)

DX says that might not be true Tiff doesn’t like Azah, “I don’t see these girls banding together, Claire, Tiff, Hannah I see them riding with us I don’t see that turning”
Ky – yeah yeah I agree
DX goes on about how dangerous X is. He’s well-liked and has been purposely underperforming in Compeittions. “the last three people that left this house all loved X”
Ky says the girls in the house all love X
Ky – I’m thinking Brit maybe just leave her for a while. Do I love X? maybe I do.. (lol)
DX – X isn’t coming for us. Neither was Christian
Ky – fair point

Ky pulls out some props he’s going with questions Like DX is but with a slight variation “I don’t want people to have the opportunity to talk to each other and know what he’s asking”
Ky – so what I am thinking is getting .. .I need to create a physical apparatus of what I am thinking.
He’s making a grid on the bin lids. one grid is visible to who he’s talking to the other grid is hidden.
Ky – DX you are red.. I’ll ask four questions.. first up who’s your number one person to go up they put Azah.. I’ll ask who is your second they put SB (For example)
KY – then I have a recorded vote of who people will put up.
Ky says he can then say at the end of the day this is who the house wanted up this is how the vote turned out I had nothing to do about it, “then we figure out the powers”
Ky – honestly I will probably end up putting up Alyssa and X
DX – Alyssa and X.. what about..

DX – this is how I would hedge it My target is Alyssa but I wouldn’t put her up against X. The odds are pretty high that they have a power and I’m scared one of the powers will be literally to take down both noms. Worst case scenario both of them come down.
DX – I would only put one up so there’s always another one I can put up
DX – if Alyssa is going on the block she would go home I wouldn’t want to antagonize Britini so I would put up a real pawn like BIGD
DX – I would want to put up a real pawn
Ky adds another tactic he’ll employ with his grid is he’ll show them fake results that other people are telling him
Ky says his questions will only take 2 minutes he’ll ask them two more questions either yes or no.
“Who do you think is the most trustworthy person in the house”
DX – who do you think will win 100 dollars
Ky – BOOM..
Ky – who do you think is.. something along the lines who do you not to go up other than yourself
DX – have you heard anyone say your name
Ky will do that one plus “Who is someone you would like to see is up on the block next week”

Ky adds once he’s done asking the questions and the grid is complete he’ll take it downstairs and show everyone.
Ky – it’s dramatic it’s visual
Ky – it won’t show the colours it will have the anonymous ones

(Kyland isn’t sure what he’s going to do with the grid yet)
Ky – everyone is going to see what I want them to see

4:57 am – 5:35 am DF and Ky
DF – go to bed take time to think about it.. soak in the fact there’s a power thing.
Kyland asks what if he puts up Alyssa tells Azah that is his target if veto is used Claire goes up would she rather be the pawn or Brit.
Ky – let her pick
DF – oh my got I can’t afford to see brit up there again
DF wants to go up beside Brit.
DF says once they get to 6 he’s putting up the emotional women in the 6

5:40 am Kyland talking to Cameras finally sleeping at 5:44 am (Good god what a long night)

7:25 am OMFG they are up .. this is prejury BB16 level insomnia..

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Please let there be a Kyland DR where he says “Why the #%%%€€* would I throw a competition, especially now?!” That is how I feel. No one should be throwing competitions at this point of the game


Heck yeah, it’s Jury baby! Wouldn’t look good on the resume to be throwing things if you want to win.

Blake Farnsworth

Are you Nate?


A-freaking-men Robert! The CO has the numbers to control the vote going forward. Whoever wins HOH gets to choose the eviction order (who goes that week). If a CO member wants that power, they need to win the HOH.


I’m SO over people complaining about not getting a competition win THROWN to them.

Man or woman up and win it yourself you weak @ss b*tch!

I understand there are times when people want to throw competitions but it is THEIR choice to do so so if Kyland wins HOH for the second time then oh well he won fair and square.

If anything though it just makes him look stronger so the haters that wanted the HOH win handed to them should use that as ammo against someone like that.

I would hope it wouldn’t really work though because players like Kyland, Derek X, and Xavier so far deserve to win this game much more than people like Azah, Derek F, and Alyssa.

Karen Petty

I agree completely. What does she expect? To have the game thrown to her. This is big brother! Stop whining!


I’m mad at you because you won the HOH instead of throwing it to me?!?!?! What show does Azah think that she signed-up for?!?!?!

At this point, the CO should just agree that they do not vote to evict one another. That’s the extent of the alliance. If a CO member wants to choose who goes next, they need to win HOH and have the power to nominate. This “throw the comp to me” bulls%#t is exhausting.


She wasn’t the only one who foolishly complained. If I read correctly X did as well


X is my winner pick but I can see his weaknesses. For so long loyalty to Kings and I think TCO will be his weakness if he doesn’t make big moves before it. Though since DX is outside it he can take him out. Hannah is technically extension but I can’t see X taking her out. TCO is making everyone’s game difficult.


TCO sucks because plus ones are being overprotected

Big Brother 23 Fan

Tiffany threw a huge fit that he didn’t throw it to her. Why would he throw it to Tiffany of all people?

double d

Is this the longest run to start the season that a female hasn’t won HOH?


Listening to Ky talk is painful.


By tonight we’ll know. Then see how Veto goes tomorrow

another name

TV only crowd is, imo going to be a bipartisan mashup.
Those viewers that like cookout vs. those viewers that hate cookout.
Part of what will make up their mind: whose personality are they seeing most (and therefore connecting with).
Looked up the D/R tally for the season so far:
Claire has the least D/R inclusion in the episodes. By far. Like her D/R count is closer to Travis’ and dwarfed by Frenchie’s level least inclusion.
Most of the cookout and Dx nearly double her exposure to the episode audience in D/R.
Not good for a viewer vote if the viewers never see a houseguest.

Nicole Bouthot

Kyland should not be the one to put SB up and it is stupid for them to expect him to. She is his +1 Pawn. Put up Alyssa and DF or Alyssa and X like the Cookout had planned to do with their pawns.


So you all bleep out the curse words (i.e. f**k) in your recaps but put the full spelled out N word in the recap? Please help me understand


Why would you or any white person want to say the word?

Golden Gate Granny

I’m not afraid to state the obvious… “nigga” is WAYYY different, and more subdued, than “n1gg$r” in our stupid society.

Yes, both are vile. So yeah, EVERYONE should stop using them. And, the messenger should NEVER be shamed. Pfft.


They are both derogatory words and are censored in most arenas. I’m asking why ‘messenger’ will censor out a curse word but not the N word. I have every right to ask.
I’m glad you feel comfortable enough to spell out both “vile” as you say terms on the post. SMH

Golden Gate Granny

Thank you. I agree 100 percent. Coming from a Diverse Mutt.


A person should be playing for themselves above any alliance. I really like Azah but sometimes she’s too sensitive for this game