“I want Hannah to use the veto on Xavier so that there’s no way those two can campaign. [together]”

HOH: Tiffany
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto: Hannah
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Hannah has Veto. If Veto is played on Kyland or Sb Claire puts up Alyssa. If it’s used on Xavier nobody goes up. Kyland and Xavier want off the block. Zzz

Claire won the coin of destiny coup d’etat

– She kept the noms the same (Sb and Ky)
– Tiffany was dethroned as HOH and no longer has the room.
– Tiff can play for HOH again next week.

10:30 am Houseguests waking up
DF doing his monthly workout. Claire and X are chatting. X telling her about how his job as a bartender forces him to stay up late but he hates it he likes sleeping.

11:09 am Azah and Tiffany
Tiffany is filling her in on Kyland’s pitch to get the veto used on him. “There was a lot of talk… I can’t even formulate it”

Tiff told him – I cannot pull you off the block Clarie would look at me like I’m crazy.. he said If you convince Claire.. I should come down because I could win HOH ..
Tiff – He’s already talking about what he wants in his HOH basket
Azah – for his personal game he should not win another HOH he’s already target number one (HUH all the more reason to win)
Tiff – in his mind he’s already number one .. you tell Claire ya’ll should use the veto to pull me down because then we can pull me back in.
Tiff – she already thinks we’re working together.. [he said] Exactly that’s why she should use the veto on me
Azah – Kyland I’m going to need him stop being Frenchie.
Azah says Kyland put Claire on the block twice why would she use the veto on him now.
Tiff – I didn’t tell him no. He’s got a whole speech ready for Hannah. I want Hannah to use the veto on Xavier so that there’s no way those two can campaign.
Tiff – If all three of them stay on the block he’s going to end up f***g up him and X
Tiff – listen it ain’t been easy keeping us all together girl.. Girl.. two maybe two and a half hours up there with him. all I’m thinking to myself is the boy good but he ain’t good enough.

11:34 am Tiff and Claire
Tiff – I got pulled into one of Kyland’s conversations
Tiff says Kyland told him if they use the veto on him he will be more “Obliged” to keep the two of them safe next week.
Tiff – I’m like Kyland I’ve made it very Clear I want Sb to go home this week and I want you sitting next to her.. what are you trying to do here..
Tiff – he said something about us working together I’m like I thought we were working
Tiff says he mentioned that Claire can’t win play in HOH next week.
Claire – is that a threat
Tiff – he wants me to put up Alyssa.. in that case, he and Sb will try and get Alyssa out of here.
Tiff – he said I want to be able to give her a vote.
They scoff
Tiffany says she wanted to give DX a vote but he put DX up against her best friend in the house.
Tiff – he’s trying to have one on ones today.. (Please evict Kyland)
CLaire is sure Kyland is going to be really pushing Hannah
They start talking about next week’s target. Tiff mentions Alyssa and Xavier
Claire – that leaves us as the last strong duo.. but that’ might be ok maybe we aren’t seen as a strong duo more like a joker level duo
Tiffany suggests Alyssa and DF
Clair e- what deals did you make this week
Tiff – none
Claire – YOU didn’t make any deals?
Tiff – Alyssa promised if she wins HOH she’s not looking over here.. Hannah is with us.. Azah . .not worried. BIGD
Claire – BIGD might come after us. it is what it is.. What about X?
Tiff – he did say we’re good with im
Claire says she’s a bit worried that they house might switch and vote Ky out.
Tiff – as long as me, Azah and Hannah..
Claire – the three and I’m the tiebreaker..
Tiff – you know DF won’t vote Ky out.
Tiff says she’s more worried about Sb and Kyland campaigning against Xavier.

11:49 am X and Tiff
Tiff says she’s working on Claire with this veto. “Shes debating it”
Tiff – she wants to make a deal with you and I’m like I think that will work
Tiff – she is against using the veto on Ky.. She said absolutely not.
Tiff says Claire is worried Ky might go home if they pull X down. Claire wants SB out but isn’t convinced using the veto on X is the best play.
Tiff goes over most parts of her conversations with Claire.
Tiff – I’m afraid if I leave you up there you and Kyland will end up doing this. (separate) he’s going to do something with his mouth. I would rather him not
X – I agree.
Tiff – if we use the veto on you he’s going to feel some kinda way about it
X – he’ll feel some kind of way. His plan to keep SB here is not going to work
Tiff – he’ll feel betrayed by me
Tiff – he has expressed some doubt about me and him because I didn’t tell him Claire had that power
X – at the end of the day it’s Hannah’s decision not yours she is the veto holder
Tiff – He thinks I can influence her decision or people respect the HOH .. it is what it is. My preference is to pull you off the block leave him and SB up there.
Tiff says Ky told her he doesn’t want to be on the block on Thursday because it’ll be bad for his resume.
X says that is why Ky wants X to stay on the block.
Tiff – everything is about his self-interest
X – mmmmhmmm
Tiff – he’s trying to get closer to Hannah
X – that sh1t isn’t going to work
Tiff – I told Hannah to protect your brain (from ky lol)
X says when should he talk to claire.
Tiff – I don’t know she wants to be safe next week but we know if you win she’s not safe.
SB walks on through… Tiff “Step outside it’ll change your life then come back in”

Tiff – you got to talk to Claire. Kyland cannot f**ing win [HOH] KY is insane.. (lol)
X – he’s coming after me and Alyssa
Tiff – No he’s putting Claire and myself on the block

Noon – 12:55 pm .. Nothing much going on

1:00 pm X and Df (he’s moved to the bed today.. wtf is going on why not the couch?)
X says it’s known amongst the cookout when it’s time for their “person” to go they will go up on the block with them. X is prepared to do that when it’s Alyssa’s time.
X – he wants her [Hannah] to pull him {ky] down..
DF – he has to calm down
X – Bro. SB is your person if anyone were to go down it’s me. it makes sense I come down nobody put me up .. If he comes down he’s going to want Alyssa to go home. 100 % that is who will go up
DF – he’s going to stress me out
X – he’s stressing everyone out ..
DF – I’m not even thinking of my resume.. I’m not even thinking I should make this move so it’ll look good on my resume (To be honest laying on the couch is about all you got on your resume. )
X says Kyland is doing things to benefit himself. not the 6. He’s been doing things this entire game.
Feeds cut

Df – I don’t want to say he needs a reality check.. he needs to understand we’re all putting in work and this girl both the girls stepped up.. put in the work and did what was supposed to do.
X says he’s nervous telling Kyland everything because of his recent “behavior”
X – staying up in the Have nots by yourself
DF – you are isolating yourself from everybody
DF – there’s no way we can continue doing what we are supposed to do with him acting like this. Next week if Azah or Hannah win. Who do you think they are going to do. they are going to put .. when we get down to this if you or me don’t win they’re going to put him up
X says he’s voting Ky out over Couch.
DF – I would do the same thing I would send him home before you to

Df says he knew from the “get go” he was going to work with all the African American players.
Df – Dude everything is executing we’ve all been through up and downs.. fights, argues, cries, emotions, whatever
X – if everyone is in the same mindset they want this (the six) to come first from there if we lose we lose.. If you’re the one person that is like awww I don’t really care about the cause I’m just using this to get me to the end
DF – then you need to be cut.. In my mindset I’m over here looking at you mother f***ers going I’m cool at leaving at five if I make it to four even better, Three thank you, Two Ohh god Jesus Christ. at the end of the day if you win I f**ing win cause you couldn’t have got there without my Black A$$
X – I said in my interview Big Brother 23 will crown the first African American winner in Big Brother US history. My job this season is.. I want to win 100% in the event that I don’t I want someone to win that looks like me does
DF – of course.

1:26 pm Tiff and Claire
Tiff is saying if it’s anyone else other than X on the block she wouldn’t care as much.
Tiff – Ky, and Sb are so slippery to me they are two of a kind
Claire – yeah

2:20 pm Sweet Sarah Beth and Kyland
Kyland tells Sb his pitch to get Hannah to use the veto. He goes over his conversation with Tiffany
Sb – if you are not coming after them who does she think you are coming after?
Ky – X and ALyssa
SB – that’s how I feel too (the monarchy?)
Ky – the conversations I love having are very almost like Cinematic in their nature in the game.. it’s fine I mean history Queens History I think also she is the person that came to me and told me about Claire and DX and the votes.
Kyland says after he works out he’s going to talk to Hannah “I think she’ll say yes” (Yes to her using the veto on him. lol)
Sb – if you come down who is tiffany thinks will go it’s ok it’s me I just want to know
Ky – like you said if one of us come down we’ve just drastically increased our odd and we go form there
Sb – go from there
Ky – does that still work?
SB – 100%. I’ll be thrilled if you’re taken down (they hug)
Ky – do you still thinks that is a better play than you being taken down?
Sb – I do
Ky – ok I appreciate it (LOL)
Sb – you never know I’ve been wrong about house dynamics before
Ky – did you get some sleep
Sb – I slept ok
Ky says he went to bed at 3:40
Sb – you poor baby .. you sleepy sleepy baby (I’m out)

2:35 pm Hannah and Claire
Hannah is putting forth her points about why they should use the veto on X.
(this is most likely going to happen so no need to stress about it)

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Chadda’s Fish Lips

On gameplay alone, Tiffany & X deserve the F2 chairs…..would be close

Chadda’s Fish Lips

Lol, true…. a special kind of torture is listening to Ky blather on for hours …..Thinking that Ky will be one of the first casualties of the CO…although, Ky has pi$$ed off enough ppl that he would probably be beatable, against X or Tiff….Tiff/Ky most vulnerable as initial hits of the CO

Sir Kirby Williams

The final 6 will come down to vetos. I can see back and forth weeks of X and Ky being HOH while the other wins Veto.

Buh Bye

SB saves her baby voice mostly for Kyland. Just another thing I find annoying about him. His mist is strong on her! SB is just another poor, wounded baby bird… 🙂

Lorrene Kohnhorst

I don’t want Tiffany in the final two (yes she has always been playing but I don’t like the jealousy side of her towards SB) and I have to say there’s many in this house that I have been working a lot and are all about gameplay. It’s going to be down to the cookout for sure unless Derek X can come back, Amongst the cookout I would like Xavier and Kyland to be final two


I don’t think Tiffany is jealous of SB at all. SB is just plain annoying. Derek X was Tiffany’s close friend. SB basically stole $5000 from him and then she backdoored him. She told him she was so grateful for the money that she owed him.


Tiffany is NOT jealous of SB. She’s just known too many SBs in her life and won’t be misted or manipulated by her. So Tiff had SBs number as soon as she heard her voice. DONE. Fork Stuck. Kaput.

TC Lover

There is tension starting to form between members of the CO and I can’t wait till f6-7 for shots to be fired. I love subtlety in laying the target on Ky’s back. It’s so obvious that Ky wants to be able to show is attempt at “trying” to safe SB and give here a sympathy vote and I think everyone is onto his tricks


I love the CO but I want drama. F7 whoever is left(Alyssa or Claire) should win HOH leaving the first CO going to jury. Probably F6 that person will follow to jury but I think it’ll make for fun week.

Tyler's Balls

Can claire still play in next week’s hoh?


I believe so. If she couldn’t, her HOH wouldn’t be anonymous.

The Beef

They said in tonight’s episode she could not. Looks like we’re in for one of those individual timed events for HOH this week, which means production picks the winner. I wonder which one of the Cookout it will be? Maybe they will reward Big D for being a good boy and throwing the COD this week and let him win? That’s about the only way he’ll ever win anything! lol


Wait, so if X comes down there is still a replacement nominee?


That and Claire having to throw the next HOH competition sounds very strange. We’ll have to wait and see. Probably today we will get some confirmations.

The Beef

I think they’re wrong about that. Traditionally when a punishment nominee comes down due to veto use, there IS no replacement nominee. But Ky also seems to be under the impression that Claire can’t play in next weeks HOH comp, due to being the “secret” HOH this week, which would totally destroy the “secret” part of that equation. I think she CAN play, and I don’t think there will be a replacement nominee if X is taken down.


It sounds like production told her she needs throw the HOH it’s a bit confusing. She not supposed to win Thursday.


I thought if x was removed there would be no replacement nominee. Why are they saying if x comes down Alyssa is the replacement?


I thought if the lawyer came down there was no replace.

another name

according to X, he is an automatic nominee this week. He can be removed from the block by veto, but if he is removed then nobody takes his place. It’s a punishment he accepted, not a traditional nomination.


I’m confused. Since the coin was supposed to be anonymous, why doesn’t Claire get to play in HOH? And also, if X comes down why would someone else go up since he wasn’t an hoh nom?




So listening to X and Derek talk just now I have come to the conclusion that this season it is mostly the men that have issues not the women, lol


It’s 2021


Kyland, Kyland, Kyland. He is going to talk himself out of the door. Also, I am thinking that a girl needs to win the next HoH


Man, woman, black, white, mixed? Who cares? Let the best, most strategic player win. I seriously don’t care care about this us vs them stuff. Best player. Period.


This is 2021!!! Where have you been for a year????

another name

As Ky tries to convince X that the veto should be used on Ky, X should stay on the block… and Ky should be allowed to vote for SB to stay…
I mean. Really? Is he going to X to get X’s permission? Or is he hoping X will be SO enthused he’ll run to Hannah and the cookout and convince them that this is the best plan ever?

Wait. Now he’s offering the couch to be the replacement… and saying it’s not like he has any say in the matter? Oh dear lord. eyeroll. yeah, this’ll stay quiet. eesh.

another name

Wait. Ky says Claire should be understanding, because if you are working with the HOH, that HOH shoulnd’t leave you on the block to risk you going home.
Was Ky…. in the house…. last week? Does he have amnesia?
I don’t understand at all.
Anyone fluent in horse’s ass that can translate him for me?


He also told X that Claire & Tiffany would be on the block next week as if he will have any say in the matter

another name

Yes, he was highly offended last night when Claire didn’t bow and say yes, master when he went to her telling her to put in a good word for Hannah to use the veto. He said she owed him for throwing the veto so that he could remove her from the block instead of her removing herself if he hadn’t thrown.
(That NEVER made sense).
Reminder: he nommed her. Then spent the night mindwarping SB to nom her a week later. And Claire knows this.
And Ky ISN”T supposed to know she’s invisible HOH.
She owes him what exactly?


I dislike sky extremely but for CO I want Claire out the door next. I don’t care who accomplished it. Then comes F7 HOH if Alyssa wins? Someone in CO will go. If not the Alyssa goes to jury and CO F6 will start hitting other. Hoping for BB Comics and Zingbot soon. Bye Bye SB DX will be happy to see u.


Omg I can not stand Kyland! He is one pompous ass!!!! His ego is unbelievable! He thinks he is king of this game it’s cracking me up!!! Please get him out!!! Him and Sarabeth awful !


Are we watching the same show? Feeling sorry for Kyland? Huh?

Holly Gates

Claire cannot play n the HOH next week. Tiff can. If X comes down no one will go n his spot. They were saying if Ky gets taken down then Alyssa will go n his place but Hannah will use it on X. Bye bye SB. I bet Baby D will b very happy to c u!!!

another name

Tiff, the dethroned HOH was immune from nominations… and gets to play in the HOH.
That there is some mighty fine rule fixing. emphasis on fixing.
So she gets a week’s vacation from the game essentially, and comes back to find the temp has done her work for her… and she collects the temp’s paycheck.


Her game play to certain extent has been pretty good but She is a Miss Jekyll & Hyde. Sometimes friendly mom, then mean and gossipy. Though she sometimes is cruel out in the open. If she had not won HOH( through Hannah) I’d say she has no chance but unfortunately as we know it all depends who has power and can persuade. I don’t like Ky but we know he’s a comp beast so wait and see


SB is bawling?!?! Seriously! At least she got to play in veto unlike what she did to Derek just last week. Bye Bye