“I want Tiff gone and if I win this next one Ky will do what I want. That will be to get rid of Tiff.”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Alyssa and X are nominated. Alyssa is the target. Alyssa winning Veto could bring some drama.

8:41 am Feed return POWer of Veto players were picked
Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire

8:55 am DF back in his spot. X pacing around.
DF – my bed feels off since you’ve been in it.. what are you thinking
X – Didn’t seem that Tiffany and Hannah weren’t thrilled with the picks..
DF – well no she wants to keep nominations the same
X – why would she be upset it’s pretty much her against everybody else
DF – I don’t know.. maybe in her perfect world, it would be Claire and Ky up there
X – she could have picked, Claire
DF – you have to think about it.. she knows she’s better off by picking Hannah because Hannah can do more stuff than Claire.
DF – you can just talk to her I don’t know where her heads at..
X – no I’m not going to talk to her. Its interesting after the picks they were in the kitchen whispering and sh1t
DF – Tiff is worried that when we get down to this her and Ky will be first. To me personally, the reason I don’t want to work with her is.. Because how she was early in this game.
Feeds flip to the kitchen…. When we’re back
DF – I would rather lose this game at 5 as long as she’s out before me. I can sleep pretty with that. that’s my mindset.
DF – she’s freaking out cause she’s like who is she going to work with.. She’s got, Hannah. I mean Azah wanted to work with her a long time ago she turned it down.
Azah joins them.
DF says Tiff knows it’s best to keep nominations the same.
Azah – if I win what..
Feeds cut.. When we’re back
Azah – in this double eviction do you plan to go for HOH
X isn’t sure.
Azah – I don’t want claire to win on the other hand the 6 scares me the most being able to play on the six. (HOH)
Azah says on “one hand” she wants Kyland to win the next HOH so that he can’t play on the 6th HOH. Azah thinks Ky will put her up if he wins.
X leaves.
DF says Hannah will take him out if she has the opportunity “She doesn’t want the social threat going in far”
DF says the people taking him out are “Hannah, Tiff, and Ky in that order”

DF – Both of us were upset that Tiffany took a selfish move.. where do you think his [x] head’s at?
DF – if you are looking at the six of us you feel like Ktyland is the most threat I feel like Tiffany is the most threat.
DF – Tiff and Hannah are going to want to get rid of Kyland
Azah – Tiff doesn’t want to get rid of Kyland
Df – ME..
Azah – can I be hoenst. I think she would go for X
DF – I know that.. mmmhmmmm and he sees that (LOL)
Feeds flip.. To Claire and Tiffany

9:00 am Claire and Tiffany
Tiffany – Azah was staring at me so hard, but I can never read her look
Claire – I don’t think Azah uses it
Tiff – what about BIGD
Claire – BIGD uses it on X
They start to speculate what veto is.

9:13 am BIGD and Azah
DF – if someone is going to be shocked this season it’ll be me sending her a$$ out the door
DF – that’s why she wants Alyssa gone. They better pray Alyssa don’t win today.. I feel like I need to win veto so she doesn’t try to pull any moves.. you know use the veto on Alyssa and put me up next to X
Azah – I hope not that’s suicide.. she would be saying goodbye to her whole game. She would say goodbye to five votes in Jury,.
DF – everyone better pray Alyssa don’t win veto today
DF – it’s better for you and X to play when we get to six (HOH)
Azah – let Kyland win this next one?
DF – No I want to win this next one. I want Tiff gone and if I win this next one Ky will do what I want. That will be to get rid of Tiff.
DF – that’s why I’m going to win this next one.
DF – no one is looking at Hannah that worries me
Azah – Hannah is collateral damage because he’s not first, second or third in people’s heads.
Azah – I got you, I got X and I trust Tiffany. You, You got X you got me and you like Ky.
DF – even though I like Ky I don’t like KY enough to want to solidify and work something with him
Azah – for me If I can’t get rid of Ky, the the next choice is Tiffany
Df – right
Azah – Sorry.. is HANNAH
DF – I get that. My hit list is Tiffany, Hannah, or Ky that’s how I look at it.
DF – we just don’t need to Claire to win. If Claire wins it’s me and X of Me and Ky
Azah – Claire wins this next one put up you and X I win Veto who do I take down?
Tiffany joins them.

9:40 am Tiff and the jokers
Tiff tells them they have to keep the nominations the same.
Azah – I would never think of putting you in that position
Tiff says Claire knows if X comes down she’s not putting up Kyland.
Tiff – She would not expect me to put Ky up she would think he goes home.
DF – she wants to keep someone that is a bigger target. you would have to put me up
Tiff – she wants Alyssa to go this week she would want me to put someone up there to ensure Alyssa goes home
DF – which would be me
Tiff – it would be you
DF – I know that.. I’m the back up
Tiff – if X comes down
Tiff – I need you both to go for Veto

9:53 am X and Tiff
Tiff says she wants him to go for the veto she would like noms to stay the same but if he needs to win it for her to go home than he needs to win it.

9:56 am Alyssa crying “I feel so weak I have to compete.. it’s just not fair”
DF – did you eat something
Alyssa – I’m trying
Azah – you have a prot4ein shake
Alyssa – I don’t want to eat that stuff ..
Alyssa – they want me to have energy in there I don’t care anymore.. I’m not going to win what’s the point.
Alyssa – I don’t care anymore
Jokers give her a pep talk.
Alyssa – if X wins I go home. One of you two will go up.

10:20 am DF and Hannah
DF says he’s willing to win the next HOH so that the rest of the cookout can play in the 6th HOH. (throw the next HOH to me so I can win it)

10:00 am Azah and X
Azah asks if he’s talked to Tiff about where his head is at when they get to six
X says he hasn’t “There’s only two people that have gone against the grain of the group” (Ky/Tiff)

Azah – Kyland has put Claire up twice and Claire wouldn’t put up Kyland.
X – really
Azah – yeah

Azah now says that Tiff told her Claire wouldn’t expect her to put up Kyland
Azah – maybe I’m missing something I thought they didn’t like Kyland too
Azah – can I be honest X. Claire probably sees you as a threat.
X points out Tiff, Kyland and HIm all won the most competitions and only he’s the only one to sacrifice sh1t.
(Veto is apparently in the basement this week)

10:55 am DF helping X with his nails.

11:30 am
waiting for the Veto to start.

11:36 am
After spending the last 30 minutes outside of the yacht room the Jokers head back to sleep.

11:55 am everyone chit chating or sleeping. Waiting for the veto to start.

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No fave yet

Alyssa “wahhh”. She acts like she is the only person on slop. So unfair…….


She is the only person that has been on slop 3 times but she did it to herself cause the kings volunteered for it before


I remember when Chicken George was on slop for 6 weeks in a row in BB7.


He had a week slop pass given week 5 by Marcellas after his week 3 punishment so it wasn’t six weeks in a row.


Oh, that’s right. Thanks for the reminder. So, he went Weeks 3-5, and then Weeks 6-8, or something like that. Still a lot more than the “it’s not fair” HGs in latter seasons, who rarely go more than one week at a time and have food given to them in the DR.


Absolutely just the mention it to you about the marcellas food pass George got
but you’re right though they normally don’t have to go long on slop like that long that George did that season it’s a fair point.

another name

Listings have records for being on slop as:
Kaela bbcan5: 36 days / Britt bbcan3: 35 days / Joel bbcan4: 34 days / Jerry bb10: 32 days / Mark bb19: 29 days.

At the time of her complaints, Alyssa had been on slop for for 13 days max and 6 of them had slop and blts.


she got to eat all those club sandwiches on one of her have nots so really only 2nd week on it

No fave yet

The cameras keep missing the interesting conversations. Hate when all four are on the same people. Boo


One interesting conversation that was just shown is Azah divulging her and Tiff’s conversation to X. This is not the first time that Azah has spilled everything to X. She is absolutely enamored with him, despite his rejecting her. If Azah manages to win veto, and then X convinces her to use it on Alyssa, it will be the most painful “he’s just not that into you” moment in 23 seasons of Big Brother.

No fave yet

Yes. I noticed that. She will deserve that moment for being clueless.


So, let me see if I have this straight …

1) When it was time for Brit, DX, and SB to go, X’s lecture to the CO was that when it’s time for each CO member’s “plus one” to go, then it’s time for them to go. He reiterated that everyone knew this was the plan. But suddenly when it’s time for his “plus one” to go, he’s upset with the HOH and complaining about whispering in the kitchen.

2) Meanwhile, Alyssa thinks she is the only person in the history of Big Brother to have to save themselves from eviction by winning a veto while on slop. She would like to file an “it’s not fair” complaint while playing Big Brother.

3) Finally, Couch is upset with Tiffany because… well, because she’s female and she won HOH instead of throwing it to Azah. So, now he wants the entire CO to throw the next HOH to him.

The HGs should do Alyssa, X, and Couch a favor and send them all to jury ASAP. That way, Alyssa doesn’t have to eat slop and play the game anymore, X can focus all of his energy on pursuing Alyssa without the annoyance of playing BB at the same time, and Couch can do exactly the same thing he’s doing right now, which is nothing and claiming credit for everything.

P.S. – Claire mentioned earlier that she’s gathered her belongings in case of a DE. She’s also hosting a veto competition on a week that she recognizes she is the default backdoor if the target comes down. Claire knows the deal. At this point, she’s just making sure she delivers the right talking points on camera as she prepares for jury.


He started out as one of my faves & now he’s an ass. He’s acting like all decisions must be approved by him!


Yes Alyssia can file an unfair labor practice ( I mean they are getting paid ) & then X can announce he is a labor lawyer & defend her grievence. Maybe thats the expect the unexpected twist!!????


YES! I agree with your Analysis ?


I’m seriously anti X now – I hope Tiff/Ky smarten up & recognize he needs to go asap. His grandstanding this week showed his true nature. Truthfully I’ve never taken to him – sure he’s played well — but I’ve always felt his game was benefited by landing on comp beast Christian’s team & all his levels of protection. TWO times things haven’t gone his way and BOTH times he reacted – the first by trying to flip the vote & this time acting like a five year old throwing a temper tantrum b/c he’s a love sick puppy.

You’re spot on about his prior stance & he’s made the most comments about the CO’s mission but that only holds true when it also coincides with his ideal path to F2.

I’d love for someone to tell Tiff what he said about Ally deserving to get to F7 b/c she’s a POC so she can rip him a new one about DX. if you recall she had that conversation repeatedly with Ky stating it felt wrong to punish Baby D especially since he too was a POC and she included Ally in that discussion as well.

As for Big D nothing that ass says should surprise us he’s the biggest hypocrite in the house – ostracize Tiff if she targets someone from CO this week but even if she doesn’t he intends to take her out next week (after everyone throws him HOH). I can’t.

The Beef

“There’s only two people that have gone against the grain of the group” (Ky/Tiff)

You’ve certainly pointed this out several times – X’s selfish nature and how things change when they aren’t going the way HE wants them to go, to help his game. I wonder if Azah stopped to think that the only other two people in the CO who have won HOH during this entire season other than X, are Ky and Tiff? It would seem they are the only two who COULD have “gone against the grain of the group” (in X’s mind at least), since they’re the only ones that had the power to do it, and OH YEAH, that “grain” is totally in X’s direction! Is Azah not smart enough to figure that out, or is she so enamored with X, that whatever he says goes?

We’re starting to get down to the end now, and what people say and how they say it matters, especially when it’s about other people inside your alliance. You’ve got to be able to think things through, think about if they truly make sense, and if what’s being said rings not only true to you, but also will help further your game. In this case Azah should know that Ky is really the only one who went against the groups intentions, not Tiff, and he did it multiple times. X is just throwing crap against the wall that he hopes will stick, in an attempt to improve his own standing in the game.


The only way DF is going to win ANYTHING is for everybody else not show up for the comps. How much weight has this guy gained since day one? The true definition of Floater with a mouth that doesn’t stop!

Robbed Tyler

DF is a coaster as is Azah. Both are not even close to a floater.

No fave yet

Spot on!


So let me get this straight – the two JOKERS (a more apt name there has never been) discuss how Tiff would lose 5 jury votes if she had the audacity to put up a member of the CO if Ally came down. BUT in the next breathe DF says he wants to take Tiff out next week (meaning break up the CO) at F7 and that he’d FORCE Ky to do what he wants. So Tiff can’t go against the Co at F8 but Big D can at F7 and not have any repercussions???

Big D is only playing along with this mission b/c it’s good PR – he’s wanted Tiff gone forever & never wanted to let Hannah in the group.

It’s funny at season start I liked everyone in the cast except Brent. Within days Frenchie & Big D were in the downward position for me. At this stage I don’t like any of the CO males (how scary is it I prefer Ky to either DF or X?).

Big D is pushing the CO to throw him the DE HOH — oh please let X, Ky, Azah Hannah all throw it — that will give Claire a free path to winning HOH!

Azah is really stirring up some sh*t b/c she doesn’t understand game nuance. She’s running back and forth to X with info Tiff says not recognizing she’s misinterpreting the full meaning. For example – Tiff said Claire wouldn’t expect Ky to go up as re-nom b/c it might jeopardize taking out the target. Azah immediately interprets that to mean Claire would NEVER target Ky so X must be her target. SMDH

The truth is Tiff will protect Azah but has clued into the F3 between Big D/Azah & X so she’s cautious in what she tells her. Azah also playing coy about whether she would use the POV if she won didn’t make the situation better for her. Now Tiff is alerted “others” are in her ear (read: X). And while Claire will want to take out a guy if she stays/wins at F7 she won’t take the big swing at both Ky/X & since Tiff told X he’d be safe it’s likely Big D & Ky would be the initial noms.

Tiff/Hannah tied themselves to DF leaving first of CO & in this scenario even if X/Azah vote to keep Big D instead of Ky the tiebreaker would fall to Claire & Tiff would make sure she took out DF b/c she’d need Ky to stay in the game. There could be dividends paid via this happening especially if X didn’t vote to keep Ky.

Where it would get interesting is if Ky won POV & Claire was forced to put up X — would Ky/Tiff recognize that as an opportunity to strike? (hopefully they would b/c it would give them the upper hand to get to the end).

For now we await some comp that will be held in the basemen. Ally is walking around like a zombie complaining so that should steer the way for an X, Tiff or Hannah win. AND then we can see if X is all talk or not. If he wins I really hope the guys push him to take Ally down so Tiff can respond by putting up Big D & cite the fact he forced her hand b/c all he had to do was take himself off the block & instead he can go to jury knowing he saved his precious Ally.

Spoiler: there is no way X will take Ally off the block instead of himself!

another name

No, X doesn’t take Aly off instead of himself. But. Does he try to force Tiff to put up Claire in his spot instead of a cookout member? Pulling a let the house decide whose plus one goes since he’s already pulled a wet diaper manbaby whine on everyone?

Let’s face it, Azah is a disappointment. In every way. How did her problems with Tiff start? Oh yeah. Azah told Tiff she didn’t trust Hannah and didn’t want her in cookout. Tiff told Hannah to talk to Azah. Azah got mad when Hannah nearly immediately ran to Azah.
Why does she bow and scrape to X? lust and he enunciates with a respectable speech cadence. Her constant expectation that she be thrown comps rather than going out and earning them is second only to her fellow joker, and fellow furniture, Couch. her game plan is to sit in bed mourning the decline of the moral fiber of the big brother house, and be given comp wins, and taken to finals.
I’m not a fan of the who is going to take me attitude. I like the who am I going to take attitude.

You are correct that X is thinking with little x not his brain when it comes to Aly, but the strategic stuff still stands. Sure, he wants to get in her pants, but he also wants her to take out a cookout member without any repercussion on himself.

This veto will tell us a lot.

The Beef

Let’s face it. Azah is a “super fan” who’s knowledge and understanding of the game makes her look more like the class dunce than somebody who’s been watching and studying the game for years.

I mean really? Dr. Will Smith?

No fave yet

I’d like to see the next season have all black players. Judging by the behavior of these players, all the drama would be so fun to watch.


This is the least dramatic season I’ve seen. Everyone gets along so well. DF is so annoying. He’s the type of HG I can’t stand. Do nothing but trying to take credit. I can’t wait til they can finally tell him he sucks. Lol

Jaymie lee

Still wouldnt be considered racist though. They have Blacks watching but no one else. How about going back to playing the actual game of big brother thats an idea. Stop this race wars


Alyssa has merely been a showmance babe. She’s hasn’t been a factor at any level especially since her main squeeze was sent packing. Her manner of play (unimpressive) is not the way to win BB, not now not ever. A deep thinker she’s not; but I’ll admit she’s a good crier.

Carlito's Way

Oh wow Alyssa won POV! Now what?


WOW – Alyssa won the POV — I wonder if X threw it to her!

another name

Couch says there was deal making going on during the veto, but Alyssa said she didn’t hear it. Hannah said she went “slow” because slow and steady wins the race. to me that means threw it.