Claire “I need to let him [KY] think that he is getting to me.. that he is the mastermind. I’m buying 20% of what Ky is selling.”

HOH: Tiffany
HAVENOTS: BIGD, Alyssa and Claire
Nominations: Alyssa and Xavier
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Alyssa, Tiffany, Hannah, Azah, BIGD | Host : Claire
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Alyssa and X are nominated. Alyssa is the target. Alyssa winning Veto could bring some drama.

12:35pm Havenot room – Claire talking to the cameras.
Claire – I am still nervous. I am going to let him (KY) think that I would go to the end with him. That I would cut Tiff before him but actually ..and I am going to try and let him think that. Maybe he will take me further because at the end of the day I still want to get further. X … I think Ky might be lying when he is talking about X with me. That is my assumption. He doesn’t want X to go. Claire starts studying the days / events of the season. Claire – so Ky I need to keep having him think that I would go with him. That I’m paranoid about other people. And make him think that I am worried about like the Jokers getting to the end. I am not really that worried about them. Have him think that I am worried about Chaddha and where Chaddha’s allegiance lies. I know where Chaddha’s allegiance lies. I need to let him think that he is getting to me. Ky has to think that he is the mastermind. Claire shakes her head no. I am buying 20% of what Ky is selling. So we’ll see. And I do want him to be worried about X and that he will beat X because I do want him to go after X in the double and not me and Tiff. So that is why Tiff might also want to start getting into his head. I am also starting to talk to Chaddha about being weary that the big threats are going to look out for each other. Big D leaving next week is good for Tiff’s game but its not good for my game. And its not good for Chaddha’s game. And For Chaddha’s game it probably is good if Ky leaves. Chaddha could be playing me a little bit. I think she is young and just honest. That’s okay. I am also being honest with her. Azah, I have a good relationship with her but don’t talk much game. I think she does want Ky out and I do believe that. And I would rather have X go than Ky but as long as X or Ky go I believe I am in an okay spot but I don’t want a super big threat going. X over Ky for me because I do think Ky would keep me. Alyssa staying would f**k things up. So if X leaves, then maybe we take a shot at Alyssa next week. But I want Tiff to be the only big threat. The only guaranteed winner at five. I think I could start painting in Ky’s head that he doesn’t know what the f**k is going on. He has no power. He hasn’t been able to do anything. And maybe I could send that message with Alyssa to jury and start down playing him and ruining his chances with the jury. And I have to start diminishing what Tiff is doing and Chaddha. F**k I have to really start changing my perspective of the house. I need to be less goofy and more serious. I have to have more game talks with people. I have to have serious game talks with people as they leave out the door. X is my weak spot. Well Big D is also my weak spot but I think he would vote me out. Like I am okay if its Alyssa, X and I am okay with Big D. And the five would be Me, Tiff, Ky, Chaddha and Azah. That is pretty nice for me and its probably pretty good for Tiff. F**k! I really have to think about Ky being in the end. What would I give credit for? Maybe for actually starting the Royal Flush. He probably had something to do with Alyssa / Christian that week. He had something with SB. He probably had something with Big D. They had the Butchers. They had the Slaughterhouse.

12:40pm Living room – Alyssa and Xavier are studying the days / events of the season just in case the veto is a memory comp.

1pm – 1:25pm The house guests are studying the memory wall in case its the face morph comp.

Big D is prepping for the comp the way he has all season. He knows its going to be an eating comp and he’s going to crush it.

1:45pm The live feeds switch to the kitty cams.. The veto is starting now..

3:35pm Still blocked.

4:15pm The feeds return..

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DF.. what honestly can he think is his purpose. Cries things don’t go his way, things are unfair. Doesn’t study anything ever…knows nothing about anything that’s gone on and confused why he’s not winning. Nothing to do with being big. Lots of mental comps have passed him. So sick of him and his entitled self.

At this point this season is a wash until we get down in numbers unless something happens with the veto. Honestly DF wanting to cut at F7 is laughable that he even thinks he would have power unless some fluke happens. He may just because it’s DE. Fast comps like on entry. I digress.. Tiff possibly cutting one at F8 is an issue but F7, no one bats an eye? Guess they are close enough and they want her out. No one would win against her. Ky and X play too emotional and aggressive with their archaic nonsense. Azah is a fart in the wind… Hannah could sit next to Tiff, she’s playing well under the radar but still. Taking DF is automatic win, but he doesn’t deserve second. There’s a point to this game and just getting money isn’t it. He hasn’t played. Not a winner or a player


100% agree. I hate when floaters enter the final 2. I watch this show because I like seeing 2 deserving participants at the end. Not a middle ground player and a floater. I hope it’s Tiff and X or Tiff and Hannah. I prefer Tiff and Hannah.

another name

Do you mean floater or coaster?
Float is the social strategy of being well enough aligned with every group dynamic in the house that nobody is targeting you, and you are able to gain intel from every group to use as social currency with the other groups wihout getting caught.
Coasting is laying in bed doing nothing and voting with the house cus that’s what you do.

No fave yet

“Azah is a fart in the wind”. Epic! Absolutely the best description of her!


For sure! Rooting for Tiff or Hannah to win it!


100% Agreed!!! DF and Azah are so annoying. They haven’t done one single thing, UGH!


Yes! Done absolutely nothing and literally crying about how they don’t have wins and ppl won’t kick them a comp. They’ll just have to win it themselves. Novel idea that.

another name

When did Claire learn about the Butchers?
I don’t remember that.

So the veto is set up so that the other non cookout can’t win because they aren’t playing. Where else did we see that? Oh right, Dx.

X’s I hate selfish play talk with Azah was peppered with lots of selfish play references on his own end… since Azah knows from Tiff that X was in on trying to flip the vote Christian’s week. When he says he would have had three guaranteed jury votes if all the kings made it to jury she should have a lightbulb as to why he tried to flip the vote, which was selfish play.
X doesn’t hate selfish play, X hates play that isn’t according to X’s wishes. And he’s still manbabying about it.
When X says he’s the only one of the three (Ky and Tiff and X) that hasn’t played selfishly… there’s some things to consider.

  • Tiff and Ky have only won HOH’s. X has won an HOH and a Veto. He won a veto he didn’t need to win to remove himself from the block when the majority of the voters were cookout.
  • X was sure pissed when it was his turn to lose a teammate for someone that wasn’t playing selfishly.
  • It sure seemed selfish that X had to be removed from the block a second time during Hannah’s veto win. Again, the majority of the vote was cookout.

I wrote at one point that Tiff winning this HOH felt an awful lot like the Kaycee HOH win.
If indeed prodo didn’t want a Tiff win this week, expect veto shenanigans.

another name

Forgot. Anyone missing out on the possible bias within the cookout? Not the mission / game bias, but the actual bias within the group.
Who was the acceptable collateral damage week one before the veto got used on him? Ky. they could just slide Hannah into his place was what they said on feeds.
Azah and Couch have had less trust for / didn’t want to include Hannah in the cookout.
Azah’s boot order list has consistently been Ky, Hannah.
Let’s think about this. Is it just game play? Maybe. Is there a chance that Ky and Hannah are the preferred evict firsts to a couple cookout members because they aren’t 100% black? That’s a possibility too. Don’t look at me like that.
It is a possibility. And it’s a possibility we should consider.
It puts a definite different spin on why Azah was so against SB (that never made any damn sense). I’m asking if it is POSSIBLE that Azah is from the school of don’t mix the genomes?
I’m really starting to think that’s a possibility.


I think the way X described Alyssa as sort of an honorary member POC, then you have a point and it is a possibility. There was another person that posted in comments recently the hierarchy of POC. So again its definitely a possibility. X might think like the person that described POC hierarchy.

another name

X only even acknowledged Alyssa as a POC in week 7.
He wants to keep her because he’s horny and thinks she puts out.
He wants to keep her to take the 7 shot.
He didn’t buy the POC argument at ALL when it was Tiff saying it about Dx.


Many moons ago in late sixties, yes I am that old, I had a friend who was black. In her family there were different shades of black amongst her siblings and there was prejudice even in her own family. It is a sad situation.


That is a VERY interesting theory! I hate the fact that Big D and Azah have done nothing for CO; but, could play a very big part in who gets to the final 3! Doesn’t seem fair they are judging winners when their only participation has been complaining!


If Alyssa manages to win Tiff can put up Claire and if they had sense get X out now. No point in waiting for anything else DE is on their ass next week as is. Won’t matter. He’s coming for them and they know it why give him further opportunities to do so. He’s already up!


If Clair goes up on Tiff’s HOH, very bad for Tiff in jury. If she doesn’t put Clair up, the CO guys will call foul on the mission. All H£ll will break loose. If Clair goes up, the other CO members will vote her out. Azah, DF, Hannah (?), Ky. Tiff has no vote.


I think she should put up kyland


That was a long speech abcout game play production wrote for Claire. She knows very well it was all BS. She knows the truth and should have said…….
Damn why did I have to be selected for the gullible white chick role in this years- let all the POC get the win season??Damn!!
Now that would have been a lot shorter and more truthful.


Has Kyland mentioned why he didn’t throw the HOH? Has Tiff stated she didn’t fall because Ky didn’t fall? Seems like she has a reasonable explanation for not falling when Ky has a history of not throwing a comp to Azah in the past.

another name

Ky’s explanation was:
I thought we had all agreed that X and Tiff would fall before me so that I could get credit for throwing the HOH to Azah or Couch.
There was no such agreement. And he knows it. He had tried to float how it would be good to throw him the HOH to each of X, Hannah, and Couch. He told Tiff neither of them should win but it might be ok if he won, but only if he couldn’t give it to Azah or Couch.
So… semantics. He’s trying to argue procedural order in an HOH comp.
Ky was going for it. He wanted another win. He had discussed putting up Tiff and Claire muttiple times, and putting up Azah if the veto was used.


He’s such a moron. Why would he want to get the credit for doing it? What does it matter but to the two non CO members? What favour is that doing? Ugh I can’t stand him or that other one. Plan was let her have it period. He’s really trying the narrative that a selection was made for each to drop out and when that didn’t happen, game change. Does he know he is trying this with the ppl that were to know the order of drop and not blind mice?


This has been the worst Big Brother game to date. I am a Super fan and don’t like people skating by, and NOT PLAYING THE GAME AT ALL ???. Not a good mix —- all millennials. What is going on??? The ante is now 750K and this weak game play is acceptable? Get it together BB and make the next season really worth watching, SHEESH!


I agree. Over the years many seasons have sucked for varying reasons but this new game play if float/ coast/ drag by coattails seems to be a thing. I hate the way it’s played now. I’ve watched since season 1 and I’ve missed just one season due to the way it’s being played. Production is heavy handed and isn’t enforcing rules like they used to. Loopholes everywhere. Keeping useless ppl to the end now is valuable because u can beat them.. but then jury has to sort out if that was laziness or game play. No rules to BB but this nonsense isn’t it.

Backseat Driver

The basic BB game is gone…’s so damn obvious production to at the wheel guiding it in the direction they want it to finish.

another name

Alyssa appears to have the tiny veto on a chain on her wrist.
Not sure.

Yeah, I don’t think prodo wanted Tiff to win that HOH. LMAO.
Or manbaby whines soothe Grod’s empty pit where a soul should be.


Oh my! Alyssa won veto? Tiffany must be ….?


Ok Tiff what r u going to do Now? Alyssa won POV Yippee

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB23 HG’s

Alyssa WON! Now Tiff has to reveal the alliance and throw Claire up or the Cookout is going down in flames early. Finally some entertainment

Hopeful for a Good Season

So will see what Tiff will do. Will she put up Claire?

Robbed Tyler

Everybody needs to respect Alyssa!!
She did more than Derek X ever did to ruin Tiffany’s game!

another name

Why is it Tiff’s game we want ruined, and not X or Ky’s? Just asking because I don’t get it.


Yes, why aren’t we hoping that X or KY are going and have their increasingly selfish games ruined?


Yes Alyssa !!!!!! Won